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File 148623434982.jpg - (268.92KB , 1173x1054 , Beautiful butterfly.jpg )
32929 No. 32929 ID: 47be15

Here you can ask me to draw some of my characters or to place fan art in this thread
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No. 45230 ID: fd40d4

Of course.
No. 45232 ID: e51896

Thank you Agent Corax.

And thank you for your patience. You know, since we are talking about those robots, it comes to mind that with all those robots that came to your home world to help your species, I wonder if it made things a tad difficult in other ways for you as well with them in your world, because if there are robots fixing things and trying to help your world and the people living there, one might assume there won't be as many people who would no longer require your help with your rituals as you use those rituals to help others as sustenance (not to mention your empathy sensory) since there are robots helping others instead of you.

But I think what I want to know most right now is the robots themselves in general, since I earlier asked for a drawing of one but never got them.

Basically, I want to ask is the details on the robots in your home world. I want to know what exactly did they look like and how they function... for example, what did the robot you spoke with look like, and did the other robots that appeared in your world look the exact same as the one you spoke with... or are they perhaps all different from each other?
if they are different, Are they vibrant or bland in color? do they have any traits in their appearance such as any of the robots looking like a specific animal, monster or human? and did they have any other specific mechanics in them besides helping people or repairing such as a defense mechanisms to protect themselves with? If any of those robots had names for some reason, that would also help.

Please let me know as much details about the robot you spoke with and the other robots that you can remember from your world that stood out to you.
No. 45233 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Corax and Peregrine seem to have this handled. You shouldn't have pitted them against one another, they function far better as a team.

"Something to keep in mind I guess."

Inner Thoughts: As for the stenographer, keep the focus on her. The she opens up more you can match her.

"Well um why don't you see if you can meet up with him? You seem like someone who'd be f-fun to hang out with. Do you uh have any common interests?"
No. 45234 ID: 2bd15b
File 158904172963.jpg - (1.27MB , 2434x1727 , BB 509.jpg )

No. 45235 ID: 5f4030

On the contrary Mr. Thruster. I think it is a wonderful question to ask and all the reason to have this young woman on our team. If we can figure out where these robots came from we may figure out where our next lead is in finding Happy.

Speaking of which, I forgot to ask you the most basic question of all. What is your name?
No. 45237 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: You've had your fair share of second guessing and awkward situations. Offer some benign advise.

"uh Maybe you could ask about his interests? And um s-see if you can get involved in something he's doing? Try and uh establish a friendship before... y-you know."

Inner Thoughts: Corax has the right idea, the sheer amount of wealth, industrial potential and/or connections would narrow down the list of suspects and possibly provide another avenue of inquiry.

*Threshold sets the communicator so that both detectives can hear him:*

"The subject likely won't have a lot about the specifics of these robots, but we will look into this lead further once the interrogation is wrapped up."
No. 45288 ID: e51896

*was lost in deep thought over the statement of the robots, starts thinking about the agricultural spider robots, and some earlier statements she mentioned and his eyes widen in realization*

Thanks for the support Corax, I really appreciate you having my back. However, if there is one person who needs to explain my reasoning to Oxilary Truster, it will have to be me.

So one of the reasons why I am particularly interested in the robots was because when I asked earlier about the robots as well as the two clients the suspect worked her ritual on, she kept silent about all of them for a time, not wanting to draw one of the suspects, or the robots when I asked, or not giving me names.
But now that she is more willing to talk about the suspects such as their names, I'd thought I would also ask again about the details of the robots because as a detective, I need to make sure all loose ends are tied up.
Basically, I wanted to find out any behavior patterns and operations of the robots to get a better idea of how they function and in turn how their creator or owner is planning. Basically, I wanted to see why it would be necessary go through all those miles of sending an army of robots to help an entire species just to convince one person to help with a small ritual

And... it is a good thing I did because I may have just found another contradiction in her statement just now... something that just does not add up to me...

Here is what I mean: I recall that she stated that she is part of a species who's source of sustenance or food is through performing rituals.
they however were unfortunately forced into large amounts of unreasonable restrictions by the Dimensional Tribunal of what they can or cannot do with their rituals, thus making their living situations in far worse conditions, perhaps putting them in an era of famine.

That is until one day, a robot arrives to offer help, and later on a group of robots enter their world to help save their famished world...

and the robots that were sent to save them from famine were as the suspect just stated... simple agricultural spider-shaped robots...

Agricultural... as in the process of growing crops... or fruits and vegetables...

The thing that is very contradictory to me here is that if her race's source of food for themselves is from the rituals they perform, wouldn't sending agricultural robots be absolutely useless then?

I mean, their source of food is from rituals... not fruits or vegetables...

And not to mention, with her actions of wanting to help the horned woman no matter how much she protested, one could assume that her forcing her help on her wasn't just from an act of her sense of empathy... but also an act of starvation.
I'm wondering if those robots were just simple agricultural robots or not...

...your thoughts, Corax, Oxilary?
No. 45289 ID: 2bd15b
File 158938492808.jpg - (1.81MB , 3508x1689 , BB 510.jpg )

No. 45290 ID: 5f4030

*taps the side of his mouth thoughtfully before getting out his notes and scribbles something down.*

Yes. I do. Why do you act as though you’ve got something to hide, Mr. Oxilary? I’ve been in enough interrogations to recognize behavior where the suspects would get angrier as evidence against them came out.

And really, dreams of a a mass murderer? Where did you get those?
No. 45296 ID: d63ea8

"I- uh."

Inner Thoughts: Things are starting to get a bit pointed, you need to step in. Don't talk down to Corax or he'll lash out. Have him falling in line be his idea.

*Threshold thumbs the communicator to Corax only:*
"He trying to distract you Corax. The more he pulls you away from the investigation the better reason he has to remove you from it."

Inner Thoughts: Now undermine his actions with care.

"The more suspicions you reveal, the better footing Dervan will be on. He's a trained liar, and is much more connected than either of us. Please, I need you to stay on this case, so don't fall for his tricks."

Inner Thoughts: There. Now for the more... banal issue.

"I er don't really know h-how to approach that then... I mean a lot of people around here are... self-assured, and a lot more of them um 'suck up.' So... if he's not interested in romance..."
No. 45297 ID: d6544b

Bah, it doesn’t matter, forgive me for my speculation. I don’t mean to sound accusatory, just an old habit. As you said yourself we are merely here to ensure all evidence is looked at, you are our superior officer. Proceed as you will.
No. 45298 ID: e51896

*looks away from Dervan, Corax, and the prisoner and starts thinking to himself while Corax is talking with Dervan, not looking at anyone*

inner thoughts: hmm... so the Horned woman she met twice and spoke with was "Essence" and was also... her client in the body switching ritual? But why does that not make sense...
hmm... she said in her statement that the two times she met Essence, her soul was comparable to a trapped princess who was looking for strong fighters >>45177...
but she told me earlier that the horned woman's soul, her client, was screaming for a solution for her suffering to end, different from wanting strong fighters considering she was going to have a body swapping ritual >>45132
It almost sounds like this horned woman has two different perspectives... personalities... or maybe... is two different people? Now that I think about it... our prisoner didn't even want to think or even talk about her client in the body swapping ritual as there were so much regret and sadness in the horned woman's eyes that made it hard for her to even focus before Corax and Dervan showed up >>45116 so... maybe there could have been a mistake in identity?

inner thoughts: what if this horned woman who was her client in the body swapping ritual, and the horned woman known as Essence she just now claimed she met two times before are two different people and not one in the same like we are assuming? hmmm... maybe I should ask a little about the horned woman's appearance but use the classic interrogation technique of bluffing and leave out other defining features Essence had such as her razor sharp teeth to make sure...

*continues to have his back turned on everyone not looking at everyone as he speaks*
Well, now that we got the meaningless questions about the robots out of the way and that loose end is tied up, I can ask a more important question related more to the case at hand regarding Happy before Truster starts his interrogation.

And while I want to ask about the first time you met Essence, I think we had enough of sidestepping questioning the crime you were unknowingly a part of, and ask the only other question I can think of which is regarding your client in the body swapping ritual, the horned woman specifically.
Just to clarify, if this horned woman client of yours was Essence and therefore Happy's accomplice, that would mean her appearance was that of horns, which was damaged recently to be used to injure her vision, which also means her appearance now has damaged vision as well.

Besides the damaged horns and damaged vision, that would mean there was nothing else out of the ordinary or defining in her appearance such as a normal nose and nostrils, normal mouth flat teeth and pink tongue, normal long hair and normal ears, or no other injuries on her person, correct?
No. 45299 ID: 2bd15b
File 158972963807.jpg - (3.34MB , 3508x3038 , BB 511.jpg )

No. 45300 ID: d63ea8


*Threshold covers his face as Dervan beats Corax with the chair.*

"Fuck -shit- I-I... damn -I mean- what the f-fuck..."

Inner Thoughts: You need to pull together, get a handle on the situation before it gets worse.

"W-why does e-everyone he-ere have to b-be a FUCKING psycop-path."

Inner Thoughts: You know why. Now you have a job, do it.

*Threshold wipes the tears from his eyes.*

And I c-can't go in either. Shit."

Inner Thoughts: No, but you still have pieces on the board, the stenographer could be a new addition. Now act before this escalates further.

"F-fuckin'... okay."

*Threshold set the channel to both detectives:*
"Corax, stay on the ground. Don't draw attention to yourself. I'll... try and f-fix this."

"Peregrine, don't react, don't try to help Corax. Ask the questions your were going to ask. I can't see Corax from over here, so I need you to be my eyes. Cough once if it looks like he can stand up, twice if it looks like he can't."

*Threshold thumbs off the communicator and takes the stenographer off of his shoulders.*

"P-please run o-over t-to the infirmary and get the d-doctor. I-I don't know h-how l-long C-Corax h-has."

*Threshold is shaking like a leaf and is starting to hyperventilate.*
No. 45301 ID: 5f4030

inner thoughts: You shouldn’t have done that. I will kill one day Dervan. Now I am all but certain you have something to do with this case and you have something to hide. Peregrine will need to step carefully around you. From now on. As for myself I’ve endured worse.

You’re correct I don’t feel this. It’s barely an itch. Hmm, I think you have punctured a lung. As for your assessment of me during this interrogation... *smiles*

We’ll see.
No. 45302 ID: 5f4030

Agent Peregrine, in my briefcase underneath my instruments, *coughs up blood* damn, There is all the files we were given on this case and everything I was able to find. Why does no ever read the damn files this thing would be common knowledge? “The Horned Woman.” Was in a way the being known “Essence of Life,” but at the same time not. From what I read the being was something of akin to a replicating cancer cell. Always able to restart- *Coughs up more blood and rolls on to the side* sorry losing to much blood... Have to... rest now... get the files... Peregine
No. 45332 ID: e51896

*to Corax* Please rest and save your energy, Corax. I will bring you to the infirmary after this interview is over. Just hang in there

*notices there was nervousness is Threshold's voice, decides to just cough once in order to signal to Threshold that Corax can stand on his own to calm him down*

inner thoughts: I didn't want to lie like that, but I need to keep everyone level headed and avoid distractions. But shoot, This will mean that I will probably now be on a shorter time to get the answers needed so I can personally bring Corax to the medical room myself to get the medical treatment he needs before he succumbs to his injuries.

inner thoughts: So the horned woman client was not Essence, but in some way is Essence... Yes, I feel that makes more sense if the client wasn't Essence considering what we know. But now I have to find a connection between her client and Happy.
Now that I think about it, with both Essence, and this horned woman being the same, but different, I might have to reinterpret what that painting "Lying on a shooting star" >>43195 actually was. Instead of that interpretation of being two different moralities of Essence, representing purity and impurity with angel and devil as initially thought, perhaps it is literally two different people after all, like maybe Essence was the one on the wire while the hanging girl was actually the prisoner's client... but then why would her client have horns like Essence? hmm, I wonder, perhaps I should take a different approach as to how the client looked, and what she saw. After all, there are more differences between the angel and demon in that painting besides having horns or not...

Inner thoughts: And I think I know where Dervan is going with wanting me to stare at the suspect, he wants to use my past misery in order to break the suspect with her hunger and her desires to help me. She is from a famished world... and based off her wanting to help her client by any means necessary with her rituals for sustenance, especially since her client's soul was in intense agony, I'll need to make myself look appetizing to her starvation but keep my distance from her in order to keep her from having her perform any rituals on me... she is chained up after all. Which means I'll have to open my mind more to my past while speaking and staring at her

*walks over and stands between the prisoner and the mirror, and stares directly at the prisoner*

*shrugs* Well... alright, I mean, if me staring at you is truly what you really want, then I'll oblige to your request and Truster's orders to stare into your eyes until Truster requests otherwise. This is the path you chose, and I'll respect it.

That said, I'll start by asking these: Your client you said have suffered quite a lot to make her take part in this ritual, but yet, she also tried to refuse the ritual, even going as far as to destroy her eyesight which lead you to believe she was also a reckless girl. Since you can look into someone's past through their eyes, I want to know what key moments did you exactly see through your client's eyes that stood out to you that you believe made her reckless to the point of suffering and wanting to do this ritual, and also to make her change her mind to making a reckless decision to try to stop the ritual by destroying her eyesight with her horn...
If you're looking for somewhere to start with your answer then start by telling me how exactly did she get the tools to summon you and perform such a ritual in her desperation?
I only ask this because something is driving this client to cause such intense suffering and reckless actions that nobody would do normally and I want to find out what exactly is causing such behavior.

And also for my other question: pretend that your client did not have any horns like Essence did and before she damaged her vision with her horn... what would she of looked like without the horns and without the injuries to her horns and vision? Was there anything that stood out to you in particular that made her look different from Essence?

Inner thoughts: >>45116 >>45132 hahhh... the smoking pumpkin. one look at it and people would praise it as a carefully and skillfully crafted jack-o-lantern. The singular purpose of being something for people to look at and appreciate, perhaps a contender for the top 10 jack-o-lantern designs at a pumpkin carving contest, giving all the praise and rewards to its creator and not the Jack-o-lantern itself... but the thing is, it isn't called the smoking JACK-O-LANTERN, just the smoking PUMPKIN
...I always interpreted it as a pumpkin instead of a jack-o-lantern, a fruit that has been taken away from the patch it was peacefully and quietly growing from and had it's seeds and guts taken out, it's body carefully carved away to the design of how its creator wants it to be, and a smokey flame inside that lights it up to catch the attention of people who pass by to praise it's creator as the smoke inside damages the the pumpkin in soot. A purpose that does it's job well as a jack-o-lantern and its artist, but as a pumpkin I feel it is rotting without its patch, seeds, and guts and failed to grow properly.
Maybe I saw myself as that pumpkin that wanted to grow normally but was whisked away from it early on to become something bigger than itself, something my father intensely trained me most my life to become at an early age.
I'm am thankful I found Inkiverusus in my life and dedicated my life as a detective to the Will of the World instead of dedicating it to my father and his family line of skillful investigators he wants my siblings and I to become and the high expectations my entire family and others has of me. But it still hurts that I have to live a life where people only view and know me with the high expectations as the "skillful son of my legendary father and part of the family line of master detectives" instead of seeing me as "Agent Peregrine", a detective with his own skills. It's like everything I do people see as thanks to my upbringing from my father instead seeing it as my own abilities I've worked so hard to gain myself.

No. 45338 ID: 2bd15b
File 159043567052.jpg - (4.19MB , 3508x3967 , BB 512.jpg )

No. 45339 ID: 5f4030

Inner Thoughts: I’m not afraid of death, you entitled shit. But I hate losing...

On that same line of thought the difference between Essence and your Client, you think you could draw her? Or do we have someone who could draw her based on your description? We have photos of Essence that we could use. I would like to compare the two.
No. 45341 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: It's almost too much for you. It was fine when you could concentrate on the subject, but Dervan has got you all over the place.

"I c-can't fucking think straight."

Inner Thoughts: That might be what he wants, using Corax's defiance against you. Dervan is making an example and is trying to bait out any weakness from you.

"A-at l-least Corax is s-standing d-down."

Inner Thoughts: And he can stand under his own power, more or less.

*Threshold glances over at the stenographer, but doesn't say anything.*

Inner Thoughts: As much as you want to get answers and progress in the interrogation, part of your really wants to see Dervan put in his place. That means your time limit has been moved up.

"Do we have enough?"

Inner Thoughts: Enough to at least warrant further investigation. Inform Peregrine, but be vague. Corax... is too hard to predict at this point, and you can't afford to upset the current stalemate.

*Threshold flips the communicator to the Peregrine-only channel:*

Inner Thoughts:Breathe.


"Make your next questions count."
No. 45399 ID: e51896

I am going to start by saying aloud a lesson that I have learned that stuck with me
inner thoughts: a lesson that I have learned from the church
There will be times when on your minecart, the track you are on moving towards your destination will take you into a forest or a cave full of darkness and scary predators just waiting for their opportunity when their prey becomes vulnerable enough for them to strike. It can get really easy for one to lose their sense of serenity and their fears control their actions to try to escape or derail the minecart they are on and run away from the destined track and act without thinking only to end up lost deep within the dark scary forest or cave for either predators to hurt or scare you to ensure you're right back on the track if you are lucky, or worse end up lost forever and become just another meal for the predators to enjoy.
If the cart you are on is on such a track that takes you into such a scary environment like the one we're on now, it is important to not let your fears dictate your actions and cloud your vision and instead assess the situation and read between the lines of what is really going on around you. The important thing you need to remember is to stay in the safety of the minecart and not run from the built track that has been proven to be ridden many times towards the destination you're heading, for there is a reason why the track was built into such a terrifying place for us to experience in the first place. It is an experience you must endure if you wish to eventually exit the dark forest or cave and reach the prize at the end of the ride
inner thoughts: for the will of the world has set you on this track for a reason, and built the minecart to protect you, and your prize at the end of the track will be great if you can endure it and not run from the ride of truth and into danger.

While I say this out loud, my message is expressed more towards you, prisoner. I notice that you are becoming scared about the situation which is normal especially with the situation that is laid before you. But I want you to know that in reality, you shouldn't worry. You have nothing to worry about especially if you have nothing to hide. The truth of the matter is that right now, Truster is looking for results, and as it stands, seeing as you have nothing to fear and nothing to hide, if Truster doesn't get his results, my partner Agent Corax's brains will be blasted. And I know deep down, your empathy will not allow that to happen. If you want to save Corax, I need you to stay on the track, and tell us what we need to know, for you are the only one who can save Corax now, prisoner.
And I can help you through this to save Corax's life. I just need you to stare deep into my eyes as I ask you my question, and I will lead you through the track out of the dark forest together
*stares directly at the prisoner*

Now then, regarding the robots, they are the type that are would be glad to help others in their time of need, aren't they?
I believe it is safe to come to the conclusion that the robot you spoke with long ago was the same, if not, similar to the broken robot that was found destroyed at the scene of the crime, seeing as you just now said you recognize that robot as the one that played a part in starting the ritual, correct?

with that in mind, I've come to the realization that because you came across that familiar broken robot and that gun when you first showed up, I am starting to think that this Ana person may have actually stolen that gun from the robot, and she could have destroyed that robot in order to take the gun from it to start the ritual herself... why else would it be broken before you arrived with Ana having that gun with her?
this leads me to believe that maybe... the gun was not meant for Ana to use in the first place...
and seeing as you already knew that one of the client's name was "Laura" without anyone telling you who she was during interrogation, that meant that you knew beforehand from that robot the people who you were going to perform the ritual on. You knew the name of who the other client was along with Laura's name
So with those facts in mind, if that gun was not intended to be for Ana seeing as the robot was broken perhaps by Ana to take the gun... then who was supposed to be the intended actual client that was to use the gun for the ritual with Laura if it wasn't Ana? Who did that robot tell you was the intended person to actually give that gun to if it wasn't Ana?

*as he stares at the prisoner, he thinks about the painting of Ana and Essence in order to help the prisoner remember what Ana looks like after hearing Corax's question to the prisoner* >>43195
No. 45404 ID: 2bd15b
File 159187264480.jpg - (3.73MB , 3508x3352 , BB 514.jpg )

No. 45407 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: Peregrine was directing that sentiment to you as well. It's deterministic, and is likely rooted in his spiritualistic aspects.

*Threshold reaches for his notepad again, but then stops.*

Inner Thoughts: The stenographer is still here, keep these new insights to yourself until you're able write in peace. More importantly, Peregrine is taking control of the situation again. He is firmly 'on your side' so you need to pull it back together.

*Threshold takes a slow steady breath, but winces as Corax is hit with the gun.*

Inner Thoughts: Take control of what's on your side, and then start pushing back. Dervan has already made the assessment, much like Peregrine, that the subject's empathy can be just as much of a weakness as a strength. By using Corax as a hostage he can escalate the situation without having to harm the subject, but that's going to change very soon. Corax is already down, pushing him any further might get him killed. That just leaves you with Peregrine. First, stall.

*Threshold speaks into the communicator so that only Peregrine hears him:*

"Ask about the character sheet, the information on it might indicate the method of surveillance Happy uses or what other contacts he might have."

Inner Thoughts: Next, gain leverage.

*Lowering the communicator, Threshold turns to the stenographer.*

"Here, it me help you back up to the glass."

*Threshold lifts her back onto his shoulders.*

Inner Thoughts: Don't be obvious, just be professional.

"We might want to get this new information recorded."

Inner Thoughts: Now for Corax. Don't be commanding, be rational.

"We're going to need someone sent over from the infirmary, but they'll have to wait outside the interrogation room. I can signal Peregrine to move Corax outside and therefore keep the subject ignorant of our observation."

Inner Thoughts: Corax might try to antagonize Dervan again, you need to prevent that. Be vague, but supportive.

*Threshold raises the communicator again, but sets it to the Corax-only channel:*

"We have witnesses, and people are being called. Try to stay safe in the meantime."
No. 45410 ID: f6ef79

Would it be right in assuming that happy gave you those robots on the grounds you use them to help him at a later date. If this is the case then he sounds like he running his operations similarly to mafia boss, a favor now a favor later.

So we have determined that the two Ana’s are in fact different people. Essence Is An Ana-

*pukes blood*

Excuse me. Ana is something like a rectangle methaphor. Essence is a version Ana but not every Ana is Essence. Very good. I also ask that withhold nothing from us in future questions because now it seems my life is on the line as well.

As my... superior officer, here was saying however, the robots that were given to you seem to have multiple uses, both for surveillance as well as whatever bizarre forms of agriculture your... tribe? Needs to cultivate food. However you said that you used them for surveillance on both Ana and the woman she was switch bodies with.

How did the robots accomplish this task and what did they see? Also, if they are robots then I assume there is some centralized data storage that of the footage that they took. What did they see? And where would the footage have gone specifically? I assume they went to Happy for his own purposes, but where would he keep such data exactly? In fact, draw the robots as you did with Ana. If we can get an example of what they look like we might be able to find some sort of serial number for the models or some idea if they come from a certain manufacturing plant or otherwise.

Keep in mind failure to comply or dodging questions will more than like get me killed which you very much do not have my permission to do.

Inner thoughts: I am not afraid of death, ma’am. If you are able to read my thoughts know that if you want to get out of this with your life and limbs attached, cooperation with this is key. What we are dealing with here is not so much an interrogation as much as it is a hostage situation. If you tell all the truths you know and leave nothing out we will more than likely walk out of here with both our lives.
No. 45411 ID: e51896

hmmm, it would be beneficial if we could have that character sheet to understand Happy's persons of interest that he wanted your robots to spy on...

Well, while I have more questions, Truster seems to have picked up on something and wants to talk to you. I will end by saying that if you want to accelerate your ride and have anything left you need to reveal, I'd recommend you tell Truster now, otherwise, it looks like Truster will be your conductor now. All I can say is that the truth will set you free.

*stands up from chair and moves out of Dervan's way to let him sit and question the prisoner*

Appreciated, Truster.

*stares directly at the prisoner*
No. 45413 ID: 2bd15b
File 159224149732.jpg - (3.12MB , 3508x2754 , BB 515.jpg )

No. 45426 ID: 5f4030

Your empathic vision, my dear. I believe that is what my superior is referring to. You look at us and you see things, thoughts, emotions, the inner machinations of the mind. But what did you see in Happy? Did you see anything at all? I suspect he knew of your abilities and took the precautions to ward against it.
No. 45446 ID: d63ea8

*Threshold sighs and clenches his hands into fists.*

Inner Thoughts:You need to stay here to observe, but with not help on the way, Corax will only get worse.

"Dervan would choose to stay."


"Father would choose to stay."

Inner Thoughts: But you aren't them. Not yet. And that naivete could be used as an excuse. Protecting Corax will benefit you in the long run. There will other interrogations. Show that your confident in your decision.

*Threshold takes another deep breath.*

"I'll need a copy of the interrogation from this point going forward."

*Threshold walks over to the doorway out and then pauses. He takes out the communicator and messages Peregrine:*

"Excuse yourself for a moment. Say that you need to make a call."

*Threshold exits back out into the hallway.*
No. 45477 ID: 2bd15b
File 159537237701.jpg - (383.03KB , 1334x694 , BB 519.jpg )

No. 45478 ID: 2bd15b
File 159545844440.jpg - (972.11KB , 2263x1569 , BB 520.jpg )

No. 45481 ID: e51896

*leans his back against the mirror and stares at the prisoner*

So... after everything we have learned thus far, this has been bugging me now... why and how exactly are you here in this interrogation room with us in the first place?

Yes yes, I know it was because you were arrested by one of our investigators for suspicions of working with Happy, but my question of why you are even here is more in line of asking in regards to what you know about Happy and why Happy would even allow us to interrogate you in the first place with the valuable information you have given us so far about Happy.

As Truster had stated, Happy was most likely the one who contacted one of our investigators, which can be deduced by how Ana was too busy struggling against you trying to proceed with the body swapping, and if the gun was needed for the body swapping ritual, it most likely was used to shoot at Laura to start the ritual, so she could not have contacted Happy. But with the robot parts being there, which you yourself indirectly have identified as one of Happy's robots, it is the only conclusion that with Happy witnessing what happened and not being preoccupied, he was the one who contacted the investigator to arrest you.

But... why? If Happy's goal was to remain elusive, and if he wanted to stop Ana from continuing the ritual because of the signs of struggle with the broken robot parts being there...

…why didn't he just kill you instead afterwards?

Truster said that Happy left Essence to drown after she was of no use to him anymore leaving her to die, but with you being here... to me, it increasingly doesn't seem to be the case that he now sees you as worthless to me, but in fact still sees you as a valuable asset to his cause even though you are arrested. And if you are indeed supposed to be used for simple body swapping rituals with it being an in-and-out job, I do not think it would have been required to be given a character sheet with information about everyone especially with you empathetic vision able to get all the information you need out of someone and determine if you should perform a body ritual or not. Hell, I think it is obvious that being given a robot to spy on people and get information on them beforehand would not have been needed for simple body swapping rituals… unless you had a much bigger role for Happy.

It is making me believe that you being in this interrogation is exactly what Happy wants in order to get something out of the investigation team through you… not to mention that you are able to see our past with your visions looking through our eyes, almost like you are trying to gather information from Corax and I and other important members of the Tribunal’s investigation team that you come across in this dimension… for Happy. And because you admitted to how the Dimensional Tribunal had put strict rules on your universe which lead your species to famine, I would think you would agree to helping Happy get information on the Dimensional Tribunal’s investigative team to hit him hard…

Honestly, it feels like Happy has more to gain than to lose by just letting us get information from you instead of just opening a portal and killing you to prevent you from spilling any beans about him, and too many factors keeps bringing me to this only conclusion I can come up with right now, no matter how much I try to think otherwise...

So again, why don't you admit to us why you are even here?
No. 45482 ID: 2bd15b
File 159563072933.jpg - (3.88MB , 3348x3846 , BB 521.jpg )

No. 45483 ID: 61e70f


Inner thoughts: That actually tickled.

So I guess the only remaining question is what is to be done with her. I would like to offer her a job with us as her powers will be most useful. If we may get her a position under our staff that would be most helpful.
No. 45494 ID: 2bd15b
File 159603351899.jpg - (408.38KB , 903x1189 , BB 522.jpg )

No. 45508 ID: e51896

As for my opinion, I must respectfully disagree and decline offering her a position in the investigation team.

Other than that, yes, I suppose the interrogation is at its end...

inner thoughts: though... there is something that is bugging me... those robots... is there really nothing special about them? or maybe, should I wonder if it is weird that there is nothing special about the surveillance robot in the first place considering what we know about them and what transpired at the crime scene? If there is nothing special about the robot being nothing more than a surveillance robot... that would mean it would not be able to create portals, right? hmmm... might be best to ask...

Well, no further questions for the prisoner, but Truster, just as a follow up to the end of the interrogation, may I ask you and Super Sailor Seaman the robotics specialist a couple of things, more for confirmation if anything?

My first question for Super Sailor Seaman: Can the robots that you looked at be able to create portals in any way? more specifically I am asking about the Vincent Security Manikins and if those can create portals? For example, can someone who has the ability to create portals control the robots to make portals through the robots? I know you said their primarily used only as security cameras, so most likely not, but might be best to ask just to be sure if portal creation is another function they have considering there was one at the scene of the crime.

and the second is more for Truster: if the Vincent Security Manikins cannot create portals, is it possible for someone with the ability to make portals be able to summon an entry portal at a very far distance away from them, or does the portal they summon have to be at close proximity to them in order to work, and at what distance?

inner thoughts: If the Vincent Security Manikins cannot create portals even if they are being controlled by someone who can, and if the portals cannot be created at a far distance, then that could mean that Happy may have been a lot closer to the crime scene than we initially thought...
No. 45509 ID: 2bd15b
File 159666461942.jpg - (4.85MB , 3508x4325 , BB 523.jpg )

Doors I must apologize for not waiting for your answer. I was just too excited for the next update.

No. 45510 ID: 5f4030

legitimately laughing

Typical. I’m bored of this farce.
No. 45511 ID: 5f4030

I’m against it.

And before you attempt to hurt me anymore, Thruster sir for my arrogance, I feel it is my duty to bring up moments when your actions and decisions are lacking in judgement.

Killing her now means we loose opportunities to identify her colleagues should we happen to get more. What else, is as I’ve stated her ability is markedly useful as she can act as a living lie detector.

Understand, I’m not saying this as means of being merciful, I’m merely wondering if the punishment fits the crime, and also looking at this as an investment. On the very off chance that her former organization storms this building and begins to execute everyone here, would it not be better to have the chance at getting spared because of our actions?

I would advise her sentence be commuted. Instead of death she will serve as an indentured servant to the Tribunal. I think this is fair and a more befitting sentence.

However, this is her sentence, not her punishment. A more straightforward beating, or lashing would be a fitting punishment for her actions. What would you say? 10 strikes with a rod? Certainly not enough to kill. How could she fulfill her sentence?

I am not attempting to undermine your authority, sir, merely offering guidance where I feel it is necessary.

Inner thoughts: You don’t have any authority at all as far as I’m concerned, Dervan. You’re not an investigator, or even interested in truth or justice. You’re a jailer. A cruel little boy with a magnifying glass. If you wanted my respect, or my fear, you’re not getting it. You’re a joke.
No. 45512 ID: 5f4030

If you would prefer, sir, I may give you a more honest, opinion about this.
No. 45513 ID: 2bd15b
File 159682138288.jpg - (2.30MB , 3436x2267 , BB 524.jpg )

This was just a short update that I did to answer some concerns

No. 45514 ID: 5f4030

That is retarded. I have tried being respectful of your position, but now I see that the only lesson you wish to impart is might makes right, so I’ll be honest.

This isn’t justice, this smells of liars covering up for liars *looks directly at Dervan*. We aren’t executioners, we are investigators. These is your orders? Fine, they’re wrong. There is no sense of law here, no justice. Only cocks with bloated egos covering up their own mistakes. Killing her will just make us lose any other chances we might have at finding evidence. We lack evidence? Fine, but let’s not just throw it away as soon as we find it. As for your concern of her lying to me, that’s what loyalty means. There is no concern about her lying because she is loyal to the cause. And loyalty can start with something as simple as mercy.

This is a farce. I won’t be leaving just yet, because I see there’s justice still to be served, one both sides of this investigation. And once hired, I don’t leave until my work is done.

And as for you, I have already been stabbed and tased today. And I laughed at all of them. *ghoulish smile* If you want to try for my knees be my guest. But I am having a very bad day. And I would turn your little dream into a nightmare and leave you begging to wake up.

*turns back to Dervan*
If any of you attack me again, I won’t hesitate to defend myself. I’m tired of being your punching bag.

*looks at the suspect* Inner thoughts: Don’t say anything, unless you can beyond a shadow of a doubt show the loyalty I was talking about earlier without words, I don’t know what else I can do for you.
No. 45515 ID: 5f4030

*ghoulish smile returns as a thought occurs*

So, why give it to Peregrine? He’s been the most successful investigator thus far. I admit my theories and ideas may have been lacking in substance, but perhaps you want him to learn the same way you’ve attempted to teach me by constantly making threats of bodily harm.

If these are your orders, prove it. The way I see it, this gives you deniability for yourself. “No sir! I wasn’t the one who pulled the trigger and killed the suspect, that was Agent Peregrine! He’s the murderer!”
No. 45571 ID: e51896

Agent Corax... You were in the army, correct? I'm sure you have come across an enemy soldier that you have had the duty to kill. Those enemy soldiers had lives of their own, families, friends and dreams, fighting for what they believe is right, and some of those enemy soldiers may have been forced to fight a war they didn't want to be a part of. But as it stood, you still needed to terminate them as there was a war that needed to be won for the sake of everyone's safety, and sparing them would have caused a large risk in getting your brothers and sisters in arms killed. I want you to think about that. That is all I have to say.

Now, prisoner, I request that you look into my eyes for I must speak with you...

As things stood, you so many times kept information from us and from previous interrogators that we were forced to dig through your mind to find the truth. And for that, you have tried to stray too far from your destined path and are now derailing fast into oblivion...

Inner thoughts: ...and I know you can see into my thoughts through my eyes which I why I asked you to look into my eyes... I want you to know as things stand, I cannot save you. Even if I were to refuse to shoot you, you will only just suffer a more painful death by the hands of someone else.

Inner thoughts: ...but... Even though I cannot save you, that doesn't mean you are not helpless. There is a small possibility that you actually have the ability to save yourself that you do not realize... but it is all dependent on what you are willing to sacrifice in order to get yourself back on your destined path and save yourself from derailing towards your death...

Inner thoughts: That sacrifice I am referring to is... that secret you told me earlier. You told me how the girl Ana had escaped from being arrested by the investigator who caught you, and how she had a god hidden within her that our team would try to remove from her by killing her... >>45139

Inner thoughts: With that in mind, Happy also seems to have a deep interest in Ana considering he worked very closely with Essence, and how his robot was discovered at the scene of the crime. It is a large possibility that Happy does not want the investigation team to know that very important secret about the god Ana is hiding and would not want anybody to reveal it to us.

Inner thoughts: If you can reveal Ana's secret god to Thruster, it might help your case and show that you are not directly affiliated with Happy and want nothing to do with him other than that body swap ritual.

Inner thoughts: I know it is hard for you to reveal this secret as revealing it to Thruster will only cause that investigator who arrested you to hurt you, and that it will put the girl in more danger which I know your empathetic instinct won't allow...

Inner thoughts: ...But it is either facing his punishment or facing death which I will do everything I can to make sure he doesn't hurt you. And even though you'd be sacrificing the girl's safety, you will be saving septillions of lives by revealing Ana's secret god.

After all, you have stated you wanted to help the investigation team if you're spared, correct? Helping us means doing something you won’t be proud of.

If you can reveal Ana's secret that Happy doesn't want revealed to Truster, you might just be saved and I will not shoot you and I will do what I can to argue for your safety. Save yourself from being killed by revealing your secret. Save me from damnation for shooting you by revealing your secret... I've helped kept this secret for you to help give you peace of mind throughout this investigation, and now it is your turn to help me by revealing that secret.

...I will give you your chance to admit to Truster the god Ana is carrying as I pray your last rites... I can’t guarantee you this will work, but at least it will show who you truly stand with.

You may have tried to escape from your destiny and are being punished for it, but you have still gave us important information to help us in the capture of Happy. For that, the least I can do is pray to you your last rites so that you will be saved from your sins in the eyes of the Will of the World Inkiverusus. If you have any last word... please do not be afraid to announce it during my prayer.

Who knows, maybe your lasts words could be a secret kept from us that could save your life...

*continues to stare deeply in the prisoner's eyes and starts thinking hard about the moment the prisoner revealed to him Ana hiding a god in her >>45139 and starts praying*

*points gun at prisoner* Oh Inkiverusus, as this soul's long and arduous journey reaches the final steps towards your embrace, I pray that you grant this lost soul mercy, for through her blinded misguided fear and anguish she had endured for you in her world full of famine, she had mistakenly tried to stray from the intended path you intended for her to take and thus failed to receive the rewards for her hardships.

Let it be known however that the virtuous deeds she had performed here this day outweigh the sins she had made in her life, for her actions has helped shed light towards the path of the end objective you intend for us to achieve to help save the lives of many throughout the multiverse.

through the duties you have invested in us, oh Inkiverusus, we have succeeded to enlightened this lost soul and set the her back into her intended path in the world full of lies and deceits, and I pray that as her soul comes to you that you may save her from her eternal damnation.

In the name of Inkiverusus the Will of the World we pray ...Amen...
No. 45576 ID: 5f4030

If he fires, Corax will jam the gun upwards so both barrels fire into the ceiling missing the suspect, he will disarm Peregrine without hurting him, and open the shotgun releasing the empty shells, and still hold the gun to keep anyone from using it.
No. 45577 ID: 2bd15b
File 159857630733.jpg - (3.97MB , 3272x3681 , BB 533.jpg )

No. 45616 ID: d63ea8

Inner Thoughts: This is rapidly escalating out of control. But Dervan at least seems to be cowed by... Zirzam. You need to capitalize on this and de-escalate the situation.

"But I still can't go in."

Inner Thoughts: You don't have to. All you need is to have Corax and Peregrine survive. You remained quiet when you should have spoken up. Their actions need to be managed, now more than ever.

*Threshold activates his communicator so both agents can hear him before taking a moment to center himself:*

"Corax stand down. Dervan is looking for any excuse he can get, trying to antagonize him won't achieve anything."

Inner Thoughts: Corax is practical, give him a reason and he should follow.

"The witness who was recording the proceedings has left, any actions taken here would uh discarded as hearsay, Dervan has more allies here than you do."

Inner Thoughts: Now for Peregrine. Be sincere.

"I'm worried that you both m-might get thrown off the case or er worse. Dervan will be watching you -both of you- more closely. Try to stay in line especially now that Zirzam is here."

*Threshold takes his note pad out again and begins jotting down several more notes.*

Inner Thoughts: Your going to be called on for your analysis soon. You need to start refining your observations into more specific insights.

"I need to make sure that everyone is still in one piece."
No. 45617 ID: b6ae90

Inner thoughts: Aye-aye, sir.

No. 45627 ID: e51896
File 159962444469.png - (222.65KB , 677x1035 , shadowy figure.png )

*squints eyes towards the shadowy figure behind Zirzam and his assistant*
...Forgive me if I speak out of line, for it It might just be my mind playing tricks on me but, who is that in the shadows behind Zirzam and his assistant? I think I can make out outlines of a head and hair in that silhouette but...

I circled who I am talking about pictured
No. 45628 ID: 2bd15b
File 159966790003.jpg - (2.81MB , 3508x2612 , BB 535.jpg )

No. 45634 ID: 7f3b63

*looks between Zirzam and the prisoner.*

And what is it that you see here, I may ask?

Inner thoughts: Because what I see, is three people who look remarkably similar. I can’t help but wonder if they know each other. They may very well be of the same species. If they are, no doubt they will read this. Let’s find out.
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