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File 148623434982.jpg - (268.92KB , 1173x1054 , Beautiful butterfly.jpg )
32929 No. 32929 ID: 47be15

Here you can ask me to draw some of my characters or to place fan art in this thread
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No. 44595 ID: e51896

Based off of how Agent Corax answered, his answers seems to be straight and to the point. I do find it interesting he served in the army. It would be interesting to see how his experience serves our mission. But in order to know him a little better, I'd like to ask Agent Corax this: did you join the army willingly, or was it involuntarily in some way? or is that something you don't want to answer?

And what is this small experiment you're talking about, Agent Triumphant?
No. 44596 ID: f7ff14
File 157841514546.jpg - (796.17KB , 1488x1620 , BB 457.jpg )

No. 44597 ID: 8b660e

If all of these people are suspects, they should each have their own individual file with all information that has been gathered so far on each of them. Otherwise, and I hope you can forgive me, I fear we’d be staging a kind of kangaroo court. But if this is merely who to start with, it’s an acceptable means of starting somewhere.
*tosses dart at the photos.*
No. 44624 ID: e51896
File 157885941011.jpg - (110.23KB , 508x418 , Dart location.jpg )

With all due respect, Triumphant, While I believe the Will of the World decides what our end fate is and subtly influences things to nudge us on our direction, I do not like taking a stab in the dark and relying on luck to solve my cases and problems. I believe that just blindly choosing like this and relying solely on my god to solve my problems would be an insult to The Will of the World as I am not using the experiences and trials I was given by Inkiverusus to become the detective I am today...

When I shut my eyes for my third dart, I did so to be a little symbolic with what I was saying: if I'm leaving this universe for our mission, then I will also be outside of the influence of the Will of the World's subtle guidance on the people in this world, which means I will have to rely solely on using the best of my skills and experiences that my god had me face to reach the concluded goal Inkiverusus wants from this mission. If I do my best with this mission we're about to go on, whether I succeed or fail, I will be assured that it is what Inkiverusus wants my goal to be and that my role is not misplaced... This is probably why Daro may have labeled me as an overachiever when he initially met me... also, I shut my eyes for my third dart for fun.

That said, I don't know if I feel comfortable just blindly throwing a dart even if this is just for fun speculation, but If you insist Triumphant, I will. But I'll just say I'm not going to rely only on luck here.

thoughts: instead of relying on luck, I noticed Triumphant put some pictures over others making some of the pictures harder to throw darts at instead of putting each one equally out in the open without being covered by other pictures. More specifically, the bottom left picture seems to be the most obscured... I wonder if those are suspect Triumphant suspects the least or doesn't want to be a suspect... But I don't like taking a stab in the dark without evidence despite a picture being more obscure than others or not sooo...

*aims for and shoot at the dartboard itself instead of any of the pictures (image is where I shot at)*
No. 44625 ID: f7ff14
File 157887712324.jpg - (2.27MB , 3508x2051 , BB 458.jpg )

No. 44626 ID: ede663

Inner thoughts: And what else was I supposed to do mother? Had you had your way I would have been home after I got out the army, no doubt watching you fuss about trying to find some hapless girl for me to marry. Dear mother, it’s all the better you stay out of my business as much as possible, for both our sakes.

I’m dreadfully sorry mother, but I’ve always been bound to my duties, I suppose I get it from father. I fear that I may be gone a while, but I will write to you.
No. 44677 ID: e51896

inner thoughts: Impressive, despite trying to hide my personal life, Triumphant figured out my real name, and figure out Walter and Millie is my siblings, and find out my spiritual counselor is Pag. He truly is an outstanding detective. I'll have to be more careful not to let my personal life spill into work, and let Triumphant and Daro know later to only use my code name “agent Peregrine” during missions and not my real name Trent just in case

Pag, thank you for being one of the people to bring me into the religion of Inkiverusus years ago during a low part of my life, and for being my spiritual counselor to give me the peace of mind I seeked. It helped me come to terms with my place and my role in this world. I shall in return fulfill the mission Inkiverusus had assigned me, and with the teachings of the Will of the World passed down to me, I will save others from the damnation that approaches them during my case out of the city.

*looks over at his brother Walter* That’s actually more than one thing to say, and those things contradict each other...
...No wait, nevermind, maybe that was only one thing to say after all. Was that one thing you wanted to say was actually relaying a message to me from two different people? Specifically, was the one message wishing me luck and bring honor to the family name came from one of your friends, while the other message hoping I don’t return and die came from your other friend? Where are they anyway? I usually see you with them. In any case, thanks for coming to see me off and I wish you luck as well on your own missions that you're pursuing, not that you need it. You are already a great detective as it is.
Inner thoughts: his “friends” I’m of course referring to is his sock puppets. I'm always amazed by his ventriloquism with his puppets, and I always wonder how he is able to not only keep his mouth close while he makes his puppets talk, but throw his voice at the puppets as well. That is a mystery I admittedly can't solve. Maybe Agent Corax, my new partner, would figure it out. But I don’t think it is worth his time

*looks back at Millie* Agent Scarlet, thanks for seeing me at this going away party. It looks like I’m not going to be able to teach you more tricks of the trade in being an investigator during my absence. But despite being a rookie, you are after all one of the youngest people I’ve heard of to become a detective so quickly at such a young age, which is admittedly something that even took me a bit longer to do. You will indeed do great during my absence out of the city.
No. 44679 ID: f7ff14
File 157951389489.jpg - (1.90MB , 3508x1652 , BB 459.jpg )

No. 44684 ID: 8b660e

Inner thoughts: Lately it hasn’t been dreams of a clown that does it...

Thank you mother.
No. 44688 ID: e51896

>>44679 (you accidentally had Millie, "Agent Scarlet" call my character "Agent Corax" instead of "Agent Peregrine")

Well, Agent Scarlet, if you want to know why I became a part of the religion, I think it is pretty much the same reason why our brother hangs out with his friends, to help cope with the world around me... I think once you work a few years in the police force as an investigator, Agent Scarlet, you'll know exactly what I mean by that statement. That's all I'll say about that. You have a whole life to experience as part of the Acosta investigation family.

In any case, shall I introduce you all to meet my new partner Agent Corax? I'm also interested in being introduced to that person he is with as well. HEY! Corax! over here!
No. 44689 ID: 8b660e

Ahh, I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of meeting. The honor is mine. I know that my colleague here comes from a family that has produced many a good investigator and I’m pleased to meet you both. And likewise, Peregrine, this my mother, Grushenka Karamazov.
No. 44694 ID: f7ff14
File 157991392482.jpg - (1.92MB , 3508x1836 , BB 460.jpg )

No. 44695 ID: e51896

Well, if Triumphant is okay with it, I'll take a slice too, but isn't it customary to blow out the candle first?


Hey, wait, you look familiar... Oh! you're Mr. Glasshrauder of Maverick Law Agency, aren't you? I've seen news reports about you and your agency! I heard that your agency is currently promoting our beliefs by sponsoring our religion. We greatly appreciate the sponsorship to keep the religion of Inkiverusus going strong. I'm interested in knowing how the sponsorship came about if you don't mind me asking.

Pag, do you know how the sponsorship with Maverick law agency happened as well? I've been a little busy focused with work, so I'm out of the loop a little bit.
No. 44699 ID: 8b660e

*stares Scarlett down*
I'm 35 years old. As to the subject of killing, such things wouldn't be appropriate to talk about in polite company, thank you.

Inner thoughts: Yes, i'm 35 years old, and sometimes shit the bed from previous traumas and nightmares brought about from my time, hence all the extra underwear. As for the killings, if I'm being honest, it was awful. But after a while even the horrifying gets mundane and the unimaginable becomes tedious. I'd like to feel bad about it all, but its amazing how much I can push into the back of my mind, or how much space there is. But by the looks of you and your brother, neither of you've really faced much hardship in your life. I wonder how you would have fared down in the prisons. Probably little better than me. Who knows, maybe one day you'll get that chance. But what's this? Someone new, and again my mother in her carelessness, wasn't it also her who taught me to never accept candy from strangers? Oh well. It's not like I could really enjoy cake even if I did want some.

No thank you, but it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Mr. Glasshrauder.

Inner thoughts: Lawyers, if there's one kind of person who is even less trustworthy than a politician it would be these career thieves. You look to be the kind who would have a hidden agenda, and possibly a pathological liar as well. Maybe one of these days I'll be the one your trail and we'll see how much truth you can give.
No. 44700 ID: f7ff14
File 158014353062.jpg - (2.61MB , 2917x2804 , BB 461.jpg )

No. 44701 ID: 8b660e

inner thoughts: A pathological liar? And not only this, but apparently he enjoys the art of it. A good liar will tell as much truth as they can. If this man is going to be involved in the case, then I can't take anything he says at face value. And how odd he says those names, I don't recall ever saying them outloud, nor have I heard Triumphant or Agent Peregrine say them, and I do believe that was the name I read in the case file of the person we will be investigating. Someone on the inside is leaking information, and to precisely the wrong, or perhaps the perfect person. I will probably have to question him later about who leaked him that information. But for now I have only one.

It seems that you will be a part of the case regardless of whether you would choose to be involved or not. If I may, what role will you be serving on this case?
No. 44716 ID: e51896

*whispers quietly in Triumphant's ear* hey, boss, was it a good idea for you to talk about Mr. Glasshrauder visiting "that world"? I thought our friends and family were supposed to think we are leaving to another country, not another world. I don't think they caught on luckily, but I suggest that it might be best to keep talking about our case to a minimum in public next time.

Now now, Agent Scarlet, please don't boss our brother around into doing something he doesn't want to do. It's just cake, he doesn't have to eat it if he doesn't want to. Besides, Agent Corax, Mr. Glasshrauder, and Pag didn't take a piece either.
*looks over at his brother Walter* you don't have to eat if you don't want to. Stand up for yourself a little bit.

Anyway, You're leaving already, Mr. Glasshrauder? Are you sure you can't sit and stay for one little drink? If you must leave, at least take a beverage on the go... except the green tea. For some reason, this green tea tastes a little off... must be the brand, I wouldn't recommend it... *takes a sip of the green tea regardless*

If you really must leave, I do have a few questions, and I'll start with: When Agent Corax's mother and I accepted the cake, and Agent Corax declined the offer for cake, who or what were you referring to when you said "one out of two is a beginning."?
there are eight of us here. You didn't say "Two out of eight is a beginning" instead. Just curious.
inner thoughts: it seems to imply that the cake he is offering is meant for two specific people in this room, not just the entire room. A slip of the tongue maybe? Especially curious since this is Triumphant's birthday cake and he didn't accept or decline at the time.
No. 44723 ID: f7ff14
File 158039222029.jpg - (1.77MB , 3356x1691 , BB 462.jpg )

No. 44724 ID: 12a79b

Inner thoughts: I will have to watch that man, he looks like someone who wants to be in control by any means necessary.

Well mother, it seems the time has come. Duty calls, farewell, I will write you when I can.
No. 44730 ID: e51896

Inner thoughts: Wut? did... Mr Glasshrauder took some of the green tea despite my warnings not to have the green tea specifically because it tasted weird? Hmm, maybe he is the risky adventurous sort... he is a lawyer after all

Inner thoughts: in any case, 6 minutes left huh? I don't want my siblings to know, but I'm just glad my father decided not to show up to see me leave.

hey, brother, you're going to really hate me for this, but just bear with it for a few seconds, okay? *gives a group hug to the people who came to visit me*

I must ask you all before I leave, my siblings and Pag, what will you all be doing during my absence?
And Pag, can you recite a short prayer so that Inkiverusus blesses us on our journey?

And Triumphant, is it alright if I took some of those darts with me as we exit, or should I leave them here? and also after we leave the party, there are a couple of things I want to talk about with you and agent Corax
No. 44731 ID: f7ff14
File 158066306513.jpg - (1.30MB , 2532x1891 , BB 463.jpg )

No. 44735 ID: e51896

Thanks all. *thumbs up* adios.

*takes some of the darts with him, and takes the photos off the dartboard if the photos are still on it* Triumphant, with your permission, is it alright if I take some of these darts with us? I can always leave them behind if you refuse. One of the darts got a bullseye after all. in any case, I'm ready to leave.
No. 44737 ID: f7ff14
File 158075223161.jpg - (203.19KB , 1177x340 , BB 464.jpg )

No. 44743 ID: f7ff14
File 158109460294.jpg - (1.12MB , 3256x1521 , BB 465.jpg )

No. 44753 ID: f7ff14
File 158138384396.jpg - (1.02MB , 1798x2148 , BB 467.jpg )

No. 44754 ID: 8b660e

Corax likes strong women who aren't afraid to take action and be smart. Also ones who are able to form an opinion about themselves and others. Basically, he likes honest women.

Question 1 for Ms. Feasance: "I understand you are an educator, that is a very admirable profession, i've always believed education was way to a better future. Tell me, what made you wish to take on such an important role?"
Question 2 for Scarred Ana: "As a warrior, and a guardian, what do you believe is the best form of combat or martial arts?"
Question 3 for Fire of Hate: "I understand you are quite the... shall we say 'enthusiast' of fire. If you do not mind me inquisitive nature, what do you feel when you see the fire?"
Question 4 for FBI Laura: "It seems that the military and special forces aren't as air tight as the government would like to believe. It concerns me that so many double-agents have been allowed to slip through the cracks. But where do you stand on these... Well let's call them what they are, traitors to their duty, your government, and your country?"
No. 44755 ID: e51896

Peregrine is someone who is devoted to his religion, and because of that, he believes that it was his destiny given to him by the Will of the World to become an investigator, thus he tries his best to be a great investigator for Inkiverusus. That said, I notice now that most of the people I chose as his date are people who are either part of the religion (Pag) or have relationship with his career as an investigator (Matilda being a lawyer, Laura being an investigator of her world) so he might be looking for people that he can relate and connect to with his work and beliefs. Exception is Zizzy as she is an accountant.

these are the questions he will ask:

1. (Complementary question for Matilda) I must say, I can appreciate someone who has the bravery to jump into a new career path. The ability to follow and obtain your dreams is not something everyone can say they've done. You are quite the go-getter. How did you obtain the bravery and confidence to take a huge career jump from being a chauffeur to becoming a lawyer?

2. (Polite question for Pag) your devotion to Inkiverusus is inspiring to us all, and as a spirit councilor for many, your work is motivational for us spiritually. If I may ask, may you please tell me what is your favorite story or passage from the teachings we have on the history of Inkiverusus that inspires you and your work to motivate others spiritually?

3. (inquisitive question for Laura) Your expertise and interests in explosives is pretty admirable. It has me intrigued to think that while it takes a lot of time, blood, sweat, and tears to build up something like a city building or a piece of artwork, it can all be destroyed in an instant easily by something like a bomb or a natural disaster like tornadoes or hurricanes, or vandalism. But going down this line of thinking, bombs must also be something that takes a lot of time and effort to build, doesn't it? Out of curiosity, what is your stance on when something that had been worked so hard to be built gets easily destroyed in an instant very easily?

4. (Concerning question for Zizzy) I hear that you are an accountant on a cruise ship. Does that mean most of your weeks are spent on the cruise ship even when you’re off the clock from accounting when the ship is out to sea, and if so, how have spending long periods of time on the ship away from home each week affected you? Is it rough not being home as much and instead have your off time spent at the cruise ship where you work when the ship is out to sea?
No. 44758 ID: f7ff14
File 158146658198.jpg - (1.44MB , 2612x2553 , BB 468.jpg )

No. 44759 ID: a37bff

Question 1 for Matilda: "I read the court transcripts of your first ever case. Very well done. I admire someone who brings justice to light. How has this fist case affected how you will be a lawyer?

Question 2 for Pag: "I must apologize, I am not a god-fearing man, nor do I truly believe in fate. A colleague of mine however is a member of your church however. But do you have a words for an unbeliever like myself?"

Question 3 for FBI Laura: "Your... penchant, for explosives is very peculiar. Although, it's odd for someone of in law enforcement like yourself to be so versed in explosives. From my understanding most of what the FBI covers in white collar crime. I suspect law enforcement wasn't your first job, perhaps.... Demolitions special forces? Which would make you a former soldier. How alike we are."

Question 4 for Zizzy: "I am not really one to judge how choose to spend their lives. By all means, do whatever you please, as long as it stays within the law. However, don't you wish you could be more than just an accountant for a cruise ship? I imagine the boat sailing the same routes over gets samey even after a while."
No. 44761 ID: e51896

lol, first Nathaniel, now Peregrine. How is it that Ms. Feasance keeps getting involved romantically with my characters?

1. (Complementary question for Matilda Ms Feasance) ...I think I've heard you already have a boyfriend. Well, with all respect for you and your boyfriend, I don't want to butt into your relationship as I feel really uncomfortable in doing so. If you wish, you can leave and we can forget about all this if you want. I won't be offended in any way.
But I will say, I have just now realized that we share very similar background to some degree. Both of us having lost a mother we held dear in our childhood, both of us was born from a father whom is a high ranking member of their position, and both of us were born into a secluded life with very little social life outside of it with mostly the teachings we were given: you with the teachings from the community Root rules over, and me with the teachings from being part of a large family with a legacy based heavily off of my father's career. For that, I know that you are a mentally strong woman for going through all that. I must ask... where did you find the strength to go through it all, to go through knowing people might have high expectations of what we do based off of being born from a highly revered father, or with the knowledge that what we accomplish people may see only as thanks to being from a revered family instead of it being thanks for our hard work, or to live secluded with nothing but what we were taught into our positions by our fathers? How do you remain amazingly strong through it all? inner thoughts: I got my strength my religion, but I wonder how Ms. Feasance got her strength from

2. (Polite question for Pag Scarred Ana) I heard you have helped Triumphant and other investigators on the case being worked on, and I must thank you for helping out with our investigation thus far. Your contributions will go unnoticed. I thank you for that. Can I please ask for your future assistance in the investigations, and if yes, can you please tell me how far you are willing to go and how much you would be willing to sacrifice in order to see justice done in the investigation?

3. (inquisitive question for Laura Fire of Hate) I found out that you are a bodyguard operating within the area. While my partners and I are well armed and protected, it might be wise to hire a bodyguard who is familiar with the area and hazards to help out a bunch of foreigners such as us. Though when researching your job resume, the only payment you ask for is "love of fire". Interesting. can you explain in detail about that payment such as how much love is required? And where did you're love of fire come from?

4. (Concerning question for Zizzy Laura) The career you chose as an investigator for your country is very respectful for what you do to keep justice alive for the citizens. As an investigator, not counting death or failure, what is something that scares you the most when on a mission, and what do you do to conquer those fears?
No. 44762 ID: f7ff14
File 158161098855.jpg - (2.85MB , 3428x2817 , BB 469.jpg )

No. 44763 ID: 2a54d2

I know quite a bit about sacrifice... I’ll help In anyway that I can. But there will be certain things and certain people I won’t be able help you on.
No. 44764 ID: 12a79b

Matilda: "How funny our lives seem to change when we're in a fight for our lives. I've been in a situation note [/i]entirely unlike[/i] yours. Had it not been for that, I wouldn't be here. I assume you have gone through so formal law training since that event?"

Pag: "I'm not incredibly versed in religion as I am the law. But your phrase 'everything happens for a reason' is a double edged sword. Does this mean you believe in a karmic balance? Or do you believe in divine plans?

FBI Laura: "It's a sad day many of us have to face, when we lose our friends and colleagues to this job. But I hope I can be forgiven if I am wrong, but by your tone, it doesn't seem there was any love lost between you and your fellow members of the FBI."

Zizzy: "Ah. A normal life. How I wish I could return to that. I never once said your life was bad thing, I was merely curious. But answer your question, because what else is there?"
No. 44775 ID: e51896

Ms Feasance: Yeah, you're right, while there are similarities in our upbringing, we ultimately do not know too much about each other at the end of the day. inner thoughts: like her not knowing my career is an investigator, where I'm from, or what religion I follow.
I admittedly got a little bit too excited by the coincidences we had on our pasts and how much they could of possibly related to us and thus jumped to conclusions a little bit. Anyway, I'll respect your privacy.
But regardless, whatever we went through, just know that the bad experiences we had made us stronger and wiser because of it, and while those were unfortunate event, they were destined and necessary to help make us wiser than others in surviving this current mad, mad world.

Scarred Ana: That is understandable, just as long as what you do is legal with what you can't help us with.
And also, I'm not sure what past life you had, or if you had closure from it during it, but if not, I'll just say, sometimes things just can't have closure, what happened is all in the past. Instead, use the past life that was destined to you to focus on taking good care of your friends with the knowledge you've gained in this life, but also, let them focus on living their lives as well, not force them into a life you want... I'm speaking from experience from what I went through. inner thoughts: Like with my father and his high expectations of me as part of the family legacy of investigating for example.

Fire of hate: Duly noted. I will see about getting fire resistant suit(s), and see if I can get a fire proof container to carry my belongings in so they don't get burned and destroyed as well. But it is nice to know that you've found an outlet for your pyrotechnic hobby by using it as a means to protect the people who hires you. My hobby is a little more simple in comparison. Nothing special, just darts. I tend to play them during my free time when I'm all alone... with that in mind, I'm actually really good at it...
Hey, this might sound odd, but, with permission from our host, can I see a small example of your skills with fire? just small enough so we don't burn this whole place up?

Laura: You brought up the topic of bombs so casually... I wonder, Do the bombs which protect you from your fears and keep you calm is because the bombs hold a more sympathetic meaning to you, like a reminder of someone you care deeply about which is related to bombs?
But in any case, It's good you found something that brings you comfort through your fears. My own fears that I have would have to be not being able to live to the high standards and expectations others have in me especially considering the life I was raised in. However, I have my friends and my beliefs in my destiny given to me that keep me comfort.
I know what I'm going to say is very cheesy, But in addition to your bombs that protect you, have you considered adding another thing or even another person to comfort you and protect you from your fears in addition to your bombs?
No. 44776 ID: 2bd15b
File 158171887973.jpg - (2.41MB , 3508x2154 , BB 470.jpg )

No. 44793 ID: e51896

What is love? Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more

...what, that doesn't count and is just plagiarism? fine.
In that case, love is a wonderful trust between two people to help one another get through the worst of times, but sometimes, there can be arguments, disappointments, and lies. But the thing about love is despite those transgressions, you don't give up on your significant other and try to make each other become your best selves. Just remember to not give up on each other even through the worst of it.

Or something like that, I dunno... HEY! Most importantly, since I have the Mic, check out these mad skillz!!! *beat-boxes horribly*
No. 44800 ID: 2bd15b
File 158176663550.jpg - (1.31MB , 3404x1451 , BB 471.jpg )

No. 44807 ID: e51896

Okay, everyone, don't lie which of the following categories do you value most?
1. Your Friends
2. Your Family
3. Community or company you're in (like work, religion, clubs, government, etc.)
4. Your Material Possession(s)

Inner thoughts: Can you hear my thoughts Demoria? If you need some cheering up over what Essence did, just think of it this way: Essence literally just put her entire face where my ass would of been if I wasn't a slime, so if you think about it, she is basically a ass kisser, almost literally! Hope that gave you a laugh at Essence's expense.
No. 44808 ID: 2bd15b
File 158186236447.jpg - (808.95KB , 2868x1073 , BB 473.jpg )

No. 44809 ID: e51896

Feasance: 1 friends

Scarred: 2 family

Fire of Hate: 4 material possession (I'm not sure if fire counts as a material possession or not, she does have her lighter and other things which causes fire so...)

Laura: 2 family (I would have said material possessions like her bombs in the story, but I have a feeling her interests in bombs are more of an emotional attachment to her father)

Agent Peregrine:3 Community
No. 44813 ID: 83fce1

Matilda: Friends

Pag: Community

FBI Laura: Friends

Zizzy: Community

Corax: None of the above
No. 44816 ID: 2bd15b
File 158194355204.jpg - (1.07MB , 3412x1124 , BB 474.jpg )

No. 44817 ID: 8b660e

Matilda: Only for a day, for your girlfriend I assume

Pag:You will take whatever your god says is right.

FBI Laura:No.

Zizzy: No.

Corax: No.
No. 44820 ID: e51896

Feasance: 4

Scarred: 2 (also, did Scarred voted what she would choose as an answer for the previous question?)

Fire of Hate: 1

Laura: 2

Agent Peregrine: 3
No. 44824 ID: 2bd15b
File 158203074331.jpg - (972.63KB , 2980x1184 , BB 476.jpg )

No. 44825 ID: 8b660e

Matilda: Yes.

Pag: Yes, but over a period of time.

FBI Laura: No.

Zizzy: Yes, but over a period of time

Corax: Yes, but only until they show they can be trusted

Scarred’s answers:
Question 1: My family
Question 2: No.
Question 3: Yes but over time
No. 44828 ID: e51896

Feasance: 2 Yes but over a period of time
Scarred: 3 Yes, but not until they prove that they can be trusted
Fire of Hate: 4 No
Laura: 3 Yes, but not until they prove that they can be trusted
Peregrine: 4 No (though depending on the circumstances, maybe 3. But for this answer: mainly 4)
No. 44831 ID: 2bd15b
File 158212938271.jpg - (1.77MB , 3256x2588 , BB 477.jpg )

No. 44832 ID: 47d74b

Matilda: Thank you, I'm not quite as good at figuring out what women want from me as others. However, you already have someone in your life. Nevertheless, it was a good time and I wish you and your love well.

Pag: I admit, you are more pleasant than most people of faith I have encountered before. Although, I don't believe or follow your doctrine, I wish you and your followers well.

FBI Laura: Who was it who said that "There's no pain greater than that a broken heart?" Whoever it was was a sentimental shit who needed to spend more time on a firing line. Regardless, duty calls. Keep your chin up, stay strong, and you'll find your way through.

Zizzy: No I must also be the one to apologize, I admit I may not have put my best foot forward with you. Nevertheless I admire you and your drive to do well, and it's been a long time since anyone asked me questions like that, truly, no one ever does. If it were my choice, I'd like to see you again sometime.
No. 44835 ID: e51896

(this part is Agent Peregrine speaking)

Feasance: And that is probably for the best. And my parting words to you is: Be the best girlfriend you can be for your boyfriend.

Scarred: well it seems you got all the points right about me, but I guess that is to be expected from a voice who can see and hear a lot of things. Just be careful, you might spy upon a truth that is unacceptable and unbearable to believe. My only advice is to either choose to accept that truth and adapt to it accordingly, or fight to change that truth. Just be absolutely sure which choice you would make before you make it.

Fire of Hate: To be fair, I didn't really tell you all that much about me... but hey, we only just met, and perhaps it is possible our paths may cross again. Hey, let me ask, if I ever end up in the vicinity, what can I do to locate you, or contact you for your bodyguard services or otherwise? do you have any contact information?

Laura: I cannot imagine what you might be going through, and I can't say I have a definite answer to solve it, but all I can say is to press on. Whatever you're up against serves a purpose towards how you will grow in your future. It all depends on how you interpret that purpose. Will you use those experience to grow and become stronger from it, or will you let it be and go with the flow of things, or will you allow yourself to succumb to the misery? The only way you can find out what your purpose is in all that is going on is to do your absolute best in what you want to accomplish and don't give up until the bitter end.

(this part is Null speaking)

inner thoughts: before we part ways again, Demoria, I'd think I should give you a progress report on how I am doing in convincing Spirit Contaminator to contact you as you requested:

inner thoughts: I've decided to take your advice and take a patient approach in this mission. From what I understand, Spirit Contaminator is an emotional wreck, was forced to take Essence's place as leader, and decided to try to become like her. But despite that, she doesn't seem to want to execute me and feels remorse for TV head and I for being forced into captivity by Essence even seeing it as a cruel joke that Essence pulled on us. But she nonetheless said she'll still kill me as Essence's other followers still want me dead...

inner thoughts: ...Though I'm wondering whether or not if they all truly want me executed considering that after I told them to wait for Ember to join in my execution, every single one of them were quick to agree on that and all decided to hold off on the execution without argument... Maybe their want to execute me is a tribe or mob, or bystander mentality kind of thing. So that said, I'm thinking that if I want Spirit Contaminator to contact you, I'll have to try to gain the majority of their trust, which is fine because that means I can also get us some information on what kind of people they are and plan accordingly.
TV head is easy, as he is a literal confused brain damaged idiot who doesn't even want to be there,
Felafaf might be difficult as I tried to make a deal with Essence to absorb her powers if we won that ballte... she tried to do a tarot reading on me though >>41879, I'm hoping there are no side-effects from it, but I haven't felt different thankfully.
Anubis will probably be very difficult as she loved Essence... but I'm wondering if she is operating kind of on the mentality of a dog, as she was very loyal to Essence, has unconditional love for Essence, and Essence even had her dress up like a dog... I might have to factor that mentality when speaking to Anubis.
As for Ember... errr... I'm not too sure. Spirit Contaminator said Ember is the one who wants me dead the most, despite it being Essence's fault for trying to convince her to stay outside of my body during the battle with me only making sure she follows those orders... I'm not sure how to start with her so I'll focus on the others for now.

inner thoughts: But nonetheless, I'm not giving up. But listen, in case I don't make it through this, perhaps you should start considering finding someone to replace me as a contingency plan, as I am very worried about what will happen to you if you don't have someone to help you during my absence... But don't give up on me. Count on me to succeed one way or another

inner thoughts: ... Oh and tell Wildcat that despite his tuna breath, I miss him... oh, and I miss you too Demoria.
If you have any advice on this mission I'm on, please let me know.

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