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File 128606400838.png - (202.04KB , 768x768 , boon.png )
237460 No. 237460 ID: bf1e7e

>Previous thread -> http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/103147.html
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No. 237465 ID: bf1e7e
File 128606409095.png - (56.41KB , 962x962 , boon126.png )

Imani regains consciousness in a strange room. There is not very much in here.

He appears to have been relieved of his equipment.
No. 237468 ID: 383006

Inspect box.
No. 237475 ID: a594b9

Inspect box and blanket-looking thing.
No. 237476 ID: 13cc3a

examine the FUCK out of the room.
No. 237489 ID: bf1e7e
File 12860650103.png - (58.82KB , 962x962 , boon127.png )

Imani checks the box, and it appears to be empty. It looks kind of dusty inside, which is strange because the rest of the room is clean.
No. 237491 ID: 643adc

Okay this is going to sound like a silly idea. But is there anything under or behind the box?
No. 237492 ID: bf1e7e
File 128606521074.png - (58.10KB , 962x962 , boon128.png )


Next he checks the bag, but it appears to be empty as well.
No. 237493 ID: bf1e7e
File 128606537146.png - (59.00KB , 962x962 , boon129.png )


Except for more dust, that is.
No. 237495 ID: bf1e7e
File 128606560517.png - (58.44KB , 962x962 , boon130.png )


It doesn't look like it.
No. 237496 ID: 643adc

I don't suppose any part chest is made of that special ore you can forge into other objects? No? Maybe? Ah well just thought I'd ask.

Go knock on the door and say 'hellllooooo is anybody there?'
No. 237497 ID: a594b9

Let's try to open the door.

I'm going to guess that these items are dusty and the room isn't because they didn't used to be in the room before.
No. 237502 ID: d677cc

Try the door.
No. 237510 ID: bf1e7e
File 12860669385.png - (59.98KB , 962x962 , boon131.png )

The door appears to be stuck shut. Imani can't open it.

He hears someone call out from the other side.

>What are you doing here?
No. 237512 ID: 13cc3a

tell the voice your quest.
No. 237513 ID: d677cc

You're not exactly sure how you wound up in here specifically, but you're in this area because you're trying to find a dragon to ask for help saving your village from a plague.
No. 237514 ID: a594b9

Tell them you're trying to get a boon from the dragon so that it may help your village overcome the disease plaguing it.

Right now we're looking for Pitchbloom and Malgur honey.
No. 239849 ID: bf1e7e
File 128646653554.png - (70.89KB , 962x962 , boon132.png )

Imani attempts to explain his situation to his apparent captor. He says that there was a plague in his village, and he is seeking the dragon to find a cure for it. He asks about pitchbloom, and about Malgur Honey.

The door opens and his assailant from earlier enters the room.

>There is no dragon here, nor is there any cure for you. There is no Honey and there is no pitchbloom. There is nothing here, now.
No. 239857 ID: b0ef4c

Ask him why he captured you.
No. 239861 ID: c59f60

that is a her, notice the tube top?

anyway, ask her why she captured you. and that if none is here then you will just have to find some.
No. 239862 ID: f7070e


So what was there here before, and where did it go? Also, any idea where we might find our needed ingredients?
No. 239863 ID: bf1e7e
File 12864716503.png - (70.31KB , 962x962 , boon133.png )

Imani asks the Fu why she captured him.

>Why do you think? Nosing through other people's houses is suspicious. You probably heard about the plague and thought that you could take advantage of it to steal from us!
No. 239864 ID: fd6d7e

Observe that while you were nosing through other people's houses, you did not in fact steal anything.
No. 239867 ID: bf1e7e
File 128647308450.png - (69.47KB , 962x962 , boon134.png )


>Not yet, but that's only because I caught you quickly.


>There was a village here before. Then the plague came.

>If you want to get Malgur Honey, you'll need to find a Malgur. They all returned to the swamps when their handlers fell ill. The honey we had was destroyed alongside all of our grain, in case that was how the plague was spreading.
No. 239868 ID: d677cc

Apologize (again?) for nosing around in the house. Even if she doesn't believe you, you really weren't going to steal anything.

Ask which way the swamps are from here.

Is she the only one left here?
No. 239870 ID: bf1e7e
File 128647379940.png - (68.92KB , 962x962 , boon135.png )


>The swamps are above the village, but you wont' be able to get in without the key. The gates to the swamps were closed when the plague came, as well.

>I am the only one that is still here. I am protecting the village until Furo returns with the cure.
No. 239871 ID: d677cc

Hmmmmm. Being alone here has got to be kind of unhappy. Dunno what an appropriate gesture of sympathy is, though.

If she's got the key, you've not exactly given her a great reason to give it to you. :/

Ask where the key is, and if it's something she does in fact have, if there's anything you could do for her to make up for snooping in the house.

Also ask about this Furo character. If they're not dead, I have a slight feeling we may run into them at some point. (Or maybe not. But it never hurt to ask anyway!)
No. 239872 ID: d6a592

Can we go now
No. 239874 ID: 365adf

She is cute in an angry sort of way. Ask if the plague is distressing her too much and if she wants a hug for comfort.
No. 239875 ID: b0ef4c

Ask her if she will let you go.
No. 239877 ID: a1591c

This is not something to ask.
No. 239879 ID: d677cc

Oh also.

She got a name? You gonna tell her yours?
No. 239881 ID: bf1e7e
File 128647628754.png - (92.25KB , 962x962 , boon136.png )


>I am in charge of the village's safety, so I am currently entrusted with the key.

>Furo soMaken is the village's greatest Hero. When the plague struck, he set out to find a cure. He will surely return to save them all.


>I will escort you out of the village at any time you wish.


Imani introduces himself.

>I am Mipo soFuro, protector of Wreen.
No. 239884 ID: a7fe8a

Ask Mipo how come the great hero of her people gets to have an awesome mane but she is practically hairless.
No. 239889 ID: b0ef4c

ask her to join you in helping you find the cure. or ask her for any information she might have on finding the items required.
No. 239890 ID: 6550ad

Say that you are as well the greatest hero of your people, and if by any chance you find the cure before Furo, you'll bring it to her village as well.
No. 239892 ID: bf1e7e
File 128647881623.png - (70.92KB , 962x962 , boon137.png )


>No matter how great a hero you may be, there is no way that you could ever beat Furo! Even I defeated you!


>If you want to find a pitchbloom, you should check near the outer edge. That's where they grow most often. If you want to find Malgur Honey, you'll need to find a Malgur.

>If you must go, I can take you into the swamp to get the Malgur Honey.
No. 239893 ID: 3416ec

Let's head for the swamp!

But ask if he has happened to see any fundamite along the way.
No. 239895 ID: b0ef4c

No. 239896 ID: e31d52

"I don't have to beat Furo. Why would I have to hurt him?"
No. 239897 ID: a7fe8a

It just so happens shovels are our biggest weakness. Insensitive bitch.

Lets go to wherever's closer. The outer edge, I guess?
No. 239900 ID: bf1e7e
File 128648117634.png - (119.00KB , 962x962 , boon138.png )

Imani follows Mipo out of the building, and back into the light of day.


>There is no way that you will find a cure before Furo does. If he does not find it, it does not exist to be found.

Imani considers whether to go to the Swamp or to go back to the outer edge of the world.
No. 239901 ID: e31d52

"I'm going to look anyway. I'm not going to stop just because awesome mcCoolguy decided to start. I have to do something."
No. 239905 ID: 788856

Let's go to the outer edge first, that seems like it will be the more easily retrievable of the two.
No. 239906 ID: d677cc

Ask her whether the swamp or outer edge is closer. And tell her you don't need to beat Furo. Actually, it'd be worth it just to follow in his footsteps, really.

And hey, Mipo sounds a bit full of herself, maybe, but she's also actually said she's willing to help you. So points for her for that.
No. 239909 ID: a594b9

I'm betting that the swamp is closer. Besides, we don't really want to have to backtrack.

Oh, ask if there's any high quality crystals around that she's seen.
No. 239910 ID: a594b9

...and ask for your stuff back!
No. 239912 ID: d677cc

Oh, yeah, let's not forget this.
No. 239917 ID: b0ef4c

go swamp.
No. 239930 ID: a17cca

No. 239954 ID: fd6d7e


It was a cheap shot! Yeah, actually you are pretty much a wimp. But I bet Furo couldn't sculpt stuff out of... that sculpty stuff that you use.
No. 240003 ID: bf1e7e
File 128649629216.png - (87.50KB , 962x962 , boon139.png )


>And tell her you don't need to beat Furo. Actually, it'd be worth it just to follow in his footsteps, really.

She nods.

>That is easily the wisest thing that you have said since I met you.


>I don't know how to tell the quality of fundamite, except when it is obvious. You underfolk are the only people who can use it for anything.

Mipo begins leading Imani toward the swamp.


On the way there, they make a detour at this house. Mipo goes inside.
No. 240005 ID: c59f60

wait patiently.
No. 240008 ID: bf1e7e
File 128649655039.png - (98.02KB , 962x962 , boon140.png )



And then returns and tosses Imani a small pouch.
No. 240009 ID: d677cc

Yeah, wait for her to come back out. She didn't invite you in and seems to be kinda funny about this sort of thing.
No. 240011 ID: c59f60

No. 240012 ID: e31d52

Thank her and get moving. We have stuff to do and places to be and interesting things to climb and stuff.
No. 240013 ID: b0ef4c

thank her for the stuff and lets get to the swamp.
No. 240015 ID: 383006

Check the contents of the pouch as she continues to lead you to the swamp gate.
No. 240016 ID: d677cc


Thank her, I guess!
No. 240018 ID: d677cc

Oh yeah, also, see what's in there.

I remember you had a grappling spear thing; what else should be in there, again?
No. 240027 ID: bf1e7e
File 128649843518.png - (97.54KB , 962x962 , boon141.png )

It looks like your grappling spike and your Silly Spiked Palm band are both here.

No. 240031 ID: bf1e7e
File 128649926513.png - (119.86KB , 962x962 , boon142.png )



And apparently something else!
No. 240032 ID: d677cc

Any idea what it is?

If you're not sure, you can ask Mipo as long as you're just walking around.
No. 240033 ID: 445c48

Eat it! Wait, no, don't do that.
No. 240034 ID: 70d9eb

Yeah, you should definitely ask Mipo about it. You don't want to have accidentally stolen something!
No. 240039 ID: a594b9

That looks like the fundamite that was in that house. Thank her for it.
No. 240044 ID: bab28f

Hm... well we have a bag to stick it in now! We should leave it inside it rather then blowing it on an item right away. Never know what we might need, better to forge it into something to solve a problem when yonder problem presents itself.

Our grapple works for most mobility issues and we seem to be a bit of a pansy as far as fightahin goes so I'm not sure how practical a real weapon would be...

Uh.. on that note Imani any combat skills? At all? Know how to handle a bow? Not that I think we'll need them much! This is more practical problem solving quest me thinks.
No. 240066 ID: bf1e7e
File 128650173520.png - (111.03KB , 962x962 , boon143.png )


It is definitely the piece of dense fundamite from the house.


>You're welcome. You were asking about it, and like I said this stuff is basically useless to us.

>I figured that maybe this would help you to follow in Furo's footsteps. If you are serious about that, you're going to need all the help you can get.


Imani has never been in a real fight, unless you count getting smacked upside the head by Mipo earlier. He has never learned how to use a bow, but used to throw rocks when he was younger when playing games with the other children.
No. 240069 ID: d677cc

Alright then!

I'm saying you should definitely hold onto it for now, until we can think of a practical use for it.
No. 240078 ID: e31d52

I think a utility knife would be the best use, for now.
No. 240096 ID: 0b2a05

You can always make something out of it later, just keep going.
No. 240123 ID: 445c48

Indeed, save it and follow to the swamp
No. 240197 ID: 96f818

Maybe you should make a staff or a walking stick? It's simple and handy both in and out of combat; plus I don't think Mipo would react very well if we started sporting lethal weapons around her. Or maybe you should just keep it for now.
No. 240213 ID: e31d52

Oooh I like this idea!
No. 240214 ID: d677cc

While I do like this idea, I still say we should hold onto it for now.
No. 240215 ID: a594b9

How big of an item can we make from dense fundamite?
No. 240228 ID: 8dd1ee

Just hold on to it until you really need a specific tool of some sort.

By the way, if we do eventually need to make a weapon, I'd say a bow, sling, or other ranged weapon would be best; Imani seems to be a bit too... small to take out most creatures in close combat.
No. 240231 ID: e31d52

Sling. Bows actually require a fair bit of strength for a good pull, and you need to make ammo for them specific. You can just pick up any rock for a sling, so long as it's roughly spherical. And once you get the knack for it those rocks can go FAST.
No. 240232 ID: 17b5c0

Hi I'm just popping in to note that the hero that went out beforehand to find the cure is HER FATHER.
No. 243514 ID: f585c2

We're going to end up inspiring and saving everyone, aren't we? Like WALL-E. Except, impossibly, cuter.
No. 278164 ID: ca2d52
File 129665870895.png - (172.79KB , 962x962 , boon144.png )


Imani can make a pretty big item out of the dense fundamite if he doesn't care how sturdy it is. If he makes something about the size of his grappling spike out of it it will probably be almost unbreakable.

Imani decides to hold on to the dense fundamite for now, it might be valuable later.

He hurries after Mipo, who appears to be waiting impatiently.
No. 278166 ID: f5e4b4


Well, follow her. No need to piss her off even more.
No. 278173 ID: ca2d52
File 12966599854.png - (129.28KB , 962x962 , boon145.png )


Imani decides to just follow after Mipo. The path doubles back and there's some sort of huge log blocking the path.
No. 278176 ID: f5e4b4

Ask her what's the meaning of that symbol on the log, and that other one that looks like a button.

Also, is that some fundamite on the wall over the log?
No. 278182 ID: ca2d52
File 129666148366.png - (127.64KB , 962x962 , boon146.png )


>'That is the glorious symbol of Wreen! It marks the swamp as out territory. The thing on the wall is the 'keyhole.' I can use this key to open the gate to the swamp.'

Mipo walks up to the hole, sticks something in, and begins twisting it. The log begins to rise!

No. 278184 ID: ca2d52
File 129666153626.png - (122.17KB , 962x962 , boon147.png )




And yes, that is definitely a piece of fundamite up above the door. It looks to be fairly normal quality, though it's a pretty big piece.
No. 278187 ID: f88f02

Unless you think you can knock it down easily, let's continue on.

Continuing to request the dense stuff be used for a sharp utility knife, possibly with a spike on the end for climbing purposes? Can you craft and walk at the same time?
No. 278189 ID: f5e4b4

Throw your grappling spear at it and pull hard, receive fundamite. Then follow her.
No. 278196 ID: ca2d52
File 129666290955.png - (115.07KB , 962x962 , boon148.png )

Mipo goes on ahead, while Imani tosses his grappling spike up toward the large piece of fundamite and knocks it free! Success!
No. 278197 ID: ca2d52
File 129666300892.png - (134.08KB , 962x962 , boon149.png )

Imani hurries up and follows behind Mipo while trying to stuff the fundamite into his bag. It barely fits! He doesn't think he'll be able to carry much more in the bag with the fundamite there.


Imani needs to concentrate to do any sort of detail with his shaping. He can shape while he moves, but if he doesn't stop and focus on what he's doing the result probably won't be very good!
No. 278198 ID: d677cc

I mean, you do totally have a grappling spear and all.

You could... maybe tell Mipo what you're doing, since she seems the type to complain at you otherwise.
No. 278202 ID: d677cc

Oh, whoop.

Well, if you don't think shaping on the go will work too well, just keep following Mipo for now.
No. 278211 ID: f5e4b4

She seems to be distracted; for once she's not looking angry because we're behind. Catch up with her and ask what's up
No. 278217 ID: ca2d52
File 129666479437.png - (134.31KB , 962x962 , boon150.png )

Imani hurries up behind Mipo, being sure to jump over the patch of cindergrass on the way. He asks why she seems confused.

>"There's supposed to be a rope ladder here, but it's gone now. This is the way to the swamp, but I can't jump high enough to get up there."
No. 278220 ID: f5e4b4

What's cindergrass, it's like, regular grass or does it have any special properties?

Also there seems to be a piece of wood hanging from some sticky substance in the ceiling, see if you can identify it from here.
No. 278225 ID: d677cc


You can presumably get up there with your grapply-thingy, but I don't think that'll work for her...

Hmm. I'm also gonna say "examine log" for now.
No. 278237 ID: f88f02

...Can your grapply thingy support her?
No. 278243 ID: ca2d52
File 129666675222.png - (133.82KB , 962x962 , boon151.png )


Cindergrass is a type of grass that grows full of fire essence. If you're very slow and careful you can pick it or walk through it, but if you jostle it roughly it bursts open and sprays out hot cinders. It probably wouldn't cause you any permanent damage unless you fell into a lot of it, but it hurts a lot.


The log appears to be stuck up there by some sort of slime.

>"A malgur did that. They can spit out this really sticky slime and make this thread stuff out of it. They use it to make their nests."


Imani isn't sure!
No. 278247 ID: d677cc


I wonder. If you could knock the log down and prop it up against the wall, would Mipo be able to get up that way?
No. 278248 ID: f5e4b4

Is there a way to extract some cindergrass without it exploding in your face? Portable, instant fire sounds like a useful thing to have.

Also throw your grapple spear at the log, then pull. Maybe we can get the sticky thing and make a rope out of it.

Before that, ask Mipo to step aside, b4 log to the face.
No. 278265 ID: 1854db

Apply grapple to ledge, then climb up and help her up.
No. 278273 ID: ca2d52
File 129667135417.png - (139.00KB , 962x962 , boon152.png )




You can probably do it, but you've filled your bag with the fundamite and trying to wedge the grass in around it will probably tear the grass.

Unfortunately, when you toss your grappling spike at the log it appears to fall just short! You can't throw it high enough!


Your grapple can't dig into the ledge with enough force to actually hold weight.
No. 278274 ID: d677cc

What about that railing/tree/whatever that is? Can you get your grappling thing to stick to that?
No. 278275 ID: f88f02

No. 278277 ID: ca2d52
File 129667184355.png - (139.86KB , 962x962 , boon153.png )

It sticks, but immediately pulls back out when you tug on it!
No. 278280 ID: f5e4b4

With the fundamite you've found, turn your spear into a hook. That way you can hook the log, and also hook the tree on the ledge.

It will also give us spare inventory space to get the cindergrass.
No. 278281 ID: f88f02

Turn the spear into a hook with a spear end still on it, rather.
No. 278286 ID: ca2d52
File 129667372012.png - (136.46KB , 962x962 , boon154.png )



>"Need a boost?"
No. 278287 ID: 70d9eb

Tell her to toss you up on the ledge so you can reach that log with your grapple.
No. 278289 ID: f5e4b4

Sure why not.
No. 278294 ID: ca2d52
File 129667554225.png - (135.47KB , 962x962 , boon155.png )

With Mipo's help, Imani is able to catch the ledge!
No. 278295 ID: f88f02

Okay, climb on the tree and get the log down.
No. 278298 ID: ca2d52
File 129667686073.png - (140.40KB , 962x962 , boon156.png )


Imani tosses his grapple, snapping the sticky-looking cord!

No. 278299 ID: ca2d52
File 12966768922.png - (135.47KB , 962x962 , boon157.png )



The log swings free of the other sticky cord, and crashes to the ground.
No. 278300 ID: f5e4b4

Tell her to use the log to climb up.
No. 278303 ID: f88f02

She should be able to figure it out...
No. 278306 ID: ca2d52
File 129667805162.png - (133.53KB , 962x962 , boon158.png )

No. 278307 ID: ca2d52
File 129667812237.png - (133.09KB , 962x962 , boon159.png )



It looks like she did!
No. 278310 ID: b71bed

No. 278311 ID: 5b95eb

Teamwork high five!

On the hand without the spike.
No. 278312 ID: f5e4b4

Go left.
No. 278313 ID: d677cc

No. 278337 ID: 70d9eb

Hip thrust victory dance.
No. 278345 ID: ca2d52
File 129668209645.png - (194.44KB , 962x962 , boon160.png )

Imani and Mipo continue onward!


Imani never learned how to dance!
No. 278346 ID: d677cc

Okay, we got more cindergrass, another tree thing... is that a giant ant over there? And that looks like more slime down there. Hm.

I guess if nothing else you can get back down off of the tree for now.
No. 278347 ID: 3f84da

is that ant moving? stay away from it...
No. 278348 ID: 70d9eb

Ask Mipo if that's a malgur and if they are resistant to fire. If they aren't, you can try carefully picking up some cindergrass and chucking it at its head. At the least it could make it want to back off.
No. 278362 ID: ca2d52
File 129668505026.png - (183.75KB , 962x962 , boon161.png )


That mass of ... something in the corner doesn't really look similar to the slime from the log.


>"Yes, that's a Malgur. And it appears to be eating the damn ladder!"

The Malgur backs away at all of the noise that Imani and Mipo are making.
No. 278365 ID: 70d9eb

Make loud whooping sounds and approach the mass in the corner to check it out.
No. 278366 ID: f88f02

Ask her if Malgur are dangerous, then begin climbing after it.
No. 278384 ID: 1854db

Make less noise so we can go smack it, causing it to let go of the ladder.
No. 278387 ID: ca2d52
File 129668933010.png - (176.83KB , 962x962 , boon162.png )

Imani carefully makes his way across the patch of cindergrass.

Whatever it is that's filling that path way is really gross. It almost looks like some sort of ... infection? It looks fleshy and is oozing some sort of foul-smelling pus.
No. 278389 ID: 70d9eb

Well you know the only right thing to do with an infection is to throw cindergrass at it and set it on fire.
No. 278391 ID: 5e89ef

Make a bow. Then you can make a grappling arrow. Hopefully, you'd then be able to reach higher places. It can wait until later, I suppose.
No. 278443 ID: ca2d52
File 129669894018.png - (178.39KB , 962x962 , boon163.png )

Imani carefully plucks some cindergrass and tosses it at the mass of ... infection?

It seems to catch fire but as it burns out it doesn't look like the fire has managed to make it any smaller.
No. 278446 ID: 3416ec

Pluck more cindergrass, find some wood, and bonfire that abominable membrane.
No. 278449 ID: 70d9eb

Think your manly arms can handle grappling that log from before up here? Mipo could hold it with one arm after all.
No. 278459 ID: ca2d52
File 129670071558.png - (179.32KB , 962x962 , boon164.png )

Imani starts heading back to try to retrieve the log.

>'What are you doing?'
No. 278464 ID: 3416ec


"I am attempting to set fire to that gross-looking membrane. It blocks my progress."
No. 278465 ID: 70d9eb

"I was going to grab that log from before to try and bonfire through that membrane blocking our way, unless you have a better plan?"
No. 278477 ID: 5b95eb

We should ask what that stuff is.
No. 278480 ID: ca2d52
File 129670313318.png - (179.01KB , 962x962 , boon165.png )


>'I have no idea what that stuff is, but it smells awful. You probably shouldn't mess with it.'


>'Well, my plan is to try to get to the swamp. Which is that way.'
No. 278483 ID: 70d9eb

"But what if there's treasure, Mipo? WHAT IF THERE'S TREASURE?!"
No. 278490 ID: d677cc

I don't think a bonfire with one log is going to do shit to that stuff, sorry.

I'm voting for going with Mipo.
No. 278498 ID: 3416ec

Fine, fine. Go with Mipo.

But swear an enmity on the mucous membrane that YOU WILL RETURN TO DESTORY IT.
No. 278508 ID: 1854db

Go up!
No. 293800 ID: bf1e7e
File 130194179287.png - (173.85KB , 962x962 , boon166.png )

>'I doubt there's really any treasure at the old temple. Even if there is, it wouldn't be right to steal it.'

Imani decides to head up toward the swamp with Mipo. She gives him a boost up onto the tree, and even though it seems pretty flimsy it appears the canopy is strong enough to support his meager weight.
No. 293801 ID: f5e4b4

See if you can jump or grapple your way up.
No. 293802 ID: 10c20a

toss grapplan spike up to that ledge, make sure it's securely rooted, and then dangle rope down for Mipo.
No. 293809 ID: bf1e7e
File 130194379510.png - (178.47KB , 962x962 , boon167.png )

A quick hop is all it take for Imani to get to the ledge above!
No. 293810 ID: 8c73c8

uh oh, large insect looking thing above you. unknown if dangerous.
No. 293811 ID: f5e4b4

Is that more slime hanging from the ceiling? See if you can grapple and grab some, check for consistency and see if it can be use for something, like an improvised rope.
No. 293815 ID: bf1e7e
File 130194454665.png - (180.46KB , 962x962 , boon168.png )


Imani isn't sure how well he could grapple something that is free-hanging, but after walking past the rockshrooms he is able to jump up and grab onto what appears to be some sort of strange, gross-feeling vine dangling from the ceiling!

It's a bit too slippery for him to climb up, but he can hang onto it okay and it appears to support his weight.
No. 293820 ID: 1854db

Dangle down your rope for Mipo to grab so you can pull her up.
No. 293829 ID: bf1e7e
File 130194603659.png - (179.64KB , 962x962 , boon169.png )

Imani lowers his rope for Mipo.

No. 293830 ID: bf1e7e
File 130194611553.png - (182.09KB , 962x962 , boon170.png )



Imani forgot that Mipo is a lot bigger than he is!

No. 293831 ID: bf1e7e
File 130194617066.png - (179.29KB , 962x962 , boon171.png )



Imani loses his balance and almost falls, but manages to catch himself on the rockshroom and hold on!

No. 293832 ID: bf1e7e
File 130194625504.png - (187.42KB , 962x962 , boon172.png )



That was a lot harder than Imani thought it would be.

>'Thanks. Dammit, it looks like that stupid Malgur ate the bridge up here, too. It's going to be pretty hard to get around the swamp if it ate everything.'
No. 293834 ID: 8c73c8

rest a moment then see of you can grapple the tree.
No. 293839 ID: f5e4b4

Ok, you could try to grapple to the diamond-shaped rock over you, and from there grapple to the ledge to the left. Then you could go up and actually check if the Malgur ate all the bridge or if he's keeping some to make a nest or something.

Oh and ask Mipo if Malgurs are dangerous (if you don't know yourself.)
No. 293844 ID: 1854db

Climb up the vine thing then grapple onto the tree.
No. 293942 ID: bf1e7e
File 130196632925.png - (190.31KB , 962x962 , Boon173.png )


Imani can already tell that the tree is out of reach, and as frail as those trees are he thinks that it's a bad idea to throw a spike into them if he wants to use them to climb.


That isn't a rock, it's just a hole in the background!

>'Malgur aren't really dangerous, they're big and strong but they don't have a lot of weight behind them. They aren't very aggressive, either. They're more likely to run away than try to fight, and don't usually even try to fight when cornered.


Unfortunately, Imani still can't get a good enough grip on the vine to climb it!
No. 293943 ID: 8c73c8

ask for a boost. once you can use your leg's too you should be able to climb.
No. 293944 ID: 3416ec

A boost sounds good.

Make sure she doesn't peek up your robe, though.
No. 293952 ID: bf1e7e
File 130197082942.png - (195.04KB , 962x962 , Boon174.png )

With a boost from Mipo, Imani is able to get enough of a grip to climb the vine! He leans out to toss the Grappling spike; and although it is a long distance, he manages to get it to stick into the old bridge post!

No. 293954 ID: bf1e7e
File 130197093946.png - (198.80KB , 962x962 , Boon175.png )



Unfortunately, leaning out to throw the spike causes Imani to lose both his balance and his grip!

No. 293955 ID: bf1e7e
File 130197100085.png - (193.69KB , 962x962 , Boon176.png )



On the plus side, at least, Imani is pretty sure that the spike is solidly lodged in the post.

>'Uh, did you mean to do that?'
No. 293956 ID: 8c73c8

yes you meant to swing, you just didn't stick the landing.

anyway, climb up and make the spike more secure, then swing the rope over to Mipo
No. 293964 ID: 70d9eb

Give her a big thumbs up and climb on up, then try throwing her the rope.
No. 293972 ID: f157b7

I can agree with this.
No. 293974 ID: 1854db

She's going to have to climb up the vine like you did, I think.
No. 294011 ID: f5e4b4

Yes, you totally did. You always land face first against cliffs you want to climb up.

Go up, make sure the spike is still solidly stuck in the post and throw her the other end of the rope.
No. 294065 ID: bf1e7e
File 130201547394.png - (194.09KB , 962x962 , Boon177.png )

Imani climbs up the rope, and makes sure that the spike is a bit more securely stuck in the post.

However, the rope doesn't go out far enough to throw it to Mipo! Instead, she takes a running jump and catches on to it.

No. 294066 ID: bf1e7e
File 130201560007.png - (189.81KB , 962x962 , Boon178.png )


Mipo climbs the rope.
No. 294071 ID: 07416a

Pose as a team! Or continue.
No. 294073 ID: f5e4b4

No. 294081 ID: 1854db

Hmm. Ask Mipo what her chances would be of killing the bug.
No. 294096 ID: 70d9eb

She said that the bugs often don't even fight back when cornered, so killing it shouldn't be much of a problem if we end up needing to. We want to go after that Malgur for its honey, but these trees are pretty flimsy, let's check over to the left to see if there's anything useful.
For the record, our inventory consists of Silly Spiked Palm band, grappling spike, big hunk of normal fundamite, and some dense fundamite. If need be, we could try using some of the fundamite to make our grappling spike a grappling hook in order to get over to the Malgur.
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