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File 128364383696.png - (92.32KB , 700x500 , 265.png )
226057 No. 226057 ID: 2dd0ba

Previous threads can be found here: http://tgchan.org/wiki/Apocalyption

>Recap: Coralina discovered the Orb of Infinite Psyche out in the wastelands in the middle of nowhere. Upon explaining her problems, the Orb decided to help her try and stop Lord Vresch from conquering the planet. However, upon meeting him, Lord Vresch offered Coralina the position of LEADER OF THE WORLD. After a series of trials, Cora accidentally partially released Hope from her 16 years of entrapment, and then Rastin hijacked the orb for a succession contest to determine who will lord over Neotis now that he is dead. The orb is now held by Kal Royale, leader of the Men's Club.
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No. 226059 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128364385647.png - (110.65KB , 700x500 , 266.png )

>It has been 20 minutes since the last chapter end. Kal Royale has not left his base. He has equipped himself with some sort of kevlar-like body armor, as well as a pair of swords that look like katana, but are only about 3 feet long.

Hah. Pendant of Succession, eh? Well, a telepathic amulet certainly sounds like Rastin's style, for choice of MacGuffin. Very justified. But, that doesn't really matter. See, the entire point of this contest is to take you from whoever has you. Everyone will be hunting your holder, and if they catch him, they will kill him. But first, they must catch him.

And no one will catch me. They think me the hunted, but I am the hunter. I will be going after everyone who might possibly stop me, and killing them. One by one. I have the might of Justice on my side. And Justice always prevails.

I was thinking of going after Portman first. He seems the most fun to chase. And oh, how he has been a thorn in my side. Oh, how he thought he could keep me out of the loop. Close me off from the deals between him and Simic. Well, Kal Royale doesn't forget any injustices, Mr. Portman. Oh how I will make you bleed.

But hey, I've got you here too. Who do you think would be most fun to hunt? Portman can wait... for a little while. He will taste my blade before long.
No. 226066 ID: 97cb33

we could also sing the song that never ends until your head feels like it was lit on fire.
No. 226079 ID: 445c48

Well, don't kill too many people. Injuring, crippling, all much better. Don't kill anyone.

So what's that thing on your dresser? Next to the clock.
No. 226080 ID: 40cb26

First, tell us about your vision of Justice. Who deserves to die, to live, to lead and to follow?

Never mind him, some of us want to take everyone down ourselves. Being nothing but a ball of words makes for odd threats.
No. 226102 ID: c71597

Justice eh. You know we have been around for quite some time. Justice always seems a bit different depending on who is talking about it. And it almost never works out as intended in the end.

But enough about that. You know, your sister would probably be an interesting subject to hunt. She would probably react in a most satisfying manner to it all.

But you know there is something that would be even more interesting. The Secluded. Let them see the impotancy of their god in the face of your wrath. Let them try to stop you as you remove yet another obstacle from your just course. Let them cry and beg for mercy as they fail. Let them die by your hand, even if they're unworthy of such a fate.
No. 226104 ID: 97cb33

ah, yes. i suppose that is a good place to start
i like the way you think
No. 226113 ID: 059120

Justice... is an odd concept. It's different for everyone. What is your Justice? Who deserves to prosper, to suffer, to live, to die?

Oh, right. What are your talents? How are you going to be hunting people? I mean, if all you've got are some shortswords, maybe going after the guy who really likes guns isn't the best idea. Not unless you've got a way to catch him before he can start shooting you, I mean.

All in all, I think going after Ragas would be neat, but it's going to depend on who you actually want to take down, and can take down. Though I'm sure there's someone else who'd love to back up the Ragas argument more than I would, so I think I'll leave it to him.
No. 226120 ID: 44d67c

See, Kal, this is why we wanted to go to you. You're a Doer. You're a fun guy. Hooray, Justice!
We were actually thinking of trying to bump off the ones most likely to try a hostile takeover. You know, the dangerous, crazy people. The kind Justice would have to stop anyway.
We thought Ragas seemed particularly sinister.
How's your relationship with Michael? You two practically live next to each other, right?
Of course, if you think anyone is MORE dangerous, we'd love to hear your thoughts as to why.
On an unrelated note, how's the family?
No. 226145 ID: a594b9

I don't like Ragas. Why not show people how mortal he really is?
No. 226260 ID: f4963f
File 128366461238.jpg - (393.32KB , 914x568 , Targets.jpg )

A pre-emptive strike? I like your way of thinking. Conflict is inevitable, and its to our advantage if we set it up on our own terms. Isn't that right, Kal?

Now let's look at who's involved.

There are only a small handful up here who represent a true threat to you in the faintest sense - Portman has access to all sorts of military equipment, Terra Kisaki is a powerful mage. Ragas is an arrogant, superstitious blowhard, but commands the largest guild and might have resources to be a threat.

Otherwise, you're dealing with scatterbrained geeks, bleeding hearts, and a butler the size of a gorilla. I doubt they'll pose a problem to you.
No. 226409 ID: 4531bc

Wait a second, who the heck is Vresch?
Is he like, an artist or somebody? Why is his #1 person even allowed to this meeting? Royale's never heard of this Vresch guy, so he obviously must not be very important.
No. 226447 ID: acaea5

We should take out the strongest first, so he/she doesnt comes after us.

Since taking yourself out is counterproductive, who's the second-biggest hazard?
No. 226535 ID: 56dc25

The Transcendants would almost certainly have a lot of tricks up their sleeve if you went after them. What's more, they might be able to pull something really nasty and unexpected if you give them time to prepare while they know you're the one holding the Pendant. Same goes for the Sorcerer's Guild, frankly. I'd go after those two first as the greatest threats.
No. 228406 ID: 5752b6
File 128400715120.png - (114.75KB , 700x500 , 267.png )

>Well, don't kill too many people. Injuring, crippling, all much better. Don't kill anyone.

I think... yeah. I'll go after Doctor Simic first. Who knows what he has cooking in his lab... and it takes two to deal behind someone's back. I'll get him first, and then go after Portman. Hahahaaaa.

Justice will be served.
No. 228407 ID: 5752b6
File 128400717215.png - (125.12KB , 700x500 , 268.png )

Hahahahaaaaa, the Transcendants building. All too easily infiltrated, by one as skilled as I. Now let's see... if I were an evil scientific mastermind, would I be in the top floor, or the basement...?

Also door.
No. 228409 ID: 97cb33

depends if the creation is lightning powered.

most likely he is in the basement.
No. 228412 ID: e31d52

Basement! Top floor is too easy to get blown out of.
No. 228417 ID: f4963f

Hmm. Mages have flight. Rooftops are accessible in this day and age. Basement's the more likely bet.
No. 228422 ID: 40cb26

Top floor is too obvious, I think. He'd have a nice place more in the middle, probably well protected. But the crazy science would be in the basement, and he'd likely spend a lot of time there anyways, so head down there and see what you can do.
No. 228511 ID: 6547ec

Secret underground labs are pretty in these days. Head on down.
No. 228522 ID: c71597

You give a shit? Just start at the bottom floor and kill everyone up to the top flor. Then look for Simic's worthless husk among the corpses.
No. 228527 ID: 26d96e

I'd say the basement, doing some crazy mad science.
No. 229094 ID: 5752b6
File 128411796559.png - (100.29KB , 700x500 , 269.png )

Yes, of course. He'd be in some secret underground lab. Where else would a mad scientist be?

I "sneak" past some guards on my way down, and retrieve the necessary keycards to get me anywhere in the facility. There are a lot less guards than I expected. Hmm. Maybe Simic is not as worthy a foe as I'd thought. Oh well. Justice will be swift.

After an exciting, perilous adventure that would take far too long to tell, I make it to Dr. Simic's lab. Let's hope he's in, and doesn't have a horde of zombies on the other side of that door.

On second thought, let's hope he DOES have a horde of zombies. I could use some practice before going after Melin.
No. 229095 ID: 5752b6
File 128411809148.png - (220.52KB , 700x500 , 270.png )

Unfortunately, nothing is here. Well, nothing I expected. Dr. Simic sits behind a large table, with a lit up surface. It has some kind of pattern on it, that I can't quite make out from this angle. A series of small pieces sits atop the table. 14 of them, after counting. A pair of large monitors adorn the walls, and a small stack of boxes sits under one of them. The other has some kind of control panel. There is a chair next to me.

"Hello Kal. I knew you'd be coming."

"Hahaa, of course you did, Doctor. You know what I'm here for, right?"

"Of course. And I'm going to try to talk you out of it."
No. 229096 ID: 5752b6
File 128411815965.png - (216.92KB , 700x500 , 271.png )

"Ahahaa, how the hell are you going to do that? When I want someone dead, they die." And that is the end of it. They say justice is blind, but that's fine. So is rage.

"Then I guess you don't want to know what I've been doing down here, do you? Take a seat. I want a chat before I die."

"Hah. Fine. What do you want to talk about, old man?" I ask, taking a seat. I'm in no hurry to kill someone who isn't trying to fight back.

"Have you... ever... seen a map of Neotis?" He asks.

I have to think on that one a moment. "...No, I haven't." It's a bit strange, come to think of it.

"You have now."
No. 229097 ID: e31d52

You have two swords.

Throw one into his neck. Draw the other and... approach.
No. 229098 ID: 5752b6
File 12841181858.png - (189.38KB , 700x500 , 272.png )

"I have here the only map of Neotis. There is something strange about this city." He says, gesturing to the map above him. I notice several red dots upon it. "The layout is strange. Closely packed in some areas, but entirely spaced out in others. It seems far too organized to be random, yet far too haphazard for the sheer efficiency shown in some areas. It's a strange mix. I think it's supposed to be showing us something."
No. 229099 ID: 5752b6
File 128411819922.png - (213.67KB , 700x500 , 272b.png )

He hits a button. "And when you add the transport lines to it... Well. I think it becomes very apparent that SOMETHING is supposed to be hidden in plain sight. But what it is, I have no idea."

"What, you expect me to know? Even if I did, I wouldn't tell you."

"I know that. I'm sure this mystery means very little to you. It won't help you deliver the justice you think everyone so rightly deserves. But, something else here will. These red dots here, they show the locations of some very important people."
No. 229100 ID: 5752b6
File 128411822175.png - (175.72KB , 700x500 , 273.png )

I gesture down at the figures spaced out in front of me, atop a map incredibly similar to the one on the upper screen. "The contestants in the contest of succession."

"Exactly. I have a proposition to make, Kal. How about I give you back up? From this control room, I can see everything that goes on between these 15 people. I can even tell when one of them dies. I know everything, Kal."

That certainly is tempting... but I could just kill him now. With a system like this... I don't trust him. He could do all sorts of things. But if he doesn't betray me, this could be a very powerful advantage.
No. 229101 ID: e31d52

Can't you just kill him and use it yourself?
No. 229102 ID: 97cb33

it shows some of the major players, sure. but he doesn't know everything, he is missing many details.
No. 229104 ID: 059120

How'd he even set this up? And why? It's definitely not just for this contest. It couldn't have been set up that quickly. What's his plan?

I don't think you should trust him. He's just going to use you to take out the competition while setting himself up to win. You'd be just a tool. And once you've eliminated the threats to him, all he has to do is mislead you a little bit and remove you, too. Right now, I think you should kill him. Try to get some more information out of him first, though. Maybe there's still some way this can be of use.

Oh, hey, someone left the city. Who was it?
No. 229110 ID: 82d1d6

Make as if to shake his hand, then stab his face.
No. 229124 ID: c71597

Commence with the facestabbing. You can get someone else to watch this place and see where all the contestants are. He's not necessary for that.

Besides, he would take away a big part of the fun of the hunt.
No. 229160 ID: 44d67c

So he's trying to ally with justice! I say go with it. You go out and kill people, and Simic plays Mission Control.

You could, probably, use it yourself, except for two things:
First, Simic probably knows who all the little dots represent, in addition to how to work the computer he probably modified by hand, and you don't. Try to use it yourself and you'll just be stabbing in the dark.
Second, without someone to actually sit here and tell you where the dots are via radio, you'd have to keep coming back here after every job, and that just seems like too much work for a focused guy like you, Kal. People might very well move betwen you leaving and you getting to where you need to be, besides.

So ally with him. I think any betrayal would be more out of a desire to live, than a desire to rule. He seems like an intellectual guy. Doesn't like fighting. Kindof a nerd. He probably would've given this offer to the first person who busted into his office with a sword. And that person just happened to be you. So as long as you make it very clear that betrayal equals death, he should be very useful.
Besides, he's kindof a pansy. You can always kill him later. Try to use him first.
No. 229184 ID: 620bfb

Remember, you can always betray him when you're done as well. Use him for now.
No. 229312 ID: 754124

Okay. Use it.
No. 234127 ID: 990ee1
File 128550363855.png - (178.26KB , 700x500 , 274.png )

Nah, I wouldn't be able to use this thing without him. The rig is pretty complicated. I could probably learn to use it, given a few hours of messing with it, but I'd need someone here to watch it. Someone I trust. Like I'll find one of those just lying around.

"You know, Doc... They say Justice is blind." I begin, walking around the table to him. "Maybe I could use some eyes like yours, to watch my back. Maybe I don't need to do this alone."

"Oh really?" He looks visibly relieved. "Oh I am so glad."
No. 234128 ID: 990ee1
File 128550365778.png - (186.76KB , 700x500 , 275.png )

"Yes... I am too, Doc. But something's been bugging me, about all this. What's stopping you from setting up this deal with someone else, hmm?"

"...Kal, what are you getting at here?" He leans back a bit, glancing at my bloody, unsheathed sword. Hah. He thinks he can escape my wrath by retreating. "Let's not do anything hasty, Kal... I can help you! I don't need to rule the city, you know that. What would I even do with it? I'm not going to betray you."

"Hahahaaa... You've done it before. I know about the deals with you and Portman."

"I'm surprised you know about those, but Kal, do you think we were cutting you out of something? I assure you, that's not what those-"

"I don't really care what you were actually doing." Kal interrupts. "I've already told you, Doc... I don't need to see to win. Justice is blind, remember?"

"Stop, please... Think this through..."

"And you know what else is blind, Doc?"
No. 234129 ID: 990ee1
File 12855036672.png - (138.64KB , 700x500 , 276.png )

"Rage." I cut down the fool where he stands. This contest won't have a lurking informant to corrupt it, now. It will be pure. Just.

Justice... Wrath... two words for the same thing. Both drive men to take up their pitchforks and torches. Both drive men to gather true strength. Both are responsible for history's greatest revolutions and bloodiest anarchies. My Justice... My code of honor... Is a code of Wrath. And none shall escape it.
No. 234130 ID: 990ee1
File 128550367751.png - (101.52KB , 700x500 , 277.png )

I suppose there are a lot of questions about this place, that will now go unanswered. But that's fine. A machine like this should probably be destroyed... but I'm the only one who knows about it now. Maybe I can use it later. You thought you could double deal behind my back with Portman, Doc... well. I think you've learned your lesson now. Hahaaaaahahahahaaa!

Haaa. I guess I should find a new target then.
No. 234131 ID: c71597

Hmm, better cut off his head as well. You never know what stuff he might have installed in his body and shit like that. Besides, a head on a pike never goes out of fashion, it's a very clear statement of intent and justice.

But who to go after next? Preferably someone who would pose a bit more of a challenge, someone whose hopes we could crush totally, make them realise that there is no Hope for them.

Why not go after the Secluded? Make them find out the hard way that they're not secluded from your justice and that it will reach wherever they might hope to go. And it should be an interesting fight, they are rather well equipped and a fanatical bunch, they're more likely to go out on their feet and give you some satisfaction in killing them.
No. 234132 ID: 038726

i gotta agree with this guy, on all counts.
No. 234312 ID: 1ef7bb
File 128554794710.png - (4.32KB , 50x100 , Laloth.png )

> I could probably learn to use it, given a few hours of messing with it,
> but I'd need someone here to watch it. Someone I trust.
OH, OH, I KNOW THE PERFECT PERSON. Kal, you should go get LALOTH.
Your little brother, remember? The lazy one? SO LAZY?

All he has to do is sit here, watch the little dots, and occasionally move some minis. And you can be secure in the knowledge that, not only is he your little brother, but he's far too dismotivated to actually oppose you.
Then you just get a radio for the two of you so you can talk, and Laloth can just sit around all day while helping you.
No. 236472 ID: 19dce0
File 128588808267.png - (207.96KB , 700x500 , 278.png )

I take a moment to behead the mad scientist before he comes back to life, and then stuff his body under the cardboard boxes. It's not really hidden but I don't particularly care.

How do you even know about...? Fine. I'll get Laloth down here. He can watch this place for me. That should work out alright. I go get Laloth, and together we figure out how this contraption works. Mostly me, but I make sure he pays attention.


"Yeah, what?"

"This chair's got blood on it."

"I killed a man there, Laloth. Men bleed when I kill them. That's how it works."

"It's kinda gross. You shouldn't kill people, Kaaaal."

"Do you want to sit on the floor?"

"...Naaaaah. I'll use the chair."

"Good. Now don't fuck this up."

No. 236473 ID: 19dce0
File 128588810884.png - (85.63KB , 600x400 , 279.png )

Grah. Idiot. I get a pair of radios for us, and he promises to keep the system running. The minis on the map have to be moved manually, and the red dots aren't labeled, so someone has to be continuously watching over this device or it'll be useless after a few hours. I suspect Laloth won't be able to keep it running for more than a few days, but that's something.

After thinking on it a bit, I think you suggestion to go take on the Secluded has merit. The most heavily defended place in the city... Hahaaa, that'll be interesting to break on in to.

As I leave the building, I get a phone call. Strange. No one should know this number. Regardless, I answer it. With you, I'm already being continuously tracked, so who cares if they trace the call?
No. 236474 ID: 19dce0
File 128588812710.png - (60.00KB , 700x500 , 280.png )


"I see you don't waste any time, Kal. Less than a day in, and you've already killed a doctor." An old voice answers. It seems extremely familiar.

"...Goldsman?" I ask, a bit confused. "How the hell did you get my number?"

"Hahhahaaa... Ah, if you ever looked into anything, you'd already know the answer to that. Your phone number is plastered on every screen in the city, right under your face."

"What!? LeVerne's profile didn't have a number listed!"

"I don't think he has a phone." Goldsman replies flatly.

"...Ah." That would explain that rather well.
No. 236475 ID: 19dce0
File 128588813964.png - (42.80KB , 700x500 , 281.png )

"Anyway, I don't think you called just to mock me about phones, old man. What do you want?"

"Always business with you. Always in such a hurry to get from place to place. You are so impatient, you arrogant whelp." Christoph says condescendingly. "Slow down every once in a while. You never know how much time you have left, especially in a dangerous profession like yours."

"Yeah? And what would you know about that, old man?"

He laughs, a bitter, cold laugh. "Hahaha... Haah. I suppose I wouldn't know a thing, would I? I'm just a retired old man, waiting to die, is that what you think?"

Alright, quick time event! I'll be updating every 15 minutes until the end of the conversation. I have the entire conversation already written up for if no input is given, but your suggestions can alter Kal's end of the deal, which will, in turn, alter Christoph's responses. Think fast!
No. 236478 ID: 45c9f1
File 12858885933.jpg - (54.93KB , 546x438 , Deal with it jfk.jpg )

Feh, I suppose wanting to finish shit before you die is rather natural. So get to the chase now if you want to reach any of them.
No. 236479 ID: 19dce0
File 12858888649.png - (40.07KB , 700x500 , 282.png )

"Pfah. It's true. You're just wasting time, these days. You need to die, old man, before you get even more senile than you already are. Here, I'll even offer to take you down next. Put you out of your misery."

"How kind of you. I think you might be right about one thing, though. I have been a bit too lethargic of late. I'm thinking about ending my retirement... oh. That's right. I haven't been retired for over 6 years now. Neotis replaced that term with "unemployed," didn't it?"
No. 236480 ID: 45c9f1

you're useless either way, why have different titles for it?

(I'd get into cover or an alley or something Kal)
No. 236481 ID: f4e0e7

Careful. He's drawing this out too much. And since, like you said, you're being tracked...

Keep an eye out for snipers.
No. 236482 ID: 1ef7bb

Like anyone would employ an OLD MAN. Because he's OLD. Also fat. And he has love handles. But nobody could love him. Because he's old.

Seriously, what does he even DO? Ask him that.
No. 236483 ID: 059120

So he's looking to get back into his job? Why would that matter to you? What did he even do?
No. 236484 ID: f4963f

This is the old fart who ticked us off at the meeting, isn't it?

He might just be buying time or trying to keep you distracted. Keep an eye out.
No. 236501 ID: 19dce0
File 128589016975.png - (29.74KB , 700x500 , 283.png )

"You're useless either way, old man. It doesn't matter what title you give it."

"Hah! Oh, but it makes a world of difference, Kal. An unemployed man needs a job, after all."

"Yeah, yeah. You're old, and also fat. You couldn't do any work if you wanted to!" This is getting a bit suspicious. I start heading for an alley.

"Hah! I think I'll make you my first job, Kal. Think you can hire an old man?"

"Okay that just sounds creepy. The fuck did you even do?"

"Hah. Not as dumb as I thought you were. I was Captain of the EHS Sniper Division, bitch. Warning Shot." KRA-KOAH is heard over the phone.
No. 236502 ID: 19dce0
File 128589020097.png - (76.52KB , 700x500 , 284.png )

My eyes widen with surprise. "Warning
No. 236504 ID: 19dce0
File 12858902121.png - (91.62KB , 700x500 , 285.png )


Fuck! Ow, dammit, fuck, I need to get out of open sight, now, argh, he'll shoot again, he will, need to move, argh dammit ow my hand. He will pay for this. He will die for this.

There is a downed transport in front of me. A crater beside it. The Transcendant hall behind me. Alleys to all sides. Judging by the angle, he's dead ahead. My prey... dead ahead. Farther down this open street, with just a downed transport to cover me. He must pay.

My radio sounds. "Heeeeey. Hey Kaaaaaal. There's a dot preeeeetty close by. That old guy dude. His mini is so fat. Soooo fat. It's adooooorable."

No. 236506 ID: 2a9922

No. 236513 ID: 45c9f1

told you. I told you bro.

Serpentine to the nearest alley.
No. 236517 ID: f4963f

You cannot reach that man before he gets you back in his sights. Head for the nearest spot of cover immediately, do not stop for anything else.
No. 236530 ID: 40cb26

You can go straight forward, or you can live. Duck into an alley, avoid the most obvious routes, show up from where and when he least expects it and end him. Common Kal you don't need us to explain this, you're better than that. And don't fuck this up, if you don't kill him, who will? You want his stupid ass to run everything?
No. 236533 ID: a594b9

Pff, you doubt Kal's skill? I'm sure he'll have no problem dodging sniper fire.

Goldsman is actually kinda nice, let's get Kal killed so he can take the orb. Then we'll instruct him on how to hand it off to the next guy we want to get rid of.
No. 236772 ID: c71597

Well fuck, get down behind the downed transport.

Don't worry about the hand, that can be replaced, and you still have one good hand to kill the old fat fuck with. And the fact that he's old is likely to mean that he's a bit slower than he was in his prime with spotting and firing, and the fact that he's fat means he can't get away when you get close.
No. 254379 ID: dda667

Indeed. And that type of shooting requires a stationary target, no way Goldman will be able to aim like that if Kal rushes him.
No. 264258 ID: 0d095c

He's right, Kal is a jerk, whereas Goldman is
The End.

Kal, just turn, duck, and charge toward the origin of the bullet while serpentining. IT CANNOT FAIL
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