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In memory of Flyin' Black Jackson
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File 166668569796.png - (59.27KB , 383x340 , 01 titlecard.png )
1047454 No. 1047454 ID: 9bd94e

The long ride has given me a lot of time to think. About my parents. About my home. About the monster attack that took them from me. About my current situation.

A year has passed since I was left all alone, and the orphanage recently made it clear that their charity doesn’t last forever. With nothing to my name, I had to take the first opportunity I could get my hands on. That opportunity presented itself when a recruiter saw something in me and offered me a place in the Magehand program. Power, wealth, fame, and anything else I desire, in exchange for service to the Crown. I accepted, of course.
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No. 1047455 ID: 9bd94e
File 166668573551.png - (96.62KB , 600x541 , 02.png )

That leads me here, taking a carriage to the middle of some forest a day’s travel from the nearest town, wondering what exactly I agreed to. While I wasn’t given any details, I’ve heard the rumors about the Magehands. Some call them legendary warriors, valiantly holding off the monster tide. Others call them gangsters, wielding their magic without regard for others.

I tell myself I only accepted the offer because it was my only option, but some part of me disagrees. Did I take the mentorship for a reason beyond just survival? Why do I really want to become a Magehand?
No. 1047456 ID: e51896

To find your purpose in life, of course! You weren't going to find it staying in an orphanage
No. 1047457 ID: cf4784

Revenge! Is there anything as sweet? Those monsters will pay for what they did and you won't let others lose their loved ones like you did.
No. 1047458 ID: d98cb8

There's nothing wrong with taking a job just because you're in need and it's the best option. It CAN just be a job. Are you stuck in it for a specific amount of years or whatever now that you've signed up?

If not, keep in mind that quitting and moving on is an option if you discover that it's not for you.
No. 1047459 ID: 94021b

This, rip and tear until we are done.
No. 1047460 ID: e5709d

You seek the truth. For now, you want to know why a random monster horde barged through your insignificant, unprofitable little hamlet. Taking out the beasts that killed your town might be a satisfying bonus.
Maybe one day, you'll find out why the gods created mortals in the first place. And then you'll really crave a full course meal with serrated knives.
No. 1047461 ID: efc971

Hey, you. You're finally awake.
No. 1047462 ID: 5d9787

It's not often well paid jobs are offered for those in need, and considering they took you far from civilization there is a real danger the employment opportunity was just a pretense for more sinister intentions. Don't jump to conclusions yet but be ready to run if they do anything suspicious.

Morality won't be a priority until your living conditions are secured. The Magehands may have no regard for others, but if there is a real possibility you might starve in front of innocent eyes their interests don't concern you either.
Of course there is also the allure every kid have toward magic. You inner child is still very alive and full of wonder.
No. 1047463 ID: 15c72a

You want to kill monsters.
No. 1047472 ID: fb2164

>"Why do I really want to become a Magehand?"

Because Magic is fucking sick and awesome? Also Portals.

And fancy robes...
No. 1047474 ID: 26b4e0

You want to make sure what happened to you can't happen again. Revenge is a nice bonus.
No. 1047475 ID: bbb04b

Yes, this was simply the first opportunity that arose for you. But at the same time, you want to stop what happened to you from happening to others. The mage-hands are one of the best groups within which you can accomplish just that. Perhaps it's fate, then, that they happened to appear before you?
No. 1047477 ID: c3e059

Yeah, I agree with these.
No. 1047483 ID: 244451

Because your parents would be proud... probably?

I mean, you will end like some authority figure and thats like cool. Like the kind of thing one parent would want their sons/daughters to be.
No. 1047846 ID: 15a025

You have sympathy for others, and hope they won't have to endure the hardships you've endured thus far.
No. 1048349 ID: 9bd94e
File 166746440147.png - (84.90KB , 800x600 , 03.png )

While I no longer get nightmares every night, they still happen often enough to remind me vividly of the attack. Reminders that I need power. Reminders that I need to be able to defend myself, and defend others. This chance that I’ve been given is my best way forward. And it helps that I get to be a really cool wizard too!

The relatively smooth ride soon becomes rough as the road grows more and more rugged. Eventually, the carriage comes to a stop when the trail ahead narrows into a footpath.

“Alright kid, this is our stop,” calls the carriage driver as he gets off. He motions for me to follow before pulling a wrapped package from under his seat and starting down the path.
No. 1048350 ID: 9bd94e
File 166746445791.png - (85.18KB , 800x600 , 04.png )

I hurry to catch up with the carriage driver, following him through the forest. It's not long before a cottage comes into view. As we draw closer, my steps begin to falter, doubts flickering through my mind.

Sensing my hesitation, the dog turns back and gives me a smile of amusement.

“You havin’ second thoughts, kid?”

Maybe I should ask him a couple questions before we head inside.
No. 1048352 ID: e5709d

[Post deleted for abusing Zalgo text]
No. 1048358 ID: 15c72a

Ask about the school. Is this it? Just one house?
No. 1048366 ID: f1bd8f

Are there monsters around here?
No. 1048367 ID: e51896

coincidence that he has a package for the place we're going to. It could be likely it is related to us in some way in that case. Ask about the package.
No. 1048466 ID: 56869c

Is it bigger on the inside?
No. 1048531 ID: 15a025

Rather small building. Am I the only apprentice here?

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