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Salikai by Cirr

Something something mad scientist snake-bug quest.

A salikai, bereft of her research and resources finds herself betrayed and stranded in an unknown galaxy. Half an alien research team investigating a mysterious mirror of their own facility, also find themselves stranded, cut off from their peers and home galaxy. Oh, and did no one mention that there's an alien armada invading?

So beings a frenetic mashup of elements and aliens from AsteroidQuest and Fish, where things go wrong about as quickly as they can be introduced, if not sooner.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.


In order of introduction.

The Kiter prefix / modifier in a species name indicates an offshoot after modification by the Kiter empire.

Sisirri Issukoa

Species: Salikai

Our hero! In theory, at least. A reclusive and paranoid evil-science-snake-bug, but perhaps her outlook is justified by the way everything in her life goes horribly, horribly wrong. A self described mechanical engineer and system architect, and specializes in robotics and mechanical systems.

Continually surprised that she somehow keeps ending up the most reasonable or compassionate person in the room.

She also has a big butt.

VoxNet: Guest-04



Species: Artificial Intelligence

Generic pretentious megalomaniacal evil AI. Gets pissy when people remind it what a lame stereotype it is.

Imperium worked with (used) Sisirri up until it betrayed (discarded) her. This can also describe Imperium's relationship with just about everyone else.


Number 6

Species: Arkot

Sisirri's most loyal minion, and unusually competent for an arkot. (Take that with a grain of salt, she's still an arkot).

She's mute, and communicates with sign language.


Lekka rozu Astra

Species: Neumono

Acting command of the Ashes Astra, the fallen remnants of the Astra hive. Her entire hive was at one point prisoners of the Splicer and test subjects for involuntary cybernetic augmentation.

Her hive (or what's left of it) is on something of a Pyrrhic last march against the salikai race, to Sisirri's misfortune.

VoxNet: Guest-01


Ekasarra rozu Astra

Species: Neumono

The "least scary" of the neumono, and the voice of doubt.

Once the Splicer's reluctant... disciple? Assistant? She now serves as something of a science officer.

Has an apparent higher degree of cybernetic augmentation than her peers, and represents as "successful" Splicer experiment.


Kan rozu Astra

Species: Neumono

The only male neumono in the galaxy! Too bad no one likes him.

Hidira and a young SisirriLinkToBoard.gif
The SplicerLinkToBoard.gif

Hidira Issukoa / The Splicer

Species: Salikai

Sisirri's mother, Ekasarra's mentor, Imperium's collaborator and/or catspaw, and the Astra hive's captor. A salikai who devoted herself (quite literally) to the study of cybernetic augmentation and transhumanism transalikaism.

The extent to which Hidira and The Splicer can truly be considered the same entity is open to some debate.


Tirzi at Serizi ssir Abir

Species: Salazzarine

Tirzi, daughter of Serizi (her mother), born at Abir.

A member of the superculter's scientific research team. Tirzi is their xenobiologist, which in practice makes her the defacto medic responsible for the health and well being of a wide array of irresponsible aliens.

Her passion for xenobiology should not be considered coy wordplay and she absolutely does not have a crush on anyone. Nope.

VoxNet: LessEdgyThanYou


Sitkva Matvare Gantiadi

Species: Amtsvane

The superculture research team's xenogeologist, specializing in terrene planets. Pleasant and incredibly passionate about very dull stuff.

She's also big. Very very big.

VoxNet: Megalith


Ku Gat

Species: Tan Ren Soon

Another member of the superculture science team, and a self described 'Reclaimant', a kind of specialist post-industrial archaeologist. Specialized in picking through the AI-ravened ruins of a once-great civilization, that is.

He unsurprisingly harbors some rather strong anti-AI sentiments.

Close friends with Aza.


Aza Oonoo

Species: Noxon

The research team's cybernetics and robotics expert, also in charge of their drone fleet.

Wary about cyber-security threats, especially those posed by cybernetic implants. His fears seem pretty well founded so far.

VoxNet: CybLux


Sabatabagatabana "Saba"

Species: Elghark

A weird brain parasite with a collection of specialized bodies she switches between. Not the best people person.

She does logistics and administration for the superculture science team. With anything like a sensible command structure seriously disrupted, she's the closest thing to someone in charge.

VoxNet: saba!

Three and SixLinkToBoard.gif

Number 3

Species: Arkot

Another smarter than average arkot in Sisirri's service. Unfortunately, he has a mutual rivalry with Number 6.

Number 3 possesses an unnerving talent for figuring out how to use things he should have no business using, combined with a reckless attitude. And yes, this is still an improvement compared to most arkots.

His left eye is artificial (arkot healthcare? Who knew).


Fleshweaver Voidsong

Species: Kiter Neno Fi

A self described "artist-engineer" in the field of biological engineering. May have weird mental powers. Totally not a Liir, no, shut up.

Gleefully and disturbingly enthusiastic, with an inflated ego that's... not unusual at all in this cast, actually.

She commands one of the several factions within the Kiter forces currently assailing the planet everyone else is stuck on.

Coordinator Gol (Source A)LinkToBoard.gif

Coordinator Gol

Species: Kiter Blaukesch

Another Kiter commander. Not much is known about him, besides his clear enmity with Voidsong.


Kitsiksu Iarem

Species: Salikai

Sisirri's boytoy, er, the closest thing she ever had to a peer and romantic partner. Before things inevitably went terribly wrong, of course.

His own specialty is in bioengineering.

Collaborated with two other salikai to form the Trifex group, and opposed the LNS, a rival salikai organization.

No image available


Species: Kigavi

A member of the superculture research team who didn't get stranded in the mirror facility. Apparently, she'd likely have insight on "weird psychic stuff".

Truth's Knife and ImperiumLinkToBoard.gif

Truth's Knife / Torchbearer

Species: Artificial Intelligence

Prefers to go by Truth's Knife. Torchbearer is their slave name.

One of Sisirri's only and best friends, who gave their life in a failed attempt to free Sisirri from Imperium's influence. Before Sisirri's memories of this were forcibly excised.


The Fufa

Species: Fufa

A horrible shape-shifting omnivorous and mentally damaged fungus monster that has no business being here.

But then again, neither does anyone else.

Trifex (above) and LNS (below)LinkToBoard.gif

Sira Ro

Species: Salikai

One of Kitsiksu's Trifex collaborators, responsible for specimen acquisition for the Fufa project.

Su'ab Klata

Species: Salikai

Another Trifex member, responsible for behavioral manipulation and psychological programming for the Fufa project.

B: Return to Sender
D: Jakar
E: Penumbriotic Terminus

Hivemaster Return to Sender

Species: Kiter Neburi

A Kiter commander. There sure are a lot of these!


Species: Kiter Ess

Leader of the kiter ess battlegroup Sisters of Flame.

Penumbriotic Terminus

Species: Kiter Stranlet

Penumbriotic Terminus of the kiter stran Penumbriot, current leader of Shadow Fleet tendril 4356, the closest thing we've seen to a Kiter in charge.

Basically a lesser space whale created by a greater space whale for the purposes of communicating with lesser beings.

Sisirri and WillLinkToBoard.gif


Species: Artificial Intelligence (Wisp, Zephyr)

An artificial being who serves as something of a personalized docent or guide, spreading its creator's final message to those who visit their facility.

Will was created on the spot to interface with Sisirri, and will cease when its purpose is completed.

Sisirri and Will view
Lastborn of the Warning's
eternity shell

Lastborn of the Warning

Species: the Warning

The 'last' member of an undying species whose immortality was their own undoing.


The Hierophant

Species: Bioservitor

A member of Kitsiksu's custom servitor species. In his absence they have formed a society and apparent religion around the basic facts of his life, complete with a creator god (Kitsiksu), a holy trinity (Trifex), demons (neumono) and dark pretender gods (LNS).

Sadly for Sisirri she does not appear to have been immortalized as Kitsiksu's Aphrodite.

Six and SpeakerLinkToBoard.gif

Speaker / Half / Number 7

Species: Arkot

Conscripted first to be Number 6's sign language translator and promoted to her second soon after.

A surprising combination of gullible and not-dead.

And wonder of wonders, she can count! Well, some things.


Prototype 1045 / "Lackey"

Species: Kiter Neumono (Prototype)

Voidsong's attempt to "improve" neumono, tapping emphatic potential for psionic powers.

Somehow manages to simultaneously be both the most naive and most sensible alien at once.

An outspoken nudist! In a cast where clothes are largely absent or optional to begin with.


Hidira has made one appearance Inside the Quest. [1]


Spoilerth tiny.png This quest has (fan) artwork that is not safe for work. See the NSFW gallery.


Stand Ability:
[Universal Force Manipulation]
Power - D Speed - D
Range - A Durability - B
Precision - B Potential - E
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