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File 166078731039.png - (172.78KB , 1100x1100 , Wasteland1_001.png )
1041125 No. 1041125 ID: 262964

The night is cast like a net, the air is still, and yet you are here. All alone. Lost on some Forgotten Road.
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No. 1041126 ID: a758c7

ratte/dragon gf?
No. 1041127 ID: 262964
File 166078757169.png - (70.92KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_002.png )

"And I want to sleep with you in the desert night
With a billion stars all around ..."

You awaken from what feels like only moments of troubled sleep, to the sound of rolling tyres as a some big wheeler rolls on past. Where do you think it's going?

You blink a few times. You feel a little delirious from the day and the lack of sleep. You have your packs nearby, it feels like you are all there... but no wheels? What should you do?
No. 1041128 ID: a758c7

check inventory and surroundings

then schlick furiously
No. 1041129 ID: e5709d

Squeal in delight as you realize you're somehow in another dimension where everything didn't slather itself in feces and apoco-punk.
No. 1041138 ID: 899c9f

There's a wheel right there. Get into it and roll around. Wheeeeeeee.
No. 1041158 ID: 262964
File 166079440062.png - (96.43KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_003.png )

You sit up, your body still stuck in that strange state between waking and sleeping. Shaking your head of intrusive thoughts, you cast your gaze around, seeing open desert in every direction. The wide sky, millions of stars above, and the road which stretches off in both directions. Signage is sparse, but you do see the tail lights of the bus which passed, already miles in the distance.

You check your pockets and bags to see what goods you still have.

Sack of Cash (Way too much)
guitar pick
Lucky 8 ball
Pack of Cigarettes (1 left)
Matchbook (1 left)

At least it isn't cold
No. 1041173 ID: 894419

Follow the road. First shake the 8ball and see if going west will lead you to a less lonely place. If not, follow it easterly.
No. 1041174 ID: e51896

Guitar pick? Where is your guitar, yo?
No. 1041177 ID: 5c57bb

Sack of cash, huh? Where's that from, why is it "way too much", and why did you not use some of it to get transportation? Is it perhaps...illicit?
No. 1041188 ID: 2bb350

what is your life story?
if you have mizery than there are pockets of heven here and ther, but mostly hidden, a drain pipe that leats to a creek that had a water fall affect leveing a hot tube size pool to "swim" around in.
No. 1041197 ID: cd5c4f

Well a fitting way to start this adventure would be to light that one last cigarette and then start moving in a random direction
No. 1041221 ID: b1542c

Try to remember how you ended up here
No. 1041255 ID: 2bb350

negative, a cigarette can bribe 1 fellow vagrant for info on subject routines,
and 1 match can provide a distraction for theft/flight
that is 2 advantages we can't afford to louse.
>possum should pocket a 20$ so we don't have to revile how much money we have at every perchance.
No. 1041275 ID: 894419

In addition to my previous suggestion, save the cigarette. That's for a special occasion
No. 1041281 ID: 262964
File 166088278292.png - (135.54KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_004.png )

Almost instinctively you go to strike your match to set your last cigarette alight, but a second thought stops that... The sack of cash? You've had it for a while. No chance to really ditch it if you even wanted to... The challenge of getting your little hands on it was enough. It's more cash than you've ever even seen before. You would use it if there was anything to buy here, you suppose. You slip a bill into your jacket, but close the bag. Where are your wheels? You must have ditched them... Your guitar might be there too. There is no sign of your ride anywhere around you.

Taking your eight ball into your hand. It is hefty. You give it a shake but no answers seem to come. Instead you approach the roadsign. Its warns of a bus stop ahead, two miles away. The other one says a road side phone. Five miles. You resolve to start walking the way towards that bus stop. Feels like the way to go. You set your eight ball away for now.

After some more thought as you plod along the dark road, your mind starts to wander. Something brings up a well of misery within you. A tear welling in your eye, and a heaviness in your throat sends a chill up your tail to your spine. Some strange feeling though tugs at you. A certain peacefulness you want to hold onto in the single minded nature of your goal right now. In the night air, under these stars.

You think you'll be walking for a bit...
No. 1041283 ID: e5709d

Why would anyone ever steal your car and leave a giant sack of cash behind?

You need to bury some of it. Now. Before you're inevitably mugged of this haul. Keep just enough on hand to live in a motel unmolested for a year.
No. 1041312 ID: 067372

That might be wise, actually, depending on your plans. If those are 20s, the internet says each bundle is 100 bills, for $2000 each; use that to estimate how much you want to carry on you at a time. If you bury it, make sure you do it in a place that isn't easily noticed, BUT you'll be able to find it later.

Speaking of opossums in the night, I saw the reflection of my headlamp in the eyes of a small one, like a foot long, in a tree the other night. ...I, uh, also saw in the trees some larger reflective eyes about as far apart as a human's. I was, uh, somewhat quicker than usual getting back inside.
No. 1041317 ID: cd5c4f

Well, you are rich just buy yourself a new car and then...oh no we are in a desert! Shit time to adapt living in a desert or you can also start hitchhiking. Do you have any destination where you want to go with your money?
No. 1041318 ID: 2bb350

look up into the sky, do you see a single star?
thats phosphorous the star of enlightenment, it presents a chance Not salvation, only. an opertunity.
3:00 is ending the feeling you have of worrying at night and sudden relief is the dopamine burning out. soon dawn and fatigue will come.
No. 1041445 ID: 262964
File 166105069185.png - (133.66KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_005.png )

You spend a while walking through the night. The only sounds around you are those of your feet hitting the ground. Breathing in rhythm, you cast your gaze to the stars above... You hope to see something you can't quite find... The dawnbringer Phosphorous hasn't shown herself yet, and with that you know you are in the depths of the night.

You however keep casting your gaze upwards in thought, as a growing worry seems to creep up to you. You ditched your car you bet, but held on to the cash. Some sense of urgency grows, as though you might be pursued. You can't think of another reason your ride would be abandoned. You hope for another car to pass so you could try to hitchhike, but something in your mind second guesses that. You're carrying a load of cash... Anyone could try to take it from you if they found out you had it! Anyone? There is no one else around... In this darkness its hard to make out any landmarks. You don't want to just abandon your cash where you wouldn't be sure to find it.

You walk on-wards and yet there's no hint of anyone along the road to stick your thumb out for. As you walk though, up ahead you see something. Wiping your tired eyes, you look again. A light. As you near it, it is shown clearer. The bus stop. Nobody seems to be there right now... Fatigue has long since set in, but you maintain yourself... Maybe you can nap until the next bus comes
No. 1041447 ID: e5709d

Time to get creative.
Stuff some money in your pants pockets, stuff the bag in your shirt. Put curves in the right places, let the snobbish sense of superiority from citizens prevent them from investigating a cash grab.
No. 1041463 ID: e51896

A nap is fine!
No. 1041556 ID: cd5c4f

I think that some money we should also hide in the sand
No. 1041630 ID: 8a5496

Anyone normal would simply think the bag you're carrying contains clothes and maybe food. There's no need to go full-on schizo trying to protect it. If anything, it's a useful weapon as it can provide to be a distraction.

Go to the bus stop and stay there. Spend the night and what not.
No. 1041863 ID: 262964
File 166149097808.png - (196.72KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_006.png )

You approach the bus stop. It's definitely just you there. Just to be... Secure... You stuff wads of cash into your pants and your jacket. Your pockets on your shorty shorts are nonexistent, so you make do stuffing a few under your waistband and in the rest of your clothes, but by the time it starts to weigh you down, you haven't even gotten through most of the bag! You sigh with a dissatisfied sound and root around for a spot to bury some... With your claws and a stone you are able to barely make a dent in the hard desert ground, but at least enough to put a few wads there too in a spot that you'd be able to recall if you made it back here...

But still, you've got a lot. Something in your mind is hesitant to count it all out. It still seems fleeting to you, ephemeral. But... That effort you put forth seems to drain you at least a bit. You sigh, finding a comfortable spot to rest yourself there along the bench. Your heavy eyes dont stay open long... A thought on the edge of your mind...

...What if it finds me?
No. 1041866 ID: 262964
File 166149123722.png - (163.17KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_007.png )

Crow: "Psst! Psst!"

You feel like you had barely closed your eyes by the time this one came up to you...

Crow: "'Lo! You're awake! Mind if I pop a squat?"

The rocker points out the bench you are laying on...

Crow: "Just finished my set at the saloon down the road. When's the next bus come?"

You nearly groan
No. 1041867 ID: cd5c4f

What is it?
No. 1041871 ID: e13b1d

"When the driver arrives, I guess."
No. 1041877 ID: e5709d

"... I need my beauty rest. If things go well, I'll buy you a hundred beers. Promise."
No. 1041879 ID: e51896

this. we have no idea
No. 1041883 ID: 9a2966

>Pop a squat
Mumble that he's welcome to be seated if he's willing to be your headrest in exchange. You've had a day. And a night. And now you just wish it to be over, with you safe in a bed somewhere.

Scoot up and over so he can sit - and then make good on your promise of making him your headrest.

>When's the next bus?
Stars only knows. If he just finished his set, what's the hour?
No. 1041969 ID: e51896

Actually, instead of saying "the driver" let's say "the rider" instead.
No. 1042114 ID: 1f6946

'when the rider arrives I guess' sounds a little weird compared to the driver. Wouldn't we be the bus riders?
No. 1042227 ID: 262964
File 166183174811.png - (180.14KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_008.png )

You: "Stars only know... When the driver gets here I guess."

Crow: "Oh? Fitting." The rocker sets the bag and the large guitar case aside.

You sit up more properly

You: "I'll let ya pop a squat if you let me lay down... I've had a long long night, and I need some beauty rest, and a nice safe bed."

The rocker nods, and takes a seat. Soon after you make good on your promise of laying down, and take your own spot there. Not a bad spot.

Though a moment passes, you can't quite get back to your sleep. If you even caught it to begin with.

You: "If you just finished your set.." You eyeball the guitar case

You: "What's the hour?"

Crow: "Lets see... I'vth finished my set at that shack a bit after dark, and I'vth been walking... Oh... About a day, maybe more? To find this station."

You: "Long road... Nobody gave you a ride home from your gig..?"

Crow: "Nae, Though I left with a plentiful wad, my otherworldly skills rewarded, I find myself traveling. To the next one mayhaps?"

The crow's breath is steady... You find a soft hand stroking you. Though nice, you don't feel much more relaxed.

Crow: "There is something weighing your mind. What is it?"

You gulp
No. 1042230 ID: 262964
File 166183346382.png - (138.62KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_009.png )

You: "You can say that..."

They tilt their head, listening intent.

You: "I've been running... For a while now. Can't say what from. I lost my ride, and sort of drifted here. Thought I could catch some Zs before the bus comes and takes me far away... Somewhere I can buy a new car I hope."

Crow: "One would say we are all trying to escape our past lives, eh?"

You "..."

Crow: "You think this bus will take you where you want to go? Somewhere safe?"

You: "Somewhere away. Where I wont be found."

Crow: "Somewhere away... Without a ride..." They say in thought.

Crow: "Its not easy getting by without the tools for your journey... Sometimes one just needs a big break"

The crow looks to their hands in memory. If it is fond you cant tell from their lenses.

Crow: "You shan't get any place hidden on this bus if that's your goal. Easy to get caught. Real easy. Though, I have a friend who is sure to aid your journey. Real hush-hush like... Could pick you up, get you where you're set up for the journey."
No. 1042231 ID: e51896

"Yeah. I think I'd *yawwwwn* like... that..."

*fall asleep from exhaustion*
No. 1042235 ID: e5709d

"... Sounds like a trafficking ring.
But we can discuss terms tomorrow."
No. 1042249 ID: 30b9f6

Would be mighty nice to have a friend again. Even if it's someone else's. Awful nice of him to offer, though. What's the catch? Why ain't he got his friend to pick him up?

... eh, whatever. You could use a break. A big one.
No. 1042251 ID: cd5c4f

So how do you feel about this person?
No. 1042274 ID: 1f6946

If you're trying to get away, maybe staying off the bus routes is a good idea. If someone is after you I'm sure they'd just check up and down the road. It's not like we haven't been dropping signs of our existence wherever we pass. Ask him how we get in touch
No. 1042279 ID: 8a5496

A friend, huh? What instrument does he play?
No. 1042795 ID: 15a025

Sleep on it and enjoy Crow's company for now.
No. 1043168 ID: 262964
File 166260548576.png - (228.94KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_010.png )

You: "Oh yeah? Whats the catch? Why didn't they pick you up instead?"

Crow: "Simple, for my gig takes me out, this direction."

Thinking for a moment, it sounds kind of dangerous. Seeing you had only met, but it doesn't sound like a bad idea... You can feel the weight of the night start to hit you

You: "Yeah... I think I'd *Yawwwwn* like... that..." Your eyes shut and you snooze there, clutching your bag and relaxing...

Only to be awoken by the shuffling of your pillow.

Crow: "'Lo, the bus! It happened as you said!" The bird laughed in a way a crow would

You rub your eyes. It doesn't seem you were able to shut them for very long. You want to keep laying down but in your jolt you find your pillow obscured as the rocker collected that heavy bag and wicked guitar case. Your eyes beat open as you recalled. You wanted to hear about their gig! You squeak it out as you eyeball that distant ball of light. A little warily at first.

The crow spoke out, brightly, with exuberant glee that you asked! Telling a tale of that set that was rocked, its inspirations found in the moon and million silver stars above. The journeys, and the meetings of strangers. It made you tear up when you saw the light grow in the distance.

The crow got up as you were going to ask for more-
No. 1043170 ID: e5709d

No. 1043173 ID: 262964
File 166260752080.png - (212.30KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_011.png )

Quickly, He stands. Grabs the wicked bass, and only sets it by the bus, grabbing the heavy bag, looking to you for your query. You stutter, somewhat embarrassed to speak

You: "Errh... What instrument does your friend play?"

Crow: "I know him as the master of guitar!"

After setting together the bag before setting it in the bus, the rocker recalls!

"Oh, right! The number!"

Licking the tip of a near empty quillpen, and after giving it a shake to release the last of the black ink, the rocker tears a page out of a notebook of song lyrics, some of them still on the back. The phone number written plainly on it. Reaching out to hand you the number before they themselves hop into it

Crow: "Ahh! A schedule! Last one's in three hours? Mayhap it'll wake me up at the next stop"

You found your gaze soften, looking up to the rocker, you gulp.
You remember where you last saw mention of a phone... You hear a voice in the drivers side "Is she in or out?" After setting the bus into a ready gear.
No. 1043176 ID: e5709d

In. You can't sleep out here.
Worry about losing the trail later.
No. 1043180 ID: 01b527

Take the number. Wish him well, the phone was only a few miles away if we go get it, we can feel it out and if it doesn't look good we can be back before the next bus. We could get the rocker's number from his friend
No. 1043436 ID: 15a025

Take Crow's advice, we aren't getting anywhere we won't be found on that bus. Try and get in touch with his friend about that ride.

If all else fails, next bus is coming in a few hours.
No. 1043466 ID: dc13c4

Take the number he looks like a cool dude
No. 1043821 ID: bf9b7c

Take the number. And find a quiet place.
No. 1043938 ID: 8a5496

As far as calling the friend goes, it doesn't matter if we ride the bus or not, we'd eventually get to a phone. And since sleeping on a bus should be easier than sleeping on a bench, at least for the Driver, it makes more sense to go in and sleep there.
No. 1044395 ID: 262964
File 166381406479.png - (134.42KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_012.png )

You take the number. A moment of delay lets your mind quickly pace back to that sign you saw earlier in the night.

Crow: "Until we meet once more!"

You: "See you-"

The bus door closes on you. The engine whirs as it takes off. You clutch the page of music, written with that number upon it close to yourself.

You: "Later..."

Still tired, and feeling unfulfilled you begin to think that maybe wherever the bus is heading you could have probably found a phone there too... You sigh, but hey... If this doesn't work out you've got til the last bus comes to see them again.

You turn away from the bus stop and begin walking back up the road. Sound of tyres and motor behind you.
No. 1044417 ID: 262964
File 166381842924.png - (158.84KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_013.png )

Pit-pat pit-pat

Is the sound of your feet on the long road as you begin the march back towards that road-phone. You trod along groggily. The road stretched out before you, seeming as infinite as the night. Your sack, still heavy with the wad and all your remaining road-goods. You start to think back to your last encounter and sigh... You can't blame the late night for ALL your worries and blunders... At least you've got plenty of time before the next bus. The lonely road is made all the more-so by the lack of sounds. Even wind doesn't blow on this still night. Though that means your ear is able to pick it up long before you see it. A motorcycle? It's got to be... As it crests into visibility your heart suddenly beats rapidly, a sinking feeling wells in your chest...? Whats this? What should you do?
No. 1044443 ID: dc13c4

What is your experience with motorcycle, have you ever ride one? Is there a motorcycle gang in this area?
No. 1044444 ID: 894419

Stick out your thumb, that motorcycle is your destiny.
No. 1044445 ID: e5709d

Take care not to leave shoe tracks.
Here's what you need to do:
Take some damaged bills and rip them up a few times with your teeth.
Make a huge mess, lay them down, then drag your feet away from the road.
They'll think you were mauled by a wild animal and will take time to prepare. That gives you enough time to find hard mountains and really make a break for it.
No. 1044511 ID: 9e4268

Hmm. If you want to hide, perhaps behind one of the telephone/power poles?
No. 1044518 ID: cd769b

Hide, try to find a rock or some kind of cover so that the direction the light's coming from hits the rock instead of shining on you and the cash.
No. 1044522 ID: dd15aa

She is pretty skinny.
No. 1044539 ID: 4286b4

This. Your feet demand it.
No. 1044575 ID: 220ef7

I think we have a solid chance of hiding unnoticed behind a telephone pole. I'm tempted to try a hitchhike but what if this is who's after us? It's probably not worth the risk since the telephone is just a few miles away
No. 1044630 ID: 262964
File 166404108898.png - (99.65KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_0014.png )

You have ridden motorcycles before, of course, but you don't know much about this area. You consider sticking out your thumb, but as your heart beats, a second thought hits you. Quickly you bring yourself across the street to take cover behind a nearby telephone pole. Heavy the bike sounds as it rumbles down the road. Its bright headlamp shines in the distance, your steady breathing becomes more agitated as it comes closer and closer. You make yourself narrow to hide there, bringing your tail in closer, your hand near your chest. As the bike nears a feeling of dread washes over your fatigue-laden mind, definitely something is after you. You even go as far as to hold your breath. You wince closing your eyes as the biker passes by, the light shining over the telephone poles. A moment after they ride on, the feelings fall away. Leaving your body in an odd state. Adrenaline mixed with your fatigue. You let out a long breath. Guess what you perceived as dangerous left with the passing of the light of the lamp.
No. 1044639 ID: 8a5496

Great. You can resume walking once you feel your inner schizo has been sated.
No. 1044642 ID: 894419

It would seem you've picked up a f r i e n d. T h e y ' r e w a i t i n g f o r y o u b y t h e p o w e r l i n e :)
No. 1044659 ID: e5709d

Wait for the motorcyclist to pass you.
Then run screaming towards them as you're chased by a slenderman.
No. 1044660 ID: c4fa99

either that, or there's something actually bad here and the light is what reveals that it's there to you.
No. 1044661 ID: dd15aa

Do you have anything to make a shiv out of?
No. 1046077 ID: b4571d
File 166545867165.png - (242.81KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_015.png )

After they pass, something overtakes you. You charge out, squeaking at the top of your lungs for them to stop! Though... It seems to be in vain. A panic sets in and suddenly you bolt down the blacktop! Flying as fast as your legs can take you! Your heart pounds and your head spins, you lose track of how far you've run, and you don't know if you had outrun whatever it was that was pursuing you... If even there ever was something. You stand there, catching your breath. Sweating. You've lost track of how far it is to get to that phone, and now you are unsure if you should even look back.
No. 1046078 ID: b4571d
File 166545890875.png - (91.89KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_016.png )

Standing there, shivering, you look around for something sharp, but nothing seems to strike you. You reach into your bag and grab your heavy billiard ball. Its heft gives you only a minor comfort in your hand, but just standing in the road wont get you anywhere. You continue to walk... Minutes pass, you've lost count. The fatigue has hit you once again. More than once, your eyes flutter closed but you bring yourself back to the moment urging your feet to pit-pat over the dark street. Your breaths are short, your body is half asleep! Though... At least you are near the telephone you think...
No. 1046083 ID: 72cf83

Don't get hit by the oncoming vehicle
No. 1046152 ID: ab2398

Yeah, step off that road.
No. 1046162 ID: bd97d3

Flash the vehicle to get it to stop and give you a ride. Oh wait, you have no chest to speak of so that wouldn't work. Just continue walking by the side of the road I suppose. On the off chance that they do stop, you can ask them how far to the phone.
No. 1046172 ID: 9a2966

Get off the road. Hold out for that promise of a phone. Sooner or later. Just keep trudging, one step ahead of another.

Unless that car behind you stops and offers you a ride, in which case you jump into it and fall asleep without even checking who you're joining.
No. 1046290 ID: e51896

get off the road, you're almost to the phone
No. 1046330 ID: c086b4

groggily keep marching until it closes in then Stand on the side of the road, it's a little tough to be hidden here. If they stop you can get in
No. 1051374 ID: 26634e
File 167057154002.png - (241.23KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_017.png )

The heavy eight ball feels weighty in your hand. You travel onwards towards the other side of the road, and throw your thumb up to try and hitch a quick ride.

The truck crosses over the line, and just as you yawn your ear flicks and some nervous instinct in the back of your head hits you. 'where are the brakes?'
No. 1051377 ID: 26634e
File 167057216090.png - (199.54KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_018.png )

You dive out of the way! The truck crushes desert plants and scatters stones as you roll into the ground! Your grip maintained on your gear! Your instinct saved you... Though you hold that eight ball in your hand
No. 1051378 ID: 26634e
File 167057231219.png - (133.66KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_019.png )

You lay there stunned, awaiting a cruel death that had not come to pass. The truck made its way back onto the road and carried on as if little had just transpired. Something is definitely trying to kill you, you conclude.

The roadsign you saw is nearby. Your trip reached a milestone...
No. 1051379 ID: 26634e
File 167057245862.png - (169.73KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_020.png )

Your heart beats dully in your chest when you finally bring yourself before the road phone
No. 1051380 ID: e51896

time to dial that phone number we got from that crow
No. 1051381 ID: b01382

What the actual fuck? Yeah, go for the phone, not like we can do much else.
No. 1051383 ID: d139e2

First, have a smoke.

That was messed up
No. 1051389 ID: 17f493

Next thing you know, I suppose one of the telephone poles is going to tip over and try to fall on top of us
No. 1051391 ID: 00eb4b

use fone
No. 1051403 ID: b01382

rat butts excite me so
No. 1051404 ID: e5709d

Okay that is definitely not normal. The driver tries to murder you, but doesn't try again with their big scary truck or get out of the car to finish the job?
Methinks they were brainwashed into doing that.

This has gone from a heist to a semi-supernatural thriller. Rack your brains for all the phone numbers. You need to talk to someone you know is normal.
No. 1051408 ID: e13b1d

Could be they're just a nutjob who was looking to splatter some hitchhiker for giggles.

Either way, make the call. It's not safe to rest out here.
No. 1051429 ID: c7f601

Yeah, things are getting really strange and dangerous. Just use the phone already.
No. 1051502 ID: 31dd35

Before you use the phone, read the song lyrics on the back of the page the rocker gave you.
No. 1055225 ID: 26634e
File 167556304116.png - (188.97KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_021.png )

"Heavy is the Heart
When its you on my mind
Winding is the road
and I've got nothing but time"

Your eyes drag along the worn notepage. Salty drips fall on its surface. Simple lyrics about a time had that was then lost, and the journey to find...

You strike a match held in a shaky hand and brought it up to your cigarette. You can't help but find your hand wiping at your eyes welling up with tears again.

Something tugs at your gut and a feeling tells you that you probably would never meet that rocker again.... You flip over the paper after a long minute of gazing on the words. Unable to find which side of the phone number to dial from, you pick one. Inhaling the calming smoke for a moment as you click the buttons on the old roadphone.
No. 1055228 ID: 26634e
File 167556472556.png - (264.38KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_022.png )

A female voice sounds out to you after you follow the phone's instructions.

Operator: "A moment, whilst I connect your call"

The phone rings... and rings... and rings... Finally, a click is heard at the other end.

You: "H-hello? Who am I squeaking to?"

Phone: "Well that should be what I am asking!" The voice behind the phone was gruff and low, but he laughed brightly. "Go on! Why'd you call me this late? Where did you get that number?"

You: "I've got little place left to go... I'm trying to get away from here... I met a rocker at the bus stop. Gave me your number and said if I needed to get somewhere good to call you!"

Phone: "A crow, right? With the bass? Haha!"

Phone: "You're lucky then that I'm still out cruisin'. Hang tight there. You'll see me wind across the bend. I'll be at the crossroads"

The tone on the phone drones after a click on the other end...
No. 1055229 ID: 26634e
File 167556519160.png - (60.96KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_023.png )

You find yourself there, cigarette in your mouth, your heart drops. You are frightened in the depths of yourself, and you cast a gaze over the environment. Nobody around for miles. Further up the road though, you so see something... A light crawling over the peaks of the canyons over an offroad onto the highway. You watch on as the light soundlessly descends the winding and turning canyon roads...
No. 1055234 ID: 26634e
File 167556621898.png - (189.21KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_024.png )

A mighty ride sounds low. Growling around the bend, its four wheels cruise with ease around the steep turns of this canyon pass, and the engine rumbles with its hidden power. You watch the beam of light approach as it crests the hill and descends into the flat at your level. Stopping only a moment, it rode up to you past the stop sign. You do not do much else but wait as indeed the ride pulls up. A click is heard as the car unlocks.

Driver: "Get in"
No. 1055236 ID: dd15aa

With a ride like that, they must be trustworthy. Go on in.
No. 1055237 ID: e51896

get inside, back seat tho
No. 1055265 ID: de8914

When you get in the car, get in the back seat. Don't put out the cig if you've still got it. Try not to look so stunned and helpless. We're carrying a big wad of cash after all. Biggest if all, DONT FALL ASLEEP. I want to learn why hes who the crow pointed us to
No. 1055266 ID: de8914

Wait how did he know where we were
No. 1055292 ID: e5709d

Screw it. If they wanted you dead, they could shoot / crush you right here and now. No witnesses.
No. 1056743 ID: 26634e
File 167703951554.png - (148.17KB , 800x800 , Wasteland1_025.png )

Taking a drag from your dart, you gulp and open the door. Taking a little seat in the back of the long car. You hold your sack of loot close to you while the car peels out. You sweat when he adjusts the rear view mirror.

Stars pass overtop of you, the engine rumbles, and the airconditioning is comfortable... You blink softly.

You are nervous, but your eyes drawn forwards...

Driver: "Take it easy! Haha! What's got you making calls at this hour?" The driver speaks curiously. Teeth like granite, fingers of gold. His presence is heavy. You want to cry.

You: "I-I'm trying to get away from this place. I've got to get far away so I can't be found."

Driver: "Oh yeah? How you gonna get that far? Not expecting me to take you all the way, are you? Haha!" He laughs again, you wince

You: "I can make my own way. I won't ever be found... I just... Need a new ride... A quick one. Much faster than the old-"

The driver looks through his coat pocket, unable to produce a lighter, he holds a fat stogie out behind his shoulder. "Got a light?"

How do you proceed?
No. 1056745 ID: 15c72a

Give your last light to the devil? Perhaps that is unwise. Granted, it might also be unwise to lie to the devil...

Risky as it is to make a deal with the devil, perhaps you can ask for something in exchange for your last match. Like, for instance, he could take you somewhere you can buy more.
No. 1056759 ID: bf9b7c

Not all the way, just somewhere safe to weather the night.

Give him a light, and ask how he knows the rocker.
No. 1056763 ID: b57fea

Give him a light, light your own cigarette as well, no reason not to since its your last match anyway.
No. 1056821 ID: e51896

No need for deals. Just offer the light and light one for yourself. We just need the ride, that's all...

Well, okay. Ask if he plays an instrument, considering he's friends with the rocker.

Something tells me he plays a mean fiddle.
No. 1056829 ID: e5709d

"...Please keep your eyes on the road."
Pay the driver, but not directly. Hide a significant sum in the backseat.

...Wait a minute. You can see your reflection in the rearview mirror... and not him. Maybe it's for the best. Or maybe this is an accident waiting to happen. Ask if he knows what he's doing.
No. 1058529 ID: 68f7c5

He gave you a ride, no need to be rude and not give him a light. Ask him who he is and how does he know the rocker.
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