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File 127041678351.png - (75.33KB , 600x400 , 091.png )
159593 No. 159593 ID: 4b1405

I have a report to make, Agents.

Thread 1: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/61857.html
Thread 2: http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/graveyard/res/104816.html

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No. 159594 ID: 4b1405
File 127041685341.png - (146.48KB , 600x400 , 092.png )

Mance has claimed he is a 'Druid.' He does, indeed, perform rituals, but they are not arcane in nature - merely religious. They involve using special materials and runes and his own blood.

I am disinclined to believe him. His story matches up with what I have seen, but I am convinced that there is more to it than this.

I have also come to the conclusion that Tosh is an idiot. An idiot who knows quite a bit more than he seems to realize. Getting him separate from Mance for an interrogation is a top priority.

We are currently in the library. Rae has been reading, and Allen is kind of standing off to the side. No one has said a word for almost a minute now.
No. 159619 ID: f95872

Okay. This state of affairs seems acceptable to me. Wait for something to happen, I guess.
No. 159642 ID: e3f578

You care too much. I'd sit back and take it easy myself. Man you don't even have to worry about shit in that asylum. You get what for Recreational activites? Probably a few games. Man, I'd kill for some Batman Arkham Asylum.

Did you know Batman is real, good ol' govy covers that up because of vigilantism. Not Bruce Wayne though, he's that fucking good at what he does. No clue about The Question though, have you met somebody similar to that? I'm sure you'd be best buddies if Mr. Q is real.
No. 159656 ID: 099247

Ask Rae what he's reading.

Ask Mance what he has done so far with his druidic powers.

Ask Allen how he feels about this revelation.

Ask Tosh how to shot web.
No. 160014 ID: c2c011

See if you can't get Tosh to help you pick out a book.
No. 160031 ID: 83deb4

Ask what being a druid entails. What kind of rituals, what kind of runes, what kind of materials. Feign interest in everything.

If he's making things up, the more he talks, the more likely he is to slip up on something.
If he's sprinkling in bits of truth to help the narrative, we might discover something, even if we don't know how it's exactly relevant now.
And if he refuses to talk about something, well, then that's REALLY suspicious, isn't it?

Also, supporting everything here. Except maybe the shot web. Tosh probably wouldn't get the joke.
Maybe Allen would.
You know what, supporting that, too.
No. 160196 ID: 4b1405
File 127052031662.png - (52.69KB , 600x400 , 093.png )

>Ask Rae what he's reading.
He's reading Demon Diary. He is always reading Demon Diary.
No. 160197 ID: 4b1405
File 127052034246.png - (50.19KB , 600x400 , 094.png )

>Ask Mance what he has done so far with his druidic powers.

...He's just kind of staring at me. Awesome. Mance, you should go on tour with those speeches of yours. They are truly magnificent, I gotta tell ya. You fucker.
No. 160198 ID: 4b1405
File 127052037440.png - (34.28KB , 600x400 , 095.png )

>Ask Allen how he feels about all of this.
"...All of what?"
No. 160199 ID: 4b1405
File 127052038584.png - (36.11KB , 600x400 , 096.png )

>Ask Tosh how to shot web.
"Kwhat's a kweb?"
No. 160200 ID: 4b1405
File 127052039885.png - (55.37KB , 600x400 , 097.png )

>You care too much. I'd sit back and take it easy myself.
How do you still have your job? Investigation waits for no man!

>Wait for something to happen, I guess.
Wait for something? Wait for something!? THAT COULD TAKE FOREVER!
No. 160201 ID: 4b1405
File 127052042453.png - (75.48KB , 600x400 , 098.png )

"Hey Allen! You wanna see the new girl? They're dragging her in now, she's putting up a fight! Maybe someone will bleed~" Ashley swoons.

...Okay, maybe that wasn't a bad idea, but just this once. For the record, though, I hate you.

>Ask what being a druid entails
Dammit that's an excellent idea. You need to speak up sooner. We can do that now I suppose but tailing Ashley and Allen sounds more productive.
No. 160203 ID: 1ac39d

go see the new girl, the next time you see mance you can ask that.
No. 160295 ID: c2c011

Go see new girl.

Get slightly worried about the girl with the obvious blood fetish. Who knows, maybe one day you will wake up with her sitting on your chest, shiv in her hand and a mad smile on her face. The grin impossibly seeming to get larger as the shiv gets closer to your throat. The last thing you see is the crazy glow in her eyes before darkness swallows you.

Yeah don't think about that. I'm sure you're perfectly safe here.
No. 160315 ID: 83deb4

If the girl is as violent as they say, she'll probably end up in higher security, so this might be your only chance to gather information about her.
Mance, on the other hand, will always be here.

Tell Mance that you're going to go see the new girl, but you still have questions for later. Besides, someone should be there to keep Ashley from aggravating the situation.

And you're the only normal person here, Tyler.
No. 160337 ID: e3f578

>How do you still have your job? Investigation waits for no man!

They always put idiots in high ranking positions with high pay. Of course, I'm not really an idiot, I just realize acting like one works more effectively than acting smart. No wonder your in here, you've got no sense of incognito! Otherwise, you'd be free to go conspiracy hunting.

Bro, you gotta work on your lyin' and acting skills.
No. 176404 ID: 1ac39d

No. 226060 ID: 2dd0ba
File 12836438815.png - (82.34KB , 700x500 , 99.png )

I rush after Allen and Ashley. It seems like Mance wants to come along too. That's fine. I want to keep my eye on him anyway.
No. 226061 ID: 2dd0ba
File 128364390698.png - (172.15KB , 700x500 , 100.png )

When I arrive, I discover something strange. The new girl is holding her own against the Captain!

...And he is telling the other 4 guards here not to interfere. I swear, this guy's chivalry is going to get him killed. Tosh looks like he wants to do something, but Mance is holding him back.

Hmm. This looks like a good time to earn some favor from somebody. If I help the Captain, he might put me down to MiniSec. MiniSec has the Twins and Vern. Vern creeps me the fuck out.

If I help that kung fu chick, I might get on her good side. We'd probably lose, against this many, but we'd both get a one way ticket to Maxi Sec. And everyone there is locked up tight. There must be something hidden up there.

And if I stop Mance from restraining Tosh... I might see something interesting. That hold looks pretty weak, and Tosh is a stupid fucker. He might do all sorts of things he probably shouldn't.
No. 226067 ID: 476456

well you could cheer on the new girl
No. 226068 ID: 97cb33

get tosh free and triple team the captain.
No. 226076 ID: 44d67c

Help Tosh escape, then help him help whoever he plans to help. You'll get on Tosh's good side (who knows things, and would probably be useful if you could get him away from Mance), as well as whoever else you're helping.
Although if it comes down to it, I'm more inclined to help the Captain. Pretending to help 'The Man' is a great way to learn their secrets, don't you think, Tyler?
No. 226097 ID: 059120

It's best not to make enemies in such a closed environment. I'd say that if you want to do something, try bumping Mance and breaking his grip on Tosh. Make it look like an accident, you were focused on the fight, and were trying to get a better angle without paying attention to what's around you, y'know?
No. 226098 ID: c71597

Yeah go with this plan. Actually help kung fu chick no matter who Tosh helps.

Bastards must have something important in Maxisec. And we're gonna find out what.
No. 227632 ID: c4e470
File 12838995001.png - (100.99KB , 700x500 , 101.png )

Yeah, that's what I'll do. I'll accidentally release Tosh, and we'll see what happens. "Oops." I say flatly.

"Tyler!" Mance shouts. Hah, it's fun making the stoic types actually shout out like that.
No. 227633 ID: c4e470
File 128389950956.png - (157.06KB , 700x500 , 102.png )

Now to see what he does... where did Tosh go?


Wait, what? Oh god dammit he's fast. He's helping Captain D. Argh, fuck. If I'm still going to help Kung Fu chick I'll need to go stop Tosh. Now. Fuck man, that surprised me. Maybe I should just lay off of this, that fucker's got, like, super powers or some shit.
No. 227658 ID: e67080

If Tosh has super powers, Captain D is going to win for sure now if you help or not. Its either get on D's good side, or do nothing and hope the neutrality works. The strongest secrets may be in maxi, but they may leave some hiding in plain sight! thus where else would they be but mini? Truely, its almost deviously clever enough to be part of our agency... not really of course, we are about 100 times better, but still.
No. 227674 ID: 97cb33

actually, the fact that the captain was making the other guards stay back may mean he will get mad at tosh for interfering.
No. 227773 ID: 059120

See how this plays out. If you really want to try to score points with someone, you can help out once one of them gets knocked out, or something.
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