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File 127742121122.jpg - (25.13KB , 462x350 , ZL-193 Vystinbulzza.jpg )
198458 No. 198458 ID: a76809

You are of the Iky'Lintho, the race of many and few. You were birthed by your progenitor, Zyx'Rimas, and granted a ship, one of the old ZL-193 Vystinbulzza vessels, of adequate room to support you and your first clutch of drones, six in number, slaved to your mind, extensions of your will, parts of your body, that which makes your race many and few. You were ordered to leave the nest, to make your way through the sea of stars and carve out your own walk through life as you will, cast out as is the custom of your kind. For the many and few, the Iky'Lintho, upon reaching maturity must learn through their own trials and tribulations before they are allowed to again call a place home, and that is what you sought to do.

Only something went wrong. In what should have been a simple jaunt to a nearby system, something you presume it a vessel, crossed your path, and the gravity field about it's passing form snared your smaller vessel, and pulled you off course, and before you could free your ship from it's pull you found yourself.... lost. The stars about you no longer familiar, your star charts useless, you do what you can to calm yourself as your drones try to make sense of anything the ship's sensors can pick up, transmitting a general distress signal as is the custom when in unknown space....

And nothing answers.

If others of the Iky'Lintho were around, they would respond without hesitation to a lost youngling such as yourself, but you are greeted with silence, the communication arrays of your vessel feeding you naught but static. As sensory data starts to filter in, perceived by your drones and by extension you, you appraise your current condition.

--You are lost, in a patch of space that matches none of your starcharts, and none others of your race seem to be about within range of sensors or communication.
--Your ship, a ZL-193 Vystinbulzza cruiser, houses the seven pieces that make up the whole of your existence, your core self and the six drones that are slaved to your mind, fuel enough for perhaps some ten standard cycles of travel (enough to traverse a solar system, but not at all enough to go beyond without risk of the ship running dry in the dead of space.
--Your vessel has no armaments, enough room for perhaps a hundred bodies and several dozen tons of cargo, but besides your seven forms that make up your collective whole, you only have enough rations to last some twenty standard cycles, before you may have to resort to cannibalizing your drones to survive (each drone would provide food for six forms for a single standard cycle)
--Your sensors have picked up three planets orbiting the local binary stars that this solar system is built around that could be hospitable to your particular biology, and while life has been detected on two of them (the RED planet and the GREEN planet, respectively, the GRAY planet seems devoid of life), you have detected no examples of recognizable transmissions or technology.
--You have enough fuel you could travel to any of these three planets, or to the other two planets that your sensors claim to be inhospitable to your kind (an ORANGE planet and a PURPLE planet), if you so chose.
--The RED planet has no satellites, artificial or natural, orbiting it, but has the most life of any planet detected.
--The GREEN planet has two satellites orbiting it, both of which seem natural, and middling amounts of life.
--The GRAY planet present no sings of life, but seems to give evidence it bears recognizable resources, in the form of the base ingredients that make up the fuel your ship requires on three of it's seven satellites.
--The ORANGE planet seems to teem with life, and is largely covered in water.
--the PURPLE Planet seems to bear the marking of civilization either currently or previously having dominated it's surface, but you do not recognize it's origins.

So, nameless youngling of the Iky'Lintho, now is the time to choose.

Where shall you go?
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No. 198461 ID: c2c011

Lets go to the green planet and see if we can't get some more food. If there's nothing edible to us there then we go to the grey planet to refuel.
No. 198462 ID: a594b9

Green I guess.
No. 198464 ID: 8bdb6a

RED. Let's go recruit some savages.
No. 198474 ID: a594b9

Green seems like a safe bet.
No. 198483 ID: a76809
File 127742380415.jpg - (698.20KB , 1920x1040 , GREEN planet surface.jpg )

I spend little time deliberating, and head to the GREEN planet, guiding my ship to land in what looks to be a simple clearing... only to, as the ship grows nearer, realize it isn't so much a clearing, as the entire planet is simply coated in short vegetation rife with chlorophyll: Still, such plant life is confirmed as edible, if not particularly palatable, so food would not be an issue.... for the short term. Eventually, more complex foodstuffs will be required to avoid malnourishment.

As my ship touches down, the earth rumbles somewhat, but before seismic sensors can give any meaningful readings, the shaking subsists. Curious, I seek out the cause of this rumbling, but passive scans yield nothing of note.

Do I send a probe into the earth to investigate the source of the rumbling?
Or should I simply dispatch my drones to collect some of the seemingly endless vegetation?
No. 198485 ID: a3ca35

send the probe
this might not be a safe place to settle currently
No. 198489 ID: a594b9

...I have the feeling that this planet is covered in one giant organism.
No. 198499 ID: a76809
File 127742521387.jpg - (25.54KB , 292x278 , Deep scans.jpg )

I decide to send down a probe before risking one of my drone bodies (even if I had the resources to do so, it would be years before the next batch was mature enough to be serviceable as further extensions of my will in ideal conditions, so I must conserve what I have), and note the earth trembling constantly as the probe cores a hole into the planet's surface, the rumbling growing in force as the probe gains depth...

And the sensors begin flaring warning signs to me almost immediately, as an interconnected mass of roots running as far as the sensor can detect stretches in all directions beneath the soil-

And at the intrusion of the probe, many near to my ship start writhing upwards, towards my vessel and the probe.

What should I do?
No. 198501 ID: a594b9

No. 198505 ID: a76809

I hurriedly withdraw the probe and take off, the earth beneath my ship erupting into a writhing bed of questing roots wrenching themselves free of the ground, flailing about in an attempt to grasp at my ship, but they retreat as I gain altitude, and settle back down beneath the soil. My ship is now in low orbit over this GREEN planet with it's pair of satellites, and I wonder:

Where should I go now?
No. 198511 ID: 7f74d1

Let's go to the GRAY planet's satellites. We have enough nutrients for at least a few cycles, so gathering and refining fuel- at least enough to make numerous trips between the planets of this system, and perhaps travel to another if necessary- seems a reasonable plan.

This assumes, of course, that we can refine fuel on our ship.
No. 198514 ID: a594b9

Getting some more fuel sounds like a good idea, just in case. How long would it take to go to the grey planet, gather a few more round trips' worth of fuel, then right to the red one to get some food?

If we can get some fuel then go to the red planet without running out of food, let's do it. If not... Red planet next.
No. 198516 ID: 8bdb6a

Fly further up, but transmit down "HELLO, ARE YOU A HIVE MIND ALSO?"

If you don't get a cordial reply, try the Red planet.
No. 198525 ID: a3ca35

how would we be in an aquatic environment? I don't think we should rule out the Orange planet
No. 198546 ID: a76809
File 127742927096.jpg - (49.54KB , 720x480 , GRAY planet.jpg )

I attempt to communicate with the GREEN planet's collective mass of vegetation, which due to it's size and cohesive response, I suspect to be a hive intelligence, something similar to the Many and Few, my own race. On all spectrums I can transmit on, I attempt to open communications, with a simple message, relayed in all formats I am aware of being valid methods of dialogue.

"Hello, are you a hive mind?"

At first I presume there to be no actual response, but as I prepare to turn the ship away and move on to another world, I register some information streaming by a screen before one of my drones: I cannot make out what it means, but there does seem to be some sort of pattern to it, and it has an origin point beneath the surface of this GREEN planet. I set the drone before the screen to attempting to decipher this brief bit of alien data, knowing the process to be time consuming, as I turn away, seeking a new place to move to.

With nine standard cycles of fuel still remaining to my name, I have considerable leeway in terms of where I can go. I contemplate the Orange planet, knowing the ventricles that dot my form and that of my drones to be equally capable at deriving relevant materials from liquids as gases...

But deduce that my first concern is securing more fuel, as while an old model lacking some of the speed and responsiveness of newer ships, the old ZL-193 Vystinbulzza class cruisers are equipped with simple internal refining mechanisms, designed explicitly for rendering fuel from basic components so that long voyages can be maintained without the need for stopping at fueling stations, when conditions are right. With the GRAY planet already having registerd devoid of life and possessing all the necessary raw materials to process fuel, I decide to head there first, consuming two more standard cycles worth of fuel in the process, hopeful the investment will pay off.

...As I near the planet, my drones double check their sensors as I appraise a visual closeup of the 'barren' planet.... It looks decidedly mechanical in nature, yet I not only detect no signs of life... but no signs of technology, active or otherwise...


Should I continue with landing?
Or should I spend a day in orbit (reducing remaining food to sixteen standard cycles worth while preserving fuel) while sending down probes to assess the area?
No. 198551 ID: a594b9

Always send probes first.
No. 198553 ID: d3dfb8

No. 198577 ID: 8bdb6a

Say hello and then land.
No. 198596 ID: 716eb0

Weren't the satelites the identified source of the fuel components? We should be checking them out.
No. 198601 ID: a76809

I shoot out a probe as I lock the ship in geosynchronous orbit, the hands of my drones flying save for the one still attending to the garbled mess of data received on the GREEN planet, as... we wait.

After a few hours of waiting for the probe to properly make landing and start transmitting, I decide to transmit another blanket hail to the planet... and receive nothing in response. ...Not even the echo of my signal, which should have been at least somewhat present. Through a drone, I note that the probe I sent down to the planet is likewise quiet in a manner that does not fit: There should be a default active transmission, or if destroyed an emergency broadcast upon destruction... but there is nothing. Not a single transmission of any sort, or any form of readings, can be discerned from the planet itself. ...That is more than passing strange, I was able to get at least SOME readings at a distance, why now would I be able to detect nothing?

Thankfully, I CAN gain sensory data from the planet's satellites, and ultimately, I detect a wealth of resources useful to the crafting of fuel, on one of the satellites that would take only a few moments to redirect my craft to land upon. ...Still, I find myself perturbed by this place, my drone bodies shivering in sympathy with my unease....

Should I land on the satellite and begin harvesting?
Should I attempt to land on the planet proper to reclaim my probe (my ship came with but four)?
Or should I venture to a different planet?
No. 198603 ID: a594b9

Stay off that planet, man. It's bad news to have something absorbing transmissions like that. Harvest on the satellite.
No. 198607 ID: 8bdb6a

Get some fuel on the satellite and travel to the red planet.
No. 198694 ID: ddcbe8

Give detailed information on how our race looks like, I have hard time imagining it. I just see a single humanoid controlling 6 other humanoids.
No. 198710 ID: c2c011

Get fuel from the satellite. Then check out the red planet for food sources.
No. 198887 ID: a76809
File 127750298716.jpg - (41.14KB , 400x294 , Satellite picked for mining.jpg )

The Many and Few, the Iky'Lintho are chitinous in nature, with a durable exoskeleton and segmented body, allowing for continued optimal function even when deprived of limbs... at the cost that some races consider us 'easily-pulled-apart'. To compensate, we have four arms with four joints apiece, each capable of fine motor manipulation, and independantly orientable compound eyes. While we are strictly bipedal, drones have a stinger tail that is flexible and durable enough it is frequently used as a third leg for tripod-based locomotion. The stinger itself is filled with a melange of caustic agents and nerve toxins for assorted species, and can kill most things... at the cost of starting irreperable loss of bodily fluids from the drone: The use of the stinger leads to death for all involved. My core body, that which can create more drones when in the presence of sufficient resources, has no stinger, instead it is repleaced with an egg laying sac.

I decide to leave the probe alone, deciding it is better to preserve what I have left in the interests of safety

I land the ship on the satellite after cursory scans reveal it to have no observable life or machinery, without running into the anomaly of having no sensory data return. Upon landing, no tremors or other evidence of a response to our presence is noted, and I begin mining operations, the surface durable and difficult to peirce, but still within acceptable stress levels for the equipment of a Vystinbulzza class ship and it's mechanisms. It takes two standard cycles, but eventually the cargo bay is filled with unprocessed ores and minerals, and I dispatch two of my drones to guide the refining process: Soon, I shall have fuel enough to last hundreds of cycles, and allow the ship to potentially leave this solar system, provided I find a destination to travel to.

With food stocks now reduced to thirteen standard cycles left, and the information recieved from the GREEN planet still not deciphered into something intelligible, I guide the ship to move to the RED planet, hoping the wealth of life detected will mean I can find a (relatively) safe place to procure rations: If I can stock up on those as well as fuel, then I shall truuly be ready to start exploring in earnest.

As I bring the ship into geosynchronous orbit, assessing passive scans of the RED planet, I note several clearings that could be used to set down the ship:

--One is between several geological formations that provide shelter, but farther from most signs of life.
--Two sights are near to a great abundence of flora and fauna alike, one a clearing in a hilly set of plains, the other within a dense jungle.


What should I do?
Should I use one of the three landing sights I detected (and if so, which one?)
Or should I first send down a probe to one of these sights?
Or should I do something else?
No. 198894 ID: a594b9

Umm... how are we to harvest food? Do we have real weapons or will we have to just eat flora unless the fauna are worth sacrificing a drone to take down?
No. 198897 ID: 732129


We've got a ship capable of interstellar travel. It is the most powerful weapon in our arsenal, even if all we end up doing is dropping rocks on shit.
No. 198899 ID: a76809

[You possess basic harvesting tools and foraging kits, but no direct ballistic or projectile capabilities, beyond some harpoon guns for aquatic use that could be used on land.]
No. 198915 ID: 732129


Well it's good thing rocks are cheap.

How are probes launched? Can we load an empty probe bay with rocks?
No. 198937 ID: a594b9

I think the plains are a good choice. We'll be able to see shit before it kills us, and we may even be able to start farming.
No. 199185 ID: 60bd5e

Launch point-of-presence probe to the plain to provide preliminary data. Scan for life signs. Then begin landing sequence.

Set a drone to begin processing those minerals. MAN THE HARPOONS!!
No. 199355 ID: a76809
File 127756816550.jpg - (267.64KB , 1355x1391 , Lifeforms on RED planet.jpg )

[You could load a rocks into an empty probe bay, but that requires actually getting said rocks from somewhere, so lacking rocks when first nearing a planet, unless you want to flit through space to get some from somewhere else, you would have to acquire them on sight]

I send down one of my three remaining probes to the clearing above the plains, looking to receive more in-depth sensory data before landing. Thanks to the relatively short-term nature of the information I seek (anything proximal to the clearing and by extension where I wish to set down the ship). Within moments of it's landing, the probe starts sending a wealth of information on plant life (this time I look for evidence of... larger.. plant forms, but none seem to evidence the massive underground root network or enough mass above ground to support flora based intelligence, and none seem responsive to the probes presence), before it starts sending me data on several examples of fauna. Most seems like various examples of scavengers and other smaller creatures... but four types of species are of significant size, and it is these I focus on, in the hopes of learning of a threat... or possible intelligence.

The first species I detect seems to stay nearer to the forested parts of the landscape, some distance away from the clearing, but their bodies seem highly conductive of electrical signals, and practically glow to the probe's sensors. Further, I see examples of multiple organisms from this species interacting with one another vocally that indicates they possess some form of audio communication (the probes cannot say if this is supplemented with pheromones are the reading of body language), and seem to be, on average, twice the size of one of my drones, and slightly larger than my core body. They seem omnivorous, consuming plant and animal matter alike, though they show no signs of cannibalism.

The second species I detect seems to have originally been based around flight, as they read to have partly hollow endoskeletons and plumage indicative of evolution made with flight in mind at some point in their ancestry, and I detect them traveling in what appear to be matriarchal packs (as opposed to the first species, which outside of communication seems to travel in completely random group sizes between one and six), the nearest of which has some two score number. These creatures are some two-thirds the size of my drones and dwarfed by my core body, and seem to forage in the planes and forests alike primarily for vegetation.

The third species I detect are the largest by far, large enough they could potentially pose a threat to the ship, but thankfully they seem exclusively based in the forests. I see no evidence of appreciable intelligence, as they seem to just wander about foraging and naught else.

The fourth species I detect, slightly smaller than my drones, intrigues me. All other species perceived offer it a wide berth, and from the way all examples perceived act, it is assumed their tail, rather than having a disposable stinger, has an injector and refilling poison gland, and seem exclusively carnivorous.

While the second species is the most prolific near the proposed landing sight, there are several examples of the first species also nearby... and one example of the fourth wandering about.

...I do note that even the plains seem to show evidence that a large portion of their vegetation possesses nutrients I require, some of which would not even require processing to render edible:

So, should I land here?
Should I try to avoid natives, or seek out an indigenous population?
Or should I do something else?
No. 199360 ID: d6cb21

Avoid natives for now. Any interactions should be from a distance until they are used to your presence.
No. 199361 ID: d6cb21

Also, gather food.
No. 199366 ID: 60bd5e

Land in the clearing as quietly as possible and begin gathering food. I think the first species is the one to be worried about right now.
No. 199369 ID: 60bd5e

Also have your other probe begin analyzing the 1st creatures language.
No. 199570 ID: a76809

I land the shuttle in the clearing on the plains, careful to keep a warning signal keyed to any approaching natives: For now, attention is something I do not desire.

I send three drones out to begin harvesting the nearest vegetation that qualifies as processable by my digestive track, and in very short order I have accrued nearly a ton of material, stripping away everything I can use near the landing site: due to the dietary needs we operate under, that leaves most vegetation behind, so I hardly strip the nearby land, should a species have a sophisticated enough culture to have some form of views on strip-mining, but due to the sheer wealth of food available, not due to more altruistic harvesting methods by myself and my drone peripherals.

I set two drones to dedicated sensory assessment of the natives, looking to see if the first species I identified as being of note has a language system that can be codified, and as time passes and the local sun progresses to shed light on different parts of the planet, I find my ship to now have nearly a ton of unprocessed foods-

And several examples of the first and third species become more active, drawing nearer to my ship.

Should I take off with what I have, or should I continue harvesting?
No. 199576 ID: a594b9

Take off and relocate to the sheltered area. The third species could be trouble... but mostly we just need to delay first contact until we're in a better position to do so.

How many days of food do we have now?
No. 199616 ID: 60bd5e

Launch. Begin geosynchronous orbit and start processing foods and fuel stuff.

Set a probe to create explosives from some of the raw material for fuel, it won't do not to have weapons in this state. After sufficient preparation, we can check out red planet again.

Remember to keep those drones on language analysis.
No. 201375 ID: 4af8c8

Okay, some questions.

Since we are send to colonize a world on our own, I suppose we are not expected to do that with our ship and body alone, right? We probably have schematics to build structures like mines, factories, processing units, etc all probably automated or working through our drones. Probably factories to make drones too. But first we must start small, I guess. I think we need to make more drones first before anything.
Can you make additional drones slaved to you main body?
Hoe many drones can one Iky'Lintho slave to himself? How many of your kind like averagely on one planet (I am talking about the main bodies)?

Is there any possible way to better our self? Like making a better ship? What is the limit .... can we make a titan sized ships that which is pretty much flying industrial complex?
Can we make our "main" body better?

Also, do we have access to ALL of our races technology and schematics or are we supposed to figure those out on our own?

Anyway, retreat for now. Those big ass mo-fos will probably do a lot of damage. And start making additional drones.
No. 201440 ID: 716eb0

We were not sent to colonize a world, we were just supposed to go out and find our place in society. I wanted to be an art critic, not an explorer. But alass, this is a coming of age ceremony that has gone horribly wrong. We are not exploring baren reaches of space by choice, we may not have all the tools we need.
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