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File 169941940673.jpg - (2.93MB , 2975x4041 , 20231107_232930.jpg )
1076764 No. 1076764 ID: ea857f

Its been a while since i told a story... hey how about this one... it all happened a long long time ago, and it happened to yours truly... yes thats right! the scarlet talon, lucifer's strongest warrior, and if you will allow me, a pretty fine swordswoman even back then...
This is the story of a lost dog finding herself at home... and if you want to hear all of it, you better keep these drinks coming!

[This quest is nsfw, and will contain sexual and kink content]
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No. 1076777 ID: 3c2dff

Did you always have such good taste in companions? Present company included!
No. 1076778 ID: e51896

I only have enough for half a drink. maybe tell the first half the story now, and the other half another night when I'm less broke?
No. 1076780 ID: ea857f
File 169942842591.png - (475.75KB , 1302x860 , 001.png )

the old oak door takes a few tries, but the beast woman is able to dislodge it, slamming it open, and letting the goblin and her charge through. the wood elf's side pours black, lavender scented blood from a deep gouge under her ribs. the beast woman grits her teeth nervously. lord, that's a lot of blood. she thinks momentarily to something a priest of Lucifer told her once, about how elves turn into soil when they die, how they smell like freshly fallen autumn leaves. she really dislikes the smells she's smelling right now. the tiefling wordlessly puts a hand on her shoulder and shoves her into the room.

"Runi!" the goblin gasps, "Runi get out of your head!"

the beast woman blinks, and stares at the goblin. Slipfang had been the one to approach her, at the dive bar deep in the grungy center of the oceanfront district in Tyrr, and offered to take her with her and her party, to make some real money for once. it was a tempting offer for a jackal a half thousand miles from home with nothing to her name but a rusty nicked scimitar and a pentagram medallion; a jackal that had been making ends meet working two jobs, sleeping at the brothel, and occasionally stowing away in the stables when the weather wasn't too biting. yes, she was whisked away from that by Slipfang. Slipfang and her companion, Taalsen. the wood elf. the woman dying on the floor with a look on her face like she was worried she may have left her back gate unlocked.

Runi shakes her head and takes a breath, "yeah... yeah slip I'm... I'm here...!"

"yeah and where's your blade?" the goblin bares her teeth in frustration, as she starts tearing her bedroll into strips.

Runi pats around and whines, "shit! i think one of those kobolds might have taken it...!"

Slipfang grits her teeth and gives a quick, angry yelp. Runi flinches, and tumbles back onto her rump.

"hey, Jessie, don't be too hard on her, it's her first adventure with us..." Taalsen hums, "hey, Runi, you're doing fine... sorry I got a little careless with the beasties, hehh. my fault..."

Slipfang gives a shaking sigh and gulps down some kind of emotion before muttering, "shut up Taal, you need to stay still."

the tiefling leans against the old oak door, glaring at the scene with her one eye, her lip in a constant half pout, half sneer. Runi catches her eye, as she tries not to watch the two adventurers she's trusting to get her out of here alive completely collapse into each other. the tiefling glares at Runi. she hasn't said a word about the situation so far. in fact, Runi isn't sure she has spoken to any of the other three this entire adventure. she just stares quietly, nodding when spoken to, but never more than that. Runi catches her breath, and sighs.

"what do you think, tiefling?" she says, her voice trembling, "the kobolds were pretty close on our tails... what... what should we do?"

the tiefling looks at Runi, then glances at Taalsen and Slipfang, then back to Runi, and gives a quick smirk and shrug, before reaching into her coat and procuring one of her several pistols.

Runi tries to think of something. there are about a half dozen kobolds outside that door, and Taalsen is looking too rough to move right now. she doesn't have her scimitar, and all she does have is a parrying knife. Slipfang has her sword, and the Tiefling has a coat of pistols.
No. 1076792 ID: 2aa5f0

well since Slipfang is playing doctor right now I'm not sure she needs her sword this instant so see if you can use it for this fight while she patches up Taalsen.

As for the kobolds, while you're trapped in a room with only one way in or out so while escape isn't an option they can't pincer you and you can weaken their advantage of numbers by using the doorway as a bottle neck to funnel them into a tight spot where they can't surround you or your party. The Tiefling, having actual ranged weapons and being taller then you, can act as range support and make sure no-one slips past you.
No. 1076793 ID: 443b73

Asking for one flintlock pistol may not be much help against dozen enemies, specially if you are a significantly less skilled than the current owner since she will use them one after the other. So this is a good suggestion:
Borrow the sword and prepare to hold the enemies at the door while the tiefling do what she can to reduce their numbers.
And I don't mean to open the door. Assuming Jessie is doing something helpful lets try to gain as much time as possible, so hold the door for as long as it's structure allow.
No. 1076796 ID: 9c0bc7

Brace the door so you can open it just enough to plug a few kobolds.
No. 1076848 ID: ea857f
File 169951480472.png - (734.86KB , 2000x1500 , 002.png )

Runi takes a sharp breath, and stands, flanking the door with the tiefling. she is alarmingly calm, seemingly more interested in checking that her powder horn didn't get damaged in the previous scuffle, and that her loaded pistols are properly sealed. Runi kind of wishes that she was able to stay this cool with so many sharp dirty blades pointed at her with only this strange smelling wooden door between them and her soft tummy.

"uhm, hey, Slip!" Runi stammers, her voice shaking as much as her hands, "can I use your sword?"

Slipfang glances at her, then pulls the scabbard off her back and slides it along the floor, "don't lose that one. its special."

Runi grabs the handle and lifts it, good lord its heavy.

"Slip what the hell is this thing?" Runi sputters.

"that's Grimtalon." she replies shortly, "its a damn sight better than those butter knives of yours."

"how the hell can you swing this thing around?"

"I told you I was an orc when i scouted you, didn't I?" Slip pulls Taalsen's coat open, exposing the wound, which is jagged and cruel looking, but hopefully not too deep, "orcs don't make weapons for weaklings. Grimtalon's a warrior's blade."

Runi huffs. she kind of assumed Slipfang was making a joke when she said she was an orc. she figures now's not the time to press her on the subject, "alright, well, I'll do what I can with it. swinging a big hunk of steel isn't my expertise, though."

"weight's all in the handle." Slip grunts, "hold it firmly at the guard, other hand on the pommel, and if you need precision you put your offhand on the leather wrap just above the crossguard."

Runi changes her grip, and it feels a bit better. it's not as nimble as her curved sword, but she can keep it in front of her and keep the kobolds at a safe distance well enough for the tiefling to line up her sights.

"how many shots do you have?" Runi asks the tiefling, after giving a few practices swings, and moving her grip around. the tiefling holds up four fingers.

"you think you can land every shot?" Runi hums. the tiefling nods. ok that means she just needs to kill two or three, and keep the others at bay. that's... that's still not great odds, but it's survivable.

the door pushes in, and then the tiefling grunts, and shoves her weight into it to keep it shut. Runi slams her shoulder in as well, and the two of them hold against the banging and the slurs being shouted in beast tongue through the door. Runi suddenly finds herself focusing on the tiefling's smell. most tieflings smell a bit like dirt and burnt wood, and some have a more pungent brimstone smell to them. this one has a very lovely perfume mingling with her more earthy firewood scent. something like lavender scattered around a freshly stomped campfire. the tiefling gives a confused glare at her as Runi realizes she's staring, and they hear the unmistakable sound of something designed to break through wood hitting the door. one of the kobolds is using a hatchet, or lucifer forbid, Runi's scimitar, to hack away at the door. the beastwoman groans, "hey Slip, Taalsen, how are you two doing?"

"give me a minute, I'll have her dressed and on her feet." Slip grunts.

"don't worry about me, dear!" Taalsen beams, "I've walked off worse."

Runi nods. she's going to need to choose to hold the door, or let it open a bit, and thin out the group using the bottleneck. once Taalsen is up, and if she can get her sword back, the four of them can deal with the kobolds and get out of the warrens before the rest of the guards come to meet up with the scouting party. knowing the Kobolds, that's likely to be a few score of them.
No. 1076850 ID: 443b73

If they got a hatchet we can't hold the door much longer. If we were to wait until the wood break there is a good chance we would gain an inconvenient wound just as we we are about to fight.
It's time to take the risk. If we can hold the door slightly open stab them. If we have to open completely swing the sword in wilder arcs to scare them.
No. 1076851 ID: fa62e7

Got anything, a spike, something, we could use to stop the door only partway opened? It seems to open inward, right? That’d create a bottleneck and an opportunity to use ranged weapons at anyone trying to hack down the door.
No. 1076853 ID: 2aa5f0

well crack the door and start stabbing. I'm sure the tiefling can hold the door enough to stop the kobolds from just swinging it wide open, especially if you're thrusting something sharp and pointy at their vital bits. Best chance is to hopefully stop the door wide enough to get your blade through but narrow enough that the kobolds won't be able to squeeze through themselves.
No. 1076866 ID: ea857f
File 169956543388.png - (380.17KB , 1547x1305 , 003.png )

Runi rolls over to the side of the door, sword in hand, ready to go. the tiefling adjusts her stance, and lets the door open just a couple inches. instantly a jagged spear tip juts through the crack before the tiefling leans in and catches it with the door, Runi gulps as the blade nearly scraped her arm, and she hears a kobold shrieking in their ragged rasping beasttongue, "Baelar!!! ooze your filthy blood on the floor and dirty our home not with your sluttish stink!!"

"they're calling me slurs!" Runi tells the party.

"kill them, then!" Slip grunts.

Runi jabs the sword through the crack, toward the spear, and hears a howl of pain, followed by a gurgle, and liquid spilling on the floor. she got someone in the sweetmeats for sure. she gives a silent prayer to Lucifer, clearly the fallen king has an idea who the real beastman mvp is. the assault on the door relents for a few seconds, and both Runi and the tiefling share a concerned glance, before Runi grabs the spear and pulls it through so they can hold the door once again. then Runi hears the Kobolds bark, "ok, men... all at once! one, two..."
No. 1076867 ID: ea857f
File 169956545476.png - (308.03KB , 1305x1329 , 004.png )

Runi gasps and moves to block the door, but even both of them cant hold back the combined weight of the squad of kobolds. the door is hit with a half dozen shoulders at once, and Runi is sent tumbling forward. the Tiefling is pushed over, but manages to stuff her boot against the door frame, keeping it from swinging open entirely. Runi sees one of the kobolds reach a hand in, and then poke its head out, glaring at Runi with hatred in its eyes.
No. 1076868 ID: ea857f
File 169956547638.png - (342.80KB , 1305x1329 , 005.png )

"Baelar!! once we kill your friends we're gonna keep you around for a while and let the boys ghkh-!"

the kobold's head snaps back, its skull turned into shrapnel by the grapeshot. the other scrabbling hands of the kobolds fight to gain purchase and leverage against the tiefling's boot to push the door open, and Runi assumes there are still beast tongue threats and slurs being thrown, but she can't hear anything but ringing.
No. 1076869 ID: a7a180

Kick the kobold out of the way or you won't be able to close the door.
No. 1076875 ID: 443b73

Who is Baelar and why are they more into her than the rest of the party?

Two down. This is going well.

If we want to close the door, but they still have something to break through wood.
If we leave him there the kobolds will need to step on his corpse to get in. Kick the dagger back so it can be an extra blade for you or Slip.
No. 1076880 ID: 2aa5f0

well that's one of the teiflings shots so she has 3 left. think you could get another stab in before forcing the door close?
No. 1076881 ID: 273c18

I think this is fine. She can shoot while prone, and you can slice at any kobold that tries to get leverage.
No. 1076932 ID: ea857f
File 169959888964.png - (503.92KB , 1504x1194 , 006.png )

Runi scrambles to grab the dagger, and then glances back to Slipfang and Taalsen. the elf is wrapped up, and drinking some hard stuff out of Slip's wineskin.

"how you doing?" Runi asks, "I got an other blade, you can have yours back if you want."

"it's got a name!" Slip growls, "what are the kobolds grunting about?"

"they're calling me Baelar. it's a slur for desert beastmen. it's a combination of a couple words, it means 'desert dwelling whore'."

Slipfang leaves Taalsen to recover on her own. the goblin grabs her sword and hefts it onto her shoulder, "aren't kobolds and beastmen the same thing?"

"are orcs and goblins the same thing?" Runi sneers. Slip smirks and concedes the point.

"Taal you get on your feet and we're gone, you got that babe?" Slip huffs as Runi scrambles to fight off the kobolds at the door.

"I'll be right as rain in just a sec...!" Taalsen smiles, taking a swig from the wine skin.
No. 1076933 ID: ea857f
File 169959892952.png - (266.67KB , 1317x1161 , 007.png )

"Baelar!!!" the kobold growls, stumbling over the body of its comrade, "blasphemer! filth!!! you flap that cocksucker and speak man tongue!! house trained trollop!"

"I think they like you, newbie." Slipfang chuckles as Runi slips her parrying dagger out of her belt and slips the kobold's rusted sword away before plunging the jagged kobold dagger into its back. it gurgles and sputters some curse before it dies. Runi shivers, and backs away to let Slipfang at the door. the jackal woman catches her breath, and gives her pentagram a quick kiss. she was not expecting to kill two people that were actively trying to... to, well, do whatever it is they would do.
No. 1076934 ID: ea857f
File 169959896461.png - (719.46KB , 2000x1500 , 008.png )

Slipfang roars, a powerful bellow that sends the assembled guard reeling back from the wooden door, and letting the tiefling adjust their position.

"alright you bastards!" Slipfang bellows, "I'm ready to die!!! what about you!!!"

the tiefling sits up and hugs Runi, flooding her head with the sweet earthy smell, which pushes the panic out of her brain. the tiefling scratches her scalp softly and whispers, "it's going to be ok..."

"wh-" Runi begins, but the tiefling stands and takes a firing position behind Slipfang.

"on your feet, everyone! we're breaking through!" Slipfang barks.
No. 1076946 ID: 443b73

We should probable stay close to Slipfang during her charge. That dagger won't see much action from far away and we have to make sure Slip's words don't become reality.
After that, if we keep running we are better at the rear or at least close to Taalsen. Her wounds make her an attractive target for any opportunistic enemy so we need to keep her safe.
No. 1076952 ID: 2aa5f0

whelp, it looks like you have a murder blender on your team, that should be helpful. Just stay behind her and intercept any enemies that slip by her or finish off any that she hasn't before moving pass them. Once the kobolds have been dealt with hang near the back of the party to make sure no one tries to backstab the wounded elf or charge the "only person with a ranged weapon in the party" teifling.
No. 1077022 ID: f14228

Well, grab a weapon and get on through. Protect the less well-armored and meele'd folks as you go.
No. 1077057 ID: 273c18

ew what's wrong with its face

Alright get your war face on. Get as close to the melee as you're comfortable with, take quick attacks of opportunity at anything vulnerable, and try to keep the tank from being overwhelmed.
No. 1077688 ID: ea857f
File 170046414339.png - (618.64KB , 2000x1500 , 009.png )

Runi has noticed these kobolds do seem to be rather busted in the face department. she has not seen too many northerner beastmen, though, and wonders if all northerners are just grotesque mutated monsters.

runi takes the spot just behind Slipfang, despite being nervous. she can still smell the tiefling's perfume on herself, and it makes her a bit more confident. she tightens the grip on her daggers and keeps mobile. the tiefling and Taalsen move behind her. Taalsen holds her bandaged side, but keeps her composure, and if the wound even hurts her, her face doesnt show it.

Slipfang knocks the heavy wooden door away like she's brushing aside a curtain and launches herself forward, "which one of you dead motherfuckers touched my fawn?"

she barrels forward, heedless of the panicking kobolds and their weapons, and she takes a massive swing into the crowd, slicing through their guards, through the first two kobolds, and leaving the last two reeling.

the tiefling takes the opportunity and plugs the closest kobold in the chest, who spins, grunting incoherently as it falls to the ground, silent.
No. 1077689 ID: ea857f
File 170046417066.png - (255.01KB , 1341x889 , 010.png )

Runi cuts the last kobold off, the one holding her scimitar!

"drop that, northerner!" Runi barks.

"you speak mantongue like a trained dog, Baelar!" it spits, "prostrate yourself, filth!"

Runi whirls her blades around, and the kobold holds the scimitar out in front of it... oh lord, its form is all wrong, it's going to bend her blade if it guards like that.

"block with the flat you cunt!" Runi barks as she feints the swing and tries to open the kobold up.
No. 1077691 ID: 273c18

Slice his hand or kick his leg, make him drop it.
No. 1077694 ID: 2aa5f0

kick him in the balls and stab him while he's stunned. Can't risk the fucker chipping your blade after all.
No. 1077695 ID: 443b73

Maybe you can minimize the damage to your scimitar by hitting with the side of the dagger. If you can keep the blades occupied you could kick or grab with your other hand.

Why is he so confident when it's clear his defeat is inevitable?
No. 1077890 ID: ea857f
File 170080263789.png - (599.97KB , 1770x1341 , 011.png )

the kobold swings the scimitar, and Runi sucks her teeth as the blade nearly scrapes along the floor as it stumbles into the swing. Runi steps to the kobold's side, careful not to collide with the wildly swinging metal, and as the party approaches she waves her hand dismissively, "I got it! don't worry!"

"are you sure?" Taalsen hums, "don't toy with him, dear."

"I'm not, I don't want him to damage my sword!" Runi huffs.

"are you and your masters mocking me?" the kobold snarls, "they'll slit your throat and use your pelt as a jacket when they can, Baelar!!"

"quiet." Runi barks, ducking a swing. she sees her chance. with a quick motion, Runi rolls into the swing, hooks her arm around the kobold's and jams the kobold dagger into its ribs. it loses its grip on the scimitar just as she is able to snatch it away. the kobold sputters and slumps to the floor. the lot of the kobolds all lie dead on the floor, their glaring eyes peering pointlessly out. Runi can't shake the feeling that they're still leering at her.

"hey good job, rookie." Slipfang claps Runi on the back, "both of you, actually!"

the Tiefling nods, beginning to reload her pistols. Runi gives a quiet sigh and smiles anxiously, "uhmm... so what should we do now?"

"the totem we need to bring back to town is back at our campsite." Taalsen rubs their side cautiously, "and I've no interest in staying to meet the Warren host... let's return home..."

"hey, the name's Jesskah." the goblin smirks, "I figure we'll be traveling together for a while, so seems fair I tell ya that. Slipfang Jesskah. I got the Slipfang bit from when I was getting scarred by my tribe. knocked one of the shaman's tusks loose, hehehe."

"Runi from Crimson." Runi replies, "I was born in a village on top of the Crimson bluffs down in southern kobold country."

"Taalsen." the elf smiles as she scratches Jesskah's head, "just Taalsen. I've no exciting stories, I just wandered away from Elfwood and into Jessie's arms."

the tiefling sighs, "Dia. Belosi."

"what, like the outlaw?" Jesskah smirks, "the bandit that plugged Duke Weiss a few years back went by that name. I heard they executed her, though."

"didn't stick." she shrugs.
No. 1077902 ID: 3184a6

well you got your sword back and it sounds like you found whatever it was you were looking for so yeah, probably best to head back to camp, maybe double check the wounds on the elf now that you're not being forced to do a rushed patch job once you get there, and clear out before more of the locals come to say hello.
No. 1077903 ID: b4b663

You became a demon and escaped hell to go adventuring again? That's an epic feat if ever there was one!
What's hell like? How's the new body?

I guess we better go get our stuff and head out before more of these mangy ratmen show up.
No. 1078000 ID: ea857f
File 170097871242.png - (1.04MB , 1226x1102 , 012.png )

"are you really Dia?" Runi gasps, "did you really come back from the pit? did... hhhah...! did you meet Lucifer...? please, tell me all about it!!"

Dia gives a tight, sultry smile, like a cat being courted by a mouse, "mmm. there'll be time later."

"hey Runi, you got any hang ups about camp food?" Jess hums, sliding her sword in its sheath.

"oh? n-no..."

"topper." she grins, "you can come hunting with me if you like. two bows means half the work."

"oh?" Runi sniffs, "I haven't thought about what to do when we got back to camp..."

"I'll be cooking. an other set of hands could be nice." Taalsen rubs her chin thoughtfully, "especially with this wound."

"oh!" Runi gasps, "are you going to be ok? that gash was pretty bad...!"

"Jess had some medical wine, thankfully." Taal beams, "but, thank you. the phantoms won't make any claims on me tonight."

Runi sighs, relieved, "in that case... I am decent at working with food... I was a cook for a month or two when i got off the boat, until the boss got paranoid that I was chasing his daughter... I don't mind helping with whatever you or Jess need."

"how about you, lurch?" Jess grins at Dia, who doesn't glance back.

"scoped a hot spring on the path here." she grunts, "I'll have a bath."

"suit yourself!" Jess smirks, "I'm not setting your tent up, so if you don't want to sleep on the ground you better be back before sun down.

Dia snorts, grinning, "right."

Runi thinks about Dia bathing, despite trying not to think about Dia bathing, and soon Dia bathing is all that the jackal girl can think about. Dia bathing, that is. she grabs her scimitar's hilt and rubs her paw against the wooden finish. stimming with her weapons helps to ground her. actually, Runi considers that maybe spending the afternoon by herself would be nice. maybe she could go grab firewood and just hike for a bit on her own, or she could oil her blades and darn any damage on her kufiyyeh. she considers that some time on her own would do her good, now that she doesn't have to check over her shoulder for the brothel owner or the tavern landlord ready to scold her or whack her with a spoon for being lazy.

"you can come too, little pup." Dia hums. Runi's brain doesn't process it for several seconds, just tilting her head side to side and wagging her tail in confusion, until Dia smirks and repeats, "if you like, you can come to the spring with me."

Runi blinks and opens her mouth a few times. she considers the proposition. is she... is Dia coming on to her or is this one of those platonic things women do that Runi is too lesbian to understand? she can't get a read on Dia at all. in fact, she can't get a read on any of her party! Jesskah and Taalsen are a couple, she figures, but Jesskah came onto her last night at the bar, and Taalsen was egging her on! Dia keeps flirting with her, but her eye glares coldly, like an owl sizing up a mouse darting through a field. Runi realizes she's been quiet for a while. she resolves to answer.

she is going to spend the afternoon...
No. 1078007 ID: acb8e2

As tantalizing as being pawed around by Dia or being alone in the woods with Jesskah may be, I think helping the injured Taalsen with chores, especially if they play to your strength.

So I say agree to help Taalsen with the cooking.

Also side note: What's this totem you're getting? Are you stealing culturally significant treasures from the Kobolds?
I mean they're clearly uh... terrible. But if you're robbing them, that certainly casts this whole violent interlude in another light. How much do you *actually* know about your three compatriots?
No. 1078008 ID: 53b46b

Yeah as tempting as the other options are Taalsen is the most in need of assistance
No. 1078010 ID: 2aa5f0

well you are the new kid to the party so you should probably make yourself useful to the party first before deciding to have fun. Just one of those things every new guy has to go through. That said help cook, that way if any of the kobolds try and follow the party home the wounded party member won't have to try and fend them off by herself. The other two are in much better shape to either fight them off or run away.
No. 1078014 ID: b3eab7

Go with Dia, and at some point ask her to clarify whether she's flirting with you. Clear communication is key in a group.
No. 1078261 ID: ea857f
File 170124415332.png - (633.21KB , 1760x1461 , 013.png )

Runi is going to spend the afternoon helping Taal out at camp! Dia doesn't need any help, and honestly spending the day out alone in the woods with Jess and a handful of weapons sounds slightly dangerous considering the frenzy she worked herself into earlier. Runi grabs Taal's hand and squeezes, "I'll give you some help at camp...! I figure you deserve to relax a bit..."

Taal beams, blushing, "ah...! thank you Runi darling!"

Jess grins and gives a playful huff, "hey don't get too ahead of yourself, I saw her first."

"I know!" Runi yowls.

"I was talking to Taal." the goblin flashes her canines playfully.

Dia hums as she starts to walk away, "will bring some water back from the spring."

the party goes off on their various directions, away from the ruins and the filth and bodies of the slain creatures. the ruins are quiet for a while, the kobolds lay cold and quiet, alone.
No. 1078262 ID: ea857f
File 170124425418.png - (601.87KB , 1760x1461 , 014.png )

a trio of figures trudge into the hall, led by a scrawny rasping thing.

"look! look see!!! look and witness!!! this is what they did!! the things from above they came and, and..." the kobold gasps as the three figures push past him. the leader of the three stops and crouches to look at the gore.

"six forward scouts, each dead from a single blow, it looks." the warren host captain grunts, "Akir, Gunzi, any ideas?"

"adventurers, clearly." Akir, the broadest of the three hums.

"why would rogues come down here?" the tallest one, Gunzi scratches its head, "Kadra, captain, any ideas?"
No. 1078263 ID: ea857f
File 170124430252.png - (695.72KB , 2000x1500 , 015.png )

"I assume they were trying to get out of the snow." the leader says, crawling along the floor to get her eyes on the footprints, rubble, everything, "black blood."

she points to a few drips of blood, "an elf was injured... and they holed up in that old pantry... it looks like the door got battered, and they charged the scouts."

"charged them with what?" Gunzi growls, staring at the two kobolds chopped cleanly in half.

"must have been a hulking thing. an orc or a minotaur, maybe?" Akir sniffs.

"it would be a shame if we were spilling blood with other demihumans." Kadra checks the body of a kobold with a hole blown through his chest, "what do you make of this?"

"looks like he got hit by a sling or something, but much stronger... magic, maybe?" Akir posits as he takes inventory of the weapons and marks on the floor.

"magic doesn't exist that could do that." Gunzi growls, "the cauldron is the only real magic, everything else is hedge wizardry and sleight of hand."

Kadra slides her paws on the floor until she finds a small malformed lead ball, "hmmm... the sling theory might hold some water, though, this is simply too small to do that kind of damage... unless it was accelerated somehow... what about that other one?"

Gunzi looks at the body of a kobold that had been stabbed in the ribs. it has no weapon on its person, and the stab wound looks jagged, like...

"this one was killed by an other kobold." she gulps.

the other two stare back. Gunzi presents the body for Kadra to look over. Kadra hums, "you are right... but..."

she slides the belt open, and finds a couple of hairs, along with fraying which means a blade was stored on the belt and improperly drawn, and it must be a sharp blade as well.

"this one looted a weapon. then it was taken back by the adventurers." Kadra sniffs the hairs, her sensitive nose picking up the musk of a kobold, along with spices, incense, some kind of soap, and... lavender...

"it was a kobold, but it wasn't a northerner." Kadra reasons.

"Baelar." Akir grimaces.

"southerner." Kadra corrects.

"so, what's the picture?" Gunzi tilts her head, "what do we do next?"

"this was likely self defense. the forward scouts must have seen a group of people they didnt recognize, and they didn't follow protocol and return to the warren to fortify. they must have tried to ambush the adventurers, injured one of them, and then got wiped out in retaliation." Kadra wipes her knees as she stands.
No. 1078264 ID: ea857f
File 170124445498.png - (322.96KB , 1640x1382 , 016.png )

"so what are we going to do?" Akir asks.

"I'm going to just have to go out and talk to them." Kadra groans, "I'll bring the southerner back to the warren and get the full story, then we'll determine the penalty."

"bringing a southerner into the warren is going to be a bad idea." Gunzi huffs.

"I'll put it under protection." Kadra reasons.

"the warren host is as likely to assault the thing as anyone." Akir grumbles.

"I'd like to see any of them try to face me." Kadra grins.

the two warren host underlings flinch just a bit, "ahh, of course we're... we would never, sir!"

Kadra smiles and pokes her chest triumphantly, "I know. you're both trustworthy. rare for lawmen... keep the peace, I'll be back by morning!"
No. 1078271 ID: 443b73

Everyone is into Runi, baelar is still popular among the kobolds and one sniff was all it took for Kadra to start simping.
No. 1078272 ID: 8f9bc4

It explains how she got those nicks and scars, if that's how smoothly Kadra thinks this is going to go.
No. 1078273 ID: f14228

Maybe that confidence is earned. We'll see!
No. 1078400 ID: ed3442

rolled 58 = 58

Okay, let's get this out of the way.

Rolling to seduce Akir.
No. 1078403 ID: ed3442

rolled 71 = 71

And Gunzi.
No. 1078404 ID: ed3442

rolled 60 = 60

And Kadra, because three is good luck.
No. 1078412 ID: 5a91ee


The dc was 12:V
No. 1078414 ID: ed3442

They're possums and I'm trash, it gives me a bonus.
No. 1078451 ID: ea857f
File 170150534356.png - (1.49MB , 2000x1500 , 017.png )

"please be careful, Kadra!" Gunzi calls after the kobold as she hefts her longsword and starts off on the path into the forest, "if you don't come back I'll have to be Akir's boss!"

Kadra puts her sword on her back and crouches low to follow the footprints. the snow has obscured them, but she has plenty of ways to track the party. she takes an other whiff of the fur, and picks the trail up as it wanders through the trees. a southern kobold, this far up north. partying with demihumans and elves... Kadra smiles a bit. the thought of it makes her a bit happy. she shakes the thought from her head. she is bringing a party to justice, and that's it! she continues to follow the trail, wondering passively if the southerner has any food or wine from the south, and if she could convince her to share some.
No. 1078452 ID: ea857f
File 170150540246.png - (1.40MB , 2000x1500 , 018.png )

deeper into the woods, cloaked by a sudden dip, and deep enough into the trees that the smoke couldn't be seen on foot, Runi is peeling potatoes, wearing Taalsen's smock; a little canvas thing with a design of several tiny deer frollicking on it. Taalsen hums as she works the campfire, getting it nice and stable.

"what are we cooking tonight?" Runi asks as she wipes her blade on Taalsen's adorable smock.

"depends on what Jessie brings back. maybe rabbit stew? or grilled venison..." the elf smiles dreamily. Runi studies her face, as she tends to with people. she had never met a Wood elf before Taalsen. wood elves are similar to other elves, but odd in some specific ways. the antlers and black eyes are obvious, but an other more subtle thing is the shape of the jaw, and the teeth. Taalsen's canines are big, and her incissors are powerful. her arms are long and slender, but the muscles are tight, and when she flexes, they're like girders.

"you've got a cute look on your face, darling." Taalsen giggles, snapping Runi out of it.

"oh...! sorry, I was staring, I..." Runi stammers as she starts to chop the potatoes.

"it's ok." Taalsen beams, "hey, I think you're quite pretty too."

Runi blushes, scrunching up as she moves on to slicing an onion, "uhm... you and Jess...?"

"mmm." she nods, "we're together. that was obvious I'm sure. I was on pilgramage from Elfwood to the old holy land when we met. she was on her own journey, sent by her clan to defeat a mighty thing and bring back a trophy."

"oh, did you start adventuring together?" Runi sniffles, blinking tears from her eyes as she tosses the diced onion into the pot.

"oh, no!" Taalsen giggles, "no she decided I was going to be the mighty thing she defeated."

"oh?" Runi smirks, peeling a carrot, "no offense but..."

"oh I know I don't look like a warrior." she stands and walks off to the spice bag, "of course back then I was bolder and more willing to prove myself, so I looked the part. anyway, she and I fought. I threw her through a barn... after a while, I think we both forgot about our reasons, and we just fought because, well, we liked the fight. we liked crossing weapons, and we like seeing the other one exherting herself. I loved the look in her eyes when she barely managed to parry my strike..."

Taalsen pours some spices onto the chopped vegetables as Runi smirks, "so you two fell for each other while you were fighting to the death."

"you know, opponents and lovers have a lot of commonality. both are driven by an urge to learn each other, both are intimate, both require respect and equality between participants. if you have no love or respect for your partner then they are simply an object to you, and if you have no love or respect for your opponent, then they aren't an opponent, they're a hinderance."

Taalsen rubs her palms, and holds them to the fire, "ah, it's so cold out here... anyway, yes, Jessie and I have a complicated relationship. we love each other, and that's all there is to it, I suppose."

"but you're open?" Runi hums.

Taalsen smiles, nodding, "yes! it's quite a bit simpler when you're on the road all day and night, crawling through barrows and fighting coiling, oozing things. some nights Jessie needs things I can't give her, and I'm always energetic so sometimes Jessie's too tired to keep up."

"you're energetic?" Runi giggles, "you seem so calm though."

"mmm." Taalsen narrows her eyes and grins as she unfastens her collar, "you've not seen me eye something I really want before..."
No. 1078453 ID: ea857f
File 170150543413.png - (644.22KB , 2000x1500 , 019.png )

"oh?" Runi stretches her legs toward Taal playfully, leaning back and giving a pout, "I could have sworn you wanted me..."

"not with your clothes on." Taalsen bares her teeth as she pulls her top up to let her chest out to the fire.
No. 1078464 ID: eb0a9c

Before you get to the sex make sure you disinfect that hickey, because mouth germs are no joke
No. 1078467 ID: 2aa5f0

give an appreciative whistle from the view and after a second let your eyes wonder to her wound and ask her if it's still bothering her... Then ask if she has any other scars she's picked up in her travels and the story behind them. What, you're curious about what story she has to share and the fact it lets you look over even more of her body is purely coincidence I assure you.
No. 1078473 ID: 414b45

Lovers and opponents in a fight to the death are similar?
Okay. Taalsen is completely nuts.

And buy a girl drink first, shucks buster. I say we should take it slow and maybe flirt while continuing the cooking chores.

By which I mean blush heavily and stammer some incoherent nonsense and then probably cut yourself on the knife.
Or ask about the scars. That's good, too.
No. 1078539 ID: ea857f
File 170158377788.png - (1.66MB , 1709x1497 , 020.png )

"I carrots... I see! I uh, I can, wow, you're have uhm!" Runi says in what she hopes is a smooth way, "I'm... I, I, wow you healed fast...!"

"oh, yes!" she pulls her shirt off and hangs it over the railing of her tent, "medical wine, plus natural elven healing. past the initial worry of catching something, the wound never worried me. hopefully it'll scar up nicely."

"do you have, uhm, a lot of... them...?" Runi nearly lets the cutting board topple over as her tail refuses to behave. her breath clouds up in front of her face like a smoke bomb as she hyperventilates, she gulps over and over as her mouth waters and the fur on her neck stands on end. she is actually feeling very hot right now despite the cold.

"mmhmm!" Taalsen smiles as she sits back down, "though my skin is too dark to show the small ones properly. I have a few deeper ones on my back, would you like to."

"yes!!" Runi's mouth revolts against her brain. her mouth has always been the most lesbian part of her body. the kobold sets the cutting board down and nearly hops from her chair.

"oh my... you're so eager... good girl~" Taalsen coos, patting her lap. Runi sits in it with zero consideration, and the elf takes her wrists and wraps the jackal's arms around her waist.

"mmm." Taal smiles, "you're so very warm..."
No. 1078540 ID: ea857f
File 170158392503.png - (1.72MB , 1709x1497 , 021.png )

Runi whines softly, hugging the half naked elf tightly as she slides her paws down her back, feeling the crisscross texture of old scars. the kobold shivers, nuzzling her snout into the elf's shoulder, taking in her smell. elves smell amazing... like fresh soil, grass clippings, and a hint of iron. actually, now that she considers it, her nose has always been the most lesbian part of her body.

Taalsen scratches the back of Runi's head lovingly, "how far would you like to go tonight little pup?"
No. 1078560 ID: 2aa5f0

>how far would you like to go tonight little pup?
what does she mean by the.... the bitch is challenging you. She's seeing if you'll chicken out. You'll show her, take your top off as well to show her you're no coward. In fact, for every piece of clothing she takes off match. If she wants to play this game of chicken then you sure as hell won't be the one who backs down first. Who cares if this takes long enough that you completely forget about the cooking, your pride is on the line... and maybe more.
No. 1078563 ID: eb0a9c

"We still need to make dinner but I wanna add our fluids."
No. 1078580 ID: b3eab7

A bit too early for the second part, but I support the "business before pleasure" approach.
No. 1078622 ID: 56db77

Supporting "we need to make dinner" but after that how we should have no problem getting a bit wild
No. 1078634 ID: 815fee

> "I'll be cooking. an other set of hands could be nice." Taalsen rubs her chin thoughtfully, "especially with this wound."

> "medical wine, plus natural elven healing. past the initial worry of catching something, the wound never worried me. hopefully it'll scar up nicely."

... clever girl.

How much dinner prep work is even left to do or possible to do before Jesskah returns with her kill?

Because if there's still a lot to do, you should finish that. If it's not a lot, go with the flow. Maybe keep it to second base for now? Rushing things might be a bad idea. You hardly know her after all.
No. 1078868 ID: ea857f
File 170192591120.png - (1.06MB , 1329x1262 , 022.png )

"I want, I uhm... I want you to do it all! I can handle it!" Runi barks.

"oh?" she smiles, "what are you into?"

Runi perks a brow, "umh?"

"kinks, dear."

"o-oh!" Runi hums, "I uhm... I never thought about it... I like kissing, groping, I like it when someone holds my love handles..."

"how much play have you done?" Taalsen tilts her head with a motherly smile on her lips.

"play? like... spanking, tying my hands, stuff like that? not much..."

"mmm." Taalsen gives her a reassuring scritch to the back of her neck, "probably best for me to start slow then..."

"no!" Runi whines, pulling her kufiyyeh off her neck and beginning to disrobe, "I uhm... I can keep up! I've been around...!"

the Kobold figures this has to be some kind of high level domming, acting so aloof and hot and smelling so sexy, but then trying to take things slow... it has to be some kind of play. whatever Taalsen throws at her, Runi is not going to be the bleating lamb or the purring little kitten!

"ok." Taalsen smiles, "in that case, what safe word works for you?"

"safe word...?" Runi gulps, taking her shirt off and realizing she looks a lot pudgier and soft than she thought she would in relation to the iron hard muscles of the wood elf, "I... d-don't need one...!"

"Runi sweetheart..." Taalsen coos, "you absolutely do..."

"what are you into?" Runi says, starting to scrunch up self consciously.

"whipping, cutting, hot wax, branding, frottage, dirty talk, breathplay, consentual nonconsent..."

Runi's eyes dilate, and she stammers, "I uhm...!"

the Kobold nuzzles into Taalsen's chest and whimpers, "uhm ok... you might have a point..."

the elf hugs her tightly and sigh softly, "it's ok... go at your pace little pup."

Runi gives Taal a smooch, "I like where we are right now... just curled up together, the fire going, hugging, grinding against your boner..."

"wait..." the Kobold blinks, and glances up at Taal, and back to the elf's groin.

Taalsen tuts happily, "right! you've not met a wood elf before, I forgot! sorry, dear, the antlers are a dead give away for most. I hope that's not a deal breaker..."

"no!" Runi smiles, "I uhm... I've never been with a..."

"Trans woman." Taalsen finishes.

"yeah... but I'm interested."

the elf giggles, "that's good! one thing I'd never want to be is uninteresting..."

Runi hums, hugging Taalsen tightly, grinding lightly onto her thigh. the kobold doesn't really know what she's doing, but she does know she enjoys where she is right now. Taalsen lets her sit there for a while, petting her and stroking her fur. she stays there, her senses filled with lovely smells and soft carress and the feeling of her companion's softly rising chest, for who knows how long. when Taalsen speaks again, Runi jumps out of her half asleep state.

"hey." she whispers sweetly, "you're very warm, but my back is getting very cold..."

"did I fall asleep...?" Runi mutters, blinking drowsily.

"for just a minute or so." Taalsen says, smiling, "Jess or Belosi should be back soon, can you wipe the pot with some of that tallow we have left?"

Runi yawns and starts to slick the pot, as Taalsen stands to put her shirt back on. the Kobold thinks about things, her nose filled now with the savory flavour of rendered fat.

"anything else you'd like me to do?" Runi squeaks, her mind spinning over the image of Taalsen penetrating her.

"I don't want to start cooking until Jess gets back. if we cook it too long the oniosn and garlic will burn and make the stew taste too earthy..."

Runi nods, and stares at the pot and the thick tallow on its floor and sides. she thinks about Taalsen. she's very kind, very warm, and apparently very willing to hurt a partner... Runi wonders if she could handle Taalsen, but she knows she wants to try. she catches her paw sliding down her tummy. Runi shivers, realizing that she is very aroused. something about grinding on an elf girl's cock got her worked up. she sets the pot near the fire, to let the tallow heat up, and stands to look around for something to occupy her hands. maybe she should just go out to rub one out before Jess and Dia get back? or maybe she should just distract herself with a chore? or should she maybe try to continue things with Taalsen?
No. 1078874 ID: f90eeb

>consentual nonconsent...
Huh, and here I was thinking that was a racist elf stereotype but I guess they do like being dominated.

But if you do want to try something with her, since she likes breath play you could try smothering her with your fat ass while she eats you out while you give her a hand job.
No. 1078883 ID: b3eab7

Find a chore to do for now. When Jess comes back, tell her you have the hots for Taalsen very much.
No. 1079666 ID: 2916f1

Surely there's time for a quickie. Ask Taalsen if she's down.
No. 1079674 ID: be2ac4

You seem distracted... doctor love prescribes you suck a dick to calm down while you take care of yourself

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