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File 130335589281.png - (1.15KB , 800x120 , title.png )
6452 No. 6452 ID: 1578e2

Ok, tried this before and it flopped entirely, but we're doing this again.

We have enough DF people here to warrant a proper succession game. I figure we can run it normal style, that is one year from Granite 1 to Granite 1 for each player, take turns and write up nice little synopses for each year, with pictures.

I'll take first run. I suggest we never have a list of more than a couple players in line. I also suggest a week time limit on playing your year, since you can do it in a day with a decent box and taking more than a week wrecks all the fun of having a succession game.


That said, I'm going to give till say midday tomorrow for suggestions for worldgen parameters, embarkation parameters/locations, and anything else the other players feel might enhance the game for everyone.

Otherwise I'll default to a small region, embarking in a temperate/cold area with a river and no aquifer, with my standard embark package.

Any suggestions?
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No. 7299 ID: 1963d1
File 130907274256.jpg - (108.23KB , 640x300 , PointHeritage_2.jpg )

11th Granite, 10th Year:

Things are not going quite as fast as I’d initially hoped.

I suppose disappointment is part of the job when you’re a leader though, so I’ll just have to suffer through this in my solid gold office.

I’ve ordered various little improvements around the fort; there was this one wall that looks like it was built to keep the lava flow at bay, but it doesn’t actually cover the entire mountain era and the lava is nowhere near it, so I’m ordering it extended to separate us from that lava for good. I’m also planning some big things from our military in the near future.

Oh yeah, and one of our Fish Cleaners, Stukos Ugoshododok, has completely withdrawn from normal society and has locked himself in a jewler’s workshop, refusing to talk to anybody. I’ve heard of dwarves doing this before, and that they usually produce brilliant products of unrivaled quality, so I’m exited to see what he comes out of there with.

17th Granite, 10th Year:

The longer I run this place the more I notice that the design and architecture is absolutely nuts. Nothing makes any sense and entire rooms are just haphazardly strewn about, lacking any sort of purpose or practicality. I guess that’s what you get when you design by committee.

Stukos started his mysterious masterwork today, and the digging on the POW neutralization chamber keeps getting interrupted because, and I quote the miner “Them rocks is warm”. Of course they’re warm, you idiot. We live next to an active volcano. You know, I think stupidity like that is why we relegated that guy to the mines in the first place.
No. 7300 ID: 1963d1
File 130907283127.jpg - (49.74KB , 642x298 , PointHeritage_3.jpg )

21st Granite, 10th Year:

Aaaaand the mystery item is finished. Turns out it’s a prase bracelet, whatever the hell that is. I must say, it’s really very nice, and it looks super expensive. Maybe I could look into making it a part of my regular wardrobe…

I’ve diverted a large part of our metalworking industry to making furniture for my new bedroom, because nothing is more important than the impression a leader gives. If I can’t live like a leader, nobody will respect me as one. Actually, I get the impression that many don’t respect me, because I’ve been forced to tell that miner guy to get back to work after every tile he clears, and it’s getting very tedious to do.

7th Slate, 10th Year:
Gee, it sure is boring around here. I’ve been getting done what I can, most of the tunnels for the happy funtime chamber have been dug out and we’re now waiting on the proper grates and pump parts to be made. I’ve put phase 1 of my military plan into action, shifing 2 or so soldiers from the vastly overrated Inky Doors, and moved them into my unit, the Walled Shoves. As I was moving them between assignments, I was puzzled by their choices of interim profession. It seems, were they not soldiers, their next best job to work would be… planting. Go figure.

There’s been a lot of miasma in and around the dining hall lately, mostly because the Butcher’s Shop was built INSIDE THE DAMNED FORTRESS. This was working out well for nobody, so I moved it outside.

I have been continuing to construct various walls in needed places while making further plans for my great military strategy. I can almost hear the adulation and applause my Ultimate Defense plan will afford me. More on that later.
No. 7301 ID: 1963d1
File 130907285439.jpg - (94.60KB , 641x301 , PointHeritage_4.jpg )

23rd Slate, 10th Year:

Nothing’s happening… nothing’s happening… nothing’s happening…

I wonder if all the great dwarven leaders of our past had to deal with this monotony. When I first pictured myself as a leader I thought I’d be heroically trying to build monuments while being besieged on all fronts by goblin attackers, at the same time as fending off starvation and savage beasts of the wilderness. Hell, that’s why I became a militia commander. So far though, this place has been snoozeville. At least my office is finally done.

I’ve conscripted a good deal of new recruits into my squad, as well as a few for the Inky Doors, because the commander wouldn’t shut up about it. Food and booze stocks are up now that the kitchens and still are working again. I’ve also planned lots of walls to enclose our perimeter, but most of the time the dwarves will not build one part of the wall, leaving a glaring weak spot in our defenses.

I’ve really got to get the infinite vacation chamber up and running…
No. 7302 ID: 049dfa

>shifing 2 or so soldiers from the vastly overrated Inky Doors, and moved them into my unit, the Walled Shoves.

[spoiler}For the record: all of the dwarves in the Walled Shoves were set to use crossbows, and all of the inky doors set for melee. They were in separate squads for easy of issuing commands to units with different capabilities. See the note about hammerdwarves and the training room above[/spoiler]
No. 7303 ID: 1963d1

Yeah, I know. I was making comedy. :P
No. 7304 ID: 1963d1
File 130913512862.jpg - (82.10KB , 623x222 , PointHertiage_5.jpg )

24th Slate, 10th Year:

Migrants have arrived! All in all we’ve gained a Trapper, a Peasant, a Farmer, a Blacksmith, a Fish Dissector, a Weaver, a Gem Setter, an Armorer, a Siege Operator, another Blacksmith, a Diagnoser, a Tanner, a Brewer, a Wood Burner, another Fish Dissector, another Farmer, a Surgeon, a Potash Maker, a Cook, another Gem Setter, a Butcher, a Siege Engineer, an Herbalist, and a Clerk. We’re gonna need a lot of beds.

6th Felsite, 10th Year:

Nothing new to report, except that this place is crawling with animals of every sort as if we were a zoo, and that every time I order a floodgate built for the magma chamber, the worker unfailingly gets stuck behind it and needs to get bailed out by some other worker.

16th Felsite, 10th Year:

A thief showed up today, breaking the usual monotony of this retched settlement. The kobold succeeded in scaring a surgeon back into the fort, and is now menacing about outside our walls, at least until the military get off their lazy asses (myself not included of course; I have a fort to run) and take care of business.

In the meantime, some person or another is cranking out masterpieces at every quarter-hour and the dwarves keep disobeying my orders regarding the construction of additional pylons walls.
No. 7305 ID: 1963d1
File 130913518082.jpg - (85.96KB , 641x299 , PointHeritage_6.jpg )

10th Hematite, 10th Year:

I keep getting these notices about equipment mismatches from our military and I have no idea what it means or how to make it stop. I’ve taken to ignoring them when they come to me, but my keen general’s intuition tells me this probably won’t work for very long.

Another thing about our military: we’re greatly understaffed and unprepared for any sort of outside attack. That is to say, we WERE unprepared, before I put phase two of my ultimate plan into action. Now, a great wall of fortifications encircles our fortress, acting as a bulwark against our many enemies. They haven’t made any full-scale assaults yet, but I expect one. My general’s intuition tells me we’re overdue for a skirmish.

Now is to enact phase three of my master plan. Massive recruitment.

We have four Cheese Makers in our fort. FOUR. In my opinion that’s four more Cheese Makers than we’ll ever need. As of today, they’re all drafted into a crossbow only unit, The Oily Banners. Swords and hammers and axes are things of the past. Gone are the days when we resolve our conflicts by jabbing each other with glorified pointed sticks. The ranged weapon is the future, and the future is now.

I quickly filled up the squad with dwarves who held the most stupid or useless jobs in the fort, and set them to train. With the fortifications set up the way they are now, we should be able to hold any malcontents at bay outside our front gate while bombarding them with death from above. This idea is so brilliant I should be commended or something. Oh, wait… I guess I’m the one in charge of doing that sort of thing now. I suppose I’ll just commend myself then. Great job, me!
No. 7306 ID: 1963d1
File 130913526254.jpg - (40.20KB , 640x300 , PointHeritage_7.jpg )

11th Malachite, 10th Year:

Again, not too much has happened since last time. A few animals died and somebody had a baby. The Oily Banners seem to be adjusting well to their new lives, and have taken up training in the archery hall, which I will really have to expand in future.

What I really want to talk about though, is the artifact. Late last month, the Armorer started speaking in tongues and shut himself into his forge. Today, he finally emerged, looking haggard and clutching some sweet iron greaves. I’ve never seen such opulent leggings in all my life. Unfortunately, he claimed not to know anything about where it came from, so it looks like we’re not going to be able to reproduce his results.

24th Malachite, 10th Year:

More migrants have arrived, perhaps attracted by our great wealth, excellent defenses, and stunningly handsome leader. Among this clutch is a Siege Operator, a Carpenter, a Wax Worker, a Wood Worker, a Fishery Worker, a Glassmaker, a Trapper, and a Spinner. Having two great waves of migrants arrive in a single year has shown that my dream of making Wheelsplattered a great dwarven city is coming true.

Incidentally, I noticed that I’ve been spacing these entries out by longer and longer periods of time. This is not intentional of course, but, that lava flow has been getting real close lately and the fumes are doing things to my head. I’ve been losing long looong tracks of time lately, what with the blacking out and all. Good thing it doesn’t seem to have affected my leadership ability.
No. 7307 ID: 1963d1
File 130913534557.jpg - (227.84KB , 639x303 , PointHeritage_8.jpg )

6th Galena, 10th Year:

I’ve succeeded in resizing the archery range, resulting in a 60% training rate increase. I tried to name the new range in my honor, but I ended up writing some weird symbols instead. Damn lava fumes!

I turned the old range into an ammo depot and a hallway, because I figure it’s more convenient that way. I also expanded the armory and made it more accessible for everyone.

One of the ghosts got aggressive today. An ex-Animal Trainer I believe. He up and murdered an engineer, so we’re trying to get a tomb set up for the ghost as fast as is dwarvenly possible.

19th Galena, 10th Year:

Today the human caravan arrived. I am eager to impress them with our many achievements over the last few seasons.

Some kobold thieves also wandered in to the fort, but were swiftly and brutally put down by our expert war dogs. When will the kobolds learn that it’s the pure, primal hatred that the dogs have of us that makes them so good at busting heads?

27th Galena, 10th Year:

I finished trading with the Humans. Gave them 4 or so bins full or random clothes and instruments in exchange for basically everything they had, which was a lot. Tonight we dine on turtle soup. No really, they were selling like 50 live turtles, and I bought them ALL.

Stupid Humans.
No. 7311 ID: 1963d1
File 130914013043.jpg - (50.63KB , 641x300 , PointHeritage_9.jpg )

25th Limestone, 10th Year:

It’s autumn now, but you wouldn’t know by looking. Everything goes by exactly the same in this place no matter what season it is.

Nothing interesting ever happens here. The Humans left and it rained once. That’s as exiting as it gets

At least, that’s what I thought before I awoke one morning, sleep disturbed by a chorus of cries and screams. It arrived under the cover of darkness, nearly catching us by surprise, but there it was. A detestable Hill Titan saw fit to test his might against us. Oh, and we shall battle! We shall battle until the dawn breaks and one alone among us emerges victorious! And I promise you this, diary: with my ultimate defense plan in place, we cannot lose.
No. 7312 ID: 1963d1
File 130914016738.jpg - (890.63KB , 638x882 , PointHeritage_10.jpg )

6th Sandstone, 10th Year:

To begin our epic battle against the Hill Titan, I followed the great wisdom of all the dwarven generals who have come before me: find your enemy, and then send your entire military in their general direction.

When I deployed my soldiers, one particularly plucky Hammer Lord named Ingish Limarasmel rushed ahead of his combat buddies and engaged the titan alone next to the deadly lava flow. He rushed forward, managing to land a few good hits on the titan’s head and throat, but the titan was too fast, and it tackle-dived the brave Hammer Lord into the nearby lava. Ingish was consumed almost immediately by fire, taking with him two masterpiece items. However tragic his death was, Ingish must have known beforehand that this would happen, for when he was tossed into the mighty lake of fire, so too was the titan by the force of his own inertia! I like to imagine that Ingish went out smiling, knowing that his death had also caused the downfall of his killer. By the time the rest of the army arrived, the titan was already immersed in lava, unable to move and burning to death. After that we all stood there for a while, firing off insults at the titan (as we had no arrows) as the flames consumed him. Then we went home, and I ordered a memorial to be constructed for the brave Ingish, who will be a hero forevermore in our legends.

I can only hope that I too may be graced with such a glorious death when it comes time. For now though, I return to my office to ponder the autumn boredom…
No. 7313 ID: 1963d1
File 130914201483.jpg - (232.08KB , 640x598 , PointHeritage_11.jpg )

17th Sandstone, 10th Year:

And just when I thought I had a spare moment, this ugly beast rears its head! Now this is it! This is the kind of event that a leader is supposed to lead through! The excitement of the moment has given me new life and energy! I feel as if I could go down there and take the beast out myself!

The Forgotten Beast revealed himself to be very deep down in the mine shaft, and figuring it safer to fight it down there, as opposed to in the fort commons with all the civilians, I once again exhibited my tactical genius and sent my entire army at it with orders to KILL.

Little did I realize that the beast was completely sealed off from us and therefore, we were entirely incapable of killing it without some fancy pick-work. However, I put the order through and soon enough we had breached the ancient mine shafts that the beast inhabited.

Buuuuut then some migrants arrived and I had to deal with processing a Fish Cleaner, Gem Setter, Woodworker, Planter, Carpenter, and Cheese Maker.

When I could finally descended into the depths, what I saw was nothing short of astounding! The very walls were lined with gold and valuable stones of all colors. I knew we had to claim these resources for the betterment of our dwarven empire! Just one more reason the worm had to be slain!

The worm rushed right at us, but we cornered it in our lifeline to the surface and slew it. It felt good to be back in combat again… and now we have revealed an entire new world of minerals underneath ourselves. I shall wall it off for now and decide what to do with it later.
No. 7314 ID: 1963d1
File 130914508925.jpg - (360.04KB , 638x600 , PointHeritage_12.jpg )

7th Timber, 10th Year:

A furnace operator went mad today, claimed a workshop that was in use and started gathering materials for a project. Hopefully, this one will detail some part of our mighty struggle against those two savage interlopers I so valiantly defeated.

14th Timber, 10th Year:

Nah, it’s just a figurine. A really really neat looking figurine!
No. 7315 ID: 1963d1
File 130914698455.jpg - (181.54KB , 638x296 , PointHeritage_13.jpg )

24th Timber, 10th Year:

The Mountainhomes’ liaison came today, even though I’m pretty sure we already outclass them in sheer material wealth. I again traded some useless trinkets and clothings with them for essentials like metals and drinks. But goddamn was it expensive this time around. These guys from the Mountainhomes really want their dwarfbucks’ worth.

As an aside, ever since we opened up the vast underground we’ve been having a giant mole problem in the dining room. I think there may be a correlation between the two. Never fear though, I am training a new pack of war dogs as I write this.

1st Moonstone, 10th Year:

Ahh, winter… yes… winter…

And with the coming of winter comes the seasonal tradition of everybody in the military promoting themselves to their same position.

Don’t ask because I don’t know either.

4th Moonstone, 10th Year:

I chatted with the guy from the Mountainhomes today, and he told me he was genuinely impressed with our progress. Genuinely impressed~! I’m sure to go down in history as a great general if I can “greatly impress” one from the homeland! We also talked a little of trade, I asked him for more seeds, drinks, and especially ammunition; he asked me for drinks, large gems, figurines, and especially musical instruments, fish and headwear. I guess they don’t get a lot of music, seafood and hats in the Mountainhomes? After the discussions were over, it started raining. Oh joy.
No. 7316 ID: 1963d1
File 130915048371.jpg - (323.41KB , 637x297 , PointHeritage_14.jpg )

12th Moonstone, 10th Year:

We’re a dutchy, everyone!

10th Opal, 10th Year:

And so I return to my seasonal boredom, although, I am strangely ok with it this time around. Could it be that the stress of leadership has gotten to me? What kind of general would I be if that were true?

I need more time to think on this…

8th Obsidian, 10th Year:

Now that I have had time to meditate on my experiences, in the dark chill of this everlasting winter, I fear I may have been too overzealous in my quest for glory. I may have alienated the very citizens I was attempting to lead into a bright new future. Was it even really about them, or was it about my insatiable hunger for praise? …I must continue to think about this. Maybe head down to the range and practice a little. That always helps me think straight…
No. 7317 ID: 1963d1
File 130915089504.jpg - (212.05KB , 640x299 , PointHeritage_15.jpg )

1st Granite, 11th Year:

I can see it all now. How sorry I am… I have been wrong this whole time! On one of the herbalist’s suggestions, I ingested a special plant which he assured me would “help me relax”. In truth, I do not know what effects that plant had on me, but the next few days I spent in my office were the most eye-opening in my life.

My glory has been false. I have not truly earned the right to claim I am a great general, or a great militia leader, or even a great fortress overseer. I delude myself about my combat prowess and my grandeur. I never even touched those beasts we fought. Never touched them once! I can have no claim upon their defeat! I renounce it all! Including my leadership position! Someone more qualified than me can run this place a million times better than I!

I think from now on I will just live as a regular soldier, and do my part to earn the honor that I am afforded… and I also have to go see that herbalist again, because when I woke up this morning I had a bad case of the shakes and chills all over. I gotta get me some more of that plant, man. That was some good stuff…
No. 7318 ID: 1963d1

Alright, so this is about done. Total profit earned is up by about half a million dwarfmoney and another artifact is on it's way (which I forgot to mention). I'm sorry in advance if I fucked anything up in-game. Also, I picked the militia commander because of narrative positioning, not because he was a MONDO COOL legendary marksman. So... yeah.

Save should be here: http://www.4shared.com/file/DdV1dA8w/tgchan-PointHeritage.html
No. 7322 ID: 049dfa

>And with the coming of winter comes the seasonal tradition of everybody in the military promoting themselves to their same position.

>Don’t ask because I don’t know either.

Well, I gave everyone in the military off-months to prevent them from getting too many bad thoughts from long patrols/trainings. If it's the beginning of the month, that's probably when they're all reactivating as military instead of civilian.

Also, how's my armoring skill doing?
No. 7332 ID: 1578e2

Dammit you guys, making interesting writeups with characters and happenings and things.

Now mine is going to seem (more) flat and boring by comparison.

Anyway, player list:

We could use some more players :V

I'll get to my turn probably tomorrow. No time today.
No. 7333 ID: 1854db

Who's next?
No. 7334 ID: 7c5179

No. 7335 ID: 1578e2

>320 second wait for file download

No. 7336 ID: 1578e2

I got it already, no need to put it on another site. But wow what a lousy filesharing site :V
No. 7338 ID: 1854db

I... must've had the thread open for more than half an hour.
No. 7340 ID: 180ec2

I think Squeegy said he was signing up next, so I'll go after him and sign up again.
No. 7342 ID: 1578e2

Alright. Just letting folks know that I'm working on this, just been a long week hurr durr.

Current turn order:
No. 7343 ID: 1578e2

Ok, I've finished spring. My writing sucks worse than usual tonight, but I'll post a writeup shortly. Nothing too traumatic.
No. 7345 ID: 1578e2
File 130969436118.png - (67.51KB , 1017x811 , Stuffneedsfixing.png )

Granite 1:

I am Driblis Nicatrith, risen from Armok's gardens to return to this fortress. I have been granted one year to return this fortress to a serviceable state.

Enough of that. I'm back to see what the hell has happened to my once orderly and well-organized fortress. I've begun looking through the eyes of one Morul Mokezsazir, a carpenter. There were initial doubts but given that the previous leadership walked right off the job, I was quickly obeyed regardless.

This is a good thing. Good lord, what the hell happened to my fortress? The hospital is full of rotting corpses. The dining room is full of rotting corpses. The wilderness is full of rotting corpses. We've got an enormous graveyard, completely full of the honored dead, and a number of dishonored spirits floating about harassing people. I've ordered the four dead dwarves cleared from the hospital, immediately putting one spirit to rest. I've also ordered slabs engraved for the remaining ghosts. Such an easy thing, overlooked by all the previous rulers.

Just for a pointed note, the dining room's 'mysterious miasma' that the previous rulers have been concerned over was caused by dead animals. I could see how they could have missed it, it was only a skeletal goat, skeletal bull, two rotting lungfish, a dead rabbit, skeletal cow, skeletal war dog, some kind of dead knuckle worm, and a dead donkey foal. Easily overlooked.

Also we've got upwards of a hundred and twenty dwarves living in Wheelsplattered, and about sixty bedrooms, with a common area of eight beds. This is unacceptable for a fortress of this age. Everyone should at least have their own bed and closing door.

Of course, we can't clear the bodies from the dining room right yet, as the damned refuse piles are full of useless garbage like cartilage and goblins and trolls, let alone unused niceties such as ivory, horn, shells, and skulls. I've ordered more refuse area dug out to compensate. It's temporary, at best, but still a start.

Oh, also the mountain has been slowly drooling lava over itself for years now. I suppose we could do something about that.
No. 7346 ID: 1578e2
File 130969440628.png - (21.82KB , 1468x179 , Artifact.png )

Granite 2:

Alright, I've decided to make the lava flowing everywhere top priority. I've ordered a stopgap measure of a channel dug out around the river, to stop the lava clogging it again. It's temporary, however. The main pull is converting Lionsphil's dining room waterfall aqueduct from it's current state of 'ruined mess' into 'pouring water all over the lava'. Hopefully this can be done by the end of spring. The lava encroaching on the river makes me damned nervous.

There's a microcline lever in the hallway, near the dining room, that turns off the initial pumpstack for this aqueduct. Don't mess with it.

The work on the refuse room is proceeding well, as well as cleaning up the general mess in the fortress. I've ordered the craftsdwarves to stop just mindlessly carving arrows and start working on totems, decorating things with shell, ivory, tooth, and nail, and spinning thread. They are still making bolts, though the count of available useful bone is dwindling.

Though I did have to order folks to move a number of starving animals outside today. They may be a future source of bones once we get the lava problem taken care of.

On the topic of bones, why does my tomb contain only two mediocre statues, while other rulers have huge, astounding mausoleums? A statue of a cyclops, and a statue of mussels? I am offended!

Granite 12: Kivish Bermishos has begun an artifact! As a glassmaker, I'm sure it will be something strange. Still, a good occurrence like artifact work is always appreciated.

Granite 15: Kivish Bermishos has created a glass miniforge. It's rather decorated, but still stunningly worthless.

Slate 1: The work on the aqueduct is progressing rapidly, particularly after realized we only had one or two masons, and their skill left something to be desired. I've assigned a dozen or so others to masonry as well, just picked at random out of the dining room. This project needs speed, not beauty.
No. 7347 ID: 1578e2
File 130969449498.png - (8.21KB , 330x308 , waterspreading.png )

Slate 5: The aqueduct is finished. It's an ugly mess, with windmills perpetually driving the pumps, and no clean way of turning it off. But right now we need to stop this lava flow, and it seems that dumping hundreds of gallons of water overtop of it has done that. I believe I've saved the fort! Time to go drink.

Slate 18: The lava is cooling all across our lands, and migrants have arrived in the very midst of the lava and steam. Eighteen new dwarves overall, and some new animals. I didn't keep full track of who does what. I'll assign them tasks later. This knocks our population to 136, still with the paltry few workable bedrooms as before. Time to shift focus. The beds in the common room are goddamn disgusting.

Slate 28: Twenty three days of pumping, and the lava seems basically defeated. The flood around the base of the mountain is cooling rapidly, leaving disgusting ash and burnt equipment laying around. There's a huge gouging scar of obsidian down the side of the hill, and the entire outside reeks of steam and volcanic gasses, but the flow has been stopped, dammit. I've turned off the water flow, though it will probably take a month for the aqueduct to actually empty itself.

Don't dig out the goddamn magma again, or I'll come haunt you so hard you won't know what hit you.

Felsite 7: It is now a week into the third month of my tenure here, and things are going fairly well. The lava problem is solved, most of the ghosts are settled into the afterlife, the animals rotting in the dining hall are gone, everything seems to be running smoothly. I'm clearcutting a swath of woods for new beds, and working out a few of the disused mines for veins of hematite and copper.

Felsite 17: You know, the fortifications around the entry to the fortress are excellent. We have tons, literally tons of stone built as walls to defend this place. Traps, cages, fortifications, thousands of dwarf-hours of work, but a goddamn open-air staircase opens to the mountain above, bypassing all of them. I've got to wall this area in before we get a siege.
No. 7348 ID: 1578e2
File 130969458921.png - (29.55KB , 808x334 , EndOfSpring.png )

Felsite 18: Speak of the devil. A siege has come to Wheelsplattered! Looks like four squads of goblins, primarily hammerers, with a number of marksmen, and a few very well-trained hero goblins, as well as three or four trolls. Hopefully they'll be stupid and take the front entrance, so we can pepper them with bolts.

Felsite 26: After days of fighting, the siege is ended. We've got heavy casualties across all three squads, with few of them are left in fighting condition. There are also a lot of dead civilians, somewhere around 20. Thankfully I was safe in my bedroom at the time. The goblins and trolls split up, with some combat happening around the fortifications, and a splinter of the goblins coming in through that open staircase. I'm going to have to find a way to fix that. The only real access to the outside should be through the front entryway, though having a walled in courtyard up there might be nice. Cleanup is going well, though I think I need to expand the hospital.

There were no particular individual heroics. Everyone played their part.

Hematite 1: Summer has arrived. Hopefully the rest of the year will go smoothly.

Writing's a little weak due to thing and this and that. Hopefully I'll be able to finish my turn on monday, since I don't have work. YAY THE MAGMA IS STOPPED.
No. 7349 ID: 049dfa

Wait where did that staircase and all of the corpses and ghosts come from? I had taken care of our restless dead problems during my turn and pointheritage didn't mention any sort of mass slaughter =|

Also how's my armoring?
No. 7350 ID: 2563d4

Maybe someone decided it would be a good idea to take the driveshaft access stairwell all the way up to the surface. :| Plus the gear at the top to where the was a hole has probably deconstructed with all the wreckage. It wasn't possible to secure the actual shaft tile AFAICT but at least it was a leg-breaking several-story sheer drop down into the well chamber.
No. 7351 ID: 1578e2
File 130972288391.png - (13.28KB , 561x387 , cws.png )

Doing fine. Legendary Miner and Armorsmith. One dangerous dwarf, no doubt.
No. 7356 ID: 049dfa


Probably not actually all that dangerous, thanks to no combat skills (outside of mining with picks I suppose) and soul stats =V
No. 7357 ID: f5fe2f

Mining is the combat skill for using picks, and if he has mining enabled he will have a pick on him. Picks are actually pretty good weapons. If he goes berserk there will be a lot of death.
No. 7358 ID: 049dfa


I am aware, and in fact mentioned the possibility of mining + picks as a 'combat' skill. The problem comes from no fighting, armor, shield, dodging, striking, et cetera.
No. 7362 ID: 1854db


What's going on?
No. 7363 ID: 1578e2

Writing it up now.

I finished yesterday, it's just been an annoying week. SORRY.
No. 7365 ID: 1578e2
File 131021604589.png - (5.68KB , 448x128 , NudeBurrowingCanines.png )

Hematite 24: A number of naked mole dogs have infiltrated the fort and are wandering around the hallways. It's odd that no one seems to mind them and they don't seem hostile. Still, I've ordered the military to put them down. We need to figure out where they are coming from, we can't just have open holes in the fort defenses.

Hematite 26: A couple of migrants have arrived, maybe ten or so. Frankly I'm too busy organizing mole dog extermination to worry about a few new hands arriving. We've traced the mole dogs to a small passage with ramps down some couple hundred feet to the underground caverns. I've ordered the masons to brick it up.

Malachite 2: Ineth Amostkeskal went into a fey mood as I was speaking with her. Honestly it sort of puts a bit of a kink into my trying to chat her up that she just suddenly goes nuts and runs about looking for wood. She claimed a craftsdwarf shop and has begun gathering items, starting with a few logs. I'm sure in a few weeks she'll churn out some useless wooden trinket that we throw on to the hoard of garbage we seem to collect here in Wheelsplattered.

Malachite 7: A hammerdwarf, Rigoth Mafoligath, was just found dead in his bedroom. I have no idea what happened, but this sort of thing can't stand unresolved. Addendum: Apparently Tulon Kanmeng was in was in a blind rage over the state of the previous siege, particularly the unburied state of dwarves he knew. As far as I know, all dead dwarves are currently entombed. The realization that he's been found out seems to have thrown him into another rage. We need to do something about this.
No. 7366 ID: 1578e2
File 131021610479.png - (12.99KB , 957x163 , Artifact2.png )

Malachite 9: Ineth finished her artifact. A wooden amulet; how quaint. In the meantime, I've been working on getting a jail built, and searching for some folks to man a police force. It's not reasonable to let murderers roam the halls unpunished.

Malachite 11: I've finished up the jail and assigned Ideth, the new legendary woodcrafter, to captain of the guard. Hopefully she can work well, she's a stout woman. It's a much more more useful skill than crafting wooden amulets, in any case. I don't believe we need more than one guarddwarf, for a fortress of this size. She immediately threw Tulon into a cage, and I can hear him ranting violently from here.

Galena 1: Ineth has beaten a friend of hers to death, while he lay wounded on a hospital bed, because he violated an export ban some years ago. I don't know what to make of this. She might have been a little too devoted a choice for a position like captain of the guard.

Galena 17: The human caravan has arrived, and is making its way to the depot. Meanwhile two military dwarves have succumbed to infection: Udib Erithzes and Tholtig Aranid. I'm not sure why the hospitalers are not doing their work.

Limestone 1: Still haven't managed to trade as the broker is busy with wall construction. But it's autumn now. The walls being built are to fix the lax security on the slopes of the mountain. After these are done, the only way into the fortress will be through the front gate. This might slow down some logging operations, but is much better for security.

Limestone 3: We've finished trading with the humans. A few bins of garbage left over from sieges and a few bins of stonecrafts netted us a few hundred pounds of meat, mostly turtles, with a lot of booze and some various metals and gems. I figure a pile of various metals and gems are good for those dwarves that suddenly decide they need esoteric garbage to throw together in some masterful way.
No. 7367 ID: 1578e2
File 131021616395.png - (12.74KB , 1031x128 , Artifact3.png )

Sandstone 8: A clothier, Tosid Geshuddural, has withdrawn from his peers and taken control of our clothing shop. A skilled clothier is always a nice addition, so I'm looking forward to see what he creates.

Sandstone 19: Well... it's a nice cape. Covered in leather trimming and some weird wooden images on it. Still, a nice trinket.

Timber 2: Migrants have arrived. I don't care who they are, I'm sure they will be willing to work. Only six came in though.

Timber 11: The dwarven caravan has arrived!

Timber 20: We've traded some random garbage, mostly crafts, for a few hundred gallons of booze and some weapons and armor, along with a lot of plaster for casts. I'm hoping we don't run out of plaster for a while. I've also requested they bring wood and booze next year. Frankly I'm at a bit of a loss for what to ask for, as we don't want for much here. We worked out the export agreement as well, though it's not that important. I'm sure they'll be fine with whatever garbage we trade them.
No. 7368 ID: 1578e2
File 131021620851.png - (4.72KB , 425x175 , tradeagree.png )

The trade agreement.
No. 7369 ID: 1578e2
File 131021627408.png - (20.30KB , 404x520 , Mining.png )

Moonstone 5: I've reassigned all animals to the interior courtyard, so the goblins don't just slaughter them on the next siege. It makes a mess and wastes good meat and bones.

Opal 1: I've had the miners start digging out some veins of gold, iron, and copper, to the northern end of the main floor. We've got no shortage of ores, but I intend to see to it that we don't for some time in the future.

Opal 15: I've struck up a romance with one of the marksdwarves. Just as a note to myself here: quiver/bolt puns aren't the way to go with her.

Obsidian 1: One month left in my temporary rulership, which I have voluntarily limited to a year. Not much going on, which I guess is a good thing. I feel like I've restored some semblance of order to the fortress.
No. 7370 ID: 1578e2
File 131021640833.png - (31.13KB , 1049x327 , endstatus.png )

Obsidian 13: A couple stranglers are outside, freaking people out. Sent the marksdwarves to handle them, but the stranglers ran off before the marksdwarves got in range. I guess that's fine.

Obsidian 18: A goblin snatcher approached, and then killed a blue peachick. I'm sending military after it, but it is already running for the edge of our lands. I doubt they'll catch up.

Obsidian 18 Addendum: An ambush squad of crossbowmen has arrived! Goblins, on the other side of the river. Thankfully they ambushed was destroyed with no casualties. During the fighting, a woodworker became possessed by some spirit and claimed a bowyery. He needs bones, I've ordered a few animals culled for that purpose.

Granite 1: Times up for my rule here. Everything is going fairly smoothly, an easy situation for whoever takes my place. There are a few things to do: finish up furnishing the bedrooms, they're all dug but need beds and doors. We're fairly short on booze, so that might be good to fix. Other than that, everything's pretty stable. Good luck, future rulers. I'll fade back into the background for a time.

A weak finish mostly because nothing happened to write about. But hey, stability can be good for a fort. DON'T OPEN THE GODDAMN MAGMA AGAIN

Next up is Squeegy.
1. Squeegy
2. Asplosionz
No. 7371 ID: 1578e2

Suppose I should paste the save. Way to go there, champ.

No. 7373 ID: 049dfa

I'll sign back up for another go.
No. 7374 ID: 1578e2

1. Squeegy
2. Asplosionz
3. ClockworkSeal
No. 7392 ID: 1578e2

Squeegy flaked out because steam sales.

Asplosionz is up.

1. Asplosionz
2. ClockworkSeal
No. 7467 ID: 1578e2

Asplosionz flaked out 'cause DF crashed (understandable!).

Seal flaked out 'cause work and trip to spelunking.

We're out of players!

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