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A continuity map of the Asteroidverse, showing how stories connect, which canons they share, and points from which alternate continuities branch off.

A setting created by Lagotrope in which several of his quests take place. This includes:

Alternate Asteroidverses

  • The Christmasverse. Similar to the canon universe, although a little sillier, with characters shuffled around.
  • The Pornverse, a strange collection of alternate continuities where lewd /draw/ things happen.
  • Polokoa Quest, a parody/tribute/spinoff by Jukashi that takes place in an alternate universe where the events of the intermission diverged from canon, and interacts with a larger multiverse. When questioned in ITQ, sources from the canonical Asteroidverse insist such alternate universes do not exist. (As do sources in the Christmasverse, amusingly).
  • Koror Quest, a spinoff by Typo and Slinko. The universe is mostly the same as canon, except that Koror and and the people he interacts with exist.
  • Salikai, a spinoff by Cirr that features a mashup of elements from the Asteroidverse and the Fishverse

Quests by Lagotrope

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Asteroidverse: AsteroidQuest | Unnatural Selection (Stats)

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