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File 128924407788.png - (228.78KB , 700x1400 , raspberry.png )
254038 No. 254038 ID: 543aa6

Well hello there, little miss thing!


For clothing, I think it'd be funny if you guys googled shit and made outfits in mspaint and then I'll draw the final one.
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No. 254040 ID: 27fe93

No. 254041 ID: 543aa6

those are good. she needs to be in a stereotypical clique of sorts, ie. goth, punk, jock (cheerleader), etc. Since she's 23, she'll be a Junior or so in College.
No. 254045 ID: 543aa6

> NAME: Elizabeth, Eli (eh'-lee) for short
> AGE: 23
> - boys
> - school/work
No. 254046 ID: 754124

well then
- sex
- vidya
- bitchy drama shit
Man, I don't know shit about malls. I guess there's that "hot topic" thing that kids are into these days?

>For clothing, I think it'd be funny if you guys googled shit and made outfits in mspaint and then I'll draw the final one.
oh god this is going to be the most horrible mismatched outfit ever
No. 254050 ID: 543aa6

interests=likes. I forgot I put likes instead of interests but it's the same thing. hot topic works. I can draw gothy shit (but maybe if she works there, she might resent it but she didn't have a choice because of the economy). If you guys pick a clique it's a lot easier to give her a personality and clothes. If you can't think of stores, pick a type of store like electronics, clothing retail, special interest, books, etc.
No. 254052 ID: 79c5ec
File 12892462778.png - (316.12KB , 700x1400 , Dress-me-ups!.png )

Marianna - 20 - Punk/Nerd (Tech Gadget / Cyberpunk?)
Interests: Boys, School, lastest trends started / followed by Sony (no Apple)

Dislikes: Clear colors, 'mainstream' people.

Works at TARGET (not cashier)
No. 254064 ID: 754124

Hmm. I tentatively suggest that working at the local sex shop might be an intriguing possibility.
No. 254070 ID: 543aa6
File 128924949636.png - (385.75KB , 700x1400 , eli2.png )

Alright, here's the basic breakdown. There's more to Eli than we've gone through. Eli just got off her shitty shift at Target and was thinking of going to the mall, the movies, or some other social area where she can try to find her other nerdy friends

> NAME: Elizabeth, Eli (eh'-lee) for short
> AGE: 23
> - boys/sex
> - school
> - nerdy things like vidya games, internet, comic books. PC gamer, has a DS lite
> - books
> - Those people that don't like, understand her, you know? Fuck I HATE PEOPLE THAT JUDGE ME DDDDDDDDX!!!!
> - Hugh Grant
> - her job

> WORKS AT Target (chain retail clothing/other stuff store)

> (yeah I already have to pause because class starts in an hour :X)

I used some of your stuff, but I'm not changing the hair. I can make it different colors, but I like drawing pretty hair.
No. 254071 ID: 543aa6

Oh yeah, and the little belt thingy is your inventory. you might want to see what's in there.
No. 254075 ID: 543aa6

IT was asked what she does at Target. She works that costumer service thing where people are assholes and return shit to you and you tell them where to find shit in the store but she doesn't really care. She also restocks shit when she's not needed at her front desk thing
No. 254076 ID: 27fe93

No. 254078 ID: 79c5ec

>pretty hair
Fair enough.

Also, thought Target stores were mall attach├ęs, but its ok, as long as it works.

I dont know what a girl carries in her purse, except for a direct access to hammerspace. You tell me what's in there.
No. 254079 ID: a2f596

>She works that costumer service thing where people are assholes and return shit to you and you tell them where to find shit in the store but she doesn't really care.

3p, is this based on you? It's based on you, isn't it?
No. 254082 ID: 543aa6

I don't even have a job, dude
No. 254130 ID: f82d85
File 128926066413.png - (208.37KB , 700x1400 , gurl.png )

I came up with a new and stylin' look for females.
No. 254142 ID: 788856
File 12892622817.jpg - (345.59KB , 700x1400 , 128924407788 copy.jpg )

No. 254144 ID: 561b6b


Yes let's see what's in there already.

And her DS Lite had better be in there with Animal Crossing: Wild World ready to boot up at a moment's notice.
No. 254145 ID: 8c0848
File 128926270195.png - (333.32KB , 700x1400 , BREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.png )

No. 254148 ID: 383006
File 128926285922.png - (380.84KB , 700x1400 , 2.png )

No. 254154 ID: fba40f

This can not fail
No. 254156 ID: bf1e7e
File 12892635669.png - (477.28KB , 700x1400 , paperdoll2.png )

forgot the little one
No. 254160 ID: a4b4e3
File 128926411339.png - (313.60KB , 700x1400 , teresa wiseau.png )

No. 254163 ID: 543aa6

No, goddammit. I'm happy with how she is. I'll draw the inventory now that I'm home. I'm not changing her outfit other than her working uniform thing but that's basic dickees black pants, red target shirt, and maybe a ponytail
No. 254173 ID: 543aa6
File 128926634444.png - (199.47KB , 700x700 , inventory.png )

Here is Eli, she is 23 years old and works at Target as a customer representative. The last bit of information won't matter long as we're going on some sort of fucking adventure or some shit.
Your inventory can hold like, everything and anything but not like, a fucking car or something like that. Otherwise, feel free to put lots of shit in there.
So what are we doin'? We have the day off and our friends have been bothering us saying we should go to the rec room at school. You think it might be a good idea because BOYS will be there and you are currently looking for a boyfriend.
No. 254175 ID: 79c5ec

You have to agree people finally started getting creative though. Maybe for cosplays? xD
No. 254179 ID: 27fe93

make yourself pretty with your make up, not too much now. and then head to that rec room.
No. 254182 ID: 79c5ec

Hmmn, today looks like's a day of Adventures O.o

Maybe we should keep our eyes open for unusual things when going to the recroom.
No. 254183 ID: e3f578

sexy walk straight into that fucking rec room and light up the place grrrrrlfiend
No. 254186 ID: d3dfb8

>and you are currently looking for a boyfriend.
I'm sorry, that's got to be a typo. I believe it's actually supposed to be 'looking for boyfriends'
No. 254244 ID: 543aa6

I should have sexy sexy male bitches
No. 254262 ID: 543aa6
File 128927212346.png - (236.70KB , 700x700 , flirtmode.png )

We have decided the best place to find boys would be at the rec center. There is an arcade, pizza parlor, bowling alley, some couches, a big screen, and some pool tables.
>pull shirt down, hike skirt up, lipstick!
No. 254273 ID: 27fe93

let's check by the couches/big screen first.
No. 254283 ID: dd4a69

well we should look at places that would indicate a same interest with you, or else you will have boring conversations.

since there is no comic book store, lets see if you can find someone playing something you like in the arcades
No. 254286 ID: 27fe93

hmmm, fine~
No. 254287 ID: 69bee4

oh dear, flirt mode is in danger levels!

reduce flirt power levels, we cannot risk so many side confrontations.
No. 254288 ID: f52552

I am somewhat disappointed that there is not a transformation sequence to go with that.

That said, bend down to lean on the controls when you play.
No. 254289 ID: d3dfb8

Oh god I'm fapping already, this is a good sign.
<3 you <3p
No. 254580 ID: 543aa6
File 128935579851.png - (230.64KB , 700x700 , recroom.png )

We enter the rec room. By the way, we live in the on campus dorms. We have our own room and the buildings are co-ed.
The boys on the couch appear to be playing Halo Reach. You think that's kind of lame, but hey, they're boys playing video games and that makes you happy.
No. 254581 ID: 383006

Kick their asses in gaylo reacharound.
No. 254583 ID: 27fe93

it's probably just cause it's new, everyone plays the new thing. once the newness fades they will go to old standbys.
anyway, are ALL of them playing or is one of them waiting to play winner/loser? if no one is waiting then claim you'll play winner, any that don't get distracted by a hot girl showing up aren't worth your time.
No. 254590 ID: 3416ec

Pretend to drop a controller in front of then, and then say "oops!" and bend over to pick it up.

Then see if they get fragged instantly.
No. 254634 ID: 40cb26

Lean forward over the back of the couch, until DISTRACTION TITS.
No. 254638 ID: e74d86

combine these
No. 254697 ID: 543aa6
File 128936626220.png - (189.90KB , 700x700 , seduce.png )

>Boy 1 seems to be engaged in Halo. Boy 2 stares at you and you move in.
Eli: Hello~ What are you dudes up to?
Boy 2: Uhm um uh we uh...
>Boy 2 seems to be quite shy, but maybe we can fix that.
No. 254702 ID: eae646

suggestively grab second player controller and keep it away from him

comment on GOTY indications to take his mind away of mentally undressing you
No. 254703 ID: fd6d7e

Time to get sucked into the video game.
No. 254704 ID: c99f30

Sit next to him, ask if it's okay for you to watch.
No. 254727 ID: 3416ec

Sit on the couch arm rest and sloooowly cross your legs~

We gotta see if we can get his head to explode from raw hormonal energy.
No. 254737 ID: 543aa6
File 128936817081.png - (224.97KB , 700x700 , flirt.png )

>There is just enough room between the couch and BOY 2 for you to scootch your bottom in between and be able to rub your leg against his if you wish.
Eli: Is this seat taken~?
BOY 2: N-no... You can.. uh um...s-sit
Eli: Well thank you.
BOY 2: W-w-w-we're just playing the new Halo game...
>Let's strike up a convo.
Eli: I know. I used to play Halo 2 all the time back in high school with my brother.
BOY 2: O-Oh! You play video games?
>BOY 2 blushes more and plays with his fingers nervously.
Eli: Yes, I love FPS's, but I'm SO bad at them, hahaha!
BOY 2: -Laughs nervously-
>The rec room is rather loud and it's not a great place to have a conversation. Let's ask to go somewhere a little quieter? There's a snack bar not too far from the couch, there's the bowling alley, and there's also some places outside of the campus like bars and such.
>Eli smiles sweetly, looking seductively into BOY 2's eyes.
Eli: By the way, my name is Elizabeth. You can call me Eli though. I... didn't catch your name..?
No. 254743 ID: 476456

Haha oh gosh that poor kid
No. 254750 ID: 27fe93

ask if he "wants to get *lick your lips* a snack."
No. 254756 ID: 3416ec

Lean over and let your shirt shoulder slip down.

His head HAS to explod after that.
No. 254759 ID: a09a03

Patiently await his reply?
No. 254761 ID: 27fe93

do it in this order
No. 254767 ID: 543aa6
File 128937141126.png - (242.34KB , 700x700 , flirtmore.png )

>Eli leans over and her shirt falls off her shoulders a bit. This is a trick most girls know how to do and it works like magic on any guy. BOY 2 nervously looks at Eli.
BOY 2: M-my name is Connor..
Eli: Hello, Connor! It's a little noisy in here, don't you think?
Connor: Y-yeah.. And I'm kind of bored watching my bro, Zeebo, play Halo...
Eli: Well then how about we go for a snack~?
>Eli licks her top lip slowly
Connor: Um y-yeah uh that sounds uh, g-good... W-where do you want to go..?
>Where we goin?
No. 254771 ID: 3416ec

Go to a local coffee shop, and order an ice mocha. "Accidentally" spill some on his lap.

Offer to clean it up~~
No. 254772 ID: e31d52

Restruant + Bar, they're all over the place and have booths! :3c
No. 254773 ID: 476456

Pizza bar?
No. 254775 ID: 27fe93

hmm, bar would be good.
No. 254776 ID: a09a03

Book store
No. 254794 ID: 543aa6

=Pause for sleep=
No. 254802 ID: 79c5ec

Maybe we should dial it down? Looks like the boy's gonna explode.

Not stop, just slow a bit.
No. 254814 ID: dda667

No. 254818 ID: daee42

Tell the boy to relax and ask him if he is new to this. Also go a bit back on the flirting and talk to him and ask him what is his names and his favourite game.
No. 254822 ID: 071184

By the way why aren't they playing co-op or splitscreen online? Is his brother being a douche not letting him play or what?
No. 254872 ID: 543aa6
File 128941723620.png - (156.37KB , 700x700 , letsgofordrinks.png )

Eli: Let's go for drinks?
>Eli places her hand under Connor's chin, cupping it sorta.
Connor: O-okay.. How about in an hour?
Eli: Sure. I'll be at the Blue Bee Bar on 3rd street~
Connor: Okay... I'll be there..
>Eli slips Connor a piece of paper with her number on it. Now it's time to get ready for our date! WHAT TO WEAR, WHAT TO WEAR?
No. 254877 ID: 121942

This is what you should wear. This.
No. 254896 ID: 40cb26

Little black dress!
No. 254897 ID: c99f30

No. 254906 ID: 8e92a2

Let's clarify goals, here.

Are you just looking to get laid, or are you looking for your second player in the great co-op of life?
No. 254908 ID: dda667

This. Nice and comfortable, but not too informal.
No. 254934 ID: 2044df


No. 254940 ID: 8c0848

No. 254956 ID: a4b4e3

Wear the paper bag and snake ensemble.
No. 254967 ID: 3416ec

Halter top with plunging neckline, lowrise jeans, and a thong.

No. 255002 ID: e74d86

i have to say i like this
No. 255027 ID: 543aa6
File 128944642060.png - (137.33KB , 700x700 , datetime.png )

>Eli has acquired CHANEL PURSE as her new INVENTORY. It's time to seduce some boys~ Eli is now dressed for her date and has changed some of the items in her INVENTORY for the bar. It's just about time to leave to meet Connor at the bar!
No. 255034 ID: 2850c8

Make sure to order something really strong, thus forcing him to order something equally strong so as not to look like a wimp.
No. 255075 ID: a09a03

Good to go.
No. 255517 ID: 517f73


Head to the bar and seduce the fuck out of that boy.
No. 255518 ID: 3416ec

Drop the olive in your drink between your boobs and egg him on to fish it out.

With his mouth.
No. 255543 ID: 517f73

But what if it falls INTO the dress?
No. 255549 ID: dda667

Then he needs to dig around a little~
No. 255561 ID: 67f5cb

i think the kid is a tad too young for that dress?

how about something a bit less behaved? maybe you could get a purse that doesnt scream expensive...
No. 255565 ID: 517f73

Too young? She's 23. I'd think that's old enough to be wearing an outfit like that.
No. 255640 ID: e74d86

she shouldnt wear any panties. you know for easy access
No. 255743 ID: 445c48

no she needs to wear some scanty panties with nerdy jokes on them
No. 256103 ID: 252e1b


Compromise option: crotchless panties
No. 256105 ID: f52552

No. 259570 ID: 7c4eb6

And landing lights!
No. 260699 ID: 517f73

Well this quest looks like it'll end up like <3p's other quest: completely abandoned.


...and it seemed so promising.
No. 260701 ID: 21e57a

And arousing!
No. 260705 ID: 174af0

With the suggestions she was getting, who are we to blame?
No. 260707 ID: 3416ec

No. 260720 ID: 21e57a

I'm sorry, are we suppose to blame someone for the sexy art work we were given to start with? Because I would blame no one.
No. 263325 ID: 725496

:( I'm sorry you guys; I just got really really fucking busy last month and this month is going to be even worse. I probably can't do anything because i left my laptop charger at home and unless my ipad can handle drawin's, then I'm fucked til January. It's nice that you care though ;u;
No. 263490 ID: c700ce

That's fine, we can wait till then!
No. 263509 ID: 5e01fc

You shutup-- its obvious we can't.

YO LESSTHANTHREEPEE. You get back here and slave your ass off to our benefit! And you can Walk back home to get your battery charger just fine! xD
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