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File 166532802872.png - (11.80KB , 1870x792 , A final meeting_1.png )
1045941 No. 1045941 ID: cdbcf8

A knight ascends the stairs leading up to the top of the tower, with sounds of cheering and cellabration coming from the glittering silver city far below him, loud enough that he can even hear it from thousands of feet above it all. However he doesn’t care about any of that, not now, not when they haven’t won just yet.. As he ascends, two men quickly run up behind him, both worried for what the knight is about to do, but with only the cyclops truly showing it.

“Sir!... Sir!....SIR #*%)$”?=! PLEASE STOP!!!” None of these words are reaching the knight. The cyclops continus to yell and plead with the knight to stop, the Drangonborn just quietly follows them both, waiting to see what happens next. As they reach the pinnacle of the tower, the only thing at the top of it is a pitch black metal...wardrobe. The cyclops goes silent, knowing that nothing he can say can make them turn back now. The Dragonborn avoids looking at it as much as he can, thinking from the back of his head, that even though he knows the thing in it doesn’t have any magic now. That if it thinks hard enough, that if it thinks about something besides destroying all the Dragonborn holds dear and true. That it can just learn a new magic if needed. The knight goes forward towards it without a hint of hesitation. And opens it. The only thing in it being a...a man. Kneeling down on both knees and bowing, looking as if it’s a humble man giving great thanks. But when you look at it, and I mean really look at it for a minute, you feel like it’s trying to move with all its might. As if every fiber of its being is screaming at it to move, like if it could get up and out of that weardrobe it would...And do something horrible. The knight takes a step back and takes a deep breath, trying to find the words he had driven him from the parties, the awards and the much needed rest they had all deserved, that they all needed! But he still came up here to this thing!... After two minutes of silence, the knight finally speaks.

“...The High Heretic. Glasser of the Yellow Sun Sands. Bearer of the word “Destroyer”. Burner of the traide houses of Yondrike. Murderer of the wise man. Starter of the elven wars. Solar Warrior of the Screaming Star. Responsible for the massacre of Jan-ju-geo city. The sole man responsible for the complete genocide of the Gagendo people. Killer of men, women, and children alike. And slaughterer of great lady lunilea’s sister luuinel...All of these names mean nothing, because one word is all that’s needed to tell all what you are… Monster. So, monster, I ask...why? What caused you to spread all this misery? You were once a great-
>[Knight] - A warrior who has taken a great vow, be it to protect the land, research the great mysteries of the world, or just to make the perfect sandwich, a knight’s vow can be anything. And yours...was destruction.
-> - [Knight Of The Grey Tower] You are a walking tower of armor, you earned your namesake from throwing said grey tower (Kinda like the one you are on now, neat) at the neighboring country as a declaration of war. Your vow is to find a worthy opponent to match your strength
-> - [Knight Of The Reflecting Blade] Being able to copy any attack you see, your reflecting style is something that masters of your time would take lifetimes to try and copy. And would make you the greatest swordsmen on this planet...If you just memorized them already!!! Your vow is a good vow, a vow that when one hears it would say “Yep, that’s a vow.” You definitely didn’t forget it or anything, nope nope nope nope.
-> - [Knight Of The Wild Cridders] They say you are what you love, and man you do love animals. Be it the armor of an armadillo, eyes of a beholder, wings from a dragon, or the mind from a mindflayer, as long as you are either with them for long enough or eating their flesh, you can gain their power. Your is to bring joy to all animals for the world
-> - [Knight Of The Bucket] One day you found a bucket, you decided “Ey why not?” and put it on, You immediately ran into a tree...and it fell over. And thus began your headbutting reign.

>(Fighter) - A man who has spent every waking moment training your body. Not like you had much else to do as a slave. And you great warrior, have perfected a <=(GREAT TECHNIQUE)=> Use it well young monster, use it well.
-> - (Black Rock Technique) Your skin is one of the strongest materials on the planet, tougher than the prison you are now in. You can’t tose a tower thousands of feet tall though, but if it was thrown at you, it wouldn’t leave a goddamn scratch. Your skin is as black as your eyes, and your eyes are as black as you soul
-> - (Bang Boom Technique) By throwing you attacks just the right way, hitting the air with just the right amount of force and speed, and seere force of will. You are able to make explosions of all sizes
-> - (Lightning Light Technique) 1,000 punches in one second, 10 miles in the same. You have no extraordinary strength, just above an average fighter, but it does not matter with your speed. you are light and light is you.
-> - (In Improv Technique) HOLY SH!T HE HAS A CHAIR!

>{Void Beast} Born from the dark mother Aiag, you are a twisted mockery of the children of Gaia. Your fate was sealed from the start
-> - {Pento-Parasite} Even being only slightly bigger than a slug, if you are wise, you could be one of the strongest Void Beasts. Through the ear, mouth, or nose, you must get to the brain if you want to control the host. You can control them at any level you want, removing the host’s mind entraly, giving you complete control. Scramble their memories, having them do what you want without completely destroying the personality of the host. Or just be the voice at the back of their head, whispering what they should or shouldn’t do{Wow I wonder who this reminds me of}.
> - {Due-Wings} The heavens are your limit. Your eyes can see an ant on a leaf from a thousand feet away, and throw a spear just as far. Your angelic white feathers make you look as if you are an angel from the heavens themselves. You can fly higher then what Gaia’s pathetic children, and can go a thousand times faster than them falling from the skies
-> - {One-Horned} You are an oddity, if not THE oddity among Aiags children. For you can do something that only one in a ten-thousand humans can do, that not a single one of Aiags children is capable of. Magic.
-> - {Sex-Piscis} Hot damn does that fish have legs?
No. 1045946 ID: e51896

was considering the cool void beast or due-wings choices, but I think normacy in itself is really respectable

go for Fighter (In Improv Technique) the idea of using ANYTHING as a weapon is fun
No. 1045949 ID: 7c0da2

Fighter -> In Improv Technique
Because if you have done everything the knight is saying? Then you must have mastered improvisation and the art of bringing death with everything and anything.
Also it's just cool, there is all those knights with armor and secret trainings, wonderful creatures with magic and supernatural capacities, but you? You simply decided that you wanted to beat your opponent no matter the circumstances, and trained to do just that. And you got real good at it.
No. 1045952 ID: a2d88b

I like:
* Knight of the Reflecting Blade
* Fighter of the Bang Boom technique
* Due-Wings
I can't choose.
No. 1045955 ID: e5709d

Knight of the Bucket "Quantum Scientist! I am a Quantum Scientist now."

Motive: "I... saw. I saw beyond this microscopic world. I saw endless fields of tormented. Horrors that eclipse my own. Atrocities that would make every evil god repent.
I saw a chance to stop it. The price for my chance was this One. Tiny. Rock.
It was the slimmest chance, and I have failed, and now it is for nothing.
And I regret not my resolve, but suffer for it.
No. 1045993 ID: dc970e

Knight of the Reflecting Blade, and the reason you did all those horrible things was because one of them ate all your chips and didn't even tell you
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