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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 126452683676.gif - (194.23KB , 700x800 , title3.gif )
118820 No. 118820 ID: 95376b

These are the Amazing Journeys of MU the WARRIOR MONK.

When we last left our heroes, Mu had been WRONGLY IMPRISONED by a CORRUPT MAGISTRATE.
After a FAILED ESCAPE ATTEMPT, Mu's companions went to speak with various IMPORTANT TOWNSFOLK to convince them to REBEL AGAINST THE MAGISTRATE.

This is their story.

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No. 118827 ID: 95376b
File 126452849456.gif - (43.85KB , 700x800 , 298.gif )

Toad and the Lady Min walked in silence for a while. Toad was the first to break it.
"That.... I'm impressed. I didn't think you did stuff like that."
"It was necessary to convince him of our cause. This one can be flexible."
So not going there.

[ Go there | Where to next? ]
No. 118836 ID: d1210a

Maybe go there... subtly?

Something like

'I imagine being so flexible has it's uses beyond the prior situation. So, we got at least one person interested, and I imagine the Captain could be swayable... but he should probably be saved for after we've convinced more people to join the cause. So... next important villager? Still in disguise of old man?

Naw, actually, maybe an old woman this time. If we use the same image each time, we might attract too much attention. Better everyone thinks random villagers are instigating this, so they don't hunt us down like the fox you are.

...Well, I guess people hunt toads too, but it didn't seem to have as much impact if I said it that way."

SO. Who next?
No. 118837 ID: 1d2d60

Wait, what did this one... miss something? What is being implied here?
No. 118838 ID: 95376b
File 126453059517.gif - (198.55KB , 700x800 , 299.gif )

"I noticed. Must be useful."
"At times."
"So, uh, what's the next stop?"
"This one feels we should try the youths."
"Ok, lead on."
After a short walk the abandoned house loomed ahead. Dim torchlight shined through the open door, and Toad could hear sounds of fighting and cheering inside.
"This one wishes to know if you wish to be disguised again?"

[ Choose disguise | Sneak around | Walk up to the house straight up ]
No. 118851 ID: 9c5b41

Youths might be troublesome with an elderly disguise. Someone who's older than them, but not too old, would be best. Something they can respect - perhaps a man in his thirties or so, reasonably strong-looking?
No. 118855 ID: 107da3


No, they're probably rebellious youths. I suggest a little kid.
No. 118859 ID: d1210a

>Can choose form

An intimidating, stacked and largely attractive woman. We want them to drool and be more inclined to be helpful to what they perceive as a beautiful woman that needs their assistance, while still looking capable enough that they don't try to actually touch us and blow the disguise.
No. 118864 ID: 107da3


Half of them might be female. That'll only cause a split. A curious young child who 'heard a few things' (you know how children are!) will do nicely.
No. 119334 ID: 8e5181

An elderly man might appear as suspicious, and they might inquire too much, of course if we're a good liar then, but maybe not. Many kids are naive and can end up with interesting stories on their lips that everyone might want to hear first. Wheter it's a question of age or character I'd go for the latter. The character is most important, because if we seem like a loser boy no-one will pay attention to us even if we tried to constantly speak up. Probably in this size a town the youth will pay much more attention to a new child than to a new elderly stranger.

And these youths probably don't want to see just an old person, but I'd go for a extremely exciting old witch, or an attractive, mysterious grown-up witch AND a woman role model.
No. 119480 ID: 95376b
File 126462794372.gif - (157.48KB , 800x500 , 300.gif )

"Maybe an intimidating but attractive woman? That might give us the leverage."
"Would the other women perceive this one's presence as a challenge?"
"Nah, I doubt there are any chicks in a fighting ring."
"Ah. Very well. ... Would something like this be suitable?"
"Oh yeah, it's working something fierce. But, uh, what about me?"
"Apologies. This one cannot shapeshift someone else. If you'd like, this one could carry you."
No. 119573 ID: 95376b
File 126463385165.gif - (95.36KB , 800x500 , 301.gif )

"I need to be close enough to whisper to you. Can't have you bumbling around without someone helping you out with em human interactions."
"... All right. You can ride in this one's hat."

Toad and Min approached the house. It was an old, nondescript building, looking dangerously close to collapse. Inside Min could see a crowd of a dozen young men, intently observing a fight and cheering the fighters on. One fighter had managed to pin the other against the floor.

[ Observe | Speak to a member of the audience | Interrupt the fight | Something else ]
No. 119585 ID: 51d0f5

Ask who's fighting and why.
No. 119593 ID: 1d2d60

Observe I say.
No. 119594 ID: 3416ec

No. 119853 ID: 476456

Disturb the fight by saying "GOOD GODS ARE YOU RAPING HIM?"
No. 122594 ID: 8ecfd4

Observe. If we interrupt them they might become hostile towards our task.
No. 123417 ID: 95376b
File 126506180657.gif - (115.95KB , 700x800 , 302b.gif )

"FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" yelled the crowd, as Min observed the fight. The pinned fighter was far out of his league, but his opponent gave him no quarter. "Come on, get up! Hurry! GET UP AND FIGHT! HURRY HURRY HURRY!" he screamed, as the bottom tried to make his escape.
"Take im down, boss-man!" someone from the crowd shouted, but went unheard.
"Come on, you weak-ass punk, is that all ya got? Fight damn you!"
"I- I- I give up. You win!"
Upon hearing his words the top punches the bottom on the mouth. "Ya wanted a fight ya li'l shit and I'm gonna give it to ya! Get on yo feet, ya coward!" The top landed another punch for emphasis.
"Grrk, I giffup, *cough*, I gi-giff-"
"SHUT. YOUR. WHORE. MOUTH. YOU. LITTLE. CUNT." Each word was punctuated with a fist, elbow or knee. The bottom was being pounded to pulp. The crowd had stopped cheering, and just watched in silence.

[ This needs to stop | It'll blow over | Something else ]
No. 123422 ID: 3af198

If we stop them it would make it harder for them to take us seriously. Just watch.
No. 123457 ID: d1210a


Hey, Toad.

Look, it's fun to tease and troll, be a lech and all that. But we both know that shit like this is not cool. Hell, if Mu was here he would dive right in to save that kid.

Because this is wrong.

So break into the fight, with something along the lines of

'Pssh, this fight isn't a challenge, you want a real challenge, you fight the new gaurds, beat the shit out of someone, and the town will CHEER FOR YOU.'

And if they seem skeptical, make note of how Wisun AND a martial artist already locked up will help out.
No. 123462 ID: 5a2e05

Can Min kick the dude's ass?
No. 123466 ID: e0499d

okay... this is enough. If we CAN stop this, we should. It'll make an impression on our abilities and save a soul who may help Mu for having us save his poor sad life.
No. 123467 ID: 8ecfd4

Ask him if he doesn't think the guy on the floor has had enough? And point out the difficulties in safely and quietly disposing of corpses in small villages. People will notice someone missing.
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