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File 162461267456.png - (43.27KB , 500x500 , cookiequesttitle2.png )
1004109 No. 1004109 ID: b1ffbb

Welcome to Cookiequest, a magical tale of horror! Potentially NSFW, this quest will have blood, gore, death, dark themes, and maybe sexual content depending how things go.

Chapter 1: https://questden.org/kusaba/quest/res/986362.html
Discussion Thread: https://questden.org/kusaba/questdis/res/134762.html
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No. 1041959 ID: b1ffbb
File 166160111398.png - (75.00KB , 500x500 , cq85.png )

"Sherb, you're bleeding! What happened to you?" Cookie cried. She tells him about the strange crayon world inside the elevator and how she escaped.

"Marshal thought that awful monster took you downstairs, so we went there looking for you. A few of those crayon guys you mentioned were in the cafeteria, and we had to figure out how to get past them. Then when we got to the kitchen, the walls all around us starting morphing, then a bunch of sharp black spears were flying everywhere and--and one of them got me..."

"What about Marshie?"

"He--He pushed me out the door so I could get away. He's still d-down there... he could be dead and it's all my fault!"
No. 1041996 ID: e51896

Pity party. Tell him no, it's not his fault, it's your fault for getting caught in the first place and having to have them go down to save you.

we should still do this.
No. 1042003 ID: 15c72a

Putting pressure on the wound is the important part. The priority now is rescuing Marshie, and finding better materials for bandages.
Let's go downstairs, and find the location he's talking about.
No. 1042175 ID: b1ffbb
File 166177097933.png - (63.06KB , 500x500 , cq86.png )

"Don't say that!" Cookie exclaims. "If that monster hadn't grabbed me from the elevator, we--!"

Cookie rummages through her drawers, looking for a decent makeshift bandage for Sherb. Her "clothes" were reduced to rags, but anything that wasn't coated in too much soot and rust would do. She finds an old sweater that soaks up most of the blood and ties it around Sherb's wound.

"We can't give up! We got to go back to the cafeteria and save Marshal. I don't know how we can fight all those crayon creatures, but there's got to be a way past them! Is there anything you and Marshie haven't tried?"
No. 1042185 ID: e51896

Does Sherb have a weapon? we should find one for him before going down.
No. 1044354 ID: b1ffbb
File 166375756982.png - (51.85KB , 500x500 , cq87.png )

"Uhh... when Marshal and I were down there, there were a couple guards. He threw some junk to distract them and we ran past. I dunno if it'll work again, there might be more of them now."

"What about weapons? Do you have anything?" Cookie asks.

"I got a mop! It sorta works. I have this bleach spray too, and they really seem to hate the stuff."

"I got a pipe! If anything goes wrong, we can fight!"
No. 1044355 ID: b1ffbb
File 166375821450.png - (101.44KB , 500x500 , cq88.png )

Cookie and Sherb head down to the cafeteria. The tile floor is smeared with years of grime, and the tables buzz with small clouds of flies. The scattered trays stacked with brittle chicken bones nearly decayed to dust. The bowls and cups contain a dark brackish substance best left as a mystery. As Sherb predicted, there are more monsters surrounding the entrance to the kitchen.
No. 1044360 ID: de253f

Use the environment to your advantage, funnel the monsters between the tables so they have to fight you one at a time. If they're not quite that stupid, take the high ground on the tables instead.
No. 1044370 ID: 15c72a

You could also use chairs as improvised weapons, they're good to throw, mostly.
No. 1046746 ID: b1ffbb
File 166601276212.png - (80.40KB , 500x500 , cq89.png )

After whispering a plan to each other, Sherb crawls under one of the tables. Cookie walks up to the middle of the cafeteria, brandishing her pipe so it attracts the attention of the guards. They approach her one by one--she whacks the first one over the head. Under the shelter of the table, Sherb sprays the monster's legs with bleach--the monster convulses with a crackling hiss as though it had been splattered with acid. It collapses and twitches on the floor like a bug as the other guards lunge at Cookie. The chairs provide makeshift shields from their arrows, and help in a pinch by stunning the monsters when clocked over with them. Cookie and Sherb fend off the guards until they are finally defeated.
No. 1046747 ID: b1ffbb
File 166601292703.png - (80.87KB , 500x500 , cq90.png )

"Hurry!" Sherb yells. "Before they get reinforcements!"

Cookie pulls her friend to his feet and they dash toward the kitchen.
No. 1046748 ID: b1ffbb
File 166601353075.png - (323.91KB , 500x500 , cq91.png )

No sooner when they clamber inside that their whole surroundings morphs into the crayon world Cookie had been dragged into before. The staticky snarls of the monsters rise to a dizzying cacophony, but they are nowhere to be seen and neither Cookie or Sherb could make heads or tails of where the noise was coming from. All they knew was it was everywhere and they couldn't afford to stay still.
No. 1046781 ID: 15c72a

Hmm, could be the plants. Avoid them, head towards... some sort of landmark?
No. 1046889 ID: 591e1d

Head to the lake!
No. 1050102 ID: b1ffbb
File 166929181738.png - (159.12KB , 500x500 , cq92.png )

Cookie squeezes tight on Sherb's hand as they make a beeline toward the lake. The lake parts itself like a cell undergoing mitosis, its childish crayon waves like a dark blobby fog rather than a grand body of water. There's a stairway leading into the depths... Cookie and Sherb dive in.
No. 1050103 ID: b1ffbb
File 166929263815.png - (140.33KB , 500x500 , cq93.png )

The hallway underwater is suffocating, although there was plenty of air. The lake plunges far down as any ocean, chilly and isolating as the space stretches on far infinity--a walk in the wrong direction would ensure you were lost in the gloom forever. The water gurgles with fish and deep-sea creatures obscure in the shadows, the latter whose florescent eyes follow the two strangers fumbling their way through.
No. 1050104 ID: b1ffbb
File 166929274876.png - (91.04KB , 500x500 , cq94.png )

Marshal is standing in the deepest pit.
No. 1050105 ID: e51896

call out to him
No. 1050129 ID: de253f

Call it a hunch, but you might wanna hold it on approaching Marshal until you're entirely sure he isn't possessed or something right now.
No. 1055756 ID: b1ffbb
File 167612437601.png - (107.09KB , 500x500 , cq95.png )

Cookie and Sherb call out to Marshal, but their words roll off him like water off a duck's back. Finally, he turns around.

"I'm sorry..."
No. 1055758 ID: b1ffbb
File 167612477018.png - (311.73KB , 500x500 , cq96.png )

"...I won't be a burden on you anymore."
No. 1055762 ID: e5709d

"You will be a burden if your corpse gives that thing experience points! MOVE!"
No. 1055779 ID: b09191

Well that implies he'll run away from the horrific pulsating mass behind him all on his own, so now might be a perfect time to retreat.
No. 1055789 ID: 9937af

"You are not a burden, now come back this instant!"

Throw something at the blasted monster.
No. 1055796 ID: 15c72a

"Your loss would be a greater burden."
No. 1055798 ID: 15c72a

(hmm, that's the madoka font. It reads "christian")
No. 1058576 ID: b1ffbb
File 167884200749.png - (259.91KB , 500x500 , cq97.png )

Marshal can't move. He's anchored to the trunk of the monster.

Cookie begs Marshal to hang on. She doesn't have anything to throw at the monster, but she whacks it with the pipe in an attempt to free Marshal. The behemoth is covered head to toe with barnacles, and zebra mussels grow around Marshal's eyes, nose, and lips. The pipe chips off several shells to reveal more barnacles beneath. Barnacles upon barnacles upon barnacles.
No. 1058578 ID: f69af6

The font says christian. Is Marshall Christian? Do we have to pray to Christ? Do we have to pray to Richard Dawkins? What does it mean?

Uh..do we have something to cut Marshal's arm loose?
No. 1058596 ID: 273c18

Symbolism. Barnacles are parasites, hangers-on, burdening/slowing ships down. Tell him he's not a parasite. You enjoy his company, and he can stay with you as long as he wants.
No. 1061831 ID: b1ffbb
File 168206774795.png - (118.96KB , 500x500 , cq98.png )

rolled 13 = 13

Despite Cookie's best efforts, Marshal remains glued to the monster.

Cookie frantically tells Marshal not to give up. He's not a burden or a parasite or anything like that! Though she doesn't know him well, she had a great time with him at the literature club and wants to be his friend. He's kind and thoughtful and he worked hard to find her and put Sherb's safety before his own. So please, hang on just a little longer!

One of the tentacles flashes and positions itself above Cookie.
No. 1061832 ID: 273c18

Be ready to dodge, and hit that specific tentacle.
No. 1061839 ID: dee951

Dodge and run! Save yourself! You did your best; survive now, mourn later!
No. 1061913 ID: b1ffbb
File 168218349512.png - (156.78KB , 500x500 , cq99.png )

Cookie spots the flickering tentacle, but it doesn't give her a chance to react. She screams as it whips across her side and splatters a ribbon of blood. She loses grip of her pipe and it spins into the darkness.
No. 1061916 ID: b1ffbb
File 168218401344.png - (84.20KB , 500x500 , cq100.png )

Cookie's eyes water as she forces herself back on her feet. She clutches her wound.

"OW OW OW! It hurts!" Sherb suddenly shouted, collapsing on his knees. "It hurts it hurts MAKE IT STOP!"

A persistent wiggling sensation jabs Cookie, like someone rolling pushpins into her penetrated skin.
No. 1061970 ID: dee951

Grab Sherb, and together, limp away as fast as you can from the threat! As you go, yell something like, "Marshal! You will never be forgotten! We will avenge you!"
No. 1062031 ID: b1ffbb
File 168233867420.png - (92.15KB , 500x500 , cq101.png )

Loose zebra mussels lay in Cookie's hand. It turns out barnacles grow from open wounds - Cookie winces as she yanks them off, as the barnacles attach themselves to veins and arteries - trying to remove them just makes the bleeding worse.
No. 1062032 ID: b1ffbb
File 168233893107.png - (127.69KB , 500x500 , cq102.png )

Cookie tries to help Sherb to his feet to get him to safety. But there's nowhere to go... they are trapped in the void. The mop Sherb used is shattered to splinters. The monster sheds a coat of zebra mussels and aims them at Cookie and Sherb. Cookie cries and shields Sherb with her body as best as she can. She never imagined her college days would end up like this...
No. 1062033 ID: b1ffbb
File 168233903295.png - (45.76KB , 500x500 , cq103.png )

A giant book with ancient text materializes in the air. The zebra mussels harpoon into the pages but they cannot breach past its sheer bulk. The book clamps shut on the zebra mussels and disappears.
No. 1062034 ID: b1ffbb
File 168233921882.png - (64.96KB , 500x500 , cq104.png )

"Cookie! I got your messages! I'm sorry I'm late. It wouldn't let me reply."
No. 1062177 ID: b8122b

She'd better teach you how to become a magical girl! But uhh for now ask if she can help out Marshal, otherwise bail out.
No. 1067127 ID: 8e43d1
File 168852973670.png - (119.83KB , 500x500 , cq105.png )

What's going on? Why is Kiki dressed like a witch? How did she get those powers?

"I'm afraid I don't have much time to explain!" Kiki says. "Cookie, did any of you find a wand?"

Cookie still has the TRANSFORMATION WAND in her inventory.

"Whew, this makes things much easier," Kiki answers. "Cookie, you need to use that wand and become a magical girl!"

"But how? When I tried it, it didn't work!"

"It will now. Just raise it in the air and you'll transform. I'll look after Sherb. You go fight the monster and save Marshal!"

((It's time to give Cookie her powers! This will influence what kind of magic and attacks our heroine will have. Majority vote wins!

Voters must choose ONE out of the following elements:

Water - sub-element Ice
Fire - sub-element Poison
Earth - sub-element Grass
Wind - sub-element Lightning
Light - sub-element Time
Darkness - sub-element Space

Sub-elements go with the primary element and cannot be mixed and matched.

Cookie will be given basic level 1 moves for this fight. What should they primarily be? Pick ONE:

Offensive - should she dish out the attacks?
Defensive - should she focus on healing?
Supportive - should she boost herself first?))
No. 1067137 ID: 273c18

Fire/poison Defensive. I want to see how we can turn those elements into healing.
No. 1067671 ID: b8122b

No. 1067841 ID: e5709d

Darkness Supportive
The darkness will be everywhere in this quest. Take advantage of the high draw pool and buff your party until they shrug off everything!
No. 1076944 ID: 8e43d1
File 169961273714.png - (54.19KB , 500x500 , cq106.png )

There's no time to lose. Cookie takes out the wand.

No. 1076945 ID: 8e43d1
File 169961309445.png - (297.88KB , 500x500 , cq107.png )

Beneath the prism, Cookie's clothes change. Bows as dark as the midnight sky adorn the top of her ears, and she wears a wizard's robe that glitters with stars from the deepest reaches of space.

Cookie now possesses the power of fire, sourced from none other than the Big Bang, the birth of the universe. It is up to her to use these flames to cleanse and heal. With that in mind, how does she approach the monster? How will she save Marshal?
No. 1076950 ID: 273c18

Well, first, experiment with your power. You have some mussels embedded in you, can you purge them with fire? Can you extinguish the flames at will?
Once you have a handle on it, engulf the main body of the monster. If the flames are harmless to friendly targets you may as well cover Marshall in them, but if the purging process is painful you might have to take it slow with him once you've gotten him separated from the monster.
No. 1076978 ID: dd3fe0

So, you don't necessarily have fire as you understand it. You kay have some sort of incredibly hot and dense and fast moving and pressurized plasma, the makeup of which will depend on how long after the Big Bang you are making your draw. Or, since Magical Girl, you probably have something that is more conceptually associated with dense, hot, fast moving, uniform plasma. So, you know, if you throw a fire lance at someone (and it'd be a beam, cause pressure and speed and such), it isn't necessary a WMD with you at the epicenter. Though you probably COULD do that. Regardless, it's an amazing weapon that shoots hot not-even-a-gas-yet at things.

Anyway! Conceptual! This plasma is astoundingly pure in nature, since nothing that has had a chance to change or dilute it has yet had a chance to exist. So you could take the concept of purity to cleanse corruption or impurity that way. Further, this is also, conceptually, the initial act of creation, the Roar Of God, as it were. So you can link that concept to thec reation of things like a new, healthy body and soul and spirit where tainted parts had to be purified out.
No. 1076980 ID: 8f9bc4

Give birth to Marshall, just like the Big Bang gave birth to everything! He'll uh, he'll be fine.
No. 1076986 ID: dd3fe0

So, something to keep in mind about the time right after the Big Bang is that the heat of it is way, way, wayyyyyy hotter than fire. So you know the main states of matter, in increasing level of heat? Solid, Liquid, Gas? And how there's one beyond that, Plasma. So Fire is generally hot gas, maybe with some plasma at the hottest parts, for the hottest fires. But there's a state BEYOND plasma, a FIFTH state of matter. It's called 'Quark-Gluon Plasma', and it's where not only are there no molecules (too hot!), not only do atoms get stripped of their electrons (too hot!), not only do the nuclei of atoms get split apart (too hot!), but the actual neutrons and protons (and their antimatter equivalents, antineutrons and antiprotons)... just melt. Leaving raw quarks and gluons and things of that scale. THIS is what is present in the first 0.000001 second of the Big Bang!
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