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Tezakia Quest by Slinko

Older versions (Please note the Livejournal version is missing most of its content)

  1. Forgotten Wings
  2. Companionship
  3. Risen Stakes
  4. Malignant Aviator
  5. Imprisoned
  6. Ki-jaara
  7. Solitude
  8. Sekani
  9. Et Tu, Cheri?
  10. The Tangled Web
  11. All According To Plan
    (Flash pt. 1, 2, 3)

  12. Gods Shall Bow Before Us

A quest run by Slinko on Livejournal. Initially intended as a practice exercise before running a 'real' quest on Questden, it wound up becoming an 1860 image, 12-chapter epic. The quest has since been converted to a flash format and webpage version, both available on Questden.


Major Characters

"I'm not a Prinny, dood-- er, man."


Wears the pants in this relationship

Amiel Lereian

Loves calling people "sweety"

Dilia Besna

Wants to be a pretty princess


Is tired of everyone's bullshit


Somehow avoids the obvious jokes about her tentacles


Minor Characters


Spoiler.gif This article contains spoilers! You were warned.

Chapter 1: Forgotten Wings

Sekani is on a typical scouting mission when he is shot down by something! He lands inside a strange facility, his arm too wounded to fly. He starts out wounded and bleeding, and explores his new surroundings. The place is abandoned and kind of creepy. He eventually finds an offline robot when he encounters a Lian who threatens him. He counters by complimenting her boobs. He convinces her to follow him to prove he's not a threat to her when she knocks him out.

Chapter 2: Companionship

Sekani remembers his Faithful Companion, who was lost to his cowardice. He finds that he's been tied up by the Lian. He starts out deathly afraid of her, but she introduces herself as Amiel and ends up being pretty nice. They bond astoundingly quickly as she blushes easily and Tezakians make no deal out of being naked. He tries to take a shower when blood shoots out instead of water. Amiel helps him get cleaned up and they bond some more. They get the STRANGE ROBOT activated and name it Grasshopper. Turns out it's a MEDICAL ROBOT. It will need some supplies to heal Sekani, and they head out to the COMMAND CENTER to get the storage area opened.

Chapter 3: Risen Stakes

A strange energy erupted from Sekani's arm, leaving him weak and scared. Amiel decides to take the chapter over and seeks out some GELATIN that can be used by the MEDICAL ROBOT to heal his wounds. She runs into a frightening creature that they dub "majibeasts", which seems to be based on a Lian. She evades it, and gets the supplies to Grasshopper who proceeds to heal Sekani. Night falls and they head to the BUNKER ROOM to sleep, and end up bonding even more. Sekani admits he never had a girlfriend ever, and Amiel elects herself to fill that role. They discover a huge hole leading underground and explore a cave. Inside they mess with a POWER GENERATOR and eventually run into another Majibeast, this one based on a Tezakian. Amiel ends up having to fight it alone as Sekani is knocked out, and eventually manages to win. Then she and Sekani... um. It's never stated if they have sex or not but they certainly do SOMETHING that night.

Chapter 4: Malignant Aviator

Sekani's starting to mutate. He was shot with a Syringe when he first crash-landed, and it's infected his blood. One badly implemented gimmick later, he succumbs to the corrupting force of "majicka" and gets really creepy. He also transforms further as his guiding voices try to bring him back to sanity. He discovers a dead body in the WATER HEATER and realizes it was likely the person who shot him down in chapter one. He finally regains the ability to fly, and takes to the skies. However, he quickly discovers that the rest of the world is missing.

Chapter 5: Monstrous Resolve

Sekani wallows in depression for a bit, then gets up to continue seeking a cure for his mutations. He explores more of the MAJICKA FACILITY known as "Rish'kahn" and encounters a pony-like majibeast. She introduces herself as Dilia and nearly forces our avian hero into a poorly written sex scene. He manages to avoid it, thankfully she's all tease and no force. Sekani, Amiel, and Dilia explore more of the facility. They learn about a queen named "Iiji" who seems to be in charge of the Majibeasts. Also apparently the official name for them is the "Ki-jaara". Upon seeing an infant Tezakian who had been subjected to experimentation, Sekani demands that Amiel leave for her own safety.

Chapter 6: Ki-jaara

Presumably Sekani was going to flip out and destroy shit, but this doesn't happen very much at all. He attempts to use majicka, but it doesn't listen to him. Sekani and Dilia explore the various labs of the LABORATORY BUILDING. Eventually, Sekani's majicka starts listening to him. Shortly after, he hears a voice in his head. Iiji, the queen in charge of the Ki-jaara, speaks to him directly asking him to come to her and be her "king". Sekani responds with bug spray and a FIREPUNCH to the face. He randomly stabs Dilia with a SOLUTION and she dies. He then goes through the most horrible, badly executed puzzle in all of quest history including things made by sierra and uses his majicka to revive Dilia. Dilia is cut off from Iiji and is forced to deal with being on her own. Also there's a portal leading to their planet that's eating most of a room. Sekani fights another Ki-jaara, but it turns out to be Amiel. Iiji takes control of Sekani directly.

Chapter 7: Solitude

Meanwhile, Amiel explores the DORM BUILDING in search of a cure for Sekani's majicka infection. She ends up running into a new Majibeast named Jiniki, who overpowers her completely. She manages to get out of it by shouting that she doesn't want to die. Much to everyone's amazement, this works. Jiniki and Amiel start bonding because she's actually kind of cute. It's revealed that a Diuban named Besileyz had worked with Dilia and someone else, and had a lesbian crush on her. Besileyz's journal entries got more and more insane until it's finally revealed that she's the one who shot Sekani down and was killed and thrown into the water heater. She runs into Sekani who attacks her with a SYRINGE before realizing who she is, and Iiji takes control of him. Amiel manages to get him knocked down and his sanity restored... by reducing him to a blank slate. Sekani is unresponsive, and Jiniki volunteers to hop into his mind and fix him.

Chapter 8: Sekani

Being guided by a strange voice, Sekani is given the chance to decide the nature of his majicka. He ops for superior flying speed, the bravery of his faithful companion (a cat-like creature who died protecting Sekani from a beast), and his own essence. The end result is a very fast, agile bird who more or less followed his typical evolution path from before. Sekani tests out his speed and lands in the PORTAL BUILDING, where it's dark and creepy. He meets Iiji face to face, and attempts to attack her. She attempts to sound creepier than normal by elongating vowels randomly. It doesn't work out so well, so he escapes. There's a bunch of hugs and he accidentally tells Amiel he loves her. Oops! They head to the RECREATION BUILDING and fight the majibest from chapter 3, who's name is Tayza. Sekani is far faster, but she manages to sting him with poison in the end. He's rushed to Grasshopper, the MEDICAL ROBOT.

Chapter 9: Et Tu, Cheri?

Amiel and Dilia explore the COMMUNICATION BUILDING while Sekani recovers. They uncover some plot twists, and find a computer that could be used to communicate with the outside world, if they could find the right coordinates for the satellite dish. Eventually Dilia sees the necklace and flips the fuck out. In the LJ version this part makes no sense at all, but in the flash version she instantly remembers her lover, Ifles, and her best friend, Besileyz. Besileyz was jealous of her relationship with Ifles and killed him. Dilia ended up killing Besileyz as a majibeast at the urging of Iiji. Remembering all of this at once was extremely painful, and Dilia clinged to Sekani and begged him to take the pain away. She then begins licking him a lot. For some reason, seeing this excites Amiel, and the three of them begin sexing it up. Control switches to Jiniki who explores more and finds out some more plot twists. Dilia and Sekani talk and she tries to convince him to leave Amiel and love only her. Sekani doesn't agree to this and she takes the obvious answer of trying to murder Amiel. Amiel barely survives thanks to Jiniki's intervention and Tayza comes back to heal her and yell at everyone for being idiots. Sekani admits for real that he loves Amiel, and she returns the affection. Everyone sleeps.

Chapter 10: The Tangled Web

Dilia had been cured with the MAJICKA CURE that they had found earlier in light of her insanity. She was now feeling really guilty and depressed about what she had done. Meanwhile, there's no sign of Tayza and Jiniki. Sekani heads to the kitchen to make everyone food, gets stuck in a window because he has bird-thighs, and Dilia tries to explain that she's not insane anymore. Tayza shows back up and acts really weird, eventually attacking Amiel and revealing that she and Jiniki are likely under Iiji's direct control. Sekani fights her off, and Amiel realizes that being naked is bad for her survival. Sekani manages to feel Tayza's presence and the three of them head off. Sekani and Tayza battle, her nearly killing him but being shot in the nick of time with a new solution that removes their susceptibility to Iiji's long distance majicka. Sekani had learned that a giant chimera, named Jaysiph, had been released. He is completely insane. Tayza heads off to get Jiniki, and RAGEs over things so quickly that Jiniki loses to her for the first time ever. She gives her the solution, and then Jaysiph appears and is scary. Jiniki takes a solution made to enhance majicka, and throws him a long distance for time-out. She then enters his mind and finds a weak and vulnerable creature who wants to die. She feels sorry for it, and begins begging the others to find some way to save him. After a long battle with him, Jiniki enters his mind a second time but is unable to save him. Amiel shoots he becomes the second real death in the quest. They enter the PORTAL BUILDING where Iiji lies.

Chapter 11: All According To Plan

This chapter is really long. Iiji appears and takes control of the majibeasts (who are no longer at long range), leaving Amiel and Dilia alone. They enter a semi-hidden cave and find a creature of pure majicka. Amiel names him Magic Johnson. He explains that makicka needs to feed on fleshy creatures, but provides them with power. He then forces himself into Amiel, turning her into a majibeast. Amiel has a very hard time dealing with becoming a monster, but Dilia (who is starting to get over her heavy depression) steps up and helps Amiel deal with it. Amiel's new power is found to be different from the others, as her majicka is sapient. Magic Johnson speaks to her as they continue. They find another majibeast who begins to attack them, and Amiel uses Magic Johnson to punch it in the nuts. Neither of them like this. Dilia manages to get the creature to be in control of himself again, then Iiji appears to take control of Amiel. Amiel manages to fight back, realizing that her majicka was specifically designed to combat Iiji. She nearly kills the queen when Jiniki begs her to stop over long-range communication. Amiel continues struggling to deal with her insanity as she battles another majibeast and breaks his nose. They manage to find Jiniki and she very nearly kills her. This upset causes Amiel to fight back against Magic Johnson, who had been preying on her desire for power. Dilia barely manages to revive Jiniki, and they all hug. Meanwhile, Tayza and Sekani battle and Tayza wins again. Sekani's will is restored to him when she threatens Iiji (who's majicka was vastly weakened by Amiel) with killing Sekani, who she wanted alive. She vanishes and they explore, finding Tayza's ex-boyfriend Delkin. Delkin tries to convince them to live in his fantasy world and leave Iiji alone, but they refuse and firepunch him through a portal. Everyone eventually meets up and makes their way to the stairs leading to Iiji.

Chapter 12: Gods Shall Bow Before Us

It's the final countdown battle! Iiji is in the back of the room, obviously wanting our heroes to face her remaining two majibeasts first. Despite this, everyone tries to attack Iiji anyway. Jiniki attempts to instantly win the battle with dancing and singing, and Amiel and Tayza fight the last two Iiji-controlled majibeasts, eventually throwing them into a random portal. Sekani manages to disable Iiji's turret defenses, while Amiel reflects the deadly eye-beast lasers back at them for massive damage. Iiji manages to capture Sekani and bring him into her portal, hoping to steal the Gods that guide him away for her own use. Much to her dismay, the gods do nothing but berate her and attempt to get her to give up. Tayza takes out the machine-gun robots and Amiel throws Jiniki at Iiji to give her the MAJICKA CURE solution and restore her to her former self. This backfires as Iiji stabs Jiniki and the players suddenly realize this fight was heavily railroaded to make way for a FLASH ANIMATION. Amiel, in grief, calls to Magic Johnson for power. He comes out and fights Iiji headon, eventually losing to her as she rips him out and throws him into a portal, presumably to die without a host. Amiel is restored to her formal form with Iiji looming overhead. She uses her CLOAKING SUIT for the first time since chapter like 3 or something and is pretty badass about it. Sekani manages to be freed while Iiji's distracted, launches a MAJICKA ENHANCING solution at Tayza, and she manages to revive Jiniki. She then uses her healing majicka to empower Sekani. With his enhanced majicka, he dives into Iiji's portal with Amiel, wherein they...decide that if you want to know what happens next you should read the quest!

April Fools chapter: Into The Lion's Den

The Guindo takes over under the questmaker's silly assumption that he would do funny stuff. Everyone enters the PORTAL BUILDING and find a place of candy! Then suddenly Iiji appears and kills them off one by one, swallowing Sekani and causing a Bad End. April fools!

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ITQ: Amiel 1, Sekani 1 and Tayza 1, Tayza 2, Tayza 3, Tayza 4, Tayza 5, Tayza 6, Dilia 1, Dilia 2, Dilia 3, Jiniki 1, Shela 1, Sekani 2, Tayza 7, Amiel 2, Sekani 3, Sekani 4, Sekani 5, Sekani 6, Jiniki 2, Sekani, Amiel, Dilia, and Jiniki


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