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Slissa Quest by Slinko
Original 2014 (abandoned)
  1. Chapter 0

Semi-reboot 2016 (abandoned)

  1. Chapter 1

Main Quest (live)

  1. Chapter 1

It all began with a meteor.

A slissa girl comes of age, and is gifted with two things: her mother's necklace and a customary meal that may grant wishes. Her wish: to explore the world beyond her home!

The Beta and Gamma threads are discontinued; jumping straight into the Omega line of threads is recommended.

Special thanks:

  • AQR - A bunch of the art
  • Typo - Main music composer
  • Dylan - Cutscene engine coder



Major Characters



The main protagonist! A kind-hearted slissa. Tries playing matchmaker to get Tyrsis a date.



Kliss' best friend, and Shaia's biggest worrywart . A timid ketza-slissa hybrid who wants to become more brave.

Plot Summary

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

SQBeta/Chapter 0

Kliss comes of age and receives a gift from Kyra, her mother: a necklace that's passed down through many generations. In addition, Tyrsis, Kliss' best friend, gifts her a traditional ketza meal that may grant wishes. Against her mother's worries, she proclaims a wish to explore the world outside of their home in the caves. Hearing this, Kyra reminds Kliss that the entity outside, the Great Beast, would kill her if she were to go, but this doesn't deter Kliss at all. Unable to convince her mother to let her go, Kliss decides the journey will be alright if Tyrsis comes along, however this worries him greatly. Further thinking about Tyrsis, Kliss decides to just take a peek outside to see the ketzas, while her mother begrudgingly agrees and takes leave. Before heading out to get Tyrsis an outfit to disguise his appearance, he hears a mysterious voice coming from the necklace before Kliss takes it back. Kliss and Tyrsis make way to the costume shop.

After acquiring a costume for Tyrsis, he notices Kyra walking into a restaurant with another slissa. Kliss and Tyrsis decide to follow to see what nefarious things Kyra may be up to, however they are surprised that Kyra is the one with the surprise. She tries to keep Kliss home at the caves by trying to get another slissa to settle down with her. Being resisted by Kliss' desire to explore, Kyra lets slip that going outside is death because her husband also went outside. Kliss presses further about this reveal, knowing all her life that her father died in a cave-in building an orphanage. It's explained that Kyra's husband also dreamt of the outside world, but she convinced him to stay with her, much to his unhappiness. Letting him see the outside for only a little bit and then coming back, Kyra let her husband go, however, he never returned. Kliss comforts her mother and rests later that night, having second thoughts about going outside.

The next morning, Kliss meets with one of Kyra's friends concerning leaving Kyra alone by herself. Remembering a promise she made to Kliss' father, Kyra's friend instead lets Kliss go while ensuring she'll look after Kyra. Kliss stocks up on inventory, and returns to Tyrsis with a change of plans: one month will be spent outside instead of adventuring for many years. Leaving Tyrsis with some money to prepare himself for the trip, Kliss returns home to bid farewell to her mother.

Eventually, Tyrsis decides he'll come with Kliss, and the two depart for a caravan that shows the underground sights along the way. While resting after sightseeing, Kliss wonders how the two of them will get to the surface, and they check out an ornate gate at the cave's entrance. To Kliss' surprise, it's unguarded and open. At Tyrsis' request to wait on going through, Kliss inquiries about the gate. From a local, she learns that there never was a gate, and that the Great Beast may just be a story the ketzas made up. Frustrated at the necklace's voices saying not to break her promise to Tyrsis and go outside, Kliss attempts to abandon the necklace and fails wondering why she isn't strong enough. After being reassured by the necklace, Tyrsis returns and comforts Kliss, saying that she's one of the best friends he could ever have, and that he'll put aside his discomfort and go with her. Returning to the gate, Tyrsis decides to not hide anymore, removing his disguise and assuring Kliss he'll be with her as himself. Kliss returns the statement saying Tyrsis is the bravest person she's ever known. The duo walk through the open gate, and find a garden on the outside.



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