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Artist's rendition??? (citation needed)

That guy who did that one quest way back when and also was doing that other quest before he disappeared. Returned, finished one quest, ran another briefly before putting it on hiatus, had a couple of unmitigated disasters and a weird one-off project, tried a sequel to a previous quest that still isn't finished, and eventually started collaborating with Slinko.

Also a common mistake, frequently seen in informal writing.


Quests by Typo / Teedash

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Active: O/I/R
Inactive: PokéQuest | Vapor Quest‎ | This Is A Story | Home | Fish | Bold Adventure | Koror Quest | Second Ascent of Ekwi Irrepaumal | Breeder Quest | Yü‎‎ | Just a Job | Aster
Aborted: rasa | Rhodes Quest | Palimpsest