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File 12848568302.png - (30.67KB , 600x800 , 1284334291356.png )
4419 No. 4419 ID: f57857

Does anyone have more information on Nevreans? The Vilous wiki leads me to understand that they're a short, flightless bird race with teeth in their beaks(wat.), but they're also more technologically advanced than their other contemporary races.
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No. 4420 ID: f57857
File 128485707434.jpg - (32.02KB , 339x720 , 1284335747849.jpg )

But the article was just a stub and it had no further information about them. I want to know about their culture and a bit more fluff about them so I can implement them in a game one day.

Although, by the looks of the art, they seem to have a rather unhealthy obsession with sharp objects. Anyway, I'm gonna dump images for you as thanks.
No. 4421 ID: f57857
File 128485711393.png - (176.85KB , 1128x661 , 1284336034484.png )

No. 4422 ID: f57857
File 128485714882.jpg - (14.89KB , 400x340 , 1284334619685.jpg )

No. 4423 ID: f57857
File 128485716535.png - (56.79KB , 412x551 , 1284335258420.png )

No. 4424 ID: f57857
File 128485722588.jpg - (107.26KB , 784x1280 , 1284335122562.jpg )

Same race, but male.
No. 4425 ID: 8e18cd
File 128488437281.jpg - (144.32KB , 675x613 , 1273306005_oniontrain_nevrean_phone.jpg )

Nevrean was phone. That's all you want to know.
No. 4426 ID: f57857

lol so randumb xD
No. 4659 ID: 3297aa
File 128495871424.jpg - (77.43KB , 450x935 , mickeywantstounseefull.jpg )

>What a cute little bird thing
>Wait, what's it doing with that knife
No. 4661 ID: cf68aa

Looks like the only pics here are of Dot.

Yeah she's pretty damn crazy. She has thoughts like these a lot. Also she's supposed to be on the run from Rain cause she took some naughty pic of her.
She's supposed to be quite smart and a inventor
No. 4662 ID: f57857
File 128502248284.png - (175.24KB , 680x924 , Dorothy.png )

Do you know her name?

Furthermore, if I am able to deduct the contents of the naughty pic right, I don't think anyone without a blood or cutting fetish would want it.
No. 4669 ID: f57857

>Looks like the only pics here are of Dot.

Ah is that her name? Sorry, I thought that was the artist's name.
No. 4713 ID: 4953e3

The artist is Trancy Mick. The Nevrean shown here is Dot.

Why do I know this.
No. 4730 ID: 1b1328


Because you're a furry.

No. 4731 ID: f57857
File 128506768659.png - (39.82KB , 250x313 , Yun-yung.png )

Probably because you are a closet furry.

But don't take it that way, it is the taint we all get from spending too much time on tgchan.
No. 4733 ID: f35afd

Dot got eaten by a synx and is now dead. ;_;
No. 4735 ID: f52552

She'll live on in our hearts.
And probably for a few agonising hours of incredible pain as the digestion occurred.
No. 4736 ID: 754124

That's not crazy. Lots of people have thoughts like that.
No. 4737 ID: ff0a7c


more pics to honor her memory?
No. 4739 ID: 383006
File 12851257053.png - (23.77KB , 780x560 , 1240659685_mick39_1240041687_trancymick_nightmare_.png )

No. 4740 ID: 383006
File 128512572296.jpg - (354.19KB , 1040x800 , 1239795538_chimerasynx_trancysynxcollab.jpg )

No. 4742 ID: d560d6

No. 4744 ID: f57857

By the gods, why can't this board have spoiler image tags?
No. 4746 ID: 383006

The synx is just giving Dot a hand.
No. 4747 ID: cc04a7

Why is there a saliva trail to her eye?

Also i can't tell if they are banging or not.
No. 4748 ID: 2563d4

>Why is there a saliva trail to her eye?
Eyeball licking is a popular fetish.

Oh, I'm sorry, I meant "popular meme".

>Also i can't tell if they are banging or not.
Look at its right hand. It's doing the retarded sinking-into-her-flesh thing, because Synx are made of horrid bad-sci-fi power-wankery design: >>/meep/4785

I think it's canon that they don't have sex or something, but might "imitate" it to "mock" lesser creatures, i.e. so the creator can draw porn of them while still painting them as special (superior) snowflakes.
No. 4750 ID: 2563d4


No. 4768 ID: 186d89

>short, flightless bird race with teeth in their beaks

they're basically sapient Theropods similar to Velociraptors.
sergals are also supposed to be sapient theropods.

Mick has a thing for feathers.
No. 4769 ID: f57857

You sure it's just feathers? BECAUSE THERE IS A LOT OF OTHER STUFF
No. 4770 ID: 2563d4

I thought the bird fetish in recent Vilous was some collaborator.

Original-and-best Sergals don't have ridiculous featherbutts (or hurr-durr-so-yiffy breasts).
No. 4772 ID: 383006

Kiki is obsessed with birds. That is the collaborator. I mean, they're both mad japs, so whatever.
No. 5124 ID: 3df3c1
File 128837518618.jpg - (384.28KB , 900x695 , 1288104613.jpg )

I love how he does color transitions. Works really well with the smooth lineart, too.
No. 5127 ID: 2563d4

Who, Tsampinkos-something?

Oh, apparently so:

He's clearly good, but he does tend to make everything look like out-of-focus glossy plastic.
No. 5557 ID: 082f80

#vilous on irc.rizon.net

Ask them about Nevreans.
No. 5558 ID: 082f80
File 129072618228.png - (134.18KB , 479x600 , YunYung9.png )

No. 5559 ID: 082f80
File 129072621472.png - (80.75KB , 500x600 , YunYung8.png )

No. 5560 ID: 082f80
File 129072623872.jpg - (114.63KB , 511x800 , YunYung6.jpg )

No. 5561 ID: 082f80
File 129072625516.png - (178.88KB , 278x886 , YunYung5.png )

No. 5562 ID: 082f80
File 129072627322.png - (69.89KB , 573x937 , lxhh7s.png )

No. 5563 ID: 082f80
File 129072632856.png - (40.54KB , 408x1087 , YunYung4.png )

No. 5564 ID: 082f80

Trancey Mick is the artist's name (Mick39 the username), Yun-Yung or Dot, is the Character's name. Yun-Yung is the new canon version, Dot the old.
No. 5569 ID: 04969a

Haha, canon.
No. 5571 ID: 2563d4

Balance. Centre of.

What the fuck?
No. 5572 ID: 082f80

Yes art errors exist, I know, I know. Mick's art is still Damn Fine most of the time.
No. 5576 ID: a29330

You only need to keep the center of gravity above your feet when you're standing still with no support and relying on gravity to keep your feet planted. When your feet are staying planted by some other grip instead of gravity you can throw off your center of gravity as far as your body will hold out for.

You see birds clinging on to things sideways all the time, they have the grip and strength to hold up their bodies.
No. 5577 ID: 2563d4

On trees, which have some bark texture to grip onto and deform to claws, not metal pipes; and when not holding rifles out behind them at awkward angles.

That pose is absolutely terrible.
No. 5578 ID: a29330
File 12909829962.jpg - (419.00KB , 679x1024 , 117962885_156c7d8bb5_b.jpg )

Really? I though it was wood tied with rope. Like if it was inspired by bamboo scaffolding or some other wood and rope structure(like bridges or platforms).Kinda disappointing if it turns out it isn't.

Is there any description of where Dot lives? There is a bit on the general setting but I can't find much on actual Neveran cities. Assuming she's even in a Neveran city here.
No. 5579 ID: 29ecc1
File 129103454256.png - (273.81KB , 911x709 , 1287752379_mick39_nevrean.png )

>wood tied with rope.
It most likely is, and she's prob also using her left hand/claw to hold onto the pole.

There really isn't much information about anything. The Vilous based characters from tgchan quests are pretty much more fleshed out that Micks stuff. A possible new translation might possible change that though.
THere were new Nevrean and Sergal ref sheets though. The Sergal one is still WiP apparently and went back to old style, for mysterious reasons.
No. 5580 ID: 082f80

I lol'd because "flight".
No. 5581 ID: f5c7b6
File 129115478616.jpg - (200.85KB , 690x1260 , Nevrean DelusionsofGrandeur.jpg )

This one's mildly amusing.
No. 5659 ID: 8d6727

If you get the joke, it is.

I sort of don't. Something about fake breasts.
No. 5663 ID: 70d9eb

>>Nevrean DelusionsofGrandeur.jpg
It's not a very complex joke. The Nevrean thinks she is hot and curvy but she is not. The other guy is unimpressed.
No. 5745 ID: 9b28ee
File 129375021335.png - (48.61KB , 800x1000 , Acid_nightmare.png )

No. 5810 ID: 00a7aa

or at least not hot enough to make him pause the fukken game.
No. 6210 ID: fa517c

I modified the following for a low tech setting:

Nevreans. Little tiny raptor birds

they are a race of bird people similar to Kenkus.

What is unique about them is that the females are slightly larger, have predominately black feathers, teeth and small horns above their eyes, while the males are smaller, are brightly yellow coloured, with large striking plumes on their tails to attract mates, they do not have teeth nor horns.

They scavenge off of Lost Technology and magic, They also research the tech and magic they find, often at their own peril.
No. 6212 ID: 6b2b68

The males have teeth, just not big ones.

The females are all muted earth/rock colors, not necessarily black. Brown, Grey, Black, etc. They still have yellow or red bills though, look to real birds for inspiration on their coloring. I really want to see a Nevrean that looks like a Crowned Crane, myself, though it would likely have to be a male.
No. 6673 ID: 843198

Nevreans aren't as much flightless birds as they are a sort of dinosaur. very similar to utah/ova/velociraptors in that thy look like birds but aren't. that "beak is really just skull with skin and muscle over it. easy to tell because beaks can't have that same level of expression seen in OP: either the mouth is open or it's closed even on birds that have teeth you can only see said teeth when they open their beaks, impossible for them to put their teeth together without closing their beak entirely, the various images that Mick has drawn of Dot/Yung-Yung show that she can open her mouth without showing her teeth, and gnash her teeth without closing her mouth, this indicates that nevreans posses lips and therefore cannot have an actual beak.

that said, it's a very interesting and refreshing take on "saurian" races.
No. 6674 ID: 2563d4

>applying biology to furry fap-fodder
>especially when it's Mick, and she can't draw the same species twice in a row without contradicting herself and redefining the canon
No. 6676 ID: 810e41

>because it's impossible to take something we find interest in and re-purpose it beyond its origins, no matter how base or objectionable you might find them.
No. 6678 ID: 2563d4

>implying I find them objectionable
You're just not going to get anywhere reasoning about their biology when their biology changes with Mick's whims.
No. 6679 ID: 360b06

>then what's to stop us from just taking the best from what we like of them and binning whatever else Mick does?
No. 6699 ID: f7aa74


wait wait, are you saying that we should just steal 'nevrean' as a concept and totally make it our own? But then we'd have 'quest nevrean' versus 'mick's nevrean'
No. 6700 ID: 43d730

As opposed to having to adjust 'Mick's Nevrean' every ten minutes?
No. 6701 ID: 72d523

That's not really a problem, since there really isn't that much info on them in English, and most people here would just make use the quest version. It's more of a favor. Sort of like what happened to Sergals. We use what Mick set up as a guideline.

The bottom line is that it's a fantasy race. They aren't real creatures so we can do what ever the hell we want with them.
No. 6702 ID: 8c73c8

basically we just freeze-frame and stop worrying about canon. i mean, hatch quest started with canon nevs but they have changed so that it isn't canon anymore.
No. 6703 ID: 70d9eb

Canon Nevs are so dreamy.
No. 6715 ID: f7aa74

well, if we are gonna make our own nevreans, we gotta make a cannon for ourselves... i i would like to use something that has canon
No. 6716 ID: 72d523

We don't need a cannon to work from. They're a fantasy race, some one comes up with them, some one else reuses them and switches things around to suit teir needs. This goes on and on and on. Just look at Elves.
No. 6717 ID: 28e94e

>We don't need a cannon to work from.
[insert pun here]

Anyway, your argument is flawed. Elves and similar have been around for so long that nobody has any clue what the original is, if such a thing even exists. Nevreans have a single author and a relatively well-defined "official" canon. (tgchan's nevreans have been separate ever since Hatch Quest [which, coincidentally, is the oldest quest on the site], just like how /tg/ has its own distinct variation of sergals. But even then, our nevrean canon is pretty well-defined compared to any of the "traditional" fantasy races.)
No. 6718 ID: 72d523

I don't see how that invalidates my point at all. I could have said Halflings or Warforged or Orcs and my point would have been the same.
No. 6721 ID: f7aa74


all i want to know is this, is their a defined general template that makes this thing a 'nevrean' or are we just gonna call all anthro-bird people nevrean?
No. 6722 ID: 28e94e

Mick's canon is the easiest, just take the stuff in his FA with a grain of salt as he does occasionally just throw in random shit for his own amusement.
No. 6723 ID: 28e94e

(this was supposed to be in the first post, oops)

People generally don't stray too far from the established canon when such a thing exists for a race. Halflings rarely ever vary from LOTR's hobbits, and orcs rarely vary from D&D's canon (which is also very similar to the original LOTR canon). I'm not familiar with any race known as "warforged" but I'm willing to bet it's the same deal. Now try finding where anybody on tgchan or /tg/ has made any major alterations to the nevrean canon, you probably won't find anything worth mentioning.

...I don't even know where this post is going anymore
No. 6724 ID: f5fe2f

>Halflings rarely ever vary from LOTR's hobbits
If it's called "Halfling" it tends to be more like D&D halflings, which are significantly unlike LotR hobbits. Even there, there's a lot of difference. Consider the halflings of Athas, the halflings of Faerun, and the halflings of Eberron. Jungle cannibals, tiny gypsies, and dinosaur cavalry are not very similar. D&D's Gnomes also have deviated from hobbits to the extent that they are now more like the mythological elves of Britain than Tolkein's hobbits. So shit changes a lot.

Even Orcs change a lot. In some cases, they're a race of brutish people who live like mongols, in some they're race of mono-gender fungi who get bigger by killing shit.

>I'm not familiar with any race known as "warforged"
How did you even get on a traditional games board on a website that sprung off from another one?
Have you heard of Eberron? It's kind of a thing. And Warforged aren't Eberron exclusive anymore either. They're changed little due to newness, sure, but it doesn't mean that they're incapable of change. They could easily be seen as an adaptation of golems, for example.

I'll suggest
"If the author calls it a Nevrean, it's a Nevrean."
No. 6725 ID: 28e94e

Eh, I give up. I'm arguing with a guy who can pull dozens examples that I have never heard of out of his ass, therefore I can't possibly refute any of your arguments.
No. 6726 ID: 43d730

>Every race is the same
>Those are shitty and clearly only my experience counts, therefore I win

That said, what are the major features of nevreans? I know there's some Mick-inspired weird shit because they used to be a medieval thing and now it's some kind of cyberpunk dystopia thing going on, but what are their main points?
No. 6727 ID: f5fe2f

Seriously? I went for the most mainstream examples I could think of. Those are all settings that have 4e books. Except the latter orcs, which are Warhammer.

What examples would you use to illustrate your own argument?

Right now it looks like your argument is "Nevreans must cleave to Mick's canon because I think that races can't vary in implementation because I know nothing of fantasy".
No. 6732 ID: 72d523

Main points seem to be a society with high technology. Women are usually warrior. They revere the sky but can't naturally fly, but if they can they shouldn't.

Mick's a good writer with abstract races it's just that they can get to abstract and a little dumb at times. You have to root out the bad stuff and anything else that you don't want. Fantasy races are more of concepts than guidelines. They can be widely interpreted, even in the same setting. To bring up an example I'll get railed on for, Warcraft's early Orcs. They started as just big evil green men that are part demon, and their art direction reflected this. You had Orcs with massive claws and horns and fangs ect.
No. 6733 ID: 28e94e

I have nothing to do with /tg/ and was only posting here because I figured my lack of actual /tg/ related knowledge wouldn't become relevant to this thread. I have no actual experience with the relevant source material and am going mainly on second-hand knowledge while you are probably a long-standing /tg/ veteran who knows the source material inside and out. I can't really argue with you because I have no idea what 3/4 of your examples are.

And you're still wrong because Cruxador
No. 6734 ID: f5fe2f

He's basically conceding on grounds of not knowing what he's talking about. No need to go greentexting at him over that.

>who knows the source material inside and out
Eh, not really. Just the bare bones of the basics.

>I have no idea what 3/4 of your examples are.
You should be able to find the setting books on /rs/ if you're inclined to.

>I figured my lack of actual /tg/ related knowledge wouldn't become relevant to this thread.
It wouldn't have, if you hadn't gone making assertions based on knowledge you didn't have.

Oh, and since we're horribly off-topic anyway,
Trancy Mick is female.
No. 6749 ID: f7aa74



>"If the author calls it a Nevrean, it's a Nevrean."

that is the most dangerous thing anyone could post on this board
No. 6752 ID: 43d730
File 130480207642.jpg - (77.92KB , 640x480 , monster-bird.jpg )

>"If the author calls it a Nevrean, it's a Nevrean."
No. 6753 ID: f5fe2f

>that is the most dangerous thing anyone could post on this board
I don't remember what I have on this particular computer, but it's not impossible that I could post a trojan, instructions for making small-scale nuclear weapons from a fuckton of smoke detectors, and a fairly wide variety of other weapons, both digital and physical. I think that the idea that you can call shit what you want to call it is not very dangerous compared to that. Or, in fact, at all.
No. 6761 ID: 1854db

Smoke detectors don't have the proper materials in them. Or are you implying Americium-241 can be used to make a nuclear weapon?

Anyway you aren't ALLOWED to post that here. That is part of 'can'.

>If it's called "Halfling" it tends to be more like D&D halflings, which are significantly unlike LotR hobbits.
No. 6762 ID: f5fe2f

>Smoke detectors don't have the proper materials in them.
I haven't actually tested these instructions. At the very least, this information would come with the danger of somebody wasting a bunch of money on smoke detectors, which is still a greater danger than the danger inspired by suggesting that a name applies to whatever creature you call by that name.

In-universe, yes. In real life, nobody ever calls them that.
No. 6772 ID: a41aaf

>Americium bomb
>instructions for making small-scale nuclear weapon
Sufficiently accurate that the DoD uses it. The guy figured out how the 'hollow projectile' trick the gun-type Little Boy device used.
Regardless, building a nuke is easy-modo. Refining the materials is the tricky bit. A Calutron is easy to build but takes an age to enrich (and you need multiple stages really).
No. 6776 ID: 3ed896
File 130486400856.jpg - (48.34KB , 248x252 , nevrancanon.jpg )

I'm pretty sure Nevrean canon is more or less "random shit in broken English the crazy friend of Mick told Beakie" and even he can't be bothered to adhere to it.
No. 6780 ID: 8c73c8

hatch quest WAS canon. but then they changed... again.
No. 10441 ID: 49e9ac
File 139638995505.jpg - (32.19KB , 400x650 , 1349364842_mick39_yun_png.jpg )

No. 10445 ID: 74af9b

Nevreans are, from what I've been able to piece together, bird-like dinosaur creatures. Something not to different from an anthropomorphic archeopteryx. They are warm-blooded, and cannot fly.(Even the males, with their larger wings) Like RL birds, the males of the species are brightly coloured, and the females are duller.
Notice the color guide next to the two examples in the picture this person was kind enough to post.
The mouth of the species does have a small, partial beak at the end, with the sharp teeth of the raptorial dinosaurs mentioned (velociraptor, utah raptor, etc.) embedded in gums behind the beak.
The origin of the nevreans is Mick's Vilous novel, very little of which has been translated into English. In this novel, the nevreans apparently lived on a mountain. Mick has tried to translate at least two chapters, bless her perverted heart, but her attempts have only given fans more ammunition to fight with. It has been said that nevreans, like the sergals, humans, and other races on planet Vilous were uplifted by aliens. As such, reasonable and sensible laws of evolutionary biology do not apply.
Confused yet?
Bearing this in mind, as well as the changes to canon Mick has made, different interpretations of the Nevrean race can be easily supported.
Further information is easily available at Mick's FA site, which someone else has also posted. As Mick has referred people to Kiki-Uma on the subject of sergal biology, I would also suggest looking at her FA site as well.
No. 10585 ID: c8aa07
File 141010284154.png - (48.09KB , 560x500 , 40213547.png )


This is a Japanese site of Vilous wiki and this is a Japanese page of Nevrean.
I translate this, they are dinosaurs like a bird limitlessly.
And a woman of Nevrean is masculine, and a man is feminine.
No. 10586 ID: c8aa07
File 141010364524.png - (349.79KB , 1280x1280 , 1348408461_kp-yoshi_lime_rape.png )

and Trancy Mick's friend KP-YOHSI says.
"The sexual role of Nevrean is opposite to that of human.
It means that male Nevreans are girly, colorful, short, and not that strong.
In contrast, females are tough, not colorful, tall, and strong.
Also, their ways of thinking are different."

so female Nevrean rape male Nevrean!
No. 10760 ID: ab0ecc

ther unhealthy obsession with sharp objects. Any
No. 10828 ID: bc7b81

or at least not hot enough to make him pause the fukken game.
No. 10939 ID: a09e62
File 144328377837.png - (171.29KB , 700x700 , Nv.png )

I think it's what makes the species so cool, with how the females are masculine and how the males are feminine. On first refsheet on this thread it does mention male and female, but it's just not very noticeable. I'm glad they updated it though to make it more noticeable on new arts.
No. 10940 ID: a09e62
File 144349114878.png - (204.76KB , 1250x972 , 129103454256.png )

This is latest version ref of it.
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