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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 167252820209.png - (5.94KB , 240x160 , Crundis 001.png )
1053010 No. 1053010 ID: 05a2ab

You're a Little Strange Creature in a Big Old World.

You're not sure how everything got started, but it's quite annoying, perhaps if you survive long enough, you'll get to see the end of it all.

I'm trying out 16-bit GBA Kind of style for this, I'm hoping to make a lot of modular pieces that will help me to more rapidly make updates.
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No. 1053011 ID: e51896

pause game, and check our inventory and stats
No. 1053012 ID: 681cb5

Realize that this isn’t a game for ants so pause game, go into option and increase resolution with 300%.
No. 1053015 ID: bbb04b

Agreeing with both of these, but first... Retrieve arms from chest!

... Also, quick question: What is the "everything" that presumably got started somehow, and why is it annoying?
No. 1053016 ID: 7c0da2

There is a chest. I suggest you loot it.
No. 1053018 ID: 05a2ab
File 167253070148.png - (81.17KB , 960x640 , Crundis 002.png )

Pressing Start seams to have brought up a window with some icons.

There are no settings, but you cram your face 300% closer to the screen to compensate.
No. 1053019 ID: 9a2966

Start again to remove the screen.

Then Leftx4, Northx1, Interact (use key?)
No. 1053021 ID: 05a2ab
File 167253234624.png - (57.61KB , 960x640 , Crundis 003.png )

You don't typically have to think through every button press while playing games, Are you okay?

Using your Stone Key, you open the chest to see 5 Items.
A Curved Stick
A Forked Stick
3 Crab Apples
A Dull Knife
A Lighter

You don't have enough room in you inventory to carry everything.
No. 1053029 ID: 0381cf

How much inventory space do you have?
No. 1053030 ID: cf9ba4

Four Inventory Slots.
No. 1053033 ID: bbb04b

What is the "everything" you mentioned earlier, and why is it annoying?

In the meantime, pick the knife, lighter, and both sticks - I assume they serve some purpose. Food resources should be saved for when you return to camp and need to eat.
No. 1053034 ID: a7a180

No. 1053035 ID: 15c72a

knife, lighter, apples, forked stick
No. 1053040 ID: 7c0da2

Take only the knife and the lighter to keep some free spaces in your inventory.
No. 1053091 ID: 6e4a4c
File 167263916616.png - (66.14KB , 960x640 , Crundis 004.png )

You grab the Dull Knife, Lighter, and Forked Stick. Dropping the Key to keep an inventory space open, you close the chest with a satisfying click.

No. 1053092 ID: 6e4a4c
File 167263938613.png - (79.63KB , 960x640 , Crundis 005.png )

Now equipped with your gear, you head outside.

You step out into a clearing in the middle of a Dense Forest.
You have a plot of earth turned for Farming, no crops planted yet.
There is also a Crab Apple Tree, the Apples have started to Ripen, telling you it's sometime in Fall.

The only obvious exits are <Inside> and <North>

No. 1053093 ID: 6e4a4c

The Game Manuel doesn't explain any of that, perhaps it will make more sense if we play a bit further into the game.
No. 1053095 ID: 15c72a

Exit North.
No. 1053099 ID: 708905

Talk with squirrel
No. 1053106 ID: e7c7d3

Put an apple on the stick
No. 1053201 ID: f9d74d
File 167284234897.png - (64.39KB , 960x640 , Crundis 006.png )

You place an Apple on the Business end of the Forked Stick.

The porcupine pays you no mind, but the squirrel seems to ask for treats.

Crundis: I have no Treats for freeloaders!

Mr. Squirel: ...

You and the Squirrel head north along the forest trail. After some time, you reach a Small Pond.

There's a familiar face across the water.

Crundis: "I was hoping I wouldn't have the misfortune of running into someone, but at least he doesn't ever have anything to say."

"Unlike you, Mr. Squirel.."
No. 1053273 ID: 6e4a4c
File 167292135402.png - (63.88KB , 960x640 , Crundis 007.png )

You elect to spend some time here, enjoying the day pass by. The Squirrel eventually loses interest and leaves to find food elsewhere. You watch the fish swim in the pond, eating the bugs that rest for too long on the waters surface. A nice fat fish get's a little too greedy, and is snatched up by a bird. You imagine that bird has a little bird family to feed, those little mouths will be full tonight! Between the active wildlife and the serein ambiance of the forest, you've whiled away your whole day.
[Spirit Points already full]

Crundis: "I guess I'll be having Crab Apples again tonight.."

Only obvious exit is <South> Back to Forest Clearing.
No. 1053285 ID: e7c7d3

Take a bath before supper
No. 1053290 ID: 7c0da2

Wave to the familiar face before going home.
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