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File 127307275679.png - (90.37KB , 676x676 , Cracks.png )
173753 No. 173753 ID: 0b2a05

I am almost finished. The walls are beautiful, they look almost like a sun baked river bed. Dried bodies litter the floor, previously harvested for energy. The mist flows through my veins, almost tickling my muscles and tendons.

I feel pretty good.
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No. 173754 ID: 34470e

Wake up.
No. 173756 ID: 53b54a

Don't wake up.
No. 173758 ID: 1ac39d

no, wake up.
No. 173759 ID: 059120

Feel bad.
No. 173760 ID: e973f4

Wake up and feel bad.
No. 173764 ID: 6834bc

Wake up, feel bad, and try to figure out where the dream came from. Is it a latent desire, an ancestral memory, did it come from your powers somehow, or something else?

Also make sure Fizz('s body) is okay and not being sleep-strangled by you or something.
No. 173770 ID: 0b2a05


...What the hell was that.


I have not had a dream or a nightmare in decades. I cannot determine anything about it.

Fizz's body appears to be fine, and asleep. I can see her chest rise and fall as she breathes. I am in relatively the same position as I was when I fell asleep.

...Eiko is also sleeping here, as is the volto. Eiko is contacting my thigh, I can determine that she is physically healthy.
No. 173771 ID: 34470e

Touch Fizz's body to be sure. If she's fine, you should make some breakfast for her.
No. 173772 ID: 059120

Check on Kav and the volto. Check the time, too.

After that, if it's not too early, wake Eiko. We should get to know her better, both personally and in terms of her being a Enuzian.
No. 173774 ID: 701a19

Run your fingers over Eiko's head as if you were running them through hair.
With your emotions dampened, can you feel affection? Or love?
No. 173778 ID: a594b9

Well. Yesterday was the first time you drained someone's blood... and now you dreamed about it.

What was it that you were almost finished doing in your dream?

Also: You've mentioned before about 'configurations' that determine what magic people use. What exactly does that mean? Can you describe your configuration?

Do you still have the book on demons? While everyone's asleep you should look up Vengeance and Morphic demons.
No. 173785 ID: e973f4

Yeah that's not creepy or anything.
No. 173807 ID: 0b2a05

I touch the kobold. She is still asleep, and completely healthy.

The volto is still in the coma I put her in. Aside from that, she is anemic, but slowly recovering blood.

My biological clock indicates it is around... 12:41 PM. We must have slept in a good deal.

That is a decidedly humanoid instinct. Ezilots would be more liable to stroke a lover's mane, or play with their tail. I cannot dampen my emotions, merely my sexual urges.

The specifics of the dream are difficult to remember, but I know that it related to fun in some way.

There are many things I can do... let me list all I can remember.

Deal with the noise. Hunt animals, possibly gather a supply of blood for later use. Search for a new job at a butchery. Change my species to completely remove all suspicion. Research demons, exorcism, and possession. Find a soul mage. Interrogate the volto. Speak to Eiko. Speak to Kav. Find a new place to stay, or practice blood magic.
No. 173818 ID: 0fc814

Interrogate your captive so we at least have a name.

And don't change your species. You'll just have to keep changing it.

...wait, what noise?
No. 173821 ID: 1ac39d

.... read the last chapter.
No. 173822 ID: 46f93d

Research demons WITH Eiko, whe should be a great help, seeing as how she is one herself. Try to focus on what ever Kav is.
No. 173823 ID: f175f1

Still in support of talking to Eiko first. She's the one who we're actually on good terms with. I'm curious what she can tell us about demons, the cult, and what happened to Fizz yesterday. Also herself, of course.
No. 173843 ID: 0fc814

>.... read the last chapter.
Oh, THAT thing. I thought it meant like a sound.

Hey, can Ram just move the void to his hand and then chop it off and grow a new one? We can drain the prisoner again.

On that note, we need to feed her. People don't just grow blood from nothing.
No. 173853 ID: a594b9

Removing the void from Ram's body could have severe consequences. We need to know exactly what it is and how it pertains to Ram's abilities before we do anything.

Right now we should read what the book has to say about Vengeance Demons and Morphic Demons. Even though it's out of date it should give us something useful.

Hey Ram, you said you hadn't had a dream in decades. What kind of dreams did you have before? ...exactly what age did you stop dreaming? 9? Did it happen RIGHT when your ability first manifested?
No. 173862 ID: 0b2a05

I lift Eiko and set her down on the pillows in the living room. I search for and find the book.

Page 157...


There is absolutely no concrete information here. Should I read the anecdotal tales, or wake up Eiko to help me decipher them?

I will feed and interrogate her after conversing with Eiko, there is certainly enough food here.

I already read the chapter on morphic demons. It mentioned different types, likening them to configurations, but did not provide much concrete information. It seemed to suggest they were rare, or at least difficult to get information on, not to say that the rest of the book was particularly helpful. As for my configuration... configurations are difficult to judge, and the idea of them at all is just a well-supported theory. I have not had enough practice with blood magic, nor had enough reference to base deviations on to recognize my own configuration.

The dreaming stopped around when I was four. I remember vividly having both dreams and nightmares before then, but none after. My magic started manifesting some years after that.
No. 173869 ID: a594b9

Fuck it, we'd need to get the up-to-date demon book to get any usable information on Kav.

Do a little more experimentation with the void. Try to force it into your skin or fur so you can see what it looks like visually.

Read up on Core and Golem demons. After all, Fizz was supposed to be turned into a Core Golem.
No. 173870 ID: 0fc814

Go ahead and wake up Eiko to get some information.

Also, assess feasibility of moving the bad-void to your hand and then chopping it off and growing a new one. Beats having holes in your brain.
No. 173876 ID: 059120

Yeah, wake up Eiko. Going to suggest against experimenting with the malevolent force of creation and destruction naturally moving through your body, though. Apparently, when you feel 'pretty good', it's related to slaughtering and draining the life out several people. I worry about what 'fantastic' indicates.
No. 173977 ID: a85626

Wait, before you wake anyone up, you have three lovely and unconscious women at your disposal. Time to increase your sexual urges.
No. 173981 ID: a594b9

Dude. No. BAD.

Ram should wait until he gets emotionally attached to someone to reactivate that. He's right, sexual urges are distracting, and emotions give the most meaning to sex anyway.
No. 173990 ID: a594b9

Oh wait a second. Ram, you gave Eiko kindof a long hug. Are you getting attached to her?
No. 174027 ID: 0fc814

Eiko can look like anyone or anything. While physical attraction is but one aspect of a relationship, it's definitely a big plus.
No. 174032 ID: a85626


You're just like those fools back at the institution!
No. 174128 ID: 0b2a05

...My fur seems to resist it, somehow.


It is very subtle, but I can see a kind of haze. It is difficult to describe...

...But my arm feels incredible again.

...I don't think that would be possible. The feeling could be compared to... a bottle filled with saltwater. Shifting the bottle would cause salt to collect on a side, but the saltwater would still fill the entire bottle.

I would... rather not. None of us know each other very well, extenuating circumstances aside. Eiko is physically attractive to me in any form, particularly how healthy she is. If she needs to eat, I am curious as to how her metabolism functions. But I still know almost nothing about her.

...As for the hug, I have not... had much physical contact in a while.

I turn to the chapter on golems first.


From what I can tell, golem is a term applied to any demon that is inhabiting anything other than their own body. It says it is different from possession in that golems are complete demons.

On core demons there is quite a bit more information. There are no pictures, but it says that they are heavily related to the center of the planet, revel in heat, and can send waves of it out from their body at will, or sap it from an area, though the latter is apparently more difficult. It also says they can be various sizes.

I trigger Eiko to start waking up. What should I ask her?
No. 174138 ID: a594b9

...you said it was hot recently right?

I think the cultists are gathering Core Golems and having them generate a heat wave. Why, though?

Ask Eiko about Vengeance Demons and then more about how she controls her morphic powers.
No. 174139 ID: 0fc814

"Would you like to go out with me?" Make her some breakfast, first, so it's not as awkward.

Wait. Uh. Ask for help deciphering the book for clues on how to deal with Kav... or if you should learn to get used to your new sidekick.

Speaking of sidekicks, ask if she's okay with staying on as your partner, or if she's helping you out as more of a one-time boon. Also if she'd like to go out with you.
No. 174148 ID: 059120

How she slept, of course.

See if she knows anywhere else we could hide out. The cultists probably know about this place, and since we mentioned Fizz to the captain (why did we never get her name?), the police might be interested, too.

Seconding asking on limits to her shapeshifting. She seems to be able to get mass from nowhere. Biologically mass. Y'know what'd be pretty cool? If she could make that into blood.
No. 175182 ID: 0b2a05
File 127336412652.png - (49.46KB , 676x676 , pillows.png )

It has been hot recently...


"Mmh. Oh, hey Ram."

"How did you sleep?

"Not bad. The bed could have stood to be larger with four people, though."

"Can I ask you some questions?"

"Sure, I did say I'd tell you stuff later after all."

"How does your shape shifting work?"

She props up some pillows behind her.

"That's a pretty big question, anything specific?"

"You lost mass before, I felt it. Where did it go? Could you remove mass and recreate it?"

"I didn't actually lose anything, it just changed into a different form. As for removing it, that wouldn't work very well. If I get hurt I lose... power, I guess. Feel really weak and tired, not to mention the pain. Kinda hard to explain."

"Do you know anything about vengeance demons?"

She shakes her head.

"Very very little. I remember something about blades and quests, but that's about it."

"Is there any way to... expel them, or exorcise them? Or maybe suppress them?"

"I really don't know. But I might be able to find out."

I am... hesitant to ask her out. Rejection could make things awkward.

"Eiko, are you going to keep helping me?"

She shrugs.

"Well, everybody's got stuff to do, but I'll be around if you need me."

"Are you hungry?"

"Yes, and could I ask you a question?"

"What is it?"

"How does blood magic work?"
No. 175185 ID: 1ac39d

'i wish i knew, that's why i asked about your shape shifting, i was wondering if it worked the same way.'
No. 175186 ID: a594b9

Well... what do we know so far? It requires physical contact for all but the weakest possible interaction: Nausea. All changes require pain to be felt, and can be shared between the user and target. Any large-scale physical changes require blood to fuel.

There seem to be no side effects on the target. However... well, just show her the 'haze' by pushing the void into your fur.

We also know that blood itself is not the problem. Blood from animals is weak. Blood that is created manually via Blood Magic holds no power and thus dilutes the power of the blood in the target. Blood power regenerates over time.

There are things we don't understand yet. 1) why your body is emaciated despite eating when needed. 2) where the extra food goes when you overeat. 3) why Blood Mages are so rare (though we suspect it has to do with the complexity/precision of the configuration) 4) why it felt so good when you drained someone else's blood.
No. 175189 ID: 0fc814

Go ahead and explain, and tell her about the void.

Maybe the void exists because Ram isn't consuming as much blood as he really needs.

...or maybe that exists no matter what and going nuts with blood-drinking only provides temporary relief.
No. 175201 ID: 6834bc

>I am... hesitant to ask her out. Rejection could make things awkward.
Tell her a few things about blood magic - then tell her that you'd be happy to talk more about it if she'd go out with you on a date.
Nothing can go wrong with this plan. It is foolproof.
No. 175202 ID: a594b9

That seems a little misleading since we don't actually know a whole lot.
No. 175207 ID: 6834bc

[There's always "learning together" and "when I find out more, you'll know".]
No. 175232 ID: a85626

You might not want to tell her you're helpless without touching someone. Just in case. You could tell her about the anemic thing though, and how you seem to need to consume something in blood in order to achieve a supernaturally fine control over your and other's metabolic functions.
No. 175278 ID: 701a19

Tell her everything you can. Honesty is an important part of building trust.

Oh, and ask if she was born here or if she was summoned here.
No. 175488 ID: 5f7d52

Tell her what you know of how it works. Which isn't really alot.

By the way she said she is hungry. Well do the gentlemanly thing and offer to cook something up for her. Ask her what she wants.
No. 175840 ID: 0b2a05

"...I do not know much about it. I had hoped shape shifting was similar. From what I've been able to gather, I determine specific details about a person's body with any physical contact, and recall them at will. With physical contact, I can change them in different ways almost instantly. I know intuitively that each change will cause pain to one or both parties, and difficult things will use up blood. The blood can come from anything, but animal blood is far less powerful."

I stand up.

"Scary stuff."

"I have absolutely no idea why it's like that. I do not need to eat very much, and I lose mass somehow if I overeat. I do not appear this emaciated on purpose. And one more thing..."

I bring the shifting... stuff into my hand and show it to her.

"...I don't see anything."

"Nevermind. What did you want to eat?"

"Anything, really. You're going to cook?"


"Eiko, were you born here or summoned here?"

"...Okay that's a surprisingly difficult question to answer."

"Do you want to go somewhere with me to talk about these things later?"

She blinks.

"I... sure so? I mean, what did you have in mind?"
No. 175842 ID: c5b357

A walk in a park could be quite nice and it's a pretty good place for a private talk as well. Lots of places where you can be a bit seculded and it's unlikely that people will overhear you. If you want to spice it up you could bring a picnic basket.

But before you take her out I think you might need to speak to Kav. She has information that you need. And if you leave her paralyzed on the bed while you go out and have fun I think she will be very much pissed off, and it's been hinted at that she won't stay weak forever. Having a pissed of vengence demon after you is probably something that goes under very bad things.
No. 175850 ID: a594b9

If you wind up going to the restaurant while you're out, you may want to change your fur color beforehand so you don't get stared at by the staff. In fact maybe you should do that right now so the police don't recognize you if any happen to randomly see you. Have you ever wished your fur was a different color? You could even change your face or height.

Hey, is Fizz's scar on her back still visible? You could ask Eiko if she can see it. If she can't, then perhaps the haze and the scar are related somehow.
No. 175857 ID: 0fc814

Eh, the prisoners will be fine. Just take some precautions.

Visiting a park or woodland area sounds good. Maybe some people will attack and you can beat them up together. It'll be romantic.

Then you can eat the attackers. Bonus.
No. 175864 ID: a85626

Don't leave the demon in Fizz hanging too long. I don't care if I'm Mother Theresa, if you leave me a quadrupelegiac for an extended period of time I will not hesitate to disembowel you when able. The demon probably feels the same way.


Yes. This.
No. 176069 ID: 059120

While you're out, keep an eye open for anywhere you could move to in case someone comes looking around Fizz's. Actually, where was Eiko living?
No. 176108 ID: 9de922

I'd say it's time to find a trustworthy Soul mage. Demonic possession is serious, and it would be quite wrong to just let it continue inhabiting Fizz's body. Fizz is your friend and her life and possibly soul is at stake. A soul mage may be able to help deal with it.
No. 176440 ID: 0b2a05

"A walk in the park?"

"Alright, that sounds good."

"Picnic basket?"

"...You continue to betray my expectations, Ram. Why not."

"Where are you living?"

"I'll... tell you later."

"Do you know of a soul mage?"

"...I might, actually. Or if not, I know someone who would."

I change the color of my fur. Now I am a deep orange copper, and slightly shiny. Changing my face and height would be more difficult. Ezilot faces are not usually paid much attention to by other races anyway.

The kobold... was not paralyzed when I touched her this morning.
No. 176442 ID: a594b9

I think it's time we woke her up, then. The immediate question would be "Why aren't you still paralyzed"

Then some other stuff.
No. 176443 ID: c71597

Well that is a bit intriguing. Seems like Kav can make her host regenerate. Wake her up and see what she has to say.
No. 176496 ID: 9de922

This makes me questions whether or not she had something to do with your dream.
No. 176501 ID: 0b2a05

I go back into the bedroom. The kobold is in the same position as she was before. She looks at me.

"Good morning."

"Good morning."

"Is there something you wanted to ask me?"

"Why are you no longer paralyzed?"

"I already told you. We heal fast, remember?"

Possibly... But why?
No. 176505 ID: a594b9

"Well, okay. Hey, look at this."

Show her the 'void'.
No. 176506 ID: 1ac39d

to show you what happens if you lose control and just follow impulses.
No. 176517 ID: 701a19

"You must understand; Fizz is effectively dead as long as you control her body, and I cannot allow that to continue.
I bear no enmity towards you, but as long as you are holding my friend hostage I cannot allow you meaningful use of her body.
I wish to create a new body for you so you can live without taking the life of another. The only requirement is that you tell me what I need to know; once you are in the new body and Fizz has been restored you will be free to leave.
Does this proposal meet with your approval?"
No. 176523 ID: a594b9

Or we could just... ask her what she wants in return for just leaving Fizz's body and going back home.

I think making a whole new body could be... difficult. Possibly impossible. It took two peoples' worth of blood to resurrect someone. Fabricating an entire body would be harder.
No. 176536 ID: 701a19

No, it took around 15% of the blood of two people; any more than that would have caused far worse things than anemia.

He sneaks into a slaughterhouse, absorbs all the animal blood he can, bleeds into a gas can, absorbs more, repeats until he has gallons of blood, creates new body, refills the cans, heads home. Since he doesn't care about contaminates or age he doesn't need to be picky about it.
No. 176595 ID: 059120

She was the one who told us about the void in the first place. Why would we need to show it to her? Especially considering it seems like something that's not visible, anyway. Ask her what it is, though.

I think we've got more important matters to deal with with her, though. Who is she? Why is she in Fizz, or, more specifically, how did that sigil get onto Fizz? What does she want, and how can we get her out?
No. 176748 ID: c71597

Well now it's time to ask her some questions. Like what the whole void deal means and how is it killing you. Also ask her if there is any more effective way she knows of for you to use your power.
No. 176751 ID: a594b9

The void is 'killing' Ram because it is damaging him constantly, forcing him to repair himself constantly subconsciously.
No. 176753 ID: c71597

Yes, but what is it? Why is it there? Those are things we need to know about it.
No. 176780 ID: 0b2a05


I step around and sit on the bed next to her.

"Why haven't you moved?"

"You made it clear that you didn't want me to."


"You said you would tell me about this noise."

She nods.

"It's a leak, taking up nearly half of your power. You're unconsciously directing yourself to annihilate your own existence, while simultaneously reconstructing it."

I would rather learn about this void first...
No. 176781 ID: 0fc814

"How do I fix it? What do you want in return for helping me fix it? How do I know you'll really help me fix it? You want another body? How about that Volto? She's taller, and doesn't involve being the enemy of a Blood Mage."
No. 176784 ID: c71597

Ok, that's rather odd. Ask her if that's normal for blood mages, it seems like she has seen it before. Also ask if there would be any side effects of removing or fixing it.
No. 176785 ID: a594b9

Do you hate yourself, Ram?

Yes, do ask what she wants in return for telling you about yourself. Also, ask her how she knows this stuff in the first place.

Tell her she can move around if she wants but you really don't want to lose track of her. Fizz is our friend so we don't want to lose her, and this demon could be dangerous.
No. 176787 ID: 19c7d6

uhm... isn't it fairly normal for most creatures to vent some kind of waste energy? Have we considered that this may be a normal process to avoid 'exploding with power"?

I mean, it doesn't seem natural to just keep accumulating and accumulating energy without some kind of pressure release now does it?
No. 176790 ID: 1ac39d

if we know how to turn it off we should be able to turn it back on. so if things start going bad we can.
No. 177036 ID: 059120

>learn about this void first
Ram, this void has been in you since you developed your powers. It's doing nothing but wasting energy and limiting your blood magic, something that's be shown to easily be able to overwhelm you and lead you down a path of death and destruction.

On the other hand, Fizz is currently unconscious and possessed by an incredibly powerful demon. We have no idea what she wants, and yet you're completely trusting in her telling you about unlocking said deadly power.

One of these is an urgent issue. The other isn't.
No. 177629 ID: 0b2a05

Yes. Of course. But if I do not ask now before antagonizing her, I may never know...

"How can I fix it?"

"Simple. Just... stop. Allow your magic to still and settle. Think of it like stopping your heart."

"What will happen when I do?"

She smiles wide.

"Nothing bad, merely something... interesting."

"Why are you telling me this?"

"Because I'm interested in you. I want to see how you do."

She stretches on the bed.

"You cured someone's fever. I've never heard of any blood mage do anything even remotely like that before. And since I'm stuck here..."

"Why? Can you not change bodies? Why not use this volto, it would be much more suitable for you."

"No. I'm stuck here. I don't... remember how to leave."

I believe regular magic is rather like a wave. Buildup and waste should not be problems.
...At least, for conventional magic.

Why... would I hate myself?

"Listen... you can move around if you want to. Just don't go far, I do not want you to get lost."

"I know the area well, but if that is your will..."

She hops down off the bed.

"Are you going to get rid of that noise now? Because I want to watch when you do."
No. 177630 ID: 1ac39d

i... actually want to see what happens more then i fear what happens, let's do it!!
No. 177631 ID: 059120

Hell no. Not until you mention what's so interesting about it. Until then, why don't we shift the topic onto you?
No. 177632 ID: 1ac39d

i don't think it would lie to us about it's effect. we are the ONLY blood mage it has ever seen that has helped someone.
No. 177633 ID: 701a19

Yes, but first ask "The previous blood mages. Why did they all go mad and turn evil?"
No. 177634 ID: e973f4

Ask for a hint about what will happen. Preferably the sort of hint that tells you if doing this is going to turn you into some kind of bloodthirsty killer or something. :V
No. 177651 ID: 6834bc

Is it that Ram is the only Blood Mage who's helped someone, or is it that Ram is the only Blood Mage who has been able to cure a fever?

'Cause there's two different meanings, there. One is that Ram is different because he helps, the other is that Ram is different because his magic is different.
No. 177656 ID: e973f4

Or if nothing bad will happen then sure go ahead and do it. :V
No. 177720 ID: c71597

Interesting she says. Hmmm, go for it.

Of course bad things differ alot depending on your point of view. She might think what will happen to simply be interesting while others would say it's the end of the fucking world. Still, it should be, interesting, so go for it.
No. 177722 ID: 0fc814

Can't be worse than holes in your organs. (Probably)

Go for it.
No. 177740 ID: a594b9

The 'do you hate yourself' question was asked because... it might've been why you were trying to kill yourself without realizing it. Sortof a subconscious reaction to a conscious thought. I thought perhaps you despised your magical ability for all the fear it causes in others (and thus yourself), and that resentment might have been self-destructive in nature.

However, it seems you are more well-adjusted than that.
No. 178697 ID: 0b2a05
File 127411925994.png - (23.78KB , 682x682 , ribs.png )

I do not despise my magical ability.










No. 178700 ID: a594b9


Turn it back on!
No. 178702 ID: 059120

What the hell did I say!?

Okay, okay... Ram, you okay? Can you put it back or something?
No. 178704 ID: c71597

Well that's funny, all of a sudden you look alot more cadavarous, we can't hear you and Kav has a very diabolical smile on her lips.

You should probably turn it back on and leave it on. Then kindly ask her to closer explain what just happened.
No. 178706 ID: a85626


No. 178709 ID: 697b23

Huh... last post said she hopped off the bed. But now she's back on the bed.

No. 178753 ID: babee0

Is your eye bleeding?

Obviously something is wrong.

Maybe you are constantly creating blood as part of your magic, and destroying enough of it that it wont be a problem. Turn off the blood creation and the destruction will keep going.

Ram, are you still there? I don't like the lack of sound coming out of you. If you can I'd stop doing that until we can quantify the effects.
No. 178775 ID: a594b9

Oh, and do tell us what you felt during this experience.
No. 178934 ID: 0b2a05


I feel better than I ever remember feeling before, like some kind of prison holding me has been annihilated.

I feel like screaming, laughing, and crying at the same time. Everything is open, I can feel the smallest anomalies in my body, and the c- and I e- cch-


"Aaghhuaha ahhha hhahha..."

The air tastes sweet...

...I fall to the floor.

"What... what happened..."

"You just doubled your magic."

"Why did you... get on the bed?"

"I wanted a better view. I'm not too amazed you didn't notice."

Those... those are tears.
No. 178936 ID: 34470e

Are... are you okay?
No. 178937 ID: a594b9

Oh. I see.

Did you get MORE emaciated? That's odd. You may have to use your power to change that just so that people don't stare at you.
No. 178938 ID: e973f4

Alright, pull yourself together, man.

Clearly this is something you're gonna have to work up to if you plan on seriously pursuing it.
No. 178948 ID: 059120

How do you feel different? Everything. List it.

Why was half your magic constantly reconstructing your body? What purpose was that serving? Why were you able to stop it just by knowing about it? Can you turn it back on? How did Kav know about it in the first place? None of this makes any sense right now.
No. 178955 ID: 1ac39d

first you need to calm down. then, fix any little defects you may have. do you think you can finally put on some weight so you stop looking way too thin?
No. 178965 ID: 0fc814

Okay, wow, well, so maybe Kav can be your sidekick for awhile...
No. 178986 ID: a594b9

I think we should keep Kav around. She seems to be genuinely helpful. Putting her into the Volto would be great, as soon as we can manage it. Ask her why she's called a Vengeance demon anyway.
No. 179078 ID: 6834bc

Ask Kav what she meant by "I've never heard of any blood mage do anything even remotely like [curing someone's fever] before".
Is it because you did something for someone else, or because you have more 'skill' or greater 'control' than other blood mages?

Furthermore, just how many other blood mages has she heard of, and how? Fizz didn't seem to have this knowledge, so it's something Kav must have had on her own....
So where did the knowledge come from?
No. 179203 ID: c71597

Ah, you just looked so odd, it seemed like you needed it back on again. But now we know why you looked odd, it's probably the first time we have seen you being happy.

Now I think it's time to ask Kav how she knew these things. And if she has any other helpful pointers for a relatively young bloodmage.
No. 179345 ID: babee0

I'm glad this worked so well Ram.

But be careful. Power is a heady brew and we don't want you turning into a monster. Make sure to maintain your self control.
No. 179582 ID: 0b2a05

Yes... Apart from... minor suffocation, I am far better than 'okay'.

I always... look this way.

Already done... perhaps I should have tried to do this... gradually.

I feel stronger. Much stronger, in fact. All the little defects in my body are apparent to me now. I was aware they existed before, but not to this extent. The... voidlike feeling is still there, more prominent than before. It feels somehow comfortable to me though... I can still move it around like before, even easier now.

I am lost for the reasoning behind any of this.

I fix all the defects and catch my breath. I could always put on weight, but it seemed to gradually disappear before. For some reason I get the feeling that it won't anymore, though I do not know why.

"Kav... why are you called a vengeance demon?"

She leans up on the bed.

"It has to do with how we can summon ourselves here."


"Look it up, I'm sure you can figure it out."

"What else do you know?"

She hops down off the bed, and starts towards the door.

"Ever tried the blood of a mage? I recommend it. As for me, I'm going to get something to eat from our delicious kitchen. Do you know how good the food this 'bold cooks is?"


She stops in the doorway, pauses, and looks back at me.

"How do you know all this?"

She smiles again and swiftly exits.

Contrary to most logic, I feel as if I have more control now...
No. 179584 ID: 1ac39d

we mean don't get corrupted by power. just because you CAN do things doesn't mean you SHOULD.
No. 179585 ID: 059120

You still haven't asked her the most important question. What does she want?

I've got to say, I really don't like her. Or trust her. Be careful, Ram.
No. 179587 ID: a85626

Eat all the food.

Eventually you will run out of food.

Kav will be begging you to vanquish her so that Fizz can get back to cooking.

This is a perfect plan.
No. 179610 ID: 0fc814

I don't understand. I thought you shut down your power so you'd get rid of the void, since it was your power destructively turned on yourself... but it's back? Can you tell what it is?

Anyhow. Kav could have escaped during the night, but chose not to. So go have your picnic with Eiko. Maybe you'll get to fight street thugs and drink all their blood.
No. 179611 ID: 1ac39d

talked about it on #rubyquest
the void was simply noisy this made it shut up.
No. 179644 ID: a594b9

Well, if the voidlike feeling is more comfortable now, and it was the source of the 'noise' before... then the void must be directly related to your power itself. Maybe even a physical manifestation of it. Perhaps the reason you cannot detect it with your power is because of that. I mean, you can't look directly at your own eyeball.
No. 179722 ID: c71597

Well follow her and keep pressing with the questions. Also, as she said she has a perfect recall of what Fizz knows she should just as good at cooking, so you could ask her for some picnic food.

I think she hinted at that earlier. She wants simply to exist and have a body. Changing bodies is apparently a rather difficult process so she's staying with Fizz for the time being.
No. 179734 ID: 38cdb2

Say, is it possible for you to reach out to someone with the void?
No. 179889 ID: 0b2a05


She said that she was interested in me.

What exactly that implies remains to be seen...

That would... I do not even know how killing the demon would affect Fizz.


I cannot detect it because it does not seem to be a 'thing', more a specific absence... or maybe it is a thing. Trying to examine it proves... difficult.

... It would seem no. It does not extend very much farther than my fur.

I walk through the doorway to the living room, noting that Eiko is in the same place that she was before. The kitchen is in use; the demon appears to know what she is doing, though she definitely seems to be lacking something.

No. The void is still there, but it is less... oppressive now. Something definitely happened.

I said I would make breakfast. The kobold seems to have commandeered the kitchen now...
No. 179892 ID: 1ac39d

explain to eiko that kav seems to have fizz's memories on cooking so she decided to cook.
No. 179894 ID: 0fc814

Instruct Kav that you're making breakfast for four. Help make breakfast.
No. 179895 ID: a594b9

Try moving all the void you can to one hand, and try changing something in your other hand.

Conversely, try changing your hand while there's a lot of void in it.
No. 180176 ID: c71597

Well then help Kav with the breakfast, that way you're still making it, just with some extra help.

Press with the questions while cooking breakfast. Where did she learn all of this, and if she knows of anything else that would be good to know for a bloodmage.
No. 184664 ID: 0b2a05
File 127510345323.png - (59.78KB , 682x682 , ironchef.png )

I will change the light from blue to green.

It is definitely more difficult to make changes without the void.

"Eiko, the demon seems to have at least partial memory of how to cook."

"It does look that way."

"I will make pancakes."

She gives me a thumbs-up. I walk into the kitchen and prepare to cook.

"Four people to cook for, oh my."

I didn't say that.

"Banana pancakes."

"But of course. Bowls are on the top shelf."

I remove two mixing bowls.

"You seem to know quite a lot."

She takes flour from a cupboard.

"Flattery will get you everywhere."

I put a pan on the stove and start melting butter.

"So much information never comes this easily."

She puts the flour in the bowl and shakes some salt and baking powder into it.

"Everyone gets lucky, hearing, reading... Get eggs, they're in the coldbox."

I put milk and egg into a bowl.

"I know. Historians, archmagi, and alchemists have worked on discovering for decades what you told me in minutes."

She whisks some sugar into the flour bowl.

"I am very smart. What is there to say? Don't mix the bowls until they're all mixed individually."

I cool the butter and mix it into the milk bowl.

"I know. For all the things you've told me, you have yet to mention the most important one. How you know any of it."

She mixes the bowls together while I get a few bananas from the refrigerator.

"Maybe I read it in a forgotten journal, or a friend of a friend managed to escape a blood mage. What you should really be asking yourself is, does it matter? I am here, and I will make you undefeatable before I leave. Get bananas, they are--"

"I know where bananas are."


"What else is there? How much more have you held back? Any re--"

"Oh, spare me the performance. You want power, and I know how to get it. There is nobody around to hear, so drop the saint act and be honest for once."
No. 184667 ID: 1ac39d

wanting power and being nice are not mutually exclusive.
No. 184671 ID: e973f4

Do you want power?

Do you really even know? Do you want to be known as some sort of super-Good-Samaritan, using your abilities to appear out of nowhere and commit random acts of good faith? Do you want to take control of the local area, and live as the blood mages of old?


Do you want to live in peace and relative anonymity?

What do you want, Ram?
No. 184673 ID: a594b9

Time to be honest. Tell her the truth. I think that is... you don't need more power. You want control. Understanding. You're no saint, but you sure as hell aren't going to go down in history books as 'just another crazy Blood Mage'.

Mainly though... you just want to live in peace. Like most people.

Also, I think that the demon was a Blood Mage. She died and went to hell, and became a Vengeance Demon. Now she has no power, but wants to use you vicariously to do the 'fun' stuff you saw in your dream. That was HER dream, leaking into your head.
No. 184680 ID: 8bdb6a

"Being undefeatable sounds nice. But I also want my friend back."

Since that will get you nowhere, also say "Undefeatable how? I can't affect people without touching their vitals. Very flexible, but no range. Not really much more lethal than a knife."

Remember how that geomancer fucked you up.
No. 184683 ID: 701a19

"What have I done to earn so much mistrust from you?
Was it standing up for my friends? Saving lives without asking for anything in return?
I'm not claiming I'm a saint, but I'm not a monster."

Yes, now is a good time to decide what you want.

If you want to be happy, the best choice is to be a force of good.
A nice bonus of this is that once you've established yourself as a good person people won't believe any accusations of you being a blood mage. Eventually, they won't even care.

Being evil generally doesn't turn out too well. I would strongly advise against it.
No. 184796 ID: a576f0

Ram, I don't think you really want power. I've never seen you do anything to suggest you were trying to become more powerful. I think you want to understand your power, and you should relate that motivation to her so she doesn't misunderstand you.

It's almost like she's expecting you to have certain motivations just because you are a blood mage. Maybe she is trying to promote that line of thinking?
No. 184812 ID: c71597

Fine, tell her you mainly want understanding. To understand what your power is, how it works and how it originated. Beyond that you mainly just want to live your life in peace, maybe get a nice acting job or two. Normal stuff.
No. 184843 ID: 059120

"An act that never ends isn't any different from the truth, is it?" I've never seen you want power, Ram. If anything, you've avoided it. You wanted to hide from the fame, the notability, the fear of it, maybe even the responsibility it would bring. If there's anything she could do, it's to tell you about this power so you can't sure you don't get it.
No. 186482 ID: 0b2a05

"Be honest."

"The faster you say what you want, the easier it'll be to get."

I take the mixture and pour some of it into the pan.

"I don't know what I want."


"For the last two decades, I have tried to stay as mundane and unnoticeable as possible. I suppressed my ambitions to the point where I can no longer remember what they were."

I put some banana in the pancake.

"Then, something exploded. My apartment burned down. Somebody threw a poisoned knife at me. I learned that I may be a demon, everyone I meet seems to be, or is at least in some way related to a demon, and I brought intense physical harm on myself bringing back to life what turned out to be a demon."

"Y...you're serious, aren't you?"

The pancake bubbles.

"I want to know how I work. Why are blood mages so rare? What makes them special?"

The pancake sizzles.

"Beyond that, I haven't a clue. But I am not yours or anyone else's pawn."

She slowly steps away from me... and turns to run out of the kitchen.

The pancake is ready to flip.
No. 186483 ID: 701a19

"Ask Eiko."
Flip the pancake
"Oh, and tell her breakfast is almost ready."
No. 186490 ID: a594b9

I think she was greatly disturbed from hearing that you brought Eiko back to life.

Turn off the stove and go make sure she isn't trying to send Eiko back to dead.
No. 186491 ID: 6834bc

Go with this, play the straight man.

Maybe also tell Kav that she shouldn't lie to you again about how much of Fizz's life she knows, if she can't remember bringing Eiko back to life.

After all, Fizz played an important part in that.
No. 186495 ID: 8d7dd2

If the demon in Fizz's body considers the fact that Eiko is alive again to be a threat, then resurrecting her was not a wise decision.

You know what you must do. All it would take is a single touch. Just a single touch. She has enough misplaced trust. A friendly pat on the back. That is all you will need.
No. 186498 ID: 701a19

Ignore that voice. It's out to get you killed.
No. 186506 ID: c71597

Well then flip that pancake man. You don't want burned pancakes.

Yell out for Kav and ask her why it's such a big deal.
No. 186522 ID: 0b2a05

I call after her as she leaves.

"Ask Eiko if you don't believe me."

...I hear the bedroom door shut.

A threat to what? She was only dead for a little while, and it was before the demon was brought out of Fizz. She may be a demon, but I trust Eiko far more than the vengeance demon.

I flip the pancake and make some more.


Eiko is still sitting on the pillows. The other demon is presumably in the bedroom.
No. 186523 ID: c71597

Make sure the breakfast is ready and then go see what's up with Kav. Seriously this seems a bit odd.
No. 186525 ID: 701a19

Bring Eiko some pancakes, and share a meal.
"So, I'm curious. What made you pick a Goblin form? Aesthetics?"
No. 186536 ID: e973f4

my bad missed the last moment in your life.

And yeah Eiko appears to be trustworthy. Presumably saving her life (twice? if that whole bit in the caves counted) is pretty important to her.

As for Kav, uh. I think she was not expecting that answer.

Anyway, I'd say to finish up breakfast and then go ask Kav what's making her act so oddly. If she locked the bedroom, then, uh, just hang with Eiko?
No. 186542 ID: a576f0

I don't know what in your response set her off, but if I had to guess... she was going to offer you power. Now that you've made it clear power isn't your interest, maybe she feel she has lost her only bargaining chip.

I really can't think of anything else about how you responded that would set her off. Maybe she realizes you aren't just going to let her keep Fizz's body and is suddenly frightened of that.

Regardless I'd press the point with her. Her running off mid cooking is strange.
No. 186829 ID: bc1727

Is it possible that Fizz is regaining control of her body? That could be why the demon ran.
No. 187121 ID: 0b2a05

I finish the pancakes and bring a plate to Eiko.

"Hey, thanks."

I try to ope--

The door to the bedroom is indeed locked. I cannot hear anything on the other side.

Knock knock


She does not answer.


Eiko is eating the pancakes rather fast...

"Eiko? May I ask you something?"

"Mmh. Ram, can it wait till our picnic? I've remembered I need to be somewhere. What time did you want to go walking?"
No. 187131 ID: a594b9

Was there a window in there? Kav locking herself in is fine, but if she's trying to run away we'll want to stop her.

Ask if she's alright in there; if she says anything at all then it's probably fine to leave her alone. If she won't answer at all, get Eiko to pick the lock or something.

As for what time for the picnic... well that's pretty flexible. We don't have much we need to do today aside from visit the library yet again. Hmm, how about 11 or 12?
No. 187132 ID: e973f4

Man it was 12:40 when we woke up. :V
No. 187136 ID: c71597

Give Eiko a time, say 16ish.

Then I think we have to figure out what's up with Kav. Tell her you just want to find out what's up. If she doesn't answear give her say 30 mins, ask again and if she still doesn't answear then use your powers to unlock the door.
No. 187160 ID: 059120

Yeah, you're going to have to break in there. Ask Eiko when she'll be back, and what's she's doing (though I doubt we'll get an answer.)
No. 187182 ID: 8bdb6a

Give Eiko an hour. Break into Kav's room.
No. 187572 ID: 1ac39d

yea-NO, breaking into someones room when they want to be left alone is mean. just let her have some alone time.
No. 187578 ID: 6834bc

Just as a reminder:
Kav is a demon. A demon who is possessing our friend's body.

At the very least I don't want her running the fuck away with Fizz's body. That's not cool.
No. 187579 ID: 1ac39d

well sure, just like jam a chair in the door so it can't be opened and then seal the windows to that room if any exist. and announce through the door that you are locking it from this side because you still kinda don't trust her alone. then check to make sure the volto will stay out or immobile while you are gone.
No. 187591 ID: a594b9

Hey, speaking of the volto, perhaps we should feed her? Wake her up and let her eat, but keep a hand on her so she doesn't try anything. Perhaps we should find out her name so we don't just keep referring to her as 'the volto'.
No. 187752 ID: c4c313

If the volto's name is Falto kill her in her sleep.
No. 187968 ID: 0b2a05

There weren't any windows. In fact the only window I know of in the apartment is in the bathroom.

"Some time around 16:00?"

"Okay, I'll meet you back here."

"What do you have to do?"

"Ah, you know... just some 'me' stuff."

I bring a chair and use it to hold the door closed. A kobold alone should not be able to get out.

"Eiko, where is the volto? I did not see her in the kitchen."

"I put her in the bathtub and locked the door."

No. 187978 ID: 059120

Can you sharpen your hearing or something to keep track of Kav? Enough to at least hear if she tries to break out or something?

But, yeah, go bring something to eat to the volto and wake her up. We can try talking to Kav again after her. Try not to be intimidating at least as long as she's waking up.
No. 188130 ID: c71597

Lets feed the volto something. She won't be a useful minion if she's underfeed, and she won't really produce alot of blood then either.
No. 188131 ID: 1ac39d

yeah, get some food and wake her but keep her leg's locked so she can't run.
No. 192315 ID: 0b2a05
File 127631199290.png - (65.92KB , 682x682 , stare.png )

"Can you unlock it?"

"Just a second..."

Eiko gets up and moves to the door, putting her hand on the knob.

"All opened. Hey Ram?"


"C--uh... never mind."

She walks back and finishes the pancakes.

If I am going to be in an echoey bathroom, that could cause some problems...

I bring a plate of pancakes into the bathroom and set it down next to the bathtub. I reach over and touch her head, waking her up, taking the opportunity to paralyze her legs.

I lead back and sit on the floor. She stirs slowly, and opens her eyes. She just looks at me, expression fixed in a catatonic stare.
No. 192320 ID: 1ac39d

"i'm not going to kill you or anything really horrible. i brought you some pancakes."
No. 192321 ID: c4c313


...I think she's broken. Try poking her in the cheek.
No. 192324 ID: e973f4

Thinking she might still be pretty screwed up.
No. 192326 ID: 1ac39d

oh, and if that doesn't work then touch her and see if you can detect anything broken with your new power.
No. 192330 ID: a594b9

"Hello again. The police will be rounding up the rest of the cult members in your little hideout. You, however... are mine. I'm going to use you as my little guinea pig. Don't worry though... I'll make sure it doesn't hurt too bad. Now eat up."
The plan is to practice harmful things on her, but causing numbness in the area we practice on first. Granted that will cause pain in Ram but since we can't always transfer the pain to other people Ram is going to need practice tolerating the pain anyway.
What's the goal of the demon cult?
How many demons are already summoned?
How long has the demon cult been doing this?
Are there any other hideouts in the city?
No. 192373 ID: 059120

>>192320 >>192330
No and no.

Let's get off to a good introduction here. Don't talk about what you are or aren't going to do. First, ask her name. If she doesn't respond, make sure she's actually okay. Once you've gotten her name, give her the pancakes. Ask about the cult after she's eaten. Focus on her for now: why she joined, what she did there, etc. Once we figure out who she actually is we can decide what to do with her.
No. 192458 ID: 8bdb6a

Say "Here's how it works. My friend, partly through the fault of YOU, ended up with a demon dominating her mind and body, possibly forever. I hold you partly responsible, so as far as I'm concerned, your life is basically forfeit and I can do whatever I want without feeling bad. But, I am looking for a servant as well as a test subject. You do what I want, I pump pure hot liquid joy right into your brain..." And give her a bolt of pleasure to demonstrate. "You don't cooperate, well, I've wanted a living person to experiment on for YEARS... So, what's it going to be? You can be my servant or you can be an experiment. It is, by no means, a rhetorical question."

If she refuses, work out your frustrations by trying to shift her species.
No. 192475 ID: a594b9

Ergh... can we lay off the pleasure/pain treatment? It... bothers me.
No. 192490 ID: 701a19

Agreed. We used it because we needed information quickly, and that is the only reason.

Make it clear that she is a prisoner, but beyond that be polite and a gracious host.
We're going to be experimenting on her, not torturing her, and we need to convince her we're decent people if we're to get her help removing Fizz's rider.
No. 192499 ID: c71597

I support this course of action.
No. 192501 ID: 1ac39d

jeez, no, be nice.
No. 193806 ID: 0b2a05

I will start slow, at least.

"Hey, what is your name?"


I reach over and touch her head, looking for problems. I can sense the slightest nuance of her physiology now, her eczema, damaged kidney, and scars, and damaged leg, as well as minor defects in individual cells all throughout her system. Nothing would make her mute.

She makes a noise and I remove my hand.

"I brought you pancakes."

I put the plate of pancakes on her abdomen. She does not say anything, but she does change her expression to one of confusion.

"What's your name?"


I remember the other cultist mentioning that name...
No. 193807 ID: 701a19

Tell her "You have some kidney damage. Hold on, this will sting a bit."
Then share the pain while you fix her kidneys and her leg.

"Ok, that should do it. So, what can you tell me about yourself?"
No. 193810 ID: 8bdb6a

Inform her that she's your captive, but that you have several entry-level cultist positions available.

Ask for her resume.

Also mention that her buddies were going to feed her to a golem for being tainted. Whatever that means.
No. 193811 ID: 059120

Hey, she was a sacrifice. Either as part of summoning the golem or to feed it (?) based on context. So, y'know, she might not have even been a willing member of the cult.

Which is what you should ask her. "Why where you there?"
No. 193819 ID: e973f4

this is fantastic
No. 193820 ID: bc1727

I'd feel a little guilty for essentially using her as a mobile battery there, under the pretense that she was a willing evil cultist.

Not that Ram could have known, really. Still in hindsight, that action was a bit hastily cruel, perhaps.
No. 193984 ID: c2c011

Fix her up and then do this >>193810.
No. 194000 ID: 0b2a05

"You haven't eaten."


She very slowly starts to eat the pancakes.

"You may have been unconscious at the time, but back there your friends mentioned something about feeding you to a demon."

She nearly chokes, but manages to swallow. She does not respond in any other way.

"I made you a paraplegic so you wouldn't be able to leave."

She shies away, but I touch her head again and reconnect her nerves and reverse the damage I caused when wrenching her leg. She tenses. I keep my hand on her head.

"Something damaged your kidney."

I restore the damage. It hurts.


I remove my hand.


"Right now you are my captive. I could turn you over to the police, or do far worse. Instead, why don't you work for me?"


"What can you do?"

"...I'm a... ritualist? I can make rituals, use some spirit magic?"

Hm, I am rather proud of how this is turning out. What should I say?
No. 194004 ID: 701a19

"That should be useful.
Your former compatriots summoned a vengeance demon into one of my friends, and I'm looking for a way I can transfer it to a new host.
Not you, a vegetable from a hospital or something.

Ah, I should apologize; I'm sorry for being so cruel to you before. I was worried for my friend's safety, and that made me... rash."
No. 194009 ID: c2c011

Well that seems rather useful.

Tell her that you can probably find some use for those skills. Give her a slight jolt of pleasure and tell her that if she's good at what she does and useful you're sure she will come to like her new place in life.
No. 194018 ID: 701a19

No. Completely aside from the fact that it made her uncomfortable last time, we really don't want her to think of Ram as that kind of manipulative asshole.
No. 194036 ID: a594b9

Before we accept her as someone who works under us, we need to understand her motivations. Ask her why she was working for the cult.
No. 194199 ID: 059120

Still seconding this.

Still opposing this.
No. 194224 ID: 8bdb6a

Tell her that her friends no longer have use for her. They said she was burnt out. You, on the other hand, can heal anything wrong with her, short of magical ailments. If she agrees to be your lackey, you'll use your very considerable power to keep her healthy.

Leave to give her some time to think it over. But stop at the door and say that if she rats you out, not even the gods will recognize her corpse.
No. 194550 ID: 6834bc

Seconding this. And Ram, if you feel the need to, you can threaten her later. For now, just play nice.
No. 194559 ID: 0b2a05

"Why were you there in the first place?"


She does not seem to want to answer. I ask again.


"...I wanted to be strong. Demons are strong. The elf, she told me we were going to become demons."

"After you finished the ritual, you were no longer any use to them. They never intended to bring you any kind of power."


Should I still ask her to join me? Give her time to think about it? Paralyze her legs again to keep her from leaving?
No. 194561 ID: 701a19

"They didn't tell you that you don't become a demon. Instead the demon takes over your body and leaves you helpless to act. It's similar to death, but without the peace of rest.

Right now I could make you stronger, faster, and maybe even smarter, but I won't.
Not until you can give me a good reason to grant you power, and prove that you can wield it responsibly."
No. 194562 ID: 059120

Well, tempting her with power would be the obvious choice, but it's not really fitting of route Saint Jesus. Instead, inquire why she needed strength at all.
No. 194565 ID: a594b9

If we do leave without making a decision, give her the choice of how we are to ensure she cannot escape. Either we knock her out again or paralyze her limbs.

Also... she's a spirit mage? That means we already had a taste of blood from a magic user.
No. 194574 ID: aeade0

power is a means, not an end. why did she need it?
No. 194582 ID: 719d0b

I believe that if you have any intention of "recruiting" her, you should show her some trust at this point. I see no reason for her to lie at this stage of the game, and you know better than any of us if she were lying. You're practically a breathing lie detector, except probably more accurate.

Let her move freely and make her own choice now. Her place with the cult has thoroughly dissolved by now, so she's no longer a threat to you anyway.

She'll be taken aback by your kindness and will be likely be compelled to trust you in return if she's at all worth keeping around.
No. 194585 ID: 8bdb6a

Tell her that you can make her strong.

Start thinking of a stronger/faster species to turn her into.

>Well, tempting her with power would be the obvious choice, but it's not really fitting of route Saint Jesus.
Well there's your problem! Healing people at the cost of our own health, with no ambition other than to be a penniless benefactor, isn't what we should be aiming for. Let's set up a base of power.
No. 194586 ID: aeade0

it's not at a cost, it hurts for a moment then it's over with no lasting problems.

anyway, no offers of power until she already wants to join. otherwise she will just be here for the power not real loyaltt.
No. 194588 ID: e973f4

Seconding this.
No. 194589 ID: 701a19

Saint Jesus is impractical. However, establishing himself as benevolent is something he needs to work on. People are less likely to hunt him down and kill him if he gets outed after curing a whole bunch of people of horrible diseases.

Actually, how about we set him up as a faith healer? People come to him with problems, an offering of blood "to provide the needed life energy", and a small fee to make it seem like he makes a modest living from his work. He pours the blood on an altar rigged with a drain and a gas flame, does 'rituals', gives them a feeling of 'divine presence' while healing them, and lets them walk out of there healthy and blissfully unaware that a blood magic just helped them.
This serves a few purposes:
1: It provides a legal way to obtain blood, albeit mostly animal blood.
2: It establishes him as person who is kind and caring.
3: It provides a little bit of income.
4: It allows him to establish an alternate persona for use in an emergency.
5: If he can tweak his chemistry so that he doesn't need sleep, then he can have one persona work at night and the other in the day, which tidies up the normal issues with alter egos.
No. 194592 ID: a594b9

>faith healer in a world where magic exists
Try again please.
No. 194594 ID: 701a19

>Faith healers not being in a world with clerics
Yea, I'm not seeing a problem here. Besides, it seems like there's not much widespread use of healing magic.
No. 194596 ID: a594b9

What clerics? Anyway my point was that people will immediately be able to call bullshit on what he's doing or it will largely be ignored.
No. 194597 ID: a594b9

You know what, I agree that we should begin organizing a team and get some kind of hired muscle going. It's easier for us to stay off the radar if we have underlings doing our work for us!

Also, supporting tempting her with power that we can give her. Though of course we should find out what she's going to do with that power. We want to remain in the shadows and if she's going to run off and attract tons of attention that would come back to bite us in the ass.
No. 194598 ID: b5fbb5

Don't ASK her to join you. She was in a cult. She should be used to being subservient. Politely explain that she has no choice in the matter and she IS one of your lackeys now.

Remember to remain polite. She doesn't have to LIKE you. She just has to know that you intend her to work for you until that demon is out of Fizz. In a way, she's somehow responsible for all this.

I don't think further displays of force and power are necessary, she should be entirely aware of what you're capable of at this point. But if coercion is required, do it. I mean, you can fix the damage afterwards anyway.
No. 194622 ID: c2c011

Tell her that she has a simple choice. Death, or the chance to gain alot more power than her former "friends" ever offered her.
No. 194679 ID: 059120

This is actually a great idea. As for the criticism, consider how popular faith healers work in a world without magic, where it's almost conclusively proven as fake. People will believe anything if it's good for them, and especially if it works. Just make sure to com up with a lot of other ritualistic bullshit to downplay the blood. Rose is ritualist, maybe she could help with that. ((Also if it wasn't obvious I'm voting against giving her power, especially by force.))
No. 195291 ID: 6834bc

So Ram, give us a history recap. Was there ever a large war between Blood Mages and some other magely group?

And also, how paranoid would the people be about that faith-healing thing if blood were any part of it?
No. 195638 ID: 0b2a05

There is thought to have been about three or four blood mages in the total of history. The first is the only one that is confirmed and set the baseline, information about the rest is too scattered to determine if they were blood mages, demons, or other things entirely.

...That is true. I did however have it before the noise was removed though, that may have something to do with it. I did feel... strange, afterward. Very strangely good.

...I do not think that would work very well. The only thing that seems to be agreed upon about blood mages is that they all use blood to power their magic, unlike other mages that simply use drawn energy.

Healers are widespread, they are usually doctors as well. My magic is far, far more powerful though, and nearly instantaneous.

"Why did you want power in the first place?"


She seems very uncomfortable. I do not think I should press her about this.

"Regardless, working with me will allow you more opportunities to strengthen yourself."

I stand up and walk to the door.

"I will give you time to think about it. I will return later, you may not want to leave as your previous associates may have drawn attention to you."

I start out the door.

"Oh, and becoming a demon does not give you demonic powers. It merely suppresses you within your own body as it is taken over by another entity. If you're going to work for me, try to think of a way to reverse it. Your victim was my friend."

I close the door behind me as I leave and sigh. Now what.
No. 195639 ID: 059120

How long has it been since you left Kav alone? If it's been more than twenty minutes, go check on her. Even if it hasn't, make sure she's still there.
No. 195640 ID: 8bdb6a

Have Eiko hold down the fort while you take a walk. In a bad part of town. See if you can get someone to try murdering you, so you can practice your magic.
No. 195654 ID: c4c313

Oh, we kind of burned this bridge, but maybe Rosaline and the demon stuck inside Fizz could form some sort of mutual situation? It's definitely not your magical forte all this bloodless demonic extradimensional stuff, but if you can figure out how to fuse the two I'm sure Rosaline would be pretty ecstatic, if not Fizz's demon. It would at least get you another ally in your hopes to restore your friend's mind into her own body.
No. 195658 ID: c4c313


OK don't do this. Unless you want that crazy earth bender to throw you in the clink again! She'll be pissed if she sees your ass walking around as free as daylight.

Huh, matter of fact if you could sneak back into your cell, that'd probably drive her right over the edge, and then she'd be safely held in a sanatorium freeing you to go about your business. Well, that's a pretty long shot anyway. Better to stay off the radar or even just skip town.

Or no, wait. You still haven't practiced shape shifting! She could round up all the fire rats in town, but if there are enough you might be able to alter your features enough to walk around without her (or the assassins trying to kill you) recognizing you.
No. 195730 ID: 6550ad

Among other things, I think you should still keep investigating this cult so obsessed with summoning demons. I doubt that all this happening around you is just a coincidence.

Possible courses of action:

a)Go back and investigate your old burnt down aparment. Look for any clues about what started the fire. I suspect that you might find another symbol there.

b) Look for information about the flight curelian with an eyepatch. You could ask Eiko to hang around the police station (without her goblin disguise, of course) and get familiar with the cops going in and out.

Once she's learnt their schedule, she could shapeshift as any of them, and look in their archives and stuff. It could be a valuable source of information for us.
No. 195744 ID: a594b9

Do this; but change your physical appearance a bit more. Just a color change can be seen through if someone is actively looking for you.

We should definitely check out the library though. We need to get information about Vengeance Demons from that updated demon book.

For instance I believe you are the only person around who is as thin as you are. Put a bit more meat on those bones, and you should be safe.
No. 195767 ID: c2c011

Go and check up on Kav again. You don't want her running off through some demonic portal with Fizz body.
No. 195773 ID: 059120

Don't do this.
No. 197039 ID: 0b2a05

Eiko appears to have left...

I press my ear against the door...

...Enhancing my hearing, I can hear the sound of mattress springs. She is definitely still in there.

Skip town... I admit the idea is a little tempting. I just arrived in Paroza; there are few things holding me here.

...That may be a solution. I do not know how easy it is to transfer demons between bodies, but it could be worthwhile to research the possibility.

Ergh. I build up my muscles. Hopefully they won't deteriorate this time.

I take the fireman badge, but neglect the jacket, pants, and hat. Is there anything I should do before going to the library?
No. 197042 ID: 9bddc8

Conceal that badge or consider leaving it behind. Yes, if it goes off, you won't be able to help anyone... but what's the point of disguising yourself if the badge will give you away - especially if anyone who saw your badge last time is at the library today?

Also, because there probably won't be a good time anytime soon, do you think that making sculptures out of blood (likely animal blood, and I'm sure there are ways it could be done) to sell would set off the same alarms as "faith healing" with blood donations?
...Even if you were to say you were, say, a spirit mage with some form of telekinesis?

No matter where you go, you're going to need money sooner or later, and it's a possible source of income - as they say, there's a market for just about everything.
No. 197045 ID: 059120

Become a super hero. You've got comics, movies, cartoons, right? The outcast who is feared for his powers has to prove himself by taking on a secret identity and saving the population.

There's a couple of steps you'll need to take first, though. You'll need a secret identity. Unless Ram is supposed to be the secret identity? I never remember how that works. Whatever, superhero name and theme. We should try to avoid the blood theme, though. Use your magic to bulk up, make yourself flexible and resistant to pain (speaking of, why don't you do that when you do regular blood magic?), and only actually perform blood magic when grappling or striking so it seems like you're just hitting hard and well.

What we want to do is play up the flair as much as possible. Get a famous super hero around and adored by the public, reveal he's a blood mage, maybe you can change the opinion of them a bit.

I suggest you change your appearance as much as possible for the identity? Any races specifically thought of as generic? Goblins, Humans, maybe?

More ideas to come later, probably.
No. 197048 ID: 8bdb6a

>Is there anything I should do before going to the library?
Get into a fight and win.

Travel through a bad part of town, get someone to mug you, refuse to give them any money, then turn them into a meat puppet when they stab you.
No. 197087 ID: c2c011

Change your fur colour and your facial features as well as the leangth of your tail. That should do for now.

A tempting idea. Save that one for later though.
No. 197146 ID: f202ec


I support a life of superheroics wholeheartedly. Time to take back the "blood mage" name, make it be a symbol of hope and justice rather than fear and oppression!
No. 197149 ID: a594b9

I don't. Ram should work from the shadows, whatever he decides to do. Attracting attention can only lead to hostility.

Did we just leave Rosaline in there without making sure she couldn't leave? Brace another chair against the door, I guess.

Hey Ram, you've been commenting on the pain resulting from using Blood Magic a little more now... does it hurt more, or is it just more of a shock since you feel better in general now?
No. 197158 ID: 481e1f


I support the idea of Ram as a superhero under a secret identity. But aim for more of a "don't fuck with justice" superhero as opposed to a "I AM SAINT JESUS" superhero. Like, I dunno, Batman or something.

Do what Test Pattern said in the early days to build up some notoriety. Strike fear into the hearts of the criminal underworld. Maybe even make it seem that you're so terrifying they get heart attacks or something just by your mere presence. ...That last bit is optional and depends how grim-antihero you want to go.
No. 197186 ID: 6550ad

I still think you should investigate the mystery at hand rather than waste time walking around waiting for some lowlife to mug you.

Also, have you ever considered, why would anybody want to mug Ram? He looks famished and walks around naked.

I stick to my idea, even if nobody seems to like it. Investigate old apartment; infiltrate the police and do research about the one-eyed Curelian.
No. 197541 ID: 0b2a05

I put the badge in my pouch. Hopefully it will not be very apparent.

Sculptures made out of blood... They would be fragile, but I think it would be possible. I think there are enough avant garde artists as to not arouse undue suspicion...

I just moved here, I do not know the area enough to find something like that so easily. Many buildings are empty, and traveling through alleyways alone does not guarantee that someone will attack me. Besides... there isn't much on me to be a target for thieves.

...No, actually. Quite the opposite. It feels more pronounced, but the pain is... different now, like it's somehow more controlled.

I brace another chair against the door to the bathroom, like I did with the bedroom.

I lengthen my tail to far longer than average. Hm... I modify the muscles to increase prehensility. I already changed my coloration.

Both the doors held shut, I set off towards the library.

I... That is very dangerous thinking, it would be nearly impossible to keep a hidden identity, and besides... I am not sure if the image of blood mages should be changed...


I finally arrive at the library. I move through the doors and look around. There are quite a lot of people today, the library mages look to be helping multiple people simultaneously. I do not see the thri-kreen from last time...
No. 197552 ID: c2c011

Well then, lets start looking for a book on vengence demons. If anyone asks why you're looking for it then tell them you're writing an essay on them for a course you're taking.
No. 197596 ID: 059120

You can completely change your appearance! How hard can it be to maintain a secret identity? (Though considering you just revealed yourself as a blood mage to like six people in the last two days...)

This is a good idea and cover. If you can get the attention of a library mage, ask if there's any Soul Mages around you might be able interview for it. You heard there was a new one in town.

Also get some some superhero comics, or maybe a book about the genre.
No. 197606 ID: a594b9

Go find that same book from before. If the Thri-kreen isn't here today then it should be freely available.
No. 197906 ID: 8bdb6a

Wait, you have chairs propped up on doors to restrain a grown cultist and a demon? I'm pretty sure they can just rattle the doors open. Also that's kind of demeaning.

Check out some promising looking books QUICKLY and take them home. You can Bluff your way past the library lady, right? If not, stretch your arm to stick the books on the sill of a high window, leave empty handed, then yoink them off the sill from the outside and go home.

If you don't find anything promising in a serious hurry (I can't remember what you're researching) then just go home.

(Granted, I don't know what to do about either Kav or the cultist. And where the heck is Eiko?)
No. 197907 ID: e973f4

(Eiko said she "needed to be somewhere.")
No. 198673 ID: 8bdb6a

Hey, here's a thought. Kav is going to keep causing trouble, and she's going to stay in Fizz's body because she likes the body, right?

So, let's just change that body around. Like, turn it into a horse or whatever riding animal they use around here. No thumbs, so she'll get in less trouble, and will (hopefully) eventually agree to leave, or at least cooperate. Or maybe just not sneak out the window, like she's surely done by now. Hurry back and maybe you can catch her.

(Also, we can see if Ram can do magic other than healing, nerve-lock, and minor tweaks to his own body)
No. 198685 ID: 3778d2

oh god, she may be possessed right now but that is still his friends body, i don't think turning it into anything would be nice.
No. 198691 ID: 8bdb6a

We can turn it back, later.
No. 198695 ID: c4c313

Kav already tried to go into the Volto. She let it slip that she was "stuck". So Fizz's problem and her problem aren't all that different.

Also I doubt we'll be able to meet the shapeshifting prowess of Eiko, whose very nature is heavily defined by that. It's blood magic, emphasis blood, not transformation magic. More general in scope, but probably harder to jury rig to act like another type of magic.

Also superhero what what are you guys on and can I have some.

Ram, you could become an archaeologist and a historian. In other words, since you're curious about what motivated past blood mages to have such a bad rep (really, only the one), go find out about it! Well, maybe after saving Fizz. And getting the demon case closed so the police stop hounding you. You might make a good private investigator too; blood magic aside, you're very perceptive.
No. 202845 ID: 0b2a05
File 127821103196.png - (87.97KB , 682x682 , scream.png )

I am so sorry for taking so long to update, let's just say I have quite a lot to do as of late

I suppose holding a secret identity would be easy for me... but more than minor changes could make me anemic, and that link would be easy to investigate.

...Turn Fizz into a horse? That seems exceptionally painful, possibly for both of us. Turning her back would be painful as well, but it is presumably something I can do with perfect accuracy.

It is more than difficult to find references to blood mages, in any form.

...But I guess I'm not doing anything else with my life.

The demon did say that it could not leave Fizz's body, but I do not know enough to judge how accurate that is.


After some searching, I find... uh...

I find the book on a different... shelf, someone must have... uh...

...There is a lumera here staring--


--He just screamed in what I can only understand is pure agony, clutching his head and running. He knocks an olao into a bookself on his rampage through the library, I believe he is running towards a back door.
No. 202852 ID: 8bdb6a

>That seems exceptionally painful, possibly for both of us.
Only because you aren't using external sources of blood to fuel your magic. So, get some. Get a lot. She is an evil mind-control creature and we can't trust her.

More pressingly, run after the guy, shouting very clearly "MISTER, ARE YOU OKAY? LET ME HELP," so no one thinks you're the cause.
No. 202853 ID: 0f5309

chase him! if you can magic yourself faster then do it.
No. 202854 ID: 1e9d01

...This man may be some kind of mage that can see your magic configuration. We have to catch him. We have to either kill him or calm him down or SOMETHING just catch him! Leave the book behind, we can get it again later and besides stealing it would mean a bunch of library mages would try to stop you.
No. 202857 ID: 059120

Ignore him. Chasing a guy who's running away from you and screaming is not a good way to keep a low profile. If he does think you're a Blood Mage, it probably lends a lot more credence to it than "I saw this guy in the library! You've got to believe me!"
No. 202872 ID: 701a19

Tell somebody to call an ambulance, then start after him at a decent clip. Not a run, though.
No. 202873 ID: c4c313

Don't turn her into a horse. That would be silly. Bellyfication is much more hindering and humiliating.

Any chance you had of keeping your cover was blown when that guy screamed at the sight of you and ran off. Even if you pretend innocence I'm sure you don't want him to try to prove his case that you're a blood mage... or whatever it is that caused him such misery. Plus maybe he's got vital information you need to know and is about to run to his death! You might never see him again until it's too late!

Chase and catch him; once you touch him you'll at least have a good idea of what's causing him pain. What innocence you lose in chasing him is far offset to you figuring out what the heck is bothering him, because if people have that reaction to you, you won't be able to disguise yourself at all!
No. 202935 ID: 0b2a05

I call out. "Hey, are you alright??" He is running very fast, but if I run I think I can catch up. I abandon the book for now and rush past the bookshelves, narrowly avoiding the olao, who shouts in protest.

...That voice sounds familiar somehow.
No. 202937 ID: 701a19

Stop and apologize, and ask him to call an ambulance for a possible stroke victim.
No. 202940 ID: 1e9d01


Look at the Olao. Is that the girl you knew when you were young? Or is it the one you talked to in the fire station?
No. 202942 ID: 059120

Shout this, tell them to wait here, don't stop running. No turning back now.
No. 202965 ID: aa4289

keep running! shout back that you will be right back.
No. 202992 ID: 8bdb6a

Keep following him.
No. 203004 ID: 0b2a05

No time.

"Sorry, wait there a minute. Be right back!"

I run at the lumera, jumping over a pile of books. He weaves left, but I have to dodge a curelian carrying a stack of books. I push off from one of the bookshelves and brace against another to make a sharp right turn.

...Damnit, there are two back exits, one to my right and one to my left. The one on my right is closer, but the one on the left looks more clear. Which should I go for? Or should I head for the main entrance?
No. 203006 ID: 701a19

No. 203009 ID: 059120

Left. If you don't see him when you get outside, give up and talk to that Olao.
No. 203014 ID: 6550ad

Go left.

Always go left.
No. 203030 ID: c2c011

He seemed to be in a state of panic. Which makes it a bit more likely that he took the closest route which was the right one. So go for that one.

Hmm, I wonder what triggered that reaction? Possibly either the fact that you have been close to demons for quite a while and somehow it has rubbed off some sort of Aura thingy on you, or he can sense bloodmages.
No. 203087 ID: 8bdb6a

Do this.
No. 203471 ID: 0b2a05

I run to the left, hoping his instincts match mine. Adrenaline surges through me as I pelt down an aisle. When I reach the end, I nearly hit the wall as I skid around and through the back door.

The door opens up into a large alley.

...Looking in all directions I do not see him.
No. 203475 ID: 1e9d01

Did you look up, too? Is there anything he could be hiding behind?

If not, let's go back and talk to the Olao.
No. 203478 ID: e3f578

Look for one of them teleport runes!
No. 203481 ID: 059120

Run right. Get out of the alley and take a look there before giving up.
No. 203484 ID: 701a19

These actions in this order.
No. 203495 ID: e3f578

You can't do those in that order, we would initiate the conversation with the Olao before there's any hope of catching the guy with the other actions!
No. 203498 ID: 701a19

Clearly, I meant except the part about Olao.
No. 203538 ID: 0b2a05

The alley is surprisingly clean, I cannot see anything he could hide behind.

Nothing that I can see without examining the area closer.

I run down the alley on my right, forcing my body to move as fast as it can. With no obstacles in my way, I accelerate. As I reach the edge, I look to the left...!

There, he is running through the streets. I think I can catch up to him.
No. 203540 ID: ad584c

excellent! full power speed!
No. 203550 ID: 059120

We've made too much a scene to stop now! Keep going, full speed!
No. 203572 ID: c2c011

Full speed ahead! We have to catch him and ask why he ran away.
No. 204443 ID: f202ec

Try shouting something that will allay suspicion as you chase the Olao. You want people to think that you have a perfectly reasonably explanation for running down the street.

Your best option is obviously "I told you to stay away from my sister! Touch her again and I swear I'll break your scrawny neck!"
No. 204445 ID: e16f8b

no no. until we get close to the olao seeing a random person running is no big deal.
No. 204451 ID: 0b2a05

I run. I run fast. The world seems to spin underneath me as I sprint towards the lumera. People quickly move out of our way as we run through the streets and alleys, but I am rapidly catching up, fast as he is.

"If I ever catch you near my sister again, I swear, I will shove your head so far up your--"

He suddenly turns into an alley, and I follow quickly. ! It's a dead end. Not slowing, I match him and place my hand on his exposed back--!

He tenses up sharply as I touch him. I can feel his heart pump blood through his body powerfully enough to rupture his own veins. He has so much adrenaline coursing through him his adrenal glands are damaged from producing it.

...I think I should do something about this before he smashes into the alley wall ahead of us.
No. 204453 ID: 059120

There's only one thing a true hero would do in a situation like this! Cushion the impact with your own body! Distribute fat and muscle to absorb as much of the blow as possible!
No. 204454 ID: e16f8b

force him to stop with you, paralyze his legs, and start questioning him, why did he run, where was he running to?
No. 204455 ID: 34470e

Try grabbing him around the waist, then position yourself so you can run up the wall to flip off of it. Or try shifting the momentum to jumping.
No. 204456 ID: 6550ad


Paralyzing his legs while he's running at full speed will have very painful consequences for him. I mean, we don't even know why is he running away, I don't think we should break his face already.

Seconding the idea of outrun him and cushion his impact.
No. 204457 ID: e16f8b

then make his legs less powerful. so that he has to slow down before impact.
No. 204458 ID: 8bdb6a

Halt him. Make him decelerate smoothly to a standing stop. Calm him down. Make him not kill himself. Put your arm comfortingly around his shoulder and puppet-walk him somewhere quiet where people won't see you, so you can question him, forcing his voice to stay low. The city's population is too low for it's size, so there must be plenty of abandoned places tucked away.

Ask him his name and who or what he's running from. Fill him with calming chemicals to make him cooperate.

Be prepared to make him explode if he turns out to have a demon inside him.
No. 204459 ID: c4c313

You need to drop his blood pressure sharply. If he hits that wall with all those straining vessels it could cause gads of internal bleeding. So consume the blood in his body just as you consume your own, to power the creation of shock absorbing fat padding, grab him and shield him as you both hopefully engage the wall nonfatally. It will make both of you anemic, but that is *good* at this point.

Subsequently you need to lower the adrenalin as it has consequences aside from high blood pressure, but think about that later PREPARE FOR IMPACT
No. 204460 ID: a594b9

Physically grab him, and spin him and you around so that you take most of the impact. Don't use any Blood Magic on him just yet; use your superior strength instead.

At this point it's almost certain that he already knows what you are, but let's hold on to that sliver of doubt for now.
No. 204461 ID: c4c313


Changing my vote to run up the wall. Better than hitting it, let gravity slow you down!
No. 204465 ID: 059120

We know nothing about this guy. We're not even sure he was running from you, specifically. If he thinks you're a Blood Mage, saving his life in the most dramatic way possible is the best way to show you're not going to kill him. (I'll leave the argument about not killing him for later.)

Still, we have no idea whether he knows you're a Blood Mage or not, so don't make it unreasonable for a normal person to be capable of. Once you've both stopped, do not perform any blood magic on him whatsoever. Keep him held, whatever, but don't throw down your card until you're certain he's seen it.

Ask what he was running from, his name, etc. Doing it here should be fine, it's a dead end alley.
No. 204513 ID: c2c011

Halt him and purge his system of adrenaline, repair whatever damage there is and make him calm down.

Then ask him why the hell he decided to run away from you.
No. 204519 ID: 701a19

No. 204753 ID: e973f4

This is probably the most reasonable idea. :V
No. 204786 ID: 0b2a05

As much as I loathe to potentially reveal myself, he is in critical danger of cardiovascular damage. If I am going to stop him from killing himself, I will need to do something about his adrenaline and heart rate.

...I would rather not. Running up a wall while carrying someone against their will... If anyone could do it well it would probably be me, but it is still rather physically improbable.

Stopping his legs could actually make the situation worse. He has a lot of momentum, disconnecting his nerves could throw him forwards and hit the ground or even the wall head-first. I relieve his veins of adrenaline and slow down his heart. That... did not hurt as much as I expected it to.

I wrap my hand around his left shoulder and swing out in front of him, jumping forwards to add to my momentum. I grab his other shoulder with my other hand. This is going to hu--


Eugh. He slowly slides down off me. The sudden loss of adrenaline and blood pressure must have come as a shock. ...My left arm has a stress fracture. He is bruised on both shoulders and on his left leg, otherwise relatively unharmed, apart from minor abnormalities.
No. 204787 ID: 701a19

Heal your arm, then wake him up without magic and ask him if he's ok.
Then ask why he ran.
No. 204788 ID: df7322

okay well then fix yourself a bit and then paralyze his legs and start questioning him. why did he run? where was he going?
No. 204789 ID: a594b9

Repair your damage, then try talking to him. Ask him why he screamed and ran, and if he's okay. Make sure to point out that he nearly ran straight into a brick wall, and that would probably have killed him. Why would he want to do that?
No. 204791 ID: 059120

He's conscious, right? Start asking him things. Name. Why he was running. Who you are. If he's alright. Don't let go of him, but don't magically paralyze him or anything. He still might not know you're a blood mage.
No. 204792 ID: 059120

Don't fix the damage now. As little blood magic as you can do while having you both stay alive.
No. 204793 ID: 701a19

No. We want to keep our ability usage low.
The first reason is plausible deniability; nothing we've done so far has been inexplicable without blood magic. Even his 'fainting spell'.
The second is that blood magic isn't working normally on him, so we need to proceed with caution.
No. 204895 ID: c2c011

Ok, before you start to revealing too much about your power, just ask him why he decided to run from you. Keep your hand on him to work as a lie detector.
No. 204972 ID: 8bdb6a

Absorb some of his blood to weaken him further, and strengthen yourself.

Take the opportunity to teach yourself how to effectively puppet him. This will be useful the next time you need someone to slow down. Also, right now, for when people show up to see what all the commotion is.
No. 205243 ID: 0b2a05

He is not unconscious. When I lowered his blood pressure and removed adrenaline, the sudden change must have come as a shock.

We are both alive. The main danger was to him from his extreme panic, and the physical changes that came with it.

...It is possible that he does not know absolutely what I am. I am not frail; even with my injured hand I can keep him from escaping without resorting to magic. Until I know more, I will avoid its use.

Blood magic affected him. In fact, it was easier than I expected it to be.

This is an empty alley; the buildings framing it look empty. Just to be safe, I drag the lumera from view.

...A good idea, but if his previous behavior was any indication, I won't have a stable base to detect deviations from.

I shake him slightly with my uninjured hand.

"Hey... hey, are you alright? Why did you run?"

His eyes snap up and look into mine, a look of absolute terror on his face. His heart starts to beat faster again.

"YOU... You have no soul..."


No. 205244 ID: 34470e

Ask him what he means. Politely.
No. 205251 ID: 8bdb6a

Say "Hey, fuck you too, buddy."

Turn him into a dog.
No. 205252 ID: 35c8d5

tell him that you are fairly sure you do have one. and that perhaps your magic makes it imperceptible?
No. 205253 ID: 35c8d5

pretty sure that would prove him right.
No. 205255 ID: 8bdb6a

So what?
No. 205256 ID: 34470e

This goes against what we've been going for. We want Ram to be nice, not ebil!
No. 205259 ID: 059120

Yo, Soul Mages aren't that rare, are they? If you didn't have a soul, I figure someone would have noticed at this point. That would mean it just went missing recently.

Remember what you did recently? With the listening to a demon about blood magic and getting rid of noise? That just might be related.

Okay. If he can see souls, he's a soul mage, right? The same kind of soul mage we were just looking for, right? We're taking him.

Act surprised. Hopefully you are a little, at least. We're passing this off as Kav stealing your soul, somehow. Mutter to yourself, something like "Oh shit, she was serious about being possessed by a demon?! I thought she was just kidding around... Hey, you, you know anything about demons? I think my friend might be possessed, and it stole my soul, or something." Can demons do that? I am assuming they can do anything, because, man, fucking demons. "Can you help me out or anything?"

If he doesn't go along with it, Plan B: Take him by force. Knock him out if you have to.
No. 205263 ID: c4c313

Damn. This soul mage can't even detect us? Must be a newb! Hey Ram I dunno if that "no soul" thing goes right to your cold robot heart, but I don't think he's quite rational at this moment. Ask if you have no soul, then how are you talking and walking?

Heck for all we know he might just be criticizing your taste in music. Follow Exuno's advice for now.
No. 205265 ID: a594b9

Ask what he means. Impolitely. Freak out a little bit.
No. 205274 ID: 701a19

I said it's not behaving normally, not that it's not working. There's a significant difference.

Restore the noise to normal, then ask him what he means my that.
No. 205297 ID: c2c011

Oh, that seems quite interesting. Hmm, we're gonna have to ask him a bit more about that.

But first ask him if he is a soulmage, because you sort of have some need for one.

[No, that's what you want. I'm on the side of making sure that Supreme Overlord Ram rules the world for eternity with an iron fist.]
No. 205299 ID: a594b9

(I'd like to point out that I'm in favor of Ram just forming a small group of mages and demons then using them to gain some amount of influence in the city's underground... but not take the city over completely.)
No. 205313 ID: 059120

(If we're stating our alignments, I'm going with "morally pure, mostly keeping to himself." Though...)

Hey Ram, it's probably not a good time, but the subject's been breached. What do you want to do with your life? Right now, plans for the future, accomplishments, old age, anything. You seem like a guy with a lot of character, who's keeping it to himself, even from the voices in his head. And seriously, if you don't want us to keep arguing about what you should try and do, you're going to have to give us a goal of your own.
No. 208379 ID: 0b2a05

"...What the hell are you talking about?"

"There's nothing there... No no no. No."

"Are you a soul mage?"

He nods his head and his eyes water with tears.

"I have a soul. Everyone has a soul. It is impossible to not have a soul."

"Empty, no soul..."

He seems to be quickly becoming distressed again.

I suppress the void as much as possible. I feel... dizzy.

"A demon cursed me. A powerful demon. Is that why? Is the curse obscuring my soul?"

He lowers his eyes and stares at my feet.

Soul magic is rare. It is a kind of subset of spirit magic, few have the configuration to utilize it effectively. Of course soul mages are vastly more common than blood mages, but that is a skewed comparison.

"If I had no soul, I could not think. I could not move. I would not be here, talking to you!"


...He has stopped listening to me. He is becoming frantic again. I can feel his heart beat faster. I am worried about someone discovering us.


Nr--, later.

No. 208383 ID: c4c313

Okay, nappy time for soul guy. Sling his arm over your shoulder. If anyone asks, apologize and say this sort of thing happens a lot with him; he's a bit looney if you know what I mean. Then continue on. Make sure to limp slightly.

Take him to your place. Don't wake him up right away, but demand to know why nobody has run screaming from the sight of you until the day you followed Kaz's advice. She'll probably find it hilarious, but at least you get information on what just happened.
No. 208384 ID: 54aa3e

okay knock him out and take him away.
No. 208386 ID: e973f4


I guess knock this guy out and take him back to your place. Not sure what else you can do, really, and he is a soul mage...
No. 208392 ID: a594b9

Stop suppressing the void, it's not calming him down.

I think we need to kill this guy. He won't listen to us, and he's not going to be useful at all. We can't even bring him back to the apartment to be a test subject or something; he'll probably be able to use magic to escape or contact someone. BUT we can't kill him because we need him to get Fizz back!

Argh. Put him in a coma, and hide him somewhere in this alley so nobody finds him, and you can come back later after talking to the Olao, or when it's dark or something and people won't make a big fuss about you carrying a sleeping guy around.
No. 208393 ID: 34470e

Ram...? Are you okay?
No. 208394 ID: a594b9


It's totally Ram's sweety from before.
No. 208401 ID: 701a19

I said to normal. As-in before Kav let you in on the whole constant creation/destruction thing.

Put one hand on his shoulder and then put a finger of the other hand in front of his face. Move it to the left, then the right, then stop and snap your fingers while you use your magic to make him pass out. Play it off as a hypnosis trick.
To get him home, put his arm over your shoulder to support his weight use your abilities to move his legs like a drunken stumble.
No. 208404 ID: 54aa3e

oh man you are right. okay just find a lace to put him so you can pick him up later. make sure he will be out for the whole time.
then go back to that olao.
No. 208417 ID: c4c313


olao'd :awesomeface:
No. 208464 ID: c2c011

Knock him out and drag him back home with you. Maybe he can help out with the whole Kav/Fizz problem. And dope him up with some natural feel good chemicals when you wake him up.
No. 208646 ID: 059120

This is good.

I don't really want to blow off the olao, but this is kind of an urgent matter. Take him back to the house. How far is it from here? ...No, leaving even more people you've kidnapped/are holding captive unattended is a terrible idea. Get back home plus one lumera.
No. 210909 ID: 0b2a05
File 127977379256.png - (54.51KB , 682x682 , point.png )

Grhhk... I can't leave him here. I put my finger in front of his eyes and they lock on it in terror. I wave it to the sides and touch his nose.

He slumps over and I lift him up... after healing the stress fracture in my left arm.

I am not going back to what the void was before. It would be like... giving myself a lobotomy.

Thinking back she was definitely female, and the right height and build. And fur color. I barely caught a glimpse, but I am pretty sure it was her.

...This is not working out well.

After some tests, I find I can easily puppet his legs and arms.

...I'll be okay. I'm just... a little unnerved from this. Even monsters have souls, right...?

We stumble out of the alley and slowly amble back to--

"You! You with the jelly! What are you doing with him?"

An olao with brown fur, a scar on his left eye, long ears, a vest, and pants steps directly in my path and points at me.

...This is definitely not working out well.
No. 210914 ID: e973f4

Claim he's drunk or otherwise somehow addled (your pick) and that you're taking him home so he can recover. Best thing I can think of offhand anyway. :V
No. 210916 ID: 8bdb6a

Claim he just needs to sleep it off.
No. 210918 ID: 97c117

make him talk in a slurred voice so he sounds drunk and have him say "my name's not jelly it's mr. zobandopolis and i am the king of space" and then you say "sorry, my friend has had a bit too much to drink, i am just helping him get home."
No. 210919 ID: 701a19

"Helping him walk. What, you never seen a drunk before?"
No. 210925 ID: a594b9

Act offended that she would call him a 'jelly'. He is supposed to be your friend, after all.

Also, I bet you could puppet him to mumble something 'dunkenly'.
No. 210981 ID: c4c313

Don't worry too much about your old friend. It's not likely she recognized you since you changed your musculature and fur color. Maybe you can talk to her once this blows over, but until then it's probably best not to get her involved if possible.


Shit hope this guy doesn't know your guy here. But no, if he did he would have called him by his name, not "the jelly". Is he with the police though? Did he see you charge after the guy into the alley?

If the Olao calls your bluff about being the lumera's friend, you might want to say the lumera ran into a wall and you're actually trying to get him to the hospital.
No. 211028 ID: c2c011

But not everyone without a soul is a monster. And if monsters have souls then that's an indicator that a soul isn't necessarily a good thing.

Tell this guy that you found the lumera knocked out in an alley and you're taking him to a safe place where he can wake up. If he asks you why you're not going to a hospitol then tell him the Lumera mumbled something about "No hospitols." and he doesn't seem to have any papers.
No. 211200 ID: 0b2a05

Calling a lumera a jelly isn't... that rude, it is merely inaccurate and annoying.

"He is drunk, I am taking him somewhere he can rest, so he can sleep it off."

I puppet his mouth to slur some words. "Shsullera nnsglseep..."

He looks quite confused in response to the slurred words.

"...He doesn't drink. Ever. Why did you lie just now? Didn't you say you were trying to chase him away from your sister?"

He takes a step closer.

It seems he was there when I was chasing the lumera, it appears he knows him from somewhere before, too... Should I tell him he ran into a wall? If he wants to check for injuries, I will have to inflict them before he comes any closer. Lumera heal fast, but they are... squishy.

I do not know enough about souls or demons to tell if they have them or not. From what I do know, however, nothing should not have a soul. It is a fundamental constituent of living things. Something must have obscured mine.
No. 211203 ID: ecd947

sigh and say 'okay look' then put a hand on his shoulder 'i was just trying to-' and then knock him out.
No. 211206 ID: a594b9

Fuck. Alright. Change of plans.

Act ashamed and tell her this must look pretty bad now, but you have a good explanation. Say that he ran screaming from you for no reason, so you chased him down to find out why. You said that thing about his sister because you didn't want anyone to think you were trying to murder him. Then he ran into a wall. So now you were just trying to get him back to somewhere better than a dirty alley so you could wake him up a little more and try to get him to talk, in case he starts screaming again.
No. 211207 ID: c2c011

Or you're technically not alive anymore. But undeath isn't necessarily so bad either.

Ok seems like that Olao knows this Lumera. That makes this alot more annoying. But there also doesn't seem to be alot of people around. Hmm, tell the Olao that he can check out the Lumera himself and confirm that he's drunk. When he gets close you knock him out and give him a bit of mindwipe shock therapy. That will hopefully work. He's probably still going to search for the Lumera but we can deal with that then.
No. 211208 ID: cbd822

this sounds like a plan.
No. 211210 ID: a594b9

If we do any mindwiping I'd like for Ram to try doing it manually instead of with shocks. We've got the power now!
No. 211211 ID: 701a19

So say he must have started drinking because he made a pass at your sister, and once you got there you found he was so inebriated that you couldn't bring yourself to beat him up.
After that? Make him horribly drunk and hand him over. Even if he remembers, the hangover he'll be nursing when he tells his friend will make his story completely unbelievable.

Then go back and see if that really was your friend.
No. 211215 ID: c4c313


This seems like the best you can do given the current situation. Lying more won't help you out, and you still don't know how much this guy saw, or how well he knows said soul mage. You can't afford to lose track of the lumera. You need a soul mage to help Fizz and if something scared him enough to run screaming from your mere presence, you probably need some help too.
No. 211231 ID: 5b8104

Ram, did you stop to think the void you are suppressing is the effect your soul has on your blood mage abilities?
No. 211233 ID: 8bdb6a

If that doesn't work, punch him full of hallucinogens.
No. 211331 ID: 059120

This is mostly good. I don't think you really need to comment on the yelling, though. And if you can dislocate his shoulder or something without it being noticeable (that you're doing it, I mean.) that would be good.
No. 211590 ID: 059120

Do not knock this guy out. You're in a completely public location, and all this events can easily be connected even if he loses his memories. We've left dozens of leads.

The most believable thing you can go with is claiming it's all your fault. You confronted him about a relationship you thought (this is important) he was having with your sister, but he ran away. You chased him in a rage all the way down into the alley, at which point he ran into the wall. Coming to your senses, you realized what was going on, that he was injured, and you had to get him to a hospital or something. And that's where you are now. Start walking off at this point.
No. 211597 ID: f1823c


I agree with this. Be discreet, say that it's your fault and try to leave the scene as soon as possible. Only knock the guy out if he gives you no other option.
No. 211736 ID: 0b2a05


First off I dislocate the lumera's shoulder, then drug and inebriate him. I bruise him a little in front, too.

I look away in exasperation. "Well, he must have started, because he sure is drunk now! I saw him kissing my sister a couple days ago, then I saw him in the library. I asked him, but he must've recognized me from before. He screamed and ran out, but when I ran after him he..."

"What? He what?"

"He ran into a wall!"


"I chased after him, and he ran into a wall. I think he has a concussion or something. I wasn't gonna beat him up after that."

"He ran into a wall."



He whaps the left side of his face with the same hand.

"He's gay. Give him, and don't be a complete dolt next time."

He walks up to me and harshly pulls the lumera from my grip. My hand slides along the lumera's back, I have a split second to do something more to him. I can easily grab the olao's head.

If I really am undead... I need a better idea of what that entails. If there is something wrong with me, I want to know exactly what it is before I try to fix it.
No. 211738 ID: 059120

Okay, situation critical. Here's the plan: not here. Hand him over, say you're really sorry about the entire thing and you want to come with him to apologize. When there's absolutely no one around, then you can knock him out.
No. 211739 ID: 788388

yeah knock him out and double puppet. bring them both to fizz's place.
No. 211740 ID: c71597

Just because somehting is wrong doesn't mean that you have to fix it.

Hmm, too bad that you can manipulate thoughts and emotions directly. Making them both love you and want to find you again later would be useful.

Hmm, place something you can trace on both of them. Like some sort of scent or something.
No. 211741 ID: 788388

why would he accept that? he will brush us off as he has no reason to let that happen.
No. 211760 ID: 701a19

"Don't give me that; I saw what I saw, and him running is proof enough for me.
Take him, but warn him to stay away from Amelia."

Internal consistancy is the most important aspect here. If you can make his crotch smell like vagina then he'll have a lot of explaining to do while you'll be ignored."
No. 211951 ID: 23a6ec

Are you guys serious? Ram, this is fucking wrong. You can't go messing people up just because they are frightened by certain aspects of your blood magic. Aside from the fact that you've physically injured the fellow, if the olao is someone who's involved with the fellow the lie about heterosexual activity and drinking is clearly going to cause him problems.

What's more, this guy is aware of a serious problem you have. You need his help, even if he is scared shitless of you. Don't let him get dragged off, it's only going to be a headache for you down the road. You need to convince the other fellow to come with you and quietly explain the situation (to whatever degree you think is appropriate) in private.

I think now that you've tasted real power you have to stop yourself and stand back before you do things. Ask if what your doing is evil.
No. 211984 ID: c4c313


Look, don't make me, Exuno and suggester number a594b9 gather up a posse and come over there. You see what lying got you? Not access to him! Now his friend thinks you're just a drunken asshole who attacked him mistaking him for another supposedly straight Lumera.

Look, apologize and say it must have been a case of mistaken identity. I think that's the best you can do to recover the situation at this point. You'll still get shit when he finds out you have no sister, but you need to talk with this soul mage. Ask if there's anything you can do to help. He'll probably brush you off but at least he won't think you're an asshole!

Then you can follow them discretely. At least try to see what area of the city he's going to. If I were him I'd probably go right to the police station.
No. 211998 ID: 8bdb6a

Punch them both full of LSD.
No. 212442 ID: 0b2a05

Puppeting the lumera is manageable, but I do not think I have enough practice to puppet them both without it looking... off.

I let go of him and the olao looks him over for wounds.

"What? Are you sure?"

"Hey, hey. Snap out of it."

He snaps his fingers several times in front of the lumera's eyes, eliciting no response.

"We must've confused eachother for different people."

He hoists the lumera up onto his shoulder and turns around.

...No, there are still too many people around.

I never asked to be a living nightmare. But I am one. He ran screaming away from me after seeing what I am, spouted cryptic information, and would not make sense. I am not going to lie down and die for the sake of fear.

He... does not have any abnormal reactions to alcohol. The chemicals will wear off naturally with minimal damage.

"Sorry... wait, where are you taking him?"

"To a hospital, he definitely has a concussion. You need to get those things fixed."

...He does not have a concussion.
No. 212457 ID: 059120

We need to learn more about these two before deciding how to deal with them. I really want to come clean to this guy, since the Lumera will tell him what happened eventually. But we really have no idea how we would react, and we have no control over the situation right now. Apologize more, say you want to apologize to him personally, and that you'll pay for the medical bills. Anything that will work to help convince him to let you follow. Start getting to know them while you walk. If you cut through an alley or something where you'd be alone at some point, pull him aside.
No. 212471 ID: a594b9

Tell him you have medical training, and you know he doesn't have a concussion. If anything, he just slipped back into unconsciousness.

Maybe it's time to act suspicious of HIM.
No. 212500 ID: c71597

Tag along with them and pump the Olao for information. If he asks why you're tagging along then tell him that you're sorry about the mix up and you wish to make sure the Lumera gets to saftey and gets the treatment he needs.
No. 212550 ID: c4c313


Anyone with medical training would know that without a comprehensive brain scan you cannot tell if someone has a concussion, and any head trauma could greatly worsen if left untreated. Of course a blood mage would know that he's just drunk, but you don't want people to know that. I think you should >>212500 and STFU about it. Try to be there when the lumera comes around, but out of line of sight. When he freaks out to his friend yell out that you may or may not have had an encounter with a demon recently and were looking to find a soul mage to tell you what the fuck is going on. If he would please not freak out a second time you could really use some advice here.

It...might be a good idea to help the lumera regain consciousness before you guys reach the hospital. Slowly though.
No. 213004 ID: 0b2a05

It is difficult to tell if someone has a concussion, even if they are a lumera. He could ask me how I knew, and I do not have any sort of credentials to show him. Inventing them would require lying more...

"I'm coming with you, I need to apologize to his face. What are your names?"

He stops, tilts his head upwards, and sighs. He points at himself with his left thumb.

"I'm Kwants. Jelly is Emmett."

He starts walking again.

"You know him?"

"We're... associates. Hard not to know someone after working with them all the time."

"Oh. Why doesn't he drink? Besides the obvious reason, I mean."

"No, that's it. Thinks alcohol is evil, or something, always just drinks water or boring stuff. Says it makes his mind fuzzy. Something must've happened to make him kick it."

He turns a corner, and I follow close behind.


He is gone, the lumera along with him. He was just here. I look around in all directions, but all I see is some scaffolding around a nearby building, nothing to hide in.
No. 213005 ID: 059120

Infrared vision. Now.
No. 213015 ID: e973f4

No. 213017 ID: 68584a

yeah, he ether disappeared from the visible spectrum or teleported.
No. 213027 ID: 701a19

Infravision, then check for teleportation runes.
I would imagine he would be quite surprised if you followed him and acted like absolutely nothing was strange about it.
No. 213032 ID: c4c313

Well, at least you know their names. You can ask around about them even if Kwants gives you the slip. But don't give him the satisfaction of doing that. Be awesome and >>213027 make him earn that slip.
No. 213047 ID: a594b9

He can't have gone far. Check the wall, maybe he melded into it.
No. 213146 ID: 0b2a05

My infrared vision is always active, but now that I focus closer on it... there is a very faint trail of heat quickly dissipating into the air. It leads... up the scaffolding.

The wood and metal are hot in the sun, but there is an area of discrepancy quickly moving upwards. I would not have noticed it without paying closer attention, but it is definitely the olao carrying the lumera.

...He is pulling a cool piece of metal from his left pocket.
No. 213148 ID: 701a19

Follow him.
No. 213150 ID: 2d8361


He's going to shoot you or throw you a grenade, a knife or something like that.

Climb up the scaffolding with your super-speed, but do it staying out of the line of sight of the Olao.
No. 213153 ID: 593c69

son of a bitch. it was trap. this is what happens when you don't stick with a story to the bitter end. notice he contradicted ALL points of the story not just one or two. anyway, regardless of what it is as long as your heart and brain stack intact he can't kill you. chase him as fast as you can.
No. 213178 ID: a594b9


Quickly chase after him. Don't even worry about getting shot. You're not going to die or anything from simple gunfire at your current level of power. Close the distance as fast as possible. When you reach him, paralyze and interrogate. Ask who they REALLY are. We plan to kill him regardless, of course. Having him fall off the scaffolding would be an easy explanation for a mundane death. Even if he's missing blood.
No. 213205 ID: 8bdb6a

Since he ducked out of sight and you followed, I can only assume you're away from prying eyes, meaning you can risk using your powers.

Leap up after him. Use your magic to extend your tail up like a scorpion. Strike Kwants in the wrist with it and make the limb go numb so he drops his weapon.
No. 213215 ID: f8457d

Cold metal? Like in that building fire? So it was all a front, they were after you.

Well, they aren't getting away so easy, but it would be best if you let them think they got away. Follow them but if you can, stay out of sight. Can you do a chameleon type thing with your fur?
No. 213230 ID: c71597

Follow after him! This is highly suspiscious behaviour and you need to figure out what's going on here.
No. 213242 ID: 059120

What the fuck. Hell no. This guy is running away from a lunatic who injured his friend in a ridiculous misunderstanding, and that makes it okay to kill him? We have no idea what he's doing, and shouldn't even have any idea what he's doing. He could be pulling a goddamn cell phone to call the hospital or something. Why the hell would he be trying to kill you, Ram? He's already invisible and escaping.

Keep an eye on him. Don't watch intently and noticeably, and keep walking around like you're searching for him on the ground.
No. 213254 ID: 83cf0f

the guy isn't his friend, he countered our lie with a lie of his own.
No. 213266 ID: c4c313

It is now occurring to you that this olao might not be a friend of someone he calls "the jelly" at all. Consider the odds that he doesn't refer to his friend by name, togethr with the odds of the olao actually being gay. Not fucking likely!

Forget about your safety. He's about to shank the soul mage! No time to climb. Fucking jump!
No. 214511 ID: 6834bc

Ram, keep in mind that piece of metal you found with the teleportation runes on it.

What Kwants is pulling from his pocket may be a similar thing - and if it is, that means he's going to get very far away, very fast.
No. 215481 ID: 0b2a05
File 128092204277.png - (70.32KB , 682x682 , hijump.png )


I cannot take the risk that he kills the soul mage. The scaffolding is long and narrow, it will be difficult to traverse it without being seen. I sprint forwards and leap as high as I can, scaling the structure. I reach out my hand and run... to stop him. He turns his head quickly as I--



My eyes are blinded, both from color and heat. I instinctively drop and try to recover my sight...

When I look up again, the olao and lumera are gone.

I run up the scaffolding... olao are fantastic climbers, but the unfinished building is too large for him to have scaled, and the lumera is still absent. My eyesight is fully recovered. I cannot see any distortions in temperature.

That must be it. I can't think of any other way he could have disappeared.

...He was not looking my way until I reached the second level of scaffolding. Whatever he did, he did it fast. For some reason something else about him seemed familiar too... but I cannot place it.
No. 215482 ID: f835c3

first law of the con artist. stick to your story no matter what.
No. 215508 ID: a594b9

Wait. Was that a Morphic Demon? Surely not Eiko though? Then again, Eiko was mind controlled once. Perhaps she got mind controlled again!
No. 215642 ID: c4c313

Whew, just a teleport rune then. You lost the soul mage, but at least he didn't get killed. Damn... triple crossed. You said you were blinded by both color and heat. What color was it? Did he somehow conjure a blast of flames?

First, make a sketch of both of them. Try to be as detailed as you can remember, and add labels to explain if you can't draw something well such as the vest's color. If you do this fresh from the scene of the kidnapping then it will be much more accurate than if you try to remember later. You have to hope you will find one or both of them again, and you have to hope they won't find you first...

Then go check on your friend at the library. If she is the one you know you could tell her that you met once briefly (but not that you're the same ezilot she knew in childhood). Ask how she's been and what brings her to the city, and tell her about your escapades as a fireman.

Then go...check up on Eiko. As a morphic demon who has been mind controlled before, she could be used as a weapon against you. (For that matter you should memorize her scent, so that if she's forced to try and deceive you she can use that as an way to warn you.)

Finally, go find Kaz. Resist the urge to slap that ho, because that'll just hurt Fizz. Demand in no simple terms that she explain why you couldn't even find a soul mage for years, and suddenly they are running screaming from your presence declaring that you have no soul. This didn't happen until she helped you.
No. 215758 ID: 0b2a05

I think it would be best if I avoided lying, or at least complex lies in the future... it has not led to good things recently.

Doubtful. If Eiko could turn invisible, she probably would have done so when we were back around the cultists.

Thinking back, it did not seem fiery. It was far too focused for that. It was definitely hot, though it was far from lethal. If I had not used magic it would not have caused permanent damage.

My memory is quite good. Kwants was a light brown, wearing a light grey vest and green pants with dark blue marks. The lumera was wearing light grey pants, and had very thin tails. I can recall all the rest of their anatomical information at will.

Eiko changed her scent before to match mine, I will need a different way to identify her.

I walk down the scaffolding and make my way back to the library. I manage to avoid people's gaze relatively well, soon I find myself walking back in through the back door.

...There she is. It's definitely Saea, I recognize her skull structure and the scar on her leg when she fell on a sharp rock years ago. She won't recognize me looking like this... I am not quite sure what to do. What should I say?
No. 215759 ID: b080b3

well then, hopefully the other voices in here get a bit more ruthless when it comes to holding on to things.
No. 215760 ID: a594b9

Just tell her it's you. Ram. All your physical changes can be explained through normal changes (except for the tail, but you can just say you don't know why it got long)- you died your hair, worked out, changed your hairstyle- but don't call attention to it. Just... behave normally, and offer explanations if she asks about those specific things.
No. 215764 ID: c71597

Avoid her for now. It's hardly certain that she can be trusted.
No. 215769 ID: daf564

No. 215790 ID: c4c313


Say hello. Ask if she's Saea. Tell her your friend told you about her. You haven't seen him lately though.
No. 215857 ID: e973f4

This makes the most sense. Especially since unless you've had a wild personality change since before we met you you don't seem to be or have been that great of a conversationalist.
No. 215864 ID: 6834bc

Walk up to her and apologize for almost smacking into her. Start to say that you should've been paying more attention to where you're going, and... "Saea? Is that... it is you! It's been a long time!"
And then she asks who you are.
No. 215866 ID: 0b2a05

Yeah. This will not happen a second time.

...Of course. People change their appearances all the time normally. This won't be that difficult to explain... sans the length of my tail.



"It's me. I look a little different, but I know you."


"It w--"

"Ramma? Is that you?"

She always called me that...

"It is."

"You look almost completely different. Your fur changed color? And you finally managed to build up muscle."

"I believe there was a problem with my metabolism, or something similar. It is gone now."

"Something else is changed too."

She takes a step and looks at me from a side angle.

"I recognized you mostly from the way you held yourself, but you hold yourself differently, now."

"You look different as well."

She looks back up at me.

"I have grown, as no doubt you have as well. It has been a long time."

"Too long."

"I agree."

"When did you come to Paroza? I thought you were studying spirit magic back in Meriff."

"I arrived several weeks ago. Meriff does not have the same facilities as Paroza, it was the next logical step. I did not know you were here..."

...? She is... lying about something. What or the reason I cannot tell. She hid little from me in the past...
No. 215867 ID: 6834bc

Did you ever call her out on it when she was hiding something?
If you did, you can just say "It doesn't matter how long it's been, I can still tell when you're hiding something. What's wrong?" (though you might say it a bit quieter so as to not draw anyone's attention.)
No. 215868 ID: e3f578

Probably caught up in whatever major shit you're caught up in if the last few days are any indication. Coincidences just aren't coincidences anymore man, what the fuck can we expect? I guess you could say you chose this city because it's nice, discounting the fires, crazy demon summons, asshole cops, and crazy conspiracies inevitably around every corner.
No. 215890 ID: c71597

Well you're lying quite a bit yourself. Just give her a number where she can reach you, go check out the book you came here for and then get back to the apartment.
No. 215917 ID: a594b9

Gently inquire for more details.
No. 215989 ID: c4c313


So, give her your apartment number? How could she contact you using only a number? Some form of numerology is it?

Whatever it is, you need to get to your apartment and reallyneed to talk to Kaz.
No. 216065 ID: 0b2a05

Rarely, and almost never directly. I respect her enough to let her keep her secrets from me.

...But in light of the situation, I think I will ask her a little more.

"...Are you well? You seem off, somehow."

She places a finger on her forehead.




I look in her eyes. She turns away from me.

"The truth is, Ramma, nobody was listening to me. Meriff was completely devoid of open-minded people when you left. It no longer holds anything for me. I came here for a new audience for my theories, but it has proven... difficult to adjust. Things are not the same here."

"I know how you feel. Everything seems daunting, you're afraid of being overwhelmed. It appears like nothing you do has any effect, and the time you spend is wasted without gain."

"...Yeah. Exactly like that."

I write the address of Fizz' apartment down and give it to Saea.

"I am staying with a.. friend. We should talk more, but I have to leave soon."

"As do I."

There have been a lot of coincidences lately... they most likely fit together somehow. I cannot shake the feeling that I am missing somethings...

"...Ramma, your tail..."

"That, I have absolutely no idea."

"...So long."

"So long, Saea."

I get the book and finally leave. Walking back is largely uneventful, but I keep my senses enhanced just in case.

I open the door. Nothing seems out of place. Eikoesta is not present, my internal clock tells me it is 15:49.

The demon and the cultist are still here...
No. 216094 ID: 059120

Go check on Kav first. Confront her about the whole "You have no soul!" thing.

What kind of spirit magic was Saea studying? Do you know what kind of theories she had that were so controversial? How long had it been since you last saw her anyway?
No. 216105 ID: c2c011

Go talk a bit to Kav. Ask her what's up with the lack of a soul. Also check up if she needs anything.

Then go see how the cultist is doing.
No. 216174 ID: a594b9

Eiko is going to be back here soon. She said she'd meet us here around 16:00.

May as well chat with Kav for a little while.
No. 216175 ID: e973f4

Alright, let's talk to Kav, then.
No. 216176 ID: c4c313

Go jerk off.

...no just kidding, talk to Kav.
No. 216567 ID: 0b2a05

She was always trying to determine the nature of magic, and the specifics of how and why it's configured on people differently. I believe she was having the most trouble in finding proper subjects. As her studies are mostly theoretical, large observation groups are very important, but without support, key individuals are difficult to track down. If only the population was higher, it would be easier to study magic... it is a good thing that immigration is still active.


.. Suppress...

I remove the chair and enter the bedroom. Kav is sitting on the edge of the bed, motionless.



"What did you do to me?"

She turns her head slightly to one side.

"...What are you talking about?"

"A soul mage looked at me. He told me I had no soul. Then he ran faster than his body could handle."



She turns around. Her expression is completely blank.

"You have a soul. Removing the noise would not change that."


"How old are you?"



She turns back around and mutters something under her breath.

"...What is the first memory do you have of your magic? When was it?"

"I realized I could stop my heart and start it up again at will. I was 8."


I take a step forwards.

"Why are you asking me these things?"

"Who are your parents?"

I am not sure if I should answer her... I am not sure I should have answered her other questions now.
No. 216585 ID: 6834bc

"First, you tell me why it's important.
...If I like your answer, maybe I'll tell you."

Don't worry too much about the other questions - they have a bit less potential for danger than "who are your parents?"

If someone asks in the future, though, you'd probably want to leave out the "figured out I could stop my heart at will" portion - that might leave some clues best kept secret.
No. 216606 ID: c2c011

Keep answering her.

And you stopped and restarted your own heart? Damn that's a bit freaky. How long was it stopped?
No. 216668 ID: a594b9

Don't give her any names. Anything else should be fine.
No. 216694 ID: 059120

Definitely this. Without knowing why it's important, you can't really know what answer she she's looking for, anyway. I mean if it's just their names, she'd have to know them. Which she should have already been able to guess, I mean, Alamandrin can't be that common a name, right?
No. 216697 ID: c4c313

haha you killed yourself at 8 didn't your parents warn you about how sneezing lets your soul escape

Seriously though, the last thing you want is people trying to get at you through your parents. Especially demons. Ask her "What about my parents?"
No. 217149 ID: 0b2a05

My heart did not stop all at once. I experimented with slowing it down and speeding it up. Eventually, I slowed it down enough to stop it, and then I started it again after 4 seconds.

"Why do you ask that?"

"...I want to know."


"I want to know more about you, that is all."

She lowers her head.

"They are ezilots. They live on the outskirts of Meriff. My father is 58, my mother is 51. If you are asking if I am adopted, I am not."

"I see..."

She stands up and walks towards me and the door. I can easily keep her from leaving.

"What are you going to do with the ritualist?"
No. 217151 ID: c2c011

Tell her that you're going to make the cultist into a loyal minion. She should prove a somewhat capable tool and can be used to feed your own power if the need arises.
No. 217155 ID: e3f578

minion is an evil mad scientist-mage-boss guy term. We call them associates or frrrrrrieeeennndddssss. She'll be a good source of knowledge for some subjects, surely.
No. 217157 ID: a594b9

We're going to get her to work with us. She has information and skills that may come in handy to figure out what's going on.

Also, step in front of her. Ask why she ran off like that when we were talking to her in the kitchen. She seemed shocked at something we said; ask what it was.
No. 217158 ID: 059120

Besides keep her around, nothing planned.

We really should shift the focus of this conversation, though. We're not going to get anywhere telling her stuff. Ask why she ran off before.

Also speaking of talking about yourself, reminder that we still want to go over what your plans are, Ram.
No. 217248 ID: c4c313

"The question is not what I'm going to do with her, but what she's going to do with herself now."
No. 217580 ID: 0b2a05

I tell her accurately but vaguely to cover up the fact that I am not sure how I will make use of a ritualist.

"Currently she is deciding between me and the police. If she chooses me, I will utilize her knowledge and abilities and reward her appropriately for her work."

She nods and walks past me. I let her pass.

"What made you run out of the kitchen this morning?"

Her step falters, but she continues walking. She looks like she's thinking about something.

"... Confusion."

She enters into the kitchen. I could confront her, but Eiko may be returning soon, and I believe I should speak to the cultist at some point soon. I only specified that I would be back "later", however, I could keep her waiting longer. I could also read the book on demons, though I believe consulting with Eiko or Kav on it would yield more insight.
No. 217585 ID: c2c011

Go after Kav and keep up with the confrontation. Figure out what she was confused about.
No. 217640 ID: bfa36f

You know what, I want to know what Fizz was writing in her journal, before she became a demon.
No. 217662 ID: e973f4

Well, don't stop talking to Kav randomly. Ask her what she means.
No. 217995 ID: 0b2a05

I follow Kav into the kitchen.

"Why are you confused?"

She looks down, appearing frustrated.

"It is nothing, ignore it."

"That will not happen. This is the second blatant dodge you've tried. Tell me what drives a kavistaki to flee a room in terror."

She keeps her back to me and lowers her head more.


"You did not seem to object to my nature yesterday. I thought you were going to--"

"That. You do not -act- like a blood mage should -act-!"

She's.. clawing at her head with her hands!

"Blood mages will do anything for their goals. They will profane themselves, they will annihilate civilizations for meaningless achievements. Blood mages do not fear, they do not regret, in ANY kind of recognizable form! They -do not stop-, and -nothing- can stop them. Ever."

She is hyperventilating. Nothing damaging, but but a thought of Emmett the lumera flashes in my mind.

"They heal so they can torment, they invent tortures on whims, they barely recognize the existence of anything other than themselves, and there is nothing sacred they care about."

She turns around towards me and wildly looks around as she speaks.

"You wait without reason, you act only with justification, you brought someone back to life. Are you retarded?? A mutation of evolution?! An alien?!?"

She looks into my eyes with horror and confusion on her face. It almost seems.. pitiable.

"What the fuck ARE you??"


I feel like sighing. If I am not a blood mage... I don't have any kind of idea what I am. I confound the only person I have ever seen with any kind of indication of my nature to the point of.. tears. Her eyes shine in the light.

...I don't know what to say. I am not sure if anything can be said.
No. 218003 ID: 6834bc

Put your hand on her shoulder (make sure she doesn't bat it away) and tell her "I am me."

If she gives you a stupid look, follow it up with "And it sounds like I'm the only Blood Mage who's ever had a conscience."
No. 218009 ID: c2c011

Quite simple really. You are a blood mage. It's simply that your goals are different compared to those who came before. Or have you felt any great amounts of fear and regret recently that you haven't said anything about?

Just tell her that you brought someone back to life because you felt like it. You wait around because you see no reason to move right now.

Maybe the old bloodmages were simply impetous fools who didn't know that patience could be useful.
No. 218017 ID: e973f4

>>218003 isn't a bad idea.
No. 218032 ID: 059120

You're a [p]person[/b], Ram. One who actually cares about other people, and isn't ruled by ambition. Whether you're also a Blood Mage is irrelevant to that. Also yeah "I am myself" is cliche and on the same lines as this.

But really, how many Blood Mages has she even known? People can be pretty horrible even without power, if there have only been a handful of examples, it's possible they where just awful people, Blood Magic or not.
No. 218037 ID: e3f578

"I am Ram. A badass straight outta hell." Then put on some sunglasses, walk away with the rock fist in the air gesture.

or the "I am me" part. Admit your an anomaly. They happen. New shit happens that shows things that are not absolutes. If nature has dictated that all blood mages are dicks, then nature has changed. Also, perpetuate the possibility the sky may be falling and cows have donned top hats and monocles and have adopted tea parties as a means of passing time.
No. 218048 ID: a594b9

Sounds like you're an... aberration. These things happen. Everyone is unique- perhaps you might even be some sort of hybrid mage type. An impure Blood Mage?

Ask her what gives a Blood Mage their powers, anyway. What exactly is it that makes them so rare and so powerful? Maybe we can find out why you're different from the 'typical' specimen.
No. 218053 ID: 2222da

There are murderers, thieves, killers, psycopaths, and utter basturds amoung non-blood mages. So why can't there be a non-murderous blood mage?
No. 218058 ID: 40cb26

Maybe blood mages don't have to be evil, maybe it's just because blood magic makes being evil so damn easy. But you aren't. Maybe it's because of your nurture or nature, by simple chance or plain will, but you haven't been corrupted by the power you have.

Or blood magic really does corrupt by its power alone, and you are simply different? We know you aren't retarded, and... probably not an alien. So you maybe you're a a freak, a mutant, or whatever. Big deal. It isn't a problem, it's a massive improvement.
No. 218069 ID: e3f578

I doubt the demon would be so naive to discount the possibility of freewill if it was simply a power/corruption deal. Judging from the fact she has a total fuckton of wisdom, she's implying there's a force that make blood mages act how they act. Maybe its themselves, like how Ram suppresses his sexual urges, maybe they suppress their conscience to experiment, only after suppressing it they don't care about it anymore so they just can ignore it and just don't stop suppressing it.
No. 218089 ID: 3234dd

Maybe maybe maybe. The *point* is that you have somehow avoided the curious affliction where you can't tell the difference between the value of different things. And you believe it is in both your and her and everyone's interests to keep it that way. With that in mind, describe your dream in detail adding how often it is exactly that you dream.
No. 220427 ID: 0b2a05

...I feel regret. I regret that I left Saea when I should have stayed to help her. I regret that my parents wish they never had me. I regret that I let someone die when I could have easily prevented their death. I regret that my life is static... for now.

I understand. Explanations cannot change who I am.

I kneel down and put my left hand on her right shoulder. I look into her eyes.

"I am me. You cannot quantify my existence with uncertain concepts, and you don't need to. Blood mages in the past had twisted ideals, but I am not them; and I do not share their thoughts. I am me, and that is all I am."

She looks away from me.

I rise and continue to speak.
"I do not know what causes blood mages to become monsters, but whatever it is, for whatever reason, I am an exception. And everything is better off for it."


"What is it that makes blood mages so different from everyone else?"

"...The darkness. No, that is incorrect. The nothingness. Blood mages are... attached. With annihilation. I do not know the details, but... emptiness sustains them. The force of nonexistence is what makes them what they are."


I do not dream. Nothing coherent.

"I had a dream last night."


"I haven't had a dream like it in years. I was killing people... trying to accomplish a goal. I was in some kind of lit-up place with exsanguination victims all around me, and there was something alien in my body. And I was choking you. Or Fizz."

She remains averted to my gaze, but her expression changes.

"I do not know anything about that...

No. 220433 ID: 059120

The regret is interesting. Not like you to be so upfront about your emotions. We should talk about that later.

For now, though, you need ask more about this whole nothing thing. Also to get a better name for it. Why would it manifest as powers over flesh, life is kind of the opposite of nothing. How important is conversation of matter with magic around, I mean I guess you kind of make the blood you use stop existing, right? And it's definitely has to be connected to the noise. That... you made go away? Isn't it supposed to be sustaining you? Why would it make you more powerful if it's gone, then? Also, ask Kav if there's anything else 'attached to nothing' like blood mages, types of demons, stuff like that. Learning more about past blood mages is probably something to keep in mind, too. But most important is retorting to the current line with "What do you know, then?"
No. 220436 ID: a594b9

I think if there's ever been one central goal you had it's that you don't want to be like the other Blood Mages. That in itself could be the cause of why you act different. She said nothing stops a Blood Mage from achieving their goal... perhaps then you have succeeded already, and are simply lacking a new goal.

Ask what happened to the other Blood Mages after they got what they want.
No. 220469 ID: e3f578

If that's it, then boy, make sure your goal is akin to aahhh ummm...
"I'm going to be the best,
like blood mage ever was.
To heal them is my real test,
to change them is my cause.
I will travel across the land,
searching far and wide.
Each demon to undersatand,
the nothingness that inside."


Or just you know, be a pretty cool person and fuck up the bad people and be a secret agent so we can go fuck up more bad people. You'd be a hero, stylin', and your life wont be static anymore. Of course it ain't now but it's that counts.
No. 220489 ID: d677cc


But sure >>220433 sounds okay.
No. 223537 ID: 0b2a05

"Whatever the force is that sustains me, it would be nice to learn more about it. Can you define it better?"

"I can try. It is absence, the state of not existing. There is no simple way to describe it. If you try to visualize a hole in the ground, it may help."

"A hole?"

"It... I do not know the..--"

"If you don't know what it is... what do you know?"

She looks back up into my eyes.

"I know how to use it. If you can manipulate the void, you can focus it on a part of your body. It should restore any kind of damage... including deformation."

"What was the noise I removed before? If it was the same force connected to me, why does its removal make my mind feel so... clear?"

She shakes her head.

"It was the same force that you use when you warp biology... but it was useless. Constantly damaging and simultaneously healing you... anyone would feel inhibited. Now that it is under your control, you should feel... clear."

That sounds accurate... I did not remove the noise so much as disperse it. Once I did, it felt completely different. Calmer, almost...

"You said that blood mages are somehow attached to void... but are they the only things that are?"

She nods.

"Yes. I believe it is very likely that the connection is the cause of blood mages... if anything else had it, I think it would be one as well."

I have never taken an oath, or formally thought about it before... but I will ask anyway.

"Kav. I did not want to be like the past blood mages. If that was my goal..."

She looks down at her feet.


"What happens when a blood mage accomplishes their goal?"

"It... it is not binding magic, it is merely a strong tendency they have. When a blood mage accomplishes their goal... they get another goal."

Straightforwards... but I cannot deny the wisdom.

...Am I unconsciously forming something like that?

I hear the door opening... someone speaks in the other room.

"Hey all, here I am again."

It appears that Eiko has returned... Kav stares diagonally down, mute expression.
No. 223538 ID: 701a19

Then your goal should be making the world a better place by constantly doing what's right and becoming a force of good that people will see as a champion of justice.

Also romancing Eiko, but don't get all creepy about that.
No. 223547 ID: a594b9

Kav knows how to use the void? What, only on herself? Does that count as being connected to the void, or is it something different?

Anyway, Eiko is here now. Kav does seem to be willing to aid us for now. She's certainly not on the side of the cultists. Speaking more to her can wait. For now tell her that you'll inform her when you find a new goal. She should keep in mind that the goal might wind up being "Get Fizz back." That could, maybe, explain the dream... if it's prophetic.

Let's go greet Eiko warmly, and show her the book we got.
No. 223928 ID: 025174

You know, I almost forgot about Fizz. We really should do something about the fact that Kav is inhabiting Fizz's body. Fizz was your friend, you shouldn't be quite so nonchalant about the fact that a demon has stolen your friends body, even though it happening isn't anything to do with you (and nothing would probably have been done about it without your interference).
No. 223953 ID: ea2a3c

To be fair, you only knew Fizz for what, a few days before she got Kav'd?

Really Fizz and Kav don't seem much different at all...
No. 223961 ID: 6834bc

As far as we know, Fizz is still conscious, and experiencing the feeling of being trapped in your own body.

We can't just say "screw Fizz, Kav's enough like her, anyway". You don't leave someone trapped inside their own body, especially not when they're your friend.
No. 224900 ID: 059120

Okay, I know you're supposed to go out on your date with Eiko and stuff, but really, Kav and Rose are supposed to be like, prisoners here. Let's not leave them alone. Again. That was dumb we are dumb.

Instead, I think we should call for a group meeting! Get everyone to know each other, figure out what you all want, and make a plan. Let's see... What we have to worry about:

-Fizz. We need to get Kav a new body. And a way of getting her into it.
-The Cult. A: They're totally going to be after the two demons, the Blood Mage, the guy who ruined their plan, the subject they stole, and the member they kidnapped, and the one who betrayed them. Oh hey! That's all of you. Like, twice, each. B: You totally need to become a hero of justice. And this time it's personal.
-The Police. You and Eiko broke out of custody, even if it was the protective sort. Varona's going to be pissed.
-Emmett and Kwants. That whole thing went terribly. Plus you still need his help as a soul mage for point 1.
-Nothing. We can probably put this one off for a while, though.
-Saea. Though, yeah, not really as urgent as the others, too.
-A new place to live. I'm not sure where to start on this one. Let's focus on the others, keep an eye out for "For Sale" signs though?
No. 225046 ID: c71597

Well you can resume this conversation with Kav at a later point. Go say hello to Eiko.

Hmm, you know, the goal to not be like the bloodmages of the past should really be something you have already accomplished. A new one could be to deal with that demon summoning cult. Just make sure you do it queitly without attracting any attention. People would probably not be very understanding.
No. 225146 ID: ae7e75

I don't think the cult is much of a concern. They seemed like amateurs. They certainly didn't get what they were expecting with Kav.
No. 225168 ID: d677cc

Pretty much agreeing with this in its entirety.
No. 225256 ID: c71597

Amateurs with guns can still be dangerous. They can obviously summon demons, and not all demons are as nice as Eiko seems to be. Having a few failed summons rampaging through the streets would maybe be a bit fun to watch but overall just a huge annoyance.

And it seems like they actually do have some people who know what they're doing.
No. 225729 ID: 0b2a05

Simply "doing good" would not be enough to counteract the annihilation of civilizations. Justice is not a set concept, any overt actions would be taken in the worst way possible.

And Eiko... What is my relationship with her? I brought her back to life. I cannot deny that she is appealing, as a.. friend, or otherwise, but...


From how she was speaking, I do not think she meant to imply that she was somehow connected with the same forces herself. I think I will refrain from idly threatening her for right now...

...I do owe her. She stayed silent about my nature when confronted, and let me stay at her apartment despite knowing me less than a day. Her behavior is a little odd... but regardless, I cannot let her remain in this state indefinitely.

That struck me as weird... I am not an expert, but they barely seemed to know what they were doing... How do you summon a demon by accident? One that you were not trying to summon in the first place? ...Kav mentioned something about her capability to... summon herself. I should try to find out more...

I suppose they should be monitored...

I walk out and see--Eiko, returning to her previous color.

"Welcome back."

"Thanks, anything happen?"

I lift up the book and show it to her. She looks at it and her eyes raise slightly in interest.

"Oh, you picked up one of my bedtime stories. Did you read through any of it yet?"

...Should I tell her about my encounter at the library?
No. 225745 ID: 059120

I assume you mean with Emmett and not Saea. (I would advise against randomly talking about your old girlfriend.) Yeah, I think so. The "people are telling me I don't have a soul" part, at least.

Ask if her business went well. Ask what she thinks you should do from now on. Ask what she's going to do from now on. Ask if she's heard of the void thing. Ask how she feels about Kav and Rose, and, y'know, possibly organizing some sort of plan with them. Instead of a picnic. You could still have it over a nice lunch or something, though? Unless you don't actually want to do that. Do you not want this Eiko thing to go anywhere? I mean, you do barely know her. She seems nice, though, but if you'd rather try to get to know Saea again, or just avoid a relationship in general, that's fine.

...Do we know how Eiko died? I can't seem to recall that. You should probably look into that. Unless you did and I just can't remember.

Also, just following up on that thread from before, make sure if you get a new "goal", you don't throw your old one away. Just because you've avoided becoming like the old Blood Mages doesn't mean you can't still end up treading that path if you start focusing on other things.

As for summoning Kav, we established that she was stuck in Fizz from when she was a child, right? At least I'm pretty sure we did. It was pretty obvious. They must have just... 'activated' her with the energy they were trying to summon the core demon with. They just didn't research their victim enough, probably because they only picked her due to her relationship with you, I think.
No. 225748 ID: 701a19

Yes, you should tell her.
She's your closest ally right now, and you need to keep her informed of what's going on.
No. 225867 ID: d677cc


Also these are all good questions I think.
No. 225879 ID: ea2a3c


>> Simply "doing good" would not be enough to counteract the annihilation of civilizations.

Oh no, don't go down that route. You can never make up for the mistakes of the past. The only thing you need to worry about is what to do for the future. Basically what I'm saying is if you were to become a low life shanking boozing womanizing cuttthroat tax evader, yet somehow avoid causing the annihilation of civilizations, I would consider that a rousing success. As you are now, you're walking on water morally, simply by being a decent person and not say, flipping out and surrounding yourself in a fortress composed entirely of dried blood. What you need to worry about, if anything, is not making amends for your past, or the history you learned about blood mages; it's how to keep yourself from making the same mistakes that they did. If you do that, and only that, you will have repaid your debt to society in spades. And honestly I think you can do more than that.
No. 229025 ID: 0b2a05

...Maybe I have been trying to think of myself in the wrong context...

"No. Eiko, when I was at the library, a soul mage ran screaming in terror just from looking at me. I ran out after him, and he told me I did not have a soul."

Eiko's face mutes as she stares at me.

"I tried to get him to explain, but he kept screaming, so I sedated him. An olao ran up and yelled at me a little, then he turned invisible somehow and left. I don't know where."

"...Why are you telling me this?"

I shrug, nonchalantly tilting my head.

"It seemed like something you should know."

Eiko died from incised wounds, the fatal one had torn her neck open. She mentioned a wild demon, it could be advantageous to look into them...


"Ram, can we have the picnic inside?"

"Sure, that would be fine."


She sits down on a chair and lets out a relaxing sigh. I sit down opposite the table from her.

"I've got something you should probably hear, then."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, you wanted to know how I got summoned, didn't you... Well, this relates."

She leans heavily over the table with her elbow, bracing her head up with her hand.

"Not really sure where to start.. guess when I was born is a safe bet. At the time I was summoned, I was about ninety minutes old. It sorta caught the mages by surprise; they didn't really think that the transforming demon they were summoning was going to be a baby."

She raises her other hand up and looks at me.

"One of the mages decided they'd adopt me. Grew up mimicking things, managed to fit it surprisingly well, not that anyone knew otherwise."

She looks towards the wall to her left.

"I went out to see how things were, but... aw, hell."

She puts her hands down on the table and lifts her head to look at me.

"I'm not one of the founders, but I belong to a group of people that.. well, currently, are investigating the cult that took your friend, and whatever else is going on, too."

I can barely contain myself from saying "what" out loud.

"I didn't tell them anything about you.. but I just thought you should know, if you wanted so join up or anything, I could introduce you..."
No. 229029 ID: 40cb26

>I can barely contain myself from saying "what" out loud.
Oh just say it and get over with. A calm and rational explaination can then follow.
No. 229031 ID: 701a19

"Well, I'd at least like to talk to them; maybe they'll be able to help Fizz and Kav.
They'll certainly know what to do about the cultist - Rosaline.
When would be a good time to meet them?"
No. 229045 ID: 059120

Really not that much of a surprise. Is this related to where she just went? She hasn't actually mentioned you to them, or anything, has she?

As for joining, while it would probably be mutually useful, I'm going to have to recommend you don't. Wait. Unless they've got a soul mage, maybe. Even then if they'd help without you joining that would be better.

Basically, you don't need to go let more people know you're a Blood Mage. We already did that way too many times. And joining while keeping that secret would only slow you both down. Have Eiko go as a run between, you can be an anonymous informant or something.

She probably would like to question that member of said cult though. You should go do that.
No. 229119 ID: a594b9

YES PLEASE! This is the excitement we've been waiting for!

Also, taking down the cult would be a good Goal for you. It's not particularly difficult and doesn't involve killing innocents so you'd be keeping the status of your first Goal intact.
No. 229130 ID: c71597

That certainly explains why she was killed. Also very interesting, but you should probably not join with them. You don't really know anything about them except that Eiko is a member.

But you should certainly offer to help in taking down that cult. They're causing problems, which might lead to someone looking a bit closer at certain suspicious stuff that could lead them to you. And that would just be annoying, so lets put a stop to this cult buisness before they do something stupid.
No. 229178 ID: e3f578

And there you go, secret fucking agent Ramma. That is if this organization is like that. Still, agent of some sort.
No. 229200 ID: ea2a3c


You're telling her this to explain why you hadn't read the book yet. Also you REALLY wanted to get it off your mind. It's KIND of disturbing and it makes you WORRIED for your friends.

As for that cult thing, great! That means she knows of others who could help Fizz. Uh, but make sure that earth mage cop isn't part of the group, because you really don't feel comfortable about seeing her just yet.
No. 232125 ID: 0b2a05


Eiko puts a hand to her face.

"I'm sorry... okay? A lot was going on and I didn't..."

She exhales loudly, and stands up, walking towards the kitchen.

"My summoner started it, but... he died."

It sounds like she is trying to exposit several thoughts at once..

Kav walks out of the kitchen, looking at Eiko. She moves towards the bathroom... pauses, then instead goes into the bedroom again. Eiko heads into the kitchen and returns holding some bananas and apples.

"It's kinda ill-defined, really... It's not official or anything, joining would be closer to just introducing you. The real reason I was at that restaurant... well, it's not a leap of logic to figure that out now, I guess."

She sits down and starts peeling a banana.

"So, I'm looking into the restaurant for any information about this cult thing, an explosive goes off, and suddenly a giant ice wolf chews me up and the next thing I know, I'm alive again."

"...I think I would rather not have any more people potentially know I am a blood mage."

She nods.

"Yeah... I figured you'd want to keep that quiet. Well, if there's anything I could do, or ask them for you...?"

"Is there a soul mage?"

She finishes peeling the banana and says "No, but I bet there's someone that knows of one." before eating it.

"The nevrean that was there in the police station... she is not part of it, correct?"

She raises her brow at me. "No, though there is someone that's sorta with the police I guess."

I do not think the "goal" thing applies to me... it just doesn't ring true, somehow.

"Eiko, I am going to stop this cult."

"Then you can count me in. I think you'll probably need help, no offense. I already know a little, so if you have any questions, I might know the answers. They're called the Artists of Zai, by the way."

"What about the cultist in the bathroom?"

She finishes the banana and replies, holding a hand to her head.

"Well, if you want me to start interrogating her, or take the shape of one of the other ones I could. I'd definitely like to ask her a few things..."

She blinks.

"Oh, and you wanted to talk to me about demons, didn't you?"

...I do not think I should let her talk to the cultist before me, for some reason. Apart from that, I could ask her about her powers, or discuss Kav, and if she knows about these Artists of Zai...
No. 232132 ID: 701a19

Ask about Kav.

This date isn't turning out so romantic; it's too business.
No. 232142 ID: 059120

Yeah definitely don't leave them alone together or anything. The way she spoke about her dad, it seems pretty obvious that he was killed by the cult. Even if she's pretty much a good person, she's still likely to want revenge on anyone related to the cult. Things should probably go fine as long as you take the lead, though? Going to see her now probably isn't a bad idea.

Some questions: Anything to the name? Who exactly is this Zai fellow? What are they trying to achieve? Just general havoc, or are they trying to take over the city? What exactly is up with the bombs?
No. 232361 ID: a594b9

We should find out: More about the cult, more about Vengeance Demons, and maybe a little bit more about her powers. In order of importance.

When we have a little time we should speak to the prisoner, and tell her not to spill the beans about our little deal. It's better if she assumes that you're dealing with her for selfish reasons. It'll keep her from freaking out about the anti-cult group as much. She's more likely to trust you if she thinks you're taking advantage of the anti-cult group to gain power (which we kindof are a little bit).
No. 232735 ID: 0b2a05

"Artists of Zai... What are they trying to do, exactly?"

She raises a brow at me.

"...To be honest? I'm not entirely sure. They seem to be summoning demons for no apparent reason."

"That does not make any kind of sense. Eiko, you are a demon, but contrary to expectations, you have been pleasant and courteous, and... I... I enjoy your company."

Eiko blinks at me, obviously surprised.

"Well... Thanks. I could say the same about you, o' incarnated nightmare."

...I think we just complimented eachother.

"So... Artists of Zai."

"Yeah. Alright, here's everything I've gathered so far. The Artists seem to be separated into chapters spread about the city. The chapters usually have about 3-6 people, which is enough to summon some minor demons, but..."

"Who or what is Zai?"

Eiko stares at me and narrows her eyes.

"Well, that's just it! For some reason, I haven't been able to find out! It doesn't make any sense..."

She illustrates her words by waving her arms around.

"The most I've been able to find out is that they're worshiping, or following, or doing something to someone or thing called Zai, and they call themselves 'artists' sometimes. I've never heard of who Zai is, and even when I asked people that would, nobody had any idea what I was saying. And there's more, too..."

She stops moving her arms and sits back in her chair solemnly.

"A lot of them... I keep getting the impression they don't really know what they're doing."

She seems to be kind of exasperated with this...

"I mean... you can usually tell if someone's the demon-summoning type. They're cool, but strong... and these members seem... I suppose the right word is 'brainwashed'. And the demons they're summoning are far stronger than what they should be capable of."

She sighs and shuts her eyes.

"They're not well-organized... but they haven't fallen apart; in fact they've been becoming more numerous if anything."

She opens her eyes again and holds up a finger, black swirling around it.

"But there's one thing I've definitely noticed. In every chapter.. there's at least one person that does know what they're doing. They're stronger than the rest.. you can tell. But they aren't acknowledged as leader, and from what I can tell, the chapters don't even communicate."

"What about the bombs?"

She shakes her head.

"They've only used a few, but.. seemingly randomly, I can't find a pattern. They kidnap people too, and summon fresh. It's a giant mess."

She sighs again.

"Well... That's what I know, anyway."

"How do morphic demons work?"

She nods and seems to relax again back to her usual state. I think she appreciates the subject change.

"Suppose I should try to summarize. I can assume any form with near perfection at any time. It doesn't 'run out' or anything, I can always do it, it's natural. I'm.. well, I suppose average strength here, which determines how fast I can change, how finely I can control it, and how well I can retain it before reverting back. You already know I can copy clothes and people, though inanimate objects are very difficult. Oh, and the forms I can take aren't just empty shells, they're the entire body, insides and outsides. That being said... we're not exactly powerhouse demons, but we can sort of use the changing power to... you could say, amplify our bodies?"

She shrugs. I recall back to the prison... I could definitely tell there was something off with her when she was impersonating the officer.

"Ah, and the base forms. Morphic demons... don't really have natural forms, well, I suppose the fluid one could count, but it isn't really appropriate for the category. Anyway, all morphic demons have base forms that they create themselves by seeing a species and copying them, but putting our own spin on it."

She waves her hand around while it partially melts into liquid.

"And we can read people from a distance too, knowing they're there is enough to copy their bodies."

She frowns.

"...We do get sick, which is annoying."

"What about vengeance demons?"

She puts her hand on her head.

"Ohh. To be honest... I don't really know. From what I've learned, they're strong, very strong, and can summon themselves under certain circumstances. Also... something about blades, but I don't really know where that comes into it."

She removes the hand from her head and shrugs the shoulder it connects to.

"You have that book though, and... well, I don't want to pry, but can't you ask her yourself?"

...To be honest, I don't want to.
No. 232740 ID: a594b9

Book time! Look up Vengeance Demons real quick.

Note that Kav seemed to want to get into the bathroom. Perhaps she needs to use the toilet.
No. 232743 ID: 701a19

"Oh, yea, the book slipped my mind, sorry. As far as asking her goes, though? Well, she's afraid of me and knows I want her out of Fizz's body. I don't think she would tell me the truth.
So, besides your group, what do you do? Job? Hobbies?"
No. 232777 ID: aaef76

You know, we saw some signs of demonic magic on Fizz before Kav was summoned, and she had a nightmare the first night we were here. Maybe we should read what she wrote in her diary the next day. I'm betting the cult had nothing to do with Kav, considering she is able to summon herself. Or maybe Fizz was the cafe target and Eiko was collateral damage.
No. 233004 ID: 059120

So, the cult is inept, right. I think we got an idea of that. Someone is pulling the strings between each cell. We need to find them.

Kav seems to be an endless spring of demonic knowledge. Go ask her about Zai.

I'm pretty sure we established that Kav has been in Fizz since she got the scar as a kid, right? And assuming that the bombs were coordinated with the group we just dealt with, it seems unlikely that they would be targeting Fizz/Kav, since they had no idea that there was already a demon in her. Eiko couldn't have been the target either, since she was already dead.

On this note, I think our next move on the cult front should be to investigate the bombings. They're the biggest mystery we can look into right now. We have no idea what the intent there is, and if we can figure that out, we should be able to get a better idea of their goal. Ram's house is obvious. There was also the cafe and the other house we went to, right? See if Eiko knows about any other locations.

Hm, as an afterthought, I wonder why the mages were summoning a demon anyway. I'm not sure if that's prying into Eiko's past, though. If you're going to, maybe you could ask about that name she took when you met... Raka. Any significance to that?
No. 236882 ID: 0b2a05
File 128594812215.png - (62.82KB , 682x690 , rendition.png )

She did not have to use the toilet.

"...We got off on the wrong.. foot. It is not difficult to say that I would much rather talk to you than her."

"Well okay, let's take a look."

She picks up the book and puts it on the table, and subsequently moves her chair closer to sit next to me.

We open the book and quickly find the section on vengeance demons. There is an illustration, with the words "Artist Rendition" beside it. The structure in back reminds me of a snowflake...

Eiko narrates the passages out in summary.

"Vengeance demons are elusive and powerful, and apparently they've been having trouble collecting information on them. They seem to have an association with metals, their skin is reflective, they've got blades for tails, and from what I can tell from this picture, some kind of tree growing out of their back?"

"..I don't much trust this picture."

"You'll find I'm not contrary to that opinion. What else... Oh, here's the part on the blades. They presumably create them out of thin air, not that any of you mortals would know something like that, and they fling them around without having to actually touch them. I wonder if all the blades look the same, or if it differs from demon to demon... Oh, here, look at this."

Eiko points at a subsection off to the side of the page. It looks like it is about self-summoning capabilities.

"A vengeance demon can cross the dimensional barrier on its own, but they're not sure why. It seems to have something to do with major emotional responses... and that's how they got their name, enacting vengeance for those that.. might summon them by accident?"

She puts an amorphous hand up to rub the bridge of her nose.

"This is confusing."

We might as well take a break... Eiko still does not seem as calm as usual.


"Mm, yeah?"

"What do you like to do?"

She thinks deeply for a minute, putting her hand to her chin.

"I guess... I like eating good food, and I've always loved looking at gigantic trees. Mimicking people is always fun, though it isn't exactly something I can do in bare public. Reading, also, and exploring the city."

She exhales cathartically, and her tone seems to have moved back closer to its original.

"Why did you want me to call you 'Raka'?"

She waves her hand.

"Ah, that's just one of the names I use when I'm out."

...I believe she is hiding something.

"Maybe we should take a break."

Eiko nods and puts her feet on the table, leaning back in her chair.

I walk to the bedroom door, and open it. Kav is sitting on the bed, reading the diary.
No. 236887 ID: 059120

Okay, who knows how much of that is accurate when they aren't in their own bodies. But yeah, "the taking revenge for their hosts" thing should have been obvious. Let's see, Fizz got the scar when she was a kid, right? We should probably go try to find her family or something, someone's in danger. For now we have other things to worry about, so just keep an eye on her. And don't let her do stuff like read Fizz's diary.

Ask her what she's looking for. Doesn't she have Fizz's memories already? Have we pressed her on how she ended up here at all? If she has a duty for vengeance, it's worth knowing her side of the story.

Repeating that she might know something about Zai. Ask if she even cares about the cult at all, too.
No. 236894 ID: d677cc

I, uh...

Actually, >>236887 pretty much has it covered, I think.
No. 236910 ID: a594b9

The scar on her hand was something she remembers her grandfather by. I don't think that's the cause of the heightened emotions that led to Kav being summoned. It's more likely that whatever she had nightmares about are the main cause... and it just took a little push (getting kidnapped) on top of that to bring Kav in.

Tell Kav you've decided to bring down the Demon Cult. Ask her if she wants to help.
No. 236951 ID: fd6d7e


>> Mimicking people is always fun, though it isn't exactly something I can do in bare public.

Have her turn into you. Now neither of you will be virgins.
No. 236954 ID: d677cc

Hey, Ram isn't even a virgin. We totally asked him about it a while back.
No. 236956 ID: fd6d7e


Yeah but... the reference...
No. 239331 ID: 0b2a05

She already did that. Though it did not last for long...

"Kav, you shouldn't be reading that."

"...Why not.."

This is going to go phenomenally...

"What are you looking for? I thought you already had Fizz's memories."

She shrugs almost imperceptibly.

"I do not have them all, I told you... Besides.. Everyone forgets some things..."

She sighs, and after a moment, puts the book down.

"What do you want?"

"I wanted to talk about you."

"What did you want to know?"

She speaks quickly after I finish talking, like she is trying to get through the conversation as fast as possible.

"What are you doing here?"

She pauses for a few substantial moments before answering.

"I was put in your friend a long time ago for a purpose that is no longer relevant. I cannot completely remember the details.. and my perception before yesterday was sporadic and incomplete."

She waits another substantial moment.

"...My recollection from before that is a haze."

She had two scars, but that would make sense. I should have asked her about the nightmares... Fizz could have written it down.. or Kav might know.

"What do you know about Zai?"

She sits still.

"Never heard of it."

I sit down on the bed behind her, taking the diary.

"Are you sure? The cultists that kidnapped you.. Fizz.. Eiko said that they called themselves 'Artists of Zai'."

"...The enuzian can tell you whatever she wants about me. I have never heard of anything called 'Zai'. You hold her in high esteem, put a lot of stock into what she says, do you not?"

"I thought you were more subtle than that, Kav."


"I am going to disband the Artists of Zai."

I hear her head lower.

"Are you, then."

"Do you care?"


"Are you going to help me?"



"...Yeah. Okay."

That was easier than I expected. I stand--Kav places her hand on my side, I can feel her tendons and muscles move as she turns her to me, heart pumping blood through her hand.

"Fizz. Do you want me to tell you anything about her?"

...I do not know how to answer that. I think she is implying something... but I cannot tell what it is.
No. 239350 ID: 701a19

"I wish for you to have your own body. If it is something she would rather say herself, and can wait till then, then I'd rather she be allowed that choice. Otherwise, I would love to hear it.
As far as Eiko, she hasn't spoken ill of you. She is wary, but has not shown antipathy towards you."
No. 239351 ID: e3f578

Only if it's a thing that can be considered dangerous to everyone's well-being or it's instrumental to prior events. Everything else is Fizz's to say when she wants to. Unless of course Kav can recall anything Fizz wanted to say to you before she became Kav.

Maybe... maybe what precisely happened when she was kidnapped. What went through her mind, the location of her abduction, etc. unless I'm forgetting something she's already told us. I dunno. Ask what she means by asking you that question.
No. 239353 ID: 125b88

Don't bite on that hook. Kav hasn't been acting on the level, I wouldn't trust her.
No. 239364 ID: a594b9

What do you mean? She has never attempted to lie or otherwise deceive us. She's kept things from us, sure, but considering what she said she originally wanted from us, her actions make sense.

Ask what it was that was a worse pain than what you subjected her to in the cafe. ...that's probably too far in the past though. I guess you could ask who you should talk to to pay rent (if it's due before we separate Kav and Fizz), or if she has any friends we need to contact to make sure they're not going to worry about her.

I guess you could ask if she honestly liked you, or was just too scared to betray you.
No. 239397 ID: 059120

Is she still okay? Other than that, no. We trust her, don't we?
No. 239439 ID: d677cc

I mean, I guess?
No. 240259 ID: 8fa42f

I think we trust Fizz to tell us everything she wants us to know. She might be somewhat aware (a question we should ask Kav right now), and that taking advantage of Kav's offer might just be a way to drive a wedge between us and her.

Don't tell Kav that though.
No. 241201 ID: 0b2a05

"Is there something you should tell me?"

I can feel her heart quicken its pace, her eyes dilate slightly and her skin start to perspire.


"Is she still alive?"


"Is she conscious?"

She shakes her head.

"Then she can tell me herself after I make you a new body."


She withdraws her hand and looks down and I shift back keeping in contact with her hand a moment before standing up.

Kav is silent as I walk out the door.


Eiko is sitting down at the table, eating. I am again wondering how her metabolism functions.. I have the diary now, and it looks rather full. Is there anything I should look for? The cultist also, is still waiting. I could keep her doing so for longer...
No. 241270 ID: 8fa42f

In the diary, first look at the most recent entry, and then the entry for the first night you showed up.
No. 241275 ID: 059120

Start at the end, work your way to your arrival. If that doesn't help, flip through for any mentions of demons or cults. Stop as soon as you get anything useful, at any point.
No. 241331 ID: fd6d7e

o god

Fizz totally raped you in your sleep.

So that's what that dream was.
No. 241913 ID: 1854db

What? No way. It's more likely Fizz thinks Ram is super awesome, and Kav is like "oh god if I tell Ram he's going to want me out of this body so fast". I mean, we have been really good to her.

How about we go talk to the cultist? Hmm... I bet we could speak to her by directly vibrating her eardrums via Blood Magic. It would be impossible for anyone to listen in. This is a good time to do it, since Eiko is gonna be busy eating. All we really want is for the cultist not to blab about our offer of power. Not until we figure out exactly what we're going to be using her for, and if Eiko would approve.
No. 245549 ID: 24a9bd
File 128739218327.png - (59.74KB , 682x682 , roommates.png )

...No, I definitely would have known if she had.


...Hm. After I read this. I am a fast reader, it should not take very much extra time.

The most recent entry first...

Entry 472

Ram is staying over. His apartment burned down, he said. I don't know if he's lying. I hope he isn't. I'm afraid. I don't know if I did the right thing. If he's telling the truth, he's always been telling the truth. It must be horrible, having nobody to talk to, and being mistrusted by everyone, at least, if they knew about you. But not even being able to tell anyone... he told me so easily, I wasn't sure until he said it, but he was the one that confirmed it. He must have been dying to for ages. I can't let my own fear stop me from treating him like a person. If I'm the only one that ever will, then he deserves at least that much. I have to be his friend. I really hope he's telling the truth.


I flip back to the beginning.

Entry 1!
Free. Finally free. Free of the Sal family's suffocating influence! This is my diary, and if you're reading it, you'd better have a good reason!

My family doesn't understand me. I'm not a sick little child anymore, and even when I was, they treated me like I was useless! No matter what I did, they never got it, always I was the one they 'had to account for'. Well, not anymore. I feel better now than I have in my entire life. I have to show them they're wrong, that I'm not the handicapped girl they think I am. I need to go out and make a name for myself, without their help! When Varona transferred, she brought me with her, and we're going to be roommates! I have a good feeling about this.

~Fizz-Tongue Sal

No. 245552 ID: 1854db

Fuck, why didn't we realize this sooner? Varona is Fizz's roommate. This complicates things.

I think we should go check on her; make sure the raid on the cultists went okay. They probably won't recognize you at this point.
No. 245554 ID: 701a19

Do as much research on Varona as you can. Then change your species, gender, coloration, and voice, then show up in her bedroom in the middle of the night, hit her with a blow-dart containing your blood, and paralyze her.
We're going to tell her things she needs to know, take credit for stopping the cultists as this new identity, and start asking questions.
We might consider letting her know that there's a blood mage backing her up, but I really doubt that would be a wise idea.
No. 245832 ID: 059120

Yeah okay let's move getting Fizz back to highest priority, so we can get her help interacting with Varona, then. Unless we decide to have Kav pose as Fizz for us. Man, think of all the wacky hijinx that would ensue. That is totally the worst plan we are going to do if we can't find a lead on a soul mage.

Okay, so, first, Rose. Ask her about stuff, figure out what she is doing, see if she knows of a soul mage. Or did we do that last one already?

Then we talk to Kav once more, see if we can actually get her help and what we would need for a soul transfer into a homunculus or something.

Then finally we start looking for Emmett and Kwants, if we don't have another lead. Even if we got off on the wrong foot, it's better to work with people we've already met.
No. 245835 ID: d677cc

I endorse this plan of action.
No. 245934 ID: fd6d7e



So Varona is that crazy earth mage that locked you in the clink? Fizz must be the person she's looking for! She did confess she was looking for someone in particular, I think? Might be bad to show her Fizz when Fizz is possessed by Kaz still though.

For that matter... Varona has been looking for her lost friend for a long time now... exactly how long has Fizz been Kaz? It can't have been more than a few days since the botched ritual. What about before that?

...did we ever know Fizz at all?
No. 245980 ID: 8ff26a

I think our time with Fizz was legitimate. No reason to start jumping at shadows after the big reveal. Varona just wasn't looking for Fizz, it was probably someone else cult related.

I want to know how the cult target Fizz. Go question our prisoner/recruit (I think that was a horrible move, btw, but I suppose we couldn't just kill her or let her go).
No. 246079 ID: 8ff26a

Ram, could you continue reading each entry since the day she met you in the restaurant?
No. 246115 ID: 1854db

Let's not read any more of the diary. It's kindof rude and we just told Kav not to. I don't think Ram wants to be a hypocrite. Probably found out the most important bits anyway:
Fizz feels sorry for Ram and decided to be his friend
Varona is Fizz's roommate
No. 249261 ID: 24a9bd
File 128826297733.png - (58.07KB , 682x682 , bow.png )

Yes. There is something else here as well.

The Sal family is a paragon of influence. It would not be wholly inaccurate to say they run half of the city of Caske, and part of Meriff as well, I remember hearing about them when I was younger. They are not purportedly mobsters.. though I do not know for certain.

She apprehended, interrogated, and threw me in a jail cell. Even if her later demeanor was apologetic, I would rather she was oblivious to my existence. And she knew Fizz...

...Nothing is ever simple.

Okay. I need to deal with her. Injecting my blood... It would be more reasonable to synthesize paralytics.

But I do not know where she sleeps, or how I would research her.. apart from Kav, Fizz, or the diary.. or doing something very reckless.

Mmh. Maybe later... there are no other entries between the last one and the day I met her. Looking through this.. it seems that she slowly started to space out her entries. It had been almost a week and a half before her last entry.

She said her 'friend'.. and I do not think she has very many. I think it is likely she was referring to Fizz. I have only known Fizz a few days.

...I don't think it would be wise for the two to meet while Fizz is possessed.

That sounds like a workable plan. The cultist first.

I unlock the door to the bathroom and walk inside.


The cultist slips and nearly falls. I run forwards and catch her, feeling her skin and the small errors still present in her anatomical makeup and her heart beating. She stammers and circles around.

She looks at me with wide eyes and hesitation before stooping into a low bow, letting her arms hang while she stammers out her sentence.

"I--YES! I AGREE! I will do what you wish..."

...If I assert my authority over her, she would easily bend under it.
No. 249268 ID: 701a19

Give her a hug. If she seems to be terrified or otherwise abnormal then ask what got her so worked up.
No. 249292 ID: 8bc1ac

This sounds like a good course of action.
No. 249320 ID: 1854db

Approaching an enemy we converted into a servant with soft affection is not a good plan. A firm, detached, yet compassionate approach should be optimal to keep her in line.

Tell her we have plans to dissolve the demon cult, and if there's anyone she wants dead or not-dead she should tell us before the fighting starts. Also tell her that in a little while, Eiko will want to interrogate her, and she should not reveal our little arrangement. I'm sure Eiko can come up with a convincing reason to have her help us.
No. 249352 ID: e3f578

Fizz is the daughter of a kobold mafia boss? That's kinda badass. Fizz may be shy and seemingly meek but deep inside (not counting Kaz) she's probably a really tough woman.

Tell the Volto to relax, you're only a firm asshole with people who could be dangerous to you. Then thank her for her decision and that there's a lot of good and simplifying to be done.
No. 250526 ID: 6834bc

I'm for consistency, in this situation. Ram has already acted one way toward her, to suddenly and heavily switch tracks is just weird.
That means I'm supporting this.
No. 250948 ID: 1854db

On second thought, don't bother trying to make her keep the promise a secret. Instead, let's tell Eiko we're lying to her and don't actually plan to give her any power. That way, Eiko will be okay with the 'deal'. We can eventually figure out if Eiko would be okay with Ram gaining a foothold in the city.

...wait, what would we even do if we had a little group of our own? Would it be an organized crime syndicate, a group of mercenaries, bodyguards, crime fighters, what?
No. 250955 ID: a09a03

Assert the shit out of that authority.

You've got enough relationship stuff going on. We need minions who do as they're told.
No. 251473 ID: a5038a

Screw that, Ram needs friends he can trust. He's so wooden that he needs honest emotion in his life, in order to avoid the common pitfall past blood mages have fallen into. Keep in mind he's still a cold logical individual.

But now is the time for harsh questioning. Find out EVERYTHING about the cult, how many of them are there, how many plans do they have ongoing, are those two we ran into related to them somehow, is there anything going on with them right now, and so on.
No. 251477 ID: c71597

Don't hug her. Assert your authority and make sure she understands that she's a servant. Maybe she could be something else in the future, but right now that's what she is.

Hmm, so many things you could probably do. Getting Eiko's help and further investigating the Artists would probably be a good choice.

And screw telling other people it was you who did something about them. Unless their existance becomes widely known you're hardly very likely to gain any real recognition for it. And simply stopping some demonic cult wouldn't change peoples assumption about bloodmages, it's far better if as few people as possible know about that fact.
No. 255860 ID: 24a9bd

If she specifically left the Sal family, I suspect that that is true. ...And they are not gangsters. Purportedly.

As of yet, I still know little of her. I do not think it would be a good idea to dispel whatever image she may have subconsciously built of me.. but I will try to keep from going too far.

"Good decision."

I slowly cross behind and face her. She raises her eyes and turns to watch me.

"Tell me everything you can about your former employers. How were you inducted?"

She looks down at the tile to clear her head.

"..I was studying Ritualism at the library, and I had a job as a waitress at Renmen."

That must be the restaurant.

"That human.. I left my books there once on accident, when I came to pick them up, she told me I was weak, that I didn't even know what to look for. She said she knew what it was like to hold power, and she told me that if I went with her, she would give it to me."

"When exactly did this happen?"

"A little over five weeks ago. She brought me to the cave and.. my memory's spotty at that point. She said that magic was flawed, and that were going to turn ourselves into true demons, but to do that, we would have to control them."

Her expression looks uncertain.

..I do not know. I think I am figuring it out more and more lately.

No. 255935 ID: e3f578

She doesn't seem to have that much common sense. "Let's follow a random crazy stranger toting unbelievable power". Ask her if her common sense bells rung at all and told her to be not believe at least half of that shit, that there must have been some other reason. No one is that stupid and unguided.
No. 255940 ID: 1854db

True demons? Ask her what she means by that. Also note that we have two demons on our side right now... she may get her wish just yet, unless it requires something they don't like.
No. 256242 ID: c71597

First ask her about true demons. Then start working on a little plan.

They seem to be using the library as a recruiting ground. Now you're going to have to do something that might be a bit painful. Change your apperance, change it enough that nobody would recognise you, and hers as well. Then the two of you hang out in the library and read pretty much the same books she did the first time around, wait for them to approach you. Once they do then you follow them. Get taken to whatever secret base they got. Call in Eiko and Kav for back up. Deal with all the cultists except for whoever seems to be the leader. That one you take with you to get more information.

The problem is if the one who did the library reqruitment has vanished after you took down the place with the Volto. But it seems like a somewhat logical place to reqruit so they probably still have some people there who keep track of who checks out what.
No. 259761 ID: 0b2a05

Perhaps the human said exactly what she wanted to hear.. or more likely, some form of mind control was involved.

"Why did you believe her?"

She starts from the question. It would seem I asked her the same thing she was thinking herself.

"...She seemed like she knew what she was talking about, and she was my coworker."

"That does not sound like a very convincing reason."

I see her eyes glance downwards, I do not think I can get anything more useful from this.

..Instead, I ask her what a 'true' demon is in relation to an untrue demon.

"What is a true demon? And how does it differ from another demon?"

"True demon, well, you can hybridize people with demons, and you can splice them directly if you know how. ..True demons are.. untainted by mortal blood, they would require a perfect conversion to make."

"How difficult would that be?"

She shakes her head after a moment of thought.

"I don't know.. I would think it would be nearly impossible, but.. she seemed so confident.."

"What would be involved in that?"

"Well.. you would need a demon.. and.."

She breaks off, looking pensive.

"..The only way I can think of how to do it would be to lobotomize and subsume what's left.. but that didn't seem to be what she was talking about."

Hm.. I think I will leave out mentioning Kav and Eiko for the time being.

...I think I know of a way to make that easy. There is a rare kind of ezilot that comes up from time to time, the result of unlikely unions. I myself carry the recessive characteristic. They have black fur and a black mane as well; many of them dye their fur because of it. It would definitely make me stand out, while simultaneously masking my identity.

If they are using the library as a recruiting ground.. that is a very bad sign. Would it be possible that the recruiters recognize her, though? If they have already heard about what happened to the rest of the cultists that kidnapped Fizz, they might be unwilling to approach her with me there, and unwilling to approach me with her there. It could be a better idea to bring Eiko... though that would leave Kav alone with the cultist, I suppose.

Regardless, is there anything I should do before leaving?
No. 259781 ID: c71597

Probably bounce the plan of the others and see what they think about it. Then you can get going with it the next day. Oh, and see how we are on spending money. Might be some expenses involved in the future.
No. 259790 ID: 1854db

Remember that Thri-kreen we met in the library? I'm willing to bet that she was part of the cult, or has been approached by them by now. We should try to keep an eye on her if we find her again.

Before we go, tell Eiko about our lead, and see if she wants to interrogate the prisoner too. Can't hurt to have a second perspective, and a cross-examination can help sometimes.
No. 288817 ID: e973f4

Really, this... this pretty much addresses anything I had.
No. 288827 ID: b6ca92

Why did you have to necro an awesome quest?! WHY?!
No. 308518 ID: 0d7a83

No. 321401 ID: a33914

I nod, and exit the room. "Stay here for a while.."

Eiko is waiting for me outside.

"Hi ho, Rambo."

I lift an eyebrow. She shrugs.

"Were you listening in?"

"Only a little; you speak kinda soft, you know. Problems?"

"No, but I am going to try and find some of the same people that found 'our guest' at the library. Maybe I can find something out."

She sits down on a pillow and looks up at me thoughtfully. "Seems like a logical next step. Want me to join you?"

"Do as you wish, though I'm not entirely sure how good an idea it is to leave those two alone.."

"Wait, you're going now?"

I nod in affirmation. "Yes."

She shrugs again, turning around. "I guess it makes sense.. The quicker you move the less chance they have to be on guard. Just in case they've been talking, though, think it'd be a good idea to have some sorta disguise?"

I blacken my fur, and shift my eye color to a more reddish orange. ..For some reason I feel a little lighter.

She turns around again, and blinks in exaggerated surprise.

"Well that certainly works. You know, if we're both going to be shapeshifters, do you think we should have a code word, or something to know each other by?"

Hm.. I can certainly tell who she is if I touch her, and I sincerely doubt someone could fake magic like mine...
No. 321409 ID: 00d3d5

The method of identification should be clasping one of her hands with both of yours. If it's her then 'melt' your hands together so you encase each of her fingers independently before pulling away.
Or you could always give her a mind-blowingly good french kiss.
No. 321520 ID: 94995b

A code word would probably be best, if you happened to use your magic on the wrong person they would freak.
Just pick a phrase, about weather or something trivial like that.
Yay, its back. Now I have to read it all again.
No. 321534 ID: c891d3

This makes sense, yeah.
No. 321578 ID: 1e9d01

We would be able to tell it's Eiko by touch. Thus, we would only do the hand trick if it's her. Granted, clasping hands may be visible by others, and it MIGHT look odd if someone is paying very close attention.

Better would be something completely invisible, like using your magic to induce an unusual sensation where we touch her. Like an itch, or numbness, or just some sort of prickly sensation.
No. 321622 ID: 9c538a

Heh heh. French kiss. Purely for identification purposes of course.
No. 322045 ID: 55c4cf

Boo berry is the best code word.
No. 324014 ID: b6ca92

The solution is a simple compromise: Code word to get attention, followed by handshake greeting for physical confirmation. Less obvious that way.
>[Eiko spots who she believes to be Ram in the crowd, and goes to catch him]
>Eiko: "Hey, Boo Berry! Miss me?"
>[Ram confirms with an accepting response, possibly a counter codeword.]
>"There you are! Where have you been off to, [counter-codeword/nickname]?"
>Eiko: "Not much, just keeping myself busy. Yourself?"
>[hands clasp in mutual greeting, physical test confirms eachother's identity.]

Bonus, by allowing Eiko the freedom to give us a 'nickname', also assists our relationship with her.
No. 324080 ID: 15b51b

Go with a kiss.

Better yet, just say "I'll know it's you if we touch, and I'll make sure you know it's me."

Aw yeah.

Also, just go ahead and take Eiko with you. Just tell Kav not to leave. If she does, you can get mad at her after you track her down, and you will track her down. (Maybe you could modify her very subtly to make her easy to track? Like a phermone trail or something?)
No. 324497 ID: cddaf1

I'm not sure a code word is important, but it probably can't hurt. It was Eiko's idea, so let her pick. Maybe suggest using a number, though, since they're probably easier to work with. After that, head off to the library, because seriously we need to get something done.

The discussion of identification does make me think that you should start a habit of shaking hands with everyone you meet. It's an inconspicuous activity that'll get you a lot of useful information, plus make you seem classier.

On an unrelated note, I realized that Kav's obsession with Ram might just be carryover from Fizz, and not part of some sinister demon agenda. I mean, Vengeance Demons have to be influenced by their hosts some to take revenge for them, so it doesn't seem unreasonable that they might also be susceptible to other things they've been dwelling on, and boy did it seem like Fizz was dwelling on Ram.
No. 324965 ID: 0b2a05

What I meant, was that I do no think I could confuse her for someone else. Though I suppose it is possible that demon morphology has something I don't understand, physical contact is very informative.

Erh.. I am not sure how appropriate or feasible it would be to kiss her...

Hm. A code number might be the best method..

"I don't think we will have to worry about anything if we can have physical contact, but just in case, perhaps you could come up with a code, or number?"

Eiko nods and tilts her head up, deliberating.

"Alright, 76."


She nods. "Yeah, I like that number. Not too hard to remember, right?"

I nod in agreement as I move to leave.

"Good luck!"

I step outside the door and make my way towards the library. Shaking hands with people.. sounds like a good practice to adopt if I want more information about them, though--

...Yes. I believe I shall.

Fizz did seem to have particular interest in me.. even though she did not seem to show it, I think I represented something to her that she did not fully realize. If Kav is so based on her emotions, it could definitely account for her actions towards me, but.. I do wonder how much of her is different than Fizz.

Damnit. I need more information on vengeance demons, and it certainly seems like people do not know anything about them.

I arrive at the library and step up the steps into the main building. I only see a few library mages, most of them occupied with assisting patrons. Some people are milling about, reading books.

I take a slow walk through the library. It seems like the standard amount of people.. and one of them definitely looks suspicious. An ezilot is reading between two bookcases, but he keeps looking at a curelian library mage out of the corner of his eye.. and the curelian seems to be studying the anatomy of a creature I have not ever seen before in a large bound book.

He slowly starts moving, back past the book shelf.. turning around to walk towards the mage.

...I'm not sure what I should do. If I cause a scene he might lose interest in the curelian and pay attention to me, but he might not be the only one that does... and maybe doing so is too overt. I do not want to give the impression that he isn't the one in control, but if Rosaline's experience was the standard, I still need them to notice me if I want the same thing to happen to me.
No. 324966 ID: 1854db

Just approach the library mage and ask her what she's reading about. Express an interest in demonic stuff as well, maybe share some of your own findings with her... but if you mention things you've learned from sources other than books, be mysterious and not say where you got the info from. After the conversation, ask where you can find more books like the one she's got. Then go grab one and read up!

This is an attempt to get the guy to overhear your conversation and take interest in you, then present an opportunity for him to approach you afterwards.
No. 324982 ID: cddaf1

Well, we're here to gather information, not actually join the cult, right? As long as we confirm this guy is an Artist and maybe learn we're he's working from we should be solid. It's probably better in the long run if we don't have to maintain a cover identity as part of them. So just try and watch them without being noticed for now. And then once we find out stuff, we'll... do something? What's our endgame, here. Are we just going to tell Eiko's organization or the police or something? Heroically capture them all ourselves? We seemed to stop planning after the "try to get brainwashed by them" part, which really doesn't strike me as a very good plan in retrospect.

I guess we decide that joining is important, you should approach the mage and ask questions. Make it seem as if you are interested in demons but know nothing about them. Someone uninformed looks much easier to manipulate.
No. 391484 ID: fc72e1

Okay. Time to get moving. I walk up to the library mage, keeping myself from glancing at the ezilot as I get closer and smile. "Hey, is that a demon?"

The curelian seems to startle a little bit, and looks up at me. "Uh, I'm.. sorry?"

I gesture to the page. "That looks like a demon or something. What are you reading?"

She looks stunned for another moment before she composes herself and nods. "Er.. perceptive of you. Yes, this is a wild demon. The city council asked us to research them, for whatever reason.."

Out of the corner of my eye I can see the ezilot shift and start moving. I don't think he's leaving, though.

"The city council? Weird, why would they care?"

She raises a webbed hand apathetically. "Don't know, frankly don't care, politics are the boringest things I know of." She sets the book down. "Be a dear, put this back? I'm going to take a break." I pick up the book and she rises, bows curtly, and starts to walk out. The ezilot looks after her.. then glances at me from behind the bookshelf.

I drop my smile and turn the book back to the page with the wild demon on it. ...It really does look like a wolf, with spears of ice in its shaggy fur.

That should get his attention.
I trace a finger over the words, reading that wild demons (nivis) are, like all demons, confined to the demonic dimension, but like vengeance demons and apparently core demons as well, they can cross dimensional barriers in areas of extreme cold...

Paroza never snows and rarely ices. The nivis that killed Eiko must have been summoned by someone.

I close the book with a snap and place it back on the shelf. I turn, starting to walk... and the ezilot follows me. If he is a recruiter for the Artists of Zai, maybe he'll know more than the members.
No. 391491 ID: 1854db

Go to a less populated section of the library where he would be able to approach you without much fuss. Then see if you can find any books tangentially related to the subject of demons.
No. 391495 ID: 0006f5

keep it up. head to a secluded section of the library
No. 391525 ID: 063c28

Go (pretend to) browse for material (ideally demon-related) in a reasonably secluded area, but don't go too far or necessarily to the most private place; you don't want to risk tipping him off. Be certain not to look back at him directly.
No. 391953 ID: fc72e1

Heading towards one of the sides of the library... Not particularly close to the back exit, but I note that there is a section devoid of people on a straight path to it. I look around for a good section nearby, and I find one on dimensional theory. Perfect.

The lighting is flawed this far back in the library; it seems to come from a window a section over. I scan the contents of the bookshelves, and pull out a book about the nature of dimensions, and open it up to a diagram of a multi-layered sphere. I can hear him walk closer. I take a few steps over the side of the bookshelf, and now he is only a few feet away.

I could very easily incapacitate him. Or let him control the situation. My eyes skim over the text.
No. 391957 ID: 1854db

It might be useful to know their recruitment methods. Let him take control for the moment. We could like, look up, see him and snap the book shut in surprise.
No. 391959 ID: 0006f5

see if you can act out a convincing physical bumping into, should shake the ezilot a bit and create openings
No. 391990 ID: 55c4cf

Let him take control, think about butts first.
No. 392370 ID: fc72e1

Yes... before, that human managed to read my mind. They said so, at least.. I will fill my thoughts full of demonic half-baked conclusions, in case.

I start to pace, slowly, turning the page as my eyes roll over the last period. As I skim the page, I turn the corner and look up for a place to sit, bumping into the black ezilot and feeling his irritated ears, contracting muscles and his heart beating and the blood spilling through his--

I push off him and avoid hitting my back against the wall, looking up at him and closing the book. "Yh.. you.. startled me."

He cocks his head, and shifts his posture, subtly ending up a little closer to me. "You've been busy. Reading up on demons, the barrier between dimensions..."

I appear nervous. "..No. I just..."

"Why don't you tell me why you're in such a frantic hurry to learn about demons...?"

He smiles at me... maliciously..?

Wait.. he seems to think I am desperate for something. His face is one of gleeful domination. He cannot know about.. Fizz-Tongue. But, maybe he thinks that I, or someone else I know is in danger of demonic possession.

This strange cult... How much does it know about its own operations?
No. 392373 ID: 0006f5

whoa. say the city council asked you to research them, and taking your sweet time was a mistake you would rather not repeat. request introductions
No. 392376 ID: 1854db

Look suspicious and angry, and ask who the hell he is. Maybe ask him if he knows what happened to "her". If he gives any indication that he is in fact trying to recruit you via ransom (which looks like the case), grab him by the neck, paralyze him and silence his vocal cords, then abduct him quietly out the exit. If he tries to lead you into saying the person's name your supposedly worried about, abduct him early.

We begin questioning by stating that you didn't think it would be this easy. Then ask him what his rank is in the order. Punish lies with SEARING PAIN while preventing him from screaming. In fact, prevent him from screaming at all- restrict his voice to a whisper.

If he tries to attack you magically, empty all air from his lungs, stop his heart temporarily, and remove a limb by simply causing the flesh and bone of the joint to dissolve. Then drink the blood from the limb as you continue the questioning.
No. 392391 ID: cddaf1

You're desperate for power, of course. We have to give him something to tempt you with, right? Let's see... just go for the big leagues. You're dying. Terminal illness, nothing medicine can do for you. Surely you can fake that if it comes to a check up, right? Anyway, you're hoping there might be some other way of extending your life.

As for acting tips, remember let him stay in control, but not to just play along with him. Dodge the question a bit, until he tries to present himself as someone who can help. Play up the despair of facing your own mortality, of being forced to resort to demonology. Be ashamed that you're going this far, but more terrified of doing nothing that you're willing to do anything.
No. 393270 ID: 55c4cf

Request name, be formal at first. No matter what you do flirt with body language and tone the entire time.
No. 393301 ID: 99f447

You know, I think we've played enough games with these guys. Paralyze his vocal cords, make him go rigid. Then take his hand, and force his muscles to contract so as to walk with you, out of the library, to somewhere private.

Then we'll get our information from him.
No. 394052 ID: fc72e1

I clench my jaws and stare, looking him up and down.

"..Who are you."

He tilts his head at me, mocking me with condescension. I see his eyes subtly try and glance around for anyone watching.

"I might be a friend. Can you take the chance I'm not?"

No name, then. None to give, at least. I bite my tongue, and glare at him fervently, looking around a bit more obviously for anyone watching.

"What do you know about demons?"

"Oh, I know quite a bit... the question is, what are you willing to do to find out just what I know?"

He grins again.

"Tell me what you know. Please."

"Mm.. And why should I do that?"

I start to choke up.

"..I don't want to die..."

"Mmm...? Is someone threatening to kill you if you don't do their research?"

"...No, I have an illness.."

...His shoulders sag slightly, and his face turns a bit to disappointment. "Oh. Well, you may try one of the sections over there. Ta."

...As soon as he heard that I was dying, he immediately became uninterested. Irrelevant. He turns around.

I step down hard on the floor and launch myself at him, grabbing his head in my hand. I close his surprised eyes and lock up his throat. He can breath, shallowly, but his vocal cords are immobile.

I look around.. and hone in my senses. No heat. Nothing is watching. My hand moves to his back, and I manipulate his skeleton, feeling his heartbeat get faster and faster until I slow it down to normal levels, the sweat quickly evaporating from his skin as lymph pumps through his system and his lungs inflate and deflate.

Slowly I start him walking, moving alongside him as we head towards the library exit. Nobody stops us, and only one library mage glances at us as we leave. Once outside, I start walking with him towards... a different alley than I caught the soul mage in.

His breath shudders as he exhales. I am not even entirely positive if he is aware of what I am.
No. 394054 ID: 1854db

That was a bit weird, but there's so many explanations for it I can't decide on any of them.

Get him in the alley, restrict his voice to a whisper, and ask him questions. 1) who does he work for? What's his rank, name, etc? 2) why wasn't he interested in you after you said you were dying? 3) WHERE DID HE HIDE THE BODIES- wait no, ask him what the purpose of all the demon summoning is. 4) where's the soul mage?

Hmm. Use that magical attack countermeasure I mentioned before as an interrogation technique instead of just pure pain. That's BORING. After removing a limb, say that if he answers all our questions we'll reattach it.
No. 394057 ID: 99f447

Ooh, that's cruel, but it'll work. Start smaller though. Remove a hand. Then his forearm. Make it so they are separated but still intact. It'll be both painful for him and incredibly frightening.

And at this point we need to start seeking solutions. Fizz tongue has been possessed for a while and we are just faffing about being nice to Kav because we... I don't know, have no balls I guess.

We need to know who their expert on demonolgy is. We need to know what their magic resources are. We need to know how many of them there are, how much they own, and if they have any important contacts.

This guy isn't going to have the answers, but he'll probably know someone who does. Also, an alley isn't necessarily the best for this kind of thing. We need to have a place no one will come to for anytime we do something illegal.

We also need to be a little more... I don't know, careful. Fizz-tongue is the only one of our current cadre of "friends" that we have any reason to trust, and even then it's only because we saved her life and then she shared her home with us.
No. 394072 ID: cddaf1

Good! He shouldn't know what you are. Which means stick to traditional interrogation. There's plenty you can do to make him talk without revealing you can tear off an arm. The most he needs to know about you is that you can paralyze him. Besides, an entirely panicked mind is just as bad for getting answers as a clear one.

Questions should be pretty obvious. Who he is, why we was interested in you, what's up with the cult, etc. Try to work with what he gives you before introducing anything you know already.
No. 394142 ID: 059994

Why are you worried about what he knows? We are going to drain his blood and leave him an empty husk once he's told us what know we want to know.
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