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A dude who is constantly down on himself despite being fairly cool as dudes go.

Excels at character-driven writing, and frequently creates memorable casts for his stories. Puts forth great amounts of effort into his updates, making them well worth any wait.

He has yet to abandon a quest, hoping to finish every story he's started.

Recommended starting quests for newcomers to read:

For a short single-thread story, try The Creator.

For his very first quest from 2009, try Tezakia Quest.

For something a little more saucy, there's Dragon Romance (currently running).


Other names this author has gone by:

  • Slinkoboy (old name)
  • SlinkoB (like twice)
  • Slinketza (often used if 'slinko' is taken)

See also

  • Slinkoquest, a fanquest I mean 100% accurate telling of Slinko's life.



Quests by Slinko

Tezakiaverse: Tezakia Quest | Jiniki's Journey | Tezakia Slumber Party | Tezakian Holiday

Venjiverse: Venji Quest | Boatface Adventures | Retcon Quest

Slissaverse: The Creator | In Progress: Slissa Quest

Other: Ditto Quest | This Is A Parody | Ketza Kwest | In Progress: Dragon Romance

Collaborations: Hugs Quest | Tav Tasers Tayza's Tits | Koror Quest | Second Ascent of Ekwi Irrepaumal | Breeder Quest | | O/I/R