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File 148623434982.jpg - (268.92KB , 1173x1054 , Beautiful butterfly.jpg )
32929 No. 32929 ID: 47be15

Here you can ask me to draw some of my characters or to place fan art in this thread
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No. 47446 ID: 8255b7
File 165789600247.jpg - (129.73KB , 534x431 , BB 881.jpg )

But even if he saw them as the threat they were numbers and cunning, so they simply found a solution where he was imprisoned in our world.
No. 47447 ID: 8255b7
File 165789607060.jpg - (97.05KB , 400x456 , BB 882.jpg )

As prison of a world which would self destruct and reconstruct itself in the main purpose of holding Andrew away from escaping. He was contemporary with it, seeing as he wasn't truly able to do anything about his scenario until he notice one thing about his prison...
No. 47448 ID: 8255b7
File 165789747764.jpg - (296.51KB , 840x941 , BB 883.jpg )

The people in this world started to turn into immortals, he doesn't know why nor how it started to happen but it did, over and over in ever other cycle it continued. Andrew saw this world as being corrupted with its own disbalance. That is why he haves to destroy it over and over until something like him is created once again. And so the vicious cycle continued and it will never stop. That is the story which I wanted to tell you, in a way to explained how I and Andrew see this world and other worlds as well. So my little centipede, where would you like to go now?

No. 47458 ID: 8255b7
File 165821664670.jpg - (691.03KB , 2708x1188 , Divergent 194.jpg )

Well I just made this to primarily show what the response to what you mentioned in the previous part of the chapter. But now it is what the shorter story will be, there are tow options. First one is Social links which is the continuation of this story while the next one is the Would you kindly take a seat, which will start the interrogation part of the story. So which part would you like more the story to be continued in?

No. 47459 ID: 28d707

Ahh, we must be observed. I see… Of course, should things not go as planned I will of course step down. I serve and obey.

Inner thoughts: You coward. That’s why you are so harsh on Threshold. The most important thing is your own image. If your underlings are disobeying or you perceive something as wrong you must save face. Pompous ass, you’re a glorified PR agent, not an investigator.

Will you take a seat please
No. 47460 ID: 8255b7
File 165825640399.jpg - (787.97KB , 1609x1291 , BB 890.jpg )

No. 47461 ID: 8255b7
File 165825648883.jpg - (352.70KB , 1702x717 , BB 891.jpg )

No. 47463 ID: 3101f1

Hmm. Stoic breathing, trying to put on a brave face. But with an overwhelming sense of pompous self importance and hero worship. Why I do believe this is Lord Zirzam’s assistant who pointed her shotgun at me. A pleasure to see you again miss.
No. 47464 ID: d63ea8

Sorry for the delay, I was having to put up shelving at work. I would be interested in seeing 'Would you Kindly Take a Seat' as well.
No. 47467 ID: 8255b7
File 165828047604.jpg - (341.21KB , 1450x767 , BB 892.jpg )

No. 47468 ID: 5f4030

Now now, I’m not the one being questioned here. That goes to our prisoner here, no sense in mincing words.
No. 47469 ID: 8255b7
File 165835775939.jpg - (2.54MB , 3012x3048 , BB 893.jpg )

No. 47471 ID: 5f4030

>if I ever decide to kill you, she will probably be the person I send to abduct you.
How adorable.

Thank you, sir. You may leave.
*opens his bag and pulls out a pair of black leather gloves and pulls them on. Then a pair of scissors and begins to cut her clothes away.*
Inner thoughts: Never do this to someone with their clothes on. It’s always harder for them to be stoic when everything that covers you has been stripped away. And let’s have a look at what’s under your mask.

*sets the mask at his feet, and turns on the gramophone.*

*gives a hard open faced slap across her face*
Time to wake up.
No. 47472 ID: 8255b7
File 165840584731.jpg - (2.94MB , 3455x2669 , BB 894.jpg )

No. 47473 ID: 5f4030

I want you to understand something? This?
*slaps hard again*

That is as good as is going to get. There’s opportunity to walk out of here with only a headache if you tell us what we want to know. Otherwise, it’s going to get a lot worse. You have every opportunity to make it stop provided you answer questions truthfully.

We’ll start simple, what is your name?
No. 47474 ID: 8255b7
File 165842221763.jpg - (1.03MB , 1942x1846 , BB 895.jpg )

No. 47475 ID: 607c5a

We’ll find out I suppose. All in good time.

*walks over to his bag and pulls a large pair of scissors*

Speaking of Zirzam, you are something of a loyal dog to him. My mother loves dogs herself, do you know the trick to training dogs? Repetition. Repeat, repeat, until they get it right. And if you want that dog to perform all its tricks, and even speak con command, you cannot be shy with the whip.

Aside from being a dog, you are also insect like, which makes these…
*grabs a hold on one of her tendrils on her face*

Your antennae.

*opens the scissors and puts the tip of the antenna in it.*

Now, What is your name?
No. 47476 ID: 8255b7
File 165848625167.jpg - (681.62KB , 2116x1175 , BB 896.jpg )

No. 47480 ID: 7b5ac5

Good start. You are a bodyguard and assistant to Lord Zirzam. Is this correct?

And have patience DeRvan, as I said we are training a dog.
No. 47481 ID: 8255b7
File 165850983837.jpg - (776.34KB , 1295x1590 , BB 897.jpg )

No. 47482 ID: 7b5ac5

*snip, moves the scissors lower down the antennae.*

You will speak when spoken to. Try again.

You are the apprentice to Lord Zirzam, acting as both bodyguard and assistant, yes?
No. 47483 ID: 8255b7
File 165857827594.jpg - (1.50MB , 2764x1817 , BB 898.jpg )

No. 47485 ID: 5f4030

Mr. Glasshrauder,

I am well acquainted with this, and that is the first step. If you want them to talk, you HAVE to break their pride, for some it’s the one thing they will cling to when they are tortured. It’s why I removed her clothes, to show even that can be taken. Especially when her pride and her faith involves the man who knows directly the man we are looking for, and could be in fact a direct accomplice. It’s to show that she has nothing, no bargaining chips save for what she knows, or what else I can take away from her. That is what will get us what we want. Because what we want from her requires she betray everything she believes in.

*turns to Zilly and grabs on to her face making her look at him and shutting her up.* Do you understand me? You know what I want from you, and what I want is OBEDIENCE. When I tell you what I want you will give it, and what I want, DOG, is for you to tell me whether or not you are Zirzam’s appreciate. YES OR NO? If you say anything that I do not want to hear, I will cut of another piece of your antennae.
No. 47486 ID: 8255b7
File 165861701029.jpg - (415.60KB , 1362x1161 , BB 899.jpg )

No. 47487 ID: b3430f

Has Zirzam or any of his associates been in contact with, mentioned, or otherwise spoken about the criminal known as “Happy the Tragedy Phantom.”
No. 47488 ID: 8255b7
File 165866619436.jpg - (626.13KB , 1824x1086 , BB 900.jpg )

No. 47489 ID: 5f4030

Inner thoughts: So triumphant and Zirzam. Yet she frames them as almost being at odds. Interesting. Press further.

Does Zirzam know Happy’s identity? Do you?
No. 47490 ID: 5f4030

On the same note, explain why Triumphant has more connections with Happy.
No. 47493 ID: 8255b7
File 165882698075.jpg - (2.14MB , 2372x2784 , BB 901.jpg )

No. 47494 ID: 5f4030

Hm. What I am getting from this is that you suspect Happy might very well be someone from our universe. That may very well be the case but until further evidence shows itself, we may not know. What I think she has done is project a hatred of Triumphant and is connecting it to Happy. As you said, he was the one who arrested Zirzam. You are dedicated to him so your hatred of him checks out. What was he arrested for exactly?
No. 47496 ID: bc7677
File 165892716625.jpg - (1.02MB , 2078x1550 , BB 902.jpg )

No. 47497 ID: 5f4030

*grabs atennae and scissors*
Answer his question. I saw you got nervous and you’ve had a moment to think. I suggest you find your words.
No. 47498 ID: a219d8
File 165897096937.jpg - (1.86MB , 2652x2354 , BB 903.jpg )

No. 47500 ID: 5f4030

Thank you Mr. Glasshrauder I will take that into consideration.

Here’s the thing, Miss Zilly. I don’t care what you think of us. It doesn’t matter, no threats you can make are going to work. Insult our race, say whatever makes you feel better. It won’t help. You have one means of bargaining with us, and that’s telling us what we want to to know. You have put on a brace face, and that is admirable. But everyone in this has a breaking point. So, here’s what we are going to do.

You will tell the name we want to know, or I will dislocate your will in such a manner that even attempting to use it will cause you inscrutable pain. Is that understood?

*goes behind the chair and grabs a hold of her right wing.*

You have to the count of three to confess.

No. 47501 ID: a219d8
File 165900926374.jpg - (855.45KB , 2061x1494 , BB 904.jpg )

No. 47502 ID: 015809

No. 47513 ID: c1b1a3
File 165945162484.jpg - (1.22MB , 2346x1854 , BB 906.jpg )

No. 47514 ID: 5f4030


*gives the wing an EXTREMELY hard pull*
No. 47517 ID: 65bbdc
File 165952155512.jpg - (1.00MB , 2199x1143 , BB 907.jpg )

No. 47518 ID: 3572ef

*Corax holds Zilly down, keeping his face impartial.*

Inner thoughts: A truth serum? Really? You are an amateur at this DeRvan. The first thing is you never show any kind of weakness or hesitation when doing this, even if you think your partner in this has fumbled. Your blunder earlier in suddenly showing shock or emotion made you look like a fool. And now you have effectively undermined everything we have done. Why not simply administer the serum firstly? Unless you are intended to use this situation to make me look like I enjoy torturing people. And that’s assuming the serum even works, I’ve had bad luck with it in the past. If this fails you will not only look stupid, but you drag me with you. That I cannot have.
No. 47520 ID: 65bbdc
File 165964089154.jpg - (1.58MB , 2964x1774 , BB 908.jpg )

No. 47522 ID: 3e7c34

>leave you unable to feel pain
No, wouldn’t want that at all. Believe me.

As we were, let’s see here. The nerve ending is behind the part of the carapace where your wing was, yes? Ah yes here we go.

*rests the needle on the nerve ending*

Mr. Glasshrauder, would you kindly hand me the small hammer from my bag of instruments?
No. 47524 ID: aff302
File 165979591342.jpg - (1.61MB , 2708x1950 , BB 909.jpg )

No. 47525 ID: 3572ef

Are you really trying to play the karma card? Let me show you what all that really means in the long run.

*Corax sets the hammer and aside, then removes his wig, and uses a cloth in his suit to wipe away his cosmetics that hide his facial scaring and removes part of his false teeth.*

See? Well I’m assuming you can’t, you probably just see me as a damaged, but DeRvan over there can see my face. I think this is the first time he’s ever really seen it.
*Open his mouth to show a ghastly smile*
You don’t have teeth, so let me break this down, they did it with a tiny chisel, where the took them out above they left them below, and where the left them below they took them out above. They took a needle and a drill, and they carved up part of my head and my brain, I cannot feel pain because of this. In fact I would say they gave me an acute case of anti-social personality disorder. I don’t care what happens to other people, I don’t feel emotions for the suffering of others. Nor do I rightly feel powerful emotional attachments for people. What you are looking at, dear Zilly, is not the result of karma, or getting anything that was coming to me, it’s the result of cruelty for the sake of cruelty. And I’ve done worse to people, awful obscene things. They nag at me from time to time, but they are small things I shove to the back of my mind and it’s amazing how much space is back there. So, before I begin, I’m going to give you ONE chance to confess, name the names, and we can be done. Or we can keep going, you will suffer, and I will get nothing out of it save what is necessary for catching our target. You will either be a headline in a paper “body found floating by the docks, bloated by seawater,” or you if your lucky you can try and return to some semblance of your life before. I don’t want any thing except for you to name the names. Anything else I will take as resistance.

Now. Confess.
No. 47527 ID: aff302
File 165986971590.jpg - (972.16KB , 2820x1225 , BB 910.jpg )

No. 47528 ID: 933e61
File 165987271787.png - (119.00KB , 768x763 , 6jxnnx.png )

No. 47529 ID: 5f4030

Hm. Oh well.

*gives the head of the needle the lightest tap with the hammer putting the barest point of the needle into the nerve.*

No. 47533 ID: aff302
File 165996873613.jpg - (959.49KB , 2022x1766 , BB 911.jpg )

No. 47534 ID: da601e

*taps the hammer a little harder driving it in deeper*

No. 47535 ID: da601e

*taps the hammer a little harder driving it in deeper*

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