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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 127872102970.jpg - (68.87KB , 720x720 , Undo.jpg )
205545 No. 205545 ID: 6a5a08

A Talking Pie Chart class changed to Time Mage.

And lo, A Talking Pie Chart did cast Undo!
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No. 205546 ID: 6a5a08
File 127872109932.jpg - (90.09KB , 720x720 , InJail.jpg )

As we rejoin out heroes, now newly-un-exploded, they are in a rather dire and perilous situation: under arrest!
No. 205549 ID: 732129


Under-age drinking?
No. 205550 ID: 8e2486

how the hell did that happen?
No. 205560 ID: 903f16

Arson? Murder? What are we in for?
No. 205602 ID: 0b2a05

What no what happened what did we miss
No. 205627 ID: 6a5a08
File 127873190250.jpg - (63.85KB , 720x720 , SomebodysinTrouble.jpg )

"Well, when I licked Georgina, she kinda failed her paralysis resist and fell off the stage.

Then died.

And then this.
No. 205637 ID: 8e2486

sounds like a set up, you don't fall over from paralysis just stop moving. anyway just go through the bars and get the key.
No. 205654 ID: c4c313

Oh my. Tell you what though. If you bust out of jail here I'm sure Team A-13 will look out for you as long as you join them in their nefarious plot. But what you need to do is find the three keys land sea and sky that will allow you to access the amazing wish machine. Then you can wish that Georgina not be dead, and you won't be in trouble! Or at least you can wish that her family isn't pressing charges...
No. 205665 ID: 41fbc0

I'll say. Nothing worse than an orphan's parents pissed at you.
Plum, aren't you basically made of gas? You can slip through the bars and get out, right? You could save Pink and Yellow and maybe dorkhead!
No. 205670 ID: 0b2a05

Wow what.

What's going to happen now?
No. 205671 ID: c4c313


So basically it's us against the state? Hopefully we're not in Texas!
No. 205676 ID: 6a5a08
File 127873828421.jpg - (58.46KB , 720x720 , HeIsSoObviouslyEvil.jpg )

"I can't run! Some bounty hunter or whatever is in town, and they've got his Sableye watching me 24-7!"

"I'm not sure... normally if a Pokemon goes rabid they put it down, but I'm a Ghost. They'll probably be having an exorcist banish me to the Spirit Realm or something like that."
No. 205678 ID: 0b2a05

...Oh shoot. But it was totally innocent! Who is this bounty hunter? Also... any spiritstuff catch your eye/sixth sense?
No. 205680 ID: 8e2486

then you are gonna have to hope this works, use hypnosis.
No. 205702 ID: c4c313

R-r-rabid? Y-you're kidding me. Rabies can infect ghost pokémon? What the fuck. This isn't the pokemon universe. This is the Left 4 Dead universe! Fucking ruuuun!

Oh yeah I don't have any legs. Well anyway.

I think you meant that, normally when a pokémon "kills a human" they put it down, but normally that's for direct damage not falling off a stage. You should be okay... I mean, hope for the best, right?

Rabies is a disease that infects all warm blooded mammals, and humans immediately kill animals suspected to have it because 1) it can be stopped in the early stages (in humans) 2) in the later stages it's incurable and inevitably fatal (in everything) 3) the cheapest and most reliable way to detect rabies is to carve out a slice of the brain and look at it under a microscope, which generally requires killing the warm blooded mammal in question. Some humans choose to spare the other mammal by taking the rabies treatment just in case, but it makes the human horribly sick so most would rather kill the other mammal before undergoing rabies treatment. You probably should not use the word 'rabies' unless you really do mean the disease. It's too terrifying a word to joke around with semantics.
No. 205773 ID: 6a5a08
File 127877236332.jpg - (56.72KB , 720x720 , CantThinkOfATitleIHopeThisIsGoodEnough.jpg )

"I wasn't sure if they had a word for 'killed a human' so I just used what I thought was close enough. But you get what I meant anyway. Sorry if I offended you.

Basically the only reasons a Pokemon would kill a human are spite or insanity... I think I'm under the second one, even though I didn't mean to.

I don't think escaping is a good plan. That Sableye can probably dash faster than I can levitate away, unless I manage to get caught in a gale force wind and let it carry me away, but what are the chances of that happening, right? Besides, I'd probably only get the others in more trouble than I already have.

And what's Left 4 Dead? Isn't that, like, a video game?

"Don't know it. I could Sing him to sleep, but I'd probably just draw more attention. Are you sure you want to try?"

"Not mu- wait, what's that thing in the other cell? I think it's watching us."
No. 205804 ID: c4c313


You're under the second one, but it wasn't your insanity but instead the insanity of the situation. The gym leader should sue those stage designers! Er, if she was alive that is.

Yeah Left 4 Dead is a story about a super-rabies virus or something. Not important.

That thing, it's not... not turtle shaped is it?
No. 205820 ID: 6a5a08
File 127878372634.jpg - (77.72KB , 720x720 , MorePeopleWhoHateUs.jpg )

"No, it looks kind of like a... rock.
Hold that thought, someone's coming. It must be the bounty hunter and the exorcist.
No. 205822 ID: 6a5a08
File 127878394351.jpg - (64.06KB , 720x720 , Exorcism.jpg )

"So this is the one? Looks pretty timid to me," says the old woman in a cranky tone.

"Nah, this's it," replied the orange haired man.

"Whatever, at least I'm getting paid," mutters the woman, who begins chanting.

I feel like I'm slipping away.
No. 205823 ID: 6a5a08
File 127878397480.jpg - (45.21KB , 720x720 , PinkorPlum.jpg )




Choose your destiny.
No. 205831 ID: ed2827


Let's end this bitch and save Plum.
No. 205835 ID: 538af1

pink, awaken and use scratch like a mad women!
No. 205842 ID: c4c313

Plum because she needs our help!
No. 205843 ID: 6a5a08

[Also note that it will be difficult and/or time consuming to get Plum back if you don't take her path, but with Pink you will be able to have a much more open world adventure like a normal Pokemon game.

Except with more random crap and also Zombie NPCs]
No. 205844 ID: 538af1

i thought it was we use pink to burninate the chick and stop plum from going away at all?

if plum paths saves plum then i'll take instead.
No. 205848 ID: 538af1

[PS: we wouldn't be in this situation if you waited for more posts, while mneme seems to never sleep most of us do]
No. 205854 ID: 6a5a08
File 127878815418.jpg - (62.82KB , 720x720 , Ruins.jpg )

[Ah, but you so soon forget that I am a lazy,impatient, impetuous dumbass.]

"*Urp*... I don't feel so well. It feels like if I had a stomach, it'd be inside out. So, this is what this place looks like in focus, eh? It's pretty beat up on this side."

[Also, I'm watching a movie, so I'll be gone for a while. Enjoy a few hours without A Talking Pie Chart around!]
No. 205855 ID: e4e9c3

Look around!
No. 205863 ID: d3dfb8

plz dont die.
we wuv you too much
No. 205872 ID: 0b2a05

Can you heal by like... coalescing your gas parts?
No. 205876 ID: 940a91

the sableye can probably still see you but it can't effect you without coming here too. try to possess the exorcist.
No. 205915 ID: 6a5a08
File 127879773827.jpg - (59.40KB , 720x720 , CleverTitle.jpg )

"Well, it seems we're still in the prison... sort of. On the Spirit Realm side there's some sort of ruined building here. It doesn't seem to be the same building either."

"Aw, thank you for trying to cheer me up, it's nice to know somebody cares. Don't worry, I'm not hurt, I just feel a little sick. Both from what happened, and being sent here."

"I can't contact the Physical World, that blind lady trapped me here. I know others who've gotten around that though, so we should try and find someone who knows what to do. 'Sides, I don't want to hang around where that Sableye can find me."
No. 205916 ID: 6a5a08
File 127879776268.jpg - (47.14KB , 720x720 , SpiritMap.jpg )

And lo, the map screen did pop up.
No. 205920 ID: d3dfb8

A legend and a compass are included in all self respecting maps.

Well hey, at least you might evolv. Strength is gained through trials and overcoming them. Then you'll be able to hug people!
So tell us about these people you know who got out of being trapped in the spirit world?
No. 205932 ID: c4c313




What you need to do is find the spirit of that gym leader who died and apologize. You never meant to harm. In fact, you don't even have any attacks that cause direct damage, do you? All we've seen so far is sing and lick.
No. 205983 ID: 6a5a08
File 127880463883.jpg - (50.63KB , 720x720 , SpiritMapAndLegend.jpg )

And lo, there was a legend.

[Also Up = East]


"Well, I used to know this Misdreavus, and she said that if you do the Lord of the Dead a favor, he'll let you leave, even if you've been sealed here. Thing is, I don't know where to find him."

"A queen? And I thought I was insane."

No. 206116 ID: d3dfb8

... ok well I still have no idea where we are on the map.
I guess just head to the nearest town, maybe we can find some help there. Be wary of assailants.

And Plum? You're too cute to be insane.

Queen of Bag of Dicks land.
No. 206130 ID: c4c313


If you think that was insane, you should see the whole film short.

Oh right, Lick is a damaging move. Hm...

Okay, for future reference don't lick people even if they look tasty.
No. 206248 ID: 6a5a08
File 127886332572.jpg - (51.47KB , 720x720 , URHere.jpg )

[You can go to the unknown location to the southwest, or Plum's Shack to the northeast.]
No. 206251 ID: d3dfb8

Unknown location please.
No. 206524 ID: 6a5a08
File 127889602424.jpg - (73.78KB , 720x720 , MansionofMayhem.jpg )

And lo, Plum did travel the path to the south. After some time, which is conveniently off-screen, she looks up a large hill off to the side of the road. Atop the hill stands a mansion with many windows, some lit and others pitch black with an otherworldly darkness even the eyes of our lost heroine cannot pierce. Shapes move in some of the windows, giving away the presence of some sort of life, or unlife in the building. Beyond the manor's hill stand the Peaks of Peril, against the black skies.

[Safe House Discovered: Mansion of Mayhem]
No. 206536 ID: d3dfb8

go in, ask around if they know of any way out. if they dont, ask around about the lord of dead guy.
No. 207003 ID: 6a5a08
File 127899166688.jpg - (84.17KB , 720x720 , InsertTitleHere.jpg )

I go up to the door and pull a string near the door [which is conveniently off screen] and the sound of a church bell resounds from above, though I saw no belfry on the building before. The door is opened by a Mismagius, who smiles.

"Ah, hello, we have been expecting you. Come on in, come on in!" he beckons, and moves aside a little to let me inside.

I'm not sure about this though... I never had much experience socially, but something about this guy feels off.
No. 207004 ID: d78b61

well what could he possibly do to you? pretty sure you can't die again. besides i'm pretty sure predicting the future is something they do.
No. 207005 ID: 22f0f6

Go along with it for now. Be nice and polite.
Maybe he can help you in your new exorcised status.
No. 207039 ID: c4c313

Turn around without another word and leave at a normal pace. Go at least 50 spirit meters, then look at the house again. If nothing happens and he's still waiting then it's probably not a trap.
No. 207058 ID: 6a5a08
File 12789998725.jpg - (84.10KB , 720x720 , ThisImageIsConvinientlySimilarButCompletelyDiffere.jpg )

I turn and go away, then look back. Everything seems fine, so I return.

"You seem rather indecisive. So, will you or will you not be staying here at the Mansion for the night? If so, I will take you to meet the wonderful owner of this grand establishment and we can work out the details of your stay, so I can show you to your room," the Mismagius says pleasantly.
No. 207060 ID: d78b61

whelp. guess we can stay.
No. 207061 ID: e4e9c3

"Details of your stay" sounds suspicious...

Bit like a Devils-deal kinda thing...

Eh, go with him. But make sure to remember the way out.
No. 207062 ID: c4c313

Sorry for the trouble, it's just good to be wary of such sudden invitations. You don't know much about the area after all. Now that you've cleared your head, go ahead and follow this polite fellow.
No. 207075 ID: 6a5a08
File 127900156142.jpg - (47.54KB , 720x720 , OMahGawdZombie.jpg )

I'm led by the Mismagius up to the attic, where a little office desk is set up. Over to the right is a divider, separating the rest of the room from this part.

As soon as we are both here, the Mismagius cackles and begins to change, his shape becoming obscure.
No. 207079 ID: d78b61

be ready to sing for your life but don't go anywhere.
No. 207081 ID: 6a5a08
File 127900174012.jpg - (74.52KB , 720x720 , OttoVonAuto.jpg )

"Hark! All along it was in fact I, Otto von Auto, the owner of the Mansion of Mayhem! Aha! And you did not suspect a thing! Such is the amazing amazingosity of my and my Monocle of Eccentrism!

I apologize if I alarmed you of course, but I usually adopt that form because that wavy dress is just so comfy~"

Well... this is not what I expected at all.
No. 207083 ID: d78b61

oh ho, a rotom. nice. ask it what this mansion is.
No. 207106 ID: 6a5a08
File 127900631917.jpg - (57.21KB , 720x720 , ManiacalLaughterIsFunForTheWholeFamily.jpg )

"So, what is this place anyways?"

"Oh yes, my magnificent masterpiece! My unlife's work! I built it my you know, all on my own. No help. Okay, maybe I possessed a few human construction machines, but that doesn't count. You see, in the night, the number of angered, or hungry souls out and about tends to raise to an alarming level, so I decided to make a haven for all who want a safe place to stay. Of course, with that exorcist over in town, business is booming!

As for payment, well, there's really no currency here. No system ever stuck. Mostly we all help each other out, "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" sort of thing. But I don't really have any favors or 'quests' as the kids call them these days that need doing right now, so you can have a freebie as long as you can answer one little riddle for me," explains Otto, proceeding to laugh quite exaggeratedly. What a jolly and lighthearted little fellow! I can't believe I ever thought he was dangerous.
No. 207107 ID: d78b61

sounds fair. and with us i doubt any riddle can stump you.
No. 207108 ID: d3dfb8

No. 207113 ID: 6a5a08
File 127900748852.jpg - (46.20KB , 720x720 , Riddle.jpg )

"Sounds good, let's hear it!"

"Alright my dear, here is the riddle. What is the thing in this world I fear more than anything, the thing which all entities, be they mighty or meek, small or large, living or dead, mechanical or organic, good or evil, alone or in company should fear above all others?"
No. 207116 ID: e4e9c3

No. 207125 ID: a594b9

Fear itself?
No. 207128 ID: d3dfb8

No. 207129 ID: 11ca1a

No. 207130 ID: 6a5a08
File 127901010736.jpg - (45.55KB , 720x720 , Riddle2.jpg )



"Fear itself?"

"Ooooh, you're so close!"


"What? What's a Xom?"

"I don't actually know."

"Well, I'll give you one more shot then. No silly wasteful guesses this time."

"Um... Eternity."

"Are you suuuure that's your final answer?"
No. 207133 ID: d3dfb8

time maybe?
how many guesses do we get?
No. 207134 ID: d3dfb8

What's fear incarnate?
No. 207136 ID: 6a5a08

[You have one guess left, make it count]
No. 207137 ID: d3dfb8

well dont listen to me obviously.
No. 207138 ID: 2eac65

Failure. No matter what you hope to achieve, the thing you fear the most is failing to achieve it.
No. 207139 ID: 2eac65

No, wait. I've got a better one.


All things fear the pain of losing what they care about, be it life, friendship, wealth, or hope.
No. 207143 ID: e4e9c3

I don't think it's time. Why would the dead fear time?
No. 207146 ID: e4e9c3

Same with death. The dead are already dead. Death should hold no fear for them....

No. 207154 ID: 2eac65

That's a real problem area. What could the dead fear? They don't even exist as people anymore; they've got nothing to fear!
No. 207156 ID: d78b61

well then what about that? nothingness.
No. 207178 ID: 6a5a08
File 127901693169.jpg - (56.06KB , 720x720 , OnesLossIsAnothersVictory.jpg )

"Uh... I dunno, nothingness?"

"No! I win. You'll just owe me a favor then, I suppose."

"So what was the answer?"

"The answer is 'Self'. I tend not to use the word, out of fear and respect for it. You see, you know all your weaknesses, strengths, how to counter everything you are. It is there at all times, and you cannot see it. It is ever your equal, regardless of who or what you are. Each is their greatest critic, and should 'Self' doubt you, your resolve will be broken. Even in victory against your own 'Self' you will always lose. This is why 'Self' is the thing all should fear most.

So, shall I show you where you will be staying then?"
No. 207183 ID: d78b61

[... what psychology classes you taken? that was more of an opinion then a real riddle.]

let's go.
No. 207336 ID: 6a5a08
File 127906129174.jpg - (65.71KB , 720x720 , PieChartCantDraw.jpg )

"Well, here's the room. There's a bed, an old television, a deck of playing cards, a door, two windows, a light, and a light switch. I'm bored."
No. 207341 ID: c4c313


Talk to Rotom some more. You know his greatest fear, so try to scare the bejeebus out of him by making him question his 'self'.
No. 207353 ID: a594b9

Watch TV.
No. 207355 ID: 8395b8

yeah sure. let's see what's on.
No. 207677 ID: 22f0f6

Show us how you shuffle cards with no hands.
No. 207763 ID: 1fac80

Use your womanly charms on the rotom.
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