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File 165034471102.png - (27.02KB , 1000x1000 , oh_boy_here_we_go.png )
1029704 No. 1029704 ID: 98888b

Fear and loathing wasn’t the only thing in the air in Millbrook 3 months ago. And, unfortunately, Callum had gotten himself caught up in the mix. Now he’s being interviewed by someone from the EPA, of all people.
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No. 1029705 ID: 98888b
File 165034474113.png - (4.33KB , 300x200 , chapterintro.png )

:reporter: EPA report 1066, disc one of the Richards interview, taking place on September 6th, 2008.
:reporter: Interviewee is Callum Richards, survivor of the Millbrook incident. Disc release is only a portion of the available interview.
No. 1029706 ID: 98888b
File 165034476789.png - (3.25KB , 300x200 , panel1.png )

:reporter: Begin recording.

:callumnarrate: So yeah, there I was. Sleeping while the world around me was ending.
:callumnarrate: Basic shit.
No. 1029707 ID: 98888b
File 165034478831.gif - (4.73KB , 300x200 , panel2.gif )

:callumnarrate: Suddenly my alarm woke me up, and I tried to shake myself awake a little bit, then got out of bed.
No. 1029708 ID: 98888b
File 165034480382.gif - (4.89KB , 300x200 , panel3.gif )

:callumnarratelook: This was during the time where I was in between community college and university. I lived in a shitty little apartment, and had a job at a local radio station.
:reporter: Ah, yes, the 99.2, the one you sent the warning broadcast from.
:callumnarrate: Yeah.
No. 1029709 ID: 98888b
File 165034482143.png - (4.31KB , 300x200 , panel4.png )

:callumnarrate: Anyways, I had tuesdays off from work, but I still hated them. Don’t really remember why.
No. 1029710 ID: 98888b
File 165034483477.png - (3.41KB , 300x200 , panel5.png )

:callumnarrate: That specific day I wanted to go out and get a card for one of my co-workers. Her birthday was that thursday.
No. 1029711 ID: 98888b
File 165034485064.png - (3.71KB , 300x200 , panel6.png )

:callumnarratelook: …Aaaand I had woken up a wee bit late.
:callumnarrate: Looking at my texts, I had also forgotten that I had to call my mother, which would’ve probably been a good idea to do earlier.
:reporter: Was this before or after the cell towers went down?
:callumnarrate: This was before. I was able to call her one time. Then they went out.
:reporter: Was the call quality worsened by the… uh… incident material? Did the tower drop the call?
:callumnarrate: Nah.
:reporter: Alright.
No. 1029712 ID: 98888b
File 165034491505.png - (5.45KB , 300x200 , panel7.png )

:reporter: Alright, just to clarify, you had made a call successfully that morning, and some time after you attempted to make a call using somebody else’s cell phone, and the towers were down for unknown reasons.
:callumnarrate: Correct.

Task as reporter: Get a clear story out of Callum, and ask all questions.
Suggest a question to ask Callum.
No. 1029714 ID: 96c896

When did he first notice something was different?
No. 1029723 ID: e7c7d3

Did anything seem off in the apartment?
No. 1029743 ID: ce39da

Was that your first sign that something was wrong - the second call? Or was there something earlier that seemed off, in retrospect?
No. 1029746 ID: 27cc6a
File 165038604992.gif - (10.09KB , 300x200 , panel1.gif )

:reporter: So when did you first notice something was different?
:callumnarrate: Uhhh, I think the absolute first thing I noticed wrong was when I was getting ready to head out.
No. 1029747 ID: 27cc6a
File 165038605078.png - (6.19KB , 300x200 , panel2.png )

:callumnarratelook: The apartment I lived in had a glass sliding door that faced the parking lot, and I saw a light flash through it a couple times. Very bright.
:callumnarrate: I peeked out a little bit through the curtains and saw an idling sedan in the parking spot for the apartment next to mine.
:callumnarrate: It had already gotten really, really foggy. Barely even saw the body of the car, just the headlights.
No. 1029748 ID: 27cc6a
File 165038605280.gif - (51.26KB , 300x200 , panel3.gif )

:callumnarratelook: From what I saw it looked like a red late model sedan. It flashed the lights a couple more times before just leaving the lights on. So I just thought to myself:
No. 1029749 ID: 27cc6a
File 165038605532.png - (3.13KB , 300x200 , panel4.png )

:callumthinksquint: Jackass.
:callumnarrate: And got back to getting ready.
No. 1029750 ID: 27cc6a
File 165038605957.gif - (54.77KB , 300x200 , panel5.gif )

:reporter: What about the apartment itself? Did anything seem off?
:callumnarrate: No, not really. It was normal.
:callumnarratelook: Wait, actually…
:callumnarrate: In hindsight the stove light in the kitchen flickered for some reason. I think that was the only thing that was wrong there, but I didn’t attribute it to the incident at the time.
No. 1029751 ID: 27cc6a
File 165038606372.gif - (24.00KB , 300x200 , panel7.gif )

:reporter: That second call, was that the first sign of something being wrong?
:callumnarrate: Yeah it became obvious to me then. Something wrong was happening there.
No. 1029752 ID: 27cc6a

:reporter: Alright.

Task as reporter: Continue interview.
No. 1029753 ID: 27cc6a
File 165038663968.png - (5.45KB , 300x200 , panel8.png )

Review of needed questions.
No. 1029756 ID: 344f1d

Did you feel anything strange when you stepped outside?
Were you able to see if there was anyone in the sedan?
No. 1029761 ID: 96c896

Whose cell phone was it that he used for the second call?
No. 1029795 ID: ce39da

Alright, let's skip ahead to that second call for now, then; who's phone were you using, who were you calling, and what stopped you from using your own phone?
No. 1029817 ID: 98888b
File 165043427226.png - (15.77KB , 300x200 , panel1.png )

:reporter: Did you see anyone in the car?
:callumnarrate: I believe I saw someone in the car at that time, but I definitely couldn’t see facial details. The fog was too dense, and the windows made it so I couldn’t see clearly whether or not someone was there or if it was just the seat.
No. 1029818 ID: 98888b
File 165043427517.png - (20.66KB , 300x200 , panel2.png )

:reporter: I don’t think you were going outside at this point. But even though you weren’t aware of the material’s presence in the air, you didn’t even open the door. Why?
:callumnarrate: I got really paranoid all of a sudden.
:callumnarratelook: I looked around and saw the bushes next to my apartment door, and cooked up some crazy story in my head.
No. 1029819 ID: 98888b
File 165043427910.png - (21.49KB , 300x200 , panel3.png )

:callumnarrate: I think I thought that there was probably someone in the bushes, and someone in the car was trying to get me to go outside. And if I went outside the person in the bushes would run up behind me and slash my ankles or something.
:callumnarrate: Although, I can’t blame myself for thinking that, ‘cause with the amount of fog there that would be the perfect weather for doing so.
:callumnarratelook: Could barely see something 5 yards away.
No. 1029820 ID: 98888b
File 165043428359.png - (2.79KB , 300x200 , panel4.png )

>>1029761 >>1029795
:reporter: I’m going to attempt to maintain continuity on this disc, but I was just wondering, whose phone did you use to make a call the second time?
:callumnarrate: I don’t know who owned the phone I took. I found it in the upstairs hallway of my apartment complex, and it was taken by the police once I got out of Millbrook.
:callumnarratelook: Did they not carbon copy you on whatever report they made?
:reporter: No, they didn’t really cooperate with the EPA on this one. Probably because they didn’t think a group named “the Environmental Protection Agency” had any business taking police reports.
:reporter: Despite our best efforts to get information on the worst industrial disaster since Bhopal that took place on American soil, we were not able to get so much as an inventory of what you had on you when you left.
:callumnarrate: Your face doesn’t say it but I can tell you’re mad about this.
:reporter: Very.
:reporter: Anyways, the phone.
No. 1029821 ID: 98888b
File 165043428643.png - (3.67KB , 300x200 , panel5.png )

:callumnarrate: Oh, yeah, so my stupid cell died, and the thing doesn’t have a rechargable battery, it takes those removable battery packs, so I was going to go up to my friend, Eddie, on the second floor to borrow his landline. I went upstairs from my first floor apartment and just found it lying in the hall.
:callumnarratelook: So I picked it up and it had zero methods of identification, no custom wallpaper, and no sticker on the back, nothing.
:callumthinksquint: This thing is on the same service I use.
No. 1029822 ID: 98888b
File 165043429061.png - (2.92KB , 300x200 , panel6.png )

:callumnarrate: So I went to the contacts to call one to say I found a lost phone, and while looking through them and reading them off.
:callumthink: Lindsay… McCallihan… Joey…
:reporter: Did you eventually call someone?
:callumnarrate: I selected a name, but I don’t recall what it was.
:callumnarrate: But after a couple rings something popped up on the screen that read “no service.”
:callumthinksquint: Useless wireless tech.
No. 1029823 ID: 98888b
File 165043429513.png - (1.83KB , 300x200 , panel7.png )

:callumnarratelook: That was pretty much it with the phone, I just pocketed it and figured I’d meet up with my friend in his apartment.
:callumnarrate: …But I knocked on his door and nobody answered.
:callumthinklook: C’mon Eddie, open the door.
:callumnarratelook: I thought that was pretty weird, ‘cause he didn’t have a job, and hardly ever left his apartment during the day.

Task as Callum: Find Eddie.
Eddie’s gone somewhere, but where should Callum look?
No. 1029825 ID: 96c896

>eddie went somewhere
Uh, what places are there to look? Depending on the apartment complex... I suppose there could be a cafeteria or breakfast area. If not that, the lobby?
No. 1029842 ID: b22ca1
File 165046127918.png - (4.24KB , 300x200 , ApartmentB1Map.png )

>>1029825 You’re right, that would probably be a good idea!
:callumnarrate: I think I went to check the laundry room first but…
:callumnarrate: You’re wanting this in order, right?
:reporter: Yeah.
:callumnarratelook: I actually don’t quite remember where all I looked for him, can I have a piece of paper so I can sketch the building out?
:reporter: Uhhh, yeah.
No. 1029849 ID: ce39da

The laundromat and the commons room seem the most likely suspects - did you start there? Failing that, perhaps the mail room?

On a related note, were any of your neighbors known to keep the window in their apartment open?
No. 1029851 ID: 15d5de

The mail room. Might have been bills for you there anyway.
No. 1029880 ID: 758001

Peek in the mail toom on the way to the commons room. Then check the laundromat, I guess.
No. 1029881 ID: 96c896

Laundromat, then mail room, then commons.
No. 1029923 ID: 90fd69
File 165052307740.png - (2.87KB , 300x200 , Panel1.png )

>>1029880 >>1029851
:callumnarratelook: Okay so I went to the mail room…
:callumthink: The mail room’s pretty empty. Usually there’s a folding table or two here.
:callumthinklook: Wonder who took them.
No. 1029924 ID: 90fd69
File 165052308189.png - (3.87KB , 300x200 , Panel2.png )

:callumnarrate: Then the laundromat…
:callumthink: Somebody’s oddly bright dirty clothes are here.
:callumthinksquint: Slobs.
No. 1029925 ID: 90fd69
File 165052308456.png - (3.24KB , 300x200 , Panel3.png )

:callumnarrate: And then the commons room. It was getting renovated at the time.
:callumthink: Why the hell is this taped off?
:callumthinklook: Oh, they must be doing some remodeling work.
:callumthink: I never get the memo on these things apparently.
:callumnarrate: Then I just started walking back towards my apartment.
No. 1029926 ID: 90fd69
File 165052308852.png - (10.09KB , 300x200 , Panel4.png )

:reporter: One of the questions on the list here asks if any of the other people in your apartment building had a tendency to leave their windows open. Do you think they did?
:callumnarrate: Well it was in the summer, but y’know, Maine. I don’t see any reason they’d open their windows to control the temperature. The heater and AC in the building always worked well.
:reporter: Alright.

Task as reporter: Continue interview.
Suggest more questions for Callum.
No. 1029928 ID: 96c896

Does his window open?
When did he realize he was in danger?
No. 1030051 ID: 98888b
File 165068440534.png - (2.99KB , 300x200 , Panel1.png )

:reporter: So did your apartment have windows that open?
:callumnarrate: Yeah, in the bathroom. I always had a shower curtain covering it though, but I never opened it.
:reporter: When did it become clear that you were in danger?
:callumnarratelook: Some time later. Around 11:15. I heard some noises coming from outside.
No. 1030052 ID: 98888b
File 165068440869.png - (16.72KB , 300x200 , panel2.png )

:callumnarrate: I looked out of the patio door again and saw someone next to the car, lying still with their arm up against the driver’s side door.
:callumnarrate: And at that point, I knew something was happening, and I didn’t want anything to do with it.
No. 1030054 ID: 98888b
File 165068441258.png - (4.24KB , 300x200 , ApartmentB1Map.png )

Task as Callum: Get the hell out of dodge.
Looks like running out to the patio is no longer an option. What should Callum do?
No. 1030059 ID: 7a2420

Start pounding on doors and shouting about an emergency; see if anybody else is around. Also check the janitor's closet for...I dunno, anything that strikes you as useful. Inspect plants through windows, see if they look off.
No. 1030064 ID: 96c896

Trying to contact anyone left in the building is a good start. Then gathering supplies (gas mask? something to keep the particulates out, like a dustmask or a medical grade mask could work) to protect yourself, and finally... well, fire escape?
No. 1030072 ID: 894419

Agreed, seems like a solid course of action
No. 1030359 ID: 98888b
File 165093489754.png - (4.26KB , 300x200 , Panel1.png )

>>1030059 >>1030064
:callumnarrate: I just ran.
No. 1030360 ID: 98888b
File 165093490019.png - (3.98KB , 300x200 , Panel2.png )

:callumnarratelook: I went down the halls on both floors just bashing on doors really. Yelling about calling the cops or something.
:reporter: Did anybody answer?
:callumnarrate: Nah. Not a single door opened.
:callumnarratelook: At some point I looked outside from the window on the second floor.
No. 1030361 ID: 98888b
File 165093490301.png - (25.71KB , 300x200 , Panel3.png )

:callumnarrate: It was bare. Bare as possible.
:callumnarratelook: Through the window the tree had spindly branches that were just sticks. No leaves. It was summer, there was no reason it should’ve been that way that early.
:callumnarrate: And the branches themselves… their position looked inorganic in a way. Like a 3rd grader was given modeling clay and told to make a tree. Not normal at all.
:reporter: And do you think it was caused by the material?
:callumnarrate: Probably. I think the tree was fine and green just a day before. I see no other reason for its sudden loss of leaves.
:callumnarrate: I think I cleared the entire 2nd floor, knocking on every door and yelling, before just sitting in the middle of the hallway with no clue of what to do.
:callumthink: Nobody! Fucking nobody. The entire building, empty.
No. 1030362 ID: 98888b
File 165093490568.png - (1.09KB , 300x200 , Panel4.png )

:callumnarrate: Then I went to the janitor’s closet, ‘cause it was the only door in the building that I hadn’t tried.
:callumnarrate: It was unlocked, thank god.
No. 1030363 ID: 98888b
File 165093490973.png - (3.72KB , 300x200 , Panel5.png )

:callumnarrate: There wasn’t much there. Just some gardening and carpentry tools.
:reporter: What all was there?
:callumnarratejoy: Do you expect me to remember all that was in a janitor’s closet after three months?
:reporter: Uhhh, no, not r-
:callumnarratejoy: Well I do, but yeah.
:reporter: Oh, alright.
:callumnarrate: There was a hammer, a pair of gardening gloves, a set of screwdrivers on the floor, a roll of wallpaper, some twine, and a broom propped up against the wall. At the time I wasn’t really considering stealing any of them, but I eventually came to the conclusion that it was probably life or death for me there.
:callumthinklook: Okay, one pocket, two hands.
:callumthinksquint: Fuck these sport pants and their lack of legitimate pockets.
:callumthink: Knew I should’ve borrowed those darn cargo shorts from Raymond.

Which three of the items in the room should Callum take? Not using all of the given space is an option, and might free up some space for quickly storing items later on.
No. 1030370 ID: 96c896

Twine, screwdriver, gloves.
...considering the material seems to dissolve organic material I suspect he's going to wind up wrapping his entire body in clothing.
No. 1030467 ID: 344f1d

gloves, twine, and the broom (just the handle if possible)
with that we can tie some food or a houseplant or something to the end of the broom and poke it outside
No. 1030469 ID: d1a880

Hammer, gloves, twine.
And let's wear the gloves so they don't take up space.
No. 1030528 ID: 27dcf8

Well, you could use the hammer and screwdrivers to bust open some doors, get some better equipment, clothes, etc. It's not polite, but like. Life or death. Also, you could check if somebody is dying in there. Though...I guess there's not a lot you can do. And might die, yourself. ...You don't have another set of pants, yourself? Or clothes in general?

Wallpaper might be useful for wrapping yourself in, to defend from...something. Dunno, though, seems like that might be clunkier and gap-filled than useful. Too bad you didn't find plastic wrap.
No. 1030826 ID: 98888b
File 165130218875.png - (2.76KB , 300x200 , Panel1.png )

And the votes are in:
>Hammer: 2
>Gloves: 3
>Screwdrivers: 2
>Wallpaper: 1
>Twine: 3
>Broom: 1
>Gloves, twine, hammer, screwdrivers

>Left hand: Screwdrivers
>Right hand: Hammer
>Pocket: Twine
>Gloves won’t take a slot, sorry for not mentioning that

:callumnarrate: I took the twine and pocketed it, and held the screwdriver pack with the hammer in my hands.
:callumnarrate: Wore the gloves, too. They were quite bulky though, and made it hard to grasp things properly.
No. 1030827 ID: 98888b
File 165130219153.png - (2.58KB , 300x200 , Panel2.png )

:callumnarrate: At this point I had a couple options: beating the shit out of some door locks to get into the rooms, testing what the outside’s effects were on things, trying to find a way out that didn’t involve the outside… Really anything.
:reporter: Uhhhh…
:reporter: Can you just tell me what you did?
:callumnarratelook: Oh. Right.

As Callum: Make a plan on what to do.
>Simple tasks are completely fine. You don’t have to play the long game if you don’t want to.
No. 1030828 ID: 4fe119

Hmm. If you think there's a possibility that there's access to e.g. a sewer or tunnel or something, open all the doors on the lower floor that you can, being careful of possibly toxic rooms.

If you can figure out a fairly quick method of getting them open, I guess you might as well check upstairs rooms, too, until you feel you have enough equipment.

Look for a landline, and a radio, and really any general tools.

Look also for potted plants to sacrifice to Science and Survival, by e.g. setting one near the door, opening it for a split second and running away, and observing what happens, how quickly/if it dies. If you can find another, and some garbage/plastic bags, try putting a plant in a bag and see if that protects it. Probably don't want to try this too many times, though, lest we foul our safe air. Depending on results and resources, when you eventually decide to try to go outside, wrap yourself in garbage bags, wear a towel to HOPEFULLY filter the air, and try not to stay outdoors too long.
No. 1030829 ID: 96c896

(I wonder if it's possible to die? Maybe we'll get a Sands of Time kind of thing where he goes "wait, that's not what happened" and we'll skip back to a safe spot in the story)
First thing's first, bash the door open of the guy you're friends with. Though you may also want to get a bandanna or something to breathe through from your clothes dresser.
No. 1030831 ID: 850144

Open doors with your tools, and find a bag or something to keep your stuff in.
Start with Eddie's room.
No. 1030835 ID: 93072d

Yeah, let's try forcing our neighbours door open.
No. 1031355 ID: 98888b
File 165181434755.png - (4.32KB , 300x200 , Panel1.png )

:callumnarrate: I bashed the handle off of a door, first of all.
No. 1031356 ID: 98888b
File 165181435285.png - (26.20KB , 300x200 , Panel2.png )

:callumnarrate: It took a little finagling but it was relatively easy.
No. 1031357 ID: 98888b
File 165181435520.png - (1.67KB , 300x200 , Panel3.png )

:callumnarratelook: I started with Eddie’s place.
No. 1031358 ID: 98888b
File 165181435961.png - (2.27KB , 300x200 , Panel4.png )

:callumnarrate: I called out a couple more times for Eddie, like that would have done anything after banging loudly on every door in the building.
:callumnarrate: Since it was his apartment I knew exactly where everything was, so I went around grabbing basically anything I found remotely useful.
No. 1031359 ID: 98888b
File 165181436350.png - (7.33KB , 300x200 , Panel5.png )

:callumnarratelook: I had gathered everything I found that was of remote use within a few minutes, including Eddie’s handgun, his baseball bat, a pack of batteries, a digital watch, a couple TV guides and gossip magazines, as well as his trusty, iconic jacket that he never wore.
:callumnarratelook: As well as the screwdriver, hammer, and gloves from before.
:callumnarrate: I also had one of his potted vegetable plants against the sliding door to the balcony, but it must’ve weighed a metric fuck-ton because I, for the life of me, literally, could not move it without using both of my hands.
:callumnarratelook: I put on the jacket and the watch, which noted that the time was 11:25 AM.
:callumnarrate: And then I was just sitting in his room for a couple minutes, alone, and not knowing much of what to do.
No. 1031360 ID: 98888b
File 165181436771.png - (2.97KB , 300x200 , Panel6.png )

Task as Callum: Is it…
a) Time for science? (1 vote already)
>Use the potted plant and other objects to test what’s going on with the fog.
b) Time to go out and find Eddie?
>Search through other rooms to find where Eddie might have gone.
c) Time to loot other rooms? (3 votes already)
>Make sure that we have enough supplies to continue.
d) Time to find a way to communicate with the outside world? (1 vote already)
>Find a way to send out a broadcast of some sort to warn the government or the public of what’s going on.
…And what items should Callum take?
No. 1031361 ID: 98888b

>Note, you can also inspect available items to come up with uses for them.
No. 1031366 ID: e3eaff

for jackets pocket take the gun and the hammer, pockets the screwdriver because tools are for getting into things, and take the baseball pat in your hands.

Search for where Eddie could've gone, and then start looking at the other rooms for anything. I think our primary goal is extra storage, utility tools, and then food.

The ground is being stripped of material and we so one corpse out there dead of an unknown death, it is a good idea to *not* let any fog get into the building in case there's a central HVAC unit.

If we do plan to escape however, we should see about taking the potted plant out of the planter and thrower but after we're finished in this building, so that we can have a better idea of how much time we might have exposed to the fog (I'm assuming the fog itself is dangerous and caustic, and not anything else).
No. 1031369 ID: 96c896

I don't see any reason to take a gun. It's more likely someone innocent will get shot with it than an attacker.

Jacket, hammer, screwdriver, batteries, watch if you don't have one already.

Try opening other rooms to find Eddie.
No. 1031435 ID: 4fe119

It's reasonable to leave science until we're about ready to leave (barring plan-changes due to said science) - look for a backpack or something
No. 1031511 ID: 7c0da2

c) Time to loot other rooms.

Let's keep the screwdriver and the hammer in the jacket pockets, and the batteries in the pant pockets.
I don't really see a use for the magazines, maybe check what's on TV today? Don't keep them, they're a waste of inventory space.
Leave the bat and the gun, there is no point to carrying weapons for now, we checked the building, we are alone. We can always come back for them before leaving. And firing a gun is gonna end with a destroyed window.
No. 1032096 ID: ac602a
File 165246101246.png - (2.35KB , 300x200 , Panel1.png )

:callumnarrate: I decided to take the hammer, screwdriver, and the pack of batteries with me.
No. 1032097 ID: ac602a
File 165246101522.png - (4.42KB , 300x200 , Panel2.png )

:callumnarrate: I rearranged everything under the covers of Eddie’s bed.
:callumnarratelook: I also wasn’t hard-pressed to notice that the room was different from what it was about a week before. Eddie’s ammo crate, the one he made off with from a military surplus store about a year back, wasn’t here anymore. Several other things were off but I couldn’t quite remember what else was in the room.
No. 1032098 ID: ac602a
File 165246101994.png - (4.57KB , 300x200 , Panel3.png )

:callumnarrate: I left his apartment, and that was when I took to opening the other doors in the building.
:callumnarrate: I just blew the handle off a door when I noticed this specific door was blocked by something.
No. 1032099 ID: ac602a
File 165246102306.png - (2.81KB , 300x200 , Panel4.png )

:callumnarratelook:The handle was off, so I looked through the hole, only to just see wood.
:callumnarrate: I sat there for a couple seconds and heard something behind the door that sounded like muffled speech.
No. 1032100 ID: ac602a
File 165246102718.png - (2.52KB , 300x200 , Panel5.png )

:callumnarrate: I entered the apartment’s kitchen and moved the table that was blocking the door against the wall, and went into the bedroom.
No. 1032101 ID: ac602a
File 165246103106.png - (3.77KB , 300x200 , Panel6.png )

:callumnarratelook: The TV was on, tuned to some drama show.
:callumnarrate: I took a couple minutes to look around for anything, but there wasn’t anything useful, except the nightstand.
No. 1032102 ID: ac602a
File 165246103549.png - (2.33KB , 300x200 , Panel7.png )

:reporter: What about the nightstand?
:callumnarrate: There was a messenger’s satchel in it. Empty. I put it on.
No. 1032103 ID: ac602a
File 165246103826.png - (4.22KB , 300x200 , Panel8.png )

:callumnarrate: There wasn’t anything else of much use in this apartment. The watch also beeped with an alarm, it was 11:45.

Task as Callum: What now?
a) Continue to look for Eddie.
>Get back to searching immediately.
b) Stay here and flip through TV channels for a bit.
>The search for Eddie will eventually continue, but for now it might be good to get some information if there’s any on the news.
c) Go loot more rooms.
>Gotta be extra sure you clean the hell out of this building.
d) Go back to Eddie’s apartment or the janitorial closet and get a new set of supplies.
>Going back to other rooms to get items is available at any time.
e) Another choice, not listed here.

>There is also the option to inspect, discard, or use any item(s) you have, which will not take a full turn to do.
No. 1032122 ID: 96c896

B. People seem to have left before you, so maybe they were warned of something?
No. 1032167 ID: 328fec

Agreed; see if you can find a news station or something
No. 1032252 ID: e3eaff

B for a little while, then C
No. 1032312 ID: 6a2a09

why don't you flip through dem channels? Look specifically for anything that seems off, and or informative on your current situation.
No. 1033399 ID: 98888b
File 165337200236.png - (2.62KB , 300x200 , Panel1.png )

:callumnarrate: I turned the television on and tuned it to the news station a bit east. More towards Portland but not quite. It’s somewhere between Yarmouth and Portland.
:callumnarratelook: Anyways, it looked like a completely normal news segment. No warnings or anything. Just some normal news report on some heist or whatever.
No. 1033400 ID: 98888b
File 165337200571.png - (3.91KB , 300x200 , Panel2.png )

:callumthink: This is the most normal news report I’ve seen in years and the world is crumbling around me.
No. 1033401 ID: 98888b
File 165337201047.png - (6.75KB , 300x200 , Panel3.png )

:callumnarrate: After about two minutes of listening to the news anchor talk about some armoured cars getting robbed, some sort of noise started. Sounded like some sort of machinery.
:reporter: What exactly did it sound like?
:callumnarratelook: The most god-awful noise I have heard. Not anything like an HVAC system. Just this really low rumble that permeated the air. It almost hurt -

:discplayer: End of disc recording.
:discplayer: Switching to the next disc…
No. 1033411 ID: 96c896

What the hell is that noise
Ok time to push up the itinerary and find Eddie. Or anyone, really.
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