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File 128608974181.jpg - (70.67KB , 800x600 , POKEQUEST.jpg )
237665 No. 237665 ID: c78414

You wake up in the dark of a moving van. It seems to be chugging along at a decent pace. The last thing you remember is talking with your mom about your destination; Littleroot Town, a small hamlet near the center of the region of Hoenn.
You slowly rub your eyes, hoping just maybe that the act will remove the grogginess from your body. You don't sleep well anymore, this fact not helped by the long trip you just spent in the back of a packed moving van. As you feel the wheels slow and the sound of the brakes screech ever so lightly, you suddenly grow excited at the prospect of seeing the new house.
After the truck stops, you wait for what feels like an eternity in the dark until suddenly the door before you shoots open, sunlight flooding the small space that is the van. It seems the sun is just rising, and you're now aware you're facing east. You leap from the van an proceed to make your way past the two very large Vigoroth's the mover's employ to carry your heavier belongings into the house itself. It's a quaint little two story deal, and you're actually kind of happy with your mother's tastes.
The town seems slightly empty, although there is a large, very sterile looking building to the south, and a house nearly identical to your own just to the east. A dense forest surrounds the town and you're beginning to wonder how the truck managed to fit through the only discernible path in the area.
Now the real question is, are you a boy or a girl?

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No. 237666 ID: 3de8b2

No. 237669 ID: c78414

No. 237671 ID: d3dfb8

Oh boy another one.
No. 237673 ID: 13cc3a

No. 237676 ID: e0a79c

that kid with the badass hat
No. 237677 ID: c78414
File 128609100725.png - (33.39KB , 479x451 , WIP___Littleroot_Town_DPPt_by_Hemlinger_Productins.png )


You decide you've had enough standing around looking like an idiot, and you keep finding yourself in the way of the movers. It doesn't seem like there's much to do in this tiny town, but at the same time you just don't feel like heading inside yet. What do?
No. 237678 ID: 13cc3a

run into the tall grass.
No. 237679 ID: c78414

Rise above your amnesia and remember your name
No. 237682 ID: 283fa9

>tiny town
Jesus christ, this is a TOWN? I would hate to see a VILLAGE. And a metropolis might have as many as 8 BUILDINGS.
Yes, this is one thing that has always bugged me about pokemon games.
No. 237683 ID: c78414

More like any RPG. I mean christ Final Fantasy had the same problem.
No. 237684 ID: 3de8b2


How about we go talk and introduce ourselves to the neighbors
No. 237685 ID: c78414

All 2 of them? Let's do it.
No. 237687 ID: 3de8b2


It was mandatory in the original games, maybe something beneficial will happen.
No. 237689 ID: c78414

Just don't play the Elegy of Emptiness guys.
No. 237691 ID: 3de8b2


God damn it.
No. 237700 ID: c78414
File 128609399117.png - (38.44KB , 1366x688 , Untitled.png )


Deciding it would most likely be best to introduce yourself to the only other people in the rinkydink VILLAGE you've moved into, you head towards the eastern house, completely content to just walk inside. What's wrong with you? Didn't your mom raise you better than that? It's rude to just walk in someone's house and in most area's it's considered Breaking and Entering or Trespassing. You're a horrible person. The woman inside the house gives you a cheerful and bright smile, it's slightly disconcerting and it almost seems like she was expecting you. Is this some kind of sick joke?

>"Hello, you must be the new boy in town. It seems like just yesterday when little MAY was your age. She's off at one of the Gyms. She's a leader you know."

Her voice sounded hollow. From what you can tell the house is completely empty, not even a single Pokémon to keep this poor woman company. You were starting to get unnerved, a karmic punishment for just walking into someone's house you guess. You want to make a run for the door but you feel it would be rude. You try to start conversation but she cuts you off right as you open your mouth.

>"I'm afraid I didn't catch your name, dearie."

This time she smiled a far-away smile that sent a shiver down your spine.
No. 237704 ID: 890312

I vote for BEN.
No. 237705 ID: f4963f

Ruby. We are Ruby.
No. 237707 ID: e0a79c

Ben is totally what I named him yesterday when I restarted my game. totally Ben.
No. 237708 ID: 3de8b2


I dunno. I kind of like MATT. Or DROWNED.
No. 237709 ID: 13cc3a

i second Ben, simple.
No. 237717 ID: c78414
File 128609677087.jpg - (6.25KB , 280x180 , images.jpg )

Good Choice.

>"I'm BEN."

That's all you can manage to say before you're berated with this woman's life story. She tells you how just a few years ago, the family that lived in that house moved away due to complications with the Petalburg Gym, which Norman, the father of the young man that lived there was the leader of. With the position open, May decided to apply for the position, which left the woman terribly alone. She didn't have a Pokémon to call her own, after all.

She offers you some food but you politely decline, bolting for the door. You make it out and you're pretty sure you hear the faint sound of crying as you bolt back towards your house. The door slamming shut behind you is quite comforting.

>"Oh there you are, darling. Where did you skip off to there, young man?"

"I went to introduce myself to the neighbors. That woman is a loon."

>"It isn't nice to disrespect you elders like that! Now, you're young, you don't need to be cooped up inside. Go do whatever it is you kids do nowadays."

Ah leave it to mom to abandon you to the wilderness. You should get kidnapped today. That would show her. As you leave the house a loud yell is heard from just outside the VILLAGE.
No. 237718 ID: 3de8b2



Ugh, go investigate?
No. 237725 ID: 890312


No. 237760 ID: 3eba7e

well, before investigating, grab some stones and lets hurry, some retarded professor is under attack by a pack of hyenas.
No. 237765 ID: c78414
File 128612320957.jpg - (123.29KB , 1280x720 , Pokeballs_3D_by_zaiggen.jpg )

You grab some stones you see laying around the path and run just outside the outskirts of the town, entirely without parental supervision. You notice a younger fellow being harassed by a Zigzagoon.

As you silently wonder if everyone in this quest is completely incompetent, the younger gentleman notices your presence and calls out to you.

>"H-h-h-help me! I s-s-seem to f-find myself under s-siege by a vicious Pokémon! R-reach into my bag that I c-conveniently dropped just w-within your g-general area."

You want to leave Professor Stutter over here to rot in the hands of the r-r-rabid zigzagoon, but the plot can never advance that way, so you open his bag. Inside are three pokéballs. Using your intense skills (and the fact that the pokéballs are labeled) you deduce that inside are:


You figure this jackass owes you all three for having to save his sorry ass, but you feel compelled to only choose one.
No. 237768 ID: f4963f

Oh come on, this is no contest. Haunter, baby!
No. 237770 ID: c78414

My mistake, I thought I fixed that >.<

Haunter is supposed to be Gastly, I'm just feverish and sick : Thus pokequest to kill time.
No. 237773 ID: 33882a

i'd go abra. even though a ghastly would be great at the beginning, it has too many vunerabilities for the late game.
No. 237775 ID: 283fa9

In order of awesomeness, I would vote Eevee, Ghastly, then Abra. I just love dem Eevees, but the other two are a close call.
No. 237789 ID: a072d9

Eevees are awesome. So pick it.
No. 237792 ID: 8fc362

Abra! Mind reading, and brain killing!
No. 237796 ID: cbbd42

is this a trick question? abra shoud have only teleport unless you had a TM on it, ghastly barely is a contestant but rather a strong choice and eevee could potentially become anything we want, literally delaying this choice.

id say eevee to make a cold bitch later on.
No. 237807 ID: 644ca1

Pick Abra, then teleport the three of you out of here.
No. 237830 ID: d3dfb8
File 12861382677.jpg - (319.05KB , 1680x1050 , Haunta.jpg )

No. 237836 ID: b14026

Ghastly/ Haunter/ Gengar ftw
No. 237842 ID: 42493b

Abra. Definitely Abra.
No. 237846 ID: 620bfb

You faggots we are getting an Eevee. Then we are getting another half dozen Eevees and having an all-Eeveelution team +1.
No. 237857 ID: bf3c14

Haunter. Definitely haunter.
No. 237859 ID: 0b2a05

Abra. Teleportation and telekinesis please.
No. 237867 ID: d677cc

U mad.

Uh, Gastly, I guess.
No. 237869 ID: fd6d7e
File 128614162082.png - (85.54KB , 833x774 , 1261026129_technicolorpie_eeveesai.png )

Eevee! ^_^
No. 237870 ID: cbbd42

take the name calling to disc threads. i also noticed you havent pointed a single reason for any choice.

No. 237873 ID: b14026

Damn straight.
No. 237876 ID: d3dfb8

Gengar has an incredible movepool, incredible speed, and incredible special attack.

Alakazam has slightly better speed and special attack, but a poor movepool.

Eevee has fanboys. Vaporeon is useful sometimes. Jolteon is basically the same as Alakazam. The other eeveelutions are mostly useless.
No. 237877 ID: 42493b

>he thinks he's still on 4chan!
That kind of thing don't fly around these parts, kiddo.
No. 237878 ID: cbbd42

okay how about this:

can the author confirm if we are doing this by the book or if it is a actual adaptation of pogeymuns?
No. 237881 ID: c78414

Well, I don't wanna give too much away, but this is going to be an original story in a little while. Right now it's essentially a modified Ruby. (cause Groudon's a baller)

I'm pretty much winging it here, but think of it like the games for stats, but battles are going to play out a little different.
No. 237893 ID: c78414

And the only reason I haven't made a final decision is because I really enjoy the banter going on. Let's keep it going, I want to see one side buckle :3
No. 237905 ID: 0cfe8b

Watching us fight for your own sick amusement...
I approve, now lets get a ghastly
No. 237906 ID: 10965e

No. 237926 ID: c78414
File 128614652133.png - (51.21KB , 260x240 , 092Gastly.png )

After much debate with the voices in your head and after realizing you're one step away from being your crazy neighbor, you grab the pokéball containing Gastly. Due to your stunning prowess with Poké-telepathy, you're positive that this Gastly knows the moves:


Let's kick this ZIGZAGOON's ass.
Charging the ZIGZAGOON you toss the Pokéball between the two of you and as it opens, that lovable ball of gas, GASTLY, emerges. The ZIGZAGOON's attention seems to be focused on you and GASTLY now, it seems you'll be able to make the first move if you act quickly.
No. 237928 ID: d3dfb8

>you'll be able to make the first move if you act quickly.
Us? not Gastly? KICK IT IN THE TEETH!
Alternatively tell gastly to hypnosis.
No. 237933 ID: 0cfe8b

Zigzagoon, I'm pretty sure it can't actually hit Ghastly with anything. Unless it knows Odor Sleuth, or a TM or something
No. 237934 ID: 42493b

By the same token, we can't hurt it. Hypnosis is our only option.
No. 237935 ID: 660aa0

if we are lucky it knows Lick.
No. 237936 ID: 890312

It doesn't seem like he's playing it by the book (games).
No. 237937 ID: 0cfe8b

Right, forgot ghost attacks also don't work on normal types. So Lick does nothing and Spite doesn't help here. So either use Hypnosis or deal with it personally.
No. 237940 ID: 620bfb

Choose Gastly, they said. It'll be the best when it becomes Gengar, they said. Well it can't do shit to that Zigzagoon now can it? Use hypnosis to knock it out and run, I guess.
No. 237946 ID: c78414


I'm not playing this straight from the games, I'm using a bit of adaptation. I.E. LICK should affect normal, it's only logical despite it being a Ghost type move. Should have clarified that prior.
No. 237948 ID: 42493b

Okay, well, I say we use Hypnosis anyway. It's a good way to start.
No. 237953 ID: 672936

THREE MOVES. thats a start.

also only now i noticed it isnt a poochyena. hypnosis, then apply STONE directly to zig's forehead.
No. 237965 ID: c78414

You tell your GASTLY to use HYPNOSIS which surprisingly works. You also decide however unorthodox as it may seem, it would be a great time to exercise your leg strength and kick the ZIGZAGOON square in the face, much to the dismay of the besieged man. You determine that in this case you were completely justified and shrug it off.

The ZIGZAGOON is seemingly defeated, but you give it an extra kick just to be sure. Returning GASTLY to it's pokéball, you approach the man.

>"T-That was uncalled f-f-for. The G-GASTLY could have easily h-handled the situation. But I s-suppose I have to thank you for coming to my rescue. I'm Professor Larch, the obligatory starting village scientist."

He smiles and after you suggest returning to the town, which he gladly seconds. He invites you into his lab, which realistically seems like a strange way of saying he want's to have a go with the muscley armed paper boy, but seeing as how this is the realm of Pokémon, you decide no harm can come of it.

After arriving in the stark white lab, you realize you have no idea what branch of science this man practices.

>"As gratitude for saving me from that dreaded ZIGZAGOON, y-you may k-keep that GASTLY. E-even though you obviously h-have no need for it... B-but regardless.

You were beginning to bore with his stuttering tangent, but you weren't sure if you should leave yet or not. You could easily make up an excuse and take off, or stay and listen to what he has to say.
No. 237968 ID: 644ca1

Ask him for a pokedex and a bunch of pokeballs so we can get moving. If he has neither steal the other two pokemon and run off.
No. 237972 ID: 0cfe8b

Take an extra pokeball or two will there.
No. 237981 ID: d3dfb8

threaten to go catch 6 zigzagoons and have them hunt him down if he doesn't give you TM 24 and 30
No. 237991 ID: 672936

tecnicaly we cant yet.

i have a ploy taht is a bit more realistic however.


ask him for a job. say you dont fear no wilderness and that you would like to go around actualy capturing pogeymuns.

also comment that you kicked it because you had no pokeballs, and that you would like some

and that there is a red haired kid in the outside that is the future heir of team rocket willing to steal a pogeymuns.
No. 238005 ID: fd6d7e

Catch 6 zigzagoons first, and then demand TM 24 and 30 while holding onto all their leashes.
No. 238014 ID: 620bfb

But the red-haired kid is in another game! He'll never buy it!
No. 242049 ID: 0938b9

If he doesn't buy it then I say we should disguise ourselves as said red haired kid and steal on of the other two pokemon. Then we will lead a double life whith our new identity trying to resurect team rocket.
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