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File 129973866293.jpg - (63.01KB , 600x668 , unconqueredsunyes.jpg )
6038 No. 6038 ID: 657bec

Because people wanted it. Namely, Theta][Sigma, Seven01a19 and Cruxador; I'll select one or two other people as well. Tripcodes please; we'll be playing here, pbp, in another thread that will be made when the time comes.

I still don't know what I'll do, so post what you'd like to see or cool ideas you have. I'd also recommend you come up with character ideas and post them here before getting into character creation and whatnot, particularly since I've yet to decide what house rules and whatnot to use. I am, however, limiting things to Lunars (best preference), Solars, Abyssals or Dragon-Blooded.

And no hax please, of course.
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No. 6039 ID: f16b80
File 129976252979.jpg - (23.69KB , 450x430 , disgaea dead diver.jpg )

Wot is dis?
No. 6040 ID: cf244d

Exactly what it says on the tin. An exalted game which will be commencing including the listed individuals and one or two others.

Unless you mean that image, in which case that is probably the wrong thread to ask this in but it seems based on filename to be a dead diver from disgaea.
No. 6041 ID: cf244d

So upon consideration, I would like to be a Solar Eclipse who is king of some small place on the Threshold. Specifics will come depending on what direction we as a group would like to start off in. I am aware that playing this properly will cause Backgrounds to swallow up most of my bonus points.

Currently looking at:
Influence ••••• (king)
Resources •••• (maybe 5?)
Followers •••• (personally loyal army)
Manse ••• (palace)
Does that seem about right for a king?
No. 6042 ID: 657bec

King of a small country would be more Influence 4, I reckon - depends on if you're open about being a Solar or not. The other allocations seem right. I'd like remind you that I would prefer if you used a tripcode.

All players: I will provide 5 extra bonus points for a good character image or a good (THAT DOESN'T MEAN LONG) backstory/description. An extra three bonus points for both, making 8 total.
No. 6044 ID: 55c4cf

how did you forget me i've wanted to play forever. O nO
No. 6045 ID: 8c73c8

make a better backstory then cruxador and steal his spot.
No. 6048 ID: cf244d

The rulebook explicitly lists being a king as five dots, and four as ruling a single city or town (and, presumably, environs). However, if you feel that I should have to pay less than the book specifies, I am totally down with that.
And I'll get a tripcode, but not before my normal internet is working again. I don't want to mess around with that stuff in my current situation.

You were not in IRC when we were talking about it, that's why. If you note in OP, there are spots available.

That won't be necessary.
No. 6049 ID: 43d730
File 129980652437.jpg - (64.32KB , 380x700 , ds-lord-raptor.jpg )

Too much stuff going on to participate, but...
Straight transplant of this guy as an Abyssal.
No. 6050 ID: 55c4cf

I was already given a spot, Jukashi said I could play. I was just amazed he didn't put me in the OP because I've told him I'd like to play more than once.
No. 6052 ID: 657bec


Aye, you playin'.
No. 6053 ID: dad664

Still reading through the PDFs from the torrent Crux linked me, starting to get a basic rough idea for a character though. Bit stuck because I'm unsure as to what kind of societal position is considered 'normal' for a Lunar (something something leader of a small warband?)
No. 6055 ID: cb45f0

tell me I am not too late :(
No. 6056 ID: cf244d

I'm not the one who linked it. I forget who was, though.
You don't seem to be, since the amount of additional people who have expressed interest (excluding yourself) is less than the maximum number of additional players allowed for in OP.

There is no one "normal". There's a few broad themes (protects creation, bestial, barbaric) Anything that fits within that is as normal as exalts get. Deviating from that stuff is not common, but neither would it be unheard of.
(those three aren't necessarily the only ones or anything, they're just the big ideas I thought of off the top of my head).
No. 6057 ID: dad664

It's moreso trying to peg where my character is going to fit into in Lunar society....when there isn't many examples (that I'm aware of) of what various Lunar do. Do they stick to The Wyld, or do they go out unto Creation to pursue their own desires and whims? Do the majority of them create their own little private armies or tribes and go from there?

I don't know, maybe I'm just over-analyzing everything :U
No. 6058 ID: dad664

Okay, scratch that, after some outside scrutiny, I'm finally able to post a character concept here.

Full Moon Lunar "archaeologist" (see: treasure hunter) who travels Creation in search of various Moonsilver artifacts to further enhance their power and abilities, with a motivation of completely dismantling the Wyld Hunts.
No. 6059 ID: cf244d

Recall, if you will, that Lunars are a preserving and defensive force, rather than a destructive one. Thus a more "lunar-y" motivation would be to protect things from Wyld hunts. Dismantling the hunts would be the ultimate expression of that, but protecting individuals from hunters would also fulfill it, as would something like establishing a safe area for people. and it has less ambitious goals that could also be met, while with dismantling the entire wyld hunt, there is only one goal which you work towards. Both are likely to be very similar in implementation, of course. But the implicit actual motivation of your character differs.
No. 6060 ID: cf244d

I am having trouble understanding the naming conventions of Creation. What sort of names do kings use?

My character I think should begin play in good standing with the Realm. Paying full tribute and everything. For the sake of the kingdom, I would like to remain that way as long as possible, or until eliminating that relationship does enough good for the kingdom that it outweighs the potential (and likely) negatives of the Realm's displeasure.
That said, I'm not sure about the possibility of having artifacts. Would it be feasible that the king of a kingdom might have an orichalcum Dire Lance, remaining from the old days? If he were to actually use or be seen with such a thing, and word got back to the Isle, how much trouble would that be? I think I'm going to take one anyway, since presumably I won't be able to hide exaltation forever no matter what, especially since I'll likely be consorting with other exalts whose interest in the welfare of my kingdom runs less deeply than my own. But I'd like to know what lengths I would be wise to go in constraining such information.

Also, I would like to know which direction we're starting in as soon as convenient, as that will likely provide some of the flavor for my character. I would prefer that it not be west, as there is not a convenient place there for my kingdom to be.
No. 6062 ID: 5ff658


Playing a king who is a Solar and not wanting to be known as a Solar would, typically, be very difficult. Exalted, particularly Solar Exalted, show up on the Loom of Fate very easily because they cause such huge events and because using their powers rewrites destiny. I'd suggest having some artifact that protects you from this - or perhaps the hearthstone of your Manse could do it (remember that you won't get the effect of a hearthstone's powers without an artifact to put it in). If you can manage that, having an orichalcum dire lance as some sort of royal heirloom probably wouldn't cause too much comment, but it definitely make them more likely to be suspicious if any other clues slipped out.

As for naming... just go with whatever you want, Creation is a huge world. You get people called Harmonious Jade or Swan or Desus or Panther or Tamuz or... you know, whatever. If you want a Realm-y name, they go for strings of alternating consonant and vowel sounds (Ejava, Ragara, Mnemon, Orir, Soras), but even that isn't set in stone.

I was thinking of having the game set in the North.


Well, there's one spot left, so everyone who wants it can present their character ideas to me and I'll pick based on that. Though, if some BIG NAME quest maker asks to join, I am likely to give them preferential consideration, simply because they'd have evidence of their funtimes credentials.
No. 6064 ID: cb45f0

yay :D

Now how do I play.
No. 6065 ID: cf244d

I thought only Sidereals could really see that stuff? They wouldn't be too likely to make trouble for my kingdom, would they? Or am I mistaken on one of these counts? The facade doesn't necessarily need to hold up forever, though.
I have nothing else for my Hearthstone to do, so that would work okay. Would that be appropriate for a Manse••• then? Wind would work for that, the breeze of my hearth smooths the looms of fate.

I'll come up with a proper kingly set of names. I think something like "King Tharn the Thunderous Winged Lance, of the house Tarak, son of Arog the Crushing Steel Fist by Loryl of the house Hakust". Building matronage into names isn't really common but it's always seemed the right way to me. It's also thematically nice because I'm thinking that the widowed queen should yet live. King Arog's death will tie into my Exaltation. He was killed by some monstrous thing - perhaps a Great Terror, or even a small pack of them - and leading a cavalry assault on those beasts caused my exaltation.

The North is okay. Ice, snow, and strong men and women. Upon peeking into the appropriate Compass book, it seems Yurgen Kaneko occupies a role very similar to the one that I had hoped to perhaps eventually assume thematically, but from an in-game perspective he could make a potent ally, or perhaps even a vassal, eventually. I'm thinking to call my nation the Kingdom of Tarak, after my house, and to be near, both physically and in some ways culturally, to the Haslati, but of course not a member thereof. Probably a bit south of them, but I don't know too well about the map. Probably would be considered to be a Deshan kingdom, being south of Hanslati and paying tribute to the Realm, but not a Satrap, and without the whole "everyone is a slave" thing. Slavery would be fairly uncommon, I think.

Also, a quick rules question: How do I apply the Perfect template to a Breastplate? Can movement and fatigue penalties be reduced below zero? Can both bonuses be applied to damage reduction? Or would one of the bonuses just be lost?

>Though, if some BIG NAME quest maker asks to join, I am likely to give them preferential consideration, simply because they'd have evidence of their funtimes credentials.
It is not necessarily safe assumption that skill at running a quest translates into skill at playing a character.
No. 6066 ID: cf244d
File 129992123866.png - (207.35KB , 559x587 , elk.png )

This is probably the closest to a good image that I'm going to get.
No. 6068 ID: cf244d

Quick addition to that rules question: If I applied that last bonus to mobility, would I be able to also wield a target shield with a net mobility penalty of 0? Because I'd totally go for that, then.
No. 6069 ID: 959fda

>They wouldn't be too likely to make trouble for my kingdom, would they?

The whole reason that the Wyld Hunt exists and that the First Age ended is that the Sidereals made a big prophecy that said Creation was doomed if the Solars stayed in charge the way they were. They could either try to reform them or just kill them, and the second option was safer. That was the Vision of Bronze - of a world without Solars or Lunars - and the majority of Sidereals (known as the Bronze Faction) supported it. They persuaded the dragon-blooded to overthrow the Solars, made sure most of them wouldn't be able to reincarnate properly and set up the Wyld Hunt to ensure any Solars that did would be killed as soon as possible. For this, they used their Fate-foretelling abilities to find out when Exaltation would happen and who it would happen to. In the standard time of the setting, the reincarnation-prevention system is broken and Solars start returning en masse, and the Hunt's resources are strained by impending civil war in the Realm - but they haven't given up.

The Bronze Faction still ultimately command the Hunt, so yes, they would be very likely to make trouble for your kingdom.

The name is fine, and the history is fine. I'll allow an Air hearthstone to cloud your fate. I may or may not include the Bull of the North in the game, such things are left up to the Storyteller. As for the armour, you can apply both bonuses to the Soak; neither mobility or fatigue can be reduced below 0.
No. 6070 ID: cf244d

Oh, so Sidereals are pretty much entirely horrible things that I should hide from. Okay!

It's fine if you don't include the Bull of the North, that mostly removes a potential problem for me. That would then mean that the Haslanti league are the most important people up North. And they are not conquest-bent empire of barbarians lead by a Solar, so they should be a lot more pleasant to work with of the two anyway. Either way is perfectly workable to me anyway.
No. 6076 ID: 55c4cf

The one time I played we had a max of 3 dots per stat, I take it with Crux's King that we are not limited in that way. Are there any special character creation rules, or are we basically following what is in the book(s).
No. 6078 ID: cf244d

It's a max of three dots unless you spend bonus points. I spent all but one of my bonus points on backgrounds. You start with 15 bonus points, and may be awarded extra by Jukashi as per >>316042
The table for how much bonus points things cost is on page 85

The exception to this is Attributes, which can be as high as five without doing anything special.
And I suppose Virtues as well, but as I understand it getting virtues to high has downsides to it too.

It's as per the books unless we hear otherwise, and so far we've heard nothing otherwise besides the potential to earn a few extra points.
No. 6079 ID: cf244d

Fore reference, my sheet in its current state:

This is supposed to be complete in the sense that it is a legal character with all the points spent, but not complete in the sense that I'm still fucking with it.
Also I have a last favored ability that I've not chosen. (that's what the + in abilities represent)I don't seem to need as many as I have available to me.
No. 6087 ID: 259738

You could go with Athletics or Awareness. Both have charms in their trees that can be useful for pretty much anyone.
No. 6089 ID: dad664

Trying my hand at making a basic rough character sheet, before bonus point assignment


Feel free to tell me where I fucked up :V
No. 6091 ID: cf244d

You only used 24 of your 25 abilities. That's the only thing I see that you might not be aware of. Aside from the purely mechanical... A Komodo Dragon, while an awesome choice, is going to be awfully cold in the North. Not that you couldn't do it or anything, but still, something to be aware of. And putting three dots in both Melee and Martial Arts may well end up redundant. Why is your character so skilled at both? Recall that three dots is the normal human maximum, so you've probably had to train extensively to master both of these disciplines, and you will not often be able to use one when you wouldn't be able to use the other instead.

Keep in mind that I don't know too much about Lunars, I just skimmed the relevant portions of the book right now. These are just my thoughts, mostly.
No. 6092 ID: 959fda

This looks ok to a cursory glance. The only thing that stands out is that the hearthstone's power is a little broad; essence-concealing effects are supposed to be rare and powerful. I would amend it to say it obscures your fate, and that in terms of essence concealing it prevents detection by creatures whose Essence is equal to or lower than the stone's rating, and that the effect will lift completely for a scene on use of an Obvious Charm or when your anima flares.

This seems alright so far.
No. 6093 ID: cf244d

Oh wait I noticed something
What are you doing with Linguistics?
It's one skill and you get a language for free, plus an additional one with each point. It's not something that comes in multiple different skills. So you would have a total of Linguistics ••• with one of your languages being Claw-speak, and you'd have three others, one of which would be your native tongue and would have a specialty for your native dialect.
No. 6094 ID: dad664

I count 25 dots for the whole Abilities section. The temperature situation is noted - I actually plan to take the Disadvantage/Flaw which incorporates that. At least makes it realistic that way.

The Melee and Martial Arts thing is noted. I mis-read the Silver Pact requirement, now I have three points (or two) to shift elsewhere.
No. 6095 ID: cf244d

Oh, I was thinking that it merely hid his essence from fate, thus making him appear as a mortal only when viewed in whatever the hell method people use to view fate.
I realize now that I worded it such that it seemed much broader. I'll amend it to be more like you said it.
No. 6096 ID: 959fda


There's also a Merit that lets you get more languages cheaply, without buying the Linguistics ability itself.
No. 6099 ID: dad664

Round 2! Now with more information.

No. 6103 ID: cf244d

I started with just going into force-distribution, but it sort of ballooned into culture too, and most of it is to general to be a single-kingdom thing. Probably there's a small handful of little kingdoms near Tarak that all this mostly applies to. This is stuff that was kicking around in my head for the last couple days, but it got kind of big.

The army is divided into ten groups of 100. Five are cavalry, three are infantry, and two are archers.
The cavalry units are mounted upon reindeer as is (apparently) the norm in the north. Reindeer are slower, smaller, and not as strong as warhorses, but they do much better in the cold of the north and can travel indefinitely without rest, and can find things to eat even in the snowy winters.* Thus the military would be hugely disadvantaged against a more southerly horse-mounted army, but in the frozen north enjoys substantial logistical superiority.

The cavalry are divided into four standard units and the Royal Cavalry. They each bear a lance and shield. The Royal Cavalry is the greatest of these, which King Tharn has fought with since he came of age, and which he now leads as did his father before him. They are veterans, elites, and heroes, and they are among the greatest mortal cavaliers in Creation. The nation of Tarak is locally renowned for its cavalry, and this unit is a big part of the reason why.

The infantry are likewise divided. Three units are equipped with spear, dane axe** and shield. They offensively employ their axes in breaking the shield walls of the enemy, and defensively form their own shield walls, defending archers, chokepoints, or important locations. The archers take shelter in structures or behind shield walls, and let loose volleys of arrows. These forces are very typical of the local area.

Additionally, all soldiers (and most civilians) bear a heavy and durable shortsword. A cavalier will use his if he becomes separated from his lance, and archers use theirs if poor tactics see them caught in a melee. Infantrymen often use them in melees and when disarmed as well, though they often remain using whichever weapon they were using previously, be it axe or spear.
Civilians use these swords in personal self-defense and in duels. Some us them in their profession, cutting leather, butchering, or shaping wood. They are most normally used at meals, rather than the small knives used by most of creation. The people of Tarak and other local kingdoms mostly take food with their hands, and bite chunks off. The blade is only used for cutting a hunk of meat off of a roast or other large thing at the center of the table at feasts.

Feasts are common in times of abundance, as in the Haslanti nations. Each House has a hall, and people of that house congregate in the halls at such special occasions, as do any guests of the House. Houses in these lands are family groups and towns. Everyone belongs to some house, big or small. Each house consists of a single town or city of some sort, and and the center of each of these is a hall, though some halls (and, indeed, some towns) are grander than others. Most towns are formed around a hall. Most little houses swear allegiance to some greater local house, who swears allegiance to a king. Kings are those who swear fealty to none, save, in some cases, the Realm. The house Hakust was a very small kingdom, before the marriage of Loryl, heir to that throne, to Arog, then king of Tarak. Thus the kingdoms of Hakust and Tarak became one. The House Hakust is still the most powerful in the kingdom of Tarak besides House Tarak itself.

Tarak are very powerful for two reasons. The first is their wealth. House Tarak's town and land has fertile soil for the North, and lies on a major trade route from the Haslanti lands to the coast of the Inland Sea. Additionally, the hall of Tarak is in fact an ancient Manse, the Palace of Cloud. The main chamber (originally, probably intended as a throne room and ball room based on its form) is used as the hall for Tarak, and other rooms house important members of the House, as well as the slaves that maintain it. The land around the Palace holds the homes of the many other members of Tarak, and the markets that help to make the House rich.

*this is taken from real-world knowledge, not necessarily Exalted.
**Closest I can see in the book is a great axe, which is the closest games usually get to a useful two-handed axe anyway. A dane axe is of particular relevance since it's designed to chop right through shields.
No. 6105 ID: c35deb


Seems ok. You should know that two of your Flaws are going to pop up quite significantly. On the plus side, I'll also tell you that you don't need selective conception! I'm allowing its effects to all Lunars for free. That's a standard House Rule of mine - I didn't mention it earlier because I'm still puzzling all the House Rules I want to use.


This seems good. On the subject of military orginization, you might find it worthwhile to skim over the Mass Combat rules section a bit. I really only mention it, however, because it codifies how most forces (being descended from the military of the Old Realm) organize themselves, with the talon/scale/wing thing, which is what fits in best with the system. But it's flexible enough.
No. 6106 ID: cf244d

Oh yeah so now we are on #LunarsGoneWyld (still irc.rizon.net) because people were starting to get a wee bit tetchy about all the exalted discussion in #rubyquest.

Just noting that in this thread so that info is readily visible.
No. 6108 ID: c35deb
File 130021546593.jpg - (155.02KB , 579x435 , tower.jpg )

Now, I can finally tell you what this game will be about!

The Tower of Ages

The world is in turmoil; as the Age of Sorrows turns towards the future, the face of Creation changes every day. The edifice of the Realm, once so powerful, has lost its central pillar, the Empress; the supports that have been hastily erected to keep it standing are cracking, and soon the Scarlet Empire will collapse upon itself. The kings and queens of old, bright with the essence of the sun, have returned; and their light entices other ancient powers from the shadowed corners where they have hidden so long. A multitude of forces, terrifying and glorious, do battle with each other over the fate of the world. All the while, the kingdoms of mortal men still struggle to survive.

On the fifth night of Calibration, six years after the disappearance of the Empress and the return of the Solars, a great tremor rocked the entire world. When the Unconquered Sun returned to the skies, those eyes that turned north saw a sight that baffled the eyes and boggled the imagination; a great tower rose from the horizon. So tall it was that its top was lost in the storm-driven clouds of the far North, and so broad that even on the slopes of the Imperial Mountain a clear day and a keen eye could see its line against the sky, tilted like the spear of a drunken behemoth.

Then word came, slow at first but steadily more quickly and more forceful; there were great treasures to be found at the Tower. The icy snowfields where it had appeared had been transmuted, great swathes of icy rock transformed into temperate forest, verdant fields, great stretches of water dotted with bountiful jungled islands; even dunes of blistering sand could be found, miraculously abutting the coldest glaciers. It was, the speakers said, as if patches of reality had been lifted from all around Creation and transplanted to the frozen North. And more; for within these out-of-places there were ancient ruins, structures of the First Age, no doubt loaded with treasures untold. And the tower itself remained unexplored...

Surely, in all the world, there could be no better place to find that which could fulfill one's dreams.
No. 6118 ID: dad664

No pain, no gain. Matter of fact I took the Cold one knowing full well that the game is going to take place in the North. Go-go Gadget Ectotherms!

Also, the latest and most updated version of the sheet: http://pastebin.com/g314gLKE
No. 6123 ID: cf244d

What, you mean the wings and talons and all that? I figured it wouldn't be beyond reason for the local hicks to be different. Besides, my units are all smack-dab in the middle of Talon-size, so they can grow and shrink a fair bit without the Magnitude changing.
Also, looking at stats, I reckon that my dudes should be Drill 3, except the Royal Cavalry who would be four or five.
I see that weapon armament is figured dependent on single weapons, and not really based on the tactical advantages that the weapons actually present.
Also I see no rules for reindeer anywhere, despite them being portrayed as the primary mount of the north in the Terrestrial Compass book's art.

Um, okay. So we're starting out with a dungeon-crawl type of a deal? That seems like a pretty good way to get the party together. How big is the fucked up area around it? Where, in relation to existing features of the North, is it located?
No. 6124 ID: c35deb

Arright. You have three more Charms or Knacks to take, by the way, in case you weren't aware.

>dungeon crawl
Nnnnot exactly. No more info until you actually play through getting it, but I imagine the first parts of the game will be in the land around the tower, which will itself be extremely valuable to whoever seizes dominion over it - it offers resources that can be found nowhere else in the North, and it is with others who go there that you will likely be testing yourselves first. As for your reindeer, since I assume they've been bred for riding for a reasonably long time, we can assume they're close enough to horses to use the same stats from the core book.

The Tower is directly north from the Imperial Mountain, not far from the northern coast of the white sea.
No. 6125 ID: cf244d

Are you missing that he took Ox-body four times? Because it looks to me like he has the right number.

>The Tower is directly north from the Imperial Mountain, not far from the northern coast of the white sea.
So, too far away to justify taking my whole army.
That's okay. I really wouldn't care to leave my kingdom too lightly defended for however long this might end up taking, anyway.
And it's close enough to the edge of the world that there's likely to be some fae shit going down. Or maybe even some primordials, not of the group that created Creation, which seems potentially possible considering the scale of this fuckery.
>it offers resources that can be found nowhere else in the North,
Maybe, but how would I be able to reliably get them home through the Haslanti lands? They've got some problems with piracy, as I understand it. Not that that logistical problem wouldn't be worth it if I do secure something of significance. Of course, I'm sure treasures of a more individual nature, artifacts and whatnot, would be nice prizes to squirrel away. Worth a look-see, but the tower is probably of greater significance in the long-term.
>and it is with others who go there that you will likely be testing yourselves first.
Sure. Plenty of wyld-warped barbarians in that area, if I'm understanding all this map stuff correctly.
No. 6126 ID: c35deb

Ah, I did miss that. That sheet looks right, then.

If the Tower's too far, I'll move it closer; south of the white sea. I want this thing to be a good prize in larger terms than just what loot you can haul home. Give you something to do with those Backgrounds.

(By the way, have you checked the Command Background from the Dragon-Blooded book? It serves better than Followers for military applications, as that Background usually provides NPCs that are little more than extras. You might also look at Retainers and Henchmen, in the same book. Backgrounds are one of those things that are spread over several books but often potentially useful for all kinds of characters.)
No. 6127 ID: cf244d

It's much too far for me to realistically hold, and as far as I can tell, there's no charms that could really alleviate that. If it were closer, I could hold it, and I could bring my full army, less only a small portion to defend Tarak. One of Archers and one of Melee, probably.
It would also give me a far better and more in-character reason to check it out, because the potential for it to cause trouble for my kingdom would then be huge. I think my primary concern then would be potential spreading of the elementally chaotic land around it. I am pretty sure that would be absolutely horrible for my farmers, if their lands turned to desert, or even just got too temperate for the crops they were growing.

I was not aware that it was possible to take backgrounds from other books. I've not looked at dragonblood stuff besides just now. I don't really know what an "extra" is - I thought that just meant they should all be mortals and not anything particularly interesting. But if "command" would work better, I'll look at that. What I notice now is that I get half as many soldiers. If I go with Talon size, that leaves me with just four units, which is a lot less to work with. Not really a proper military for a country. And if I were to go up a step (assuming I could find some way to come up with the dot) I would get far more. Enough that I could have ten Dragons as described. That's something I could work with in theory, but it seems like more than a little northern kingdom should be able to support.
Henchmen is interesting. It might be worth going for a armory captain that way, if I had the dot.
The very fact that Retainers exists as a background is sort of a kick in the teeth. I'd have assumed that sort of thing was basically included along with an elevated Resources rating. It's not like I couldn't afford plenty of skilled slaves, and even a handful of concubines. It seems like there should be about five dots worth of them in the Palace of Cloud, though they would not be mine solely (except by virtue of me being their king), and would have been purchased or employed by my father before his death, most likely. I'd reckon they'd be handled by my queen mother primarily. But if it's something where I have to pump dots into it, well, that's nowhere near as important as just about anything else I could put the dots in.

It seems to me that these backgrounds are not really designed to be used from different books. They are pretty different in terms of design. In particular, it seems like all three of these are supposed to be toned-down versions of Followers, for Dragonbloods. Though the implied inclusion of logistics in Command dots helps, the requirement that you have the resource dots for your followers seems to make that redundant too.
No. 6128 ID: c35deb

I was unclear. Allow me to elucidate - this explanation is given in one of the books, roughly, but I can't remember from where.

What Followers gives you is raw numbers. These people are loyal to you, however, they are all ordinary people. Similarly, while you can purchase slaves/servants with Resources, they will be neither as personally loyal nor quite as skilled as Retainers. Henchmen will be even more skilled, and Allies will be roughly your equal, or a little less. A Mentor will be even more powerful than yourself. Command, on the other hand, while it only gives you soldiers, gives you very competent soldiers, as well as their basic starting equipment, though you have to pay upkeep somehow. You can make an army from Followers, but it will be inferior, though it'll have greater numbers. In the end, it is probably better to stick with Followers - I merely suggested Command as something you might want to look at.

I also want to take a moment to talk about the distinction between different types of NPCs. A normal NPC is just that, an ordinary human. They will specialize in one job, at which they'll be quite competent, and have a smattering of skills beyond that. In Exalted, they're almost on the bottom of the ladder, and they don't usually show up that often. The uttermost bottom rung is reserved for extras, probably the most common human NPCs you'll encounter, who are basically walking scenery, there to be mowed down by the hero in combat or persuaded en masse by a grand speech, and have limited stats - they even have less health than normal characters. They can usually do one thing, their job (warrior, merchant, peasant, etc), and not very well, though some are better than others; both a horde of faceless ninjas and a mob of pitchfork-toting peasants will consist of extras. Higher than both of them are heroic mortals, such as what your characters were before they Exalted. These NPCs are the finest humanity has to offer (besides the Exalted) and will be masters of their craft or have unusual qualities that make them superior; they will often have a large role in Destiny and can stunt, spend willpower, possess Merits and Flaws and so on.

Followers provides you with a variety of extras and maybe some normal mortals. Command will give you somewhat superior fighting extras, maybe some normals and one or two heroic mortal commanders. Retainers will be normal to heroic mortals; Henchmen will be heroic, as will Allies to a greater degree. Does that make things more clear? It's not as complicated as it sounds.
No. 6129 ID: cf244d

>Similarly, while you can purchase slaves/servants with Resources, they will be neither as personally loyal nor quite as skilled as Retainers.
Well mine should probably be more personally loyal to my queen mother anyway, so that's okay. My retainers need not be actual background dot retainers.

I was already clear on at least the basic idea of heroic mortals. I guess extras are just really worthless people. I understood the henchmen/allies/mentor thing.
It seems super pointless to have so many variants, like henchmen and retainers should be folded into each other (maybe along with allies, since your main allies really ought to be the other characters), as should followers and command.
I guess if I were to get some more points I have a couple things I could do. On that note, I'll get around to doing a proper backstory one of these days. Maybe some diagrams too, though I reckon really good character art is kind of beyond me.
No. 6131 ID: c35deb



Extras aren't worthless, they're just... extras. Mooks. Redshirts. People in the background. They don't need complicated stats, so they don't, that's all. And this is a game, after all - if you don't watch yourself, a mob of extras can still be a threat - or an asset. As for the Backgrounds... well, they do have further distinction than I've described, I'm just trying to keep it short. Allies, for example, needs to be by itself because it can represent other Celestial Exalted, gods, demons, and so forth - for example, if you wanted a Lunar bondmate for your Solar, they'd be an Ally. The most Retainers can give you is one or two low-power Dragon-Blooded, and that's the hax version from Dreams of the First Age. For now, just go with what makes sense to you, and I'll adjust things as appropriate.
No. 6132 ID: dad664

Looks and sounds good so far. I still need to bend your ear though, Jukashi, on the matter of Artifacts. Cruxador pointed out that I chose an armor that is way under what I could be using - however I'm horrendously attached to the idea of robes, and I had noticed the Chain Swathing armor but didn't see an Artifact version of it anywhere. Might be possible to see about making one up with your help?

Wheee, now I have to sit down one day soon and brainstorm some actual backstory.
No. 6133 ID: c35deb


Well, you can just take a single dot in Artifact and just have chain swathing made from one of the magical materials, with a bonus from same. With a little more expenditure and effort, a better artifact could be cooked up.
No. 6134 ID: dad664

Yah, which is why I said I needed to bend your ear one day when you've got the time and chance - I really have no idea what can be pinned to an Artifact or not as far as soak and abilities (Though I -think- Moonsilver artifacts when worn by a Lunar have their weight/movement penalties removed or something?)

Really the idea I had in mind was that it allows the wearer to change the visual appearance of it to something within its general dimensions (I.E. robes).
No. 6135 ID: a2efb6


I don't have any Exalted experience (though I am vaguely familiar with the setting and White Wolf products), but I'd like to try out for this if it's still possible to do so.
No. 6136 ID: cf244d

Sure. Nobody's worthless in the right hands.

Well if we're getting into homebrew there's this thing
that Theta found when we were talking about it the other day.

Also, why aren't you idling in #LunarsGoneWyld with us? It would facilitate discussion, on both ends of things.
No. 6137 ID: a2efb6

Alright, I'm thinking of making a butler-type Dragonblooded who is Air-aspected and has been cursed to old age by the Fae.

He comes out of the East to seek out the tower for the knowledge and relics within that might help him undo the Fae spell placed on him.

Concept and background still needs work, but it's a start.
No. 6138 ID: e83bae

Another person?
It seems to me Jukashi is going to have to come up with a way of picking people for this.
I would recommend picking based on apparent dedication/availability, since obviously too many people losing interest would likely kill the whole thing, and that is a depressingly common fate for games online.

Of course, there are other factorsof import too, and they could well be considered if it became necessary to pick between multiple extremely dedicated and frequently available people.
But I kind of doubt it will come to that.
No. 6139 ID: a2efb6


Actually that was me. Jukashi just encouraged me to get a tripcode for this. Sorry!
No. 6142 ID: cf244d

Damn, people are using different names on the board and IRC. I am not a clever man, this shit is too confusing for me.

In other news, to anyone still trying to think of character stuff:
It looks like we've got no sorcery and nobody with crafting capability. Those are both pretty cool things and I don't know how useful sorcery is but there's a whole book (or more?) expanding it, so it's got to have some good choices at least. And crafting makes stuff, so that's pretty awesome. There's not much more awesome than making awesome stuff. Besides being a king, anyway, but I've got that covered.
So that's two fat niches that could be filled by someone looking for ideas.
No. 6145 ID: 259738

Sorcery is actually really pretty bad mechanically, except for demon/elemental summoning. There are good utility spells, but sorcery requires a huge investment. Combat sorcery is pretty much useless except against Dragon-blooded or weaker opponents, and even then it isn't great. Celestial and Solar combat spells are completely useless.

Crafting is good though. Always good to have someone to build Manses and Artifacts.
No. 6147 ID: bd6998


Ahh, sorcery.

Tell you what, everyone! All Terrestrial Spells are now half price (rounded up) to anyone who favours Occult or has it as a Caste/Aspect Ability, or two for one when traded-in with your starting Charms! Come take advantage of these CRAZY DEALS, before I go SANE!
No. 6174 ID: aa3c15


Would this include the charm necessary to learn Terrestrial sorcery in the first place?
No. 6175 ID: fe29bf

No, just the spells themselves.

TO ALL WHO WANT THE LAST PLAYER SLOT: Scribbleykins here is currently very much in the lead for it! Just so you know.
No. 6176 ID: cf244d

Honestly, I think you might as well just call the spot his at this point.
No. 6179 ID: b13bb0


As nice as it is of you to say so, there might come someone far more awesome than me trundling along. We'll just have to see!

At any rate, here's the character as-is, a young terrestrial Outcaste who's been cursed with old age by a broken First Age artifact and hopes to find a 'cure' to his condition in or around the legendary Tower of the North and all its First Age Ruins. Working with Anathema to do so? No problem!


I'll be working on the backstory now, and making tweaks as necessary.
No. 6181 ID: 81d456


That seems good so far, but I would highly, HIGHLY recommend you get an Excellency or two, particularly in Martial Arts. This is important for all Exalted (I hope you're all paying attention to this, everyone), being the bread and butter of being a superior being, but particularly for Dragon-Blooded, because one of the DBs' chief advantages is their ability to use reflexive Charms (such as Excellencies) freely.

To explain: normally, Exalted can only use one Charm per Action. Most Exalted types can only get around this by making and buying Combos (or with special upgrades to particular Charms), but Dragon-Blooded can use reflexive-type Charms as much as they like.

Now, a message for everyone: there is a recommended tradition with Exalted for each player, particularly players of Celestial Exalted such as Solars and Lunars, to play through a short solo session in which they play the actual Exaltation itself. Since we have the IRC and most people are on there quite often, I've been wondering if I shouldn't do that. Who would be interested?
No. 6182 ID: dad664

I'm more than game, provided you don't mind me breaking IRCs message buffer limit :B
No. 6183 ID: f46919


Thanks for the tip, I'll see what I can shuffle around.

I'd definitely be up for playing the Exaltation, even though I'm 'only' a Dragon-Blooded.
No. 6184 ID: f580c1

Well, when I said that, you were the only one who'd done anything beyond indicating desire for the spot. Now Squeegy is at least starting on his character, which makes things a bit less cut-and-dry.

That sounds interesting.
No. 6188 ID: 056f95
File 130119704381.jpg - (438.02KB , 900x1294 , LIVESTREAMSKETCH_scribbley.jpg )

Arright, here we go, guys. Picture AND backstory. Ain't I a nice guy.

"I suppose you wonder how I came to be like this. I suppose it's a story that deserves to be told, as well.

Believe it or not, I was born only twenty-five years ago, in the village of Watcher's Wake, on the western edge of the Linowan nation. My mother was a Lookshyan refugee, escaping from some conflict or another, already pregnant with me. She died from a wasting sickness a year after giving birth to me. Without a father or a mother, I was put in the care of the village head, a man by the name of Elmes Pelet, but everyone called him the 'village watcher', or just 'master Pelet'. He was a sifu, a master of martial arts, and secretly a Terrestrial sorcerer, though I only became privy to that knowledge after I myself took my second breath.

Under the guise of being a reclusive martial arts master, Pelet kept the village safe and uninvolved with the Linowans and their wars, hiding his true Dragon-Blooded nature with sorcery, charms and guile. He was a man of great, great learning... and even greater opinions. He never outright told me, but I got the idea that he had been exiled from the Scarlet Empire for his views on, among other things, those like yourself. He certainly never taught me to detest Anathema like the Immaculate faith preaches; quite the opposite. If there ever was a chance I could serve one, he said, I should grasp it fully and without regret... so here I am, I suppose.

In some ways he was like a father to me, but mostly he was my sifu, my teacher. He raised me, trained me and taught me, giving me more of an education than an orphan in a village so small had any right to have. When the blessing of the elemental dragons came on me, he took me on as his apprentice, letting me learn some of his secrets, and further widening my knowledge. I found out that being the 'village watcher' was more than just a title or old tradition to him. He truly kept vigil over the village, and what hid beneath it; a cave filled with strange, dormant machinery from an age past. Master Pelet was slowly and carefully trying to disable it while keeping it hidden, lest its power be unleashed on Creation.

When the great quake came six years ago, and the Tower of the North appeared, that task became more difficult. When the quake hit, the machinery came to life, triggered in some way, and started overcharging itself from nearby ancient manses. We feared it would explode or activate somehow, neither of which would have been a very good thing. My master took action, spending days below-ground with tools and hastily-summoned demonic servitors, and managed to disable the machinery by disrupting the flow of its essence, and just in time too. It was a highly patchwork job, however, and he said the machinery was now more dangerous than ever. During the next five years, he would often have to repair his repairs, and he was always working on a more permanent solution, experimenting with essence and magical elements and trying to craft an artifact that could lull the machinery to slumber again. He had me work and train extensively on crafting fine tools and carving gems in this period in preparation for the final effort.

Unfortunately, we never got to complete our task. Last year an expedition of Dragon-Blooded dynasts and their followers entered Watcher's Wake, demanding master Pelet's presence and obeisance, threatening destruction on the village if he didn't comply. My master told me to evacuate and save what villagers I could, and above all remain hidden, before he met with them face-to-face, then face-to-fist when negotiations inevitably broke down.

My master was powerful and their followers fell like rice to the sickle, but against a united group of Dragon-Blooded, even his own abilities had limits. Their response leveled half the village and nearly killed master Pelet. Searching the ruins of my master's dojo, they then discovered the entrance to the cave, leaving behind a rear guard that I managed to dispatch discreetly after leading the surviving villagers away. By the time I had snuck up on them again, they were already fooling around with my master's repairs and trying to rouse him for questioning. Repeatedly they asked about how to 'open the vault', but their beatings had unfortunately been too severe for him.

I was still trying to formulate some plan of defeating them when they damaged the essence blocks master Pelet had set up, thinking them seals to whatever vault they were after. The result was... this. This aged, sickly body, teetering on the brink between life and death, and I was the lucky one.

As they broke the blocks there was a flash. Burgeoning outwards came a great gout of unnaturally twisted essence. Time lost its meaning, and I felt trapped and rapidly strung out, like a ball of yarn held fast in one end and dropped off a cliff, quickly unravelling and stretching out to the end of its length. Just before I felt I was reaching that end, the sensation stopped with a sickening wrench, like I had been... caught, just in time. I dropped to the floor; weak, confused and in the state you see me now. When I managed to rise, I saw a dozen withered corpses, rotting gear and smoking machinery; all that remained of the dynasts and my master. The walls of the cave were loose and crumbling, dust descending upon me and combining with the smoke to make it hard to see or even breathe. In the space of an instant, what must have been hundreds of years had passed, until the machinery that maintained the effect could no longer sustain it and broke down, and it hadn't finished breaking. The cracking noises and judders that shook it told me that there was worse to come.

With the cave crumbling around me, I staggered forward to master Pelet's shrivelled body, and as I did so, I spotted an opening in the machinery that I had never seen before, from which a round item clattered to the floor, jolted loose by the shaking. Grabbing it, as well as the body and staff of my master, I turned and ran, which was wise of me. Racing until I thought my lungs would burst, I barely managed to reach the outside before there was a loud noise after which the ground cracked and buckled and threw me to my feet. The caves collapsed completely, burying everything beneath it under tonnes of rock.

As you might imagine, once I finally had a moment to think clearly, I was devastated. In the space of a day, my home and my sifu had gone and my life been cut short by hundreds of years. I used to feel the best part of my life lay ahead of me. Now I dread every season that passes, because I suspect I do not have many years left to my name. But that, at least, is something I might fix, given the opportunity. If there was anything my master taught me it was that the wonders of the First Age were manyfold, and its learning vast. What's been done to me is wholly unnatural, and so it might be undone. That is the thought that came to me back then, and which I still hold strong, now that I see the Tower of the North and all its First-Age mysteries lie before me.

Taking heart in that thought, I collected what supplies and items I could from the village ruins and buried my master respectfully. Having had time to think, I also took a closer look at the item I had managed to grab, and which the machinery had been, indirectly I suppose, guarding. By now you must realize I'm referring to the Cache Egg, and inside it was indeed a long-hidden number of artifacts, likely from the Shogunate era, although the machinery probably predated it. Nothing worth the life of my master, or the dynasts' foolishness, but these tools of wonder did make me more hopeful for the future. With the Wings of the Raptor, I could travel far and easily, and flying has become a delight to me. With the shape-changing armour, I do not lack for wear or defense. The other lesser artifacts have had their uses as well. Taking them all, I took farewell with Watcher's Wake and made my way northwards.

And that is my story, such as it is."
No. 6199 ID: 81e609

Read up more on how artifacts worked, and what was needed for maintaining and repairing artifacts with a repair rating. As a result I've switched some abilities around (mainly removing Dodge and buying loads of Crafts) and I've also spent the bonus points I got for writing a background and getting a picture. Jukashi will have to approve/deny me the ability to take Craft: Magitech and Workshop, which was the main focus of these changes.

The way I explain it is that Gant got the experience/learning on working on Magitech from his learned master, and the Workshop is not a fixed place, but represents advanced tools he's scavanged from the ruins of Watcher's Wake and brought along stuffed in the Cache Egg.

Upgraded and modified charsheet can be found here, awaiting a new Jukashi stamp of approval: http://pastebin.com/H7Z70GkB
No. 6202 ID: dbfabb

I am so in. I have Ronin siddie I'd like to play, which I know you weren't planning on accepting, but I figure I'd show you the backstory first at least. You can find him here


Aside from that, I have a Lookshyian DB who I would love to play as well, but her backstory still needs some touching up. I don't have an image for either character, but I'll be working on that as well.

My AIM is DrakeRaids057 should you wish to contact me! Thank you for your consideration ^_^
No. 6206 ID: 31b52c


That looks fine.


First, I'm not allowing Sidereals unless they're VERY well made, and second, I can't see that document because it requires permission.

A DB is fine too, but I would remind you that this is a mixed game and most players will be Celestials.
No. 6215 ID: fc2201

Sorry! Try this one.

No. 6234 ID: b8551f


It's a good backstory, for the most part. You've even got a potential hook with his parents for why he'd be in the north. What worries me about Sidereals is the ruleset, though; not only the errata that needs applying to them, but because they're more complicated and this game has a lot of new people in it.

As a ronin, though, he might not be too bad. What do you have planned for the stats?
No. 6237 ID: b8551f

It's been almost a month now, so I'm gonna call down a deadline for everyone to be ready. Needs to be generous enough, so not too impending a one.

20th of April.
No. 6246 ID: a3fedf


I was planning on him being an Even Blade stylist at the start. Potentially moving into Holden Wind Cutting Blade style and the Violet Brier of Sorrows should he find a tutor. Crunch wise he is going to be a fighty/talky. He'll be heavy in the dodge tree, with side dips into neat things like larceny, linguistics, and presence. As a Ronin he's probably going to have one college, and he'll only be using that for making a face people can remember.

I should have his crunch up tonight, which can be altered accordingly should you decide to use on of the alternate siddie charm sets.
No. 6357 ID: 96bd6b

Sorry, 'Tonight' turned into 'Wednesday', either way, here is the crunch.

No. 6365 ID: 69e673


Well, aside some minor editing concerns, this seems fine. I should say, however, that you would be quite underpowered compared to most of the other players; especially since, I should say, you will be quite sure of going up against things that are Outside Fate.

That's not necessarily a super-bad thing, and aside that, there's nothing wrong with the character at all, but as it stands I don't think I'd put you before any of the other hopefuls.
No. 6366 ID: 639a13

Thats a shame. I'll go ahead and put up my Dragon Blooded as well then, she's mostly finished fluff and stat wise, I'll just need to make some twicks.

Any suggestions how I can bend a Lookshyian DB into working with the Anathema? Setting info about where we'd be would be helpful in that regard.
No. 6372 ID: 639a13


General sheet. Still VERY much a work in progress
No. 6373 ID: cf244d

>You need permission to access this item.
No. 6384 ID: 639a13

Gorram it. Fixed!
No. 6392 ID: 999d5a


>You need permission to access this item.

Still inaccessible. Sure you fixed the right document, Drake?
No. 6394 ID: 639a13

Forgot to replace the link v.v

I don't know where my head is these days

No. 6399 ID: c4367f


Looks pretty good, so far. As you said, still needs to be finished. Perhaps your character, being the elite cyborg, would be sent by Lookshy to investigate the tower? Not sure why you'd team with anathema, though. Maybe you just want the prestige of success that badly, and it doesn't seem possible any other way?
No. 6401 ID: 639a13

Glad you like! Its a bit higher on the power scale I hope. Masses of artifacts do that.

That would probably work. Lookshy is rather pragmatic. I'll finish tomorrow or monday, and notify you when its done.
No. 6420 ID: 65aa79

Added in the missing values, added pictures, a theme, and cleaned up the bio. She's a little low on motes due to all the attunement, but she has one of those nifty first age battle armors with a built in battery, so she should be alright. DBs are crazy mote efficient with excellencies anyway.
No. 6423 ID: c09ecb

Look pretty complete, alright!

I'll wait until everyone has their sheets in before making a decision. Among the number of people we have, someone might decide to pull out.

No. 6424 ID: b6178d

Just as an FYI, I'm home for easter (until monday), so I'm without sourcebooks, my notes or a good computer at the moment. That said, if Jukashi wants to do something, like playing the Exaltation over IRC (assuming I get a spot), I'm game for it.

Drake's sheet has given me a few ideas for improvements I could do on my own sheet, too, such as adding defense values and the like, but those will have to wait until I get back to my notes.
No. 6427 ID: c6e396
File 130326735043.png - (194.91KB , 900x900 , 130326584262.png )

aaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'M HERE I'M HERE OH GOD I DON'T KNOW JUST TAKE THE CHARACTER man the last few days have been incredible trainwrecks

do i have 65 peripheral essence? how do i calculate the health levels for that? how many dying levels do i start with? THE ANSWERS TO NONE OF THESE AND LESS COMING UP

Character (probably wrong, probably missing things):

Story (gimme bonus points so I can forget about them and not use 'em):
No. 6428 ID: 639a13

Oh yeah, I forgot. did I get any bonus BP?
No. 6430 ID: c09ecb


You can have the full amount of BP.

I'll give you the points for the picture, but I'm not sure about the story. It doesn't really say anything about her, beyond that she's nice to a pregnant girl, which most people would be? It doesn't illustrate much, if you get what I mean.
No. 6432 ID: cf244d

Here's a snippet of background fluff.

Two older men sit in a saloon in Tarak
"There's snow devils in the east again. Eating livestock, and even some people."
"Yep. Worse than the time old King Arog died."
"It was bad enough then."
"The new king is going to go drive them off, of course."
"Yep. Hope he doesn't die."
"Be a real shame if he did, seeing as there ain't no heir. "
"Can't have no heir without no queen."
"True enough. My wife reckons he wants to find some princess and make the kingdom bigger, same as his daddy done."
"There ain't no princess like that. Least-a-ways, not round these parts."
"True enough. He'll probably be fine though."

In the stables of the castle, King Tharn saddles his mount as his aging mother, the queen Loryl, speaks to him.
"You must lead from the back Tharn. Your father died fighting these beasts."
"I thank you for your concern, Queen Mother, but I will not lead like the cowards of lesser kingdoms."
"Your pride could see you in the ground."
"Cowardice could kill my men. Besides, who would want to fight with me if I refused to fight with them?"
"They'd have no choice, you're their king and you pay them."
"They could choose to turn on me and appoint some other person as the new king. That's not a rare enough happening for you to discredit."
"It doesn't happen when soldiers are well paid and provisioned."
"I'd rather fight with patriots than mercenaries."
"Your idealism isn't healthy."
She turns to a stablehand. "You there, slave!"
"Yes, Queen?"
"Fetch the silver stirrups."
The king glances at her. "Why silver stirrups? I'm riding to fight horned snow hunters, not parading for some Realm dignitary."
"You'll still be riding through town. You need to look like a king, not some common soldier."
"I suppose."
"You do. And you'll be wearing your crown too."
"If you say so, Mother Queen."

He exalted in the battles driving off the horned snow hunters, which are being driven east by the encroaching shadowlands.
No. 6433 ID: cf244d

Hey Jukashi, Insomnia told me to show this to you when you came on IRC this evening, but you never did.


She would like to be emailed about anything that needs to be changed or refined.
No. 6434 ID: a3c2fc


I don't think I have her email. Maybe I'm just forgetting, I'll check my sources.

But if not, and if you're reading this, Som, you have more Virtues than that! It's one dot to begin with in all four, then you add five wherever you like. Don't forget to recalculate your essence and willpower, too!
No. 6435 ID: 4fa0d0

Yeah but I wrote it in a panic in 20 minutes so it's not exactly perfect~ It is supposed to be her using her charisma to talk down a girl who is suicidal about her pregnancy. I'll rewrite it when I get the time but I am still grinding sideways along the train tracks currently.
No. 6436 ID: ecfb34

Any way I could get the IRC channel? >.>
No. 6437 ID: ecfb34

Nevermind. Google is my friend.
No. 6438 ID: cf244d

It didn't occur to you to read the thread? Or even just Ctrl+F the phrase "IRC"?
No. 6439 ID: ecfb34

I did that first actually, but I forgot to put on 'Entire thread ' and I missed it. v.v
No. 6440 ID: dad664
File 130333225314.png - (155.50KB , 660x604 , LunarThing.png )


Backstory thingme will be coming.
No. 6441 ID: dad664

Also please to be telling me where I screwed up because I know I fudged something somewhere :V
No. 6443 ID: cf244d

Oh yeah, here's my character sheet. I don't know if I've changed anything since the last time I shared it. I certainly haven't changed anything in quite a while.

Also if I've earned any extra bonus points for anything, (or if I earn any henceforth) let me know.
No. 6444 ID: a3c2fc

You get art points. Nothing stands out at me as being wrong with your sheet I do note you've listed your Charms' prerequisites; it'd be more useful to list what they cost to use, for easy reference.

I'll advance you the backstory pints on what you've got so far, but I'll continue to anticipate the full thing.
No. 6445 ID: cf244d

It's some sort of a full thing in its current state. What additional stuff would you care to see?

Also a brief life overview, since it occurs to me that much of what exists in my head quite possibly exists in no other form.
King Tharn the Thunderous Winged Lance, of the House Tarak, Son of Arog the Crushing Steel Fist by Loryl of the House Hakust was born to the house and lineage that his name describes. As a child he lived in the hall of his father, and learning the basics of the different skills employed by the populace, as well as learning more noble things such as literacy, and the tongues of trade and the Realm. As he reached majority, he joined Tarak's military and fought alongside his father with the Royal Cavalry. Horned snow hunters seasonally cause trouble in the country, eating livestock. With the appearance of the shadowlands, more of them are being driven to find new hunting grounds. King Arog, King Tharn's father, died driving them off one year. Later, King Tharn fought against a greater forces of them, commanding his soldiers and exalted. He ruled without using any obvious exalted powers from then until the start of the campaign.
No. 6446 ID: a3c2fc


Well, you used the word "snippet", so I assumed there was more.
No. 6447 ID: cf244d

I believe I was thinking in the sense that I was taking snippets of interaction to imply the larger story, rather than writing up a full novel of stuff. That's not to say there couldn't be more if you reckon there ought to be.
No. 6448 ID: dad664


No. 6458 ID: cf244d

Well I guess I've arrived at what is probably the final form of my character sheet.

Since Jukashi wanted a list of everyone who submitted a sheet with their different names:

King Tharn the Thunderous Winged Lance, of the House Tarak, Son of Arog the Crushing Steel Fist by Loryl of the House Hakust
Played by Cruxador

Guarana Melo, Vengeful Arm of the Ruby Earth
Played by Insomnia AKA !DReamEr2eU

Adrianna Telhast
Played by Θ][Σ AKA Theta][Sigma

Elmes Gant of Watcher's Wake
Played by Scribbleykins

Elicia Meryr
Played by Squeegy AKA Samuel

Elysius Hikaru
Played by DrakeRaids

As far as I know Seven never made a sheet. It's entirely possible that there's some error in this list.
No. 6507 ID: dad664

Derp I lied.


Thar be the final version with stuffs and things.
No. 6510 ID: cf244d

<Scribbleykins>Also, let's be honest here, I don't think any of us here would want to start employing corrosive or poisonous jizz as actual offensive weaponry.
<Insomnia>I could come fire in beast form
<Insomnia>and I already have tentacles
No. 6516 ID: 3a325b

Let the game begin! You can now start posting. I'll have further instructions for how to post during combat and whatnot later, but for now just mill a bit, and use this thread for OOC stuff.

I'm hoping for at least one post every day or two from everyone; if you have to take a break, please tell me so I can operate your character for you on a basic level while you're away.
No. 6528 ID: cf244d

DrakeRaids, it is not common knowledge that King Tharn is a Solar. I am relatively certain that there is no one at all who knows it, save for the Sun and King Tharn.
He does have an orichalcum dire lance, but it's belonged to Tarak for as long as anyone remembers, and Tharn is not the first king to bring it into battle, despite being the first capable of attuning it. Tharn's grandfather attached a standard to it, and used it to direct battles. Tharn's father Arog did not do this, but did bear the orichalcum lance when dressed in full royal regalia, as all the kings of Tarak have done for centuries.
Tharn has not prior to now used the lance for its original purpose of poking holes in people, so despite now taking it on an extended military engagement, there is no reason to assume he is anathema.
No. 6536 ID: 4fdbfb

I can't seem to delete my post, I forgot to set a password. Just pretend that the whole anathema part never happened, and she's just saying hi. Sorry.
No. 6538 ID: cf244d

No worries.
No. 6542 ID: b6178d

Awesome! This should be all kinds of fun. Thanks for letting me in on it, Jukashi.


Be fair, at least it's not corrosive or poisonous.
No. 6592 ID: 55c4cf

Jukashi I really need to talk to you about my character, you signed and off while I was GMing my saturday game before I could finalize some things about my character so I could write my post. I will post as soon as I can talk with you!
No. 6618 ID: 7c335e

A question for Jukashi. Would Gant know the relevance of the lunars' tattoos and figure out that there are three of them in the camp by observation alone? He does have a pretty high Lore skill.
No. 6622 ID: 605b15


He would certainly have reason to suspect them. Other little clues such as moonsilver arms and armour would probably convince him even more!
No. 6682 ID: f5fe2f

I'm basically asking folks to say what I should know about them in-character at this point.
Do note that admitting to being anathema would likely be unwise, since Tharn appears to be a mortal authority, and I'd imagine that you're all aware that Tarak remains under the control of the Realm, so Tharn is somewhat obligated to deal with anathema as the realm would.
That's not to say he would actually do so, of course, and there's in general not much love for the Realm in Tarak, but the nation is nonetheless nominally loyal, and anathema are not loved any more in Tarak than elsewhere.
This may of course change later in the campaign.

Also you don't need to do some huge work of art post, just post something because right now we're getting not much posts at all in the thread.
No. 6684 ID: 3922ab

Gant appears to be knowledgable about the First Age (or so he has claimed) and has shown a definite interest in relics and ancient buildings (if Tharn's lance was on display at one point, he'll have inquired about it). He carries artifacts with him (more than he's actually shown, though), among them the staff, and a seemingly bottomless bag (it's the cache egg within it that's 'bottomless', however). He claims to be from a settlement called Watcher's Wake, but he's NOT mentioned the fact that he's under a curse... that's not something he would share unless there was a point to doing so. For those with the right knowledge, it's pretty obvious that he's a dragon-blooded.

King Tharn's probably never heard of him, or of Watcher's Wake.

Am I to understand Tarak is actually a Satrap under the Scarlet Empire, though? Or is it more an ostensibly 'allied nation', like Linowan is?
No. 6685 ID: f5fe2f

Tarak isn't a satrap. The only Deshan states with fluff are, and Tarak is in that area (though not coastal) but it's one of the ones without official fluff. It's a tributary of the realm, as were just about all nations prior to the fall of the Empress. This will undoubtedly cease to be the case during play some time, but not in the immediate future.

Also I meant that I was providing an opportunity to explain things in-character.
No. 6686 ID: 3922ab


Aaaah. Well, I'll take it relatively slow at first. There's a small amount of testing the ground that needs to be done. We're all probably somewhat wary of one another, after all.
No. 6688 ID: b50664


What you say about them revealing themselves is generally true, but I would add that you're quite far from home and that the Immaculate dogma makes no bones that mere mortals are no match for anathema. If the Lunar players do choose to reveal themselves, there's not much your character would feel able to do about it - at least, if he wants to maintain the illusion of being mortal.
No. 6689 ID: 9bfca9

Would I not be obligated to notify the wyld hunt?
That's something I really don't want to do, of course. And even if obligated to do so, I wouldn't. But I don't imagine the lunars would know that.
No. 6690 ID: b50664


Of course you would. But you're not anywhere near them now, see? And given the state of the Realm in the Age of Sorrows it'd take time for a proper Hunt to get to you even if you were in the heart of your kingdom.
No. 6822 ID: cf235d

Alright so, if no-one's going to continue RPing with each other, I'd like you all to make a Perception + Awareness roll.

(dun dun dunnn)

Doing it in this thread will do, and if you think you can try stunt it somehow you can post that in the IC thread.
No. 6824 ID: 0ddb0e

I have no dots in Awareness, which gives me an internal penalty of 2, and I have only 2 perception dots, but the way I read the rules is that since I have Essence 3, I still get to roll 'em both. Right?

dice 2d10
No. 6825 ID: 0ddb0e

rolled 1, 10 = 11

Oh, right. In the email field. Durp.
No. 6826 ID: f5fe2f

rolled [4] [4] [8] [6] [7]

Right then, three perception and two awareness.
No. 6829 ID: cf235d


IIRC, the penalty for having no Ability dots only applies to mortals. Exalted can roll their Attributes alone without penalty. So that's two successes for you.
No. 6831 ID: 2aa2f1

Here ya go!
No. 6832 ID: 13b3e1

rolled 10, 9, 9, 1, 6, 8, 10 = 53

Three dots in awareness, four in perception.
No. 6833 ID: 2aa2f1

rolled [8] [9] [4] [10] [1]

No. 6834 ID: dad664

rolled [5] [10] [3] [7] [9] [3]

No. 6838 ID: 55c4cf

rolled [3] [2] [10] [9] [4] [5] [2]

Perception + Awareness.
No. 7170 ID: 2e281a

It's time to JOIN BATTLE, wooo!

That's Wits + Awareness, as a reminder.
No. 7172 ID: 4b3731

rolled 1, 3, 10, 1, 5 = 20

Rollin' my five wits, no awareness.

Jukashi, may Gant have had time to pull out his cloak before the arrows started launching? If not, he does this as the arrows launch, taking however much time you deem necessary.

At any rate, he'll already have 4 motes committed for his armour and 5 motes committed for the staff, and he'll spend 2 motes total to open and close his Cache Egg to get the Wings of the Raptor, then use 11 motes to attune and activate them, putting him on a total of 22 motes spent/committed. He'll use 10 personal essence and 12 peripheral to do this. Having used 12 peripheral essence, his anima flares brightly and will start damaging stuff around him for 1 lethal damage per nine ticks... but hopefully this won't matter much in the air.

Thanks to the combination of the Windhands gemstone and the Wings of the Raptor, Gant will be at Dodge Defense Value 6 and won't suffer from defense or onslaught penalties to Dodge or Parry. He'll mainly try to Dodge any arrows headed his way.

I'm not sure if I have much of a move action left after finding and attuning to the wings, but if I have, tell me, and I'll start flyin' Gant around. Already have a plan in mind for his next action, beyond being a glowing "shoot me" target.

P.S. Meant to write "Elysius' armour" not "Elicia's". Sorry!
No. 7173 ID: f5fe2f

rolled [9] [8] [1] [6]

No. 7180 ID: 07b4e0


He'd have had time to put on his cloak, certainly. However, attuning to an artifact is a process that usually takes about 20 minutes. That's one of the drawbacks of artifacts: if you want them ready to use whenever, you have to accept a reduced pool of essence for everything else.

I'd let you say that you were attuned already. That would mean the essence you're spending now would be only 12.
No. 7181 ID: c42538


Ah. In that case, yes, he would have attuned himself to everything before-hand, accepting the constant loss of all 10 of his Personal essence pool motes.

Even though the Wings give me a rather good move, I think I'll let the others do their actions before Gant does anything other than just fly up and get an overview of the situation. Though he will try to scout out the largest group of clustered enemies for later aerial sorcery bombardment (Titan's Icy Breath should be excellent for this). Is that another perception+awareness with bonuses due to the fact that they're shooting fire arrows, or what?

For that matter, how long does Titan's Icy Breath take to cast? I can't recall, and I don't have the books where I'm at right now. I believe it should be page 166 (or thereabouts) on the Black and White Sorcery scroll.
No. 7182 ID: 13b3e1

rolled 2, 10, 2, 6, 7, 7 = 34

Three wits, three awareness.
No. 7189 ID: 55c4cf

rolled 4, 6, 7, 3, 5 = 25

3 wits, 2 awareness

ps going to china tomorrow, I'll post today but idk how frequent i will be able to participate til i get home
No. 7219 ID: c42538

Ahem. Guyyyyys?

Y'gotta do something! If not, I'll just go save the entire camp on my goddang own! I will, you know. Just watch me.
No. 7222 ID: f5fe2f

I basically have no idea what to do right now.
No. 7223 ID: d86f54

Well, look at it this way; your army is under fire from an enemy hiding in the jungle outskirts of your camp. Obviously, you need to deal with this enemy somehow, or else you won't have much of an army much longer!

You could spend your time gathering men together (through proxies and messengers, which you'd probably have at hand), so that you can command and/or lead them into assaulting the ambushing enemy (using your War skill+whatever appropriate ability it is one uses for leading large groups of warriors).

If you're feeling very Exalted-y, you could also call for your horse, equip your lance and charge bravely into melee on your own/with the other exalted. You could even, if you wanted, just state that you wait and see what all the other exalts are doing and how your men deal with this crisis on their own. Your choice. Just write a post stating that you do it.

Honestly, though, don't forget you're basically in command of an army of your own, and that there are rules in the core book for fighting big battles. With the number of arrows in the air here, I think we're dealing with a large enough force that a heavy-handed response is appropriate, so it is my advice that you organize your men, and get ready to kick back once Gant's softened them up for you.
No. 7224 ID: 6f750a

Well, we can't really get going until everyone's rolled to Join Battle: once that's done I can work out where everyone stands in the Ticks and we can start with the action.

Been a bit of a wait, though! Maybe I should just roll for people and get on with it.
No. 7226 ID: d86f54


If that's what keeping us waiting, you certainly should! Initiative is just a formality most of the time, after all.
No. 7382 ID: 55c4cf

what the hell is going on
No. 7384 ID: d86f54


Seems like a couple o' players aren't posting actions (or rolling for initiative, hem hem Drake), and thus the game has ground to a halt and nobody's bothering to pick up the pieces! Now, Jukashi got tendonitis, so updates probably haven't been on the forefront of his mind for a while and not everyone seem to be active anymore (although, I haven't been on IRC for a while), which isn't exactly encouragement to go do anything.

To be honest, I'd like to see this continue, but if the posting speed thus far is an indication we ain't finishing this fight any time soon. I wouldn't blame Jukashi if he just decided to abandon this.
No. 7386 ID: f5fe2f

A whole lot of nothing, mostly. Damn shame, too.
No. 7388 ID: d86f54


Might help if you made that action o' yours. Or are you still having trouble figuring out what to do?
No. 7393 ID: 20b92c

rolled 2, 4, 7, 4, 1, 7 = 25

Right then.

If I judge aright, Theta and Drake are the ones who haven't made their Join Battle rolls. I guess I'll make them, then - and you'll just have to trust that they are what I say they are, since I don't want to make multiple posts for multiple rolls - I'll be making too many dice throws to clutter up the threads with them all. Uncertainty is the price they pay!

Adrianna gets a mighty 6 successes, while Hikaru get a much less mighty 0 successes.

While I'm at it, Gant and Guarana get 1-dice stunt bonuses to their Join Battle, but neither one gets any additional successes. You may take 2m for your pools, though, if there's any space. So the count as we start is:

Tick 1 - Adrianna
Tick 2 -
Tick 3 - Unknown Attackers, Elicia
Tick 4 -
Tick 5 - Gant, Tharn, Tharn's followers
Tick 6 - Guarana
Tick 7 - Hikaru

You make your action when your Tick comes up, and if you go at the same time as someone else you both act and the results of your actions happen simultaneously. I'll make periodic updates of the Tick list here in the OOC thread.

During combat, include a "signature" at the bottom of each IC post that includes the Speed and DV penalty of the action or actions you're making, as well your current DV, mote pools, your temporary willpower and a listing of whatever bonuses or penalties your character is operating under. If you're uncertain what kind of Action the thing you want to do is, or about anything else, ask here before you post IC.

Let's go!!
No. 7394 ID: 20b92c

... By which, of course, I mean "Let's go tell Theta that he needs to make an action."
No. 7396 ID: 20b92c

Excellent. Adrianna takes a Guard action, meaning she can "hold" her action until she's ready. Next up is Elicia, and the Unknown Attackers.
No. 7397 ID: b6178d

Awesome! Good to see things running again.

I've already got my action planned, all I need is to write it up. I'll wait for my turn in the order though.
No. 7401 ID: 10d022

rolled 3, 7, 7, 3, 8, 8, 6, 6, 5, 10 = 63

Ok errybody wish me luck. Rolling Charisma+Performance, 5 CHA, 0 Performance, First Charisma Excellency.
No. 7402 ID: d86f54

Ball is in Jukashi's court now. Let's see what these mysterious attackers are going to do in the face of Elicia's phenomenal charisma.
No. 7458 ID: e6ceaf

Anyone who intends to try and spot/catch the interlopers hiding in the chaos should roll Perception + Awareness to do so.
No. 7461 ID: d86f54

rolled 9, 8 = 17

Perception+Awareness, then. Which... is really just my perception. Still, here goes!
No. 7462 ID: e6ceaf


Two successes! You can feel free to say you attempt to attack one or trip one up or talk to one or whatever it is you choose to do, if you like.
No. 7463 ID: d86f54


Oh, I just wanted to see if I saw them. I have... bigger plans.
No. 7465 ID: d86f54

rolled 10, 8, 7, 6, 3, 9, 2, 6, 3 = 54

Alrrrright! Gant will move up to the enemy archers and cast Titan's Icy Breath, a spell from the White and Black sorcery book, page 66. Area affected is 10 yards by 10 yards and 100 yards long, from in front of the caster; I'm assuming our enemies lined up (more or less) to fire at the camp, so this should be good. Here's the relevant text from the book:

"Roll the sorcerer’s (Wits + Occult) and add a number of automatic successes equal to her Essence, as an attack against everyone in the spell’s area. Characters cannot block this attack, though they may dodge it. The spell has a raw (lethal) damage of six dice plus attack successes. Anyone who suffers even a single level of damage from this spell has his movement rates halved and the Speed of all his actions increased by one for the remainder of the scene."

I -think- this means that I get 3 successes (for Essence 3) in addition to the whole roll itself, of 9d10. Tell me if I'm reading the rules wrong here, or doing something wrong. In either case, this is going to h-h-h-h-hurt if it goes off well. Here goes!
No. 7472 ID: d86f54


So... eight successes, plus six damage die, best as I can tell. Should I roll them now, or wait?
No. 7479 ID: ab9565

Ah, well, Sorcery in combat is a little complicated. What happens is that you drop out of combat - that is, you still operate in combat time, but you can't do any of the normal things people can do just by being in combat, like move or defend yourself - and use the Shape Sorcery action (or sequence of actions for the higher circles of sorcery). That's when you spend the willpower and motes. Think of that as "charging up" the spell. Then, once that's done, your next action will be the Cast Sorcery action, which is when you make all the rolls, assuming that you haven't been prevented from finishing the spell. Then you have to roll to Join Battle again to see how long it takes you to act again.

I note that you say you move in the actual post, but you wouldn't be able to do that, so I'm just going to assume you hover, which I will allow you to do. Also what you should have done is saved the end of that post for the Cast Sorcery action, which you'll be doing later - if you haven't been interrupted during the casting.
No. 7480 ID: d86f54


Well! I clearly am new to exalted. If I'd known how cumbersome combat casting was going to be, I might not have taken Sorcery at all!

Done is done, though. Gant will move to the spot indicated (however many ticks this takes) and place himself hovering out of easy melee reach, THEN try to cast his spell (going by what I rolled earlier, unless you want me to reroll).
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