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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 129006445538.png - (42.15KB , 898x714 , 001.png )
257642 No. 257642 ID: e26b69

Worldwide Phenomena Response. "At exactly 7:04 Pacific time, millions of people worldwide stopped. They stood rigid, staring into space. Then an hour later, they all went into shock. Then an hour after that, they began to change. Then they were no longer human, but a predator. Why? We still do not know, there are theories, but none with solid evidence.

You, and thousands of others, have been chosen for your survival know-how and various skills to guide those unfortunate enough to have been left behind. Your location is sealed tight, and self sufficient and so until under express orders, you WILL NOT LEAVE your station. Good luck, and God Speed."

Thank god you joined right under the wire. Actually maybe curse him. Your task was to guide survivors to military outposts via radio. 2 months. Not one survivor in your entire sector. Well yeah there was some. But they never quite made it to the com stations. What's worse is that 2 outposts have already been overrun. Only 2 still exist. And they are supposed to escort survivors to a safe zone? Please. How can they protect anyone if they can't even protect themselves from those mutants?
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No. 257646 ID: 2abeac

power of the voices in your head!
No. 257647 ID: e26b69
File 129006466080.png - (41.29KB , 898x714 , 002.png )

Look at that. Dismal. Ugh the Ossificus is really going to town on the poor guy's corpse. You've been looking at shit like this for the last 2 months. But this is actually real tame compared to the mind blowing weirdness you witnessed. That reminds you. You might wanna call in to command, see if you can't get an update on the mutie list. Even if he is a douchebag, some human contact would be nice. For fuck sake you invented a voice that speaks to you like it was someone else.
No. 257648 ID: e26b69
File 129006474219.png - (36.64KB , 898x714 , 003.png )

Oh yeah who are you? Being a disembodied voice noting your separation from sanity, I never bothered asking your name.
No. 257650 ID: 2abeac

well, we can go biblical and be LEGION.
or less so and be 'the voices'
or maybe REALLY informal and call us frank.
No. 257651 ID: f82d85

My name's Robert.
No. 257653 ID: e26b69
File 129006535071.png - (37.78KB , 898x714 , 004.png )

Fine I'll be Legion, you can be Robert. Or Dick. If you start acting like a dick. Now then Dick, onto the next part of our agenda. Watching mutants mutilate people. Ooh what fun. Hang on, the thing that does the beeping noise is making beeping noises.

"....krzzt....Anyone there?.....Come on. Fuck! Another one! Where they fuck did they all come from?!.krzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Where the fuck is WPR when you need then. Pick up shithead!"

"Hello? Please, pick up. Please...please...please.....Ms. Beally won't hold the thing off much longer. We need help!"

Holy fuck. Real people.
No. 257654 ID: 2abeac

coo, what we got? lasers? machine gun? anyway let's see what we can do.
No. 257659 ID: e26b69
File 12900662442.png - (39.81KB , 898x714 , 005.png )

We have nothing. Fucking nothing, just a radio and some high tech gear that lets us spy on people based on body structure heat signature and some other biological crap you don't know. Oh shit.

Two transmissions coming from opposite ends of town. This makes trouble.

"Jackson get down! Motherfucker where did that come from?!....krrzzzzzzt...."

"Oh my god! It's one of those smart ones! It's making the big one smarter!"

Scans show that from heat flashes, the one on the south side has 2 outside the building with fire arms, and 3 unarmed inside. Unarmed or they just haven't fired yet. Judging by rate of fire one is a shotgun, the other is some rapid fire gun. Assault rifle or submachine gun.

The North group all have guns, all seem to be either assault rifle or heavy machine guns.
No. 257811 ID: 45be60

What am I looking at here? Theres lots of colored circles.

Can you actually do anything but watch though?
No. 257849 ID: e26b69
File 129012487653.png - (39.80KB , 898x714 , 006.png )

RIght uh...the red ones. The red ones were the launcher types. That yellow one was the ossificus you saw earlier. The green one is the Brain, actually gives the Ossificus coordination. And those grey ones are...well fuck I dunno, the computer can't identify them. That blue one. Ah fuck those are gliders. Dangerous, but odd. Those are nocturnal and its only noon.
No. 257851 ID: e26b69
File 129012515623.png - (44.87KB , 898x714 , 007.png )

Okay on closer inspection the Glider's dead. So at least that's one problem the Trigger Happy;s won't have to worry about.

Well if you can get them to pick up the damn com device you can actually see what they see and try to help coordinate their attack. That's the problem. There's two groups. Going for one at this point will condemn to other to being overrun. Trying to contact both is possible but odds of either one surviving become real slim as orders can get confused.
No. 257855 ID: 2abeac

sorry but this SUPER HIGH PRESSURE situation is making it hard to think o what to do

"group fighting the big guy and brainy, focus fire on smart-ass and head northeast to the northwest corner of the big building. other group against the swarm, head south west to the big building, same corner, meet up and coordinate"
No. 257857 ID: e26b69
File 129012604995.png - (21.69KB , 898x714 , 008.png )

So both it is? Once you go there's no turning back. Legion commands you. CHOOSE!
No. 257861 ID: 2abeac

No. 257864 ID: c71597

Yeah sure, we can handle this shit. Lets go with both.
No. 257873 ID: e26b69
File 129012919121.png - (29.50KB , 898x714 , 009.png )

Fine. Your in this for the long run Robert.

"Fina-fucking lee. You're the WPR expert, where's a goddamn exit?"

"Oh thank god, help us please!"

"Who the hell was that?"


"Dammit you're supposed to be the expert you're supposed to help us!"

Well aren't we off to a good start.
No. 257875 ID: 2abeac

"everyone shut up, i'm the expert here, group fighting brainy, had northeast, group fighting the enemy group head south west, should both be heading towards a large building, meet at the northwest corner"
No. 257889 ID: e26b69
File 129013208110.png - (44.71KB , 898x714 , 010.png )

"Got it. We're gettin outta here guys! Head out the back!"
"What about the muties?!"
"You got IEDS! Blow that damn door down!"

"He said aim for the brain thing!"
"It's hiding behind the giant! We can't get a good shot!"
"We can't hit it! What do we do?!"
No. 257897 ID: 2abeac

"there is only one big guy, one of you go above it the other go below, it will have to pick one of you to intercept the other will have a clear shot. tell the people you are guarding to get away from the window in case it goes for them when the brain dies.

other group, you got explosives? throw one and have it go off in the middle of them,blast should at least knock them over and let you have more time.
No. 257900 ID: 45be60

Group facing the big one and the brain, henceforth group 2. You need to get behind it, and unless you have something clever ready, that means spread out. Maybe you can trick it through a blind doorway or something.

Group henceforth known as one, I show you engaged with a decreasing number of the strain designated Launchers, and three unknown assailants. Please advise on their capabilities, on your time.
No. 257913 ID: e26b69
File 129013671335.png - (41.73KB , 898x714 , 011.png )

"Distract it. Got it. Ms. Bailey distract it! Derek, get around to shoot the brain! Come on kids, let's go. Mommy will be fine, let's get inside where it's safe."

"I only got three cans of tannerite left! I don't think it'll be enough for these shits!"
"Damn...wait what was that last part? Well fuck I dunno. Ugly fuckers that's what. They got uh...you know those praying mantis things with the bended arms? Well like that but a lot longer and over their heads!"

Both groups are working as ordered. The map is updating to show their progress. Oh shit...
No. 258019 ID: c71597

Looks like there's alot more of the enemies incoming. Tell them to speed it up if they can. They need to move out.
No. 258037 ID: 2abeac

group 2, large cluster coming from the east.
group 1 same for you.
No. 258323 ID: e26b69
File 129024165112.png - (41.84KB , 898x714 , 012.png )

"Ah shit! We got more of those assholes incoming! We gotta get outta here now!"

"The man said we must go! We need to go now!"
"I 'll meet with you later, the giant's on my back!"
"Where was the point you wanted us at again?"
No. 258363 ID: 45be60

Group 1, "mantis"'ll do. Head west from current possition, single "mantis" hiding behind a corner on your left. Be advised, big one coming in from the north.

Group two, your only clear path is north to the street and go right. Watch out for the Launchers coming in on your left. You are moving toward the sound of gunfire.

[so hey, where are WE anyway? and did that grey dot just appear out of nowhere there west of group 1?]
No. 258364 ID: 23ed1a

current meeting area is the intersection of the roads, then evac all-together.
No. 258570 ID: e26b69
File 129031586911.png - (34.65KB , 898x714 , 013.png )

"Jackson, three o' clock big guy! Cut through the alley and watch for those mantis things!"

"Right! Uh what? Oh god, oh god oh god, run kids, run as fast as you can!"
"Beally, go through the alley, he's too big for them!"

Well hopefully they can find there way. Wait, you forgot where you are? Wow being isolated really did a number to your memory. Er...our memory. I'm still technically you aren't I? Wait then why do I remember we are in Nevada? Are you messing with me?
No. 258574 ID: 7bfbae

nono, we mean which direction compared to them are we, or which direction are we supposed to be leading them.
No. 258575 ID: 45be60

So where are we supposed to be guiding these people anyway? running around to avoid immediate danger is all well and good, but if the goal is to get them to an outpost, or safety of some sort, Ima need to know a direction.
No. 258576 ID: 7bfbae

okay group 2, more from the west but the are heading south around the building so head straight north then head east along the road then north at the intersection.

group 1 head straight west, blast through that mantis and get to across the street where you should be running into group 2.
No. 258596 ID: e26b69
File 129031944964.png - (38.73KB , 898x714 , 014.png )

Oh well right now you wanna head for that tall building on the Northwest end of town. From there I have the drone watching all this firebomb the streets. At least if they are on the roof the worst they'll get is the heat from the blast.

"Right keep your eyes opened guys, we're going through the alley! Be ready for anythin!
No. 258599 ID: e26b69
File 129031974632.png - (34.43KB , 898x714 , 015.png )

A word of warning, group 1 is entering a 'high tension' situation. Similar to Zombiequest on /tg/, there will be a a variety of choices, each with a specific roll need to complete. Should the roll fail, there will be consequences. Sometimes inevitable. This is the first time so there will not be a roll. But in the future choices need to be weighed a little more.
No. 258742 ID: e26b69
File 129037779036.png - (35.40KB , 898x714 , 016.png )

And with that in mind, we continue.
No. 258743 ID: e26b69
File 129037786778.png - (40.97KB , 898x714 , 017.png )


Angry isn't he? It looks like the other group has made it to the building. And in the nick of time too.
No. 258744 ID: e26b69
File 129037806357.png - (37.16KB , 898x714 , 018.png )

All this gunfire is driving the muties crazy.
No. 258748 ID: 7bfbae

"okay, both of you get inside that building and go up as fast as she can."

think we should start as soon as they get in to prevent them from being followed.
No. 258749 ID: e26b69
File 129037886873.png - (36.69KB , 898x714 , 019.png )

Better yet start now it'll be a while for the drone to get into proper position.

"Dammit, where the fuck are they all coming from?! What do we do now?!"
No. 258750 ID: 7bfbae

"everyone to the roof, we are sending in a bomber to clear the streets"
No. 258773 ID: e26b69
File 129038616587.png - (37.30KB , 898x714 , 020.png )

"Shit! Whoever you are! Barricade the door! Mark get the other one, we got bombs comin in!"
No. 258774 ID: e26b69
File 129038619125.png - (36.15KB , 898x714 , 021.png )

No. 258775 ID: e26b69
File 129038622320.png - (20.49KB , 898x714 , 022.png )

Oh right. Forgot about this part.
No. 258776 ID: 76fa95

understandable, haven't used the firebomb function in a while i assume.
No. 258778 ID: e26b69
File 129038747965.png - (44.16KB , 898x714 , 023.png )

Actually this is the first time.
No. 258779 ID: 76fa95

uhhh, is it smoking?
No. 258787 ID: 45be60

What's under the tarp?
No. 258789 ID: e26b69
File 129038931236.png - (38.21KB , 898x714 , 024.png )

Just a precaution against any muties that get in.

Nah that's the cig. You smoked that thing down to the butt you nutjob.

"........her.......I........ou....ther...............on...work...you..piec.......H.ey! Krzzzzt....don't leave us high and dry man, what the fuck?"

Ah screen's back up.
No. 258795 ID: 76fa95

"sorry, massive heat spikes cause the system to reset, ironic since it uses firebombs"
so, what way should we be sending them now?
No. 258810 ID: e26b69
File 129039122294.png - (114.67KB , 900x702 , 025.png )

Currently these folks are in Hawthorne. The closest base is in Las Vegas, but given its size it attracts mutants like moths to a flame. The actual evacuation will take place on the roof of the Mandalay, the original point, Trump Towers were decimated after a flock of Gliders overwhelmed it. The 2nd one is of course, the Hoover Dam, which is slightly further, and does mean running through wild land if Las Vegas overrun.
No. 258812 ID: 76fa95

well then, since it's their asses on the line let's ask them which one they want.
No. 258814 ID: 45be60

Streets appear clear, looks like you folks have a bit of breathing room for the moment. Patch yourselves up and get acquainted, you folks are gonna be traveling together toward evac. Please give me a report on who you are and what you are carrying.
No. 258825 ID: e26b69
File 129039414313.png - (35.93KB , 898x714 , 026.png )

"Right right uh...I'm Victor Titov, and I got an AK 47 from my gramps when he left the Union. Least that's what he'd say."

"Jackson over there's got an MG 42, and some tannerite. Apparently he's got a criminal record, and given what he wears I'm inclined to believe him."

"And then there's Sergent Bale over there. He says his unit was wiped out after some of those uh...'gliders' downed his chopper. He's got an M16, 3 frag grenades, and 2 flash grenades. Uh, who are you guys?"

"Uh, I'm uh...Janice Beally, I was a teacher, but I do have some experience practicing the shotgun. And uh, that's what I have. I have no idea what this is, I think it's called an Ithaca-something something. Joey over there is more experienced with guns. He scratch built that gun of his it's a...what was it?"


"You're gun Joey, your gun."

"Type 99 Light Machine Gun, modified it myself to take 7.62x39mm rounds instead of 7.7x58mm Arisaka rounds."

"Y-yes that. Joey does not talk much, except to himself. He's not crazy. At least I don't think so. And then there's Stacee over there with some kids she says lived in the apartment next to her. They don't have anything. Stacee?"

No. 258833 ID: 76fa95

okay, now, you have two options, vegas or hoover. since it's their lives i really think they should pick, lay them out with the pros and cons of each direction.
No. 258836 ID: e26b69
File 129039573657.png - (28.68KB , 898x714 , 027.png )

Well their story checks out with the Database.

Victor Titov, Student interning as a pharmacist. Grandfather registered an assault weapon.

Jeffery Jackson, charged with 1 count assault, and 1 arson. Unregistered for a weapon though.

Shane Bale, Sergent. Was attached to VIPs heading towards California, until the helicopter went dark about a week ago.

Janice Beally, High School Teacher, husband registered an Ithaca 37.

Joey Dokgo, College Student, the gun though is something new....didn't know you could do that.

"Oh Las Vegas hands down!"
"Vegas is closer..."
"Whatever gets me out of here."
"Vegas has a larger soldier count, we'd be safer."
"I don't care."
"Um...Hoover dam is big right?"

Well It seems majority rules. Care to inscribe them a route?
No. 258902 ID: 45be60

Vegas it is. What's left of the interstate will take you straight there, so watch out for a functional pickup. I don't want you too far from civilization so you have someplace to hole up for the night. Fliers come out at night. How are you doing for food and medical supplies?
No. 258932 ID: e26b69
File 129041458046.png - (34.89KB , 898x714 , 028.png )

"Uh, we got about...hang on lemme check with the other guys..."
Considering what time it is it might be best to have them hole up in one of the buildings for the night. Unless you like watching survivors get eaten by gliding horrors.
"Okay, we got a combined three first aid kits, 28 cans of...um...canned food, about 24 liters of water,350 bullets for the M16, and 500 to share between my AK and Joeys...thing. 25 shotgun shells, and Jackson still has about 800 rounds for his gun, though he'll probably go through em all before we even go a mile. You get all that?"

Well did you? Considering all a person needs is a liter of water a day to survive, and at least on can of food per day...They got about, a little more than 3 days worth of essentials. Not including ammunition.
No. 258973 ID: 76fa95

k, don't see a clock so didn't know the time. so yeah hole up and have them set out first thing in the morning. if any buildings are stores then they may be able to get some more stock.
No. 259951 ID: 38e619
File 129082050421.png - (35.69KB , 898x714 , 29.png )

Well these are the best places to look. A liquor store, a gun shop, a gas station, and some... I think it's a warehouse.

"Okay...but how should we do this Mr. uh. That reminds me, what should we call ya?"
No. 259958 ID: cbdb8b

Gun shops and warehouses are always good places to bunk up when under siege.

Smaller buildings are easier to defend, so go to that one. If it's one of the above two, then hey; bonus.

Also, call us... Ishmael.
Haha so cliché.
No. 259983 ID: 2b7df1

SmallEST building looks very small. A simple storefront, probably lacks sufficient space and ammenities to support eight people for the night. I am hoping that is not the one we want.

Gun stores have barred windows and reinforced doors. As long as you can get IN, they are great places to hold up for defence.

Oh by the way, that is not a liquor store, that is a molotov coctail store. Proceed.
No. 260042 ID: 49707c


all things considered, ishmael is a pretty good name.
No. 260607 ID: 38e619
File 129102743615.png - (33.71KB , 898x714 , 30.png )

"...Kay...so we'll hole up in the gun shop, and scav the liquor...Who goes where then?"

Yes, fewer means attracting less attention, though less ability to fight when overrun, but larger groups do the opposite...

"Ishmael? Why's that so familiar?"
No. 260802 ID: 45be60

>Who goes where then?
[Please clarify question]
No. 260818 ID: 3b8a9d
File 129110897379.png - (33.66KB , 898x714 , 31.png )

"Wha-your serious? I mean who goes scavvin' and who stays to wall up the gun shop?"
No. 260834 ID: 45be60

Okay, don't worry about the guns just yet. Make sure the store is secure, you got all night to scavenge the wears. Jackson and Titov, head to the liquor store. Anything under 80 proof is rubbish for burning, which means everclear is barely functional. Rule of thumb: if you've seen a commercial for it, it ain't strong enough. And see if you can't find some soda or pretzels while you're there, you'll be glad for the calories later.

Joey, I want you watching the street and ready to go in case something needs shot. Everyone else, check out the gun store. Check every closet, cabinet, and cupboard. If it's got a drop ceiling, take a peek up there too. No surprises tonight.

And this should go without saying, but everybody keep the noise down as much as you can.
No. 261848 ID: 112e59
File 129152128929.png - (33.77KB , 898x714 , 32.png )

"Okay got it all...thanks Ishmael."

Just in time too. The drone's barely holding up in the sky. It needs to RTB. So pat yourself on the back. You just saved your first batch of survivors. What do you wanna do now?
No. 262551 ID: cbdb8b

I wanna go to Disneyland.

...Actually, how about "we" smoke another cigarette? I think we deserve it.

Shame we're not out of the woods yet, if I recall correctly. Still need to help get 'em to a com station.

After that? Then... I dunno. Let the drone RTB (whatever that means), and get some sleep ourselves. Never know when we'll get another call on the radio.
No. 262643 ID: 45be60

"Your eye in the sky is coming down, you are going to have to do your spotting alone until further notice."
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