Jiniki's Journey

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Jiniki's Journey by Slinko

Takes place directly after the events of Tezakia Quest.

Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

Ishiji and her daughter Jiniki travel through the desert to live a new life away from the facility where things went down. They run into fluffy birds and a couple of pony dudes and continue with the adorable hijinks (hijinikis?) that the original quest is known for.

Unfortunately, the quest ends far too soon to be a proper sequel to the original epic, and doesn't have a whole lot of plot to it.

Still a good read especially if you're waiting for the actual sequel that may or may not ever come.

Followed up with Tezakia Slumber Party.



Ishiji/Iiji/Susan/Shela/That One Bug Lady

A klis-khar mother that had succumbed to majicka and its corruption in the past, but was later cured. Decides to journey from the facility to seek out her original homeland and start a new, peaceful life.



Susan's daughter. Capable of using psychic majicka in order to move objects around and long range communication. Comes along with her mother on the journey to their old home.

The orange peepLinkToBoard.gif


A Tezakian scout leading a group of tezakians in preparation for a bombing on the Lian nation. Participates in the war having lost his wife and kid to it.


Deylin Seneiri

A diuban on the run. Took a gem and documents from his government claiming that he's being screwed out of what's rightfully his land, and attempted to speak to his prime minister to prove his claim. However, he was found out, and fled to the desert to lie low for a while.

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