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File 126333099636.gif - (17.91KB , 300x600 , 1.gif )
109717 No. 109717 ID: 426169

Sometimes a man must take matters into his own hands.
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No. 109718 ID: 4c3939

Take matters into your own hands and equip that sword while your at it.
No. 109719 ID: 426169
File 126333108142.gif - (18.89KB , 300x600 , 2.gif )

I can wait no longer. My princess needs my help. If I must abandon my duty to the Queen, then so be it.
No. 109720 ID: 426169
File 126333114980.gif - (129.37KB , 600x600 , 3.gif )

This is my last day in City of the Sun, and my last day as royal chevalier. Perhaps my last day alive.
But I have no choice. I do as I must.

No. 109722 ID: 426169
File 126333120120.gif - (49.59KB , 600x600 , 4.gif )

The dusk gates are closing. I must make my escape now.[i]
"Get out of here, dusker. Your kind aren't allowed here."
[i]The guards would never let me pass.

No. 109723 ID: 426169
File 126333125162.gif - (232.72KB , 600x600 , 5.gif )

"Pox on all duskers. Always causi-"
No. 109724 ID: 8ecfd4

FUCK YEAH! Go reascue the shit out of your princess and kill whoever is holding her. No bullshitting around with negotiation, just stab them in the face and keep it up for a minute or two after they stop moving.
No. 109725 ID: 426169
File 126333127135.gif - (169.05KB , 600x600 , 6.gif )

No. 109728 ID: 426169
File 126333131416.gif - (28.81KB , 600x600 , part I.gif )

Sometimes a man must take matters into his own hands.
No. 109731 ID: 8ecfd4

Sweet. Now that people is how a rescue should be done!

Go on brave man, rescue your fair lass and maybe she will grant you a boon.
No. 109733 ID: 426169
File 12633315432.gif - (93.29KB , 600x600 , 7.gif )

The gate is closed. I have until dawn until it reopens. It would be best to be far away by then. Unfortunately I don't know the terrain around this gate. I do know they came this way, but I am not the best tracker and the trolls are far from easy prey.

Now, what should I do?

[ End of Prologue ]
No. 109738 ID: 8ecfd4

Head towards the troll lands. If they're trying to evade pursuit then you might get there before them and you could set up an ambush. Just beware any traps along the way, the trolls may also try to get to safety as fast as possible and leave a few gifts behind for the unwary pursuer.
No. 109739 ID: e828f5

"Get out of here, STALKER."

anyway, find a high vantage point from where you can survey your surroundings and, while you're at it, mentally review whatever you know about the whole Kidnapped Princess bit.
No. 109742 ID: 426169
File 126333322257.gif - (110.37KB , 600x600 , 8.gif )

Hmm. I know the troll kingdom lies to the north, but I stand a much better chance of rescuing my princess if I can catch the trolls before they get here. Nockmaar is hard to get into, and even harder to get out of.

The thing is, there are many roads that lead there. I don't like my odds of simply guessing it right. Maybe someone has seen them.

Looks like I'm in a clearing of some sort, surrounded by tall grass. It's obscuring my sight. I can smell smoke coming from the east. I could also try climbing one of the taller plants and maybe have a better idea of where I am.

No. 109752 ID: 8ecfd4

As you admited yourself you're not a very good tracker and I presume the Trolls who took her would have countermeasures against tracking unless they're completly moronic. If you know where they're headed you could try to get there before them.

I doubt the smoke is the Trolls, but it could be worth checking it out. They may have seen something of intrest.

Can you tell us more about the Trolls? What are their abilities, their streangths and weaknesses. What is their history and how do they look? The more information you have the likelier the rescue of your princess becomes.
No. 109753 ID: 426169
File 126333426952.gif - (46.03KB , 600x600 , 9.gif )

Hm. Field, forest, mountains. And a source of light nearby! That's probably the source of the smoke.
No. 109758 ID: 426169
File 12633357572.gif - (71.38KB , 600x600 , 10.gif )

Ha! A settlement! Maybe one of the locals has seen my princess. She wouldn't be too hard to miss, what with all the shining.

The trolls are a vile race indeed. The Fae have been at war with them for as long as anyone can remember. They prefer trickery and deceit over honourable combat. They have the ability to disguise themselves as trees and rocks and the like, and it is said that they can turn you to stone. They are difficult adversaries, but not without weaknesses. During daylight the trolls must remain disguised or underground lest they themselves turn to stone. Like the Fae, they are very vulnerable to iron. Fortunately I carry such an iron blade.

If you have any further questions, I will answer them the best I can.

No. 109764 ID: 8ecfd4

None for now. They sound like the Trolls of my homeland. But don't underestimate their power simply because they prefer trickery. The ones I'm familiar with possess alot of magic power as well as a few among them who are capable of incredible physical feats. They can also recover from injuries at a hastened speed, one of the tales I have heard about them involves one cutting off it's own tail and having it regrown the next day.

How old was the Princess by the way? And did you get any ransom notes? The tales I have heard also indicate that Trolls are incredibly greedy and like to snatch children from their cradles and leave one of their own behind. Which reminds me, has the princess ever seemed odd to you in any way?

I hope you have great endurance and stamina. Because there is one advantage you have over the Trolls. You can move around unhindered during the day. You should sleep at the bare minimum of what you need and only sleep during the day. During the nights we must chase the trolls.

But enough about that. Let's go to the settlement and ask them about what they may have seen.
No. 109770 ID: 426169
File 126333853247.gif - (101.01KB , 600x800 , 11b.gif )

I... it's complicated. There will be no ransom or rescue attempt save mine. And no, there was nothing odd about the princess. She was perfect, the fairest of the Fae.

I hammer at the door.
"Y-yes? What is it?"
"Have you seen a group of trolls and a Fae princess pass by yesterday?"
"N-no, no, we've seen no t-trolls around."
"Who is it, Father?"
"It's some half-Fae asking after trolls."
"Oh. Did you tell him we haven't seen any?"
"Yes dear."
"Well invite him in, it's late."
No. 109774 ID: e828f5

Considering that we slew a guard a little while ago, I'm not sure we want to be doing this and that "in the name of the king."

Anyway it's unfortunate that you're not more familiar with the area. You don't have much time to waste and it's getting dark which means your prey will be able to move freely. Ask the locals what would be some of the best paths in the area that lead north. Regardless of what path your quarry takes, if there's some place that paths merge, a crossroads of sort, that would be the place to get to in advance to perhaps set up an ambush.

Oh and lest we underestimate our foe, ask if there are any paths that lead to a series of caves or otherwise provide cover. If I needed to be hidden from the sun but still wanted to move quickly, that would be the way to go.

Lastly, what did you mean by saying the trolls could merely "remain disguised" during daylight?
No. 109785 ID: 8ecfd4

But is not perfection suspcious? And was it just you who deemed her perfect or was it the entire court?

If they got in to kidnapp the princess then they could easily have attempted to assinate the royal family, or simply killed her there. There is something larger at play here if they decided to abduct her.

When asking about the caves don't forget to ask which ones have exits towards the north and which one that is closest to a road or other cave system leading north.
No. 110065 ID: 426169
File 126338869085.gif - (107.55KB , 800x600 , 12.gif )

Do not talk ill of my princess. She is beyond reproach.

"I do not have the time to tarry. My quarry-"

"Nonesense! Come in come in!"
I can hear him whispering to the person inside.
"Julie, are you sure this is a good idea? The fae are trouble, and half-fae even more so."

Pox! I can't waste time here but I can't risk going the wrong way. And the longer I wait the further she drifts away from me. A curse on the fates!
Hopefully these people will be able to give me some information.

"Please make yourself comfortable." "No no, don't ask him to stay!"
"I need answers, not comfort."
"I'll answer what I can, then."

"What's the fastest way north?"
"Oh I wouldn't know. I've never traveled that way. I would imagine that riding the Shambling Ford downstream would be fastest. The rapids are many and dangerous though."
"Are there any caves nearby?"
"Not near the Oakbarrough field. I hear there are some on the far side of the Ford."
"Have you seen any sign of the trolls or a Fae princess? They passed through this area last night. She would have been shining like a bright star."
"No, nothing like that. Although..."
"What? Spit it out!"
"If they passed through this area then the Owl will surely have seen them. Very few things escape his notice."
"Where is this owl?"
"He lives a little ways south. I can take you to him if you want."
"NO NO NO! Absolutely not! I will not let you go running off into certain death! Or did you forget that he eats mice?"
"He only does that sometimes, dad."
"You're going nowhere, and that's final."
She's giving me an inquiring look.
No. 110067 ID: 8ecfd4

Just ask for directions towards the Owl. No use in dragging him along.

And I have a very inquisitive and suspiscous mind. If you're going to study history it's a must. You can never trust things to be as they appear or doubt that there are hidden motives. This whole scenario that you have put in front of me makes me very suspicious of the motivations of the people involved. The easiest explanation for the current circumstances is that your princess was in fact a changeling. That would explain why they took only her, left no ransom demands and why nobody except you seems willing to rescue her.
No. 110070 ID: 426169

To clarify, it's the daughter who offered to show us the way, not the father. She took over the conversation when we entered.
No. 110071 ID: 8ecfd4

Ok, still not a good idea to drag her along. It doesn't really gain us anything and only wins the enmity of the father.
No. 110085 ID: 51d0f5

Ask Mrs Brisby if she's got a map you can look at.
No. 110088 ID: 426169
File 126339489610.gif - (46.15KB , 600x600 , 13.gif )

It is dark, and I don't know the area. A local guide would be helpful. But I suppose instructions will have to do.
"Directions would be fine. How do I find this owl?"
"You head south along the Field's edge until you come across a great stone. There's a little path leading towards the woods from there. Follow it until you find an ancient elm tree. The Owl makes his home there."
"Do you have a map of some kind?"
"No, sorry."
"We've answered your questions. Now please leave."
"Don't be impolite, father."
"And you are going upstairs to your room, young woman."
No. 110093 ID: 8ecfd4

Not the best of instructions. But I don't think there's anything more to gain here. Unless they have seen the trolls or are possibly hiding them.

Ask if they have seen them one last time before you leave, and remind them that you will eventually find out the truth and you don't appreciate falsehoods.
No. 110142 ID: e828f5

Dang, I would've voted to bring the cute outgoing mouse-girl with us. but too late for that. Going south will be out of the way, but if we get accurate directions from this owl I suppose it'll save time in the long run. Make your way as best you can to the owl, and then we'll make our way across the river and cut them off before they get to the caves.
No. 110389 ID: 426169
File 126343561510.gif - (31.97KB , 600x600 , 14.gif )

"I will borrow one of your torches."
"Whatever, just go."
No. 110396 ID: 426169
File 126343639123.gif - (11.72KB , 600x600 , 15.gif )

South to the great stone. Not much to go on, is it. I wonder how great a stone was she talking about.
No. 110408 ID: c0f3bf

You might have to kiss it for good luck.
No. 110423 ID: 426169
File 12634380936.gif - (41.68KB , 600x600 , 16.gif )

Pox. Can't see anything. I believe I'm still headed south, but...
Night is the time of trolls, not the Folk.

Hopefully this Owl doesn't live too far, I fear my pri-
Something is moving in the grass.

No. 110424 ID: 1831fc

How well is your night vision? Time to find somewhere secluded, and something sturdy to put your back to.
No. 110430 ID: 426169
File 126344004587.gif - (118.76KB , 600x600 , 17.gif )

I can see moderately well in the dark, but the torch is blinding me. Whatever it is, it's close. I can almost hear- what is that?
No. 110454 ID: cf41a7

So.. how tall are these trolls?
No. 110493 ID: 426169
File 126344513967.gif - (369.88KB , 600x600 , 18.gif )

These are not trolls. Let's see what this thing looks like.
No. 110510 ID: 426169
File 126344619880.gif - (46.29KB , 600x600 , 19.gif )

The snake towers over me, tasting the air. It's tensed to strike.
"Whatssss thisss? A little moussse in tall grassss. A dangerousss thing for a morsssel to do."
Even in poor light I can tell he has an evil grin. He's confident I can't escape him now. And he may be right. What should I do? I cannot fail here, my princess needs me.
No. 110571 ID: 426169
File 126345143887.gif - (81.99KB , 600x600 , 20.gif )

My eyes are getting used to the darkness. I silently draw my blade while the snake watches with an amused smugness about him.
"Ssso the little moussse has a fang. What are you going to do with it, little moussse?"
"I am no mouse! I am a dusker knight from the City of the Sun!"
"Tssssssss, I think not. Alone, at night, no plassssse for a dussker halfbreed. A little runaway, yesss? Well your flight endssss here."
I have exhausted my diplomacy. Should I fight or try to escape?
No. 110581 ID: 476456

No. 110583 ID: c0f3bf

Make him bleed.

Also don't look directly at its eyes, for whatever reason they always seem to be evil.
No. 110585 ID: 8e5181

Put him down
No. 110593 ID: 8ecfd4

Point out that he can indeed kill you. But when he strikes so will you and that strike will also be deadly.

For fighting him you should try to get on his back. The closer you can get to his head from behind the safer you will be. And keep an eye out for a friendly headgehog or mongoose, those things love eating snakes.
No. 110594 ID: e2020c

No. 110607 ID: e828f5

I think fight and flight both sound equally distasteful. You're fighting something much larger than you that does indeed eat things like you for a living. On the other hand, trying to escape from something with better night vision than you in territory you don't know is just as improbable. I'd go with >>110593 and point out that it might be a fight neither walks away from. A predator can't really afford to get wounded... tell it to go find some easier prey.
No. 110855 ID: 426169
File 126352614049.gif - (118.72KB , 600x600 , 21.gif )

I brace my footing. If I run from every danger, what hope do I have of rescuing my princess?
"Do not underestimate me. Death has been my trade since I was a child. Strike me and we may both die."
"Khhhsss kkhshs little moussse, death isss my life, and all my kin sssinsse the dawn of time."
"This is your last warning, scaly one. Seek easier prey."
"And thiss isss my resssponse-"
No. 110861 ID: 34470e

Uuh, how good are you a fighter?
No. 110864 ID: 426169
File 126352655927.gif - (306.32KB , 600x600 , 22.gif )

No. 110889 ID: e828f5

Yeah, about the whole "die" thing... don't do that. Evasion at this point is unlikely, so it's to the death or until it gets smart enough to retreat. In all likelihood this isn't a constrictor-type, so it'll just go for the bite, but it can still be rather... hard to pin down. If possible, dodge to the side of the bite then jump astride it, as close to the head as possible so it can't simply coil around and bite at you... But failing that, if you can get it to bite itself cleverly, points to you.
No. 110893 ID: 34470e

You know what? FUCK reality. DON'T die.
No. 110894 ID: 632862

Dodge and thrust.
No. 110933 ID: 426169
File 126353087452.gif - (115.13KB , 600x600 , 23.gif )

I react without thinking. Sidestep, slash, evade.
No. 110934 ID: 426169
File 126353090971.gif - (49.84KB , 600x600 , 24.gif )

My blade strikes true, but not deeply. The beast is only slightly hindered by the wound, but the distraction gives me an opening. I could try crowcutter, a somewhat risky move but more likely to deliver a fatal wound, or a more conventional attack. I could also use this momentary distraction for escaping.
No. 110972 ID: c0f3bf

Crowcutter. That is simply too awesome a name not to use.
No. 110973 ID: cf41a7

Crowcutter sounds quite descriptive indeed.
No. 110975 ID: 34470e

We can't use CROWcutter on a SNAKE! We have to use SNAKEcutter!
No. 110987 ID: 1831fc


What about Snake Eater?
No. 110989 ID: e828f5

Oh come on, there's no need to be dramatic or heroic. Killing the snake gains us nothing, while getting wounded or killed ends everything right here. Fight defensively... if the snake is smart at all it'll realize that it simply cannot afford to be too wounded. A predator that gets wounded in killing its prey is less likely to be able to continue to hunt and thus eat and thus LIVE.

But don't run. That's just plain silly
No. 111001 ID: 426169
File 126353409612.gif - (110.81KB , 600x600 , 25.gif )

No. 111015 ID: c0f3bf

Well that was fun. Slice it again to make sure it's dead.
No. 111091 ID: 8ecfd4

Looks like it should be pretty dead. Remember this spot, the Owl might want some late night snake snacks.
No. 111117 ID: 426169
File 126354141611.gif - (90.91KB , 600x600 , 26.gif )


It is gravely wounded. It will likely bleed to death later, but not immediately.
No. 111124 ID: 8ecfd4

It's blind on it's right side, circle around that way and get on it's back, stab the thing a couple of times in the brain to make sure it's dead.
No. 111129 ID: c0f3bf

Tell it if it works quickly it might be able to keep itself alive. You warned it, it ignored you.
No. 111140 ID: 632862

"I warned you!"

Now run the hell away.
No. 111152 ID: 426169
File 12635468388.gif - (91.79KB , 1000x200 , 27.gif )

"I warned you."

The adder's charge is fruitless, half-blind and bleeding as it is. To fight further will gain me nothing, if I can get away.
No. 111181 ID: c0f3bf

Get away. Weave between the trees, preferable in his blind spot.
No. 111229 ID: 426169
File 126357029731.gif - (80.93KB , 600x600 , 28.gif )

I lost him. Perhaps it was the bloodloss that slowed him down.

Unfortunately, I couldn't keep track of the terrain. I believe I am lost.

No. 111233 ID: 426169
File 126357189126.gif - (80.15KB , 600x600 , 29.gif )

Should I venture further into the woods, or try to find my way back to the path the mice told me of?
Finding the Owl on my own is slim chance, and my luck hasn't been too good lately. Doubling back wastes even more time, and I might run into the snake again.

Neither option sounds inviting. Damn, I should have turned this way.

No. 111243 ID: e2020c

No. Being lost is good. It's a perception. Now you can follow your hightened "awareness" of logic and hightened awareness of intuition because both of these now have better capacities. It's only a mere side effect if you err a few times now. Performing miracluos events, such as "accidentally" finding the fae princess is now a potential. Earlier it was restricted to "intentionally". I think that the intention to find the princess is now more pure.

Before you had judgements and preconceptions about yourself seeking the fae princess, your surroundings that didn't securely base on reality. Heck, in short - before your self-loving ass was playing it around your ego, now it's startled because there's no audience and its spotlight was decapacitated by "an accident"; becoming lost.

You're forced to become yourself in the face of the dark forest. You can only be yourself, which is based on reality. With fear you close your mind, with courage you discover not only your goals and ways to them, but also new worlds.
No. 111251 ID: e828f5


Well being lost you have two options... Rest until you can see again when the sun rises, or attempt to find something to make you unlost. Considering the circumstances, I'd spend some time trying to find the path, but even if you find it you're not sure which way to go, so it's there you should camp. But don't camp too quickly, as the snake could still be nearby.
No. 111256 ID: 426169
File 126357794957.gif - (13.61KB , 600x600 , wat.gif )

No. 111259 ID: e2020c


Confusion is good. It's also a perception. You can now abandon all limits of rule following. Replace confusion with amusement and you will find courage. With courage you find new worlds.
No. 111261 ID: 426169
File 126358030191.gif - (41.62KB , 600x600 , 30.gif )

Your words confuse and anger me. How is me getting lost a good thing? Every moment I waste here my princess slips further towards the troll kingdom. Do you make fun of her plight? DO YOU?

I will attempt to find the Owl. At worst I should be able to get my bearings once the sun rises.

A fog is rising.

No. 111265 ID: e828f5

Use your best knowledge... if it seems like a normal fog, rest until dawn. If it somehow seems unnatural... stay alert, perhaps climb a tree if you can.
No. 111267 ID: e2020c


Do not rest. Every moment the fae princess slips further away. Reorient yourself!
No. 111268 ID: 426169
File 126358212074.gif - (40.61KB , 600x600 , 31.gif )

Even if this fog was magical I wouldn't be able to tell. However, as long as I carry my blade I am warded against Fae Glamours and trollkin sorcery. Iron, remember.

These blades are also the reason why pitiful halfbreeds such as I are sometimes permitted in the royal guard. A pure Fae wouldn't be able to even touch them.

I think I see a little path ahead.

No. 111270 ID: e828f5

Oh YEAH, Well *I* think you might be on top of something's head. That, or a coincidentally-shaped rock or sommat.
No. 111271 ID: af6cf8

Do you know who we are? Do you know why you can hear us and understand us?
No. 111274 ID: 426169
File 126358373551.gif - (64.66KB , 600x600 , 32.gif )

"I see past your magic, troll. No use hiding."
"HoHo But Isn't It A Little Faery. Lost In The Woods. What Brings You Here, Little Faery?"

No. 111275 ID: e828f5

Oh sure, not so much as a 'thank you.' I should've expected it, I suppose. You heroic types are always such heartbreakers. *sniff*

Anyway, stay alert and prepared but don't rush to engage battle. Don't let it necessarily know what you're up to, it may or may not have information on the princess. You could claim you're just out on a walk, a patrol looking for such trolls, or heard a rumor that trolls were about. See if you can lure it into giving out whatever information it has; you may need to make him underestimate you in order to do this... Typical villain monologue thing. Get him to spill the beans about their master plan then poke him in the eye.
No. 111278 ID: 426169
File 126358462050.gif - (15.13KB , 591x49 , 33.gif )

"I was on patrol and heard rumours of a troll around these parts. So I came to find you."
"And Found Me You Have, Little Faery. What Would You Of Me? Or Have You Forgotten That The War Is Over? Gifts Have Traded Hands."

No. 111283 ID: 426169
File 126358615643.gif - (22.33KB , 600x600 , 34.gif )

... The troll speaks the truth. My princess was not kidnapped; she was traded to the trolls for peace. I- I cannot allow that happen. Nothing is worth that. Nothing.

"I am aware. I needed to make sure that you were."
"That You Have Done. Scurry Along, Little Faerie, Before I Forget."

I can only hope he doesn't report me to the troll king. Tracking the troll delegation is hard enough already.

... Should I ask the troll for directions to the Owl? Or would that give away too much?[ He seems a little off guard, it might be possible for me to kill him.

No. 111286 ID: f52552

Could you flavor it as also 'checking up' on the owl, as part of the patrol?
No. 111298 ID: 84889c

Oho so we're not quite so heroic as we might've at first made ourselves out to be. Hmm, rescue a princess and place a nation once more at war? Well it's your life, I'm not going to try to deviate you from your primary objective.

Now what would've made things easier is if we could start over... this would've allowed us to pretend that perhaps you were assigned to join the delegation to make sure they made it back to their lands peacefully.

...Still, maybe we can do that. Tell him that your part of the delegation and, having heard rumors of the rogue troll, went to find this guy and tell him to stop LURKING AROUND. I mean if there's peace between the folk, should he really be hiding himself thusly? Perhaps tell him that he needs to report back to the delegation with you, and then if he dosn't take the lead, admit that you may have gotten a bit lost in the dark (damned snakes).
No. 111380 ID: 8ecfd4

And now it suddenly makes sense. Ask him straight out, tell him you're part of the princess retinue and simply wish to aid her in any way you can. If he's still not helpful you can always kill him later. Because of those two very dead fae you left behind I don't think the peace will be broken even if you kill him.
No. 111558 ID: 426169
File 126362002688.gif - (50.80KB , 600x600 , 35.gif )

"I am part of the princess's retinue. I was delayed fighting a snake and lost my way. Tell me which way did they go."

"Little Faery Princess Has No Retinue. By The Compact She Comes To Us Alone. And I Smell Faery Blood On You. Fresh. A Rogue Little Faery Killer, Lost In My Woods. Why Shouldn't I Feast On Your Flesh, Little Faery Killer?"

No. 111578 ID: 84889c

Why not feast on you? Because then HE'D be the one breaking the agreement. Would he really want to be the one who fucked everything up? Anyway you can say that part of the agreement was that the princess came alone, but still you were sent to watch them and make sure they encountered no trouble as they left the fae lands... or whatever.
No. 111720 ID: e2020c

Explain that some of the fae were opposing the sending of the fae princess and a small riot broke out in the fae kingdom. Nothing to be worried about in mind of the peace treaty, but the retinue was attached later to protect the fae princess from fae assassins. Tell him that you are of the royal guard and in that you cannot possibly be nothing else except of the retinue.
No. 111752 ID: 8ecfd4

Time for some imaginative lies.>>111720 the idea of Fae opposed to the peace and quite possibly willing to kill the princess to stop it is a pretty good one. You could also say that they tried to stop you and that's why they had to die.

As to why he shouldn't try to kill you. You're holding an Iron sword and standing on his head. The second he tries he will get a skullfull of iron blade.
No. 111768 ID: 426169
File 126364457040.gif - (30.50KB , 600x600 , 9.gif )

"Hold. I put down two rebels who planned to assassinate the princess. And there may be more, so we patrol the area."
"HoHo. Is That So?"

"It is. I- I swear it."
"Spare Me Your Oaths, Little Faery. You May Go. I Will Inform My Brothers Of These Faery Assassins. Rest Assured, Little Faery Princess Is Safe With Us."

No. 111770 ID: c0f3bf

You've already lost face. Just get out of there.
No. 111771 ID: 8ecfd4

Hmmmm, you're not likely to get more information out of him.

Since there is now peace between you and the Trolls it might be worth to consider travelling to their realm and find employment in their guardforce, or possibly a private one for the princess. Unlike both Fae and Troll you can handle iron weapons, there should be opportunities for you there.
No. 111792 ID: e2020c


Oh, OH! I thought they were going to somehow hurt the princess, is that right?
No. 111874 ID: e828f5

I would agree with this but it sounds to me like YOU don't like the idea of trolls or your fair princess in their realm. If so, then try politely bidding the troll adieu and walk off, but secretly circle back around and see if the troll then goes off to warn his comrades, as he claims... he might lead you to the caravan.
No. 113761 ID: 426169
File 12637966913.gif - (39.24KB , 600x600 , 37.gif )

"Well, in that case... au revoir."

I walk away, but hide myself nearby in hopes that it will lead me to the troll delegation. Curiously, it spent a few minutes collecting twigs and small sticks, then weaving them into some kind of a wicker bird. It whispered something to the wicker bird, which took flight. Should've known it'd resort to sorcery.

Since I can't sprout wings I guess tracking the bird is out of the question. I'll have to find some other way to my princess.

If I run into any trolls in their kingdom I can't expect mercy. I'd be in direct violation of the Compact. Sneaking in seems to be the way.

No. 113777 ID: 426169
File 126379765336.gif - (149.98KB , 600x600 , 38.gif )

Aaaand I'm lost again.

This place is somewhat disconcerting.
I feel like I'm going in circles.

No. 114045 ID: e828f5

Well the best advice I can give you during the night would be that, perhaps the troll's bird wasn't too smart and made a bee-line for its target? So if you can recall the direction it went and head consistantly that way, you may yet find your path.

Elsewise pray to a god of luck
No. 114619 ID: 426169
File 126390581828.gif - (59.87KB , 600x600 , 39.gif )

Gods help those who help themselv- POX- themselves. Prayer hardly- BLOODY BRANCHES EVERYWHERE- is worth my time.


No. 114621 ID: 8ecfd4

Well you know they could be cursed already.

But are you still covered in the compact? You're after all no longer a client of the Fae kingdoms. And I imagine the ability to wield iron weapons is something that would be appreciated among trolls as well. There should be people there that you could strike a deal with.
No. 114626 ID: 426169
File 126390710493.gif - (73.56KB , 600x600 , 40.gif )


No. 114631 ID: 8ecfd4

Oh calm down a little. Going Berserk out in the middle of a forest isn't very productive.

Just find a nice place to sleep and then use an actual road tomorrow. Just note in what direction the bird flew in.
No. 114633 ID: 426169
File 126390775564.gif - (50.96KB , 600x600 , 41.gif )

No. 114637 ID: 426169
File 126390837891.gif - (86.19KB , 600x600 , 42.gif )

No. 114638 ID: 426169
File 126390841196.gif - (36.77KB , 344x292 , 43.gif )

"Excuse me?"
No. 114639 ID: 8ecfd4

Well don't just stand there like a raving drooling lunatic. Be polite and greet whoever is there. And sheath that sword, naked steel or iron is impolite.
No. 114646 ID: 426169
File 126391180665.gif - (72.50KB , 600x600 , 44.gif )

So it was him. Good thing he was yelling, might've missed him otherwise.
"What are you doing here?"
"I figured you'd be lost by now."
"I was doing fine."
Yeah, real fine.
"Yeah you killed that fern pretty good. Since you're doing so fine, I guess you don't need anyone showing you the way. Bye then."
"... Wait! Show me the way!"
Honestly, he's worse than my dad the way he's barking orders. I wonder if I should tease him some more...
No. 114647 ID: 8ecfd4

Point out that it's harmful towards the blade to just cut up random stuff. He could get rust on it now. And he looks like a moron with that scarf.

Then I think you're done teasing for now. Bring him to that Owl character.
No. 114665 ID: e828f5

<aside> How fascinating... we're inside both their heads. Well not at the same time, but nonetheless interesting. And if memory serves, the mouse is female.

[If speaking to the Dusker] Do be polite, this one holds much promise, for the utility of being your guide as well as for reasons you've yet to fathom.

[If speaking to the mouse] Teasing is fun only on one's own behalf when the other is in such a serious mood. In this case, it would be better to have him feel a sense of debt towards you, as he does seem to be one of those honor-and-obligation types. And once he's cooled off, he'll be a ripe target for more gentle jibes.
No. 114666 ID: c0f3bf

Dusker, he's followed you out here to help you amongst what you know to be snakes and other large creatures. He deserves a few bad jokes.
No. 117874 ID: 95376b
File 126436616431.gif - (42.19KB , 1000x600 , 45b.gif )

"No, I don't think so. You're just a big jerk, and you look stupid in that scarf."
"Take me to the Owl, now."
No. 117883 ID: 95376b
File 126436774841.gif - (68.60KB , 1000x600 , 46.gif )

"Wha- l-let go of me."
"You tell me no when my princess is in peril?"
"Y-you're hurting me! Lemme go!"
"W-wha? Screw that!"
No. 117884 ID: e828f5

My my, this turned into a very stupid situation. The mouse really has no reason to be there unless she's going to help him, and the Dusker... is being a really big jerk right now. Let her go, you brute. She really has no obligation to help you, so if you desire that help you need to treat it as what it is: A gift, not a given.
No. 117895 ID: 95376b
File 126436948654.gif - (129.63KB , 1000x600 , 47.gif )

You're so right. I'm not gonna let him push me around.
"Let me go, you brute! I don't need to help you!"

What's he...[image] shitshitshitshit

"Shut up you little bitch. My task is more important than your life. I will NOT tolerate ANY further delays. You will show me the path the Owl, or I will kill you. Do you understand?"
"Good. Which way?"
"T-that path over there."
No. 117917 ID: c0f3bf

Julie, you might want to quiet down for a while, he seems a bit... high strung.

Dusker, if you'd just apologized he probably would have helped you, you're doing things wrong. Be nicer to civilians, especially if they're trying to help you.
No. 118027 ID: e828f5

Okay it seems we've clearly switched who we're suggesting too, perhaps because the Dusker's mind is a bit too one-track at the moment, consumed with emotion, etc etc.

Watch your mouth young lady. Or... thoughts, I suppose. Anyway, it seems that your intended generosity has targeted the wrong individual... Bet you wish you were still at daddy's, hm? Make a mental note that sometimes adults are uptight because they've learned that the world doesn't reward carelessness. And it seems you've got no choice now but to guide our ninja friend. Guide him true, but if you see an opportunity to slip away (and make sure it is a BIG opportunity, this guy is slicker than you think), go ahead and leap for it.
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