Unnatural Selection Stats

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Rules and Character statistics for Unnatural Selection

Ultra Non-Canon Statistics



4,205,000 Dollars (Spending)
Cell Phone (Polatt's)
Cell Phone (Loviro's)
Cell Phone (Fern's)
Cell Phone (Syndicate)
13 Cell Phones (1 for each division)
5 Cell Phones (Spare)
Biological Knowledge Module
3 Camera Drones (generic)
Trading Cards (Excellent Deck)
Plush Doll
Pepper Spray
Combat Knife


3 Dress Outfits
Nice dress, high heels, nice underwear
Casual Civilian
Dress pants & shirt with tie & shoes. Normal underwear.
The Science of Friendship
Trench coat, underclothes shoes, underwear
Casual Seduction
Fitting tank top and pants.
Skanky Streetwalker
Tight fitting tank top, miniskirt, limb fishnets, underwear that technically exists.
Leather Kink Outfit
Black leather. Chains included.
Mega milk T-shirt
Collection of threads for clothing repair.
Racing Outfit
Sleek suit with a poor safety rating.
Includes collar and earrings.
Helmet optional.

Jetal Stats and Divisions

116kg Owned
450kg On Loan (Syndicate)
13 Available (1 Core, 12 Division modules)
Jetal Divisions (Last Update: 858887)
Division 1 Division 2 Division 3 Division 4 Division 5 Division 6 Division 7 Division 8 Division 9 Division 10 Division 11 Division 12 Division 13
Name/Identity Unity Unity Lobby Choice Lobby Choice Coral Coral Coral Petunia Unity Princess Toya Lobby Choice Unity (Core) Roxy
Mass (kg) 70 46 50 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40 40
Job/Location Polatt Polatt Investigate Web Search for Sevener Blackmail Blackmail Blackmail Healing a Jade Vinyl Vasha/Bo3/Tournament Problem Officers Loviro Marchi


Capacity: 28/30


Beam Sword C
Thrusters C
Sex Module D (Hacked) (Add-on: Hide D)
Bio-Emulator D
Computer Link D
5 Simultaneous Cell Phone Capacity
Computer C
Scanner C (Add-on: Social Scanner C)
Toolbox D
Privacy C (Add-on: Hide C)
Music Master D
Dance Master C
Jetalicum D


Basic Sex Module, Rank D (Mostly Legal Shop, 5,000 a day)

Loaned (From Syndicate)

Division B x 12 (Debt: 55 million)
Privacy B (Add-on: Hide B) (Mission Specific)
Scanner B (Mission Specific)
Sex Module C (Mission Specific)

Loaned (To Anya)

Privacy D (Add-on: Hide C)
Bio-Emulator D

Job Listings

Active jobs: These require care and attention to complete. Unless otherwise noted, a job is active.
Passive jobs: These are low risk, continuous jobs that can be done on a per hour basis. They are useful in filling in time between missions.


Passive Job 
Stripping with an established persona generates 18k an hour at a low quality Dead Battery strip club.


Reasonably Priced Blackmail
Pays 1 million plus any modules/loot.
A smalltime group of jetals have been blackmailing the syndicate with hard evidence to some of their seedier operations. The syndicate has been paying the demanded money of one million per month, since it is not worth having that evidence go to the police officers. The syndicate would rather pay nothing. Sugartooth is to either destroy the evidence, or neutralize the jetals.
Problem Officers
A pair of jetal officers have been busting some drug operations. Attempting to fight them directly will summon an army of cops. If Sugartooth is able to get them to stop blowing up drug factories, Fern would appreciate it.
Blackzone Treasure Hunt
A blackzone city outside of the empire's control is said to contain jetals with experimental and high ranked modules. This town has no laws, no EIN, no security feed and lots of wireless jamming. Sugartooth will head into town via a syndicate insider to see what modules she can take from the populace. Fern warns that this is highly dangerous, but the rewards will be in the tens of millions of dollars, to billions, depending on what she manages to grab.
Antiquated Bounty Hunt
Pays 300k
This bounty is private and directly pursued through the lollipop gang, and so it is unlikely the target knows they have a bounty. The client wishes for his antique computer back, or at least get evidence that it has been destroyed or otherwise unnattainable. It was stolen by a man named Clair, and after a police investigation, Clair was proven innocent. The client is unconvinced and is certain that Clair is in possession.
Passive Job 
Gambling/Trading card game. The lobby's gambling team is currently generating money online by using Princess Toya's deck as well as other money making venues.


Musical Echo
A robot musician's music has grown stale and formulaic over time, and is offering auditions to music inclined jetals or robots to do a co-author album. The co-author will receive an equal share in royalties with a minimum amount of 1 million which is paid up front.
This musician is popular, and competition is expected to be enormous. Persuing this job will require multiple hours in real time in a music training module for a reasonable chance.
Passive Job
Waitering. Petunia may go into a restaurant, bar or club owned by Blue Box and serve customers.


Currently, None

Unity (Hunting Sapphire)

Operator Career
Visit the Harvest building to learn about operators and what Unity may want to do before going to the real world.
Bug Felix
Felix still knows more.

Completed Jobs

Forming Connections (Polatt)
Payment is 50k plus with Dead Battery appreciation.
The Dead Batteries would like to form connection with a crime boss, who's son has trouble with confidence in meeting girls. As a token of good will, the DBs would like to offer a kind girl to help the son with his confidence.
No Strings Attached (Polatt)
Pays 300k.
A woman with a public location sex fetish would like to copulate with a jetal under the stipulation that no one ever find out she has had sex.
Ghost Dealer (Fern)
Pays 300k plus a share of any plundered loot.
A jaded jetal who is an independent drug dealer is suspected of dishing out melted down lollipops. Fern wants Unity to approach the dealer to receive these drugs, which are often called CnJ on the streets. If she receives them, this will be proof of bootlegging the Lollipop's goods, and Fern's bodyguards will have sufficient relations to sack the dealer's business.
Stripper Justice
Sevener would like Roxy to testify about her misadventures.
Party Gang 2
Polatt is also in contact with about two dozen girls who would like a jetal or robot off of the grid to please all of them, not necessarily at once but within the night. Begins on any day after 5 PM and will last until they are tired of Unity. This will pay 600k.
Healing A Jade
A high executive jetal is offering a reward to a jetal that can satisfy her for 12 hours straight. She has a Rank A sex module.
Party Gang 
Polatt is in contact with about two dozen guys who have pooled their money together in the interest of renting out Roxy for the night starting at 7 PM on any night and will last until they are tired of her. This will pay 600k. Roxy is laying low, but a similar persona can be supplied.


Dead Battery

The Battery is willing to sell Unity C rank modules. After a few more jobs, they are willing to discuss cash advances in large sums. Being a member of the Syndicate, they will not be investing beyond loans in Unity, but she is still in welcome standing with them, and they will offer her jobs that offer more immediate rewards for themselves.
Active Jobs
Polatt, who directs her in jobs that focus primarily in prostitution and other sexually driven jobs. He enjoys jobs that are not just done successfully, but ones that leave the client wanting more.
Module Bias
Utility and novelty.

Lollipop Syndicate

As an official Syndicate member in good standing, Unity has access to many of their resources, and Fern is willing to lend her expensive modules per job, as well as additional modules either for the profit of the Syndicate or, to a lesser degree, personal use.
Fern's primary source of jobs involves bounty hunting, gathering intel on rival businesses, and side jobs that require discretion. Fern will not give Unity any jobs where failure will generate problems for the syndicate. Fern does not care so much about clean execution so much as if the job gets done fast and efficiently.
Module Bias
Spying and Combat.

Blue Box Corporation

Winch is satisfied with Petunia's performance, and is willing to give more jobs. Because Unity is off the records as far as her involvement with Blue Box goes, loyalty is more specific to Winch himself rather than his employer.
Active Jobs
High class entertainment. These pay well, but often take a significant amount of time and contain the highest prerequisites as well as demanding high standards of execution. Because Unity is not hired by Blue Box, Winch will typically give Unity the dirtier jobs that demand non-official employees take.
Module Bias
Entertainment and Novelty Modules.



1kG - 40,000


Beam Sword D - 1,200,000
Beam Sword C - 2,000,000
Rockets C - 1,500,000 (Lollipop)


Core Dodge C - 1,000,000(Lollipop)
Core Dodge D - 250,000
Flight C - 1,000,000 (Lollipop)
Thrusters D - 500,000 (Lollipop)
Thrusters C - 800,000 (Lollipop)
Shields D - 600,000
Shields C - 2,000,000 (Lollipop)


Bio-emulator D - 200,000
Fluid Generator D - 400,000
Sex Module D - 500,000
Sex Module C - 1,500,000 (Lollipop)
Sex Module B - 3,000,000 (Lollipop)
Sex Orgasm Denial C - 200,000 (Dead Batteries)
Privacy D - 150,000
Privacy C - 1,200,000 (Dead Batteries/Lollipop)
Music Master D - 500,000
Music Master C - 2,000,000 (Dead Batteries)
Dance Master D - 500,000
Dance Master C - 2,000,000 (Dead Batteries)
Jetalicum D - 600,000


Toolbox D - 150,000
Scanner D - 200,000
Scanner C - 1,100,000 (Lollipop)
Computer Link D - 200,000
Computer Link C - 1,500,000 (Lollipop)
Division B - 5,000,000 (Lollipop)
Chemical Analyzer D - 250,000
Chemical Analyzer C - 500,000
Computer D - 500,000
Computer C - 2,250,000 (Dead Batteries, Lollipop)
Extra Senses D - 400,000


Sexhack D: 100,000 (Lollipop)
Sexhack C: 800,000 (Dead Batteries)
Hide Add-on D: - 200,000
Hide Add-on C: - 1,000,000 (Lollipop)
Social Scanner Add-on D: - 100,000
Social Scanner Add-on C: - 500,000


Cell Phone - 1,000



Forms a machine gun firing either internally stored rounds, or jetalium.
Beam Sword
Produces a single plasma sword approximately 1-3 feet in length.
Activating this module for the jetal will override the default body behaviorisms and modify them to behave like biologicals. This includes heartbeats, breathing, modifyable body temperature, and so on.
Chemical Analyzer
Allows for identification of what chemicals are made out of.
By using this module, the jetal is able to transform their jetalium into additional processing power. This allows for a sped up rate of thought, and higher modules can virtually freeze their perceived time to think things over.
Computer Link
Allows the jetal to directly plug into common phones and computers with any commercial plug. This allows them to use computers without having to use the UI. This, to a small degree, allows the jetal to use the computers to aid in sped up thought beyond what the jetal core normally allows.
Core Dodge
Allows for rapid movement of the core inside of the jetal's body beyond what morphability would allow. Higher morphability still aids in movement.
Core Hide
Hides the jetal's core location from the module 'Core Sense' provided the Hide rank matches or exceeds the Sense rank.
Core Sense
Although a regular scanner may locate the existence of a core, Core Sense will give a precise location of the core within the jetal's body.
Dance Master
While any jetal can put on the moves, activating this module gives them the right moves. Like music, the dance module can be see as just that by leading dance experts.
The jetal can separate their jetalium and control it. This module allows for 1 division, but a jetal can have this module multiple times. The range is wide, although not interplanetary, and there is noticeable lag on the other side of the planet. Module use may also be weakened at ranges past hundreds of miles, but most modules can be used by divisions and primary core as though each of them had their own seperate module, at the exception of privacy, which is toggled on or off across all divisions.
Extra Senses
Normal sensations such as hearing and tasting are enhanced, and additional senses are included. This includes thermal, sonar, and a broad expansion of the lightwave spectrum.
Also known as 'hover' or 'anti-grav', this applies anti gravity over the jetal.
Fluid Generator
By storing in raw materials, this module allows for the creation of many mundane fluids.
A module specializing in cum production. The resulting fluid by default is realistic, but can be modified. It tastes sweet and typically pleasant to biologicals and others with taste buds, and reacts with jetalium to give a warm pleasant feeling to the jetal's body.
Jetalium Sense
Allows sensing deactivated jetalium within line of sight, or actively powered line of sight anywhere within a certain range (C rank within 50m, B rank within 200m)
Jetalium Hide
Hide's one's jetalium from the module 'Jetalium Sense' provided the Hide rank matches or exceeds the Sense rank.
Jetalium Exploder
Turns one's own jetalium into a high powered explosive material, which can have an explosion delayed for anywhere from instantaneous to one hour.
The standard in small scale plasma beams for use in long-range self defense.
Music Master
Allows the jetal to form instruments, as well as give the jetal a sense of music and rhythm. While most belenosians will enjoy music from this, more refined tastes will recognize when the module is used by a jetal with no innate ability or training, and often prefer music by a talented jetal with a lower rank over music by a rich jetal that only got a high rank.
Denies other scanners the ability to scan any module. The scanner is alerted that the privacy module is active, provided the privacy module does not have a hide add-on. (See Addon: "Hide")
Functionally the same as thrusters, but can be used to divide jetalium and fly it around wirelessly, unlike thrusters, which require a direct jetalium line between the core and location of thrust.
Allows scanning the modules of jetals and robots. This bypasses Privacy and Hide Addons that are lower ranks. This module can also be used for more mundane purposes such as locating specific objects, searching areas, reading body language, and so on. This also includes reading public GPS systems and other augmented reality features.
Sex Module
Allows the creation of genetalia, as well as modifying the core's mind to include a sex drive and mental response to simulation. Higher ranks allow more advanced genetalia and a higher sensitivity for both the owner of the module and the other jetal in ownership of a sex module.
Sex Orgasm Denial
While sex modules allow for orgasms, this will deny any other sex modules from orgasming provided they are of equal or lower rank. Does not work on biologicals.
Produces shields. This blocks all plasma and other material. Rank C and up allows for selective entry, while rank D will block everything.
Shield Breaker
A beam weapon that is weak to damaging normal materials, but effectively destroys an active shield.
A condensed beam that shoots fast and far.
Straw Absorption
This module allows the jetal to absorb jetalium efficiently, with a near 100% recovery rate for claimed jetalium.
Allows the jetal to form thrust rockets to move quickly.
Allows the jetal to easily form mundane tools accurately and faster than their morphability would otherwise allow. This also includes basic utilities like megaphones and flashlights, allowing the jetal to make loud noises and illuminate themselves.


Add-ons are placed on top of modules. Only one addon can be placed on a module. Once added, the add-on cannot be removed from the module, and if it is sold back, it will be at a penalty based on how popular the addon is.
Hide Add-on
Hides the attached module from being scanned. This will completely hide the module's existence, and not give an alert to the scanner that it is hidden, unlike the jetal-wide privacy module. This can be toggled on and off at will.
Not technically an add-on, this hack will allow a user to send an image of themselves to another jetal that is actively engaged in intercourse with the user. This gives a feedback loop to intensify the sensations, and is frequently abused to the point of becoming completely numb to regular intercourse.
Social Scanner Add-on
While normal scanners are capable of reading body language, this add-on will focus the scanner on the body language of biologicals, robots and jetals. While this addon is active, the scanner is incapable of scanning non-body language items and modules.


Cell Phone

Identities / Aliases


Our public / real face within the CAI simulation, used for interacting with friends and allies. Our fembiter / Loviro's daughter look.


A jetal waitress, who can get jobs from Winch.

Princess Toya

Appearance tailored to the preferences of Baron of Threes in order to enter a trading card game tournament and get close enough to collect the bounty on him. Currently being used for earning money in online gaming.


A faux-biological dancer for the Dead Batteries, with a faked CnJ addiction.

After her starring role in the Ghost Dealer job, she caught Sevener's / Anya's attention to testify as a witness.

EndlessFragment47 / Tanya

A personality created to get close to Fargow for the "Forming Connections" job.

Princess Sugartooth

Our official gang name in the Lollipop Guild.


Our Upper Class Trash look, posing as an expensive jetal hooker. Has decorate glowing "tattoos" that move and change over time.

Created for the Reasonably Priced Blackmail job.


A street biker, employed as part of our extended gambit for the "Reasonably Priced Blackmail" job to distract and collect some dirt on the Acid Bikers gang.


Vajra's bike, also a division. Employs some real parts and jetalium.

Enemy Jetal Loadouts


Autocannon B
Autocannon C
Beam Sword B
Computer C
Computer Link C
Core Dodge D
Core Hide C
Core Detection C
Jetalium Hide D
Kilobeam B
Flight C
Privacy C
Scanner B
Sex Module B - Addon: Hide B
Shields B
Thruster B


Autocannon B
Autocannon C
Battery (Long Lasting)
Beam Sword C
Computer C
Computer Link C
Core Dodge C
Core Hide C
Core Detection C
Jetalium Hide C
Flight C
Privacy C
Scanner B
Shields C
Sex Module B (Addon: Hide B)
Thruster C


Autocannon B
Autocannon C
Battery (Long Lasting)
Beam Sword C
Computer B
Computer Link C
Core Dodge D
Core Hide D
Core Detection C
Jetalium Hide C
Flight C
Privacy C
Scanner B (Addon: Social B)
Sex Module D (Addon: Hide D)
Shields C
Thruster C


Autocannon B
Autocannon C
Battery (High Surge)
Beam Sword C
Computer C
Computer Link C
Core Dodge C
Core Hide C
Core Detection C
Jetalium Hide C
Jetalium Exploder B
Jetalium Sense C
Flight C
Kilobeam B
Privacy C
Scanner B
Shield Breaker B
Sniper B
Straw Absorption B
Shields C
Thruster C


Autocannon C
Autocannon C
Battery (High Surge)
Beam Sword C
Computer D
Computer Link C
Core Dodge D
Core Hide D
Jetalium Hide C
Flight D
Kilobeam C
Privacy C
Scanner C
Shield Breaker D
Sniper C
Shields C
Thruster C
Chemical Analyzer C
Dance D
Sex D

Loviro's Shopping List

2 million - Biological Knowledge Module
With Loviro's installed brain outlet, he can make use of training modules, which are often more expensive due to safety concerns about nature's lack of standardized builds. This will let him study technological advances made within the last few decades.
70 million - Basic Core Interface Study
A simple device to decompile a jetal core and make edits. If Loviro has the basic knowledge module, he will be able to optimize Unity's core, or even make drastic changes that he normally would not have been allowed to make while under clean, legal business practices.
150 Million - Module hacking
Loviro will be able to make add-ons. While he does not have a clear idea how to make classic add-ons, he is confident that he will be able to make add-ons that make the module resonate perfectly between Unity's core and the module, boosting performance.

Basic Abilities

All characters currently have access to these.

Basic Communication

Grants the ability to communicate with spoken and written language.

Summon Rulekeeper

If the player spots a rule violation, or simply feels that their puzzle was unfair for the purposes of the contest, then the player may summon the Rulekeeper. They may argue their points, and the Rulekeeper will make a decision and, if necessary, convey the argument to the stage's Judges who will assist in forming a decision.

Review Known Rulesets

The contestant will be refreshed on the rules of any specific puzzles (Stage 7 and beyond) it has encountered.

Stage 8 Mechanics

Alison's Inventory

271 Zeny
Rank 2 Weapon
Rock Candy
Ghost Emblem

Known Item Descriptions

Items are non-tradeable, and no other player can block usage of an item. There is no limit to the number of items one can have.

Lava Immunity For 10 Seconds - 250z

- One Time Consumable - Allows the user to touch lava without harm for the duration. (Rulekeep note: What we call lava is not actually lava, it is just a red liquid that kills instantly on any contact. Clothes included! Please remove loose strands of clothing, and watch your hair.)

Rock Candy - 200z

- One Time Consumable - Feeds Ghosts, pacifying them from their insatiable bloodlust. (Rulekeep note: These ghosts cannot actually pass through the walls! Perhaps a zombie or ghoul would have been a better word choice? Unfortunately, we don't have a vocabularian with us! Oh, and these ghosts have no relation to any other ghosts you may have heard of, by name or form.)

Rank 2 Weapon - 300z

- Upgrades weapon from Rank 1 - (Rulekeep note: Your normal fists and body maneuvers count as rank 1 already, so don't think we overlooked something! This also allows a new weapon form, much like before. It can even have range! Up to 5 meters. Note that players start with defense 3, meaning you need a rank 3 weapon before you can engage in killing other players! Until that point, there are some baddies along the way you might need to fight. Still freeroam, so there aren't stats or HP or whatever! If you're near death, though, you'll know it, trust me. Oh, uh, pain receptors are at 20% with a modest sedative cap, if that means anything to anyone. Try to get used to it, all pain limiters are getting removed on stage 9!)

Magnifying Glass - 250z

- One Time Consumable - Gives a hint towards solving the current puzzle (Rulekeep's note: These are one-time use only! After use, the magnifying glass explodes. No refunds! If you are unhappy with your hint, then please summon the rulekeep.)

Ghost Emblem

- Can hold up to 5 ghosts, one in each node.
- According to Fuzz, once a ghost enters the emblem, the emblem's node will be dedicated to that ghost, and no other ghost can be put in it.
- It is believed that there are 2 checkpoints. At each of the two checkpoints, 2 nodes will have to be deactivated. The ghosts inside, if any, will be killed off. The remaining ghost will be resurrected into the normal competition.

Stand-Alone Mechanics

Isolated Exit NPC

Entrants: 1 Exits: 1

NPCs surround the entrant, each with a specific message. There is a lower limit of 2 NPCs, and no upper limit.

Area Specific Abilities gained: Have NPC talk - When used, the NPC will say a predetermined message. This message never changes. Trigger NPC - The NPC's ability will be triggered. There is one NPC who's ability is to transport the contestant to the next area. The other 9 NPC's ability is to kill the contestant.

NPCs may be Blue, White or Red.

Blue NPCs always tell the truth.

Red NPCs always lie.

White NPCs can tell both truth and lies.


Entrants: 5-10 Exits: 1-4 Each player answers 3-6 questions.

Abilities Gained:

Trade Answer - An manner to safely trade answers with one or more others. Each player will choose any answer they know - either one of their own, or a question they gained from another player. These choices will be known to the people within the trade, including who the answer belongs to. If all players agree to the final trade proposal, then the trade is enacted. Every player must choose at least one answer - a trade will not trigger if a player chooses nothing, even if all participants would agree, and it will not trigger if all answers offered are already owned by the recipient.

Link - Choose at least one target. All targets will get the chance to decline this link. If all players accept this link, then all players will be able to talk telepathically to each other. In the case of a 3 person or more link, anything one person says will be heard by both other people. The only way person A will be able to say something to person B without person C hearing is to either set up a link with person B alone, or to attempt to whisper using normal speech (however, people will be able to see or overhear this if they are paying attention.) A player can only maintain 3 links at any given time.

Disengage Link - Disengages from an existing link. If this link contains at least 3 people including the user, then this will not break the link for the other players.

Elimination - Target one other contestant. Success in using this ability requires that the user accurately recites all of the target's answers to the questionnaire. If the user succeeds, this will eliminate the other player. If the user fails to answer accurately, then the user is eliminated.


Use any given abilities to eliminate all other players. The last survivor will continue to the next area.

If no trades are performed inside of a 5 minute period, then the game breaks the tie. Whoever has the most answers of all contestants disincluding themselves will be the winner. Should multiple people have the same number, then the winner will be the one having the most answers belonging to a single contestant besides themselves (example: Person A only knows answer for Person B and C, with 2 answers for B and 4 for C. Person D knows 3 answers from each E and F. If the game ends with a tie breaker, then A and D both know 6 answers total. Since A owns the most for a single person, then A will win the next phase of the tie break).

If a tie remains, then survivors will continue on. However, the exit may only be overloaded by a maximum of 4 people. If 5 or more have a tiebreaker, then all contestants will be killed.

If multiple contestants survive, then they will engage in another puzzle to the death in which only one will survive.

Not Go Fish

Found in Stage 8, Area 2 (Citadel Basement)
Alison entered on Round 28.


Freeroam: No
Attacks: On
Entrants: 5
Each Player starts in a room next to a locked stairwell, and must be unlocked by using cards. See the section on 'Cards' and 'Rooms and Exits'.
Each turn you may take one action. The primary actions are Attack, Search, Ability, Use Item, and Move, and the priority of each goes in that order (the exception is for multiple attacks, see the attack section for more). Other actions include Unlock Stairwell, put ghost in or out of an emblem, and Do Nothing. These other actions all take absolute last priority.
Although moves have priority, your actions are decided in advance; there is no mid-round decision making.
Free actions, which can be done indefinitely without occupying an action, include things like giving cards to other players, speaking, and so on.
Regardless of where a ghost is, they can speak with the host at any time, but a host can only speak to ghosts in the same room, but outside of the emblem.
Rounds take as long as you need! Time will still be abstracted, so you won't need to wait for others at all when you finish a round. There is also no time limit for this stage.


One's ghosts can use attack at 1 HP regardless of one's own weapon rank (remember, it always starts at one HP - to simplify that, weapon ranks start at 1 instead of 0 now, so everyone gets +1 to weapon rank)
Your starting HP: 5
Your max HP: 15
Ghosts HP: Infinity, but a hit ghost will be returned to the emblem instantly and be unable to leave the emblem for a number of rounds equal to 3 times the number of damage inflicted. These disabled ghosts will not give in-emblem bonuses, but may still speak.
By means of leveling up, one can gain multiple attacks. However, additional attacks beyond the first are given the last priority and done simultanously. That is, if player A attacks player B three times, and player B decides to move to the next area, then the round will start with A attacking B once, B moves, and then A misses the remaining attacks. If player A happened to anticipate the move and attacked 3 times and moved to the same location as player B, then all three attacks would hit.
Targets of attacks can be selected for conditionally. This mostly applies for multiple attacks, which happen last. For example, 'Attack player B, but if they are gone, attack player C instead, and if they are also gone, then randomly attack anyone I consider the enemy.' This still must be decided upon at the beginning of the round.
Shield HP gained by levels is depleted like regular HP. The difference between Shield and regular HP is that shields are regenerated anywhere. If shields are depleted without fully absorbing an attack, the remainder of that attack will deplete regular HP.

Who Can Attack Who

Blue ghosts can only attack Hosts
Hosts can attack anything.
Purple ghosts can only attack Hosts
  • Any ghost can harm a ghost that protects their host from harm.
Can [row] attack [column]?
Host Blue Puprle
Host Yes Yes Yes
Blue Yes No No
Purple Yes No No


Every card is unique! There are 5 decks, each with 5 cards numbered 1 to 5, for 5 entrants.
These do not count as items for use, and they are only used to unlock the exit to the next area.
Although there may be hidden ways to find cards, the primary two ways are to guess an opponent's card, or get lucky searching a room. There is no limit to the number of cards one can have at the same time.
If a card is lost, then it is returned to an unclaimed pool of cards. This pool can be randomly drawn from by searching rooms. The exception to this is if a player leaves the area with cards still in their deck, or in their personal room with no permissions allowed for any remaining entrants, these cards are permanently lost.

Rooms and Exits

The personal room can be used to safely stock items and oneself from harm, as only you and any entrants you grant permission to will be allowed inside. But be warned, permission cannot be revoked, and any entrants who have permission can attack you inside this room.
While inside, you heal 1 hp every 2 rounds.
This room contains a door to a stairwell to the next area - you and anyone with permission can enter to the next area. Note that you can unlock the stairwell from any room. The exit contains a five part lock sequence (although it does not take multiple rounds to unlock multiple sequences). To unlock each sequence, one must expend a card denoted on each sequence (used cards will return to the unclaimed pool). At the beginning, this will be 1-2-3-4-5, effectively meaning a player must have 1 card of each number to unlock it. However, as the game runs on, or as players find items to expand sequences, a single lock segment may be given multiple options. For example, a lock sequence of 1 - (2 & 5) - 3 - 4 - 5 can unlock the exit with a deck of either 1-2-3-4-5 or 1-3-4-5-5 - in other words, they are able to substitute a second five in place of a two.
You can unlock multiple exits so long as you have the cards and access to personal rooms.
Non-personal rooms are either segments of hallways (as denoted by a circle on the map), which have nothing inside of them and only serve to make room, or are feature rooms (rectangles). These latter rooms can be searched. This will give a random chance for items, zeny, cards, etc. Searching a room takes one round, and only yields one item per round max.

Area Specific Item rules

Lava invulnerability
Lasts for 10 rounds
Magnifying Glass uses
Tells how many hidden objects remain in a room (must be in the same room).
Tells how many cards an opponent has that are of a different number than the user(must be in the same room).
Reveals the location of all opponents (but not ghosts) for the current round.
Rock Candy:
Instant use, can only be used in the same room, to turn a purple ghost into a blue one permanently.


Guess Card
Guess the number of a card on an enemy player's deck. If you're right, you gain their card! If you're wrong, and you take damage equal to the number of cards in their deck, and then they get a random card from your deck.
Guess Deck
If a player has 2 cards or more, you may guess their entire deck. This ability has a cooldown of 20 rounds. If you are correct, you deal damage equal to 5 times the number of cards in their deck. If you are incorrect, you receive the damage instead. This ability is invoked before the round begins as usual, but the guess only occurs when the ability is activated. However, the player must guess no matter what, and will either be right or wrong.
Add Permission
Grants opponents access to your personal room. Any number of opponents can be added per use of this ability, and this can be done regardless of opponent location.
Ghost Speak
This allows the host to speak directly through a selected ghost. The ghost just acts as speakers to the host's voice; they may still speak at the same time, and hear the host. This is the only direct way for the host to speak to a ghost (and others in the same room as the ghost) in a separate room.
Instant:Ghost Pull
This ability brings out any number of ghosts from the emblem, or ghosts within 2 rooms, by your side. While pulling ghosts from the emblem is possible to do without spending any action points, unlike other abilities, this ability has max priority and will bring ghosts out to protect you before any attacks occur. This expends all action points in a round, regardless of level.


Ghosts provide sight to their host, and telepathically speak to them (but not vice versa!) If they can see an opponent or other ghost, so can you.
Ghosts can search rooms as well, but multiple people from the same party cannot search the same room in the same round! (Party: the people consisting of the host and their ghosts, regardless of separation). Don't ask about that rule - we're not trying to abstract real life, otherwise we would have just freeroamed this stage. If they find an item, then they can use it, but will drop it if they are sent back to the emblem either by attack or host summon.
Ghosts cannot attack other ghosts directly (but indirectly, a ghost can take ghost damage by blocking an attack made on a player).
Summoning a ghost back to the emblem takes a number of rounds equal to the number of rooms away they are divided by 3, rounded up.
You can pull any number of ghosts in the same room into your emblem freely, or push them out as a free action. However, ghosts pulled/summoned through this free action only show up at the end of the round. To have them show up instantly, use the Instant Ability: Pull Ghost.
Ghosts in the same room can take damage in place of the host. Even if they've already chosen an action for the round, they will be alerted to incoming attacks towards their host and given the option to, instead of their original option, block one single attack of their choosing.
Ghosts in the emblem provided what we will call level ups. Each ghost inside of an emblem allows for one level each. Although you will instantly drop all your levels if you drop all of your ghosts out of the emblem, you can only gain a maximum of 1 level per round (which takes place as soon as the round is over.) Everyone starts at level 0 with all 5 ghosts in their emblem, gaining 1 level per round until they reach the number of ghosts they keep in their emblem.
- Level 1 - +3 Shield (Regenerates 1 per 3 round in any room. If one goes to level 0, then the current shield value is frozen and will not replenish until level 1 is regained.)
- Level 2 - Gain one free Move action per round
- Level 3 - +1 Weapon Rank
- Level 4 - Gain one free Search action per round
- Level 5 - +1 Action Per Round (Priority cannot be changed, but the same action can be done twice)

Purple Ghosts

Every contestant has probably made an enemy by now! Therefore, all 5 contestants have had all of their previously encountered individuals who are now dead and put into a single pool. From that pool, an ungiven number of purple ghosts who have the highest amount of animosity towards their respective contestant are pulled out to wander this area, and periodically through the rest of the stage. That means that the less hateful enemies you have in proportion to the other contestants, the less purple ghosts will have a personal vendetta against you during this stage. And the more, the more!
Their HP is 1, and their attack is infinite versus players.
They cannot attack any ghost directly, but if the damage is blocked, the host's ghost receives 5 damage.
They do not get move actions automatically, and must spend one round getting a move action.
If they are killed, then they get teleported to a random spot in the entire stage. But they are then granted the ability to move through through areas freely, so they can come back to find you again.


Through means one will have to find out for themselves, a room can be flooded with lava for a certain number of rounds. After each round, the lava will flood all connected rooms that are A) lower in elevation than the current room, and B)smaller or equal in size. This flow is continual, so a flood in a high room will eventually flood all the rooms until the lava either must raise up or go to a bigger room.
Rooms will be colored highest to lowest, denoted from from blue at the highest to a light grey at the lowest.
Lava rooms, and how many rounds they last, are broadcasted to everyone regardless of location.
Although each round lasts far longer than a single second, the Lava Invulnerability item will grant 10 rounds of invulnerability. During this, lava can be swam through.
All ghosts are invulnerable to lava, but if they are in a room with lava, they cannot move. If they are holding any items, then the lava destroys one random item per turn. For this, 200 zeny counts as one item.
Checks for lava damage and item destruction are considered an Attack for priority purposes.


If someone dies, then they die like anywhere else.
Zeny and standard items are dropped. If these are destroyed by lava, they are lost permanently.
Cards are lost as soon as the player dies. The cards will return to the unclaimed card pool, and can be found by any player searching in rooms.
Their personal rooms will maintain the same permissions at time of death.

Found Hints

The War Room has a chance to yield a permanent Weapon Rank +1 (up to rank 4. Ghosts cannot use or take advantages of this, but they can hold the item and give it to a player to use.)
Chances of a successful search gradually increase the more times you search without taking any other actions.
Any specific object or section in a rooms can be targeted for search, but most objects will have a reduced chance of success.
The main hall has a +30% chance that a purple ghost will be found if no other items are found.
"The square comes before the circle."
"The Helix cannot go on the edge."