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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 128805667688.png - (314.38KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF000.png )
248137 No. 248137 ID: 10c20a

Hello. My name is Heart Fixer. I fix problems, not problems like, "What is fun?" because that would fall under your personal preferences. I solve Pony Problems.
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No. 248138 ID: a9a46d


Is...Is that a tiny robot pony next to you?

I am suddenly interested. Continue.
No. 248139 ID: 10c20a
File 128805687259.png - (188.21KB , 700x700 , PonyHF001.png )

I run a work shop in Ponytown, fixing things for the other ponies. I got a letter from one of the Derples that live out in the woods somewhere saying that someone would be by today with a problem. Looks like he's here.

"Waaah! Heart Fixer! Heart Fixer! Da Derples need yur help! Our Thingum's busted an now no one knows what ta doo!"

These little guys are always needing help with something.
No. 248141 ID: 10c20a
File 128805695324.png - (175.93KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF002.png )

The Derple leads me through the woods to a cave.

"Our Thingum's busted and we don't knows whats'ta doo no moore..."
No. 248144 ID: 10c20a
File 128805718662.png - (108.99KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF003.png )

"Here's da Thingum. It's busted! We don't know when ta sleep, when ta eat, when ta work, when to wakes, we don't know whats'ta dooo!"

The Derple takes me in front of a large clock.

>"What's the matter with it?"

"It's busted! It don't go no moore!"


I take a look inside. There are some broken parts here and there. I think I can probably fix this. I'll need some GEARS, a SPRING, and a WIND UP KEY.
No. 248147 ID: a9a46d


Well then, get them. Surely you are well stocked with such things in your workshop, no?
No. 248149 ID: c71597

Well then, that doesn't sound to difficult. Take out the busted parts and bring them back to your workshop and see what you have that could work as replacements.
No. 248154 ID: 3c9435

Dismantle tiny robot pony for parts. Or check your toolshed.
No. 248158 ID: 10c20a
File 128805800575.png - (110.27KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF004.png )

Unfortunately, I don't have any more spare Clock parts, not since the last time some foal of a pegasus crashed into Pony Town Hall's clock.

And I would NEVER even DREAM of dismantling little Hug Box! He's my assistant and tool box!

"Busted... Thingum's busted... no go, no go..."
No. 248160 ID: d677cc

Derples gonna derp.

So, uh, any idea as to where clock parts might actually be?
No. 248161 ID: a1591c

Where did they get the clock, there have to be parts somewhere.
No. 248162 ID: 383006

Ask where parts can be acquired
No. 248164 ID: a09a03

Tell the Derple you need parts. Ask him if there's mechanical things they don't need anymore.
No. 248172 ID: 10c20a
File 128805933395.png - (107.83KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF005.png )

I don't know exactly where I can get the parts myself...

>"Excuse, mister..."

"Mayor, Derple Mayor don't know whats'ta do no moore!"

>"Uh... yes, of course. Mister Mayor I-"

"Derple Mayor."

>"... Mister Derple Mayor... I need parts to fix your... 'Thingum'. Do you have any idea where I can find some parts?"

"Thingum's busted! Heart Fixer need parts, Heart Fixer can try lookin in cousin's cave. Cousin Herples' cave might gots parts, cuz we needs parts cuz Thingum's busted and we don't know whats'ta doooo."

Well, the Derple Mayor has suggested I try the Herples' cave. I suppose I could also just try a city. A wizard would be swell, but I don't know where one might be, really...
No. 248177 ID: d677cc

No. 248178 ID: a9a46d


To the cave! Sounds as good a place as any to me.
No. 248188 ID: b0ef4c

Check the cave out.
No. 248203 ID: 8093cc

I insist you find a wizard immediately.
No. 248207 ID: 10c20a
File 128806354453.png - (208.01KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF006.png )

I get directions from Derple Mayor and a saddle bag, then set out, Hug Box in tow. We arrive at the Herple cave. This place is a mess, if the Derples are anything like these guys, it's no wonder their clock broke. Ok, where should I start looking? There looks to be two exits up there, and one straight ahead of me.
No. 248208 ID: 5c4201

right hoof rule. straight we go.
No. 248209 ID: b0ef4c

go straight ahead.
No. 248222 ID: 0d1fe9

read notes
hug hug box
No. 248264 ID: 9e5b05

I have to agree with Purple Honey Tart. What are those white things behind the wooden post? But yeah, Right Hoof Rule like Braided Island said, lets not get lost now! That would look really bad on the work order and wouldn't be fun, no matter what fun is.
No. 248267 ID: a09a03

Read notes. Hug box. Store notes in hugbox.
No. 248269 ID: 067e60

The only answer here is to get enough parts to make all the Derpals cybernetic brains to raise their intelligences. As a bonus, give them laserbeam eyes so they can defend themselves and play laser eye tag by setting them on the lowest setting. To make it extra challenging, give them all magic powered jet packs. You have a tiny robot pony and a screwdriver in your mouth. It all should be simple for you.
No. 248426 ID: 2563d4

But but but how does ponies manipulate fine tools with big clumsy hooves?
No. 248468 ID: 6550ad


They use their mouths, silly.
No. 249878 ID: 10c20a
File 128839952190.png - (100.00KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF007.png )

The notes all look to be a bunch of squiggles or doodles. I can't make heads or ponytails of them. I stuff a few into my saddle bags, as Hug Box's compartment is for storing and readying tools, not carrying notes.

I give Hug Box a squeeze to show him how I'd never hurt him and he's my bestest friend! Even though he's just a cold, unfeeling tool...
No. 249882 ID: 10c20a
File 128839985568.png - (143.15KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF008.png )

I head straight down the corridor until it ends. Hmm... what should I do here?
No. 249884 ID: b0ef4c

kick the door open
No. 249885 ID: d677cc

Can you get that door open?
No. 249894 ID: 10c20a
File 128840064159.png - (129.91KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF009.png )

That would be incredibly rude! The Herples could be working on something very precise in there, or something, and let me tell you, I can't stand it when somepony barges into my workshop like that!

I don't really know how to work these things... I knock on the door and wait.

No reply.

I fumble with the handle thingy with my hooves and the door bumps open.

No. 249897 ID: 4482b3

you should tottaly paint hug box white with a rainbow job on the hair.

ask for a attendant, say you have urgent matter.
No. 249899 ID: 3416ec

Knock on the door several times. With your helmet.
No. 249900 ID: 1854db

I see some parts in that bag there.
No. 249902 ID: d677cc

Looks pretty empty. I guess you might as well walk on in and take a look around?
No. 249906 ID: fd6d7e

No. 249908 ID: 10c20a
File 128840334865.png - (148.78KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF010.png )

I knock a few more times. There's still no reply.

I slowly wander further into the room.

>"Hello? Can I get an attendant? It's kind of urgent."

No response.

I check out the bag under the counter. There's a SPRING in it!
No. 249911 ID: fd6d7e


The book it contains all the secrets of the herples and the derples! You must... aw hell just grab the spring. Two parts left to go!
No. 249917 ID: 3416ec


You're going to borrow it until you can find a replacement spring.
No. 249918 ID: e60ee7

Take Spring.
Read Write Note.

Specifically, a note explaining that you needed to borrow the spring. Although... although I'm not sure how ponies work pencils, especially a lowly earth pony.
No. 249934 ID: 10c20a
File 128840698231.png - (168.14KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF011.png )

My clumsy pony hooves cannot operate complicated devises such as books, or shelves.

I'll borrow the SPRING just until I get the Derple's clock fixed. I'll replace it once I can.

I flip over one of the papers on the counter to leave a note for the Herples.

>"Hug Box, Pencil."
The compartment on Hug Box's back opens and launches a pencil into the air. I catch it in my teeth and begin to write.

"Dear Mr. or Mrs. Herple,
It is very urgent that I borrow your spring to help your cousins, the Derples, who's 'Thingum' has busted. I will replace your spring as soon as possible. Thank you.

-Love Heart Fixer."

No. 249935 ID: 10c20a
File 128840702750.png - (129.50KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF012.png )

I return to the main cave to look for some more parts. There are the two caves on the upper levels, which should I check first? The left or the right?
No. 249936 ID: 3416ec

Go left.
No. 249937 ID: d677cc

Go left!
No. 249939 ID: 1854db

Go left!
No. 249940 ID: be29bc

No. 249941 ID: 445c48

Turn right, right again, and then right one more time, and then head forward.

(I mean left once)
No. 249942 ID: b0ef4c

No. 249946 ID: 4482b3


hear your surroundings. try to catch a breeze. is there anything unusual on either cave? how does the caves look like? even moss or humidity helps.
No. 249977 ID: 10c20a
File 128841015773.png - (196.76KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF013.png )

Um... they both kind of look like caves to me. I'm not all that great with the sciencey stuff... both have some wooden planks for floors, and some wooden support beams, but that's all I can tell from down on the first floor.

It takes some doing, but I manage to scramble up the rock face and climb into the cave on the left. But, oh no! Poor Hug Box can't seem to make it up!
No. 249981 ID: 3416ec

Tell Hug Box to hold tight for a bit.

Locate some rope!
No. 249982 ID: 1854db

Read note.
No. 249985 ID: 1f1eaf

well you arent that skilled if you dont have tools to work with.

if huggies donest have a rope, try to carry im with you like a saddle.
No. 250004 ID: e60ee7

You didn't give Hugbox Inspector Gadgetesque extendo-legs?

I am disappoint, Heart Fixer. And you call yourself a tinker...
No. 250006 ID: dad664

Obviously he should use the rocket legs that you definitely installed in him.
No. 250032 ID: 445c48

Or you could go down and let him ride in your saddlebag and then go up.
No. 250270 ID: 2563d4

Or carry him up in your teeth like an adorable kitten covered in spikes.
No. 251093 ID: 10c20a
File 128864137818.png - (74.31KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF0014.png )

it's just some more Herple scratch. I can't really make out what, if anything, it says.

But, I don't call myself "Tinker," you must be thinking of some other pony, since my name is Heart Fixer. Also, I didn't make Hug Box, he was a gift from a traveling wizard that I got a long time ago. I also don't know how to modify him at the moment, I just know how to fix things.

I climb back down and pick Hug Box up with my mouth, and place him inside one of my saddlebags, then scramble back up to the cave. I head down the corridor through an open door.
Boy... sure is dark in here.
No. 251098 ID: 1854db

Looks like the light's broken. See if you can fix that and turn it on.
No. 251104 ID: d677cc

Poor tiny Hugbox. He's so---

Wait, what is that red stuff? Can you get a light in here?
No. 251114 ID: dad664

No. 251118 ID: 10c20a
File 128864400083.png - (207.15KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF0015.png )

>"Hug Box, Screw driver."

The compartment on Hug Box's back opens and launches out a screw driver, I catch it in my teeth, then prop myself up and screw the light fixture back onto the wall. It lights back up and illuminates the room, albeit dimly.
No. 251119 ID: 31e5bb

No. 251121 ID: 1854db

No. 251122 ID: 9554eb

Gosh, you guys, chillax. It's just some dead body on the counter.
No. 251123 ID: 2563d4

Taste the red! Is it strawberry or raspberry?
No. 251124 ID: d677cc

So then what's up on that counter?
No. 251126 ID: a4b4e3

Uh, yeah, check out the stuff on the counter.

Make sure it's strawberry jam.
No. 251132 ID: 10c20a
File 12886456764.png - (105.67KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF016.png )

W-what? It's just jam. The jar even says as much. The Herples sure seem like a really messy bunch.

Tastes like Strawberry.
No. 251135 ID: b0ef4c

find some bread and spread some of that on it.
No. 251137 ID: d677cc


So, is there anything else of interest in here? We're still looking for a WIND UP KEY and some GEARS, right?
No. 251183 ID: 10c20a
File 12886533087.png - (107.99KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF017.png )

I don't see any bread around.

Well, there's some cabinets and drawers around the room.
No. 251185 ID: d677cc

Check 'em!
No. 251193 ID: 1854db


Investigate cabinets and such. Try not to break anything.
No. 251195 ID: b0ef4c

some of the jam is spilling down! hurry and lick it clean!
No. 251198 ID: 53b5f7

Check the fridge.
No. 251222 ID: 10c20a
File 128865611327.png - (200.74KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF018.png )

There seems to be some old food in it. None of it smells to friendly...

>Check 'em!

I open the drawers within my reach, they have silver doo-hickies I've seen some people use to eat with, and some other tool looking things. The tall cabinet, I can reach, and inside there looks to be busted up EGG BEATER with a chunk broken off of it's casing revealing some of it's WORKY BITS.
No. 251225 ID: 500736

gog dangit, i left 4chan to escape this faggotry. now i got a perfect way to advertise tgchan and im hatin it

since noone camed to check what was the noise in the kitchen, you should venture further in the house.

im willing to bet that the from exit will lead to the right cavepath.
No. 251226 ID: b0ef4c

nice trips bro. you should take the egg beater and the working bits.
No. 251227 ID: 3416ec

Take borrow the worky bits. Leave another note explaining that you need them.
No. 251229 ID: 1854db

Inspect WORKY BITS for USEFUL PARTS. Alternatively, fix it.
No. 251235 ID: d677cc

If there are any GEARS in the busted up egg beater, take them and leave a note.

Otherwise, fix it! Because that's what you do best.
No. 251244 ID: 10c20a
File 128865942541.png - (203.90KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF019.png )

I inspect the EGG BEATER and it's exposed WORKY BITS. They contain GEARS! I remove the GEARS and place them in my SADDLE BAG. There's no paper in here... so I leave a note in the STRAWBERRY JAM on the counter, explaining my need for the GEARS and that I'll replace them once I can.

I head further into the Communal Kitchen. It opens up into another corridor with doors lining the wall. There is a purple door at the end of the hallway.
No. 251245 ID: b0ef4c

obviously go in the purple door!
No. 251252 ID: 29c08e

Knock on the purple door.
No. 251300 ID: 10c20a
File 128866656279.png - (88.72KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF020.png )

I trot down the hallway to the purple door. I politely knock on it. It bumps away from it's frame as I do so and hangs slightly open. I nudge it the rest of the way open and peek inside.

No. 251303 ID: 1854db

Leave the creepy room alone and check the door nearest you (which would be the last door on the hall)
No. 251308 ID: b0ef4c

You best turn that hot tub on and jump in!
No. 251310 ID: be29bc

No. 251311 ID: 445c48

No. 251316 ID: d677cc

If you do do this, be sure to take off your saddlebags first and stuff. No sense getting your things all wet because you weren't thinking about them.
No. 251318 ID: 53b5f7

Oh God you found their secret Cho Aniki room.

Slowly and carefully back... out... of the room...
No. 251320 ID: 10c20a
File 128866912597.png - (126.62KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF021.png )

That's so silly and pointless I need to... to...

I take off my saddle bags and place them on the floor. I climb into the warm water. This is quite relaxing... There's no "on" switch or button or anything. It looks like the hot tub's controls are this big pink air cushion thing. I ask Hug Box to bounce up and down on it and the water begins to bubble.

As silly as this may be, it does feel kind of nice.
No. 251321 ID: 445c48

Relax a bit, you deserve it.
No. 251325 ID: 1ef7bb

Obviously you're just making sure it works correctly. Not that it's really anyone else's business. You're a very diligent pony. Of course, to really make sure it doesn't need fixing, you'll have to give extensive testing. Half an hour or more ought to do it.
No. 251326 ID: 29c08e

Enjoy that tasteful artistic nude
No. 251327 ID: b0ef4c

kick back and relax for a bit.
No. 251334 ID: 10c20a
File 128867084899.png - (121.74KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF022.png )

I look at the TASTEFUL ARTISTIC NUDE. I'm not entirely familiar with the type of thing I'm seeing.

Yeah, I work hard for Pony Town, and even Derple Town. I think I've earned a little break. I'll just soak... for half... half an hour... or... so... zzzzzz
No. 251336 ID: 8a6625

omg Heart Fixer no! you're gonna drown!
No. 251353 ID: 5ba9ab

>HUG BOX: stop leaping and wake up heart fixer with a cold bathtub
No. 251381 ID: fd6d7e

She's fine. Haven't you ever fallen asleep in the bath before? TBC
No. 251397 ID: 002d91


No. 251418 ID: 2563d4

Man, and poor hug box has to bounce for that whole "half an hour or so"? You're a cruel taskmaster.
No. 270274 ID: 10c20a
File 129468910878.png - (170.38KB , 750x750 , PoniesHF023.png )


No. 270275 ID: 10c20a
File 129468915564.png - (111.91KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF024.png )

Wha? What time is it? How long was I asleep? Why are am I all wet? My glasses are fogged up...
No. 270276 ID: 2563d4

Now look what you've done. I bet Hugbox's batteries are flat.
No. 270315 ID: 030524

Um, you might wanna check out Hugbox, he doesn't look so good.
No. 270325 ID: 15b51b

Get your shit together.
No. 270326 ID: 2eac65

>How long was I asleep?
Two months, nine days, fourteen hours and fourty-four minutes, by my calculations.

Reminder: We're looking for parts to fix the Derples' giant clock. We need GEARS, a SPRING, and a WIND-UP KEY. Since you didn't have any replacement parts handy, we've been raiding the Herples' lands for parts. We borrowed a SPRING and some GEARS, then found a hot tub and decided to rest in it.

And that's why you're in a strange house. You weren't abducted by aliens or anything like that.
No. 270342 ID: 45be60

No. 270350 ID: 10c20a
File 12946960387.png - (108.90KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF025.png )

Oh, yeah... Hmm... where would I find a WIND-UP Key?

I fish my hat up from the bottom of the tub and put it back on.

I nudge Hug Box.

>"C'mon Hug Box, we gotta go."

He doesn't move.

>"Hug Box, c'mon! The Derples need us, remember?"

He doesn't respond. Oh no! His batteries must have run out from jumping up and down while I was asleep! This is terrible! The wizard said this might happen one day, but I can't remember what he said to do in the event that it did! Poor Hug Box... I gotta do something!
No. 270351 ID: b94e61

Good morning! Did you have any nice dreams?

Let's get you up and going first. Look for something to dry yourself off with. It should help you wake up. Then, see about waking Hug Box up as well.

Do you remember the job you're on?
No. 270353 ID: d677cc

You probably have to take out the old batteries and put in new ones, or maybe charge the old ones up again somehow.

Do you know where they are? Is there some kind of panel or something?
No. 270366 ID: 45be60
File 129469792662.jpg - (16.25KB , 320x240 , chargin.jpg )

Maybe you just need to shake him vigorously? suggestive manner optional, but encouraged.
No. 270377 ID: 20bb61

maybe he has a wind key or a spare battery compartment?

anyway stash him in yout backpack, time to stroll the place.
No. 270390 ID: 10c20a
File 129470121351.png - (117.26KB , 700x700 , PoniesHF026.png )

He doesn't have any visible compartments except where the tools come out.

I pick him up and shake him up and down as best I can. His legs clatter and clack against each other, but his eyes remain dim.

If he had a WIND-UP KEY that'd probably be really useful for helping the Derples, but I don't know... Maybe the wizard who gave him to me would have it, or know what to do. I place him carefully in my saddle bags and put those back on. Should I continue on the way I was going, or head back the way I came?
No. 270396 ID: 1854db

If a wizard gave him to you, maybe he's powered by some sort of magic. Maybe you can power him up with a hug! Or a kiss~

At any rate, keep going.
No. 270417 ID: 7c0299

Keep going. We already went this far.
No. 270426 ID: 26ae1e

Keep going, we should at least learn more about this place before going off to find the wizard.

Can you still get your tools out of Hugbox?
No. 270440 ID: 10c20a
File 12947089582.png - (136.78KB , 750x750 , PoniesHF027.png )

Oh, Hug Box, I'm so sorry... Please just get better, pleeeeease! I hug Hug Box tightly. I begin to hear a faint whirring noise and his eyes light up. I loosen my embrace and the eyes dim again.

No. 270441 ID: 10c20a
File 129470907130.png - (66.04KB , 750x750 , PoniesHF028.png )

I place Hug Box back into my saddle bag, gently. I may need to go looking for that wizard once I get out of this cave... I continue through the next door. This place looks vaguely familiar.
No. 270444 ID: d677cc


Hm. I wonder if that would work if you had someone else try at the same time too?

Well. For now, um... hang on, I thought the clock was broken?
No. 270449 ID: 8c0848

He's powered by love. LOVE THE ROBOT.
No. 270457 ID: 2eac65

Not the same clock. The Derples' clock was stuck at a different time and the wall it was set into looked different. I have a feeling something might be going on with this clock, too; check through the door to see how it's doing.

As for your little robot friend, it's possible that your body heat recharged him. If you hug him the next time you go to sleep, he might be okay when you wake up.
No. 270517 ID: 40cb26

Well it does work a little bit, what you need to do is charge him long term. Snuggle with him when you sleep and it should help to charge him back up. Maybe not to full right away so go easy on him for a few days.
No. 270685 ID: 1854db

Open yon door.
No. 270806 ID: b9bd4f

Hey, its a clock! See if you cant salvage any usable parts from it. ALso, hug Hug Box again.
No. 270851 ID: 45be60

Something is clearly missing. Climb in a box and THEN hug Hugbox.
No. 271674 ID: 10c20a
File 129511976515.png - (99.84KB , 750x750 , PoniesHF029.png )

>Snuggle with him when you sleep and it should help to charge him back up.

Ok, I'll try then when I go to sleep next. I sure hope he'll be ok...

I jimmy open the door and peek inside. There's some kind of weird wheeled doohickey hooked up to some large gears and coils up there. It looks like they're all hooked up to the back of the clock face. This is way different than the Derples' clock.
No. 271679 ID: 9c6366

Attempt operating CONTRAPTION. Just, I dunno, rotate the gear in the middle with your teeth. Were you a unicorn, this would've been easier, you know!

Is there anything beyond here?
No. 271681 ID: 283fa9

What kind of shoddy clock IS this? Requires man power in order to run? There is no way that can be regulated!
No. 271683 ID: 724737

Use the pedals and see what happens.
If it's there to wind up the clock then the strap on the "doohickey" leads to a WIND UP KEY.
No. 271696 ID: 99433a

Ride it like a mechanical bull. That you peddle.
No. 271704 ID: 8092e6

sit on the contraption and pedal it.
No. 271834 ID: 10c20a
File 129514248848.png - (90.60KB , 750x750 , PoniesHF030.png )

It doesn't look like it was designed with pony butts in mind.

I attempt to turn the contraption by applying force to one of the pedals. 'Urg' there's a lot of resistance, I can only get it to move a little bit. But when I do, there's a clicking sound and the gears turn with the pedal. I think this weird two wheel device might BE a WIND-UP key for this weird clock...
No. 271861 ID: 99433a

Steal it and run!
No. 271871 ID: 1854db

err... is it even stealable? How would we even install it...?
No. 271931 ID: 2eac65

Don't steal it! We can't fix one clock by breaking another. That would be unfair. We'll have to either find something else to serve as a key for the Derples, or wait until we can get replacement parts.

If we have to wait, then the Herples and Derples can share a clock in the mean time.
No. 271947 ID: e0d8fd

Look around.
Maybe they have some spare parts in there.
No. 271980 ID: 8e623d

considering hugbox is not powered, im guessing you cant change the bycicle to something more useable by all species?

well im out of ideas. possibly we can dismantle this clock to fix the other one but that sounds horribly wrong.
No. 276563 ID: 10c20a
File 12964346183.png - (104.53KB , 750x750 , PoniesHF031.png )

There don't appear to be any spare parts in here. Everything looks to be in use.

It's attached directly to the floor. I can't detach it without my tools, and Hug Box is still asleep. Furthermore, how would I carry this thing out of here?

Yeah, I shouldn't break the Herple's clock just to fix the Derple's clock. If I did that, the Herples would probably be calling me to fix their clock once they get back from where ever they are anyway.
No. 276618 ID: 10c20a
File 129644172387.png - (59.31KB , 750x750 , PoniesHF032.png )

I guess I should just move on, I don't think I'll find anything inside the Herple Clock
No. 276626 ID: 3416ec

Have you tried contacting Cloud Dancer? I hear she might have found some parts.
No. 276647 ID: 1854db

Go... right?
No. 281309 ID: 10c20a
File 129763743016.png - (407.47KB , 750x750 , PoniesHF033.png )

Alright, I'll check further in.

Ugh, why would I want to contact a silly pony like Cloud Dancer? If she's found parts, I'll bet it's because she broke som-
No. 281312 ID: 2563d4

Catch Hug Box!
No. 281315 ID: 3416ec

Holy crap, Cloud Dancer crashed into you!
No. 281334 ID: 1a693f

Be happy she's currently not ooze-covered!
No. 281410 ID: 10c20a
File 129766384952.png - (82.99KB , 750x750 , PoniesHF34.png )

Oh good, I was hoping for my job to get harder tonight...

>"Hello Cloud Dancer. Break any clocks lately?"

Of all the silly ponies to literally run into, it had to be the clumsiest, most air-headed, bubbly, silly pony I know.

She's rambling about something or other. I think I can make out something about "thing" and it being slippery or something. She claims to have found something for me? My guess would be a headache. Wait, "ran?"

>"You know, if you were flying we probably could have avoided this situation."
No. 281414 ID: d677cc

Shove her off of you.
No. 281419 ID: 1a693f

Get her doing something useful. She can hug Hugbox while flying!
No. 281420 ID: b9bd4f

Nice catch there. Ask Cloud Dancer to GET OFF. And just what IS she doing here, anyways?
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