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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 128335998131.png - (65.26KB , 800x1100 , pqr_001.png )
224540 No. 224540 ID: 127cd1

Resurrecting the dead :3
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No. 224541 ID: 127cd1
File 128336002096.png - (50.10KB , 800x1100 , pqr_002-a.png )

No. 224542 ID: 2044df


Send out one of your own pokemon to take care of this kid
No. 224546 ID: 3e83e6

Flash your badge. Go THE LAW on him.
No. 224547 ID: 3e83e6

And if that's not enough, send out all eight/ten/however many pokemon you have, all at once.

We know you aren't restricted by the normal trainer rules. See how butterball feels about being outnumbered.
No. 224560 ID: 5705c9

take out all your pokemon and threaten him.
No. 224618 ID: c71597

Give him a few electrical zaps to the balls. Then tell him to cry some more before you neuter his fat ass.
No. 224642 ID: 97cb33

nono. just one. totally own his ass with just one.
No. 224655 ID: 476456

Hook up a pikachu to his testicals, like some sort of crazy pokemon CIA
No. 224657 ID: 701a19

Tell him that the rules are there to protect him. Then send out all your pokemon.
Have your pokemon restrain his, then have the extras beat the shit out of him.

State the rules you're breaking as you do it.
Then rob him blind and release his pokemon.
No. 225101 ID: f3f49a
File 128347921857.png - (84.27KB , 800x1100 , pqr_002.png )

No. 225105 ID: 97cb33

brutal, nice. tell the guy he was fighting that he saw nothing and to get out of here.
No. 225128 ID: 3e83e6

Leave a scar. Since you've got a psychic type, a mental one would be pretty sweet.
No. 225309 ID: c71597

Good, now hypnotise him and have him chew off one of his pinky fingers and swallow it. Then you can let him go.
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