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File 168686365509.png - (5.13KB , 255x167 , Seilestitle.png )
1065921 No. 1065921 ID: d379a4

Arthur Seiles, an Acalanoid immigrant, arrives in a town upon New Years celebrations. Mostly reply-driven, meant for a large amount of worldbuilding in the Eroxian universe. A fantasy quest that could take nearly any turn, as readers decide what Seiles does in town and what career he takes.
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No. 1065970 ID: 273c18

Define "Acalnoid".
No. 1065997 ID: 2eb3cc

Arthur: be bewildered by New Years
No. 1065999 ID: 192b0e

Show yourself
No. 1066018 ID: d379a4
File 168695470715.png - (61.56KB , 558x289 , Aicet ticket.png )

No. 1066022 ID: 2eb3cc

I don't know how, but I read and understood both "New Years" and "New York" in the initial post, so I've been imagining those as the time and place, up until I had to reconcile the city name on the ticket stub.

So uhhh...what brings you to town?
No. 1066024 ID: d379a4
File 168695798872.png - (65.39KB , 558x289 , Arthur viewing ticket.png )

Immigration. My family has tasked me to be the first of our bloodline to sail to and live in foreign lands in a long, long time. The city I am headed to is, of course, Aicet. The gate is coming up. I am apparently supposed to hand the ticket to someone on standby there. Other people with a slight diversity in species murmur around me in some places, either camping on the sides of the path or heading into the city along with me.
No. 1066054 ID: d379a4
File 168697501287.png - (63.07KB , 558x288 , Aicet Gate.png )

I've arrived. Between two closed gates is a chamber with a diamond-shaped window, I can see someone's silhouette within. There are two towers and two flags. The towers are covered in large draping. One has a spotlight. The flags say "AICET" and "1529" respectively. Ah, yes, it is currently the New Years celebrations. In a matter of days, if not tomorrow, the year will be 1529 V.E.
Well, I suppose I'll just get this over with. The shambling figures behind me seem to be getting antsy to present their tickets, they're forming a line. A voice calls out from the booth, "The Slant-eye is expected first."
You march forward to the booth, ticket in hand. Welcome to Aicet.
No. 1066067 ID: e7c7d3

Show your ticket and get your complimentary new years novelty
No. 1066084 ID: 2aa5f0

so quick question but is this a cutscene right now?
No. 1066093 ID: d379a4

Yes. Suggestions, comments, and questions are answered by Seiles once the gates are open.
No. 1066094 ID: d379a4

Also, apologies if I refer to Arthur as 'you' instead of 'I, me'. Writing oversight. I'm used to MSPFA style.
No. 1066095 ID: d379a4
File 168702294707.png - (47.53KB , 558x288 , Hand The Ticket In.png )

I hand the ticket in. Whoever's inside grabs it through the slot. "Arthur Seiles... Acalanoid male... Appendage signature... all correct. Proceed. A new year makes new men."
No. 1066138 ID: d379a4
File 168704787604.png - (41.36KB , 555x290 , The Gate Creaks Open.png )

After a moment, the gate creaks open. The sounds of birds flying away, people yelling and conversating, and a bard singing somewhere out in the street is apparent. I walk through.
No. 1066355 ID: f8083d

Well first things first, you're going to need accommodation. Do you have money to buy a flat, or are you looking to rent?
No. 1066359 ID: 2eb3cc

Well, I don't recall specifically, but I'm pretty sure there are a lot of quests here, too, that use "you" instead of "I", etc. I guess internal consistency is a common goal, though.

Gawp at the sights. Or remain unmoved, I guess; your choice.
No. 1066362 ID: e7c7d3

Go find the largest monument

Yeah, second person perspective are pretty common in this format, but yeah the more important thing is being consistent.
No. 1066437 ID: d379a4
File 168741118354.png - (82.74KB , 555x288 , Town.png )

After a moment of walking, I arrive in a town square. It is now time to address some things to you new voices.

(The cutscene is now OVER.)
[Seiles will now respond to questions, comments, and commands!]

As you would know, I am Arthur Seiles. I have immigrated from my home country by my family's orders to live in this new region. I am diagnosed with Entararis' disorder, a disorder that many people have acquired in recent times. It is apparently responsible for the existence of you voices. Said voices don't quite seem to spawn from any kind of insanity, and they're like people alongside whoever has the disorder. They tend to influence the person, asking about things, telling the person to do things. A lot of times in situations they're very friendly to people, they want to make friends, or they're sexual, or they're very rowdy in nature. Nowadays, people are starting to suspect these voices of having spiritual or magical origins. Anyways, the voices seem to switch through new groups every so often, so now I have to explain things to you. I will respond to your questions or comments.

It is my species. We are a rare bunch, and our people are descended from ancient void titans.

The ticket assigned a specific hotel to me. I'm supposed to look for the 'Aicet's Grander Brothers' Hotel. So, I should find that place before sundown. But, I do have plenty of currency to get me by.

The differently designed houses and brick buildings are what I can currently gawp at.

The largest nearby monument is this planted tree behind me.

[Arthur can EAVESDROP on conversations happening around him to possibly learn something about the world around him. When prompted, he can view how many conversations are audible enough for him to EAVESDROP.]

Well, now it's time to decide. I can either EAVESDROP on [2] possible CONVERSATIONS around me, turn around and duck into the street behind me, go to the UNKNOWN BUILDING to my right, or go to the ALCOHOL COULDRON TAVERN to my left.
Multiple actions are also possible.
No. 1066438 ID: d379a4

Type this link into ye searchbar for ye MSPFA version
No. 1066443 ID: 2eb3cc

Eh, eavesdrop for a bit, then I guess tavern?

So, you've been sent to live here? For a set amount of time, indefinitely, or forever? How much preparation has been made for your arrival, and how much will you need to figure out, yourself? Long term housing, employment?
No. 1066454 ID: 2aa5f0

eavesdrop while walking towards the tavern. Might as well try to figure what's going on around your new home.
No. 1066459 ID: d379a4
File 168745274777.png - (47.10KB , 558x289 , TwoRespectables.png )

Probably for quite a few years, but I'm sure that I can return at some point. But that day sure hasn't come. My family made sure I was well-prepared when I took the ship across the seas to here. They paid a lot of money for this to happen, they pretty much planned this since my birth. That explains why I have a name that doesn't match my nationality and why I know this language so well. Later today, I'm expecting a care package from them containing... well, I don't know. I'm sure of only two items that will be arriving, that would be my self-defense weapon and some additional currency. My grandmother paid a big coin for the open-carry rights, she did.

I waltz over to the ALCOHOL COULDRON TAVERN while I EAVESDROP on the conversation behind me.

A RESPECTABLE LADY: "Mhm. New Years day is overmorrow, whiskers. Isn't Ezra Hayes going on tour here for it?"
A RESPECTABLE CAT LADY: "I don't know about that. Isn't she that famous woman from all the way over in Encarces? Wears the creepy mask and the leather coat? Always covered in blood?"
A RESPECTABLE LADY: "Yes, that's her. I'd like to believe she's coming, because it'd be delightful to meet her."
A RESPECTABLE CAT LADY: "Could she even make the distance? This is Aicet, for lord's sake!"
A RESPECTABLE LADY: "Don't be such a skeptic of whether or not she can make it! Be happy that there's a chance, she's pushing for YOUR people's rights!"

I make it to the TAVERN.
No. 1066467 ID: 2aa5f0

huh, so it sounds like someone famous might be showing up for the New Years tomorrow. well might as well get a drink since you're here now, maybe listen in on what the other patrons are talking about while you enjoy your drink.
No. 1066648 ID: e5bd18
File 168781290962.png - (38.55KB , 613x344 , FineCherryWine.png )

I immediately walk up to the counter.

SERVER: "ᴬʰ ˡᵒʳᵈ, ᴬᶜᵃˡᵃⁿᵒⁱᵈ. ᴳᵒᵗ ᵗʰᵃᵗ ᵇᵉʷⁱˡᵈᵉʳᵉᵈ ˡᵒᵒᵏ ᵗᵒᵒ."
SERVER: "I deal the drinks and deal with the drunks... What would you like?"
ARTHUR: "Fine cherry wine, please."
SERVER: "Twenty Terndets. Solid."

I pay, and hear a commotion rise behind me.

MAN 2: "Oh, piss off ye drunk laggard. I get you're Vanisrean, but you can go just go home. The white man is not the only free bein', we went over this."
No. 1066662 ID: 2aa5f0

look and see what's happening and then ask the server what's happening here.
No. 1066694 ID: c8ca0c

Seems a reasonable start.
Do you, yourself, know anything of these conflicts, and do you have any strong opinions?
No. 1066906 ID: d379a4

SeilesQuest isn't dead. I'm just lazy. I quite literally have the next panel sitting in front of me. Hope you folks don't mind the wait
No. 1066993 ID: d379a4
File 168835835860.png - (41.70KB , 612x344 , It's A Racial Argument, And I, The Server, Am.png )

I take a quick glance behind me at the two yelling men and then look back at the server, who is grabbing my wine.

ARTHUR: "Okude wa nani ga okotte iru nodeshou ka?"
SERVER: "What?"
ARTHUR: "Agh, sorry. I meant, what's going on back there?"
SERVER "Oh, you know, the regular racial conflicts. Unfaithful civilians versus the Vanisreans on the rights of nonhumans."
ARTHUR: "I don't like the idea of being discriminated against, sir."
SERVER: "Well, let's see, you have the look of an immigrant, you're not a human, and you speak gibberish languages. Should be lucky I even served, boy."

MAN 2: "Good lord, man. You can either just go home and jump on yer sofa or go and jump right off a cliff with that racist foolery garbage."

Shall I...
Respond retributively to the server?
Rush to an empty table?
Scoff and go towards the argument?
No. 1066996 ID: 60e3cf

-To server
Yet you still do what I say if you want to get paid, weird how that works.
-Finish drink, leave. Probably safe to mark this place down as somewhere not to return to.
No. 1066998 ID: f8083d

Never piss off the servers (plus I bet they have shitty enough day already).
The shouting has started, get ready to help if the guy needs escorting out, and get ready to chat with the other guy afterwards.
No. 1066999 ID: 273c18

Seems like the argument is likely to sort itself out, and the server may be a little rude about your foreign-ness he's totally right.
Just take your drink and go sit somewhere.

What are your long term plans for integration? Do you have a job lined up?
No. 1067006 ID: de76ad

Nooooooooo don’t riposte the server, that way lies madness
No. 1067128 ID: d379a4
File 168852989138.png - (44.24KB , 499x336 , Guys I burned my finger.png )

Happy July 4th, folks.
I do truly hope you're enjoying things so far. This is my first quest and I am albeit new to Questden. I'm no Weaver, and writing and drawing are not what I am good at, even if it's my desire.
Thank you for reading so far, I hope you all had fun blasting yer spark fountains and bottle rockets
No. 1067305 ID: d379a4
File 168873814534.png - (24.87KB , 512x288 , Before He Gets Woozy.png )

[9 minutes later...]

Oh, you guys were saying something?
I should probably answer you and get up out of here before I get woozy on this stuff.
No. 1067312 ID: 2aa5f0

alright so we have a bit of a drinking problem, who doesn't these days. As for what to do now... I guess wonder around town and get your bearings. If you're going to be living here might as well have an idea on where everything is. After all if you can memorize all the major roads and locations you'll never get lost. Sure you can get displaced for a time but once you wonder back onto a major road or location you'll be able to find you way around again.
No. 1067320 ID: d379a4
File 168875625731.png - (26.92KB , 511x287 , He's not drunk.png )

'Encailean Cherry Wine: aged 50 years...'
Whoo. I'll keep a lookout for this drink next time I swing around a tavern.

Alright, anyways.

Come on. I don't have a drinking problem, I'm not even drunk. But yes, sounds like a good idea to get on the major roads and landmarks so I can know the layout of this city.

Actually, I'm not quite bothered by this place. Sure, sure, Okisama didn't have discrimination like this, and I'll have to deal with some rude individuals, but I'm liking this place. I think I'll belong just fine.

Ah, here's that big menacing question that was sitting on my shoulders.
I... don't know. I'm a perfectly average man, I'm sure I could do almost anything if I were dedicated to it.
I wanted to leave that up to us.
No. 1067392 ID: 2aa5f0

how much cash do you have on you? I'm guessing not much so starting up a business is unlikely at this stage. Too bad, if you showed up in town a bit earlier and knew how to make fireworks you could have probably made a mint selling them for the festival.
No. 1067441 ID: f3c38f

Well...I guess there's looking around to see what there is, who's doing what jobs, and notably what jobs AREN'T being done. Look for signs of a lack. Or, maybe look for what jobs are open, who's taking apprentices, look for guilds or unions, look for some kind of library or community hall?
No. 1068232 ID: d379a4
File 168980022353.png - (47.52KB , 511x287 , Town 2.png )

If my family were especially proficient at something, it would have to be staying above poverty at all times. I don't know the exact amount, but the money I currently have with definitely last until I secure something sustainable.

I have an idea, and three options. I can look for a JOB BOARD, seek out a specific problem in the city , or possibly EAVESDROP for other information. Or I can, of course, go to an important building.

I leave the TAVERN and continue exploring Aicet. It's oddly peaceful. I'll look for another open and populated area as soon as I can for places to go or people to talk to.
You know, I'm sort of wondering what I would WANT to do. I suppose anyone could go for something that isn't boring, which I would like. I'm not very good or bad at the skills a regular person should have, I have a moderate physique, neither girlish nor manly. I just can't tell what it is I'm supposed to do, even my father was stumped, and he was the one that figured out what my siblings were good at and what they should do.
Perhaps it's a bit weird to be talking about this with mysterious voices lining my mind.
No. 1068233 ID: d379a4
File 168980033157.png - (35.91KB , 510x287 , Oblivious.png )

SENTRY: "Oh, hello there sir! Acalanoid, I take it? Such a rare bu-"
No. 1068234 ID: d379a4
File 168980081174.png - (31.43KB , 511x287 , The Best Gal.png )

SENTRY: "Ah! We've all done that before."

A wooden robot wearing robes and armor stands right in front of me. It happens to be oddly feminine.

ARTHUR: "Oh, I am so sorry-"
SENTRY: "So, how has YOUR day been? Quite a sunny and beautiful day here in the great suburbs of Aicet!
ARTHUR: "Ma'am..."
SENTRY: "Ooh, we have the same coats! Do you believe in a coincidence?"
ARTHUR: "Can I..."
SENTRY: "I'm sure it would be a great idea to introduce you to my fellow guard friends, and take you around town! Perhaps I could fetch you something to eat from the barracks, a sandwich, turkey, double provolone?"

What do I do?
No. 1068248 ID: 2aa5f0

ask for her name? pretty sure she's flirting with you.
No. 1068256 ID: 273c18

You know what, sure. Free food is free food.
No. 1069665 ID: d379a4
File 169108731889.png - (37.07KB , 383x216 , What Are You Doing!?.png )

Uh. I sure hope this isn't robot flirting.

Absolutely. I've had a drink, but not a meal.

SENTRY: "Here, I could go find Connor! He's nice!"
AICET SOLDIER: "Melissa, what do YOU think you're doing?"
AICET SOLDIER: "Specifically, what do you think you're doing this far from the barracks when the meeting is in seven minutes?"
AICET SOLDIER: "Get off these streets and come back to base. NOW!"
No. 1069667 ID: d379a4
File 169108750736.png - (26.07KB , 570x320 , Bye!.png )

SENTRY: "Ah, sorry! I must go now!"
AICET SOLDIER: "I swear to Veninrus, these prototypes are getting under my bullet-filled skin..."
SENTRY: "Bye!"
ARTHUR: "Okay... bye."
No. 1069677 ID: 2aa5f0

are all the guards robots? I guess you could check out the job board now. I would say maybe pop around the Baracks since you were kind of invited but with the meeting happening it could be awkward.
No. 1071442 ID: bffc02
File 169362699833.png - (78.25KB , 571x320 , Silentiesen Watches.png )

Oh, no, there's never been a fully automated military in history. Though, in recent times, the populace seems to have been obsessed with machines! It was evident even in Okisama. Automata are produced night and day now.

...Also, I don't think I'm actually supposed to follow that Sentry to their barracks. Even if I could get a sandwich out of it.

The world is already seeming a lot more lively as I turn onto the next street!

[Arthur can perform an IDLE EAVESDROP, taking in tiny bits of each conversation around him to pick out which one he should prioritize.]

A STERN LADY: "I've still got my nurse's cloak and cane, from the time of the war. Too oversized for me now, they let me leave the squad when I was twelve, but I keep the items anyway. This was before the new law that only fourteen-year-olds or above could be drafted, so when the war against the dragons got really serious, they drafted me and all the other young asses out of Encarces."
A CURIOUS MAN: "I don't get it. Why did this entire country wage war against the dragons here? There's no way anything from their bodies would be THAT valuable, I wouldn't start such a brutal war like that just for some shiny scales."
MAN 1: "I still don't see why they're not able to solve this necromancers-in-the-woods problem. They're still finding gutted bodies hanging from the trees, because the soldiers won't even exterminate properly!"
WOMAN: "Exactly what I'm saying. Can't they just put some automatic guns on some Sentinel robots and send them into the forests outside the walls? That'll clear out the cult."
MAN 2: "Problem is, every time the soldiers manage to slice the throats of a few necromancers, more appear. I... it scares me."
AN ARISTOCRAT: "So, being a bit more... known in this town, I of course want to meet as many fellow celebrities as possible, since it's that time. Also, who's this 'Ezra Hayes' I hear is coming to town?"
A COMMON MAN: "She's indeed a celebrity. An Encarces girl, she's the one constantly harassing that city with petitions to earn the rights of nonhumans in places like this. Wears that weird mask. If I recall, she had some siblings, but one turned assassin and the other took a bank security job and was shot to death by another."

Shall we listen to a conversation, learn about this place?
No. 1071443 ID: 2aa5f0

I'm kind of curious abut the necromancers since that sounds like it's close by. Would like to know if their is a crazy cult wondering around town adducting people as that sounds like something to watch out for.
No. 1071605 ID: f8083d

I'm curious about the nurse thing (especially if that was is over).
No. 1072486 ID: bffc02
File 169491739898.png - (26.64KB , 456x256 , One Acalanoid Two Conversations.png )

Whoo... a twofer? Can I even do that?

MAN 1: "I still don't see why they're not able to solve this necromancers-in-the-woods problem. They're still finding gutted bodies hanging from the trees, because the soldiers won't even exterminate properly!"
WOMAN: "Exactly what I'm saying. Can't they just put some automatic guns on some Sentinel robots and send them into the forests outside the walls? That'll clear out the cult."
MAN 2: "Problem is, every time the soldiers manage to slice the throats of a few necromancers, more appear. I... it scares me."
WOMAN: "We'll get this cult dismantled someday. We just need to find that lich that's suspected to be leading him, shove a sword through his damn head, and then the nightmare'll be over."
MAN 1: "Yet we've been searching for two months straight, and we haven't found that thing. Captured and seemingly brainwashed Tulvens, symbols of the afterlife all over the trees, and mummified bodies in ritual circles? They're after something. Something bad."
MAN 2: "A friend of mine is in the Aicet guard. Yesterday he came back with his squad after his weekly rounds in the forest. He says he encountered one of those necromancers, and that it took all the willpower he had to not run away screaming. Big cloak and metal spikes shoved in its back with marked fabric hanging from them. He shot the bastard to pieces. Says the blood was fuckin' black!"
WOMAN: "Yikes. Anyways, my lunch break's over. Gotta go back to ol' Clockwork Greenery and their giant factory of weird ass robots."


A STERN LADY: "I've still got my nurse's cloak and cane, from the time of the war. Too oversized for me now, they let me leave the squad when I was twelve, but I keep the items anyway. This was before the new law that only fourteen-year-olds or above could be drafted, so when the war against the dragons got really serious, they drafted me and all the other young asses out of Encarces."
A CURIOUS MAN: "I don't get it. Why did this entire country wage war against the dragons here? There's no way anything from their bodies would be THAT valuable, I wouldn't start such a brutal war like that just for some shiny scales."
A STERN LADY: "I think we started that war because some of the ancient scaly buggers attacked the cities because we were building too close to their temples. I still regret having to fight on behalf of this damned country. We weren't in the right, everything was our fault."
A CURIOUS MAN: "Oogh. Horrible indeed."
A STERN LADY: "I watched nearly half my squad get incinerated by that fiery gas the dragons spew out. And my ex-colleagues wonder why I only sell bitch puppies now."
No. 1072497 ID: f8083d

So far, it's all about war and military stuff. What does the JOB BOARD say?
No. 1072803 ID: 5c4434
File 169525668315.jpg - (107.71KB , 414x900 , SmartSelect_20230921-013705_Chrome.jpg )

No. 1073232 ID: bffc02
File 169568753470.png - (67.63KB , 457x256 , Don't Hurt Eroxian Dragons.png )

The necromancer talk certainly disturbs me, yet even worse is that... these people, this city, the country of Seftacra, they...
I think I'm going to be sick. My sight gets blurry with tears.
You wouldn't understand, any of you, but...
Dragons *cannot* be harmed. It's fundamental in almost every culture, fundamental maybe even in the functions of this entire world, that dragons are one of the few species considered sacred and untouchable by ANY mortal affairs! After all the secrets they shared with us, after all the infrastructure they helped to build, after all the technological advancements they told us we could and helped us make, purely out of their own kindness, and this is how Seftacra and Aicet repaid them!?

Get back up. Damn you Arthur, focus!
And focus I do.

These necromancers also seem to be a problem. Anything occult is serious. Things like this can tear down any economy, no matter how strong it is. There's one job opportunity at least, and that would be helping the Aicet military in defending the city.
Back to the task at hand.

The... JOB BOARD is a physical object, something we'll have to find out here in the streets.
I say that we make things simple now. We find this JOB BOARD, gloss over the opportunities, and locate the Grander Brothers establishment. Then, the long day will be over at last.
No. 1073390 ID: e5709d

>Dragons are sacred
I will not deny their part in building and maintaining your civilization, but has it ever occurred to you that idols who, supposedly out of good will, enforce the foundations of society may very well have their own selfish agenda? Just as they lifted you up, they could be holding you back, and you'd never know. Their untouchability means if any of them were corrupted by something, some twisted force beyond mortal comprehension or just decay from old age, they could make random citizens disappear and face no consequences.

As for the willingness to destroy society over paranoia, mortals are a stupid kind of people. Stupid powerful as well.

Necro's more important. It seems killing them is playing into their hands somehow. We need to scout out their operations, see if they're resurrecting after death.
No. 1076433 ID: bffc02
File 169913028509.png - (77.62KB , 544x305 , Job Board.png )

Huh. I haven't pondered it much before, but it could be true. It *is* true. Oh, but whatever could we do against the politicians, the aristocrats, the elites? Nothing.
You feel a special kind of despair when you know that a battle can't be won in a satisfying way.
Dragons, out of their own kindness, fed societies the secrets they learned. They taught things that would have taken centuries or millennia to find out.
Some believe they can talk to whatever's beyond life. To the gods of whatever religion is true. To the embodied energy that made the universe.
Fundamentally, we're not allowed to know too much about the scaly beauties. They've told us everything they wanted to, everything they could. The rest of the information we want from them, the fabric of reality always seems to stop us from finding.

The necromancers, that's a new kind of thing to me. I've never heard of cults being so large that they can have an entire city quietly under siege. I'll keep a lookout, like everyone else.

At long last, the precious JOB BOARD is found. There's a bunch of job applications, news articles, and other miscellanea pinned to it.


As all Seftacrans would know by now, Angelina Hayes is the last living sister to celebrity Ezra Hayes, and is the seventh council member and Seftacra representative of the elusive Omnescar security organization. Omnescar first began in 1499, founded to provide formidable machine-based military assistance to the ten countries it represents. When the 7th was appointed to the enclave in Seftacra, she started making her moves in Cicalse, now known to be the most technologically advanced city in all of Seftacra. The automata and security systems she developed disturbingly have leaned towards the overly offensive side, made almost purely to kill enemies rather than drive them away. When the A.00 shuttle was completed, citizens around the country feared Omnescar more than ever before. The A.00 is the first non-hydrogen powered aircraft in Seftacra, completed with 'deadlights', rear thrusters, and an incendiary missile system. It cost so much of a fortune to build that the organization is still currently accepting funds from as many patrons as possible. As of now, it's predicted that as a product of the A.00's completion, Omnescar will not have the money to invent anything else until three months in the future. Back to the 7th. Angelina has gathered quite a duality in reputation, many fear or hate her, and the others praise her like a god for helping build up the defense of so many places in the hemisphere. She is also believed to be supernatural, as some have witnessed her moving at impossible speeds or whispering into bizarre, unknown chunks of minerals. Right now, there is much turmoil in the political community regarding whether or not she is "over-militarizing" everything she touches."


We at the Sisters of Mercy Aicet Hospital are now requesting that volunteers, alchemists and trained nurses alike join us in our works to ensure the survival of the injured, sick, and all else in Aicet! Apply now!"


A paper filled with scribbled afterlife symbols. Can you guys read that writing, please? I'm having a hard time doing so.

A torn up paper regarding somebody missing.
The missing never come back.


Our organization has dedicated numerous years to helping the environment flourish again, and to use advanced tech and automatons to fulfill that goal. Join us in merging nature with technology proven to be eco-friendly!"


A small piece of a news article regarding Ezra Hayes.

A news article calling out the Aicet Necromancers.
No. 1076436 ID: b3eab7

The reddest writing says "WE WILL KNOW" but I can't decipher the rest.

I'm curious about the clockwork greenery, but I think medical and military will be more serious paths.

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