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File 132853744214.png - (128.97KB , 700x700 , pussy destroyer.png )
10740 No. 10740 ID: cb001b
So, what is this place like? Seems slow as hell but that sounds perfect for me. I take on all requests except for the really twisted stuff.
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No. 10741 ID: 96f0da
Whatever could ever be more twisted than kitten homicide?
No. 10742 ID: cb001b
Scat and goru. Gore is fine when it isn't sexualized. Practice sane sex
No. 10743 ID: 1829c0
File 132854044863.png - (39.89KB , 385x326 , COMMUNISTAS.png )
If anyone's drawing around, please may I commission an image of a young, attractive WW2 Russian Sergeant reading a corny romance novel with one hand on his heart. A confused looking female Russian private secretly reading over his shoulder is optional. Thanks.

Payment upon completion will be a lifetime supply of air-guitars, and and the souls of twenty hipsters.
No. 10744 ID: 1829c0
Sorry, ignore the "If anyone's drawing around" part of that sentence. Copypasted the request over from a group drawthread on /tg/.
No. 10745 ID: cb001b
File 132854262087.png - (456.85KB , 700x1000 , russians.png )
No. 10746 ID: 1829c0
Thankyou, you golden adonis of a man.
No. 10747 ID: 112270
it's "guro", as in "grotesque", not "goru".

And for the hundredth time, guro encompasses a lot of stuff that you can find on /d/, as well as scat. It's not limited to gore at all.
No. 10749 ID: cb001b
Sorry I'm not a expert on the subject.
No. 10782 ID: 9130c6
Demonically twisted warforged, a small winged model and a larger four-legged walking table thing. Think soul edge.
Much obliged ifferwhen you get to it.
No. 10788 ID: cb001b
File 132863609236.png - (474.15KB , 700x1000 , demon forged.png )
No. 10796 ID: 1829c0
Perhaps I could request an SS colonel, leaning on a runed staff, with burn scars on one side of his face in a Two-Face sort of way. He has a disturbing smile on his face, one that implies a sadistic personality.
No. 10808 ID: cb001b
File 132880036426.png - (359.45KB , 700x1000 , magic colonel.png )
Nazis, the world's favorite villain.
No. 10809 ID: 243916

No. 10810 ID: cb001b
Well, that looks like it is gonna' be fun.
No. 10811 ID: 243916

Oh yes. It's premiering soon!
No. 10813 ID: cb001b
No. 10814 ID: 243916


It's premiering at the Berlinale in 10 days.
No. 10819 ID: cb001b
No. 10828 ID: 1829c0
Absolutely fantastic. Thanks man.
No. 10830 ID: cb001b
No problem
No. 10849 ID: d2f0c9
Oh hey, it's SirBriggz! Welcome to Tgchan.
No. 10884 ID: cb001b
Thanks dude. It is as slow as molasses going uphill in January on this board.
No. 10896 ID: 82a03b
Yeah, sorry. We're not used to requests here, this is more of an archive place. Anyways, the redhead http://www.tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/src/132897598256.png wielding a polearm riding on a giant ant.
No. 10897 ID: 82a03b
Also, you should come talk to us on irc.
No. 10905 ID: cb001b
File 132906254794.png - (849.77KB , 700x1000 , ant rider.png )
No. 10910 ID: 82a03b
You follow any of the quests here?
No. 10916 ID: cb001b
No. 10951 ID: afc1f5
witnessed your thread on the 4chans, thought I'd pay a visit.

Don't suppose, good sir, that I could trouble you for a male red-headed World of Darkness mortal - a former major league pitcher of baseballs, if it is of any consideration - attacking, with a baseball bat, a mysterious plague doctor? The character prefers red clothing, if it is of any importance.

Thank you for your time.
No. 11004 ID: cb001b
File 132932618034.png - (325.74KB , 700x1000 , hats off.png )
No. 11011 ID: 4d7f59
How about a monster from a game I run?

A round, grey ball with one large eye, six thin, arachnid legs, and a whiplike tail, made of bone with a metal spike on the end, and amouth full of triangle teeth, about three feet long. It's a thing that hides in houses and orphanages to scare children and feed on fear. Horror Thrall.
No. 11025 ID: 808102
Thats too perfect. I can't stop grinning. You've totally just made my week.
No. 11071 ID: cb001b
File 132949228688.png - (434.29KB , 1000x1000 , horror thrall.png )
No. 11074 ID: cb001b
File 132950643316.png - (435.06KB , 1000x1000 , horror thrall.png )
You know what, I thought you meant the teeth were three feet long. My bad, took the kid so it looks as big as you need it to be.
No. 11114 ID: 1829c0
What looks like a muscular, imposing Gestapo officer in a long, black leather coat. He wears a typical German stahlhelm, except the front of it carries straight on down into a Doctor-Doom sort of steel mask. His eyes are not visible behind the two holes in the mask. He grips a Mauser pistol nonchalantly in one hand.

If you feel like doing a background, he seems to be standing on the bridge of a zeppelin. A ruined city is visible behind the windows.

No. 11115 ID: cb001b
File 132967611117.png - (502.48KB , 700x1000 , Standing at the end.png )
All kinds of fun.
No. 11117 ID: 1829c0
Thanks very much.
No. 11228 ID: 1829c0
Alright, here's something you can really do whatever you want with:
Can I request a police line-up of characters with the following names? Just draw each one as you think they would appear based on their name. Could be interesting. The names are:

Shifty Tony Soprano
Giuseppe Leatherchest
Slick Foot Giuseppe
Fat Marco Bruno
Alley-Cat Fabiano
Cosimo Slapnuts
No. 11283 ID: cb001b
File 133023600939.png - (578.66KB , 2000x1000 , line up.png )
Colors will be added in a few days, hopefully.
No. 11284 ID: cb001b
File 133023717912.png - (233.84KB , 700x1000 , sergal thinker.png )
FROM #tgchan

00:03BritishHatDRAW A SERGAL
No. 11285 ID: cb001b
File 133023797885.png - (152.94KB , 700x1000 , hiltler punch 2.png )
FROM #tgchan

00:20BritishHatOh, um, Hoviet Sero punching Hitler
No. 11288 ID: 1829c0
Don't worry about it man, colours aren't necessary. Still, fantastic and hilarious. Thanks.
No. 11341 ID: e0be3c
Copypasta'd from the Leap Year Drawthread

SirBriggz, oooh SirBriggz - you did the "Love Can Bloom 2" pic of the Techpriest and Toaster for me a few drawthreads back. You've been my favourite drawfriend ever since.

Can I please ask for a 40k Rogue Trader and his Seneschal/ High Factotum/ General Tricksy bastard companion, if it please?

The Lord-Captain is your typical roguish sort, in his mid-20s. He's medium weight, got long, dark hair in a ponytail under a bicorn hat, a thin beard and a really cheeky, "You know you love me" kind of grin. Preferably holding a bottle of booze in one hand and a power sword in the other. Imperial/Navy-ish uniform, very intricate and well-adorned.

The Seneschal is stood slightly behind/to the side of the LC. He's a little taller, just over 6'. Scruffy blonde, short-cut hair and blue eyes, the sort of face you easily forget. He's also wearing an Imperial navy-ish uniform, but much more nondescript, and has a melta pistol in one hand.
No. 11342 ID: e0be3c
Also copypasta'd for a friend

I'd like to request a couple of Space Marine bros, a Space Wolf Assault Marine and a Salamander Apothecary.

Space Wolf has long white hair, and long white beard, dual wielding chainswords, strikingly pale blue eyes, helmet off hanging from his belt/waist opposite a bolt pistol. on the ground behind him should be a top hat and monocle. Hanging from his belt should be a fob/pocket watch on a chain.

Salamander has a shaved head, ash grey skin, deep red eyes. Has his Narthecium on his left hand, helmet on his belt, bolt pistol opposite that. Chainsword in one hand, and Flamer in the other.
No. 11343 ID: 59a00d
File 133058896937.jpg - (2.69MB , 2912x3776 , Styleguidemaster.jpg )
deliscious pasta.

Something, anything, inspired by this styleguide, for the setting/video game project I'm working on to entertain myself.

I've already got lots of material for the "Skynet" faction, which is all HRgieger-esque synth-muscle and ceramic plating. Now I need some battered, badass wastelanders. Something straight from this, or your own character idea. Perhaps a robot that looks obviously ex-military.
No. 11346 ID: 9f70fe
>Copy-pasting this request from your last thread (I was two away, woe is me)

Some Krieg Grenadiers climbing onto a CSM Terminator to stab it in the face and other areas with bayonets (Like in the Halflings vs Vampire picture).


A Vampire Count in full plate rubbing a human baby against his visor, which has a surface not unlike a cheese grater.
No. 11347 ID: a2f11a
ok, hows about a chaos lord using a imperial guardsman as a ventriloquist dummy (its amateur night at the "demon world" pub and bar and he is killing it out there!)
No. 11348 ID: 4da4c4
File 133062820107.png - (311.61KB , 551x600 , Sir_Walter_Raleigh_BAH.png )
Could you make a drawing of few Empire swordsmen (Warhammer Fantasy), sitting and playing with small pet griffon. Throwing him small pieces of meat, spinning a strap of cloth, something like that.
Behind them, Empire captain with neat mustache and beard stands and observes them with smile.
(Pic related for captains facial hair)
No. 11402 ID: cb001b
File 133072123917.png - (402.42KB , 700x1000 , come on.png )
No. 11404 ID: e0be3c

Always love your work SirBriggz, and my players will love it!
No. 11420 ID: cb001b
File 133077536002.png - (357.42KB , 1000x1000 , space bros.png )
No. 11421 ID: cb001b
File 133077538397.png - (913.82KB , 2000x2000 , robits.png )
No. 11422 ID: cb001b
File 133077543307.png - (448.50KB , 700x1000 , oh baby oh baby.png )
Second Option
No. 11423 ID: cb001b
File 133077545106.png - (342.79KB , 700x1000 , To Soon.png )
No. 11424 ID: cb001b
File 133077547280.png - (254.50KB , 700x1000 , looking on.png )
No. 11426 ID: e0be3c

Love. Love love love love LOVE so much ^_^
No. 11427 ID: a2f11a
File 133078305515.jpg - (129.13KB , 634x474 , Painting-of-early-Nordic-Skiing.jpg )
thank you! you sir are awesome and i love your work. and the file name was awesome. accept this painting (not mine) as a gift
No. 11445 ID: d13dc7
Whoa. It's even better than I anticipated!
Mighty thanks!
No. 11449 ID: 9c7c3b
I'd like to request a scene in a crowded courtroom, presumably during a murder trial. Everyone there should be wearing clown wigs and makeup with their suits.
No. 11453 ID: cb001b
Huh... that is the pic I see all the time for the Birkebeiner.
No. 11454 ID: cb001b
File 133080753545.png - (618.56KB , 700x600 , snuggles.png )
No. 11455 ID: 9c7c3b
Oh gosh this is so awesome! Thanks!
No. 11461 ID: 21dcd3
Say, could you make some more scenes about this captain and his pet griffon?
Some fight training perhaps? (Attacking a dummy of orc/chaos warrior for example?)
No. 11470 ID: cb001b
File 133085385299.png - (1.11MB , 2000x2000 , robits.png )
Added some silly backstories.
No. 11477 ID: cb001b
File 133089937355.png - (289.25KB , 700x1000 , training day.png )
No. 11478 ID: b61525
Haha, it's great. Griffon look really angry.
No. 11489 ID: 599578
As I don't see anyone else requesting anything, I'll shamelessly do it myself again.
Can you make a drawing of this captain from before, giving piggyback ride to griffon whelp in some mountainous/forest terrain?
He should be wearing something other than his usual uniform, some generic adventurer clothes I guess. Cloak, light coat of mail and hat, perhaps?
(The backstory is that captain went on solo mission into Middle Mountains, and during this adventure he rescued this griffon whelp from some greenskins, who wanted to eat him.)
No. 11498 ID: cb001b
File 133097564136.png - (226.21KB , 700x1000 , First Impressions.png )
No. 11502 ID: d2a27c
Thank you very much.
Now I have no choice but to write a decent backstory for those two.
Again, thanks!
No. 11503 ID: dd9c90
I'm so glad I came back and saw this. You're awesome.
No. 11520 ID: 79c2fc
I meant like a mix of the two aesthetics on the two models, sorry.

A kobold outfitted with way too much gear scaling a mountain peak, dangling a similarly overburdened pony along after.
No. 11556 ID: 5b5adb
Oh my. Quite humorous. Thank you.
No. 11601 ID: f1224c
Hello again.
Could you draw (surprise, surprise) another scene with griffon and captain?
Griffon is bigger now, in the size of small horse. He is laying on the ground, sleeping (Like a dog, I guess, with paws under his head). Captain is also sleeping (no armor, shirt only, they are after training), leaning with his back on griffon's side.
Oh, and those two treat their rest seriously. Roronoa Zoro or Spike Spiegiel type seriously.
No. 11647 ID: e0be3c
Do you have an actual story yet for the Griffin and Captain, writefriend? I've been watching your requests since I put mine up in here, and I love them.
No. 11650 ID: cb001b
File 133146252054.jpg - (291.83KB , 895x1861 , Up we go.jpg )
Lost my pen for my tablet. Till I can find it, it will be pen and paper requests.
No. 11651 ID: cb001b
File 133146255794.jpg - (413.83KB , 1283x1453 , Well Earned.jpg )
No. 11655 ID: c7cd52
And thank you again, splendid work.
No. 11656 ID: 32857c
Excellent as always. Thanks.
No. 11812 ID: cb001b
I am digitally operational again.
No. 11813 ID: 1829c0
Where'd you find it?
No. 11817 ID: cb001b
Under my pillows.
No. 11839 ID: c61e74
Could you draw two scenes for me, please?
First one with a few terrified goblins in center, standing close together and looking fearfully around. In bush behind them, pair of eyes watches them (it's the griffon from my previous requests)
Second one: a pair of Warriors of Chaos (or Orcs, your choice) stands together and contemplates a single big feather (griffons) and helmet (WoC or Orc one) they are holding in their hands.
Above them, on the tree branch, a griffon is getting ready to jump on them. Or he could be diving at them from the sky, your choice.
No. 11858 ID: cb001b
File 133258987606.png - (245.26KB , 700x1000 , watching.png )
No. 11859 ID: cb001b
File 133258990006.png - (322.54KB , 700x1000 , Waiting.png )
No. 11862 ID: c665de
Haha, those are great, thank you again.
(God, I'm so happy I discovered this place)
No. 11905 ID: 4f0697
Against my better judgement, a friend talked me into a magical girl game, with the condition that playing one of the inevitable talking animals was alright.
Dog wearing limey hat, possibly jacket, deckbrush in mouth and in some kind of action pose. Several scars, middling to larger breed, some kind of wave coming from the brush a bonus.
He's named Frobisher because I like puns.
No. 11930 ID: cb001b
File 133291710546.png - (0.96MB , 1400x2000 , wave dog.png )
No. 11936 ID: b85f8c
I gotta say that's pretty badass.
No. 11942 ID: 4f0697
Seeing the results of your work is a pleasure, as always.
No. 11944 ID: 97b798
I'd like to request a man held up on a road by two generic bandits with knives. The man is looking simply annoyed, and is rolling his eyes while he reaches for a futuristic laser gun.
No. 11954 ID: cb001b
File 133304169133.png - (256.38KB , 700x1000 , kids these days.png )
No. 11962 ID: a43a6c
Thank you!
No. 11978 ID: 9cd02a
Could you draw a man in camo clothes in a metro train looking uneasy and sitting opposite of two robots whose hands are covered in blood.
The train is otherwise empty
No. 12020 ID: cb001b
File 133322134968.png - (564.10KB , 1000x700 , Train Wreck.png )
No. 12021 ID: 9cd02a
Awsome! Thanks!
No. 12041 ID: fe9fcf
I would like to request a human female sha'ir (arabic wizard). Preferably in her mid twenties, with long blond hair.
No. 12080 ID: 1829c0
File 133349903824.jpg - (310.74KB , 1008x720 , ScreenShot.jpg )
Can I please request the following:
The characters from >>10745 standing up on a walkway in a dark sewer, their backs up to the wall, looking terrified. The woman holds a flamethrower out. The flamethrower's fuel-tank is strapped to the back of a slender, agile looking young man next to her. The Sergeant, meanwhile, holds a Molotov cocktail in one hand and a revolver in the other. Rotted hands are reaching out towards them, and emerging out of the sewer water.
No. 12103 ID: cb001b
File 133358996354.png - (425.51KB , 700x1000 , insensitive.png )
No. 12104 ID: cb001b
File 133358998180.png - (425.10KB , 1000x700 , sewer rats.png )
No. 12114 ID: d6bf5d
It would be super keen to see the shot of ReasonableWastelander that came Before that bathtime.

Hey, no, stop your brains right there people!
I mean a dusty grimy RW crawling out of some hole or whatnot with something valuable (can-o-beans, batteries, obscure mechanical gizmo?) half hanging out of a sack.

Scooter parked nearby maybe.

Thanks a trillion Briggsy.
hey, this tgchan worth poking around now that i stalked, i mean, followed you?
No. 12127 ID: 1829c0
Glorious image! Spasiba, comrade!
No. 12132 ID: fe9fcf

Thanks man.
No. 12165 ID: cb001b
File 133379325585.png - (547.58KB , 700x1000 , Retriever.png )
It is very slow here.
No. 12166 ID: d6bf5d
oh golly!
is this my secret reward for staying up too late on the internet!?

Once more you bring forth glories and joys to my heart. Thank you, my internet friend, for this art.

Its the stuff dreams are made of briggzy
No. 12184 ID: aef453
Well, I decided that since you feel there is a lack of requests, I'd ask my tabletop group what they wanted, and unsurprisingly voted for a group shot of all our characters. I told them to try and give a decent description of each to make things easier for you, and they are as follows (along with my own character):

<Sylvee>Sylvee [is Syias' sister and] a 4'8" woman with long brown hair and ..blablanospecificsbla, but with her bulky fur armor and bearing a single, clawed arm.

<Syias>Syias [is Sylvee's brother,] is 6'3" with short brown hair and is blind, with burn scars around his eyes. Though drawing a stylish mask over them would be okay too. It's whatever. Also, draw him wearing this coat as this is what I imagine Rogan Hex [a pirate lord we killed during the campaign] was wearing http://tinyurl.com/bw4e5cc
<Syias>and I stole his clothes

<Cid_D>Cid is 6' with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. He's very good looking and often wears a disarming, confident smirk. He wears basic traveling clothes, but accessorizes with a wide green cloak with silver trim, and a black wide brimmed hat, also with a large feather stuck in the green ribbon.
<Cid_D>I suppose the staff could be drawn too. A straight wooden staff with a gnarled knot at the top, inset with glowing blue crystals.

<James> A giant of a man, James stands a full 7'4". He wears heavy scale mail armour, a pair of leather boots and a thick fur cloak. He wields a Bastard Sword. His face is rugged and weathered. His hair and short beard are both grey.
<James> picture reference: http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg337/scaled.php?server=337&filename=jamesb.jpg&res=landing
<James> but with a bastard sword

<Ashe> Shin is a very plain looking man with a clean and unblemished face that is neither attractive nor ugly, sharp eyebrows atop his green peepers that are adorned with a pair of spectacles. He has long brown hair that he wears in a ponytail reaching down to his lower back.
Face Reference: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15592234/Character%20Misc/ShinFaceRef.jpg Something like this, perhaps
Armour Reference: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/15592234/Character%20Misc/ShinJinLongUndecoratedArmour.png Mostly green with a gold accent, Shin wears quite flowy armour along with a pair of dark gloves made for breaking weapons via blocks, thus the rings.

Syias and Sylvee should probably be doing something together due to the brother/sister bond, most likely involving a dead body because they are a very morbid pair. Cid would likely be reading from a large tome, as he is the party mage. James would be sharpening his sword or brandishing it about, since he's quite fond of weapons of all types, and Shin would be practicing martial arts, in whatever stance or pose you desire along those lines. Hopefully I haven't overwhelmed you with information here, but I figure too much is better than too little when it comes to drawing! Do as much or as little as you like, since we're just taking advantage of your free time! :V
No. 12196 ID: cb001b
You bet I believe there is a lack of requests. Yours is the only one left in this thread.
No. 12197 ID: 4f0697
I just feel really bad about camping out in the thread and asking for thing after thing.

Injured magical girl in a torn and dirtied raccoon themed costume, fleeing from a raccoon with blood on its mouth and a too-large grin.

Someone was watching too much madoka when they made their character.
No. 12200 ID: d6bf5d
>I just feel really bad about camping out in the thread and asking for thing after thing.

yeah, kinda this.

I always <3 more Wastelander pics, because i am stupidly fond of the way you draw her.

I have been wondering how the arm was lost (something not nailed down yet).
Torn between a young RW in street clothes in some kind of wrecked structure, unconscious and with her right arm disappearing under a heavy chunk of masonry. (arm lost in the semi-apocalyptic event)


Passed out in a pool of blood and ichor, right arm in tatters, left hand still holding the knife she plunged into the head of the giant monster ant slumped beside her. (arm lost long after the event due to rad-beast attack, probably grew up in the wasteland)

Or if you are tired of Reasonableness, your take on this description?

"Ardarvia is most often represented as a tightly bound woman encased from head to toe in form-hugging iron, held aloft by chains grasped by a hundred angels. Her coldly beautiful face is the only flesh visible in many representations, although most portray her as having a face of steel or an iron mask. Other interpretations have painted her to be a towering, statuesque dominatrix, clad in steel and leather, with the joyous, rapturous souls of her most devout hanging from chains binding them to the goddess' multiple piercings. Regardless of the depiction's specifics, she is always portrayed by her faithful as strict, domineering, but also with a compassionate understanding in her eyes.

Her holy symbol is most often represented as a stylized silver iron maiden coffin. Particularly ornate and expensive symbols actually open to reveal a representation of the goddess within. A lesser known symbol, and one wrapped in mystery even within the clergy, is that of two chain links joined together in the shape of an infinity symbol."

Trying to work out the imagery of the Ardarvian Faith. If that is too kinked or weird, then never mind it.
No. 12219 ID: cb001b
File 133404685472.png - (1.22MB , 2000x1200 , PARTY CHEMISTRY.png )
Well this was amusing and quite the learning experience.
No. 12227 ID: 025b07
Hey Briggz long time fan first time poster, here on tgchan. I always make sure to post a request in your threads on /tg/ because well, you are one of the best drawfags that gets the job done well and quick. I've made three requests and you've drawn two of them. Now I make my fourth request.

I kindly ask that you draw my RPG group in a family portrait. We play the Riddle of Steel system for our Mythical Europe game. It takes place in 1474, and we've taken over the whole of Romania over the course of the game.

We've started a sorta grand epic of a medieval family around the character Vasily, Vasily being the group Wizard, Party Glue, and Leader. He is now King of the newly formed Romanian Kingdom. Which we formed, ourselves. We started peasants and random lords, we became royalty. We get to continue advance the game by playing as our children throughout the generations. The first generation of our new characters are beginning to mature now. My character, a Polish knight by the name of Slavomir made a deal with Vasily before the big battle against our enemies in Romania, he asked Vasily, "If I do not return Lord, will you take care of my wife, and my unborn child. Will you take them into your house, and treat them as your own? Do you swear it upon the blood of our savior, Christ?" Vasily agreed right away, our characters being great friends.

I died. Terribly, from a stray cannon shot. I died alone in the middle of the raging battle. They didn't even find my body. It was a downer, but Vasily did take care of my son, Turin. I now play as him. Out of game Vasily's player and I are great friends, and this has just strengthened our friendship.

Now them on to the request details.

From right to left.

A small boy, no older than five years old, in dark red robes. He has sort of a cocksure smile on his face. Next to him is a small girl, same age, in extremely black robes. She holds a lynx kitten in her hands. A man who looks very much like Rasputin, in black robes with a hand on his daughter's shoulder. He stands with a face of determination, with a tiny smile of satisfaction on his face. He has his hand on his adoptive son's shoulder. This child shouldn't look much like the others, since he is not related to them. He'll have red hair which no one else in the family has. Then next to him is Christina, Vasily's wife(A very good Role-Player and friend). She wears an expertly, incredibly tailored dress. She has the Major Beauty gift in the system, so do try to make her beautiful.

Thanks in advance Sirbriggz. Wow, I didn't expect this post to get as big as it did.
No. 12233 ID: aef453
Damn excellent, thanks!
No. 12234 ID: cb001b
File 133413169191.png - (374.72KB , 700x1000 , gotta go fast.png )
No. 12235 ID: cb001b
Don't forget to tell me how the group responds.
No. 12239 ID: cb001b
File 133413459963.png - (442.72KB , 700x1000 , from the end.png )
No. 12240 ID: 065750
Run! JUST RUN! And get the Rabies shots!
No. 12243 ID: d6bf5d
keen. Like super keen, SirBriggz.

in my brain's internal screenplay this would be an early scene for the episode where we go back and look at the origins. (like "Out of Gas") Lil' Wastelander, well, lil' Realname pinned in some rubble from the unspecified catastrophe, waiting to be rescued, telling herself that help will be there soon.

Its only at the end of the episode we see her come to the fevered decision that she can't wait any longer, managing to slip a strip of cloth or one of her shoelaces around her upper arm and tightening it into a crude tourniquet with a snapped-off scrap of rebar. Scene ends with a close-up of her left hand as she picks up a long fractured bit of rock with a wicked sharp edge. Ultimately able to crawl out of the little cave she picks her way down a slope of rubble that used to be a building, creative camera angles avoiding her arm but showing the dark bloodstains down the side of her shirt and leg or a scattering of ruby-red drops left in a trail behind her. Able to make it clear of the worst of this patch of devastation she spots an oncoming crew of people wearing a mishmash of uniforms and picking their way into the area.

next scene is lil RW in a hospital, army-style cots everywhere but not many people on them. Her right side a ball of bandages with IV tubes running into them. An exhausted looked doctor or nurse is leaning over her, speaking softly.

"..should be clear of infection at this point, so we will hope for the best. You are really very lucky.."
>very lucky
>very lucky
>very lucky
"Hey, are you even paying attention? I said its a reasonable offer sweetheart, you are really very lucky"
We cut back to a grimy present-day, where a distracted RW straightens a bit, absently rubbing her metallic right 'bicep' with her left hand as if she could chase away a pain that had no right to still exist. Then she really focuses on the man in front of her, obviously making some kind of trade, her recovered scrap in exchange for a lumpy brownish bar of homemade soap. RW smiles brightly, that cheery personality coming to the front as she nods.

You know, you are right..
I am Very lucky.

>i should skip the writing except for thanking briggz more, because i doubt it makes any sense.
>thanks briggzy
No. 12248 ID: 4f0697
Sometimes, in a setting where there are known to be empowered people of a certain type going after demons, it's worth it to make the effort to empower one to take out your rivals, then eat it yourself.
No. 12261 ID: cb001b
File 133421778749.png - (371.87KB , 700x1000 , together.png )
No. 12262 ID: cb001b
What happened to that Shadow Run character? I know there was one here a day or two ago.
No. 12281 ID: 1a3eb8

Vasily's player here. Nailed it man.
No. 12282 ID: 025b07
Requester here, Briggz it looks amazing, really great work on all the characters. Who knows, we might call you up in a few weeks to do those children all grown up!

I linked the thread and such to everyone else so they can say thanks themselves. Great work Briggz. Thank you.
No. 12285 ID: cb001b
I'll be waiting.
No. 12300 ID: 605544
File 133437263623.jpg - (60.05KB , 290x408 , ibas10.jpg )
Sorry, I had to remove the post because the game was looking like it would fall through, but it hasn't. So... If you don't mind, Sir Briggz I'll re-post. I'll avoid colors since you do things in line-art or monochrome.

She's wearing a body-tight bodysuit with a specially designed tactical vest for aquatic use (pretty much a bulletproof vest that has break-away zippers that allow a air bladder to unflate under the kevlar) that was designed for anti-pirate activity. The vest has tactical pouches along the waist of the vest. Her helmet has a integrated air supply, with an airline heading to a airtank on the back of the vest. The helmet itself has a clear faceplate that allows her a good field of vision. She has a pair of goggles attached to the helmet that can be swiveled down if she needs them. She has a shotgun strapped to her back, and a pistol in a holster on her right leg. She has a medkit on the small of her back that's a pretty decent size (she's a medic for the team) and she has a large pouch for whatever she needs on her left leg.

There would be some bits of her black hair visible through the helmet faceplate. I'll include an example that will sorta help.
No. 12302 ID: d6bf5d
out with a robo-punch?

Focus on the Reasonable Scooter?

RW sticking her head out from behind a tree or building, like the op goblin, clutching a baseball bat. Instead of a dead kitten, a somewhat dented food can or MRE-type packet.
No. 12312 ID: cb001b
File 133439110722.png - (188.42KB , 700x1000 , goes deep.png )
No. 12313 ID: cb001b
File 133439169579.png - (169.60KB , 700x1000 , clubbing.png )
No. 12322 ID: d6bf5d
made my morning, SirBriggz
No. 12331 ID: 605544

Once aain, Sir Briggz shows he is worthy of his Knighthood in the service of the TG crown!
No. 12345 ID: d6bf5d
my greedy side really wants to just flood out a hundred thousand RW-related requests, but that seems, well, greedy. slow-board bump to show the thread to other people for a bit?
No. 12351 ID: a43a6c
Hello! Would it be asking too much of you to request a background-sized image? 1280 x 1024 to be exact?

A man's skeleton, clothed in tattered clothes from the 50's, sits propped up against the trunk of a Joshua Tree overlooking a flat desert with the occasional scrub bush dotting the landscape. At his side is a worn and dessicated wallet and a pack of cigarettes. A rocky mountain range can be seen in far in the distance.

Thanks a bunch!
No. 12353 ID: 4f0697
A kobold (cute or non) operating a large pseudomech made of dragon bones.
It has three heads, each with a different style of horns, with the pilot situated in the ribcage, and filaments of magic sort of weaving between the bones to hold the rough humanoid shape.
Thanks for getting to see mental images on paper.
No. 12354 ID: cb001b
File 133454913354.png - (760.01KB , 1280x1024 , sun bathing.png )
No. 12357 ID: d6bf5d
It would be keen to see a young Reasonable soon-to-be-Wastelander propped up in a bed or on some kind of examination table with her robotic arm newly attached.

Maybe midway through trying to pick up a glass and exploding it or crushing a pen into splinters and ink, something like that.

yeah, pretty much trying to create a visual/mental timeline of RW.
No. 12358 ID: cb001b
File 133455029896.png - (482.24KB , 700x1000 , roar.png )
No. 12359 ID: a43a6c
This is everything I imagined it would be. Thanks again!
No. 12360 ID: cb001b
File 133455251645.png - (200.11KB , 700x1000 , crusher.png )
No. 12361 ID: d6bf5d
I don't have the keyboard skills to properly translate the high-pitched sound of delight i made after refreshing.

you are like the last intact can of pineapple in a tumbled-over grocery store (a treasure)
No. 12366 ID: 4f0697
Simply awesome.
No. 12387 ID: d6bf5d
funny thought.

RW.. well, RW's arm clinging to a rope or ladder step, RW herself snapped loose and falling out of the bottom of frame with a surprised look.

Just thinkin' about the first time she ran into the load-limit on the socket and arm.. oops.
No. 12389 ID: cb001b
File 133464384132.png - (369.89KB , 700x1000 , Socket Pop.png )
No. 12415 ID: 8fa6ca
Hello again. I would like to make two requests.

First one: Big, ugly, Warhammer style troll sitting under small rocky cliff, gnawing some bones, and spitting feathers. On the top of the aforementioned cliff , Empire captain from my earlier requests is pushing a large boulder to the cliff edge, with intention of dropping it on troll's head (Captain is wearing same "adventurer" clothes as those on griffon piggyback picture)

Second one: The same Empire captain fighting some goblins. He is standing over the dead body of one of the greenskins, and just hurled small glass vial into three other goblins. They are standing in small cloud of powder, choking and rubbing their eyes (vial contained some Kithai pepper, nasty stuff). Captain is in his "adventurer" gear, just like in previous request. He is armed with nicely crafted sword.
No. 12416 ID: d6bf5d
champion grade work my friend!

>and re: kinda-creepy ship-person thread
thanks for That image too, nutter.
No. 12430 ID: 2bc8be
requesting cute girl early teens about 5'1" with long red hair in tattered dress cutting a couple ogres in half with a giant dragonslayer type sword
No. 12456 ID: 7924f4
How about...
A skeleton, with either silver bands on the bones or just straight-up silvered bones. The bones or bands have spikes inset into them, and loose armor plates are bolted directly onto the bones, in a way that doesn't lock any of the bones specifically together.
It's striking as heroic a pose as it can manage, has some kind of obvious holy symbol prominently presented, and looks fairly happy (aside from the general skeleton grin, I mean).

Old /tg/ thing about a paladin that got cursed into skeletonization and got the bones silvered and spiked so it would deal damage whenever he accidentally blew himself up turning undead.
No. 12464 ID: 605544
File 133495734566.jpg - (126.88KB , 677x823 , 1334838301641.jpg )
Another drawfriend drew this, but I was thinking of seeing what your take on it would be. She's a modern elf on a yacht, watching over someone swimming from the rails wearing a sailor suit (naval style), a red life vest (sort of looks like a WWII fighter pilot's life vest), and a life preserver ring in hand (white with red stripes). Perhaps having her lean on the rail looking like she wished she was joining in the fun is a good bonus to this. The sailor hat is white with a blue stripe. As for the hair she does have a blond ponytail.

Perhaps she's the older sister of her little runts of siblings who the only reason why she's not with her boyfriend right now is to get some extra allowance watching the little brats on the family yachting trip.
No. 12511 ID: cb001b
File 133507131564.png - (240.68KB , 700x1000 , hard head.png )
No. 12512 ID: cb001b
File 133507134255.png - (252.19KB , 700x1000 , tosser.png )
No. 12513 ID: cb001b
File 133507137355.png - (355.35KB , 700x1000 , whirlwind.png )
No. 12514 ID: cb001b
File 133507140626.png - (195.18KB , 700x1000 , blessings.png )
No. 12515 ID: cb001b
File 133507142250.png - (276.26KB , 700x1000 , hopeing.png )
No. 12534 ID: 6d38d4
Aww... that was actually touching! ^_^ Good work! ^_^
No. 12537 ID: 59ac82
The first one is just superb. I love it.
Second... Don't get me wrong, it looks good, but hell, I will have hard time explaining to people "no, he is not a wizard casting 'suffocate' on those goblins".
Many thanks.
No. 12540 ID: 7924f4
Awesome thanks a bunch she should be raging angry but I forgot to mention that.
No. 12548 ID: d6bf5d
Something funny came to mind.

It would really be neat to see a "postcard" shot.
RW posing for the camera, making a peace-sign with either hand and smiling in front of an obvious blast crater, or a sludgy toxic lake with a skull&crossbones sign, something like that.

There are still road-trip landmarks!
Visit Formerly Downtown!
Don't Go For A Swim at Lake Petrochemical!
Camp Far Away from the gracefully swaying GMO Ultra-Wheat!
No. 12592 ID: cb001b
File 133531421997.png - (206.46KB , 600x425 , Greetings .png )
Am I only drawing for three people?
No. 12599 ID: 025b07
Nah dog.

I have a request, could you draw our rogue trader group?

We have one Tech-Priestess, with rebreather. Red hair in a pony-tail. She'll be holding a hellgun. Next to her is a massive Kroot, twice her height. He's covered in war paint and he is holding a kroot bow. He has Tau armor with chainmail.

In the center of the picture should be an attractive woman, who for some reason has claws and teeth mutations. Her clothing is a red dress, and her eyes glow with purplish red light.

To her right is a massive Tech-Priest Genetor-Secutor, I mean, hulk big. This man is huge, his muscles gigantic. His name is Arnellos, we call him Arny. Or Ahnellhos. His catch phrase is, "DO YOU EVEN LIFT PUNY LITTLE MAN!?!" All in an Austrarian accent. Make sure to have him resemble AHNOLD.

After him comes the las crew member, Asteban Ricco Delnora- Look this will take a paragraph to say his full name. Make him a sorta spanish space conquistador. He's the group's Void Master.

Please and thank you, Sir Briggz.
No. 12610 ID: ce4a4d
I check this board every day, so I look at pretty much everything that gets posted. I just don't usually have much constructive criticism to offer.
No. 12613 ID: d5ee6f
You're on tgchan and you don't read quests or go to IRC. That kinda makes you out of the loop.
No. 12615 ID: d6bf5d
would it make you feel better if i admitted to being a hivemind of a million stolen uploaded Egos?

Classy pic too. Just 'cause humanity screwed itself over is no reason not to be lighthearted.
No. 12624 ID: cb001b
I tried IRC a couple times. That just talked about yiff and minecraft.
No. 12631 ID: 210977

you were clearly in the wrong irc then.
No. 12636 ID: 2e6fa0
No, that sounds about right.
No. 12644 ID: cb001b
File 133546719213.png - (1.20MB , 2400x1800 , rogue group.png )
I don't mind references.
No. 12651 ID: 025b07
Asteban looks appropriately dismayed with the lot he's fallen in with.

Good job Sir Briggz, looks excellent.
No. 12705 ID: 83bebc
File 133565673868.jpg - (75.81KB , 440x293 , alpha.jpg )
My Shadowrun Technomancer if you would . Mexican looking guy with somewhat dark skin and messy disorganized perpetual bedhead . Guys wearing a green visor/head set combo over his right eye ,a Hannibal Lector style mask covering his mouth , a black un-zipped sleeveless hoody due to both his arms being covered in un-constricting pouches that hold backup holo-projectors and other knick nacks and long baggy shorts .He's also got an a customized AK with duct-taped mags and EO-Tech Sights that he carries everywhere if you feel like going the extra mile .All in all the guy looks very thuggish like he was born and raised in the Barrens . Here's a picture of the AK with the mentioned sights .
Also would you mind if in a couple of months I return to ask for a portrait of his partner . You already drew the both of them in a humorous scene but both of them were wearing costumes so it wouldn't work for a portrait .
No. 12710 ID: 7924f4
A draconic kobold wearing a kilt made of scales and playing a complicated bagpipe-like instrument made of blackened metal and more scales.
Fire shooting out the drones or chanter optional.

Alternately, dog/cutebold wearing overlarge robes looking extremely surprised at an elemental creature pulling itself from the book it's reading.

Thanks for your service to the /tg/ and tgchan community.
No. 12725 ID: 025b07
The dude who asked for the Rogue Trader group, this player wasn't represented. His description:

"Skive is a very powerful psyker. He is mentally unstable, having hallucinations and hearing things that aren't said. Skive is a handsome man with a slightly enlarged skull. He has black eyes and auburn hair. He always wears 'classy' clothing, like a gentleman from the 1800s. He has no facial hair save for eyebrows. He is always smiling."
No. 12734 ID: cb001b
File 133580360215.png - (223.15KB , 700x1000 , killer.png )
No. 12735 ID: cb001b
File 133580362175.png - (192.78KB , 700x1000 , flame on.png )
No. 12736 ID: cb001b
File 133580364451.png - (129.22KB , 700x1000 , big head.png )
No. 12761 ID: 55b475
Can I request a Krieger in a gas mask, with one of the eyepieces expanded, holding a jezail. Generic trenchcoat and peaked cap optional.


For reference
No. 12772 ID: 83bebc
No. 12780 ID: cb001b
File 133598372586.png - (291.75KB , 700x1000 , Krieger .png )
They wear greatcoats, not trench coats. Steel Legion wears trench coats...and colors.
No. 12799 ID: 025b07
File 133606872601.jpg - (57.31KB , 480x337 , EMH7201.jpg )
Sirbriggz could you draw this but 40k it? Make the rifle an Enfield Lasgun and the machine gun a heavy bolter? It's for a (proposed) Only War game.

Please and thank you.
No. 12806 ID: cb001b
File 133613988684.png - (188.34KB , 480x337 , advance.png )
Hope the game works out.
No. 12817 ID: 025b07
File 133617583896.png - (183.73KB , 400x627 , 4_inches_by_nicklausofkrieg-d3boeq9.png )
Briggz it's great, but I was intending for it to be with a WW1 Guardsman Regiment look...Sorry. It's the Homebrew Regiment we'll work with, the Ignis Floris First Army(That's six divisions, which have four regiments.)

I should have specified forgive me. Do you mind if I ask for you to redo it?

Pic related, was what I was going for.
No. 12819 ID: e5af4d
File 133620461550.jpg - (125.93KB , 614x2041 , 1335164494097.jpg )
I was thinking of having a more mature woman (early twenties) wearing this outfit, with long waist-legnth hair. Looking for a full body pic that I can add color to at my prerogative.

If you're feeling generous, the sailor collar is a navy blue with white striping, her hair is black, and the vest is international orange in color and the pouches/straps should be a olive drab. the skirty bits should be navy blue (the bit in front), and the lower legs and gloves a navy blue as well. The suit she's wearing otherwise should be white. She is of asian decent.
No. 12837 ID: cb001b
File 133628184752.png - (233.17KB , 403x279 , sillys.png )
No. 12838 ID: 025b07
Requester here, nice. Very nice. Thanks briggz.
No. 12904 ID: cb001b
File 133663369429.png - (278.07KB , 1000x2400 , color blast2.png )
No. 12910 ID: 9e7d45
Since you seem to be okay at drawing post-apocalyptic stuff, could I request:
A woman in her late twenties. She wears hiking boots and camouflage cargo pants. Her belt carries several pouches, and equipment like a welding mask hooked onto it, a water canteen, an old map hooked under the belt, and a wrench. She has a mud brown quilted jacket, with an oilstained tank top underneath that, and fingerless gloves. There's a lit cigarette between her lips, which give a bemused smirk, with an oil smudge or two on her face somewhere. She has green eyes. She's leaning on a sleek double barrelled shotgun, or squatting down to inspect something.
No. 12911 ID: cb001b
File 133666950271.png - (816.49KB , 1400x2000 , mary anne.png )
No. 12913 ID: 1dc96a
Above and beyond, Sir!

I might tweak it by adding some straps on the vest on her right side or just connect the front half and back half of the vest. Such a minor thing I can do it on my end.

But this is brilliant, thanks!
No. 12914 ID: cb001b
Well, happy you liked it.
No. 12917 ID: d6bf5d
hmm.. now i just need ReasonableWastelander sneaking up on "mary anne" there, pistol drawn and looking wary.

or a somewhat different request.

would be a group of three.

young woman, maybe mid-twenties and wearing "modern" clothing along the lines of jeans,sneakers, tank. casual stuff.

Slightly older, a tall man who is rather thin and wearing a more complex "fantasy" outfit that suggests magic use (sadly that is all the detail i have on him so far)

the third is another woman, appx same age as the first. wearing some leather armor like a ranger or druid with a wolf or something by her side.

all three in a cave, a space like that.
"modern" girl has just dropped from above into the surprised arms of the magic-using man. Druid woman is also pretty shocked, might have pulled a weapon.

>it sounds so rambling when i write it all out
No. 12943 ID: 9e7d45
Magnifique! Merci!
No. 13003 ID: bac47d
File 133711214682.png - (123.11KB , 448x448 , 448px-Lonam_Reiter.png )
Hello Sirbriggz, you did this piece a few months ago. Feels like forever. The game has had it's ups and downs since then, but a new edition of this character's art is needed.

I'd like to see this same man, without Collar or Black Eye standing triumphantly over a burnt Space Marine corpse(So burnt you can't tell what chapter it once belonged to) with a huge daemon sword in his right hand. His mace is long gone. Oh, and the man should have a hole is lower belly region. Next to him should be a petite eye-pleasing woman with long flowing hair.

This is the Blood Blade, Sanguis Lamina, with a Khornate daemon of the highest order bound into it. This thing deals 1d10+12(Plus 5+ from Str so 17 in total) with a pen of 12. I don't take any modifiers for Call Shotting heads, and I hit anyone near my Charge target AUTO-FUCKING-MATICALLY. This blade is Godly(Literally) and oh-so worth the price.

And it would be cool if you could put a heading in cool letters like from old 80s adventure novels saying, "LONAM THE DEATHLESS". He SHOULD have died five times now, but that burning of infamy man, burning infamy. Got to love it.
No. 13030 ID: cb001b
File 133724008953.png - (1.39MB , 2000x1400 , drop in.png )
No. 13033 ID: aef453
File 133724805980.png - (59.20KB , 211x211 , FrakKrakIgnace.png )
Here's an old idea of mine that I only got around to rethinking, and I'd love a simple personality shot to help showcase the character a little more once I get to play him in a group!

Frak's a scrawny runt, probably just short of 5 feet even, childish face and messy black hair. Outfit of choice is a sleeveless leather vest and somewhat tattered jeans. I'd love for him to be happily relaxing, lying back on a bed/hammock/some other relaxing area, reading a small black-covered book. On the ground or propped up on a wall nearby would be a Dark-Heresy-style Hunting Rifle, his weapon of choice.
No. 13047 ID: cb001b
File 133733077646.png - (942.45KB , 1400x2400 , Lonam.png )
No. 13059 ID: bac47d
File 133738499891.jpg - (36.39KB , 600x556 , internet-high-five.jpg )
No. 13062 ID: d6bf5d

ah, they will be very surprised, thanks briggzy!

looks like the right shock and everything.. and going by what i know of that player, that cup was full of an awful coffee-based beverage, no loss there.

Remember kids, define your parameters very carefully before you start casting about to drag in 'help' from other planes.
No. 13066 ID: 23bed3
I love hearing about player reactions.
No. 13118 ID: 9e7d45
A bit of a different request from what you usually get, I guess:

An impressively (very) busty queen in her forties, on all fours on a bed, being very roughly fucked from behind by a handsome young nobleman with a huge horsecock.
No. 13121 ID: 5c94e7
What sort of queen are we talking about? Victorian queens, insectoid queens, warrior queens, imperial queens, alien queens?
No. 13124 ID: bac47d
A battalion of Leman Russes on a road, around them are guardsmen squads. It's from a Top-Down perspective. The squads around them are getting torn up from enemy fire and artillery. But the Russes are marching on regardless.

It will say in big letters "RUSSES FORM A LINE" "MAKE THE GUARDSMEN'S SPINE"
No. 13134 ID: 9e7d45
Ye olde medieval court Queen.
No. 13158 ID: 23bed3
File 133767310452.png - (662.19KB , 1400x2000 , egghead.png )
No. 13159 ID: 23bed3
I remember the old days of /tg/. A bunch of porn in every drawthread and every one having a good time.
No. 13161 ID: 23bed3
Also having a amusingly difficult time with this.
No. 13164 ID: 9e431b
File 133768494506.jpg - (315.82KB , 1104x1480 , mortis_the_inquisitor_by_daemon_patriarch-d37gjh0.jpg )
If I may, I'd like to request an artwork of this old character of mine; Mortis, an Inquisitor.

A scene in the campaign had us distract the party's paladin, while Mortis was left to torture and interrogate the last survivor of an enemy group. Mortis had the 'brand' ability, and had successfully branded the word 'faggot' over the man's forehead. After the man had been gruesomely interrogated, Mortis looked around for witnesses. The DM was obviously amused and decided a little girl was a witness. Mortis used intimidate on the little girl, and then bribed her with 2 gold to not tell the guards, which she did anyway.

Can you draw Mortis bribing this terrified child, please?
No. 13167 ID: 23bed3
File 133771130311.png - (607.34KB , 1774x1059 , The Mounting Game.png )
I had to bust out the pencil to get a body structure I liked. Still like the pencil version more.
No. 13168 ID: 23bed3
File 133771133918.jpg - (527.17KB , 1774x1059 , The Mounting Game.jpg )
Pencil version.
No. 13169 ID: 9e7d45
Ooh boy, thanks!
No. 13171 ID: bac47d
Dammit Briggz I thought you had standards!

Oh well...*fapfapfap*
No. 13182 ID: 23bed3
All you can see is rump.
No. 13187 ID: bac47d
I think he's joking brohan.
No. 13194 ID: 885ee8
Her expression is totally all, "awwww...good for you."
No. 13197 ID: 23bed3
File 133784310496.png - (1.71MB , 1400x2000 , RUSSES.png )
No. 13198 ID: 23bed3
File 133784792781.png - (0.99MB , 1400x2000 , little guts.png )
No. 13199 ID: 23bed3
One of the many thinks I need to work on.
No. 13200 ID: e20f0f

Oh man, thanks Briggz!
No. 13208 ID: bac47d


Thank you sir Briggz. I knew you were the best, you made my request worthwhile.
No. 13211 ID: bac47d
I have a request sirbriggz!

A tall, broad shouldered Eldar Autarch gladed in mainly blue and white armor with a golden trim. He will be holding a gleaming powersword, raising it high into the air. He stands facing a massive Chaos Space Marine. The CSM is about 30 feet tall, cladded in the blackest armor, no marks or signs of his Legion on him. He'll have three glowing gemstones embedded into his helmet, and he'll have one large power mace held in both hands. The land around them is barren waste, ash and lava flowing about. The earht looks like it's been cracked from repeated hammer blows. In the distance a great, evil and shadow shrouded fortress can be seen.

The CSM will be shouting in a voice that shakes the very crust of the world, "Welcome to my lands...YOU SHALL BE DAMNED!"
No. 13212 ID: bac47d
cladded in*

Derp, typo.
No. 13220 ID: 23bed3
File 133793841423.png - (1.86MB , 1400x2000 , Damned Souls.png )
No. 13229 ID: 5c94e7
Sir Briggz, do you take non-serious or non-person requests?
No. 13230 ID: 23bed3
No. 13252 ID: 5c94e7
File 133810289229.png - (37.00KB , 777x654 , suptg lol monks.png )
Draw the result/aftermath of the events as described in this image.
No. 13258 ID: 065750
File 133810930790.jpg - (123.90KB , 900x655 , rev_f020_03.jpg )
Hi... looking for something based off of the suit concept in the example. Except the character has short white hair with goggles on the forehead, blue eyes, and the green sections of the example are a reddish orange (RGB 255, 79, 0) and she has a medic cross armband on one of her arms. Also has a large yellow bag with it's strap over the shoulder with RESCUE stenciled in letters similar to the color of the suit. I Pretty much I liked the design in the example provided for a superhero version of a paramedic/rescue worker. Wearing a protective suit. (BTW, no helmet)
No. 13260 ID: 23bed3
Funny thing, tablet died, so back to pen and paper till I can fix the problem.
No. 13370 ID: bac47d
No. 13376 ID: 065750
I don't think there is any need for a Bump, it'll get done when SirBriggs can get it done. His tablet went belly-up. At least with Pencil & Paper, there may be qualities lost in digital line work.

Hold your horses and enjoy the other threads. There's just so much here!
No. 13434 ID: 83bebc
Requesting a Shadowrun PC. A female elf with a blond military style crew cut ,two artificial orc like fangs that stick out of her mouth and tribal tattooing across her face and arms .Shes wearing a black Kevlar vest with a smiley face on the front and black BDU pants with various pouches running up and down the sides . She's our weapons expert so she's packing several guns at all times .Thanks in advance
No. 13460 ID: 23bed3
File 133925693662.png - (759.92KB , 1600x1400 , noodles.png )
No. 13461 ID: 23bed3
File 133925699070.png - (457.42KB , 1400x2000 , medic girl.png )
No. 13462 ID: 23bed3
Today I learned how quickly I can fall out of practice with a tablet.
No. 13463 ID: 6cc7d4
Hell, your art still looks superb.

I was wondering if you could draw a Cyral (http://tgchan.org/wiki/File:SCC.PNG) taking a stroll on a decidedly alien world, looking the plants and wildlife and carrying some sort of scientific apparatus suitcase. Thanks.
No. 13467 ID: 065750

Excellent, Sir Briggz! Thanks!
No. 13468 ID: bac47d
Sirbriggz, I request a drawing of the Skitarii Legions with the Titan Legions.

One, heavily augmented Skitarii warrior stands on a dirt mound as hundreds of Skitarii march around him. He is holding his fist high into the sky screaming, "AD VICTORIAM! EX MACHINA!" In the far background you can see Imperator Titans and Warhound Titans.

If you are going to color it, they are wearing purple robes. A rich, roman purple. Like Praetorian Purple.
No. 13472 ID: 5c94e7
You know, Skitarii seems to rhyme with Triarii.
No. 13501 ID: 23bed3
File 133952810897.png - (334.47KB , 1000x1000 , butch.png )
No. 13502 ID: 23bed3
File 133952812661.png - (302.24KB , 1000x1000 , fauna.png )
No. 13503 ID: 23bed3
File 133952814524.png - (1.11MB , 1400x2000 , AD VICTORIAM! EX MACHINA!.png )
No. 13509 ID: e3aff6
Requesting a scene from DnD game I was in:

A gnome and a dromite (gnome-sized bug people, reference http://www.wizards.com/dnd/images/xph_gallery/80489.jpg ) ride a large mechanical wolf with a halfling running along side them as they flee through a forest from a colossal monster.

The gnome is a kind of old looking gnome wearing expensive robes, and is fingering some kind of device in his pocket.
The dromite is wearing normal robes, and has a (non-magical) staff.
The mechanical wolf is larger than a normal wolf, but smaller that a horse. It is also technically a shapeshifted warforged druid.
The halfling is a barbarian wielding a magical throwing axe.
The monster is a colossal creature that vaguely resembles Cthulu except with only three face-tentacles, black dragon scales covering most of its body, spider-like legs, and a dragon tail. (More specifically, it is a combination of elder dragon, illithid, drider, rust monster, cloaker, and maybe other things.)
No. 13519 ID: 83bebc
Thanks man
No. 13559 ID: d6bf5d
Congrats on the new or repaired tablet, good to see the arts flowing.

If I was to ask something, I would ask for..
Reasonable Wastelander running away from a broken cask or device, chased by a sparkling cloud that can be seen to be burning or dissolving things behind her.

remember kids, Nanites are not for playing with.
No. 13651 ID: bac47d
File 134030571138.jpg - (100.14KB , 800x544 , CurranPoster4.jpg )
Not the person who originally requested this, but I'd absolutely love to see the party from this picture along with some other Red Army soldiers all around a fire singing, "Bella Ciao! Bella Ciao! Bella Ciao, ciao ciao!" Perhaps with a Tiger Tank in the background with a hole in it, gun barrel melted into slag.
No. 13702 ID: 23bed3
File 134053080498.jpg - (1.17MB , 1699x2199 , IMG_0003.jpg )
No. 13704 ID: 065750
Hey Sir Briggs! Had an idea. I'm in a jet combat TT and the GM was giving out some free XP for different details about the pilots or their aircraft. I thought what would be cool is to have the nose-art on my character's jet to show off.

Here is what I was thinking... What I was thinking was a angry, anime-ish sailor girl (navy style) about to swing a anchor at whatever comes her way, in front of a orange and white life preserver background.

The pilot got the call-sign "Sailor" assigned to her because of her hobby of sailing she had before enlisting and becoming a pilot.
No. 13705 ID: 23bed3
File 134054740119.jpg - (895.32KB , 1556x2121 , Bad Touch.jpg )
No. 13721 ID: e3aff6
Thany you! It's awesome!
No. 13731 ID: d6bf5d
That is just super keen sirbriggz!

One of those many hazards out there.
So nanites are a thing.. hmm.. either dangerously stupid or stupidly dangerous for anyone to mess with without the right gear. Just like you would never try to wear a bathing suit in the level-12 biohazard lab you never come near a nanotech operation without.. without.. without some kind of micro-woven graphene bunnysuit. Yeah. Safe enough if its sealed up or being controlled by something, stupid dangerous just boiling around in the air. Probably going to burn out before reducing too big an area into glassy cubes or whatever it's programming degenerates to and burns out.

Fight nanotech problems with the proper control systems, or fight dirty with.. hmm.. loud and dirty broad RF pulses, like the noise coming off a welder as you drag the electrode over a wire screen. Anything that creates an arc.

>ignore my ramblings.
>still great art
No. 13732 ID: 23bed3
File 134061775223.jpg - (334.59KB , 2017x1586 , Relax.jpg )
No. 13738 ID: bac47d
All hail our glorious Republic and sirbriggz!
No. 13751 ID: 23bed3
You know, where are my manners. For all the people in this thread that have said "Thanks!" I say to you, "You are welcome."
No. 13752 ID: 23bed3
File 134069338751.jpg - (373.70KB , 1140x1582 , IMG_0001.jpg )
No. 13753 ID: 23bed3
File 134069346455.jpg - (1.43MB , 1418x1438 , IMG_0002.jpg )
Bask in the glory of my grade school coloring techniques.
No. 13756 ID: bac47d
File 134070192307.jpg - (160.34KB , 449x800 , nafzingerart.jpg )
I actually enjoy art colored by pencils but I guess I'm weird.

Anyways, I humbly ask for my group sirbriggz, since the Only War Beta is out, that you draw a Volksgrenadier(Pictured here) in Flak Armour and 40kified. Doesn't have to be colored. Thanks in advance. If you could also put a patch with a flaming flower inside a skull on the shoulder and below that on the patch "98th" I'd be most pleased.
No. 13769 ID: 605544
Oh Sir Briggs. You still deliver even with pencils and colored pencils! And thanks for the lineart!

I will fly with is in honor and promise not to get shot down!
No. 13781 ID: 23bed3
Keep me up to date.

I love to hear stories.
No. 13786 ID: 23bed3
File 134078322004.png - (377.27KB , 730x1144 , Future fighter.png )
No. 13790 ID: bac47d
Sweet, thanks briggz.

The Ignis Floris 98th Skull Smashers thank you.

I especially like how you added in flak armour without compromising the look of the uniform. Maybe this seems simple to you but I have no art or design skills I had no idea how it could be done.
No. 13840 ID: e3aff6
I would like to request Rokoa from http://tgchan.org/wiki/AsteroidQuest as Heavy Weapons Guy.
No. 13846 ID: 23bed3
File 134111536443.jpg - (312.36KB , 1445x969 , shots.jpg )
No. 13851 ID: e3aff6
Nice, and thanks.
No. 13887 ID: bac47d
Thanks to the 6th Edition, we now have a new influx of Abhumans. The greatest among these squats.

I'd like it if you could draw a squad of squats coming to the rescue of a Guardsman squad, the squats using power axes and sniper meltas to achieve this goal.
No. 13913 ID: 1e9d01
Her ears aren't big enough!
No. 13915 ID: 2a38cd
I'd like to request a Vorcha with pale yellow Skin mottled with black and dark yellow he has orange eyes and is wearing armor made from scrap metal and cast off blue suns armor with bits of a LOKI mech thrown around he has an Omni-tool on one hand and the M-451 flame thrower in the other with the Kishock spear gun and M-300 Claymore shotgun on his back. It's just my characte for a friends homebrew mass effect game that we are pretty much going to play it like an homage to firefly and farscape
No. 13919 ID: 23bed3
File 134131237170.jpg - (1.38MB , 2164x1634 , messed up.jpg )
No. 13921 ID: bac47d
Sweet. Totally worth the wait, thanks sirbriggz.
No. 13926 ID: 23bed3
File 134138964559.jpg - (710.80KB , 1114x1628 , vorcha merc.jpg )
No. 13927 ID: 2a38cd
Awe he looks awesome thanks
No. 13928 ID: bac47d
File 134143528240.jpg - (517.33KB , 1126x1600 , Abhuman.jpg )
Briggz, that is fucking brutal right there. I mean, holy shit man. That's great stuff. I'm not asskissing or anything really, it's just that picture is amazing. The way you draw his face is just, incredible.

And my request is simple enough. Could you draw this, but better? I'd like it if the line work wasn't so sketchy and all over the place.
No. 13986 ID: 9e7d45
Gotta agree with >>13928, this is fuckawesome.
No. 14148 ID: 23bed3
File 134227138122.jpg - (387.19KB , 1135x1541 , IMG_0001.jpg )
No. 14149 ID: 23bed3
File 134227268888.png - (312.63KB , 1135x1541 , playing with colors.png )
Also try this. Probably doesn't match the theme of your character at all.
No. 14159 ID: bac47d
Request sirbriggz

A terrified Imperial Psyker stands in the center of the picture. He has medium length of hair, wearing long robes. He's shivering, as if he's just been tortured. His tortures stand, leaning on his shoulders. To his right is an exact look like of him, but angry, with fiery red skin and snake like crimson eyes. He seems pissed off as all hell. To his left, is a man who looks like him, but instead as a wide grin of insanity painted over his face. The Psyker in the center has a look of, "Help me" on his face.

In memory of our Dark Heresy Psyker, who got Daemonhosted, broke away from it, only to be Daemonhosted again.
No. 14194 ID: cb644c
/r/ a female Samurai shooting the breeze with a Latino gang banger .
The Samurai has short black hair ,she's young somewhat stocky. Her armor is metallic looking basically your typical Samurai Gear but modernized . Shes carrying two swords and a large pistol strapped to her side .
The bangers male young late teens like the girl ,spiky looking hair , bored looking , wearing a Kevlar vest, baggy long shorts with two holstered pistols in thigh holsters , a bandana mask , a book bag with a cop badge on the side and packing a AK and Sniper rifle across his back side by side .
Sorry for the copy paste by the way.
No. 14196 ID: bac47d
Both look sweet briggzie! Thanks a bunch!
No. 14289 ID: 23bed3
File 134285992038.jpg - (395.83KB , 1536x1116 , IMG_0001.jpg )
No. 14290 ID: 23bed3
File 134286023875.jpg - (308.27KB , 1289x982 , IMG_0002.jpg )
No. 14296 ID: bac47d
Most excellent briggz. My whole group loves it.
No. 14331 ID: cb644c
Thanks Brigs
No. 14345 ID: 4efb1f
Could I please request the characters from
On a boat in the middle of the volga river. The markswoman is firing a DshK 38 into the sky at a Stuka dive-bomber, while instead of having a tripod attached, the squad sergeant is actually lying on his back bracing the weapon and acting as a tripod himself.

The young, agile soldier is driving the boat, and quite clearly has no idea what he's doing, and is struggling with the controls under fire, but pulling it off.

Once again Briggz, you're awesome.
No. 14404 ID: 065750
Hey Briggs! someone recommended me to you, so I think I'll sling a request your way. What I'm looking for is a woman with blank throwing cards at the ready parachuting in on some muggers wearing a white with black trim bio-hazard suit with a helmet that has a clear visor in front where her face is but a breather bask covers her lower face that's built into the helmet. Some pwnage from above action would be amazing like a kick with her black flat heel boots.
No. 14782 ID: fd8668
File 134542778496.jpg - (257.16KB , 1577x1841 , volga.jpg )
No. 14783 ID: fd8668
File 134542965465.jpg - (379.82KB , 1674x1718 , drop it.jpg )
No. 14788 ID: e5c426
Gnoll Ghoul Fonzie, please.
I don't even want to explain why I need it.
No. 14792 ID: fd8668
File 134545084770.jpg - (58.87KB , 904x793 , aaaaa.jpg )
No. 14793 ID: 62865a
File 134545158991.jpg - (49.07KB , 326x686 , smug_lord.jpg )
Hey, sirbriggz.
Could you draw character from one of your previous works?
I mean the one with small griffon in his arms and hair falling on his face.
10 years have passed, and Kaspar von Bilzen (the character) is now famed war veteran, and also full-fledged, smug aristocrat.
I somehow imagine him in the pose of pic related, but I will roll with anything you come up.
No. 14864 ID: 2f31dd
Hey sirbriggz, could you do me a headshot of a shadowrun style troll? Only three things that are concrete
1) Dreadlocks
2) Blunt
3) Grin

Based him off the jamaicans in neuromancer.
No. 14951 ID: fd8668
File 134605484067.png - (2.15MB , 974x1684 , cheers.png )
No. 14952 ID: fd8668
File 134605491438.png - (2.00MB , 1422x1053 , troll.png )
No. 15009 ID: f57bf8
File 134663730642.jpg - (53.62KB , 500x500 , 46383-01-500.jpg )
Could you please draw my AFMBE PC. He's a Latino teenager, a bit fat before the end but lost enough weight to be considered lean .His hair is wild spikey and his outfit consists of a baggy black zip up hoodie covered in zip up baggies that have been duct taped to it like pouches, a pair of welding goggles with two small flashlights taped to each side, a spray paint mask pictured to the left, a backpack full to brim with various survival tools and spray paint bottles and some BDU combat fatigue pants. Guys a bit eccentric has various odd tools that he uses in his day to day work. Most prominently his rat fisher which consists of a fishing pole attached to a rat smothered in barbecue sauce honey and bells. Hope the request is not too long.
No. 15017 ID: 99090a
Briggz! I've got a request. A lizardman, muscled, with red head-fin-things and wearing chainmail armor, absolutely surrounded by a lot of women of different races. The women are vying for his attention and acting seductive, while the lizardman is incredibly confused and a bit scared by all the female attention and is quite obviously unsure what to do with himself.
No. 15019 ID: fd8668
File 134666371530.jpg - (180.40KB , 1287x1661 , moving.jpg )
No. 15033 ID: f57bf8
Thanks man.
No. 15088 ID: b6edd6
File 134699189813.jpg - (59.68KB , 504x510 , nuMouGeneric.jpg )
I would like to request a picture of a Nu Mou (the species in the image) alchemist pouring a chemical from a somewhat elaborate bottle into a small, inexpensive one. He is wearing light armor, goggles, and thick gloves, and has many more of the cheap bottles about his person and in his backpack.

Heh, I like how he has a little block there, as if he had it put there just so he could make the pose.
No. 15134 ID: fd8668
File 134725790462.jpg - (427.22KB , 1493x1783 , to much swag.jpg )
No. 15138 ID: 99090a
Thanks a bunch, Sirbriggs!
No. 15139 ID: bac47d
You had fun drawing that, didn't you Briggz?
No. 15148 ID: fd8668
Whatever do you mean?
No. 15150 ID: 364fd8

That is great. Particularly the dwarf. And totally in-character befuddlement.

Any interest in hooking me up with something for my never-illustrated mermonk?

Basically it goes like this- Oh hey. Mermaid is a valid PC race now in Pathfinder, and the party was on the open sea when I needed a replacement, so hey, why not? Going monk, the bonus movement balances out the 5' flop base speed just fine, and then I noticed some monk variant that's all about Jackie Chan style goofy crowd fighting, constantly slipping under people's legs and tripping them and getting pairs of people to hit each other.

So basically, we've got a mermaid just constantly flopping about like a fish out of water, doing handstands, alternatively slapping people in the face with her tail, and using it to sweep their legs out from under them. The GM's take on a typical round of this was basically "This: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mXgfRjH_AAs but, you know, with no guns, at closer range, and with a fish tail."

And of course, canonically, what with being a mermaid she wears nothing at all beyond a belt, pair of bracers, and an amulet (obviously on a fairly tight chord), but I'm not especially keen on seeing unobstructed nipples.
No. 15151 ID: df0ea2
I've got one, if'n you don't mind!

This gnoll: http://i.imgur.com/c0CGO.jpg Looking very mad fighting off a few other, darker gnolls and hyenas with a greatsword, to protect a female kobold with bite wounds, especially on her legs. Everyone is outside on a cold desert night.

Oh yeah, do you do commissions too, briggz? Thanks!
No. 15374 ID: bac47d
Hey Briggz, not even gonna request anything, but just wanna say I love your style and your artwork. You do quality drawings. Thanks for everything.
No. 15388 ID: 293be1
File 134865296895.png - (286.73KB , 1526x1217 , straight up drippin\'.png )
I feel like I have been gone for, like, forever.
No. 15389 ID: 293be1
File 134865324233.png - (344.75KB , 1613x1316 , right in the gonads.png )
These were all pretty fun, but I found this humorous.
No. 15390 ID: 293be1
File 134865394617.png - (2.00MB , 1525x1847 , a different breed.png )
Commissions? It has been so long since I heard it, that I have forgot it's meaning.

Yeah, I have done commissions but since I did so little of them I never came up with a pricing list. I had just let them payed what they wished.
No. 15391 ID: 293be1
You're making me blush.
No. 15392 ID: 05dce8
File 134865811883.jpg - (3.94KB , 300x168 , 2h.jpg )
May I request a blonde-haired (hair's down to her shoulders), princess-esque blue eyed female elf scrambling out of a tent wearing only a shirt that comes down to her thighs, one handing a thin scimitar long enough to be a greatsword?

Posting a sword I pulled off of the web for reference of the type of scimitar.
No. 15393 ID: c799d6
Oh man this turned out awesome. I like the highlighted figures in the background especially.
No. 15395 ID: 2bafff
hmm how about a 1foot tall anthropomorphic rat in mad scientist garb drinking a bunch of Bugbears and Hardened mercenaries under the table
No. 15397 ID: f2c20c
...does that scabbard even work? I mean, it looks like the wide part of the blade wouldn't pass through the thin part of the scabbard.
No. 15398 ID: 05dce8
That's a great question.

I don't know!
No. 15404 ID: 364fd8

Both pretty much accurate to the scenes depicted! Awesome!


Pretty sure an "elven curved sword" is secretly just a katana... except, you know, made by elves. Who immigrated from Victorian-Sci-Fi-Swampy-Venus. And have "Grey" alien style all pupil eyes.
No. 15405 ID: 1dc8bd
It's actually described as a longer scimitar.
No. 15407 ID: 364fd8
Reactions from the rest of that party:
> They even drew the belt! I award them all the points.

> Please relate more anecdotes to them. Roxie killing a man without getting out of bed would be a good start.

So yeah why not? If you're up for another request, the character yon mermonk replaced there was a gun-toting pirate captain (female, human, 18, fairly long red hair, blue eyes, big goofy Pirate Captain had, bracers, mithral chain "shirt" which may have taken the form of a slave girl bikini because, self-aware exploitation campaign) who constantly frustrated the GM by never taking a scratch in combat and killing major NPCs in one round before they had a chance to really do or say anything. Also she was just kind of a horribly mercenary person (CN bordering on LE) with a serious drinking problem.

So the requested anecdote here goes, someone really wanted me dead, and hired a pair of ninja to sneak into my cabin at night and assassinate me. Somehow, I managed to wake up from the sound of the door opening despite having drunk a bunch of people under the table that night, so not even bothering to get up, or even fully wake up, I pulled my revolver out from under my pillow, and groggily dropped them both. The rest of the crew showed up just too late to participate in any way, so I just groggily mumbled "Drag those out of here so they don't stink up the place, remind me to reload this, and get me some new sheets these got blood on'em," and promptly passed right back out.

And for what it's worth, what eventually happened is I gave the GM advice on how to throw together a fight the party couldn't breeze through, very nearly dropped a vampire despite increasingly absurd penalties to hit from all the negative levels it was slapping me with, they finished him off after I finally went down, and to make a long story short, when I got up as a masterless vampire it just so happened the former weird undead ruler of this island full of pirates everyone paid tribute to was wanting to retire. Despite now being supernaturally evil, Vampire Pirate Queen Roxie is actually way more agreeable and less prone to killing people who look at her funny, because since vampires can't process alcohol, no more constant hang-over.
No. 15409 ID: 293be1
File 134881674964.png - (656.86KB , 1057x1553 , scramble the elves.png )
When I first read this I thought it said "skirt" instead of "shirt".
No. 15410 ID: 293be1
File 134881690306.png - (901.65KB , 2093x1616 , down the sewer hatch.png )

I had fun with this.
No. 15412 ID: 293be1
File 134881738770.jpg - (1.42MB , 2191x1602 , wet dreams.jpg )
Happy they got a kick out of it. Can't say I DON'T like making people happy.
No. 15415 ID: f2c20c
Dat filename.
No. 15416 ID: 364fd8

Wow that was a quick turnaround. I also like the implication of having just blind-fired at the one on the other side.
No. 15417 ID: 26cd58
Dude, that is awesome. Do you allow repeat requesters?
No. 15418 ID: 293be1
That I do.
No. 15419 ID: 05dce8
May I request the elf from >>15409 dancing on a table in the same attire while the gnoll and kobold from >>15390 stare at her, dumbfounded?
No. 15420 ID: bac47d
Briggz, please draw my Only War group. We're playing a Mordian Iron Guard, our regiment is armoured. Please have in the background a Leman Russ with a battle cannon, a hull lascannon, and dual heavy bolter sponsons. This is only one part of the squad.

Macksie Teller

Macksie Teller is a female caucasian, standing at 5ft 6" tall, weighing at 75kg (11 Stone). Slightly chubby arms and legs, narrow shoulders, B-cup breasts. Somewhat defined jaw with light, patchy stubble along the jawline and the underside of the chin.
Plain, pale, unremarkable face, gaunt cheeks, bony nose and small, round ears. Deeply fatigued green eyes with dark rings hanging underneath. Long (full arms-length) chestnut hair, braided (tucked into helmet hurriedly)

Horst Meiser

As a so-called Fury, an abhuman strand from the planet of Adan, Horst has a range of physical abnormities which make up the bird-like appearance of his kind. Aside from his face and hands, most parts of his body are covered in small black feathers that in the head intermix with the hair. The skin has a bluish tint. The feet are probably the most bird-like part of his body, with their claws, spread, prehensile toes and tough, leathery skin they disallow the use of footwear. His built is lanky, with long legs and arms contributing to a height of 5’ 8”. His face is long and slightly haggard with an aquiline nose, thin-lipped mouth that defaults to a smirk and perfectly round, dark brown eyes that seem to fit a bird better than a man and tend to stare impassively.

He wears the scout version of a Mordian utility uniform with the legs rolled up half way to the knees and a flak vest doubling as combat vest above the uniform. His companions are a standard-issue sniper rifle with silencer, red-dot sight and bipod; a laspistol in a waist holster and a knife on the left shoulder.

Simon DeLeary

Simon's the squads driver and tank operator which shows both in his face and his uniform.
In the field he's wearing standardized Imperial Flak Armour over standard operator clothing (see WW 2 tank driver uniforms). He usually carries a laspistol and an M36 Lasgun. Unless he's been away from heavy war machines for a long time his face is covered in a dark grey / black layer of dust and smoke. His dark short hair is usually in a rather rough condition since moving around in a cramped Leman Russ would destroy any hairdo anyway, so Simon doesn't bother (unless, once again, he's been away from a tank for a while). He has brown eyes.

He's 31 years old and with 1.75 meters and 70kg he's about average for a hiveworlder both in weight and height.

Father Gustav Keppel

Gustav's eyes are a cold shade of grey and there is normally no hair to be found on his head except his dark brown goatee and his bushy eyebrows. Over his imperial guardsman flak armour Gustav has his Ecclesiarchy robes with his book of scriptures chained around his waist, so that he can always recite litanues of fury to those around him.
No. 15421 ID: bac47d
Still getting descriptions from other players. So just draw this and I'll post the others later.
No. 15422 ID: 364fd8
Oh yeah, here's another you could have a lot of fun with!

So I made this character, way back when. Catfolk rogue (black, male, wide-brimmed hat, foefinder goggles, extra set of goggles for trapfinding). The idea was I was going to be this super-competent sniper and spy, just perching on stuff with a crossbow and getting information from underworld contacts, and sneaking ahead... but the dice had it in for me. 4 years of playing this character, not once did this work out. If I would hit on anything but a 1, I would roll a 1. That sorta thing. So I looked around through prestige classes for something that would let me contribute something that did not require me to roll any dice. Flipping through Complete Scoundrel, I found it. Cloaked Dancer. Specifically, this first level ability:

"Beguiling Dance: A cloaked dancer with 10 or more ranks in Perform (dance) can use her enchanting dance to distract her enemies. Whenever you start or maintain a beguiling dance, all enemies within 30 feet who can see you must succeed on a Will save or be dazed for 1 round."

Now. The intent behind this class is very clear (and frankly, stupid). What you're supposed to do is be some kind of sexy bellydancing assassin, who saunters up and stabs people while they're totally distracted by her sexy dancing. But not one of word of that is actually in the requirements. So no. I was just this weird eccentric cat dude looking like some shadowy sniper, and then all of the sudden in the middle of a fight, I'd shout "hey, look over here!" and start this ridiculous bellydancing routine. To me, that's a pretty great reason for things to become dazed. Being distracted by sexiness, that's just dumb, but being distracted because... WTF is that weirdo doing? That makes sense. And this is how I learned that it wasn't that the dice hated this character. It's that the dice had decreed this character shall be the comic relief. Things which really should have been able to make the will save but couldn't included:

All stared slack-jawed at the dancing kitty man while the giant hovering chain-cheese-master fighter went to town on them.
No. 15423 ID: 7d8398
Hey Briggz, I was wondering if you could draw my group's IRC dicebot. She's usually represented as an evil-looking kobold holding a handful of dice. She tends to make sure that whenever a PC attacks another PC, it's always a critical. And when we attack sonething, it usually takes a few tries to get a single hit (Unless it's me, in which case i do alright). She just likes to see us suffer.

So with that in mind, I'm requesting a picture of her translucently looming over a fight, grinning, in which the guy from >>15134 is swinging at a fire elemental with a greatsword and missing, while a Tengu gunslinger wearing robes and a hood is freaking out at being charged by another elemental and is accidentally shooting the lizardman through the back with his flintlock.

Thanks in advance, Briggz. I love the stuff you draw.
No. 15433 ID: e3aff6

I laughed out loud at the automated booze-pouring device.
No. 15436 ID: e5c426
Might I trouble you for a tiny humanoid ferret dressed as a ninja wielding a brush? Bonus points for a crescent with rays on the convex side on the clothing and the ink on the brush forming projectiles.

(Weeaboo friend decides to GM, too much Okami.)
No. 15653 ID: 0c81f5
File 135002893578.png - (864.23KB , 1869x1644 , Party like a Elf.png )
Had a laugh drawing this.
No. 15654 ID: 0c81f5
File 135002935661.png - (1.92MB , 2289x1700 , Broken City.png )
It had been a long time since I seriously complicated skipping a request. For future instances when you submit a request like this,to me at least, please have some references already linked in it. I ended up screaming at the screen in frustration.
No. 15655 ID: 0c81f5
File 135002947044.png - (1.44MB , 1820x1368 , Mezmerizing.png )
May have made this a little gay.
No. 15656 ID: 0c81f5
File 135002962239.png - (1.35MB , 1577x2067 , To Many Ones.png )
Did this really happen? Hell of a game being run.
No. 15657 ID: 0c81f5
File 135002978673.png - (1.49MB , 1700x2232 , Death Ferret.png )
Hope you still need this.
No. 15659 ID: 364fd8
I really need to start compiling all the art getting drawn of this game I'm running.

Wow. I don't think I even mentioned half of the eclectic clothing. Eerie.

I don't recall this specific scene unfolding, but yeah, this is pretty much how Idiom's campaign goes. As the party's healer, it gets pretty stressful.

Impressive batch here!
No. 15671 ID: bac47d
Gotcha, I'll remember that next time.

Thanks for the picture. My gratitude cannot be expressed in mere words, but thank you still.
No. 15672 ID: 2bafff
wow you do cool stuff, could I bother you to draw the mad scientist rat again this time with Bat-like wings, flying around and dropping bombs on Gnolls.
No. 15675 ID: 6a42fc
Well, not exactly that, but so far, every time a PC has been in a position to deal damage to another PC, it has ALWAYS been a confirmed crit. The dicebot also just likes screwing us over at the worst times. So it's more an amalgamation of a number of different instances.
No. 15695 ID: 301148
I'd love to make a request of my pathfinder character, a red-haired dwarven barbarian (Well..he used to be human, could have been a worse resurrection), with delusions of being a real pirate. he wears a pirate's greatcoat, a triangular hat, and wields the anchor of his grandfather (A real pirate)'s ship, using it like a pickaxe to clobber his enemies.
No. 15699 ID: 364fd8

Not including the in-joke of hating turtles? I'm amazed!
No. 15707 ID: 301148
No. 15760 ID: 8699d6
Got another one. The kobold and gnoll from >>15390 sitting in bed cuddling while a rainstorm is going on outside a window. The kobold is in the gnoll's lap, leaning back against his chest.

Thanks Briggz.
No. 15761 ID: 7c2315
Oh my god! You got him perfect, thanks briggz!
No. 15903 ID: 065750
File 135100915677.gif - (143.06KB , 480x945 , adv_suit_09.gif )
Hey, getting into a modern-era Adventure (Adventure is usually a pulp-era setting) campaign online, and I need a little illustration to go with the character.

She's a former Royal Navy pilot that went into the private sector after her medical discharge from an ejection accident. She will become the group's pilot and mechanic. I was looking to see her in a suit similar to the image posted, with a holstered gun, and a typical pilot's survival vest. She has mid length blonde hair that is a bit wavy, has a scar over her left eye, from a bit of shrapnel from when her plane exploded in said mishap that barely missed her eye proper. Has a pair of "lucky goggles" she likes to wear on her forehead. She also has her parachute on, which is a lighter design usually intended for BASE jumping, but works well enough for when a quick escape in the sky is necessary. She also has one of those fancy aviator's watches with all the dials and stuff on them on her left wrist.

For this pic she can be carrying a flight helmet under her right arm.
No. 15991 ID: 0c81f5
File 135133239225.png - (528.96KB , 1386x1672 , the mouse that flew.png )
No. 15992 ID: 0c81f5
File 135133242725.png - (583.55KB , 1274x1630 , i got better.png )
No. 15993 ID: 0c81f5
File 135133254628.png - (1.28MB , 2338x1700 , Night.png )
No. 15994 ID: 0c81f5
File 135133257522.png - (419.12KB , 1064x1497 , roger.png )
No. 16020 ID: 364fd8
Yet another really nifty batch there! So, this one's on someone else's behalf because... I guess she's shy about posting something on an image board:

A girl who isn't quite a dryad, but still has vaguely bark-like skin and maybe a leaf or three in her hair, with kind of a fur trapper's fashion sense, on or near a bark-covered horse with a mane of leaves, blasting water from her hands like a firehose to push a troll into a perfectly square gaping pit.
No. 16021 ID: 065750

Awesomeness! I should direct the others in my game to this thread. Once people need illustrations.

Thank you, you are the best!
No. 16023 ID: 0c81f5
File 135145466796.png - (1.38MB , 2121x1609 , wharrgarbl.png )
No. 16024 ID: 364fd8

WOW that was a fast turnaround! And hey, you even managed to capture the creepy risen from the grave as some weird planty thing that horse has going on without me specifying that bit. Neat!
No. 16026 ID: 301148
Truly epic! Thanks :D
No. 16027 ID: e9d165
Man, this is impressive. Can I request a party group shot of Angus' Dwarf Pirate, Googleshng's passed-on-request bark-skinned sorceress, and the following:

*An easygoing Half-Orc paladin princess with long flowing brown hair, clad in gleaming plate mail, wielding an old Orcish falchion which has been upgraded and enchanted, and riding a large, ferocious grey wolf.

*A red-headed, green-eyed female halfling orator in a chain shirt and elegant green tabard, with a deadly-looking recurved shortbow and a winning smile, possibly calling out a platitude of encouragement.

A sallow, gaunt, dark-haired man in red and black robes with chitinous shoulder pads and a segmented, insectile tabard, looking a bit like Evil from Time Bandits, with a live scorpion perched on his head, an ornate and finely crafted one-handed duelling blade in one hand, a pint mug of something foamy and alcoholic in the other, levitating several feet off the ground.

*A black-haired, pale, suspicious and shifty chain-smoker with a crossbow at his belt, surrounded by mischievous poltergeists constantly playing around with things from his pockets or juggling crossbow bolts, with the man just starting the act of removing his pants.
No. 16028 ID: bac47d
File 135149581789.png - (763.79KB , 1245x591 , Oh_dear_Emperor_what.png )
Right Briggz, this poster here: >>15420

I think there has been some time to cool off, and I've learned what you meant by references. I've compiled a image and added numbers for convenience, so I hope this second request works out. This will be the last request, at least 40k related, I'll ask of you for a long long long time. Place whatever you want in the background, or just don't have a background at all. It's really fine whatever you go with.

1. Sergeant Hector Monrow

Monrow is a grizzled veteran of the Mordian Iron Guard, one of the hardiest men to bear the blue of the midnight world. He stands at six feet, two inches, with dark hair, constantly wearing a stern furrowed brow. A deep scar goes across the right side of his face from a knife, a close call he had combating a Khornate Cultist. He holds in his right hand a chainsword, in the other, a Imperial Navy Officer's Revolver.

2. Gregor Vonderberg

Gregor is a small, lazy man, possibly the most lax and lethargic individual in the Iron Guard of Mordian. His hair is covered in grime and soot, hours spent in the back of Leman Russ will do things to a man's hygiene...especially when he's too careless to clean himself most days. He wears a Mordian Iron Guard Tank Operator's uniform(see pic), acting as the Gunner, Secondary Gunner, and occasional repairman. His face usually contains a half-smile of mild amusement. He wields a hot-shot las-pistol.

3. Golbarra Medgey

Golbarra is a fatalistic, broken man who has become a regimental hero through his wanting of death. Willing to take risks, especially if it brings him close to fatal danger. His height is average, standing shoulder to neck with Monrow. His hair is a dirty chestnut. For his bravery, he does not wear the Mordian blue, but instead a dark charcoal black with his vest. He maintains a well kept beard, with a short pulled back hair. His eyes are usually sunken with fatigue, as he really sleeps, his paranoia and nightmares keeping him awake most nights. He wields a lasgun with a mono-bayonet.

4. Christina Jordan(Wearing a mix of the uniform from the image and the Mordian one)

Christina Jordna is a female Lieutenant, and niece of the former third Tetrarch of Mordian. While her face is feminine, it is marred with a horrible burn scar on the left cheek. It ruins her subtle plain appearance, it makes her an intimidating figure to face. Her hair is in short well maintained curls kept tightly under a Mordian Iron Guard cap. An iron aquila is displayed proudly on her chest as are two shining pins signifying her rank. Both her arms have been replaced with bionic ones. She dual wields a las-pistol and bolt-pistol.
No. 16030 ID: 9d7671
File 135150606250.png - (314.81KB , 448x600 , Pugilist.png )
May i request a young fighter with a bruised and swollen face knocking out an older bare-knuckle boxer inside a small colosseum styled arena.
The young fighter has a the letter R tattooed on his chest.
The older fighter looks like the man in the picture
No. 16069 ID: bac47d
File 135173074909.jpg - (22.41KB , 605x412 , MAD-Magazine-Sock-Puppet-Nixon.jpg )
Just came by to say great stuff on that /tg/ thread briggz.

Love your stuff.
No. 16071 ID: 017212
Hi SirBriggz, your Halloween drawthread died, so I'm repeating a request here.

>I think it would be rad if I could get a sketch of a new character of mine: a ten-year-old boy in a vaguely Nordic-looking outfit, no armor or weapons or anything, sitting on top of a roughly-cut wooden wall or palisades, surrounded by a little bit of snow, with a sunrise behind him. He's cross-legged, though that hardly matters, with reddish-blonde hair and bright blue eyes. A Viking kid, basically.

Thankee kindly!
No. 16072 ID: 502606
Hit me with a petite girl. Short hair. Small bust. Goat legs.
No. 16083 ID: 117433
I agree with you. I like the pencil sketch more. But does the queen in the pencil sketch look a bit less clothed at first glance than the finished sketch to anyone else? Was that intentional?
No. 16085 ID: 59727e
Hey there Briggz. Got yet another thing if you don't mind.

Another thing with the tengu and lizardman from >>15656 . The lizardman is knocking out the bird with a single wild punch, looking spitting mad. The Tengu looks like he was trying to walk away from the lizardman, and is holding a smoking gun. In the background there is a female half-Orc slumped on the ground with a gunshot wound with a small group of people near her. A female sylph with long flowing hair is moving from the group toward the lizardman, preparing and brandishing some sort of electricity spell. Thanks in advance!
No. 16086 ID: e02fb8
Can I ask for that elf sitting topless in bed reading a book?
She's smiling somewhat and blushing quite a bit from reading it.
No. 16087 ID: 117433
Requesting a short, curvy girl wearing a kimono and hakama cleaning her katana with a very serious looking expression. Her hair is pulled back into a long ponytail, except for two strands on either side of her face.
No. 16142 ID: 0c81f5
File 135206875144.png - (1.16MB , 2086x1301 , 2.png )

This may be my last traditional piece for some time. This guy finally picked himself up a new tablet.
No. 16143 ID: 05dce8
Congratulations on the tablet, Briggz!
No. 16144 ID: 017212
Cool acquisition, Briggz.
No. 16155 ID: e9d165

That is even better than I could have hoped for, thank you kindly. Looking forward to what you can do with the tablet.
No. 16156 ID: 065750
Congratz on the tablet, Briggz!

Why am I thinking you might want to take a few of your favorite characters that you've done in this thread and make a all-star pic? I'm sure the wastelander would be one of them.
No. 16157 ID: 72781a

That is outstanding, and by an amazing coincidence, accurately reflects the pairs of old friends present in that party.
No. 16168 ID: bac47d
File 135223147380.png - (200.49KB , 842x549 , Oh_Gorrammit_Briggz.png )
I simply had to post it here. For prosperity's sake!
No. 16169 ID: bf54a8
depends how crazy they are, if they both work out and eat normally their body fat would never get that low. you need some fat otherwise you would have 0 stamina.
No. 16170 ID: 117433
This guy's got a point. You'd need to dehydrate your body like a bodybuilder to get that masculine. Athletic girls usually have smaller breasts, usually, but sometimes they seem to be independent from her physical activeness.
No. 16174 ID: f2c20c
Hell yeah. Strong women can have tits, and also still look feminine! True, useful strength requires you to have a good amount of fat on your body anyway. That's why you never see any sculpted men in strongman competitions.

I just kinda wish more women went for that. You either get those sculpted types that look kinda freaky, or athletic types that are lean and super sexy in their own way, but not really... STRONG.
No. 16176 ID: 0c81f5
File 135228412428.png - (1.38MB , 2200x1400 , report.png )
No. 16177 ID: 0c81f5
File 135228414848.png - (551.58KB , 1000x1000 , clobber.png )
No. 16178 ID: 0c81f5
File 135228418752.png - (420.14KB , 1000x1000 , snow boy.png )
No. 16179 ID: 0c81f5
File 135228432973.png - (724.22KB , 975x1000 , goat.png )
No. 16180 ID: 72781a
Lately people have been picking on me for some of my goofier character designs, and it's fun having visual aids, so I may as well round out the set:
First, it needs noting that there is a fairly obscure critter in D&D called a Farastu Demodand:

Their big schtick is that they're super sticky, and when you attack one, your weapon usually gets stuck.

This here character's big schtick is that she felt so totally guilty over something literally nobody cared about, she went totally over the top with self-flagellation, to the point where her gods need to provide constant divine intervention- "Oh look, there she goes refusing to eat, let's make sure she doesn't starve... or die of thirst... gah, when you give away all your possessions that doesn't mean your clothes too, can we censor that?" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNKZIvwTM6o#t=1m4s "There we go."

All that established, yon character (twiggy little Japanese-y gal wearing divine censorship like the above clip) once fought like half a dozen of them there farastu demodands, thrashing them soundly, constantly getting stuck and unable to shake'em off. So you know, fist stuck in one's face, elbow jammed in another's ribs, head-butted another, knee jammed in another's stomach...
No. 16182 ID: 017212
Oh, hey, cool! Thanks, Briggz!
No. 16183 ID: 144900
Thank you Sir Briggz!
No. 16184 ID: bac47d
I'm completely overwhelmed.

By the awesome.
No. 16185 ID: bac47d
File 135230999312.jpg - (24.85KB , 262x394 , OB-QV399_Goya12_DV_20111201162114.jpg )
Right Briggz, it's time.

The children from this picture >>12261 all grown up.

Valentin, the child of the left, is wearing the tunic-dress in the pic posted. He is taking to his father in growing a slight beard. His smile has faded however, and his hands a clenched in fists. Fire erupts from his knuckles.

The middle child, Elise, is dressed in a simple black dress but she has a danger sliding down one of her sleeves. She has almost the same beauty as her mother but has less of a figure than her.

The right child Turin, has grown into a handsome young man; his face is keen, without a spot of facial hair. His hair is short, and well groomed. He has a smirk on his face. His clothing is a black tunic with red linings and a gold trim.
No. 16186 ID: bac47d
This poster here: >>16028

My group is asking me if you would like to do another Mordian Only War request. Up for it, briggz?
No. 16187 ID: 0c81f5
Sure why not, keep in mind I go down the list. Might be a bit.
No. 16188 ID: e14ea4
Can you draw a male Lizardfolk and female elf bathing together in a lake?
No. 16189 ID: 0c81f5
File 135237331984.png - (0.97MB , 2000x1000 , scuffle.png )
No. 16190 ID: 0c81f5
File 135237334657.png - (351.25KB , 1000x1000 , hunks&spunk.png )
No. 16191 ID: bce922
That is now the picture on the character sheet.
I love it.
No. 16192 ID: f8c86d
Oh damn Briggz, I forgot how much more awesome you are with a tablet. This is great. Maybe I should ask for something with the Tengu NOT in pain, buuuut he's kind of an asshole so...
No. 16193 ID: e14ea4
I have a request can you draw a male dragonborn humping a female minotaur.
No. 16195 ID: bac47d
Gotcha Briggz, I'll start talking to the other players on what characters they want to see.

Pencil work is still awesome. I really like colored pencils because I'm a weird faggot.
No. 16196 ID: bac47d
File 135241712846.png - (597.87KB , 597x845 , OnlyWar.png )
Right briggz, got it all talked over with the group. Here is the request:
The people from this request: >>15420
Combined with the people from this request: >>16028

In one big group shot. Sorta like they're all grouping up for a photo. Some changes to the original request:

+The people in request one wearing the Mordian Guard outfits.
+Macksie Teller looking slightly more feminine.
+And add two new characters to the mix.

Johan Schmidt, Male, Caucasian.
-Tall-ish, about 6'3", 233 lbs, muscular enough to be able to comfortably lift and fire man-portable heavy weapons without having to brace them. Black, straight hair, neatly clipped. clean shaven face, usually has a lho-stick in his mouth and a grin on his face whenever he's not in this thick of battle. Face is stereotypically "hard" and defined, with a stubby nose and heavy-set "iron jaw", and alert (if somewhat paranoid) dark green eyes.

-Standard Mordian "parade" uniform, is usually clean and presentable, if somewhat obscured in the field by his overabundance of gear he carries into battle. Armed to the teeth he usually has his standard kit in rucksack, a couple cases of heavy bolter ammo, a backup lasgun and charge packs, grenades, and his combat knife at the ready at all times; also has a small aquilla pendant necklace and a bolter casing on a string hanging from his belt,and in recent times stashes a flask or two of melta cannon ammunition on his person due to being shipped a multi-melta.


Senjak Ozymandias, a female Tech-Priest, standing at 4'11". Her hair is flowing ebony, but it shaven in half at one side due to a neural-implant on the side of her head. She doesn't have a implanted rebreather, and she has few augments. In the picture, Simon DeLeary will have his arm affectionately wrapped around her.

(Bigger pic of the uniform for reference)
No. 16197 ID: e9d165
May I respectfully request an action shot of the guy in black robes from >>16142 without beer, with this perched upon his head: http://castlegreyhawk35.pbworks.com/f/scorpion2.png

With the character using powerful eldritch magic to turn a gigantic, angry one of these: http://dcairns.files.wordpress.com/2011/01/vlcsnap-965956.png

into a very surprised one of these: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/SmallMammals/images/20071128-042ntshrew.jpg
No. 16200 ID: 0c81f5
File 135245219697.png - (351.85KB , 1000x1000 , to dramatic maybe.png )
No. 16201 ID: 0c81f5
You want me to do a all-star pic? Not even sure who should be in it.
No. 16202 ID: 2bafff
okay this is a scene from my first campaign. some pirates were raiding the shipping at this village and staging it to look like crazy Eldritch Sea Monsters. Eventually we tracked them down and fought them. I was playing a Lizardfolk Cleric who could shoot fire out of his hands and there was a wizard in the party too. The Wizard cast grease and I lit it as the Pirates ran across so we ended up fighting a bunch of pirates that were on fire. Could You draw my Lizardfolk shooting a cone of flame at a bunch of pirates running across grease and lighting it and them on fire?
No. 16204 ID: 117433
A bit too dramatic, maybe, but on the other hand this girl is basically a blender when it comes to blades so all the unnecessary violence really works for her.
No. 16307 ID: 0c81f5
File 135306562253.png - (758.75KB , 1000x1000 , Fear My Glowing Vagina.png )
Okay, will be doing that all-star pic on and off.

Back to the thread!
No. 16313 ID: 72781a

That's a heck of a file name. Also, is that one stuck to the hack of her head and another to her forehead? Nice touch.
No. 16329 ID: 0c81f5
The one in back is suppose to be the one being elbowed. It is well hidden however.
No. 16365 ID: 05dce8
File 135329560916.jpg - (425.10KB , 1673x2399 , ael.jpg )
Can I request the elf from
and the lefternmost person in pic related in the following situation?

The elf is nude and holding a large, incredibly ornate glaive (the weapon on a stick, not the thrown one) in a low attack position while pic related is covering both of their modesty? (Using her hands to cover the elf, and using the elf's body to cover her own.) They're both in a hallway.
No. 16392 ID: 065750
You could say he..... got to the point.
No. 16447 ID: 0c81f5
File 135358866946.png - (1.00MB , 1400x2000 , grown ups.png )
No. 16448 ID: bac47d
Excelente! Magnifico! Bravo bravo!
No. 16460 ID: 605544
*facepalms* That was baaaad. Although that is a awesome new pic.
No. 16604 ID: b6edd6
I would like to request a picture of Quetzalcoatl moving at infinite speed, because that is a thing he can do in AD&D.
(He actually has a fairly good excuse for not disintegrating himself by doing so. He can shapeshift and is immune to anything that is same type as him, which would always include himself by definition.)
No. 16607 ID: 6a42fc
Got another one for you, Briggz, please and thank you!

The kobold from >>15390 >>15653 >>15993 holding a longbow and dressed in rogue-ish clothing, and putting three arrows into very vital spots of a large and angry man wielding a mace and clad in armor violently busting through a door. The arrows have a great effect on him. The rat alchemist from >>15991 is hovering next to the door, bomb in hand, startled at this guy turning a door into splinters with his shoulder.

The story behind this is: my kobold rogue got shot a dude slamming through a door. Rolled a confirmed crit, an unconfirmed crit, and another high roll to attack him. Combined with a buttload of sneak dice, she basically floored the dude in one hit, despite him being a miniboss.
No. 16608 ID: 05dce8
And then we shoved him in the bag and moved on.
No. 16620 ID: f8603c
Oh jeez you've done so much art for our group, I love it!

I've got a request for ya, since we need more Seeker being badass.

So, it's Seeker from >>15390 in full Barbarian rage mode, getting a /huge/ greatsword stabbed right through his torso by a similarly angry gnoll that also happens to be twice his size, and the leader of an army of gnolls poised to overrun the nearby city. Seeker is glaring at the huge gnoll, blood coming from his mouth and, well, the sword getting stabbed through him.

It's one of my favourite moments of the campaign, because he didn't even get dropped below 0, and this boss was infamous for party kills!
No. 16621 ID: 065750
File 135453999084.png - (3.19MB , 2899x3000 , soo_refsheet_by_gormstar-d3e6szx.png )
Hey there, was thinking of a interesting scene that will be coming up in a game I'm running. One of the NPCs is going to be (hopefully) rescued by the party, and I thought this pic could drive the idea home.

What I thought was of a female jet pilot with short hair wearing a form-fitting bodysuit, designed for G-Force tolerances, and typical pilot gear, had recently ejected from her aircraft and has just crawled on to the beach. She's taking a knee to catch her breath, with a weary eye cast towards her camera and a hand on her sidearm. She's taken off her helmet, sitting it in a raft that is next to her, and her life vest is inflated still around her neck. In the distance on the ocean a column of smoke is in the sky marking the final trajectory of her downed jet into the ocean behind her.

She'll have some blood covering the left side of her face from a cut on her forehead, forcing her to close her left eye, but otherwise is fine.

If this gets done in color, the suit is white with blue trim on the front of the suit, the raft and inflated vest are red, and her one good eye is blue. Her hair is black.

For some inspiration on the suit, I found something on deviant art that comes close to the design and posted it here.
No. 16622 ID: 065750

And what I meant by her camera is our camera, as to the viewer.
No. 16678 ID: 0c81f5
File 135487157425.png - (284.77KB , 1000x1000 , out of practice.png )
No. 16679 ID: 0c81f5
File 135487430217.png - (230.17KB , 900x1000 , unf unf.png )
No. 16699 ID: e14ea4
May I request A young male 19 year old mage accidently teleport him self naked In front of female Kobold who looks surprise and happy to see him in the nude. Also the mage is embarrassed.
No. 16813 ID: 0c81f5
File 135550127928.png - (1.07MB , 1500x1500 , all together now.png )
No. 16814 ID: 0c81f5
File 135550284216.png - (303.73KB , 1000x1000 , bazap beyotch.png )
No. 16856 ID: 0c81f5
File 135585311206.png - (418.05KB , 1000x1000 , power of the greasey flame.png )
No. 16869 ID: 726b8f
Usual heavily armored dorf with ten or so arrows sticking out of his back, with a puzzled expression on his face.
Broad, flat-tipped chopping sword and round shield.
Small, irate pixie hiding behind something nearby worth bonus internets and hipster souls but not vital.
No. 16876 ID: 0c81f5
File 135603111166.png - (395.34KB , 1000x1000 , Hallway.png )
No. 16877 ID: 0c81f5
File 135603323638.png - (568.41KB , 1000x1000 , i don\'t know how to depict that.png )
No. 16883 ID: e3aff6
That works quite well. Thanks!
No. 16893 ID: 7095a2
But when you move at infinite speed don't you turn into a newt?

Star Trek said so!
No. 16928 ID: 0c81f5
File 135640106721.png - (4.54MB , 4000x4000 , collage.png )
No. 16929 ID: 3707e7
Scaly-neck demon in the top right looks pretty freaking nice.
No. 16959 ID: 9e7d45
Request time!
Four characters - A tall, lean, ottermode young mage with long blonde hair and blue eyes, an androgynous, leanly built but slender Elf guy in a duster and scarf, with completely black eyes since he's a Pathfinder elf, a skinny, raven black-haired, but attractive witch, and a short, busty, armoured, redhead human warrioress with cow horns and a tail.

They have been drinking in a tavern and have their arms around eachother's shoulders, some may be carrying empty bottles of rum. They each seem pretty happy, if not overly drunk, with the mage in particular looking at the Elf and Warrior somewhat amorously. The witch is giving her centipede familiar a sip of whiskey. If you want a background, they're on a boat, with a harpy circling somewhere off in the rear.
No. 16961 ID: 605544
That Sailor Moon doodle is hilarious.
No. 16976 ID: ea6c73
I'd like to ask for a group shot of 3 characters in a game of Iron Kingdoms (the RPG set in the Warmachine setting).
The first, the left most, is a tall (just over 6 feet) human. He's fairly muscular, but not heroically so. He has medium length dirty blond hair, and his face is young but rather blank because of recent events. His clothes used to be middle-class renaissance clothes, but now they're torn and covered in blood. In his right hand he wields a breechloading pistol (but it still looks like renaissance level tech) with glowing blue runes on the barrel. He has two other pistols in his waistband, one a massive handcannon, the other a four barreled monstrosity. In his left he has a rapier, nothing fancy, but the pommel is a stylized family crest. His face is slightly singed, and there's a smear of something dark brown across his forehead and nudging into his hairline. He stands with the confidence and charisma of a young adult.

The second, standing in the middle, is a large human, taller than the previous man, and much heavier. He wears heavy plate armor, riddled with bulletholes (including one straight through the face of the helment, but nothing shows underneath except blackness) and covered in blood. He has a large sword (we're talking surfboard sized) slung across his back along with a spiked shield, and a kopis at his side. He has his hands on the shoulders of the other two men. His gender is indeterminate, I'm using 'he' for ease of use. He could be male, or he could be female. He stands confidently, and appears protective of the other two men.

The third is a man wearing burlap cloth over most of his body. His mask looks like candlejack's. He wields a crossbow in one hand, and a long length of rope in the other. At his belt there's a sword of strange, elvish design. He stands like he's dangerous and knows it.

I know it's kind of a big request, but it'd be really cool if you could draw this.
No. 17030 ID: 2319f9
Hey SirBriggs a PC request if you would be so kind. . A human male of average height and build. Very tan skin almost black and his hair is spiky not anime spikey but bedhead spiky. He's wearing black combat goggles, a bandito mask, a baggy zip up hoody with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, a kevlar vest baggy cargo pants and a single red glove on his right hand that would look pretty damn similar to UFC glove if it wasn't for the spanking shiny gem on the knuckles and top. Weapons of choice are a bright red AA-12 called the Magic Missile and actual magic.
No. 17083 ID: a702c2
File 135741297991.png - (497.32KB , 1000x1000 , First out the door.png )
Yeah! First pic for 2013!
No. 17100 ID: a702c2
File 135750930012.png - (538.15KB , 1000x1000 , stab.png )
No. 17102 ID: 948351
No. 17131 ID: d6bf5d
Happy New Year Briggzy! Great to see new arts too
No. 17281 ID: a702c2
File 135823759725.png - (616.97KB , 1000x1000 , i\'d wreck that.png )
No. 17291 ID: 605544
Yeah... I'd wreck that. ;) Well played. And well done.

Don't worry, I'll rescue her soon. I promise. :D
No. 17292 ID: 605544
Oh and here is the game I'm going to use the drawing for, Briggz...


Once it's up you'll be able to see first hand the reactions. :D Well that and it'll probably motivate my pilots to make sure the SAR doesn't get shot down.
No. 17300 ID: a702c2
File 135832783655.png - (584.25KB , 1000x1000 , you ever try a petite monster.png )
No. 17348 ID: bac47d
File 135856417349.jpg - (103.54KB , 496x600 , 1337294953830.jpg )
Am I jelly that your attention is elsewhere? I totally jam.

Still, love the threads briggz. Just coming by to say keep on doing what you do bro.
No. 17350 ID: 6a42fc
I'm sorry for being a bit delayed, but MAN Briggz. Thanks!
No. 17372 ID: a702c2
File 135872597488.png - (464.59KB , 1000x1000 , dorf.png )
No. 17385 ID: a702c2
File 135876539006.png - (521.79KB , 1000x1000 , Getting there.png )
No. 17398 ID: e14ea4
Can you draw a amazon woman giving a male Kobold a piggyback ride on her shoulders?
No. 17413 ID: 9e7d45
Awesome Briggz, thanks a tonne.
No. 17468 ID: 05dce8
Hey Briggz, can I ask for the elf in >>16190 wearing blue armor and a cloak? Blood is smeared all over the elf's face and hair, it's dripping from underneath the armor and it's all over her armor. She's also overhand throwing her two handed sword like a javelin by the handle in one hand. She's got a completely Guts worthy expression on her face.
No. 17472 ID: 4e4163
File 135941703911.gif - (649.62KB , 260x211 , neckfluff.gif )
I wanna thank you again for the art, Briggz. I'd also like to request something else, if that's alright!

The kobold and gnoll from >>15653 , in the situation pictured in the gif. The kobold's the guy and the gnoll is the hyena, in this situation.
No. 17560 ID: a702c2
File 135989079216.png - (792.88KB , 1400x1400 , 3 DUDES.png )
No. 17566 ID: a702c2
File 135995324293.png - (142.05KB , 1000x1000 , The finger.png )
No. 17568 ID: a702c2
File 135995706756.png - (203.45KB , 1000x1000 , bold amazon.png )
No. 17569 ID: a702c2
File 135995969330.png - (262.02KB , 800x1100 , so angry.png )
No. 17570 ID: a702c2
File 135996186513.png - (237.26KB , 1000x1000 , cuddles.png )
No. 17573 ID: bac47d
File 135997609857.jpg - (106.29KB , 400x786 , soulcatcher.jpg )
And lo did briggz return, making me no longer hold back my requests for fear of adding needlessly to his work load.

I'd enjoy it Briggz, if you could draw a somewhat more reasonable and modern version of this. As a suit of armour for a not-so-distant future era. No permeating cloud or red energy please. I'd like for the wearer to have as close to 'androgynous' appearance as possible. This is a vital character detail. Please and thank you in advance.

If it'd be easier for you to do in pencil, I'm fine with that. I'm actually weird and like pencil coloring as well >_>.
No. 17599 ID: 4e4163
I spent about an hour today looking at this and giggling like a little babby.

No regrets. Thanks again, Briggz!
No. 17607 ID: ea6c73
I love you.
No. 17654 ID: 2319f9
Beautiful. Thanks Briggs
No. 17663 ID: 05dce8
This is amazing and you should feel awesome.

If you're so inclined, could you draw her, just as angry, decapitating a surprised gnoll spellcaster with a two-handed horizontal slash?
No. 17665 ID: a702c2
File 136041022465.png - (171.61KB , 600x1000 , WARRIOR.png )
I would have liked to do this in pencil for you but it appears my cats have broken it. They jumped off it sending it to the floor.
No. 17666 ID: a702c2
My scanner, they broke my scanner.
No. 17667 ID: f2c20c
That sucks, man.

The pic is great though, I like how well you pulled off the androgyny.
No. 17715 ID: 2319f9
If you feel up to it SirBriggs how about this? A sniper and a magical girl discussing the subject of Santa Claus, Specifically how he doesn't exist.
The sniper is black haired, tan and a bit on the chubby side. His hair is odd sticking up Beaker style, which actually fits him pretty well. He’s wearing a very baggy dark blue training jacket, a pair of slacks bulging with spare mags and a comlink clipped to his left ear. The jacket has a patch with a rose on it that's been badly sewed onto the right arm. His weapon is a rather large hunting rifle.
The Magical girl is of Asian descent. Her hair is black done up in that double bun sailor moon style. She's tough looking with a massive scar crossing her face. Her Outfit consists of a surprisingly practical suit of armor except it has a skirt and various frills attached which she greatly dislikes and has tried to in the past get rid of. Her weapons of choice are respectively a very bloody looking machete and a large flashy looking staff. Oh and it’s the sniper who still believes in Santa not the MG.
No. 17742 ID: 605544
File 136089495604.png - (638.85KB , 800x602 , JumpsuitExample.png )
Hello there.

I've been trying with no avail to get this character done elsewhere, but perhaps you can help. I've been trying to get a teenage heroine of mine drawn up. She's wearing the outfit in the picture, but the jumpsuit is white with blue trim on the collar edge and cuffs. She has a couple pouches, one on each side of her waist on the belt of the jumpsuit, and also has a foot-long baton made of steel on the belt as well, one on each side. She has short black hair (like a sister of battle), and has a red bodsuit she wears under the jumpsuit, that looks a bit like a plugsuit. she also has a pair of combatboots on, and a pair of goggles. She also has a clear rain poncho on, with the hood down.
No. 17750 ID: a702c2
File 136108825357.png - (480.10KB , 1000x1000 , swish headslice.png )
No. 17751 ID: a702c2
File 136109118099.png - (469.51KB , 1000x1000 , Battle of wits.png )
No. 17752 ID: a702c2
File 136109309322.png - (206.99KB , 600x1000 , word up.png )
No. 17753 ID: d08df7

Love it.
No. 17756 ID: 605544
Her name is Rebecca. She can control Time and Space. She can't travel through time though. Won't reach that level of power.
No. 17757 ID: 605544
Oh, and thank you :D
No. 17765 ID: a702c2
File 136117952340.jpg - (172.22KB , 600x1000 , word up.jpg )
No. 17768 ID: 2319f9
>She's mocking him
>He's crying as the last of his childhood fantasies is ripped away
You a good man Briggs. A good man.
No. 17774 ID: 605544
Awesome. So not a master of Time and Space. :D Keep shinin' you crazy diamond.
No. 17836 ID: e14ea4
Can I request a male lizard-folk protecting female elf from a female rakshasa? The lizard-man is stabs the rakshasa neck with his sword while elf woman hides behind the lizard-man.
No. 17922 ID: 7b4dab
File 136206437731.jpg - (10.55KB , 800x474 , 1057[1].jpg )
Hey, Sirbriggz, we have another request if you don't mind. I'd like to request a skinny, scraggly blonde elf, medium length hair, and a little goatee beard. If you could draw him and the plate armoured androgyne and pistoleer in the middle of some sort of combat, that'd be great. forgot combat stuff, he uses a suit of light plate armour, and a kriegsmesser duelling saber, I've attached an image for you to use for reference.
No. 17926 ID: d76e43
File 136210181461.jpg - (309.81KB , 2393x1214 , necro sheet.jpg )
can i request the necromancer from my quest killing someone whit his bare hands? for a refence here a pic, btw i love your style
No. 17929 ID: a702c2
File 136212815781.png - (456.18KB , 1000x1000 , i will raka you.png )
No. 18246 ID: a702c2
File 136333499189.png - (475.42KB , 1000x1000 , 2 dudes plus a new dude.png )
No. 18247 ID: a702c2
File 136333502906.png - (316.49KB , 1000x1000 , fist quest.png )
No. 18252 ID: e14ea4
Can I request a dwarf women showing off her butt? And on her butt is a tattoo that say's "I ♥ DnD"
No. 18253 ID: 2a8a2a
I would like to request a kobold stabbing through a large wolf with one of two shortswords while the wolf rips his throat out. The kobold is wearing samurai-style armor, and has a bow on his back. Both the kobold and the wolf are heavily wounded.

(Some of the players in my DnD fourth edition group ran non-canon duels between our characters to see who would win. The picture is of my kobold ranger was fighting another player's werewolf thief. I had more useful abilities for 1v1 melee but kept rolling low on damage so he killed me while at one remaining hitpoint.)
No. 18267 ID: a702c2
File 136359461480.png - (162.49KB , 800x1200 , DnD love.png )
No. 18275 ID: 8052fb
been dead this days, thank you, it's great!
No. 18290 ID: a702c2
File 136368120217.png - (220.83KB , 800x800 , it wasn\'t canon so it didn\'t happen.png )
No. 18292 ID: bf7903
Just thought I'd come in and tell you that looks GREAT!

They're bounty hunters you see, so that's exactly the sort of look I imagine our targets see before we start shooting.
No. 18310 ID: 2a8a2a
Thank you! Though it feels a bit odd to be this pleased with a picture of someone killing my character :/
No. 18312 ID: 4e4163
Hey Briggz! I'm requesting something of these two >>17570 again.

The gnoll, under the effects of an enlarge person spell, giving a suggestive grin to the now even comparatively tinier kobold, who looks extremely apprehensive about what he's suggesting. Thanks in advance!
No. 18315 ID: a702c2
File 136376435035.png - (232.20KB , 1000x1000 , we boink yes.png )
No. 18320 ID: e30ba8
Ohhhh man this is amazing. How about Lolori (the kobold) walking away with a bit of a limp looking sore with a somewhat open door behind her, through which Seeker's (gnollface) leg is visible.
No. 18328 ID: 450660

I approve.
No. 18331 ID: 2bafff
get a room you two
No. 18343 ID: a702c2
File 136385554712.png - (231.83KB , 1000x1000 , are all the organs back in place.png )
No. 18356 ID: e14ea4
Can I request a female Dragonborn ripping the arms off a Drow while also crushing the Drow head in.
No. 18358 ID: e14ea4
Can you draw Kobold and amazon woman >>17568 bathing together in a bathtub with the amazon's breast on the Kobold's head.
No. 18362 ID: c74c7d
A nude male draconian and a nude male gnoll being led to an Orc camp as captives.
No. 18373 ID: a702c2
File 136394117564.png - (394.36KB , 1000x1000 , rage refuel.png )
No. 18378 ID: a702c2
File 136394940082.png - (303.36KB , 1000x1000 , booooooooobbb on the water it gets me really randy.png )
No. 18381 ID: 05dce8
Hey Briggs, can you draw the elf from >>15409 asleep, floating in a huge cube of wine, while naked, while the gnoll and the kobold from >>18343 stare in utter confusion?

Can use the clothes as impromptu censors if you want.
No. 18388 ID: a702c2
File 136402166077.png - (508.71KB , 1000x1000 , orc camp nonsense.png )
No. 18390 ID: bac47d
File 136402328504.jpg - (98.27KB , 286x323 , 1357454802474.jpg )
Damn briggz. Not the original poster, but damn.

You sure do know how to take a few details and make it unique.
No. 18391 ID: bac47d
A young looking man, of average height, medium length of loose hair wearing flowing leather clothes. He is wearing gloves, leather too, but three on his left seem empty. A crucial detail, his left arm is smaller than his right. He will look tired, weary, a general state of fatigue.

His limbs are lithe, and scrawny.
No. 18392 ID: bac47d
File 136402390323.jpg - (131.12KB , 892x657 , 1362276881775.jpg )
A female scribe (25ish) in a robe similar to pic related, wearing a tudor bonnet over her long braided brown hair, carrying a large pannier full of drawers containing writing utensils. She has green eyes and a cocksure grin.

In her hands she would hold a small notebook and quill while cuddling the ermine companion on her shoulder.
No. 18393 ID: a702c2

> cube of wine

Please clarify or I will go with what I found on Google.
No. 18394 ID: c74c7d

Hehe, I was hoping for seeing a little more downstairs.
No. 18396 ID: 4e4163
I was in the campaign in which this happened. The slow unraveling of the plane the PCs were in caused it to glitch out, and the random effect the GM rolled was that a 10x10x10 perfect cube of fine wine formed out of thin air near the PCs' home. A big cube of wine, just sitting there, not getting dirty or going bad. The elf liked to use her necklace of underwater breathing to swim around in it and get drunk off her ass.
No. 18402 ID: c74c7d

The same pair being tied to poles in the middle of the Orc camp, ashamed to be naked like that with all the Orcs passing by.
No. 18416 ID: 605544
File 136424879070.jpg - (178.16KB , 400x650 , tetsuko_ii_profile.jpg )
Hey, I got a character in a Dragon Ball Z inspired game. She's an android with shoulder-legnth blue hair, a bodysuit like the picture, but navy blue where it is purple and white where it is black. She has shoes on that are sneaker-like with a strap over the foot. The glove section has no protrusions from the hands unlike the example picture.

She's also wearing a utility vest, pretty much a zip-up vest that stops at the waist, with cargo pockets in the front, and a padded collar that goes around the neck and down the chest a little bit.

She also has a pair of goggles on her head.

The pose is her standing with her hands relaxed on her hips, looking happy just to be there.
No. 18417 ID: 605544
Oh, I was a bit desperate for a online profile picture at the time, so I used some third-rate image editor to make the pic I posted for the example. :(
No. 18466 ID: a702c2
File 136471854202.png - (214.20KB , 1000x1000 , this may have been one of the hardest things I eve.png )
No. 18469 ID: a702c2
File 136479257045.png - (103.85KB , 600x1000 , warm up.png )
No. 18474 ID: e14ea4
Can you draw a female bald goliath, a orc woman, and a female minotaur tryin to seduce a male lizard-folk in a hot spring?
No. 18505 ID: a702c2
File 136515139372.png - (130.93KB , 600x1200 , cute little bugger.png )
No. 18530 ID: a702c2
File 136541819585.png - (436.91KB , 1000x1000 , pole bound.png )
No. 18531 ID: bf54a8
NEAT, and silly.
No. 18545 ID: ccf689

Well since the campaign progressed... could you draw them being locked in steel wrist and ankle cuffs and collars by an Orcish smith as the new owner - the chieftan oversees it?
No. 18550 ID: 8325c1
...what kind of campaign IS this?!
No. 18551 ID: cf49fc
Something like the contents of Lagotrope's drawthread I assume. Only with more gay.
No. 18578 ID: a702c2
File 136583738011.png - (355.64KB , 600x1600 , android person.png )
No. 18579 ID: 943463
Nice detail.

Would you consider illustrating this description:

For reference:
No. 18582 ID: 96d762
SirBriggs could you draw a Shadowrun PC I'm making. Jaime 'Uni' Juanes. He's a young man of Cuban descent. A bit on the short side. Everything about him is uniform and orderly. Hair is cut in military fashion gone on the sides and extremely short on the top and he's very clean shaven. He's wearing a gaudy Hawaiian shirt and a pair of BDU grey and dark blue camo pants. Gear loadout consists of a assault slung across his chest and a small pistol strapped to his right thigh.
No. 18603 ID: a702c2
File 136609712679.png - (491.11KB , 1000x1000 , COME ON give in.png )
>>18474 There you go.

Should I do a art dump thread for what I draw for myself? Seems like it could be fun.
No. 18619 ID: a702c2
File 136618873495.png - (511.95KB , 1000x1000 , what now chief.png )
No. 18621 ID: f2c20c
Is your campaign... just being slaves?
No. 18627 ID: e14ea4
It looks great, Now can you draw the lizard-man being chased by the love crazy naked women while wearing just a towel?
No. 18633 ID: 779c4d
File 136621272184.png - (42.64KB , 240x250 , confused gork and mork.png )
No. 18637 ID: f2c20c
What? I kinda screwed up the grammar there didn't I? I meant to ask if there was anything else going on other than two players roleplaying being captured and put in various embarrassing situations.

I guess this could be behind the scenes stuff while other, active players plan to break them out or something, but I would've expected that to happen sooner rather than later.

Maybe it would've been simpler to just ask what the story behind it is.
No. 18673 ID: e14ea4
Yes you should.
No. 18693 ID: a702c2
File 136660655708.png - (799B , 62x68 , why.png )

When I click the references, I get the related pic. Not sure what I need to do.
No. 18696 ID: eacb1f
Heyyy Briggz. Have I told you that you're the best, lately? Because you are. Thanks for the kobold picture, too, while I'm at it, even though it is a bit late!

The campaign she's in has been finished for months, though, and near the end she finally fulfilled her lifelong dream of becoming a dragon thanks to genie magics. Can you draw her as a dragon, laying rather leisurely on a pile of gold and treasure in a large, ornate room with her gnoll nearby, perhaps kidding her snout or doing something else affectionate?
No. 18699 ID: 943463
Argh. Apparently that's what you get if you link directly to an image rather than to a post.
Here's the thread:
The first two posts show the relevant characters as adults.
(Also, I'd highly recommend the quest in general: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lamia%20Quest )
No. 19008 ID: 065750
File 136859026567.jpg - (329.72KB , 708x1000 , 5c9243925e5f5e73fa575f3c5f8ba68882b9d4be.jpg )
Hey. I got a Shadowrun game coming up, and I got a vehicle rigger waiting to be amazing, and I managed to get together a pretty amazing "Rigger Suit" of body armor made. So, I thought what the hell, ask for a illo. What I was thinking was something like the example without the cat ears and lettering/markings, with the character standing with her hands on her hips. She's of pretty average height for a human but short for a elf at 5'7, has white hair in a style similar to the pic and red albino eyes. The suit should be a dark blue where it is pink. (RGB 0, 61, 107).

She won't be wearing glasses, and she has a large pistol in a holster built into the suit on her hip. There is also a larger backpack strapped to her back, and there is still what looks like an airline leading from the back of the suit to her helmet (it's more of a data cord than a actual life support line though).
No. 19231 ID: ff9a14
File 136969576895.png - (530.89KB , 1000x1000 , a childhood memory.png )
No. 19232 ID: ff9a14
File 136970353620.png - (311.85KB , 800x1200 , palms.png )
No. 19233 ID: ff9a14
Sorry for not being around more. I'm just being lazy and playing those video games.
No. 19234 ID: cf49fc
Same here! I just beat Clear Sky in two days thanks to CHEATING FOR RUBLES. Don't you worry bout a thing.
No. 19251 ID: 605544
Lazy is fun. It'll come to ya when it does. We can wait
No. 19396 ID: 2d9be8
Here's what should be a fun one for you- Someone who looks like a cross between Indiana Jones (bull whip, fedora), and Trelane from The Squire of Gothos ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzKfQo19FqM#t=1m0s cravat and cuffs a must) at some creepy backwoods redneck picnic being served places of just weird mushrooms and bugs and such, with a seriously forced smile.

Thanks in advance.
No. 19429 ID: ff9a14
File 137068250906.png - (569.60KB , 1000x1000 , run to the hills.png )
No. 19431 ID: ff9a14
File 137068475175.png - (50.31KB , 1000x1400 , I could use this to sweeten tea.png )
No. 19432 ID: 5eea01
Can I request a big viking guy wielding a two-handed warhammer fighting ninjas on a burning funeral boat, having taken a mortal wound but still standing from pure adrenaline?
No. 19433 ID: 5eea01
forgot to say big bearded viking. Wearing chainmail.
No. 19435 ID: f2c20c
Whoa, Lolori is a dragon now?
No. 19436 ID: 52c28e
Better than I could have imagined, Briggz. Thanks.

Yeah, she used a genie's Wish to do so at the very end of the game she was it. It was her life's dream and was built up to over the entire game. I mean, sure, half of the other characters up and decided to steal that from her by becoming some form of dragon before she could, with no forewarning at all, but it was still significant to her!
No. 19438 ID: ccf689

If I could request the duo again, but this time being found by Minotaur marauders after a successful escape attempt, still chained and without equipment.
No. 19445 ID: 79b8fd
Might I trouble you for a red panda in robes holding a trio of bamboo tubes from which evil-looking little lightning things are erupting?
Action shot preferable.
Holes in hood for ears, and whatever pockets, bags, and belts you feel like applying.
No. 19446 ID: 065750
File 137085576396.jpg - (491.78KB , 1050x1400 , 35373783.jpg )
Hey there, was looking for a superheroine wearing a suit like this, only the suit is white, with a dark blue trim(RGB 0,59,111) that goes down the side from the armpits to the ankles, a sailor collar of the same blue with a single white stripe, and a helmet that has a bubble-style faceplate evcative of early sci-fi spacesuits, allowing the full face and hair to be seen. The forearms have smooth gauntlets that go from the elbow to the wrist. The boots are ankle-legnth, with straps over the foot, and around the shin just a little above the ankle.

There should be flashlight section mounted on the chin of the helmet, with relief valves also on the chin at each side of the flashlight. The chest should look a little more reenforced than the rest of the suit.

She has long blonde hair although the way she wears her suit it's not all visible, blue eyes, and always seems to have a calm confidence.
No. 19448 ID: 065750
OMG just noticed my friend's SR character. Wow, glad he pointed me here. small world.
No. 19511 ID: ff9a14
File 137137855648.png - (322.54KB , 800x1600 , albino blues.png )
No. 19517 ID: 605544
Oh wow, I love this! Heh, my roomie's impressed too.
No. 19527 ID: ff9a14
File 137145164758.png - (414.33KB , 1000x1000 , super.png )
No. 19528 ID: ff9a14
File 137145442890.png - (565.69KB , 1000x1000 , why ninjas.png )
No. 19530 ID: ff9a14
File 137145755089.png - (378.06KB , 1000x1000 , fresh livestock.png )
Why haven't you saved these people?
No. 19531 ID: ff9a14
File 137145966261.png - (623.53KB , 1200x1000 , cute volts.png )
No. 19533 ID: ff9a14
File 137146554108.png - (111.26KB , 1000x1000 , the lolori duo.png )
A little something that isn't drawfaggotry.
No. 19537 ID: 9ddf68
Dear god.
a pun-off has just been declared
No. 19539 ID: 7f0da5
Two Loloris? Seeker's gonna be a happy gnoll.
No. 19540 ID: 2d9be8

Great stuff as usual.


Huh. Never realized what a difference there was between how you tend to draw her and how everyone else does until now. Neat.
No. 19547 ID: 52c28e
Hahaha! Well, you know, I really do like your interpretation! I just didn't really have anything that could have been used as a good ref when she first got requested, and I didn't wanna have a sudden change in the way she looked afterward.

And speaking of requests, I've got a whole party for you to draw, since you're really good at group shots! 5 people, sneaking and looking wary, all in single file in a cramped, damaged and disused spaceship corridor.

First in line is what his player describes as a "cyborg jackal with scars, robot limbs and a robotic eye". He's big mean space pirate, essentially. He carries a big laser rifle and is clad in, if I remember correctly, a duster and body armor.

Second in line is the group's doctor. He's a spess wolf, essentially. He often has a genuinely friendly smile, but his body language is defensive and wary. He's got a few scars here and there and carries a normal-sized laser rifle. Wears a uniform.

Third is a thin spiny lizard guy, the gunnery officer of their ship. He's shorter than the first two. He should be looking around at their surroundings with a curious expression. He carries the same kind of laser rifle as the one above and wears the same kind of uniform. His eyes have an almost unnoticeable green glow to them because enhancements and a large pistol is in a holster on his hip.

Fourth in line is the group's drone expert. She looks like this. http://i.imgur.com/OwzJspd.jpg and has a small hovering saucer-drone following her around. She is likely carrying mechanical equipment and tools.

The fifth and last is another bird, the head of the engineering department, and the shortest of them all. He resembles a tropical bird more than anything else, and looks a tad manic. His eyes have quite an obvious orange glow to them. He wears a jumpsuit like the other bird.

Oh, yeah, and here's the design of the uniform. http://sadpanda.us/images/1675723-QUL7GYL.jpg

...WOW, laid out all like this, it pretty much seems like "furryspessventure". There are humans! Just, uh, no one wanted to be them. Weird how that worked out.
No. 19549 ID: 52c28e
Oh, yeah, the player of the fourth in line, the drone expert, wanted me to give you some more details.

>Trout, I'd add that Resala's usually pretty happy, peppy and stuff, and have no chest. Also, the flying disc drone is basically a Tau Gun Drone, if you just wanna use that as a base.
>Well, has no chest meaning no clevage. Burds and all.
No. 19550 ID: e14ea4
Hey I got one, can you draw a male Dragonborn having anal sex with a bald female goliath?
No. 19560 ID: 5eea01
Except the 'laser rifle' is an electromagnetic Close-Assault Weapon AKA automatic shotgun. In spess. And the armor is less 'body armor' and more 'heavily armored space suit', which I imagine to look not unlike Dead Space marine suits. Dark colours, red visor. Alternatively, instead of armor there's a long coat and, of all things, a tricorn. Because spess pirate.
No. 19568 ID: e3aff6
I would also like to request a group picture. The group in this scene is fleeing down a disused sewer tunnel. Directly behind them is a stone trap wall sliding downwards from the ceiling, with several arrows and throwing knives being shot out of the doorway after the group.

The group are, in order of distance from the door,
-A female tiefling warlock in robes with a shadowy aura around her.
-A male dwarf cleric in chainmail with a shield bearing the image of a stone and a chalice.
-A female dragonborn paladin in plate armor. Her scales are in strange patches of different colors and her armor has an image of a pair of scales (the weight comparing device) on it.
-An eldarin (basically a subtype of elves in DnD 4e) wizard who manages to be androgenous despite wearing hot pants and nothing else. Its best not to ask. The wizard is moving past the next two by magically sliding along the ground at an alarming speed while looking back to cast a spell.
-The kobold from >>18290, crouching to use a sling to launch a glass bottle full of goo through the doorway.
-The werewolf from >>18290

(The party actually got our of that one better than the DM was expecting. Half the group was originally trapped on the other side of the wall with a large mob of thieves but we managed to bluff them into opening it then ran out, pulling the lever to close it behind us with the wizard's mage hand and jamming it that way with my immobilization flask.)
No. 19645 ID: ff9a14
File 137232225023.png - (625.94KB , 600x1400 , the calm.png )
No. 19647 ID: ff9a14
You know, must love plug suits or something because I almost always seem to color them.
No. 19658 ID: 065750
Heh, me and my roommate are Gundam/Evangelion fans, and like the high-tech stuff.

He and I are both impressed. Thanks!
No. 19822 ID: ff9a14
File 137336145639.png - (821.54KB , 1400x1000 , furryspessventure.png )
No. 19823 ID: 7f0da5
Yet another full-party request! Put into a separate page so as not to flood the thread with text. I got a little wordy on the descriptions.


Basically it's these folks on an Oregon Trail style caravan trip to Not!Asia to kill a bunch of Oni.
No. 19828 ID: 605544
File 137340465086.jpg - (566.76KB , 808x1575 , example2.jpg )
Got a request for a CATastrophe scene, as it seems the 4chan drawthreads have turned into trollfests.

What I was hoping to get, is a young catgirl (in other words the ears and tail) wearing the blue uniform in the top of the example leaning out of a raft like in the middle example, pulling in a overboard catgirl in the bottom example with a orange with white stripe life ring. The young catgirl has short blonde hair, a sailor hat, and a medic armband. The catgirl from the bottom looks like the example with the life vest on. The young catgirl has a similar life vest on. The raft should have on it somewhere in stenciled letters "scout Station #3" on it in international orange lettering (R: 255, G: 79: B: 0). Their sailor collars are over their life vests, with the rescuing catgirl's life vest deflated.

Also, the story is that the young catgirl is on a survival training course with her settlement's "Sea Scout" troop, and the overboard catgirl had fallen off of her ship and needs the young nekomi's assistance as her raft had drifted there over the night.

The overboard catgirl by the way looks VERY relieved and happy to be seeing the young sea scout.

Thank you, Briggs, and you've been knocking them out of the park!
No. 19831 ID: 01531c
sirbriggz, will you draw yourself?
No. 19837 ID: 52c28e
I was so hype when I saw this posted this morning. The whole group loves it. I wish I had quotes from them to share but it was mostly onomatopoeias for excitement and delight. Thanks, Briggz!
No. 19944 ID: ff9a14
File 137387092723.png - (257.40KB , 1000x1000 , dicks and strapons.png )
No. 19952 ID: 05dce8
Can you draw an nude angry dragon woman (that is, a girl with scales from the elbows down, a dragon tail, and scales from the knee down, small horns) getting her bare ass paddled by a faintly amused ghoul that's like, huge in comparison to her. She's got this faint crosseyed expression like 'Don't moan don't moan' and the ghoul's fully clothed.

Shadowrun's an interesting game.
No. 19974 ID: 795da4
File 137418320689.jpg - (194.46KB , 634x891 , 1252365845285.jpg )
Oh my. Could you draw a sort of mechanical 20-foot robot (Maybe like the ROL clockwork men, I dunno) dropping out of a plated airship, into a meadow?? Not the balloon kind, more something like pic related.

Optionally Logo of a purple daemonette reclining in a cog wheel, if that's cool.

Thanks for your time
No. 19975 ID: ff9a14
File 137422664376.png - (590.90KB , 1800x1000 , mad dash.png )
No. 19978 ID: e3aff6
Its excellent! Thank you!
No. 19980 ID: 605544
Oh yeah, they'd better run! Looks like a whole pile of bad behind them!
No. 20002 ID: 06eb79
File 137447250460.jpg - (123.54KB , 350x561 , nowicanswimexample.jpg )
Hey. First time seeing all your stuff, so I had an idea... seems someone here had made a CATastrophe request so I was thinking of one myself.

She is a Catgirl (just ears and a tail mind you) who is deathly afraid of drowning, so she wears a life vest like in the example, has needlessly big water wings on her arms (like in the example) and has a orange innertube around her waist that has fat white stripes (like a life preserver). She has a pair of diving goggles on her forehead, with her snorkel attached to it. She has a blue swimsuit on with a white stripe up each side to the armpits that covers all her chest and torso and is cut short to cover her upper legs mid-way and her shoulders like sleeves. She has long red hair kept in low twin "drill hair" style ponytails. She has fluffy bangs in the front, with two much smaller "drill" like bangs, one from each side of her head leading from the temples. She has a sort of princess-ish sort of look now that I think about it. She also has a pair of swimming flippers on her feet. She has a pair of glasses on currently, that are comically big. She has a pouch coming off of a strap that is around her upper thigh that she'll put them in.

She picked up her fear of water after a tangle with a giant crab. In fact she still has a bandage on the tip of her tail to protect it. She should still look sort of scared, even with all that flotation on.
No. 20021 ID: 605544
I can't stop smiling seeing that request.
No. 20022 ID: 35037e
This party is currently in an underground lake, standing on a rock. We're fighting a huge fish called a Giant Gar.

Alex cast Unnatural lust on the fish who just started eating hobgoblin (not-bear) thor, prompting the following

'the fish VERY SERIOUSLY CONSIDERS making out with jespa.'

Could you draw this moment. For prosperity.

(also due to alex being transmutation crazy, if you feel like including any of the other people on the rock, alex is an air elemental, Karina is a large blue 6 armed lady, looker is large and victor is large with black wings)
No. 20080 ID: ff9a14
File 137534929898.png - (1.07MB , 1600x1400 , 6 oni slayers.png )
No. 20081 ID: 06eb79
You draw stuff so good it sucks you into the picture.
No. 20085 ID: 8b9215
I'd like more cute interactions between that gnoll girl and the guy she likes.
No. 20091 ID: eba9b6
what he said. needs more gnoll ladies doing lewd things.
No. 20100 ID: bac47d
File 137554133646.jpg - (15.48KB , 309x217 , I_am_a_boiling_pot_of_human_hatred.jpg )
>You will never see another wanting to have hot mage on ninja action
No. 20101 ID: 065750
That's because you can't see the Ninja.
No. 20102 ID: ff9a14
File 137556042045.png - (222.92KB , 1000x1000 , rescue.png )
No. 20107 ID: 065750
File 137557480284.jpg - (304.13KB , 1096x550 , sgheroineep.jpg )
Okay this idea comes from a anime themed game that plays up a lot of mecha anime tropes for fun.

My character is a daughter of a famed and wealthy mecha engineer and he has a lot of enemies, so he makes sure she has the best protection around, a bulletproofed school uniform, a high-tech backpack, the whole deal.

So a couple sessions ago she gets caught by the BBEG somehow and taken to his yacht. Oddly he wants to negotiate a truce with my character and her friends (we all are mecha pilots BTW who go to the same school). I of course thinking it's a trap floor the guad behind me and activate one of my dad's gadgets built into my backpack, a escape balloon that inflates with a hyper-compressed helium cartridge. I zip up into the air as one of the BBEG's guards tries to takes a pot shot at me, but the BBEG himself pushes him aside saying "That's the last thing we need is those kids as our enemy!" was all I could hear at the distance I was at.

The shot bounces off the balloon harmlessly and I think everything is fine as I turn off the helium and float away.

Once I was far away though I found I wasn't off scot-free as the area where the bullet hit finally beached, letting our helium. I end up descending into the pacific, with only my backpack, school uniform, and about to be very wet.

She is wearing the backpack in this example with a school uniform like the example but blue. The vest is inflated and looks like the example on the far right, as she is about to hit the water soon. She is decending in this pic from a balloon attached to the backpack, hissing out helium at the bottom from the breach in it's skin. The balloon itself is white with orange stripes from the top to the bottom and held by black straps to the backpack. She has short blue hair and green eyes and has a pair of goggles on her forehead.

She doesn't look too pleased about her predicament, and has her arms crossed over her vest.
No. 20115 ID: ff9a14
File 137560852104.png - (345.69KB , 1200x600 , why.png )
Why? Why do you want this?
No. 20116 ID: ff9a14
Not on a furry board like this.
No. 20117 ID: 35037e
As the player of the mage, I would be fine with this :v
No. 20119 ID: ff9a14
File 137561564109.png - (444.12KB , 1000x1000 , spank you very much.png )
I'll take your word for it.
No. 20122 ID: 05dce8
Holy hell, Briggz. Can I request this same situation, with the same dragonwoman, except this time she's bent over a desk with an older madame of a whorehouse with a huge rack doing the deed. This times she's just got a look of pure, unadulterated bliss on her face.

10/10 for the picture, though. And truthfully, she seriously needs to stop mouthing off in game, it's getting her ass whipped.
No. 20139 ID: 605544
OH THAT is ADORABLE! Just how I thought it! Thanks!

You gotta properly dicipline 'em.
No. 20152 ID: bac47d
>Dat feel when you want to make a request but don't want to swamp Briggz with even more work.
No. 20154 ID: 522ba1
How about the paladin getting the gnoll a birthday present which may or may not have been a dildo
No. 20355 ID: af5011
So... this group here:
Has since lost this girl here:
Replacing her with some other girl with black hair, butterfly wings, and what is essentially a displacer beast (read, panther with back tentacles) with bird-like wings (called Sir Whiskers). Visual references here:
and her main combat MO is to summon a bunch of lantern archons to just start pelting things with lasers:

In tonight's session, we were fighting a group of giant (i.e. 15' tall) slugs, and our wacky critical hit cards declared that one of these slugs lost its abilities to cast spells.

So... what I would ask of you is to draw the mighty Slug Wizard (so, a huge slug with, you know, a pointy hat, beard, robes) locked in some sort of epic battle with yon new summon-happy gal (or that whole group if so inclined, but that'd be asking a lot).
No. 20700 ID: 605544
I know this thread is in no danger, but I thought I'd post to see how the man that is known as Sir Briggs is doing in general. That and I'm retrieving some drawing he's done for me in the past as my laptop went boom not too long ago and I lost a bunch of material.
No. 21114 ID: ec9119
Heh, just found out on Sir Briggs' DA page he's got internet back. Can't wait to see more awesomeness.
No. 21742 ID: ff9a14
File 138877411686.png - (455.01KB , 1400x1672 , iron man sky.png )
No. 21743 ID: ff9a14
File 138877414479.png - (204.00KB , 800x1400 , accesories.png )
No. 21744 ID: ff9a14
File 138877416595.png - (437.16KB , 1000x1000 , love bite.png )
No. 21745 ID: ff9a14
File 138877423651.png - (343.43KB , 1000x1000 , sweetums.png )
No. 21746 ID: ff9a14
File 138877425505.png - (392.27KB , 1000x1000 , lap dog.png )
No. 21747 ID: ff9a14
File 138877428758.png - (34.45KB , 1000x1000 , jeshor.png )
And just so Jespa and Thor get love.
No. 21748 ID: ff9a14
File 138877433286.png - (266.27KB , 1000x1400 , bathtime.png )
No. 21749 ID: ff9a14
File 138877435517.png - (464.24KB , 1000x1000 , for when i\'m gone.png )
No. 21750 ID: ff9a14
File 138877439452.png - (415.86KB , 1000x1000 , whallop.png )
No. 21751 ID: ccf689
Yay! you're back!

Maybe you could draw two male nude Burmecians under the showers oogling each other.
No. 21753 ID: ff9a14
File 138877772477.png - (349.93KB , 1000x1000 , slap happy.png )
No. 21754 ID: 1aa5f4

Mazes and Monsters is a pretty far out game.

Also hey, glad to see you back amongst the living and such!
No. 21756 ID: 35037e

Oh man that is a hype as heck dump
No. 21757 ID: b8fc14
AAH! That is hilarious, cute, and awesome! Someone I know that's working on a CATastrophe thing for FATE is laughing their face off at this.

Much Flotation
Very Scared
So Yellow and Red
No. 21758 ID: 795da4

Danke Sehr, herr Briggs
No. 21759 ID: 35037e
Could I get a draw of Gale having fallen through the floor of a haunted mansion into the bathroom below? Sort of a "ow that hurt, but at least it wasn't another dang ghost"

Gale is a numerian woman with dark red hair. She summons mechanical armor to enhance her abilities, and uses an earthbreaker (a giant hammer with 4 big blunt spikes on each end). Sort of a Technomagic Barbarian. (ref http://lrstudio.tumblr.com/post/71805141645 )
No. 21760 ID: ff9a14
File 138878439843.png - (306.22KB , 1000x1000 , playful.png )
Not much going on in my life I suppose.

Your pic.

I made a point of getting caught up today.
No. 21763 ID: 767c5c
Sweet! You're back!

If you're still doing requests: How about a rather feminine male anthro unicorn trying to pick up a male gnoll
No. 21764 ID: ccf689

Well I was hoping of seeing more but oh well. Great work as always, man.
No. 21765 ID: 4754ce
Hey briggz, if you're taking requests, how about this character >>21416 grinding against an assault rifle?
No. 21774 ID: 795da4

Now every problem is destroyed
We raise our hands and bodies to the peak
Into the universe, towards the stars we go
Sending machines up to the sky
No. 21828 ID: bac47d
File 138930425262.jpg - (171.50KB , 714x1008 , katapesh_dervish_by_jasonengle-d4w2eh1.jpg )
A slender male tiefling in the outfit from this image, maybe a smaller cap or no cap at all depending on what's easier or looks better. He's wielding a black scimitar, and a very ornate, jeweled mask that covers his face. He also has a long, slithering tail.
No. 21829 ID: bac47d
That wasn't a request per say.

Am I complaining? No, never.
No. 21840 ID: 44b350
File 138943212273.png - (141.12KB , 646x488 , iluncolor.png )
Hey, Briggz! Long time no see, glad to have you back!

Jade Regent, our campaign with Jespa, Thor, the gnoll and the paladin and the rest ended not too long ago. We're now running Realm of the Runelords, with a whole new batch of pretty interesting characters.

I'm playing a greatsword-using womanizing Tengu rogue hoodlum with brain problems and feathered arms, pictured to the left and here: http://d.facdn.net/art/troutsworth/1384825555.troutsworth_ilunarms.png
He's got pretty big dark souls influences, what with using a greatsword and tumbling around/through enemies in combat to set up backstabs.

Anyway, after the party defended the town from goblins in a big heroic way, they kinda became local celebrities. My Tengu got seduced by a very well-known slut soon after, and was this close to actually doing her in her basement (after asking him to "come check for rats"). Right before he took his pants off, the girl's father , one of the local shopkeepers found them. The Tengu almost snuck out of there, but her father grabbed him and knocked him out in a single punch. A few other people later found him unconscious in a barrel outside.

Turns out the father was a level 7 commoner, purely from beating the hell out of people who slept with his slut of a daughter. Absolutely terrifying.

Could you draw this scene for us, Briggz?
No. 21857 ID: b8fc14
File 138956468420.jpg - (559.94KB , 2400x2544 , Sailor-fuku_for_winter.jpg )
I had an idea for something currently happening in our tabletop.

I have a smart/gunslinging character who doesn't have a very good sense of fashion simply going for things that look cute, and the party just got to Tokyo to handle a situation there. Also there she's fallen in love with seifuku because they look cute, not realizing the outfits are school uniforms.

So the scene is her walking through a section of Tokyo wearing what is in the example happy in her sailor suit, not realizing everyone on the street are looking at her like a otaku with no life (as she's 24).

She has short black hair and is wearing glasses.
No. 22029 ID: bac47d
Still with us briggzy?
No. 22036 ID: ff9a14
Yeah, just very lazy.
No. 22111 ID: ec9119
File 139195497533.jpg - (170.14KB , 769x397 , ep.jpg )
Seesh you request a girl in a sailor suit when I was about to request something similar.

It has to deal with a Shadowrun game I'm in. Our team was tasked to head out and kill a giant squid that had been terrorizing the fishermen of Tokyo. It had already capsized or sunk several small boats prior and killed a few fishermen.

So, the team gets this crazy idea to dress my character (a female gunslinger adept Elf) in a Japanese schoolgirl sailorsuit to bait it. OOC, I rolled my eyes, but it was fully in the groove for my group.

I decided to compromise. I would do it but only if I wore a inflatable life vest. I had a plan.

Our rigger sent me out into the water, controlling a small rubber tender-style dinghy. Controlling the boat safely from shore. After a bit the thing was out of the water scoping me out. My boat could keep up, but I couldn't get a safe shot with the rocket launcher. The recoil blast would most likely breach the boat sinking it and me... with potentially one angry squid.

So I got stupid and jumped overboard. Bouyed by my now inflated life vest I took aim as it turned to try to capture me. It's beak was open when I pulled the trigger.

So many Sizes were rolled that I could have won Yahtzee.

The missile goes in and explodes, and blood and ink and everything shoot out of it's mouth. It seems it's hide was hella tough and contained the explosion.

I swam back to shore, then strolled out, pulling out a pair of sunglasses. (they magically were there on GM fiat... because that was too damn good to pass up.)

Needless to say, what I'm looking for is a female elf wearing the uniform on the left with a inflated life vest on the right, strolling out on the beach like it was nothing, rocket launcher in hand and sunglasses on.
No. 22226 ID: ff9a14
File 139305296558.png - (477.81KB , 1000x1000 , this time.png )
No. 22237 ID: ec9119
Wow... I should remember that some floorboards just can't handle it. Not the OR, but awesome!
No. 22640 ID: ff9a14
File 139659732679.png - (216.51KB , 1000x1000 , april and oneil.png )
No. 22642 ID: ff9a14
File 139659739745.png - (140.75KB , 800x1000 , bird shot.png )
No. 22643 ID: ff9a14
File 139659742326.png - (227.17KB , 1000x1500 , yiss.png )
No. 22672 ID: 9c7da7
Hee. Thats cute. If you're still doing requests maybe draw the same unicorn doing the can-can dance with a couple of Burmecian girls?
No. 22673 ID: a5c85a
SirBriggz, I think your monitor aspect ratio might be messed up. All you pictures look a tad thin.
No. 22686 ID: ecb383
I've noticed that myself, I'm still trying to find that magic number for stretching the pictures.
No. 22690 ID: ccf689

Try stretching the images in width by either 25% or 33%
No. 22851 ID: ff9a14
File 139788902771.png - (613.45KB , 1000x2000 , utterly clucked.png )
No. 22852 ID: ecb99c
Once again, Briggz, it's far better than I could have possibly imagined!

I'd like to ask for Seeker [the big ol' gnoll from way back when] trying to apply his adventuring skills [being able to cleave through giant demons, being really damn hard to kill] to his everyday life living with his koboldwife
No. 23113 ID: 750746
Requesting a Futa Wing-Clipped Strix fighter with balls and a big dick jerking off
No. 24135 ID: ff9a14
File 140697187266.png - (632.07KB , 1086x1503 , no care to give.png )
Dump time!

No. 24136 ID: ff9a14
File 140697195997.png - (448.36KB , 1000x1000 , glasses.png )
No. 24137 ID: ff9a14
File 140697219447.png - (290.58KB , 1000x1000 , can can furry.png )

And thanks for that aspect ratio catch. The artwork is wonky as it is.
No. 24138 ID: ff9a14
File 140697222303.png - (472.35KB , 1000x1000 , coldbold and snowll.png )
No. 24139 ID: ff9a14
File 140697225286.png - (480.12KB , 1000x1000 , big balls.png )
No. 24140 ID: 59295a
what a request.
No. 24141 ID: 795da4
File 140697990941.jpg - (54.44KB , 400x558 , 1187580590305.jpg )
Well uh

Could I ask for a rather small-chested Burmecian girl, stern and noble-looking in an open, commissar-style greatcoat, held together by a prussian-style gorget.

All fantasy-style like, she's meant to be a kinda bitter, cynical noble girl more used to men's styles, clothing and living, curlicues, heavy fabric, masculine attire, etc.

Optional lower class burmecian girl in much more modest clothing, looking concerned at her longtime friend.

Danke anyway Briggs, appreciate your generosity.
No. 24142 ID: 59295a
That's some yuri I could get behind.
No. 24143 ID: d2fb85

Dang! That's some really fine stuff!

Since were running on a Burmecian streak here maybe a Burmecian guy held by Burmecian girls as they dress him up all pretty: choker with a big bow, laced corset, stockings laced panties.
No. 24148 ID: ec9119
File 140702509278.jpg - (97.71KB , 919x338 , ep.jpg )
I had a funny thought, more meta than relating to some in-game event. We all know that getting on a ship no-matter the genre always ends up with the characters getting shipwrecked, so what I was thinking was this: Two girls, one an elf with long drill-hair and a human girl with short black hair and glasses, wearing the outfit and life preserver in the example with sailor hats on. They are sitting in their raft that on the side stenciled in black letters "HMS Reilffyrdd" (Which is Welsh for Railroad).

The black haired girl is asking the blonde elf "So, GM sunk you too?" And the elf has a look on her face like "yep."

If anything having some other characters in the water swimming to their raft would add to the joke.
No. 24149 ID: ec9119
Also, HOLY CRAP, she's badass!

"Seems someone..." puts glasses on "...ordered calamari".
No. 24150 ID: 795da4

What is with the proliferation of life rafts and vests in your stuff

Is this like /v/'s tile fetish


wh-what are you implying they're just friends, honest, even if the lower-class one is very large-breasted, she doesn't stare

No. 24155 ID: bb049a
Yoooooo! Good to see you back around Briggz, and thank you very much for this. What a handsome husbando.

I'm in a game that's been going for quite some time now about kobolds. My bold is a purple rogue, and recently the tribe he's been helping build up was invaded by a much larger and more powerful tribe. He picked up a new outfit [ http://31.media.tumblr.com/9b5af0eb4f1d34cb871e2fef2fdbb204/tumblr_n4ela4bnGt1tzy10no1_500.jpg ], sadly unable to replicate his trademark hat as of yet [ http://i.imgur.com/HtEXTYA.png warning lewd].

There's been a few notable events as of late, one being his tearful reuinion with the elder [by title only: http://i.imgur.com/3ROAaW6.png ] where she beat the shit out of him lovingly, and his overly dramatic rescue of one of his lady friends [ http://i.imgur.com/JUA1dlz.png ] from an execution in the enemy-occupied caves.
No. 24172 ID: 795da4
File 140725285258.jpg - (63.34KB , 469x607 , 206c706ffd2085f4e75c4404129cdfee.jpg )
Not to overload but

I would be curious if you'd draw a late 20's dark-skinned blue-haired girl in a loose-fitting oversized Zeon T-shirt, white thigh-highs and underwear, sitting on a couch. Vaguely toned, somewhat uncomfy with looking 'girly'.

Optionally next to a smaller, caucasian woman in a nightie with lighter blue hair, maybe trying to feel her up under the excuse of watching TV.

Best ref I could manage, thanks even if it's not doable.
No. 24203 ID: c4a8ee
Seems only slightly familiar... Then again the post at >>24136 was my request. I think I an my roomie have the same hatred of a certain GM who constantly put us on shipwreck scenarios. Although I tend to like the seifuku a bit much... I think it rubbed off.
No. 24645 ID: ff9a14
File 141024128239.png - (219.69KB , 1000x800 , thoughts.png )
No. 24646 ID: 795da4

'Sometimes you want someone and you want to kiss them and be with them, but you can't because responsibility demands sacrifice.'


Danke Sehr, Sir Briggz

Do you take donations? I've got steam games inventory I could throw at you by the half dozen if possible.
No. 24649 ID: ff9a14
I do have a Steam but I can't even play minecraft on this thing.
No. 24758 ID: 5857f1
File 141144639503.png - (366.12KB , 1000x1000 , get ready.png )
No. 24766 ID: 5857f1
File 141153505437.png - (227.34KB , 1000x1000 , yes.png )
No. 24768 ID: 5857f1
Did you want anything drawn in particular?
No. 24773 ID: 795da4
File 141158485679.jpg - (117.68KB , 1280x1024 , scrip.jpg )

How long does it take you per piece, roughly?

And do you use Sai, or something else?

Requesting little burd men like reference, driving tiny tanks made of scrap metal and junk around a desert.
No. 24782 ID: 5857f1
File 141162271645.png - (436.55KB , 1000x1000 , ladies.png )
Time average is about 30-40 minutes. Looked up old drawthreaads to get a idea. As soon as I try coloring it jumps dramatically. Post pic probably took, like 2 and a half hours between today and yesterday.
And, yes, I do use Sai.

Your request.
No. 24785 ID: 2f2fc2

I have the strangest boner right now
No. 24794 ID: e34da4
The rescue of his ladyfriend would be pretty coolio! He'd jumped from the crowd up to their stage and put his knife to the throat of one of the most important military officers in the enemy force, guards all over the place, but all of them scared to do anything. It ended with the prisoners being released and a 50 second head start before the alarms went up. He also gave himself a super cheesy nickname because he thought it'd be fun.
No. 24796 ID: 795da4