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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 126775518893.png - (27.36KB , 500x500 , chapter 6.png )
142177 No. 142177 ID: fdcff1

Oh, Jade, so this is where you have disappeared to.
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No. 142179 ID: fdcff1
File 126775525950.png - (52.65KB , 500x500 , 263.png )


No. 142180 ID: 5eedac

...Punch a wall. Or something.
No. 142181 ID: 5eedac

Our 认 为 这 right 你 mark right hand right suffering cutting. " " Non-, 这 right our 离 开. "

...I'm lost.
No. 142183 ID: 5eedac

In Chinese: I thought that this is your right hand is shut off. " " No, this is I leaves. "

God, babelfish, you suck.
No. 142185 ID: fdcff1
File 126775545082.png - (54.14KB , 500x500 , 264.png )

Allow me to translate for yoi.
He told me it was his left arm that was cut off.

Or would this be easier for you?

"<Is this your home?>"

"<Yes, and you better not punch it.>"
No. 142186 ID: 632862

"I thought your right hand was cut off."

"No, it was my left."
No. 142189 ID: 5eedac

Okay, makes sense now.

Where are we?
Why are we here?
No. 142190 ID: 632862

(Google translate is pretty good)

Ask him where everyone else is.
No. 142192 ID: 3416ec

Yeah, why are we here? Weren't we just getting our asses kicked by a black monstrosity?
No. 142196 ID: fdcff1
File 126775613311.png - (52.90KB , 500x500 , 265.png )

"<Where am I?>"

"<An abandoned mountain Chan. I call it the Nyung Mountains. It isn't very big.>"

"<And my friends, where are they?>"

"<I have no idea, but I assume you know this child?>"

"<Sort of, is he okay?>"

"<I'm afraid most of his bones are broken, but he survived the fall. I'd say two ribs broken, one cracked, both legs and arms broken, and that is pretty much it. Luckily his skull didnt crack or his neck break, but he is probably in alot of pain.

But I can't say about you, you healed pretty quick.>"
No. 142198 ID: e3f578

"Did you put this orb around my neck?" Lets get to healing those broken bones of the kid since you seem to be well.
No. 142201 ID: 5eedac

I think medical attention Is needed. Last thing we need is him dying of blood loss or shock.
No. 142203 ID: 3416ec


"I assume you patched me up?"
No. 142215 ID: fdcff1
File 126775906965.png - (49.55KB , 500x500 , 266.png )

"<I assume you patched me up?>"

"<Who else?>"

"<And why am I here>"

"<You landed here, so did the child.>"

"<Oh, okay.>"

The kid was carefully bandaged up, and breathing heavily.
No. 142218 ID: fdcff1
File 126775917275.png - (66.31KB , 500x500 , 267.png )

He is healed, but not fully. He'll need to rest to wake up completely healed.
No. 142220 ID: 3416ec

>><Who else?>"

"Well, these bandages are... around my chest... and..."
No. 142233 ID: fdcff1
File 12677604705.png - (61.50KB , 500x500 , 268.png )

"<Well, these bandages are... around my chest... and...>

<... Don't get any ideas!>
No. 142237 ID: 3416ec


Well, he seems good enough. I'd cut him some slack.

Ask if monobraid has seen any walking black monstrosities running around.
No. 142239 ID: 6834bc

"Oh, so you don't like women. That's okay, I won't judge your lifestyle, bro."
No. 142246 ID: fdcff1
File 126776192192.png - (44.29KB , 500x500 , 269.png )

"<Oh, so you don't like women. That's okay, I won't judge your lifestyle, bro.>"

"<Funny, Naomi.>"
No. 142247 ID: 601a90

now tell him you were just kidding.
No. 142249 ID: 632862

Wait what? He suddenly has a left arm again.
No. 142252 ID: fdcff1
File 126776235446.png - (40.11KB , 500x500 , 270.png )

"<Just kid- woah hey! When did you get your left arm back?>"

"<... What are you talking about?>"

"<Everything looks soo.... Watery.... Where are my arms..?>"

"<... Naomi?>"
No. 142253 ID: 632862

I think you should lie down now!
No. 142254 ID: 34470e

...Wake up.
No. 142256 ID: 04d52c

dammit, is hte kid poisoned with some sort of drug that affects whoever touches him?
No. 142259 ID: 3416ec


Yikes! The trip's going bad!

Yeah, lie down. This isn't... natural.
No. 142275 ID: fdcff1
File 126776518872.png - (49.73KB , 500x500 , 271.png )

"<I.. I need to lay down.>"

"<Go ahead, I'll run out and find something to cure that.>"

"<Take this with you, the spirits want to say hello.>"
No. 142276 ID: fdcff1
File 12677652183.png - (53.94KB , 500x500 , 272.png )

No. 142281 ID: 3416ec


Hiya monobraid. What's shakin'?
No. 142289 ID: 6834bc

Naomi's pretty hot, dude.
You sure you didn't do anything funny when you put those bandages on her chest? It's okay to tell us, we can keep a secret. Oh yeah, nice to meet you by the way, Jade.

Naomi told us about the time with the pole-balancing and the chainsaws. You kids were pretty crazy.
No. 142295 ID: fdcff1
File 126776639089.png - (40.20KB , 500x500 , 273.png )

I don't trust you enough to tell you what happened when I bandaged her.

As for the chainsaws, it was alot of fun until our master banned them.

No. 142296 ID: 3416ec


It's all fun and games until someone loses an arm, eh?

Anyways, what have you been doing in the past years? And where are you going?
No. 142299 ID: 701a19

Actually, that alone tells us enough. Nice job!
No. 142301 ID: e75a2f

Were they soft like dough or more firm like putty?
No. 142303 ID: 632862

We've seen her naked, you know.

So what kind of food are you gonna get?
No. 142310 ID: fdcff1
File 126776787673.png - (54.74KB , 500x500 , 474.png )

They were soft.
As for life, I've been living as a hermit for quite some time.
What I'm going to get? Ingrediants. Naomi said everything was watery, so this calls for gaosei tea.

No. 142311 ID: fdcff1
File 12677678968.png - (53.53KB , 500x500 , paused.png )

No. 142315 ID: 3416ec

>>They were soft.

Ah HA! You dog you. :3
No. 142649 ID: 632862

Can you still fight well with only one arm?
No. 142873 ID: 67c611

He still has 5 out of 6 limbs left. (arm, arm, leg, leg, head, penis)
No. 142890 ID: 3416ec


I think you mean arm, leg, leg, head, penis.

And can one really fight with a pingas.
No. 142906 ID: e2dd06

Some guys might argue... would it be worth it to fight without a pingas?
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