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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 127996210859.png - (112.17KB , 640x480 , 1.png )
211626 No. 211626 ID: 96fb33

A girl or a boy?
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No. 211627 ID: c1c607

A goy. Possibly a birl.
No. 211628 ID: cf68aa

No. 211630 ID: f6c425

No. 211634 ID: a594b9

Uh. Those both look like girls. Let's just go with girl so there's less confusion.
No. 211636 ID: 96fb33
File 127996274954.png - (77.39KB , 640x480 , 2.png )

In which field?
>Social and Negotiations
>Literature and Writing

You can handle two fields.
No. 211637 ID: e33f0f

No. 211638 ID: cf68aa

Magic and social
No. 211640 ID: e33f0f

Magic n Music
No. 211641 ID: f6c425

magic and music
No. 211643 ID: 059120

Trade and Social. Capitalism, ho!
No. 211648 ID: 0b2a05

Magic and writing! Bookworm go!
No. 211649 ID: 6547ec

Magic and social. MIND CONTROL!
No. 211651 ID: a594b9

Magic and... literature/writing.
No. 211652 ID: 3416ec

Magic and combat.

Mage Knight FTW.
No. 211669 ID: a7a85a

Combat and literature, you badass warrior poet.
No. 211681 ID: 445c48

Trade and Negotiations.
No. 211683 ID: 72f79e

if i know where you are going with this
magic and music
No. 211699 ID: c71597

Magic and trade!
No. 211717 ID: 732129

Social and Literature!
No. 211719 ID: 196ef2

Music and Literature.
No. 211734 ID: a1361d

Literature and Writing, taken twice.
No. 211742 ID: bd1186

It is a good place to go.
Magic and Music.
No. 211744 ID: a41aaf

Combat and negotiations. TGchan always picks mages.
No. 211756 ID: 4c7b39

Combat and Music. El-Kabong the bastards.
No. 211776 ID: 1f380b

Social and Social. Voting for it twice, 'cause talking things out is almost always a good idea.

If that's not allowed, Social and Magic.
No. 211779 ID: a76809

No. 211784 ID: ed09de

No. 211788 ID: 45be60

combat + literature. Warrior-poet go!
No. 211805 ID: 8bdb6a

Social/Negotiations and Trade
No. 211823 ID: 96fb33
File 128000091278.png - (138.47KB , 640x480 , 3.png )

>Social and Negotiations, written work

This is the perfect job.
No. 211824 ID: c71597

I suspect you're going to find a few surprises during your work.
No. 211852 ID: 520772

Is it Jet-Fighter Dinosaur punching?
No. 211871 ID: 96fb33
File 128000742447.png - (124.19KB , 640x480 , 4.png )

My name is Julius Wells. I am currently standing awkwardly in front of the manor where my pupil lives.

I do not have any context as to what I'm doing here besides a friend of mine offering an unusually nonspecific job opportunity in teaching.

How should I carry myself? The first impression is the most importent.
No. 211875 ID: c1c607

Pull off your clothes and throw them into a nearby bush.

After that, ring the bell. Act as professional as usual.
No. 211876 ID: c71597

Be calm and professional. Stay that way no matter what happens unless they tell you to lighten up a bit. Then you can get more informal.
No. 211877 ID: 788388

semi-formal. whoever you are teaching would do better if they thought of you as not just a teacher but a friend.
No. 211881 ID: c71597

The friend stage can come later. First you have to establish yourself as an authority figure and make sure they understand who it is that in charge.
No. 211887 ID: 445c48

Stand in a more hard boiled manner.
No. 211889 ID: 520772

Don't do one or the other first, it's hardly impossible to befriend someone while conveying authority.
No. 211890 ID: 8e7d2a

Polite, calm, serious.

The glasses are definitely a point in your favor.
No. 211912 ID: 732129

Tuck in your shirt, you slob.
No. 211977 ID: a594b9

No. 212024 ID: 5a2e05

Be polite. Be professional. But, have a plan to kill everyone you meet.

Yeah, polite and professional.
No. 212041 ID: 96fb33
File 128003576115.png - (164.16KB , 640x480 , 5.png )

>polite, serious
Alright. Professional. Smooth.

When I knock, the door is quickly opened by who I'm assuming is the butler.

>"Oh. Theeeeee tutor, right?"
"Yes. I'm Julius Wells."
>"Great. You're an hour early. If you want, you can take a look around the manor, or just go straight to the...er...classroom. You might want to look around for...a pole, or bag, or something, if you decide to wander first."
No. 212042 ID: 788388

i suppose looking around the place first is okay.

his emphasis on the word 'classroom' has me worried though...
No. 212043 ID: 40cb26

>a pole, or bag, or something, if you decide to wander first
...Where the hell have you ended up?

Go straight to the classroom, but take your time and pay attention to everything.
No. 212046 ID: e3f578

I feel like this might be a sexy place. Now what type of sexy is the mystery, nyoro~n.
No. 212060 ID: e31d52

He means a place to hang our hat, you plebians. Ugh.
No. 212064 ID: c4c313

I feel this picture is imminently relevant.

No. 212155 ID: c71597

Get a tour of the manor first. You need to know your workplace after all.
No. 212203 ID: 8e7d2a

Oh man, these guys must be classy, or have a giant robot in the basement, or something. I mean, butler with an eyepatch? AWESOME.
No. 212824 ID: 54aab1

Ask him where you can find a pole and then try to find the classroom.

This man has given us honest advice so the pole or bag idea is probably the way to go.
No. 213077 ID: 96fb33
File 128029077446.png - (91.29KB , 640x480 , 6.png )

>look around
"I'll look around first."

The halls are a pleasant shade of red. The butler doesn't say a word, save for punctuating the end of the first hall with "kitchen". At the end of the second, he made an unpleasant face.

>"This is the young master's room. Avoid it unless he's tired. You see this eye? He impaled it with a broom the last time I opened that door."
>"Don't worry, you don't have to deal with him, just his sister."

I don't know if I should take his deadpan disinterest as a comfort or a warning.

>"If there's anything you want to ask, feel free. I'm only here for another two hours."
No. 213079 ID: 2102fb

yes "any subjects i should avoid mentioning?"
No. 213080 ID: 36e537

What is the young lady like?
No. 213091 ID: 63ab82

Also ask for the name of the sister.
No. 213097 ID: 96fb33
File 128029457912.png - (112.08KB , 640x480 , 7.png )

>"Not that I know of, but you can chase the young master off your hide if you tell him you're getting medicine for my eye."
"Little ice queen. She's polite, don't worry, and she'll listen to your lessons."

He stops again halfway through the fourth hall.

>"The garden is past this door, which connects with different areas of the manor. Upstairs is the the master's room, as well as various other rooms. You are not permitted entry unless it's for a special reason."

He looks meaningfully at me.

>"I could come with you to the class if you'd like."
No. 213099 ID: 36e537

Nah, if we solo it, we get more experience.
No. 213102 ID: 332092

"no, thank you for the offer though."
No. 213105 ID: 96fb33
File 128029746913.png - (151.87KB , 640x480 , 8.png )

>"Suit yourself. You won't be able to go anywhere while the young master is there, so just head on to the classroom. It's through this door, to the left."

The butler leaves, and I follow his directions.

In the garden, a young by I'm assuming to be the young master is sparring with another man. They both appear to be distracted.
No. 213109 ID: 36e537

Watch the sparring session and try to notice any noticeable openings on the boy for future use.
No. 213118 ID: 68f20d


Also watch for any openings on the the other man for tips for the young master.
No. 213119 ID: 361ab6

watch but keep moving.
No. 213287 ID: 059120

Keep moving. People known for stabbing out eyes should not be first met while they are swinging around a sword.
No. 213289 ID: c71597

Observe. It might give meaningful insights into the people who live here.
No. 213381 ID: 96fb33
File 128037662991.png - (193.96KB , 640x480 , 9.png )

>watch for research
Despite his fierce expression, he's not very fluid. His footwork is stiff, and he looks like he got hit by a truck whenever he blocks. I'm a bit concerned he's going to break a limb if he doesn't loosen up.

His attacks are extremely straight-forward, but they're strong and quick. There seems to be some raw potential there.

His instructor, on the other hand, moves in a very fluid fashion. It's a bit odd to see a swordsman navigate like a path of water. He's dodging all the blows easily, and dancing about in an extremely unpredictable manner.

The power difference is a bit too much to really analyze much.
No. 213386 ID: 7fe4d5

interesting. anyway, let us get a move on. people to teach and all.
No. 213392 ID: 36e537

Challenge the child to a duel and assume your superiority!
No. 213409 ID: e31d52

>Impaled his butler's eye

No. 213412 ID: 36e537

You're right. We must avenge the butler! We are getting into this fight for the wrong reasons. Thank you Shot. You have opened my eyes.
No. 213417 ID: 864783


Not yet.

Let's practice with a sword on our spare time.
Since we identified what was wrong with his stance and fighting style so easily, I must assume we at least have a basic knowledge of swordsmanship.

We are, after all, a tutor.

But we aren't specialized in combat. That doesn't mean we can't practice.
No. 213449 ID: 236eea

That's no boy.
No. 213450 ID: a1af6f

look at gender select thingy. seems our choice reflected whether we tutor the brother or sister.
No. 213499 ID: c71597

Looks like you might be able to give the kid some insights later on. For now get to the classroom and see what you have to work with.
No. 213543 ID: 63ab82

Ignore fight, go to sister.

Bring ice cream.
No. 213758 ID: 96fb33
File 128045872640.png - (148.57KB , 640x480 , 10.png )

>ignore fight
I leave them to spar and enter the oh god this is not a classroom
No. 213759 ID: 18169f

... try to clean up a bit
No. 213760 ID: 732129

Ask if there's a library room, and take stock of what's available in this, uh, learning space. The boxes need to be inventoried for teaching materials, and then go somewhere else. The beam needs to go. You need a table and a couple of chairs at least. And an easel or chalkboard or something.
No. 213825 ID: 96fb33
File 128047763512.png - (131.75KB , 640x480 , 11.png )

Good plan. Clearing first.

There are two benches and a blackboard, so that will be all I need to set up. I need to get rid of the rug by the door, the bag by the second bench, and the boxes in the way of the blackboard.
There's a door behind the boxes as well.

This is barely a challenge.

There should be roughly 20 minutes left once I'm done clearing. I could examine the balcony without a staircase, check the door, rifle through the boxes, or go look for a library.

I won't be able to do written work without desks, so I'll have to be teaching magic first.
No. 213826 ID: a7adcf

Go check out the door that is probably not filled with monsters or anything. Also use your flashiest magic just to show off how awesome you are.
No. 213827 ID: a7adcf

Also check out the toilet in your map.
No. 213835 ID: a594b9

Check in the door!
No. 213838 ID: 96fb33
File 128047956859.png - (92.47KB , 640x480 , 12.png )


It's a tunnel leading down. I can see the floor from here, so it doesn't go very deep.
No. 213840 ID: a7adcf

Jump down in a fabulous manner.
No. 213841 ID: 059120

Can you illuminate it somehow? Magic light or fire or something?
No. 213856 ID: 96fb33
File 128048451438.png - (49.30KB , 640x480 , 13.png )

It's a very wide, open space. Light doesn't travel far.

I won't be able to hold a flame for long without a channel for my magic.
No. 213857 ID: ff5c17

You should probably shoot that fireball in front of you and hopefully something will catch on fire and possibly scream.
No. 213858 ID: 18169f

let's leave this room closed for now. something bad looks to be in here.
No. 213866 ID: 059120

These don't sound mutually exclusive to me!
No. 213876 ID: a594b9

There's something in here. Leave and close the door.
No. 213884 ID: 96fb33
File 128048729668.png - (6.54KB , 640x480 , 14.png )

Something in here?

...The hell is that?
No. 213885 ID: 18169f

.. yeah let's get out of here.
No. 213886 ID: 96fb33
File 128048734878.png - (59.02KB , 640x480 , 15.png )

No. 213890 ID: 18169f

No. 213892 ID: ff5c17

Creature: Skull Centipede.
Like to burrow deep underground and live in the damp moist soil, but occasionally will end in basements and dungeons. It's diet mostly consists of corpses, but it is known to eat living things if the opportunity is presented to it. Called Skull Centipede due to the fact that its white skull shaped head is usually the last thing people see. It's one notable weakness would be its soft underbelly, but due to the sharp legs, striking there would be difficult. Defeating one would usually require a small army, but to take one alone would be considered suicide unless you have a way to pierce it's thick carapace. Like most things that dwell in the dark, light tends to ward them off, but if there is nowhere for it to run, it will just charge. Some have tried to ride it since it doesn't appear to have any way of riding things on top of it, but none have been able to reach up there unscathed.
Suggested course of action: Become a legend and be the first to slay one by yourself.
No. 213900 ID: a594b9

No. 213902 ID: 18169f

tell me you are an ungodly powerful mage? cause that may be your only hope.
No. 213907 ID: c71597

Wow, that is a big fucking monster to have under your house. Go back to the exit and see what it does. They probably don't have anything extremly hostile in the basement.
No. 213911 ID: 364db8

Just leave now in a dignified manner saying: "Excuse me I didn't mean to intrude, you startled me a bit."
No. 213949 ID: 5a2e05

Bail, call exterminator. A really big exterminator.
No. 214005 ID: a41aaf

Looks pretty dead to me. If it weren't, it'd have taken a bit of the tasty, conveniently illuminated morsel as soon as it entered.
No. 214030 ID: a6008c

It could be slumbering. Now is a good time to gtfo.

Back away sloooowly.
No. 219089 ID: 644ca1

This seems correct to me, apologise and leave.
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