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File 165360869674.jpg - (592.96KB , 900x900 , Panel 1-Title.jpg )
1033686 No. 1033686 ID: a70a13

A mixture of ethyl alcohol and water can be separated by?

>A. Fractional distillation
>B. Evaporation
>C. Sublimation
>D. Suicidal Ideation
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No. 1033690 ID: eedbeb

smash that motherfuckin A button
No. 1033696 ID: f2320a

>A. Fractional distillation
yeah this is right
No. 1033700 ID: ce39da

A, but use the moment bought by this decisiveness to ponder what the guy who wrote D's answer was smoking.
No. 1033701 ID: 26a54e

Ponder what life choices would lead someone to write a multiple choice question with an answer like D.
No. 1033708 ID: 629f2e

No. 1033715 ID: 8483cf

No. 1033720 ID: 7b94e1

I be rebel
No. 1033800 ID: 7a2420

No. 1033988 ID: e3eaff

A, start doodling a cat in the corner
No. 1034185 ID: a70a13
File 165411715605.jpg - (282.75KB , 900x900 , Panel 2.jpg )

You choose A, which is the correct answer. You know this is the correct answer because you are always right at everything ever when it comes to Chemistry.

You proceed to grade your own test to eat some time up, and as usual you've given yourself a 100%. Without much else to do, you doodle a kitty in the top left corner before your pencil lead snaps and you realize you're sitting here for nothing.

The fourth answer was a joke you made up, obviously. Suicidal Ideation sounds like the other answers, so that makes it clever.

Ha ha ha.
No. 1034186 ID: a70a13
File 165411747389.jpg - (503.40KB , 900x900 , Panel 3.jpg )

Getting up from your desk, the chair makes a squeaking noise on the linoleum floor that makes everyone else wince for a moment. You choose to ignore their response as you place the graded paper on your teachers desk without a second glance. He knows that you know that he knows the test is already totally correct, and there's not really any reason to keep you here any longer then you planned on staying.

Fractional Distillation separates mixtures by vaporizing materials that reach boiling point at differing temperatures, leaving you with various base materials. You repeat this fact inside your head over and over, stretching your arms over your head as you exit the classroom door.

You consider your self Fractionate'd.
No. 1034187 ID: a70a13
File 165411779270.jpg - (575.44KB , 900x900 , Panel 4.jpg )

The hallway is empty and quiet, absent of the occasional stampede of students through it. This is chalked up to the fact it's last period, with students either stuck in class or already home for the day. You don't have any books or bags with you that need taken home, which makes exiting that much quicker. As you walk you consider what you can do for the rest of the day, knowing your sister isn't gonna get home till about 6 tonight.

Which of these locations is the correct choice?

>A. The Record Shop
>B. Under The Bridge
>C. Old Creek Cabin
>D. Directly Home
No. 1034189 ID: 629f2e

B. Play bridge troll and attack people passing over the bridge with annoying riddles.
No. 1034194 ID: ce39da

Hmm, this one seems a lot more subjective, to be assigned a "correct" choice... unless that's just how your class power works? You ask yourself a question, provide four multiple-choice options and receive a "correct" answer?

In this case, though I imagine there are multiple "correct" answers this time (which your power is probably not as consistent with), C.

(I guess the biggest weakness this power has is when you fail to produce a single "correct" option for the line-up.)
No. 1034229 ID: 798908

use your chemistry knowledge to (stink)bomb your local politician office of choice
No. 1034355 ID: 15a025

Let's roll with C. Sounds like a good place to chill and relax for a bit after class.
No. 1034359 ID: e51896

A. Listen to some good tunes
No. 1034369 ID: 18c483

C sounds coolest, A sounds "coolest", but maybe you like the record shop. Is the cabin inhabited by a murderer? Maybe don't go there if so.
No. 1034401 ID: dee951

A, that sounds fun. You have a favorite band?
No. 1034598 ID: a70a13
File 165473223299.jpg - (370.16KB , 900x900 , Panel 5.jpg )

You choose C, which is the correct choice because you picked it. You don't know WHY it was picked, but you know it's right. Before you head out though, you decide to check your cellphone.

This thing was a hand-me down from your older sister. She got a new one last month so now it's yours...even if like, HALF her old photos are stored on here. It's a couple years old, but it still has a few neat features, and one of those would be the weather forecast today. Looking at your screen, the apparent weather for the rest of the day is light to medium rain...but the sky seems pretty clear? Eh it's not always right.

With that in mind, you clasp the little guy down into your pocket and get moving.

You don't really listen to music, by the way. Don't really have a favorite musician or band or whatever, everything just kinda sounds the same.
No. 1034599 ID: a70a13
File 165473245989.jpg - (435.54KB , 900x900 , Panel 6.jpg )

It takes a minute or two for you to hop across a few streets until you're near the edge of town. Walk far enough in any direction around here and you'll find nothing but forests and briar to get trapped in. It just so happens that this particular patch of rural landscape leads to somewhere kind of secluded.

You're not sure why the Old Creek Cabin is here, or why someone hasn't torn it down, but the building has become a bit of a hideout for the occasional teenager looking for some escape, along with the wandering bum. You don't get too many of those types though, they tend to stray further up north to the city.

Regardless, the path to your destination is quiet, and for that matter it gives you time to just zone out and stop thinking about anything. Just one foot in front of the other, one loafer and then the other.

Soon enough, about 15 minutes max, you've reached your destination. It's about as simple as you can expect. A cabin, more like a shack honestly, standing in front of a small creek idly trickling in the backround.
No. 1034600 ID: a70a13
File 165473263907.jpg - (291.56KB , 900x900 , Panel 7.jpg )

You reach your hand to turn the old worn knob of the front door, but on the breeze you can catch the sounds of talking from within. It doesn't sound like an argument or anything, but you can't exactly tell what they're saying either...definitely two people inside though. Maybe teenagers? Not sure.

You shift your weight to your left foot, tapping the toe of your shoe on the gravel beneath you, as you consider your next move.

Which of these approaches is the correct answer?

>A. Enter casually and without warning.
>B. Knock on the door gently and wait for someone to answer.
>C. Call out that you're coming in before walking inside.
>D. Turn back around and find something else to do, even if it eats up more time.
No. 1034602 ID: ce39da

No. 1034644 ID: c0bd54

Show politeness by knocking and assert your authority by entering right away.
No. 1034679 ID: 273c18

A. You da boss.
No. 1034725 ID: 758001

C, I guess
No. 1034726 ID: e51896

I would say put your ear against the door and eavesdrop before entering, but that's not one of the choices, and therefore, not a correct choice.

So A
No. 1034868 ID: 6ef5af

B, you may not wanna just barge into a really uncomfortable situation, at the same time you may not want to make yourself too obvious by calling out, after all anyone can be in there and rogue junkies knowing who you are and where you are is definitely a no go
No. 1035371 ID: 15a025

No. 1035773 ID: a70a13
File 165595750817.jpg - (317.01KB , 900x900 , Panel 8.jpg )

You choose A, which is the correct choice because you picked it. The cabin has long since been abandoned by anyone, so it's not like whoever's inside has anymore right to be there than you. If they were talking about something personal, then that's a THEM problem, right?

Yeah, right.

Your hand touches the rusty metal of the knob and quickly turns it, entering the slightly musty clubhouse of the local teen population. The smell of the place is that weird mix of old furniture, empty beer bottles, and good old fashioned forest moss and dirt. You've been coming here for two years now, but every time the scent still hits your nose like a truck.

It only takes you a moment to glance directly across from you to see who was hanging out inside.
No. 1035774 ID: a70a13
File 165595810992.jpg - (322.13KB , 900x900 , Panel 9.jpg )

Sitting directly across from you are two boys, perched over each other on the old creaky couch. One of them is already looking your direction, smirking as if he wasn't just obviously making out....but the real question is what is he wearing? The two of them seem to be wearing your schools uniform, or at least you assume that's what the smirking guys outfit once was. You're not one to judge how hard people stick to the rules, but it's like he turned the dress shirt and got rid of the SHIRT part...but somehow this isn't even the biggest surprise in the room.

The guy sitting next to the crossdressing guy, who was obviously shoving face together, is dressed nearly perfectly. Shirt, tie, sweater, pants, even his hair is perfectly in order. And that would make sense...considering that's the head of your class.

You don't really have many friends, but you suppose you 'run in similar circles' with him at least. The difference is that while you're only good at science and chemistry, this guy over here is like, SUPER smart at every subject. He's in AP everything, probably already doing college prep. The question is, what is a kid like him doing in a place like this? And better yet, what the hell is he doing making out with some punk?

This was not what you imagined Roki doing in his freetime, but then again it's not like you imagined that in the first place.

The smirking kid keeps his hand on Roki's face, caressing his chin while speaking up. "Oh! Hey, sorry but I don't think my mouth can take anymore than one person today, but feel free to hang out!"

You feel a weird chill up the back of your spine at that joke, and the honor student is currently avoiding eye contact and wiping away a dribble of spit from his lips. Yikes.

"Oh shit, same clothes!" He calls out, pointing over to you in some kind of polite gesture. "Lookin' like we go to the same school, nice nice nice!"

The dude has a lot of weird energy coming off of him, but hostile wouldn't be how you'd describe it. Regardless it's odd.

"Come in come in, let's all hang! Who the hell'r you anyways dude?"

Which of these responses is the correct answer?

>A. "Hey, I'm Ran. Sorry, didn't hear you guys when I came in."
>B. "Roki, didn't expect to see you here...so what's he taste like?"
>C. "That is a weird way to introduce yourself. I'm Ran."
>D. "We are decidedly NOT wearing the same clothes."
No. 1035775 ID: 273c18

No. 1035786 ID: ce39da

With the weird vibes that you're getting... I think Roki might be in some kind of trouble here, although the specifics elude me. B, ignoring this punk.
No. 1035793 ID: 82fda6

Eh. I see nothing wrong here... yet. Most people get shy about making out in front of people.


He doesn't deserve being talked past and A would technically be a lie.
No. 1035797 ID: 629f2e

No. 1035958 ID: 15a025

No. 1035959 ID: e51896

No. 1038122 ID: a70a13
File 165778962932.jpg - (275.66KB , 900x900 , Panel 10.jpg )

"Roki, didn't expect to see you here...so what's he taste like?"

You choose A, which is the correct choice because-

"That is a weird way to introduce yourself. I'm Ran."


Your head turns to add the second greeting before you can even process it. You never realized you could choose two options. Something about that revelation unsettles you in a way you don't know how to unpack, but before that the conversation is moving on without you.

Roki is currently looking at his feet, acting as if he wants to evaporate out of this situation right now. His feet shuffle against one another and you only now see the various studs in his right ear. Huh, you're learning more about this guy by the minute. "Ah, I mean, well..." He finally sputters out, nervously twiddling his fingers together. "He...we're like...kind of dating okay? Like just...just don't pass it around."

"Gee, loving the support, hun." Spouts the other guy sitting next to him, a smirk plastered across his smug looking face. His eyes shoot back to you and his face is full of what you can only assume is curiosity? "Ran...Ran-Ran like Can-Can? Or like Ran as fast as I could?"

"Both of those are the same kind of Ran." You don't like the way he's playing with your name like bubble gum, that name isn't his. "It's Ran like Brawn. Ran like Dawn."

"Ahhhhhhhhh, alright alright alright. Ran Dawn thank you Mom then!" He steps up onto his feet, leaving Roki blushing like tomato on the couch.
No. 1038123 ID: a70a13
File 165778997804.jpg - (316.43KB , 900x900 , Panel 11.jpg )

He stares at you for a bit, pointed eyes slithering into cracks as he narrows his vision. "You're a funny one, y'know that?"

You're not a funny one, you don't like the way he's talking about you, and right now you're thinking it's better if you just leave already. You're already making a move to turn towards the door when he speaks up once more.

"You act like no one is gonna notice what you're hiding."

Your feet catch the floor and the air is thick.

"What the hell do you mean by that? You just met me." There's absolutely no way he could know about you, unless it was some weird Class thing. You hate having to play guessing games with people.

"Perception, don't you know?" He takes a step closer, your back still turned to him as he chatters on. "You're easier to read than you think. The cover of a book still tells you more than you think. In your case you're like a textbook. Chemistry 101 right?"

You've quickly turned back around on your ankles, staring this punk down with a glare so hard it could melt ice.
No. 1038125 ID: a70a13
File 165779038169.jpg - (309.03KB , 900x900 , Panel 12.jpg )

"How the hell do you know about me like that? Have you been stalking me, what kind of freak does that?!" He's gotten under your skin and a part of yourself you can't show is surfacing. He's got you like an allergic reaction.

"Like I said, it's all about perception, reading people. Sure I see you in the halls sometimes but you never pay attention to anything that isn't right in your circle. Books and classmates and tests and that adorable little hoodie of yours."

A lump swells in your throat.

"Well how could you be at school, you're dressed like that and you stick out like some kind of crossdressing Weirdo!"

A grin crosses his face.

"I can be seen when I want, and I can be gone when I don't. I'm good at that sort of thing, shouldn't you know about that? You're pretty similar in that way, you just melt right on into the desk you're sitting in and nobody looks your direction."

His hand stretches to the side while you grit your teeth.

"You're so good that nobody even notices you never take that hoodie off, even in the middle of summer...you must like long sleeves don't you?"

Which of these responses is the correct answer?

>B. "What is that supposed to insinuate?"
>C. "Are you getting at something here or are you just trying to scare me?"
>D. "I don't have to take this from some dress wearing queer."
No. 1038136 ID: 7b75ea

C. Hammer that 'skip' button. I assume he's telling the truth about only occasionally seeing you. I guess he has some kind of super-charged recall ability.
No. 1038147 ID: 8483cf

C. Don't give 'em the satisfaction of getting you further riled up. Jerk.
No. 1038153 ID: d40702

No. 1038174 ID: 7c0da2

If you can choose several options, maybe you can choose none of them? Because there is no point talking to him instead of just leaving.
No. 1038242 ID: 398700

"You seem under the impression I'm shy about my problems. I'm not, and I'm more than willing to make my problems yours if you don't stop acting a creep."
No. 1038261 ID: c1d4af

C. Look, that was a hard part of my life, okay? It was sad, but it's in the past, I simply don't like making a big deal of it around people.

He is got scars under there, doesn't he?
No. 1038364 ID: 15a025

C, for chill. Try to keep your cool and see if they're going anywhere with this.
No. 1038406 ID: 4ef090

>C. "Are you getting at something here or are you just trying to scare me?"

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