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File 163207041491.png - (115.12KB , 700x500 , HoT.png )
1011005 No. 1011005 ID: ede6d0

[ Warning, your actions may result in the death and end of this quest. Proceed with caution ]

The trial, they call it, a test of skill, a test of suitability. A test to ensure you are of use to the village.
Peh, what drivel, you know it for what it truly is, your execution.
Father was sent in first, then mother ... neither returned.
These people hide behind the guise of religion and tradition but never once have you seen a Hyuuma enter these halls.
This shit hole of a village will rue this day. You'll damn well see to it even if you have to claw your way back from the Resting Lands.
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No. 1011006 ID: ede6d0
File 163207043763.png - (110.55KB , 700x500 , A, B, C.png )

For you are_>

Ayan the Grendlkin
Your thick hide, sensitive hearing and ability to eat almost anything has helped you survive all things life has thrown your way. Let's hope that continues.

Barath the Mistake
Small in stature and weaker than most, your agility and incredible luck has assisted you in avoiding most dangers up to this point. Will luck continue to be on your side?

Chasa the Ippit
Granted the power to see and commune with those within the Resting Lands. This gift has helped bring many others comfort. It was meant to bring them comfort ... perhaps now the denizens of the Resting Lands will help you.
No. 1011007 ID: 9c850e


In times of loneliness and despair, it will be good to have company.
No. 1011010 ID: c92a02

No. 1011012 ID: afe7de

Barath because being a mistake sounds fun
No. 1011013 ID: 6e4236

Ooh, a perma-death quest! Exciting!

Hmm, Chasa's ability to commune with the dead would be greatly useful in a deadly crucible. They could tell us what befell those who came before us.
No. 1011017 ID: e51896

No. 1011036 ID: 578f4a

Chasa, fun ability and fun lil face
No. 1011037 ID: cdbcf8

>Ayan the Grendlkin

We shall crush those who did us wrong heads like grapes.
No. 1011043 ID: ede6d0
File 163208868280.png - (129.94KB , 700x500 , Entry.png )

For you are Chasa Whistlewind! First of your name, child of Keaton and Hail Whistlewind!
Their halls of the dead will guide you to safety, you will have your revenge.
The Elder and his Guardians force you down a narrow path toward the Hall of Trials. Its large stone doors already open for you.
You're given a moment to take it all in, a beautiful temple carved directly into a mountain ... What god was this made in the name of?
A heavy push from behind sends you stumbling over the threshold, the smell of dust and rot overwhelms you for a moment but it soon passes.
"We wish you luck on your trial, Chasa Whistlewind, may the Mother's light keep you from the Resting Lands and return you safely to our open arms"
You turn just in time to see the smile upon his face. Lying bastard.
With a single gesture the heavy stone doors are closed, plunging you into darkness.
The sound of stone grating against stone echoes out, a cacophony of wails, roars and squeaks echo back in return.
It seems the dinner bell has been rung.
Turning on your heels you take in your surroundings ... or at least, what you can see.

>What do you do?
No. 1011055 ID: 96c896

I see skeletons, but no ghosts. Guess we gotta choose a path.
The left door looks like there was a skeleton trying to escape, so I think that's a bad choice.

Go through the center doorway.
No. 1011060 ID: c92a02

Examine alcoves.
No. 1011082 ID: ce39da

The more straightforward symbols might be directions, but I'm unsure how to interpret them.

The more complex runes appear to be characters made of compound phonic symbols. Think hangul as the real-world equivalent.

The bones in the alcove are likely there with a purpose - someone is entombed here.

The bones out in the open tell a different story - one of danger.

The dead speak already, and you have not even attempted to hail them yet. Can you do so from here?
No. 1011125 ID: 6e4236

If we have time, we should examine the room, the glyphs, and the clues around each gate.
No. 1011161 ID: f8fa51

If the dinner bell has been rung, you don't want to spend too much time near the entrance. If you can get some advice from the dead, do so. Otherwise, choose a door. There doesn't appear to be any reason not to choose the one on the right.
No. 1011289 ID: ede6d0
File 163226359726.png - (108.30KB , 700x500 , Resting.png )

Many rest within this room, most of which have been ground to dust. Their spirits, just like their bodies, a dust so fine you struggled to even notice them.
What a terrible fate.
You call out in hopes of a response.
Whispers. Small, afraid, weak. Above?
Following the whispers up a ramp you notice the many alcoves lining it all contain parts of a whole, each one whispering, whimpering, begging.
You remove your cloak and place them within it, every bone, every shard, every splinter.
Not a single part will be left behind.
Piece by piece their whispers become one, their fear subsiding.
The final part, a skull ... dread sets in as it dawns on you, those lost within here will be of many shapes and sizes, Ippit included-- You have never had to set one of your own to rest.
You gather them all in one place and lay them out just as your mother had taught you.
No longer are they afraid, no longer are they broken.
No. 1011290 ID: ede6d0
File 163226492845.png - (63.41KB , 700x500 , Little-One.png )

A form, small, fragile, fading, The Father will come for them soon.
"You're safe", you say in hushed tones "You're safe now, little one."
They try to respond but their voice falls flat. Their warmth turning icy cold. A panic sets in, their face turning to sorrow, to fear.
"Worry not little one, rest now, rest." You say, taking their hand into your own.
Their expression turning to calm, they gently squeeze your hand in response.
You watch as hands unlike any you've seen before sprout from beneath the bones. They raise up like Strangle Weed around a tree, wrapping around their legs, their chest, their arms. Taking the Ippit's hands into his own, running a hand down their cheek.
You blink and they're gone.
That was the first time you'd seen it, The Father's embrace.

We Ippit are not allowed to remain within the Resting Lands for long, and yet, they must have been trapped here for generations.
These accursed halls break us, bind us, they delay The Fathers Embrace. Our Rotation.
Truly horrifying.
No. 1011291 ID: ede6d0
File 163226533027.png - (159.14KB , 700x500 , The Maze.png )

Alone again you make your way down to the main hall.
As you move closer toward the doorways you sense a presence, a pained spirit stretching out into the darkness, their bones telling you a gruesome tale. The left door is most definitely not the one for you.
You turn your attention to the intricate runes above each door, warnings? Guides?
Raising to your tiptoes you gently run your hand across each doors plate, Old Tongue.
The only symbol you recognize is the rectangle, their equivalent of our letter A. The rest are familiar, but too fuzzy to understand.
If only you had paid attention to your lessons.
A gentle squeak echoes out from the right corridor, a clicking from the left responds.
It seems the middle door is your safest bet.
You make your way down as swift as possible, the sound of squeaks and clicks from behind growing louder and louder, closer and closer.

The tunnels scream out with the many voices of the lost and broken.
You ask out for guidance, for directions.
Hopefully they will put you on the right path
No. 1011293 ID: ce39da

Go forward, and down the stairs. Go right when you see stairs again, then left once you are around the bend. It's a straight shot up two flights, then you have a choice to make - I know not what lies beyond either exit waiting for you, but regardless of which path you choose, you aren't quite free of this maze just yet; either way, "left" is the way for all remaining choices!
No. 1011295 ID: 96c896

At intersections:
Straight, right, left, left, left. That leads us to the bottom-right area.
No. 1011962 ID: ede6d0
File 163295608289.png - (133.04KB , 700x500 , Skitter.png )

You imagine for anybody else this maze would have been difficult, life threatening even.
Not for you, you knew from the second you stepped foot into these Halls you were in full control.
A voice gurgles out from behind you
"Straight ahead"
This is gonna be a piece of cake. You pass by the first turn at a brisk pace, an almost excited chattering tickles your ears.
A sharp right followed by a flight of stairs, a flight of empty stairs after an empty corridor. An intense feeling of dread washes over you.
Where were the bones ... Where did that voice come from.
In a moment of panic you break out into a full sprint nearly tripping over the arm of something. The corridor gradually growing more and more cluttered with bones, your footing becoming unsteady and uncertain.
It was a trap ... you were never in control.
Veering around a corner you finally see them, spirits in pieces. Legs besides torsos, heads besides bodies, a puzzle of pure chaos.
They all shout out, shouts of warning, of panic, of fear, but with so many trying to speak at once their words become a jumbled mess.
You feel something grab a hold of your leg sending you flying to the ground with a heavy thump, the sound of breaking bones piercing the air.
Your mind goes numb, chest tightening in fear, you peer up through blurry eyes.
A hand reaches out from the darkness, and then another, and another. A form pulls itself around the corner, fingers digging into gaps between the heavy stone walls, mandibles chattering excitedly, body held high off of the bones you rest upon.
You attempt to move but feel a weight upon your back.
"Stay down! Don't move!" the voices cry out in unison.
The many limbed things chattering turns to clicks and squeaks. It climbs closer and closer stopping every few seconds, listening, waiting. A shiver runs down your spine as it makes its way over you.
You're safe. You hope.
No. 1011963 ID: ede6d0
File 163295617853.png - (98.07KB , 700x500 , Room.png )

You wait for what feels like an eternity, listening as their clicks and squeaks grow distant. The spirits around you also falling silent.
And then, you hear a voice and then another voice after it, and another after that, each one repeating the same sentence getting louder and louder.
"It's safe now, follow the hands that point"
You raise up onto your shaky legs and make your way down the corridor, its twists and turns each one with a spirit or two pointing you in the right direction. Normally you would make note of where you're going, but on this occasion all you can do is focus on staying on your feet and making as little noise as possible. The creaking of bones stop you dead in your tracks for a moment, are they still following? Is this still a trick? The spirits attempt to assure you they're gone but you can never be too careful.

A guide congratulates you at the last corner, a long tunnel with a bright light at the end of it greets you. Haven't you heard a saying about one of these?
No matter, you push onward, nothing can be worse than things with too many arms in corridors full of bones.
You step through into a room with a floor coated in soft River Grass, in the very center a strange stone altar juts out from the ground with a strange orb hovering within it. The air heavy with the smell of Ether, like salt and fire.

>What do you do?
No. 1011977 ID: 96c896

Doesn't seem like anything else is in here. Investigate the orb... touch it, maybe?
No. 1011978 ID: 3e011f

Bring the bones of the final spirit in the labirynth to this room and kindly ask it what it knows about this place.
No. 1012199 ID: a2493c

>smell of ozone

i sense a trap. A fire trap, or electricity from whatever that thing is. What do we have on us that can put out a fire or insulate us if need be?

Also, look up. Check for ceiling traps here. empty rooms with macguffins are always trap hotspots.
No. 1012301 ID: 673fe6

Be cautious of traps, and see if you can find any lingering remnants of spirits in this chamber -- but we need to have a look at that orb to see what it's all about.
No. 1013540 ID: ede6d0
File 163510407938.png - (68.47KB , 700x500 , Grink.png )

[ Sorry for the delay. Life happened ]

This entire room screams trap to you, the Ether is too thick to be natural and the orb-- what even is that thing.
Perhaps ... turning on your heels you take off toward the final guide.
"Little Ippit?" He asks, kneeling down. "Are you okay?"
"Yes ... well, no, I have a favor to ask of you. The room ahead has me a tad confused, would you mind if I took you there? I could use some help."
He gestures over toward the bone littered corridor.
"If you can find all of me I would be honored to help you."
Spending a little while you carefully ferry his bones to the room, he must have been lonely as he had so much to talk about. Tales of his life, his family, his quests. This was to be his last hurrah before settling down...
No. 1013541 ID: ede6d0
File 163510437703.png - (98.39KB , 700x500 , WTFYL.png )

With his skull in place he takes a moment as his form click together.
"What a puzzling place." He says, taking a step forward surveying the room.
"No signs of any kind of trap I'm aware of, either. I think you're perfectly safe."
"How can you be so sure? How do you know that orb won't just kill me?" You ask.
He gestures to the ground around "Do you see any signs of damage? Any bones or bodies?"
"... No, nobody else rests within this room other than you."
You hate to say it but he's right, you really don't want to see those things again either. With a cautious step you slowly approach the orb, the smell of Ether burning your nose.
Reaching out the Ether prickles your fingers. With a deep breath You push forward and place a hand upon its surface, it rapidly shifts from warm, to cold, wet to dry. What is this thing? Your curiosity gets the better of you as you lean in closer to try and peer beneath its surface. An eye? No, a smile?
A clicking ticks out and the sound of stone grating against stone rumbles through the room, you turn to see the entrance become fully blocked off by stone.
You slowly turn your gaze toward the guide, your entire body trembling with fear.
No. 1013542 ID: ede6d0
File 163510452906.png - (148.41KB , 700x500 , The pills.png )

"Wow, you could cut the tension with a knife, huh?"
With a jolt you turn to see something resting atop the altar, its form constantly shifting, limbs and faces appearing, twisting, stretching and disappearing.
"It's a little bit cramped in here, let me just--" limbs burst forth from the mass, spreading out to the walls and ceiling, you watch in disbelief as they all seem to grow further and further away.
"There! Much better, now, where was I." With a sharp snap the limbs recoil back into the mass. It wobbles and then slumps down onto the altar, its entire form enveloping the altar.
"Congratulations Ishpetti! You're the first person I've seen in uh" It begins counting on fingers that seem to endlessly appear and disappear.
"Wow, a long time! You really had me worried for a little bit, I thought brothers doggies were gonna get you there!"
As you open your mouth to speak but a hand stretches out to press a finger to your beak.
"Wait! Wait! Before you ask anything, I have something for you, a gift for completing your first trial!"
It reaches down and underneath itself and pulls out the orb, with a little push it slowly floats its way closer to you, splitting into two and then three. They all stop just within arms reach.
"You can only pick one, take your time, I'll be right here!"

>_What do you do.
No. 1013543 ID: f8fa51

Green. You're going to need your courage soon.
No. 1013545 ID: ce39da

"I can hardly make an informed decision with just colors, but I suppose none of them will harm me?" If so: "Right, then if you won't tell me what they do, but none of them will hurt me, then I suppose green is as good a choice as any."
No. 1013785 ID: 0b7694

Bit of a blue guy myself
No. 1013788 ID: 8f1f6b

Bow before the creature and ask its name and what the colours mean.
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