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File 125186058027.png - (413.75KB , 600x600 , AQ157.png )
37036 No. 37036 ID: 7eda8b

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No. 37037 ID: f98e0b

No. 37038 ID: 7eda8b
File 125186080942.png - (319.60KB , 600x600 , AQ158.png )

Goshen and Aphek continue their trek south. Goshen leads. He's never been the most precise navigator, especially in the desert, but he's alert and knows how to track.

The meat's almost gone, but water is easy to come by, now.

The grasslands have given way to forest. Now the forest ends.
No. 37039 ID: f4963f

Yes. Yes. Yesss. <3
No. 37040 ID: 7eda8b
File 12518610444.png - (275.12KB , 600x400 , AQ159.png )

They've found a town.

It's medium sized. They're downwind, and Goshen catches the scent of Agudner.

Goshen and Aphek have been walking during the day since they left the desert. It is now late afternoon.

Please suggest an action.
No. 37042 ID: f78140

sell your useless stuff, buy more meat.
if there is an excess of money, take the time to teach aphek how to fight.
No. 37049 ID: f4963f

Alright. Well, the first thing I'd do is find a place to pawn off a few of your useless items. Now that we've hit civilization, money's good (and quite frankly easier to carry than all this crap).

Then seek out, in no particular order: A place to sleep, meat rations, and... a place to take a bath. You probably reek after your desert trek, Goshen. No offense.
No. 37060 ID: 43d730

Approach carefully.
Try to be polite.
No. 37072 ID: ed8d8a

It may be wise to hide any recognizable logos on clothing before going into town.
No. 37078 ID: f4963f

Ooh yeah, this. We kind of got into trouble for being part of an elite kick-ass unit before, didn't we? We probably don't want to broadcast it to our enemies.
No. 37080 ID: 7eda8b
File 125186497796.png - (183.76KB , 500x500 , AQ160.png )

>Approach carefully.
The sergals do so.

"They don't seem thrilled to see us," Aphek murmurs.

"What's important is nobody's calling for the militia. They're just jumpy 'cause we're armed."

"And armored."


"And a northern sergal."

"Uh huh."

"And kind of enormous."

Goshen decides not to reply as they come further within earshot.

Agudner are herbivores. Hopefully they have have salted meat for travelers. Goshen ate the last of the jerky a few hours ago, so it's not urgent.

What should they do first?
No. 37083 ID: 64f8ae

Hide the damn insignia on your helmet so as not to freak out anyone who would recognize it
No. 37085 ID: 6faa8c

Have Aphek speak on our behalf, PUT THAT SPEAR AWAY SOMEHOW, and take off helmet and shove in backpack.
No. 37087 ID: f4963f

Alright. Well, since we don't know where we came out of the desert, a sense of direction would be good. Objective one: Find out where we are.

Then we have a bunch of items to pawn off. Hard to remember exactly what without a list, but if we could exchange some dead weight for currency, that would be a good deal. In particular, I seem to recall us storing wine in waterskins? That should be objective two.

Then, it would be good to stock up on meat, if they have any for travellers. Also get some greenery for Aphek if it's cheaper than the meat. We'll make that objective three.

Then finding a place to spend the night would be a good thing to do before the day goes out. Hopefully you can also wash yourself there, you stinky sergal. We'll call that objective four.

Am I forgetting anything here?
No. 37089 ID: 476456

Look for work, could help you pay for supplies.
No. 37094 ID: 7eda8b
File 125186594018.png - (36.02KB , 450x450 , AQ161.png )

>hide your helmet
Might help. Most people are going to tell by looking at him that he's a big, dangerous guy either way, though.

This will fool them. Unless they look at it.
No. 37096 ID: 6faa8c

Actually, if you put the backpack on, and then put the spear between you and the bag, it'll look sheathed.
No. 37100 ID: ed8d8a

Decide what the plan is. Everything up till now has been about getting out of the desert. What happens next though? Try to get home? Avenge squad? investigate and thwart inevitable invasion attempt?
No. 37103 ID: 7eda8b

Isn't that kinda your job?
No. 37114 ID: ed8d8a

Just bringing it up.
No. 37117 ID: 6164e0

Ask Aphek to approach some of the villagers and inquire as to where two travelers could do some trading. They would probably feel less threatened by an unarmored Southerner.

Goshen, try very hard to not look too scary to them. You need food, and panicking the villagers would not help.
No. 37118 ID: 6faa8c

No. 37122 ID: 6164e0


No. 37127 ID: 476456

no, do a retard smile,thats the least threatening.
No. 37129 ID: b94893

try to see if you can trade your smelly shorts for a much less confining skirt.
No. 37131 ID: f4963f


Nonsense, Goshen! You want to show these people you're friendly right? Give em a smile.

A nice. Biiig smile.
No. 37137 ID: 06fc25
File 125186819895.jpg - (52.21KB , 499x657 , 1161631751760.jpg )

The Great General is disappointed in you. You should be eating these people, not playing nice with them.
No. 37139 ID: 7eda8b
File 12518685775.png - (68.92KB , 450x450 , AQ162.png )

>Just bringing it up.
But... but that's... but you... but...


Actually, no! Goshen suddenly decides to think up his own plans from now on!
No. 37141 ID: 7eda8b
File 125186861760.png - (669B , 450x450 , AQ163.png )

Later, losers!
No. 37142 ID: 6164e0

Just because some of the thoughts that run through your mind may be a bit aimless doesn't mean you should stop listening to them!
No. 37143 ID: f4963f

Oh Test, you rascal. <3

Seriously, though. I listed four objectives earlier. How does that list look?
No. 37144 ID: 6164e0


I am trying to hate you to death through the intertubes. Can you feel my hate?
No. 37145 ID: 7eda8b
File 12518688507.png - (283.62KB , 500x500 , AQ164.png )

Woo! Check this shit out! Goshen's the king of Vilous!

He's got a throne made out of the bones of his enemies plus maybe a few people who just happened to be the correct size!
No. 37146 ID: f4963f

But... where is Aphek? :O
What is life without Aphek, Goshen? WHAT IS THE COST?
No. 37148 ID: 9e9b47


Guess... people are better when we don't help?

Bad end?
No. 37149 ID: 6164e0

Daydreaming is nice Goshen, but come on. Focus.

Ask Aphek to talk to the locals and find someone to trade with. You have a bunch of stuff to sell, and you need more meat. Both can be accomplished by finding a trader.
No. 37152 ID: 789c25

There! See, that's the planning that was being discussed. Now you've got a goal. You want to be a king sitting upon a throne made from the bones of your enemies. Now that we know what you want, we can help you actually achieve it.

Let's sell off the trade goods and see about getting a proper meal and a place to stay. Then let's find out who's in charge of this town.
No. 37153 ID: 7eda8b
File 125186978925.png - (65.49KB , 450x450 , AQ165.png )

>Daydreaming is nice Goshen, but come on. Focus.



"You kinda zoned out there."


"I just asked a guy. The trading post is just up the road."
No. 37156 ID: 6164e0

Alright. At a trading post, we can exchange ASSORTED GOODS for PRECIOUS MONIES and DELICIOUS MEATS. What's not to like?

Lets head to the trader.
No. 37175 ID: b94893

"Great... They're not keen on buying our shit then?"
No. 37181 ID: 6164e0

..You do realize that roads frequently run straight through villages, so something being up/down the road does not mean it is outside the village. Just saying.
No. 37192 ID: 7eda8b
File 125187384366.png - (90.42KB , 500x500 , AQ166.png )

The two enter the trading post.

"Can I help you?" asks a nonplussed agudner.

"We're here to sell some things," says Aphek. "And then buy some meat and rations. Maybe some clothes."

"I have meat rations for such an occasion," says the trader. "My demand for used equipment, blood-drenched clothes, and bones is, however, not great."

"We're not here t..." Aphek starts, then pauses. "Okay, yeah, that's mostly what we have to sell. Except for the bones part."
No. 37193 ID: b94893

Oh, err, right.

It's late, shut up. Let's go see what we can find up the road.
No. 37197 ID: f4963f

Well, we do have some wine to sell. Let's get that pawned off, at least.
No. 37198 ID: 795b36

offer up the coins, or ask how much for a week of food.
No. 37199 ID: 7eda8b
File 125187423866.png - (294.25KB , 800x800 , Inventory.png )

Let's see here...

What are they selling? Or at least, what are they not selling?

Goshen notes that this inventory lists estimates of what things are worth, but not necessarily what he can earn right now. There's basically no way he could sell Aphek now, for example, and he doubts the trader will recognize the exceptional quality of Shadran's sword.
No. 37200 ID: f78140

we are selling the whisky, the chain, the helmet, and the 2 swords you forgot to include in the picture.
No. 37201 ID: f4963f

Alright. That cookware and the whiskey should be sellable.

Though I will miss the flammable option. How flammable is whiskey? Perhaps we should keep a single skin of it on hand. For... fun. >:)
No. 37202 ID: 789c25

The whiskey, the helm, and the chain should be sold.

Also, we should wash that cloth, so we can use it as bandages in the future.
No. 37203 ID: 904da4

The two swords were not forgotten, they were taken by Shadran, remember?
No. 37204 ID: b94893

We need to save a pot and a knife. Aphek can use it as a helmet if nothing else, but pots can be damn useful.

Just you wait, the pot will save your life one day. It's the towel of cookware. Infinite uses.
No. 37208 ID: 6164e0

You mean the two swords that had been used to prop up the two severed human heads, that then were relocated to parts unknown when Shadran caught up to us?

Yeah, don't think we can sell those.
No. 37253 ID: 7d87d9

Sell the scraps and some of the plant crap. Those things like the green stuff.

Maybe sell a little bit of the whiskey...Because you should ALWAYS have some since FIRE IS GOOD.
No. 37277 ID: 7de7cb

Just buy some meat. Ask if there is anyone around who buys scrap metal. Can either of you use your weapons for hunting? See if you can buy a sling for Aphek. That should be more his style. See if they have any bits of armor you could use to improve your mostly complete set.

Goshen with med armor and a polearm
Aphek with leather armor and a sling

sounds like a plan

hell, you cold make a half-assed sling with the spare cloth you have.
No. 37308 ID: 476456

Sell 2 bottles of whiskey, keep last one.
No. 37328 ID: ed8d8a

Whiskey is a drink which is generally just above the flammability line, but some less common high proofs are extremely flammable. Of course the higher proofs are also generally more valuable.

That helm actually looks more like a pot than the pot looks like a helmet, if you are looking for cross-functionality.
No. 37392 ID: 67c611

Shopkeep doesn't want the helmet anyway.
No. 37460 ID: f4caea

So apparently I'm the first one to ask.
What's about that weapon hilt at the wall left to the trader?
Goshen: Ogle possible awesome weapon eagerly. You're huge, that means you need a huge weapon.
Except for that, you should should keep the cookware and buy supplies to prepare food. You've got an Aphek now who can cook for you and that means you don't need to buy expensive tavern food if you stay in this town for some time. Maybe he could even work at said tavern to pay your stay there.
No. 37590 ID: 7eda8b
File 125194867128.png - (174.37KB , 500x500 , AQ167.png )

Aphek offers up two of the four skins of whiskey, leaving two in the inventory.

"Hey! This is actually quality," says the merchant.

"I know," says Aphek. "Over a hundred and fifty proof. We had to leave a small fortune of this stuff behind..."

"My condolances," the agudner says. "Why?"

"Bandits. Especially one really bad one."

"Well, it certainly wasn't a very good bandit, if they didn't take this stuff with them."

The agudner offers eleven denars for the two skins, more than Goshen figured they were worth. She also accepts the helm and the chain scraps for another nine, bringing their total to 63 worth.

Goshen decides to keep the cookware, so they can make food from things he hunts.

Speaking of meat, goshen buys a week worth of salted jerky for five denars. Pricy, but he supposes this is like asking lizard men for a good fur brush.
No. 37592 ID: 7eda8b
File 125194894557.png - (166.14KB , 500x500 , AQ168.png )

>What's about that weapon hilt at the wall left to the trader?

"What's that?" asks Aphek. "It looks like an executioner's sword."

"It's similar," says the shopkeeper. "But a true sword of justice would not have the hand guard."

"An awkward one," Goshen adds. "Maybe they just thought it looked fancy."

"So what are you doing with one?" Aphek asks.

"Selling it," the agudner says. "Forty denars."

That's not a crazy price for a big sword, but... how big a market does she really think she has on this? The weird guard makes it awkward as a two-handed combat weapon, and there aren't very many people in the world who could swing such a thing one-handed.
No. 37593 ID: 6164e0

How about a whet stone and some wood oils to maintain your spear and something to scrub your armor to keep off rust. I imagine your equipment isn't in the best condition, and could use some solid work to get back into near perfect condition.

And an area map would be nice.
No. 37594 ID: 7d87d9

Ain't worth buying honestly. A properly Halberd would work better.

You're not some Elf or a Human. Such weapon is an INSULT to you
No. 37595 ID: 64f8ae

See if you can swing it around one handed.
No. 37596 ID: 6164e0

Hagglan' Time.

'And how long have you been holding on to this, unable to find a buyer? I imagine it would be nice to finally get rid of the thing. I suppose I could help you out at the price of 15 Denars. It hurts to pay so much for such an awkward weapon, but since I am probably the only customer you have had for some time who could actually swing it around in combat, I would be willing.'

Be aware you aren't going to get it for 15 denars. This is just to establish that you aren't going to simply pay 40 denars to take something that has no real practical value to the trader in a non-martial (by Northern standards) village.
No. 37597 ID: 67c611

Goshen is a trained spear user. He has no use for a sword.
No. 37606 ID: 6164e0

It would be really handy as a practice aid. Getting strong enough to swing that around would make Aphek much more capable. We do still have to get him trained, after all.

Actually, we could use it too. Exercise is always helpful to a warrior, and Goshen is no exception. I somehow doubt he is at his own absolute peak physical condition, and having something to help build some more muscle would be good, since physical might is a Northerner's forte.
No. 37607 ID: 7d87d9

The best use probably would to try and sell it to some other fool.

We obviously are getting ripped off by the weaklings. If it was a truly useful sword why aren't THEIR warriors using them?
No. 37609 ID: 7eda8b
File 125195045378.png - (60.15KB , 350x350 , AQ169.png )

"About the only way that sword would be useful in a fight is if someone were freakishly strong enough to swing it one-handed. I don't think you're going to find many of those," Goshen says.

Goshen makes this face.

"...Thirty," says the Agudner.

>Goshen is a trained spear user. He has no use for a sword.
Goshen is a trained lots-of-stuff user, for the record. Then again, this isn't exactly a deftly maneuverable blade. Even if it will really fuck someone up if it hits. Maybe he should pass?
No. 37610 ID: ab91ae

It might make a good weapon for Aphek, but Shadran's sword would be better. Forget buying this thing; your spear serves you better.
No. 37611 ID: 43d730

On the other hand, this is a fucking scary weapon.
The spear is practical, but this and weird eyes should scare the piss out of minor foes.
If nothing else, we can make Aphek carry it for strength training.
No. 37614 ID: 67c611

Just carry a stick with rocks tied to it.
No. 37616 ID: f4963f

Well, let's see. Buying the sword for 30 denars would take us from 58 (after buying salted meat) to 28. That's about half our money right there. We shouldn't buy it unless we have reason to believe it would provide a big advantage in combat.

I'm gonna go with the 'awesome but impractical' vote and say to skip on the blade.
No. 37619 ID: f4963f

Ammendum: If, after we've bought everything else, rested, and finished our business in town, we still find ourselves with ample cash, then we might consider it. We're basically living on what we can get by selling crap here, so it might be prudent to be a little conservative.
No. 37621 ID: 67c611

pass on the sword.
No. 37622 ID: 6164e0


Shadran mostly turned aside our thrusts and cuts at her before, do you figure this weapon would have enough inertia she couldn't deflect it?
No. 37624 ID: 6164e0

...if she dropped the price that fast, maybe we can haggle it lower?

'As you said, this is not a sword of justice. It is a brutal weapon for killing and nothing more. I imagine it is distasteful to even own it. However, I happen to know someone who isn't particularly interested in playing the hero.'

Close mouth, stare at the trader calmly for a bit.
No. 37626 ID: 43d730

Assuming she didn't dodge, yeah.
That's what, fifteen-twenty pounds of metal?
If we can land a hit, it should break several somethings.
Assuming she doesn't nance around it and extract our gizzard while we're swinging it around.
No. 37628 ID: 64f8ae

Hmm, we definitely don't want anything unweildy.. if Shadran shows up she'll slaughter us if we pull out that thing. We might be able to sell it somewhere el- wait a second, are we becoming merchants? Oh, and stop pulling that face.
No. 37630 ID: b94893

What does Aphek think of the blade? does he have a weapon currently?
No. 37634 ID: 7238e2

No way in hell he can use that thing. Currently he's got Shadran's sword, but he doesn't really know how to use it.
No. 37644 ID: 7eda8b
File 125195407867.png - (123.80KB , 450x450 , AQ170.png )

>this is not a sword of justice. It is a brutal weapon for killing and nothing more.
Perhaps Goshen isn't being clear. When we say 'justice,' we mean 'beheading.'

>pass on the sword, but maybe come back later
Fair enough. Goshen could use a backup weapon for a close-quarters fight, but this one's huge.

"Do you guys have a mapmaker in town?" Aphek asks.

"Afraid not," says the agudner. "Where you looking for?"

"Um, just general surroundings. We just came out of the desert."

"Well, this town is called Kag. Houses. Market. Blacksmithy, two poor inns, a temple, the usual. On the road the east is Saia, a large and popular traveller's bathhouse. Further is a small mountain range and Fort Ji. South is more villages, mostly agudner and nevrean. Closest is Hojal. Well to the south is gnolls and such. The west road will take you to Vreka, a somewhat bigger town than this. Further west gets you southern sergal nomads, dust, and monsters."
No. 37645 ID: ed8d8a

Since it is on the counter, try picking up the blade, see if it is even reasonable in terms of weight and balance. Also general craftsmanship, since you know of such things.
No. 37646 ID: b94893

Aphek: Suddenly daydream of what a bath with Goshen would be like.
No. 37651 ID: 6164e0

Well, lets ask the trader if they sell stuff to maintain weapons and armor. Whet stones, wood oil, things to scrub off rust and buff armor, that sort of stuff. Your stuff will eventually need upkeep (if it doesn't already), so you might as well get the tools necessary to keep your things maintained now.
No. 37675 ID: 7eda8b
File 125196180515.png - (136.91KB , 500x500 , AQ171.png )

>Since it is on the counter, try picking up the blade, see if it is even reasonable in terms of weight and balance. Also general craftsmanship, since you know of such things.
Hmm. Not bad. Not swift, though. More or less what he expected by looking at it.

"Nah. Too big. Too pricy," Goshen says. "...Maybe I'll come back later."

What now?
No. 37679 ID: 6164e0

...Maintenance supplies for arms and armor? If you don't get them, it will probably seriously bite you in the ass later.
No. 37680 ID: ed8d8a

look out window
No. 37681 ID: 795b36

might as well head to fort Ji, so we can pick up some more useful people
No. 37682 ID: 476456

ask for directions to...places. The nearest 3 outposts.
No. 37683 ID: 7eda8b
File 125196306581.png - (64.17KB , 350x350 , AQ172.png )

>...Maintenance supplies for arms and armor? If you don't get them, it will probably seriously bite you in the ass later.
This is included under 'basic stuff' in the inventory. So is a flint and steel kit, a bit of oil, small towel, and even a better tent than they were using before. The humans had travel equipment, and this is now Goshen's.
No. 37686 ID: 6164e0

Alright then, as long as you have the stuff.

...Have you sharpened the spear since you got it? I mean, you thrust it through chain mail and all, its probably dulled a good bit.

Either way, look out winder while holding the sword. Make Rapeface.
No. 37687 ID: 6164e0

I need sleep if I typed window as winder.
No. 37690 ID: 795b36

*ahem* fort Ji, or ask for what else the merchant has.
No. 37694 ID: 43d730

His sergeant hasn't shown up and killed him yet, so I assumed that was reflexive.
No. 37697 ID: 16e6bc

Well, you could head to Fort Ji as is or tell Aphek to just go back to join the nomads to the west.
No. 37698 ID: 06fc25

I don't know about straight up telling Aphek to go, but I imagine he would appreciate having the option.
No. 37699 ID: f4caea

If you want to become ruler of the Sergal Empire you'll need an over-sized. impractical weapon.
History proves as much.
>join the nomads to the west
Lol no. He's way to dainty right now, we better keep him for his own safety.
No. 37725 ID: 6164e0

Well, we do have enough food for both Aphek and Goshen to last about a week before they get too hungry. Goshen had previously remarked that it would take somewhere around a week or so to train Aphek up sufficiently he could be useful in combat.

Why not head into the woods, and do a combat training/wilderness survival combo? You days would pretty much be training, strengthening and conditioning exercise, hunting, and getting more used to what kind of things can be found in this stretch of forest. Sounds like a handy set of things to do.
No. 38240 ID: 54af1f

Go find an Inn, get a hot meal and a soft comfortable bed for the night rather than sleeping on the hard, cold ground yet again
No. 38318 ID: 6164e0

Bah. That's what a soft warrior needs. You aren't soft, are you Goshen?
No. 38421 ID: 54af1f


No, it's what smart warriors do when they get the chance
No. 38427 ID: 01383e

soft and smart tend to be the same thing, just as dumb people often develop a protective layer of scabs and scars.
No. 38428 ID: 6164e0

Right, but with a Talyxian likely still stalking him, sleeping in a comfortable bed where peoople know you are there is not exactly the best idea when no one in the village would really be upset if you died (they don't seem to care for Northerners that much). Additionally, it is generally easier to sleep lightly when uncomfortable as shit, and until Shadran is dealt with, sound sleep doesn't seem a great idea.
No. 38633 ID: 476456

Well then sleep in a chair and let aphek sleep in the bed.
No. 39022 ID: 54af1f


She's a heck of a lot less likely to be able to sneak up on us in a lockable inn room than in a wide open patch of woods.
No. 39089 ID: b94893

>hard wood floor

All she'd have to do is take off her boots and be silent with the lockpick and we'd be goners.

Or, you know, do the far more terrifying route I personally think she'd take and molotov cocktail the room while we sleep so that we wake up to a blazing inferno, with her right outside waiting for us to come out the window. Probably with some sort of blowgun.

Any inn at this point is a deathtrap.
No. 39107 ID: 7eda8b
File 125228839669.png - (123.97KB , 500x500 , AQ173.png )

>go out in the woods for survival training
Hell no! Wasn't weeks in the desert and a few days in the woods enough of that?

>get an inn but be really worried about it

There's two inns in town. One's bigger and nicer, and more likely to have food Goshen won't find disgusting, the other smaller and cheaper. Neither are likely to charge more than two denars for the night.
No. 39109 ID: 795b36

2 denars? pft, go for the nice one.
No. 39111 ID: 7d87d9

We have to think about the defensibility of each. And the ease of escape if needed. We need to consider the tactical possibilities of both inns.

We know the locals are weak creatures and couldn't hold up to potential raiders or our old enemy arriving. Thus we should consider there is a possibility of them betraying us to the Talyxian if she presented them with enough denars
No. 39112 ID: b94893

Definitely go for the nice one after inspecting all the locks and giving the innkeeper another denar if he doesn't tell anyone they're there.
No. 39113 ID: efa41b

Go ahead and go for the nicer one.
No. 39114 ID: bffa2a


Go to the nice one. Less thieves, comfort, better food and less likely to sell you out. Let's get comfortable for once.
No. 39133 ID: 64f8ae

Nice one, hands down. Goshen needs something decent to eat.
No. 39140 ID: 7eda8b
File 125229226593.png - (239.20KB , 500x500 , AQ174.png )

The sergals enter the nice inn.

"Hrmph, not bad," says Goshen. It's a sight better than what he's gotten used to. He can't wait to actually have a bed to sleep in.

"...Thank you," says a hostess. "Welcome to the Sunset River Inn."

"How much for a meat, uh... meal fit for me and this dusty?" asks Goshen. "Plus ale, plus a room with two beds."

"That'd depend on how much ale," she says. "A denar and a half, if you go light on the beverage."

After a moment, she adds "...Sir."
No. 39141 ID: bffa2a


Make it two denars. Enjoy your life before Shadran comes to put your skull on display over the bar like a moose head.
No. 39145 ID: b94893

Yeah. Definitely.

And tell her if any talyxians come by you're not there.
No. 39146 ID: 7eda8b
File 125229460569.png - (185.25KB , 500x500 , AQ175.png )

>Make it two denars. Enjoy your life before Shadran comes to put your skull on display over the bar like a moose head.

Increasing the budget makes the evening markedly more delicious.

Morale improves.
No. 39147 ID: efa41b

>that picture

And yeah, give her a denar and a half, then drink as much ale as you want. If she complains, you can give her another half-denar later.
No. 39150 ID: b94893

Teach Aphek how to drink like a man.
No. 39151 ID: 64f8ae

Make sure to eat the nose, it's the best part.
No. 39152 ID: 1afd58

>Teach Aphek how to drink from a man.
No. 39154 ID: bffa2a


Sleep in bed, make Aphek sleep against window and block door with a chair. Don't worry, death will probably come from an arrow in wilderness than in civilization. It's easier that way.
No. 39158 ID: 64f8ae

Share the ear with Aphek, I bet they're good and crunchy like a pig ear.
No. 39159 ID: b94893
File 12522957955.jpg - (17.92KB , 480x345 , doctor horrible stare.jpg )

No. 39160 ID: efa41b

You know, I never noticed how much cutebolds looked like guinea pigs until I saw one served up like a guinea pig.
No. 39165 ID: 6164e0

....huh, you're right, just no fur and longer ears, really.
No. 39167 ID: d94138

You are... regularly served guinea pigs?
No. 39172 ID: 7eda8b
File 125229733787.png - (158.24KB , 500x500 , AQ176.png )

>Teach Aphek how to drink like a man.
Goshen isn't sure how this will help, but gives it a shot. Aphek gives it a few shots, but mostly sticks with ale.
No. 39175 ID: b94893

Challenge Aphek to a humorous, friendly game of wits. We have to teach him to keep his mind sharp at all times.

Start by teaching him the oldest one in the book. "You fight like a dairy farmer!"
No. 39176 ID: 7d87d9

This won't end well...
No. 39178 ID: b94893

Are you joking? This is going to be awesome.
No. 39183 ID: b94893
File 125229860678.png - (166.68KB , 500x500 , aphek awesome.png )

No. 39185 ID: 7eda8b
File 125229921555.png - (108.91KB , 500x500 , AQ177.png )

>Are you joking? This is going to be awesome.
Totally! Two sergals loaded with food and drink aZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
No. 39186 ID: d94138

Don't drink too much, now.
CONSTANT VIGILAN- I mean you don't want to be caught with your pants down if or when Shadran sets the inn on fire with you in it, or just sneaks into your room with a knife.
Maybe have Aphek sleep on the floor in front of the door?
No. 39187 ID: d94138

Too slow.
Also, lollan at Goshen hanging off the ends.
No. 39188 ID: b94893

D'awww. Like little angels.

Dream sweet dreams, young sergals. You've earned a good night's rest.
No. 39189 ID: 64f8ae

Looks like that ship has sailed
No. 39191 ID: 6164e0


Good, you're awake, and you realized how stupid it is to both sleep when Shadran could either sneak in or bribe the innkeeper. I don't care if your head hurts and you want to keep sleeping, not dying is more important.
No. 39238 ID: 54af1f

you know, there is such a thing as too paranoid
No. 39242 ID: 64f8ae

Not if they really are out to get you...
No. 39483 ID: b94893

They can rest easy tonight of all nights.
No. 39845 ID: 54af1f

Even then, if we never get a nights sleep because we're worried about Shadran, then she'll have a much easier time killing us later.
No. 42855 ID: 7eda8b
File 125274147460.png - (102.62KB , 500x500 , AQ178.png )

Goshen dreams.
No. 42856 ID: 7eda8b
File 125274161745.png - (316.29KB , 500x500 , AQ179.png )

Something from long ago.
No. 42860 ID: 06fc25

God damned Talyxian whores.
No. 42865 ID: 7eda8b
File 125274268636.png - (167.70KB , 500x500 , AQ180.png )

>God damned Talyxian whores.
I know, right?!

Nevertheless, Goshen thinks his side won that one. Probably.


Goshen hates it when he wakes from a vivid dream, and a few moments later can scarcely remember it.

Still. It's nice to wake up at least somewhat rested. Somewhat. The bed's too small, but compared to sleeping on the ground in daylight, it's magnificent. Goshen and Aphek fell asleep at dusk, and have woken up past morning, a testament to what a taxing journey this has been. Goshen could use a bath. He's really starting to smell. He remembers what the shopkeeper said about a large bathhouse to the east, on the way to Fort Ji.

Furniture is pressed up against the window and door, the only ways in, to make noise in case an assassin snuck in at night. Both are unmoved.
No. 42867 ID: f4963f

Check up on Aphek. He still sleeping?

Also get your gear on. A bath would be a good change of pace for you, stinky sergal.
No. 42868 ID: b94893

Check on Goshen.

Make sure he didn't mistake his pillow for a watermelon while he was dreaming.
No. 42878 ID: 7eda8b
File 12527443947.png - (160.23KB , 500x500 , AQ181.png )

>Check up on Aphek. He still sleeping?
"Hey, Aphek. You asleep?"

Aphek rolls over.

"Urrgh..." says the southerner, clearly unaccustomed to drinking like he did the night before. "Whuh? Oh. Oh hells. What happened last night?" he asks.

"Well," says Goshen. "We were exhausted before we got here, and we're in separate beds on opposite ends of the room, and we're both still wearing our clothes, so... obviously we had sex."

>Check on Goshen.
Goshen checks on himself, and counts eight fingers and eight toes.
No. 42882 ID: 6faa8c


>"Well," says Goshen. "We were exhausted before we got here, and we're in separate beds on opposite ends of the room, and we're both still wearing our clothes, so... obviously we had sex."
No. 42885 ID: bffa2a


Check window to see if any lynch mobs have formed. If not get dressed and get one last meal before you have to hit the road again.
No. 42889 ID: 307395

Yeah, that's the question.
Going towards Fort Ji at once or having some days of R&R in this town? Maybe also some much needed fighting lessons for Aphek.
Is it possible to send a message to Fort Ji? Dunno if there's some kind of Pony Express around.
No. 42945 ID: 476456

Go take a bath you smelly smelly sergals.
No. 42947 ID: 5eea01

Take a bath. Together~
No. 43169 ID: 7eda8b
File 125278953443.png - (218.00KB , 500x500 , AQ182.png )

"Alright. There's apparently some traveler's inn to the east, on the road to Ji," says Goshen.

"I was there," says Aphek. "Saia Bathhouse, or something like that."

"Right. So we're going there. Because I could really go for that."

"Yeah, you could," Aphek says. "I wasn't going to say anything..."

"That's... that's great, Aphek. You little bastard."

Goshen ponders if they should do anything in town before leaving.

"We should eat," Aphek adds helpfully. "I smell eggs cooking."

"Anything ELSE, though."

"You can eat eggs, right?"

No. 43171 ID: 6164e0

Eat. You never know, this could be the last time you get non-ration or foraged food. Take advantage of amenities while they are present.
No. 43173 ID: fd465d

Yeah, there's not much to do except breakfast and a bath. Especial the bath is much needed.
We'll have to plan what to do next though.
No. 43190 ID: f4963f

Eggs it is! Eggs, precious!
No. 43221 ID: fd465d

Oh yeah, I forgot.
To sword or not to sword. That's something we'll have to decide before leaving the town.
I don't really have good arguments for buying it. but I like it and we really don't need that much money anyways.
No. 43226 ID: bffa2a


Horrible sword, useless. No we don't need it. Save money for missing armor bits or buy a proper short sword for backup.
No. 43233 ID: f4963f

>buy a proper short sword for backup
I second this plan.

Our spear is already an effective weapon when we've got a lot of wide, open space. A short sword or long dagger for close-quarters combat would make a fine backup weapon.
No. 43240 ID: bffa2a

Hey, Aphek can you fire a crossbow? Takes only a few days to get competent with it and you would be infinitely more useful. You would need years of training to get proficient with a sword against people who already live by it.It's ok backup but we need you to stay out of the way.
No. 43274 ID: 7d87d9

I'm pretty sure Sergal Soldiers and Raider are trained to be good with knives...
No. 43279 ID: 01383e

guys, do we have a wood axe?

could that sword also act as a wood axe without significantly dulling? (Executioner swords are for choppin', after all...)

If we don't have an axe, we might be able to get that instead.
No. 43280 ID: 43d730

We have four ranges to worry about.
First is Close Melee-Bitan/rippan/tearan/daggers. We've got that down.
Next is Medium melee- Swords/axes/one-handers/etc. Nothing for this other than crossbar.
Then Far melee- Reachish weapons. Also have this down.
Then Ranged, which we have nothing for.
Get Aphek a sling and have him practice, maybe pick up a sword or something.
No. 43286 ID: bffa2a

Guisarme can handle medium to long depending how you use it. Aphek has a sword. We don't have anything for close, we don't have a knife. Slings need horrible amounts of practise. Crossbow would make Aphek useful for once. No, we are not buying a pricey ugly novelty sword.
No. 43299 ID: 7d87d9

As we saw bit attacks for Sergals tend to NOT be as effective as we'd think.
No. 43339 ID: 7eda8b
File 125280287690.png - (168.38KB , 500x500 , AQ183.png )

>sword, armor, etc
There's a blacksmithy in town. They'll probably have a wood axe, may possibly have a sword worth buying, and definitely won't have a codpiece in Goshen's size.

Presently, Goshen is hungry. He opens the door and h- Woah!
No. 43342 ID: f4963f

Okay... um. Who keeps a weapon drawn in the middle of the hallway?

... besides us of course.

Ask him what he's up to.
No. 43343 ID: 43d730

No. 43356 ID: 15f6d6

Gently nudge him with the tip of your spear. Ask him wtf is up. Step on his sword first just in case.
No. 43359 ID: f21281
File 125280382016.jpg - (44.47KB , 450x247 , meet_the_scout.jpg )

Kneel down next to him, poke him in the head with the butt of your spear.

"...yo, wassup?"
No. 43362 ID: fd465d

Is that supposed to be some kinda guard?
Make sure he can't use his sword and give him your friendliest smile.
No. 43384 ID: 7eda8b
File 125280549928.png - (174.16KB , 500x500 , AQ184.png )

Goshen bumps the agudner with the flat of his spear.

"Yo," says Goshen. "What's all this?"

"Oh Hell!" says the agudner.

"In an instant," warns Goshen. "If I don't like your words."

"I... you're a sergal warrior," he says. "I had to make sure you didnt' sneak out at night to do things!"

"So I go downstairs in the night to take a piss and you stab me?"

"No! Not like that! We abide by the peace of Keilah. I just had to be certain you did as well!"

Goshen isn't sure what he means. He remembers Keilah, however. Captain Keilah, the officer of Fort Ji the last time he crossed the desert. But that was years ago. No way she's still in charge of the garrison.
No. 43386 ID: 9e9b47


They're just scared. Killing this one isn't gonna do any good.
No. 43387 ID: 962d6b

How rude... nothing to kill over though.
No. 43389 ID: 01383e

inform him that if they DID intend to keep any kind of peace, raiders could have their way with them as much as they want, with soldiers like him.

Also, on a completely different note, mention you sell training services, and could... say... train up a militia for pay.

((Think of it, cushy place to rest for a few months, chance to train yourself and the other one, and pay!))
No. 43390 ID: fd465d

"And what kind of things would that be?"
But yeah, he didn't intrude in your room and appears overall pretty harmless. No need to harm him.
Inquire about Captain Keilah and this peace he mentioned. We really need to know what's going on in this area.
No. 43398 ID: 7eda8b
File 125280664043.png - (175.40KB , 500x500 , AQ185.png )

>Inquire about Captain Keilah and this peace he mentioned. We really need to know what's going on in this area.

"Captain Keilah? What's this got to do with her?" asks Goshen.

"She helps protect villages in this area. She says sergals that don't abide by this must answer to her. We owe her a lot. It doesn't undo what your people have done, but we owe her a lot."
No. 43401 ID: f4963f

That's good. No need to torture the poor lamby thing any more, cheeky though he is.

Well, maybe just a little scare~
No. 43405 ID: 904da4

Shoulder your spear and comment that the kid could stand to be a bit more diligent in his guard duties, if such a thing is really a concern. But you won't tell anyone.
No. 43410 ID: f98e0b

Ask him what his profession is
No. 43424 ID: 7eda8b
File 125280823497.png - (176.71KB , 500x500 , AQ186.png )

>Shoulder your spear

Goshen withdraws his weapon.

"If you plan on standing guard, make sure you can actually do the job," Goshen suggests. "Maybe take shifts with someone."

>Ask him what his profession is
The agudner gives a humbled look.

"Would you believe... adventurer?"

"No," says Goshen.

"No," Aphek adds

"Farm hand turned adventurer?" the agudner tries.
No. 43448 ID: 15f6d6

"The first part of that sounds believable"
No. 43453 ID: 904da4

"Whats your name?"

If he replies, go ahead and introduce yourselves. No reason to not be civil.
No. 43456 ID: f4963f

D'aww, he's, like, a level 1 fighter. It's kinda cute, really.

Give him a reassuring pat on the back and wish him luck.
No. 43525 ID: 7eda8b
File 125281148525.png - (141.18KB , 500x500 , AQ187.png )

"First part's believable enough," Goshen replies.

The agudner shrugs, then stands up, holding his sword, but then sheathing it.

"I guess if you were going to kill me, you'd have done it," he says, and smiles sheepishly.

"So what's your name?" asks Goshen.

"Lonace," the Agudner replies. "I'm Halana's brother. She's the barkeep here."

"I'm Goshen. This is Aphek."

"Good meeting you, sirs," he says. "Guess we should get some food. I don't like eggs, but we have to get rid of them somehow. You planning on being in town long?"
No. 43528 ID: 15f6d6

"we've got important Sergal business to attend to."

Totally get some breakfast, though.
No. 43559 ID: 01383e

god that guy is ugly

whatever you do, don't take him with you.
No. 43560 ID: f4963f

How long -are- we in town yet? I believe our plan was to food up and then head off towards Fort Ji?

"Not for too much longer. We're heading eastwards to Fort Ji from here. Why?"
No. 43625 ID: 7eda8b
File 125281553630.png - (165.43KB , 500x500 , AQ188.png )

"Important Sergal business," Goshen says without detail.

Telling someone about the raiders might be a good idea... but maybe not drawing attention is the best plan. Who knows who else might be listening?

>It's kinda cute, really.
>god that guy is ugly

Goshen gets some food. Breakfast for he and Aphek will probably come to four Aes, an Aes being one tenth of a Denar. Goshen usually doesn't have to worry about such things. His prowess could earn him a florin a day as a mercenary.

He's never been a fan of eggs. This meal in particular seems odd.

"Hey, what kind are these?" he asks.

"We're actually not certain, sir," Halana admits. "They're safe to eat, though. A merchant thought them to be human eggs, but humans don't come from eggs."

"They don't?" Goshen asks. "I thought they were like lizardmen."

"They don't," Halana repeats. "In any case, these are unfertilized."

Whatever they are, they sate Goshen's considerable appetite.

Should they bother with the blacksmith or other merchants, or start traveling? It's already mid morning.
No. 43629 ID: 15f6d6

Lets hit the fuckin' road unless we need some neccessities. Does Aphek have any kind of weapon?
No. 43630 ID: 7d87d9

Humans =/= Eggs?!

No. 43632 ID: e3f578

Goshen, son (or whatever relation the voices in your head are.), I think it's time I told you of the birds and the bees. You see when a boy human and a girl human like each other, they "bonk", which unconventionally for them, makes babies.

How is your father by the way, speaking of relations?
No. 43634 ID: 6164e0

Swing by the blacksmith for a close quarters swordbreaker with a sharpened tip (pretty popular mercenary tool during this tech level, if I recall), and the chance to find at least some sort of armor for Aphek.

This town probably won't have what you want, but since you are here, might as well check.
No. 43641 ID: 7d87d9

Well do you think Sergal scouts would be interested in human mating patterns?

Its number 503 on the list of things to get info on.
No. 43666 ID: 7eda8b
File 125281752717.png - (163.49KB , 500x500 , AQ189.png )

>This town probably won't have what you want
Goshen supposes not...
>Lets hit the fuckin' road unless we need some neccessities.
This place is dead anyway.

>How is your father by the way, speaking of relations?
He's dead. Mother led the family even before his demise, however. Goshen hasn't talked to her in quite some time. Not since he changed his last name from Atrales to Atral.

>Does Aphek have any kind of weapon?
Shadran's longsword. A truly exceptional and superbly balanced weapon.

Speaking of that.

"Where'd you get the scabbard?" asks Goshen.

"Bought it while you were still eating," says Aphek. "Got it from a different trading post for a denar. Fits pretty well."
No. 43687 ID: f4963f

Looks like he's getting used to the idea of being your sidekick. Er, servant. Journeyman? Squire.

Not much to do on the way. Perhaps find out a little more about Aphek, now that day-to-day survival isn't our most pressing concern.

We're heading to the bathhouse, right?
No. 43729 ID: 7eda8b
File 125281973637.png - (152.39KB , 500x500 , AQ190.png )

>We're heading to the bathhouse, right?
Yeah. Goshen is under no obligation to stop. It's not like smelling bad is the most important thing on his mind, though at this point it's probably making him easier to track.

>Perhaps find out a little more about Aphek
"Didn't buy any new clothes while you were there," Goshen observes.

"I looked around, but nothing really came to me," Aphek admits. "I bought some underwear, but it chafed. I don't know how you can stand it."

"Agudner have shorter fur than sergals," says Goshen. "You have to pick a bigger size, but tighten around the waist."

Aphek shrugs. "How about you? I see you're still going shirtless."

"I'm not shirtless," Goshen says. "My shirt is made of METAL."
No. 43762 ID: b94893

Aphek has a point though, we do need to remember to get new clothes next time.

Ask him about his family.
No. 43765 ID: 8ce2bf

Rip his loin-cloth off to show him the importance of underwear.
No. 43767 ID: b94893

That's idiotic. Underwear is for lesser races.

Like Kobolds.
No. 43863 ID: 01383e

shut up both of you, a loincloth can very easily become a type of underwear by wearing ANYTHING over it.

he's basically already wearing the tribal equivalent of tidy whities, why do you want even more under layers? what we should really do is get him some pants or something.
No. 43873 ID: f4963f

Pants? On MY sergals? Ain't Goshen enough for you? :V

Bollocks, I say. Aphek, you need a badass combat kilt, like a real sergal.

Or somewhat more seriously, perhaps some kind of tunic. It really depends on what the climate is like in the next few areas we'll be visiting.
No. 44435 ID: 083dfe


No. 44450 ID: 54af1f

Go take a bath. Who know's when you might get another chance.
No. 45299 ID: 7eda8b
File 125308180550.png - (125.93KB , 500x500 , AQ191.png )

The sergals travel for most of the day, the road meeting a few others, looking more traveled as it does.

Struck by paranoia, Goshen steers very clear of any passerbys, mostly agudner, plus the occasional southern sergal. He takes Aphek well off the road to avoid being spotted or approached.

None look particularly suspicious, but you can't be too careful. It isn't hard to talk Aphek into this. He seems to trust Goshen in such matters, and is eager to avoid a fight.
No. 45300 ID: 7eda8b
File 125308187594.png - (280.06KB , 600x600 , AQ192.png )

This must be the place.
No. 45303 ID: f78140

enjoi ur baths?
No. 45304 ID: 962d6b

uh, how much money is left? I hope this wont be too expensive but head on in.
No. 45308 ID: 7eda8b
File 12530824659.png - (211.75KB , 500x500 , AQ193.png )

They approach the left door, which looks more... entrance-ee.

Aphek knocks on the door.

"Hello? Are you open?" he asks.

"Hello, Sergals," says a high, polite voice from inside. "We don't want any trouble."

Remembering the plan from the previous town, Goshen quickly hides his helmet in his pack.
No. 45310 ID: f78140

"we're not here for trouble, we're here for a bath."
No. 45311 ID: 904da4

"Nor do we. Just a bath."
No. 45312 ID: f4963f

"We're not looking to start any."

Head on in, if they'll let you.

And yea, how much money's in our coffers? Not sure if this place is free, but it'd be good to know either way.
No. 45322 ID: 7eda8b
File 125308323574.png - (210.44KB , 500x500 , AQ194.png )

"Uhh... We're not looking for trouble either," Aphek says.

"We're just tired," Goshen adds.

"Can't say we get many northerns," replies the voice. "Well, if I have your word you won't start trouble."

"Say, is this place free?" asks Goshen.

"Ha ha," chirps the voice. "A sense of humor. If we did not charge we would be far more penniless in both appearance in nature, would we not? Prices range from four denars to three florins per night, depending on how memorable an experience you desire. Also, no weapons or armor inside. We'll give it back when you're done. What say you, honored northern?"

The sergals have a florin, forty four denars, and six aes. (54.6 denars worth)
No. 45324 ID: f78140

haha, 3 florins. maybe if goshen was with a female northern.
take the 4 denar option. we're here cos we stink, not cos we want hot kinky sandback sex.

on second thought, take the 4 florin route.
No. 45334 ID: f4963f

Any value from one to the other?
14 Denars, 6 Aes. That makes our currency total a nice round number, and gives us a pretty good stay. <3
No. 45336 ID: 4553b2

Cheapest available, please. We're not here for luxury.

Well, maybe for a little luxury.
No. 45337 ID: efa41b

Go the cheap route. The things they charge more for are likely to be more annoying than pleasant anyway.
No. 45342 ID: 7eda8b
File 125308493949.png - (177.96KB , 500x500 , AQ195.png )

>kinky sandback sex.

Goshen has bad news for you.

"Welcome to the Saia Inn, sirs," the nevrean cheeps. "We hope you enjoy your stay. Perhaps a middle of the road option, a florin for a long, salted bath, basic massage, good food, and a stay in a sauna?"
No. 45343 ID: e98c4f


>>how memorable an experience you desire

"Do you have some fine ladies?"
No. 45344 ID: f4963f

... that sounds pretty good, actually. Go with that.
No. 45345 ID: 4553b2


...Do it.
No. 45346 ID: 962d6b

20 denars for some open pores? I dunno... let's see the cheap one first.
No. 45347 ID: 06fc25

Aphek can have the cheap wash. Goshen on the other hand deserves the best this place can provide.
No. 45348 ID: e98c4f


>:C Ultra wash both.
No. 45386 ID: 44a246

We should probably replace going to the sauna with a good brushing, at least for Goshen.
I really don't see how Sergals could enjoy saunas.
No. 45387 ID: f4963f

Ooh, yeah. Ask how much a good brushing costs~

Sergals be shedding like CRAZY man.
No. 45388 ID: 42cf22

>>kinky sandback sex.
>Goshen has bad news for you.
We'll just have to make due with Aphek >:D
No. 45403 ID: d437b1


Here's what we need to do. In the immortal words of Bill Nye, "Consider the Following...":

First and foremost, do not drop your guard. This place may take your weapons, but that doesn't mean someone can be sneaky and find an alternate route to place a dagger in our skull. Scan the place - Look for exits, other doors, see if you see articles of clothing. Maybe Shadran is already here and you can take her by surprise.

Secondly, >>45386 is right. See if you can substitute the sauna for something that isn't going to make you a soggy mess (Unless it's right after the bath, of course.) The massage is an alright option, but don't forget to keep an eye on things.

Secondly, make sure you watch where they put your weapons. You made need to be out of here in a hurry, and bumbling about for where they hid your armor isn't the best thing in the world, especially if you have a Talyxian on your heels.

Thirdly, remember what you did at the other place - Barricade the doors and windows when you go to sleep. No need for sneakin' catthings to jump us in the night.

No. 45405 ID: d437b1


That should be Thirdly and Fourthly. I fail at Sequences.
No. 45418 ID: f4963f

>Why do you do this at four in the morning?
Because Testpattern loves you. :3c

Your paranoia is delicious. If I were your DM, I'd be giggling with glee. <3
No. 45530 ID: de913c


I oughta kill you.

Further more, I forgot to add. Perhaps we should keep an eye out for any potential allies. I've heard that there are Agudner that are just as big as Goshen, but I think they might be further east. I could be wrong though.

And watch out for the birds. They've got technologies you don't even know about on their side.
No. 45764 ID: 812399


If the 1 florin is for both of them take it- otherwise go for some lesser option. Right now that Florin isn't doing them any good just sitting there, and the salted bath/massauge/sauna will do them a lot of good, and even probably improve any potential combat performance.

Inquire about purchasing salt if Goshen doesn't already have some- it's useful for a lot, and it would be better to have some on hand if the need comes up.

Also, increase moments of awkward presexual tension in the bathhouse. It must be done.

Anyways, it occurs to me that Shadran is less likely to attack them in the bathhouse then on the road. I mean, she's /clearly/ following them- Talyxians are tricky, but I it's less likely that she'd risk getting the local militia after her.

Something else that Goshen needs to consider is that with the return to civilization, rules against open weaponry are going to probably get stricter and stricter. If at all possible he needs to think about either getting a sheath for his spear, or a non 'weapon' alternative, like a staff. Something he could still use as a weapon if it came down to it, but isn't as likely to attract hostile attention.
No. 45884 ID: 54af1f

Go with what bird lady recommended.
No. 45919 ID: 7d87d9

We know Goshen CAN kill with his claws. So he's not truly unarmed
No. 45947 ID: bffa2a


Except he can't and was almost killed when he tried.
No. 45949 ID: 7d87d9

Worked pretty damn good against the humans...
No. 45950 ID: 7d87d9

It worked pretty damn well against the Humans. Also If anything the Birds will give a bit of a warning when they are slaughtered by the freak
No. 45952 ID: bffa2a


That's because Goshen was armed (with spear-corpse).
No. 46280 ID: de913c


You know, I was sitting here and I was going back through the thread and I was thinking "What the hell? Are those three sergals in the bushes there? Why are they hiding?"

And then my paranoia hit. Get the fuck into the bath house and keep your head on a swivel. Dustyback might have some friends in a few minutes.
No. 46288 ID: 7eda8b

Actually, that's Goshen and Aphek hiding as two agudner pass by on the road. They were being paranoid in response to you guys' earlier paranoia, which is now fostering yet more paranoia.

And so, /quest/ was frightened by its own shadow, indicating six more weeks of winter.
No. 46323 ID: de913c


Oh. My bad. Moar please.
No. 46336 ID: 7eda8b
File 12532552315.png - (207.80KB , 500x500 , AQ196.png )

"Twenty denars is a lot," Goshen says.

"I meant a florin for the both of you. A party of two doesn't cost twice as much as one... at least for most things," says the nevrean.

"Most things?" Aphek asks.

"Well, food and more... individual treatments have flat costs, but the rest is simply the price of business," the avian replies. "For you, oh, do leave your equipment and baggage at the front desk, gentlemen, we'll start with simple baths to get the travel grime off, then a long, salted soak, and then a warm rinse in the springs."

"I need a bath before I get a bath?" Goshen asks, nonplussed.

"Of course," replies the nevrean's musical voice. "You'll have to use one of our larger tubs, upstairs. I'll take you. Your southern friend will be in a normal one, down the hall to your right."
No. 46337 ID: 476456

offer to share a tub to save money!
No. 46340 ID: 8e18cd

Share the tub to save money. It's crucial to our survival
No. 46342 ID: 9e9b47


Sounds good. Let's go wash off before we wash off.
No. 46343 ID: f4963f

Goshen, complement the nevrean on their looks. Then accept the proposal. <3
No. 46373 ID: 7eda8b
File 125325836525.png - (153.80KB , 500x500 , AQ197.png )

"Sure," says Goshen. "Let's go... wash off so we can wash off."

"Well, this one's for dirt and sand," says the nevrean. "We wouldn't want you in dirty water for an extended soak."


Goshen pays with the silver florin. They turn in their equipment, and are led opposite ways.

Select a character.
No. 46374 ID: 9e9b47


No. 46376 ID: f4963f

Aphek. <3
No. 46377 ID: c80cec

No. 46378 ID: f78140

No. 46380 ID: b94893

No. 46381 ID: efa41b

I'd say Goshen as well.
No. 46382 ID: 962d6b

goshen, I'm gunna laugh at how he reacts... aphek will be all gay about it...
No. 46392 ID: 476456

No. 46396 ID: 904da4

No. 46399 ID: 9891a9

No. 46401 ID: 0c130b

No. 46404 ID: 1dcc27

No. 46405 ID: ec491d

Goshen 'cause he's a bro.
No. 46406 ID: 06fc25

Goshen. I don't give a shit about the self propelled emergency ration.
No. 46417 ID: 27fd7d


Does anyone else see Aphek and the bird-lady staring at each other? Choosing Aphek will obviously lead to a hilariously embarrassing 'moment'.

Clearly, we need to select Aphek.
No. 46418 ID: 8ce2bf

Aphek, because "aphek will be all gay about it..."
No. 46426 ID: de913c


The only reason I say Goshen is because I whole heartedly expect an ambush.

Or something going wrong that ends in the two of them getting kicked out. Aphek seems to be alright, so long as he keeps his hands to himself.
No. 46427 ID: 9d41ab

Aphek looks like he's up to no good. I say Aphek.
No. 46430 ID: bffa2a


Don't worry. I'm sure Shadran will love to give Goshen a sponge bath. I think it's her part-time job.
No. 46431 ID: bffa2a

No. 46437 ID: 52d4bc


Look's like it's going to be Goshen by a 10 to 7 thus far.
No. 46439 ID: f421d7

Both characters have potential in this situation, but I want so see how the huge Raider reacts to the bathhouse.
And vice versa of course.
No. 46579 ID: 7eda8b
File 125330788137.png - (111.96KB , 500x500 , AQ198.png )

Goshen is led upstairs, where a large-sized bathtub is being filled with steamy, hot water by a nevrean female.

Goshen supposes it must be more trouble to pump water up higher. They must not need to use the larger tubs often.
No. 46580 ID: 1afd58

Well, Goshen, wash your stink off.

Might be nice.

Too bad this attendant is less cute than the other. At least at this distance.
No. 46583 ID: f4963f

Aw, you mean the other attendant won't be attending us? But they were cute. So colourful and chipper~

Well, may as well bathe before you bathe. You soon-to-be-less-stinky-sergal you.
No. 46585 ID: 64f8ae

Ask her what her name is, where she's from, etc. Make small talk, appear to be nice. They're probably afraid.
No. 46588 ID: f421d7

Undress and jump right in.
You're not hydrophobic or anything, right?
No. 46591 ID: 43d730

No. 46595 ID: 7eda8b
File 125330958822.png - (122.95KB , 500x500 , AQ199.png )

>Well, Goshen, wash your stink off.
Goshen decides not to wait for the tub to fill up all the way, and clambers in. The water's already soapy. For now, he's happy to just soak.

>Aw, you mean the other attendant won't be attending us? But they were cute. So colourful and chipper~
It's hardly this one's fault she's less colorful. Nevrean females all have dull plumage, like most birds.

>Don't smile

>Ask her what her name is, where she's from, etc.
"Got a name?" Goshen asks.

"I-Isso," says the nevrean, meekly. "Is everything to your liking?"

"I'm Goshen," says the sergal. "S'fine. Nice place. Nice water. Damn, I've needed this."
No. 46596 ID: 54af1f

No. 46597 ID: f4963f

"Have you ever seen a northerner before? It doesn't seem like you get us much around these parts."
No. 46598 ID: 64f8ae

See if she will brush your murrfect fur for you and get the tangles out.
No. 46599 ID: f421d7

Order something to eat.
Like a large femur with some meat on it.
It's nice to gnaw on it while soaking.
No. 46600 ID: 15f6d6

Ask her if she's had any other strange customers come through this way.
No. 46602 ID: 5eea01

"Ever seen a grown sergal naked?"
No. 46604 ID: 43d730

I'm guessing just recently.
Or, y'know, now.
No. 46613 ID: 7eda8b
File 125331142050.png - (125.66KB , 500x500 , AQ200.png )

>"Ever seen a grown sergal naked?"
Goshen asks.

"I have now, sir," she says.

>See if she will brush your murrfect fur for you and get the tangles out.
"Heh. I'd like some food. Some meat. Also, do you guys have a fur brush around here?" Goshen asks.

"Of course, sir, or a hand brushing, if you prefer. And I'll tell the kitchen you're hungry as soon as I finish here."

>Ask her if she's had any other strange customers come through this way.
"Any unusual customers lately? Other than me," Goshen asks.

"Let's see. There were a group of five humans here under a week ago. Something military. They were armed."

"What house were they from?" Goshen asks.

"Ah? I'm uncertain..." says Isso. "Their heraldry was, um, a circle, like..."

"A sun with a chain around it?" Goshen interrupts.

"Yes, that was it!"

Some time passes in silence.

"...Is something the matter, sir?" she asks.
No. 46617 ID: f4963f

Do you know where they were headed?
No. 46618 ID: 64f8ae

Do it
No. 46622 ID: 15f6d6

See if you can get the person that serviced/bathed any of them to brush your murrfect fur out so we can ask them specifics.
No. 46623 ID: f421d7

"What kinda hand are we talking here"
Try to find out which servants attended to the group of humans, we could interrogate them later.
No. 46624 ID: b94893

Actually I think the standard brushing would be better...
No. 46631 ID: 7eda8b
File 125331310844.png - (121.77KB , 500x500 , AQ201.png )

>"Do you know where they were headed?"
Goshen asks.

"Four went north and one went south. He seemed packed for a long trip, like, all the way into gnoll country, but no way anyone would go there alone!" Isso peeps.

>See if you can get the person that serviced/bathed any of them to brush your murrfect fur out so we can ask them specifics.
"Who was with them?" Goshen asks.

"Excuse me?" asks Isso.

"Well, I was just, um, thinking I could get a brushing from that person."

"So... you can grill them about what the humans talked about?" Isso asks.

No. 46632 ID: f4963f

... 'grill' wouldn't be my choice of words, but...
No. 46633 ID: 15f6d6

Just be honest.

"I got attacked by people wearing those colors and I want to know what's going on."
No. 46634 ID: bffa2a


Yes. If they all are as nosy as you I won't have any trouble.
No. 46650 ID: 64f8ae

At this point our main concern should be

getting a brushing.
No. 46656 ID: 7eda8b
File 12533150165.png - (121.69KB , 500x500 , AQ202.png )

"Yes," Goshen says. "If they're all as nosy as you I won't have any trouble."

The nevrean looks hurt.

"Um..." she murmurs quietly. "Don't humans speak Anglic? If they had anything secret, wouldn't they use that language?"
No. 46662 ID: 64f8ae

Don't be mean, or your brushing will suffer. Apologize.
No. 46666 ID: f4963f

Being a living machine of death incarnate is no reason to be rude. LOOK AT THAT FACE.

Apologize to the nevrean girl.
No. 46667 ID: bffa2a


Awwwww. I didin't mean anything by it. You're a good kid. Tell you what, if you know anybody who speaks Anglic here I would really appreciate it (denarly). Would you like to brush me?
No. 46668 ID: 43d730

Oh, hey, is that Deme on the back there?
No. 46687 ID: 7eda8b
File 125331807789.jpg - (49.99KB , 500x500 , AQ203.jpg )

Well, if Satan wills it...

"Look, I didn't mean anything by that," Goshen says. "I'm sorry. I've been under a lot of stress lately. Some humans with that heraldry tried to kill me awhile back."

"Oh... Oh, don't worry about it, sir," says Isso.

"...And I could use a hand brushing later. Want to give me one?" asks the sergal.

Isso smiles, a trick Goshen has never been able to figure out.

"If you want, I'd be more than happy to..." she coos.
No. 46694 ID: f4963f

Nevrean hand brushings? Gladly~
No. 46696 ID: bffa2a


Literally. Alright, she's seen the naked sergal and hasen't recoiled in horror. Let her do the honors when the time comes.
No. 46701 ID: 7eda8b
File 125331885753.png - (141.32KB , 500x500 , AQ204.png )

"Sure," Goshen says.

Goshen doesn't mess around outside his species, but that's no reason to be rude, he reasons. Besides. He really could use a brushing after this.

Goshen feels like he's forgetting something.
No. 46705 ID: f4963f

What could you be forgetting...?

Ah yes. Obviously that nobody would ever find out. Seriously. You're how far from your homeland? And not even Aphek's here to see and tattle. Come on, Goshen. A little Xenophilia never hurt anybody~
No. 46707 ID: 1afd58

Just relax~ You are both plainly enjoying the bath~
No. 46709 ID: 9dd38f


Be careful, though; if she doesn't show signs of that, don't push too hard.
No. 46711 ID: d75180

kindly remind her to stop pumping hot water. Its beginning to leak everywhere.
No. 46712 ID: bffa2a


She's forgetting something too! The bath runneth over. Stand up and declare you're ready for the real bath. Strike a manly pose.

I think you can relax your exact standards with this one. But that's your call.
No. 46713 ID: 632862

The tub is overflowing. Also, perhaps a hand brushing would count as 'individual treatment'? It could cost extra.

...hey, if females all have dull coloring then that first bird must've been a male. Huh.
No. 46721 ID: d75180
File 12533196754.jpg - (81.13KB , 683x476 , Just_as_planned_tzeentch.jpg )

>...hey, if females all have dull coloring then that first bird must've been a male. Huh.
No. 46725 ID: f4963f

>first one must have been male
And he sure was cute, wasn't he~? <3
No. 46727 ID: 7eda8b
File 125332005363.png - (135.13KB , 500x500 , AQ205.png )

>...hey, if females all have dull coloring then that first bird must've been a male. Huh.
Well, yeah. Doesn't everyone know that?

...Goshen wonders if Aphek knows that.

>The bath runneth over.

Yeah, that must be it.

"You can stop pumping now," Goshen says.

Isso peeps in surprise.
No. 46731 ID: f4963f

Eh, the floor was gonna get wet when you stepped out anyway. Relax and enjoy the bath~
No. 46743 ID: 1afd58

You can tell her that you understand how such a powerful and virile male specimen might distract her a bit.
No. 46746 ID: bffa2a


Are you done strutting your stuff? Okay, there was a real bath after this one and other activities that I can't remember.
No. 46748 ID: 7eda8b
File 125332117447.png - (124.91KB , 500x500 , AQ206.png )

"Ohno! I'm sorry! Let me get that!" she stammers, and rushes for the drain plug.

"Hey! It's fine, I c- oop!" Goshen says, just trying to stay out of her way.
No. 46749 ID: bffa2a


No. 46750 ID: f4963f

Oh god she's adorable.
No. 46751 ID: f21281

She totally wants your polearm, Goshen.
No. 46752 ID: 15f6d6

Surreptitiously touch her hand with your penis.
No. 46753 ID: f21281

She totally wants your polearm, Goshen.
No. 46754 ID: 18212a

Adjust your position slightly so that she might accidentally grab your sergal junk instead of the plug.
No. 46755 ID: f4963f

NOT this. Avoid doing this.
No. 46757 ID: 9dd38f


This; >>46754 if we must.
No. 46758 ID: 7eda8b
File 125332183538.png - (118.48KB , 500x500 , AQ207.png )

"I-I-I think I'd better go tell the kitchen you're hungry," Isso says, and scurries out.



Goshen could use a nap.
No. 46760 ID: 18212a

"Wait, Isso, it's all right."
No. 46761 ID: f4963f

... if you nap, can we switch over to Aphek~?

Otherwise, you'll have plenty of time to sleep tonight, silly-head.
No. 46762 ID: 1afd58

Odd how flirting ends up awkward when you are sexually incompatible and not even the same species.

She's a bird, she probably has a cloaca.

Anyway, enjoy your soak until someone comes to get you.
No. 46765 ID: bffa2a


Bath naps are the best, wrinkly skin rules. Do it.

Daydream of Shadran emerging from the tub slowly like a zombie with burning eyes and a face promising pain everlasting. Pure hatred emanating from her she puts her hands around your throat and squeezes. As you slowly choke you finally notice it... she's nekkid.
No. 46784 ID: 01383e


instead of that, she sucks your cock, which is awesome. however, she doesn't stop staring at you, which is not.
No. 46785 ID: f4963f

God, guys, we're trying to turn him into a xenophile, not turn him away from it. :X

Think of the cute Nevrean girl instead~
Or maybe the male one, I'm not gonna judge. ;)
No. 46793 ID: 7eda8b
File 125332492185.png - (104.66KB , 500x500 , AQ208.png )

>of Shadran emerging from the tub slowly like a zombie with burning eyes and a face promising pain everlasting. Pure hatred emanating from her she puts her hands around your throat and squeezes. As you slowly choke you finally notice it... she's nekkid.
>instead of that, she sucks your cock, which is awesome. however, she doesn't stop staring at you, which is not.
No. 46794 ID: 43d730

Lifetime bonerkill?
No. 46795 ID: e3f578

Why don't you just relax and think of what we should do next, from your point of view. Like, hell, do you actually care for the sergal goverment and continue to fight and possibly get yourself killed for them for honor or something (I dunno how you guys work, not to mention you pretty much subvert a lot about what can be presumed about them), change the government, or would you just want to actually just party all the time and not really give a damn about sergal expansion, slavery, etc.
No. 46796 ID: 7eda8b
File 125332541175.png - (97.02KB , 500x500 , AQ209.png )

Meanwhile, Aphek has just learned an important lesson about nevreans.

"What's wrong?" asks Yisi, the greeter, who until a moment ago Aphek had thought was a girl.

Aphek had allowed for the possibility that he was fooling himself into thinking he was seducing the nevrean, and would later be charged money for this, but had not pondered this particular eventuality.
No. 46798 ID: 1afd58

Quick! Shift gears and think of Isso!

Dem tailfeathers!
No. 46799 ID: 8ce2bf

What's wrong with Yisi not being a girl, Aphek?~
No. 46800 ID: b94893

"Uh... S-Sorry, I thought you were a girl..."
No. 46801 ID: 1afd58

Oh, come now! You liked his look when you thought he was a she! Not much is different now!

Have an open mind, aphek!
No. 46803 ID: e8d8be


No. 46804 ID: 15f6d6

Just close your eyes and let it happen.
No. 46805 ID: e3f578

How about you ignore whatever is in the background your staring at, mention that its nothing, and think happy thoughts.

What is a happy thought for you Aphek?
No. 46811 ID: bffa2a


And now that you've pondered on it find out it's GOOD.
No. 46812 ID: 64f8ae

Aphek what the hell are you doing
No. 46816 ID: c80cec

Don't do it, Aphek!
No. 46817 ID: efa41b

Hey, if you're enjoying it, just let it go. Gender doesn't really matter. It looks female enough.
No. 46818 ID: 5ba271

Panic and run screaming like a little girl.
No. 46819 ID: 9dd38f


Ignore him, let it happen~.
No. 46837 ID: 476456

No. 46864 ID: 7eda8b
File 125333022130.png - (85.50KB , 500x500 , AQ210.png )

"Uh... S-Sorry," Aphek says bluntly. "I thought you were a girl..."
No. 46865 ID: 1afd58

You suck. You should have gone for it, Aphek.
No. 46866 ID: 7eda8b
File 125333033996.png - (152.96KB , 500x500 , AQ211.png )

Yisi giggles.

"Well, I'm not."

"Neither am I," Aphek points out.

"I know," says Yisi. "Is that going to be a problem?"
No. 46867 ID: 1afd58

Aphek~ You can still pretend he's a girl~
No. 46868 ID: 6164e0

Say no, it won't.

This is an ADVENTURE, after all, so you have to try new and exciting things!
No. 46869 ID: 15f6d6

No. 46870 ID: f4963f

>is that going to be a problem?
... of course not. <3

>those dreamy eyes~
No. 46871 ID: 64f8ae

Aphek what in the hell have you gotten yourself into?
No. 46873 ID: 1afd58

Aphek, Goshen has been teaching you to use your sword for a reason. Don't you want to unsheath your mighty tool? Drive it into tender flesh? Fence, your weapons meeting time and again?

Isn't this what you've been training for?
No. 46874 ID: efa41b

"No, I was just uh... surprised."
No. 46875 ID: f21281

You're a slave. This is probably the most action you'll ever get in your life.

Do eet.
No. 46876 ID: 43d730

You're not going to get pregnant.
A bathhouse this pricy isn't going to have crotch-rot-laden attendants.
You might like it.
No. 46877 ID: 7d87d9

Punch the bird in the face!
No. 46878 ID: e3f578

You don't care. It's awkward, but whatever, its a bath.

Just a nice cozy bath. Happy thoughts.
No. 46879 ID: 64f8ae

Aphek no
No. 46880 ID: 42b14f

Aphek, scream FIRE real loud, maybe you can cause an evacuation
No. 46881 ID: b94893

"Yes, I'm sorry but uh... That's a bit of a problem..."
No. 46882 ID: c80cec

Don't do it!
No. 46884 ID: 5696d4

"So that's why you look a lot like..."
*removes sunglasses*
"... a cock."
No. 46886 ID: 476456

Aphek, its this guy or Goshen, GOSHEN.
No. 46887 ID: 476456

No. 46896 ID: 7eda8b
File 125333321080.png - (81.00KB , 500x500 , AQ212.png )

>yes no yes no
Uhhh... Uhhh...!
No. 46897 ID: 1afd58

No. 46898 ID: 43d730

No. 46899 ID: b10848

Go for it!
No. 46900 ID: c80cec

No. 46901 ID: 7eda8b
File 125333343091.png - (129.72KB , 500x500 , AQ213.png )

Goshen finished his bath, ate, and then came back to the same tub to find it filled with scented, salted water. He promptly fell asleep.

Now he awakens to the sound of a woman giving a sigh. It's a voice he's never heard before, coming from the room partition.
No. 46903 ID: 1afd58

Go, uh, stealthily see who it is.

They might be bathing, so don't get spotted.
No. 46904 ID: 5696d4


The faggotry committee has spoken. Do as commanded.
No. 46906 ID: f4963f

D'aww. Goshen.

Now wait. I thought only the really big baths were up here? Can you identify the approximate race?
No. 46909 ID: 7d87d9


You are a sergal.
He is a Bird.

You don't have to take that shit from him.

If he continues to make advances at you punch him out. You want Goshen to barge in and decide that you're fine with being the bitch to some bird that well he might as well dump you here and leave you to Shadran when she eventually catches up to us.

And you know what she'll do to you? Don't you?
No. 46912 ID: 7d87d9

Should ref to
No. 46913 ID: 43d730

Get up slowly and stealthily.
Seeing who it is is not needed.
No. 46916 ID: efa41b

Aphek started it.
No. 46917 ID: 7d87d9

When he thought he was dealing with a FEMALE not a Male.
No. 46919 ID: e98c4f


No. 46920 ID: e3f578

How about we just calm down and let nature take its course for Aphek.

Now Goshen, pick up your head a little to get the water of of yours ears and listen good.
No. 46921 ID: 7eda8b
File 125333445410.png - (92.87KB , 500x500 , AQ214.png )

>Now wait. I thought only the really big baths were up here? Can you identify the approximate race?
Not really. Doesn't sound nevrean.

Goshen stealthily rises out of the water, taking his time to let the liquid wick out of his fur, rather than noisily splashing.
No. 46922 ID: f4963f

... peek. Just a little bit, eh? Come on~

The partition doesn't look that high~
No. 46923 ID: 1afd58

In before you look over the curtain to see SHADRAN EYES
No. 46924 ID: 64f8ae

peek stealthily over the thingy and see if we can catch a glimpse of its boo- err I mean race.
No. 46926 ID: efa41b

Peek over the wall.
No. 46929 ID: 43d730

Don't do it.
If it's Glowy Eye Bitch, you don't have weapons and she'll know where you are and will probably end up killing you.
If it's not, you'll still get thrown out if caught and not get the bath you paid for.
No. 46931 ID: 5696d4


Don't be silly; no one kills anyone in a bathhouse.
No. 46933 ID: 7d87d9

But she will be unarmed... Who knows who has the better unarmed ability.
No. 46934 ID: 7eda8b
File 125333632699.gif - (461.27KB , 500x500 , AQ215.gif )

Goshen stands up, peering over the partition.

No. 46935 ID: f4963f

No. 46936 ID: 476456

"oh you've got to be shitting me"
No. 46937 ID: efa41b

Well, last time we got her disarmed, she decided to gtfo pretty quick.
No. 46938 ID: 64f8ae

oooooo fuck
Slowly sit back down
No. 46939 ID: 5696d4


Politely stare at her ass...ets.
No. 46940 ID: 7d87d9

Oh Fuck....

Slide down very quietly...
No. 46941 ID: 476456


Well.... i mean..YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN
No. 46943 ID: 64d98f

Sex drive... competing with... hatred for things not... on our side...
No. 46944 ID: 6164e0

You don't know for sure it is her.

And think, if it IS her, what a chance this is. She is a precise, dexterous fighter, but lacks strength. She is rendered less capable in a fight than you are by being unarmed.

And she has no chainmail to protect her from your teeth or claws.

But BE SURE IT IS HER before attacking.
No. 46946 ID: efa41b

Well, well, well...

Let's see if we can get a look at her face to confirm it's really her, but we want to pounce on that bitch and pin her before she knows what hit her. We're not dieing now, and we can easily overpower her. She's fast, but we're close in enough that it shouldn't matter.

Then we can have a little chat.
No. 46947 ID: 476456

She doesnt even know you're there or she wouldnt be naked. Just leave her alone and try and get out without being spotted.
No. 46948 ID: c80cec

There's little reason to believe that this person is Shadran other than paranoia. Sit back down, she's not even armed.
No. 46950 ID: 987386

Just stay there...
grinning at her...

Awesomeface optional.
No. 46951 ID: f78140

goshen: you already agreed you didn't come here for a fight. don't start one now. instead, enjoy the bath. besides, you aren't even sure if it's her or not.
No. 46952 ID: efa41b

Not coming here to start a fight doesn't mean we can't finish one while we're here.
No. 46954 ID: f78140

the bathhouse is holding all of our shit right now. i'd rather be dressed tomorrow.
No. 46958 ID: 7eda8b

((My eyes hurt, so we're paused for the night))
No. 46995 ID: f421d7

I think you guys are forgetting something.
We can't really prove anything about Shadran and Captain Keilah seems to enforce some kind of law around these parts.
That means. even if Goshen actually manages to kill her, he'll end up being prosecuted as criminal. Don't forget that institutions like bathhouses normally have good connections to the local cops/militia equivalent.
And he also can't really prove Aphek belongs to him, so this will be another problem when he has to deal with the local law.

And Aphek, don't be a faggot. You'll just hate yourself for it later. The fact you recoiled in horror when you found out its a dude shows you're not like this and you can't just change your sexuality on a whim.
No. 47011 ID: bffa2a


Hey, our dreams come true. You'll want to leave there as soon as possible. Is that actually Shadran? ... There can't be too many redheads in her race.



But I don't know about you.
No. 47060 ID: 7d87d9

We should go get Aphek and LEAVE NOW
No. 47142 ID: 54af1f

do not attempt to engage the Talaxian martial artist without a weapon
No. 47150 ID: efa41b

We have given her a pretty hard time in combat WHILE WE WERE DYING. The last time we faced her while armed, she decided to leave pretty quickly, and she had a pretty awesome sword, so it's unlikely that her skills revolve unarmed combat. Even if they did, we're bigger and stronger. The space is tight enough that fancy dodging is pretty heavily restricted.

tl;dr: We could take her. People that want to LEAVE NOW are pussy faggots who haven't considered the situation to it's fullest extent.
No. 47155 ID: 62ec90


See, this man knows what's up.

Goshen, now is the time to be a humungous asshole.

Fighting is probably out of line here, but there's no law against harassment. Besides, if you play your cards right, you might even get to tap that.

Think about how limber she was while fighting. Think about it Goshen. How long has it been since you felt the touch of a woman?

You have nothing to lose.
No. 47174 ID: 521d20

I really doubt some of you are understanding the situation.
Goshen is naked and unarmed in a bathhouse. If he starts shit here, armed guards will show up to take him into custody. Aphek will most likely get confiscated and sold to cover the damages the unnecessary fight caused.
He should stay calm and and ask his favorite bird about the mysterious cat before doing anything rash.
No. 47176 ID: 64f8ae

Goshen if you play this right you can end up balls deep in her poop chute before tomorrow!
No. 47181 ID: 1e512e
File 125338645325.jpg - (39.57KB , 500x285 , rain.jpg )

You know what you have to do Goshen. You make her regret leaving you alive.
No. 47184 ID: 9e9b47

Look there's a good chance she knows you guys are here already. You're not going to start shit here, she isn't either. If she does, you can see her coming easily from here.

Just say "hello" and ask her how she's enjoying the baths so far.
No. 47186 ID: b94893
File 125338667095.jpg - (31.12KB , 300x382 , camera 3.jpg )

Just put your elbows on the wall and say "Hey. What's your story, anyways?" as nonchalantly as possible.
No. 47188 ID: 64f8ae

I think we should talk, but not reveal ourself. Through the partition, so she doesn't know who it is.
No. 47193 ID: 15f6d6

This clever plan seems viable. Lets have a chat.
No. 47195 ID: b94893

Agreed. This one.
No. 47202 ID: 62ec90


This is a happy medium between being an asshole and being polite. I like this.
No. 47205 ID: b94893
File 12533878193.png - (125.35KB , 400x400 , make her regret.png )

No. 47711 ID: 7eda8b
File 125342583668.png - (155.54KB , 500x500 , AQ216.png )

Goshen can't help himself, catching her like this. He gives a smile.

"Hey," he says. "W-"
No. 47712 ID: 7eda8b
File 125342586471.png - (165.12KB , 500x500 , AQ217.png )

"-hat's y-"
No. 47714 ID: 7eda8b
File 125342590671.png - (178.97KB , 500x500 , AQ218.png )

No. 47715 ID: 7eda8b
File 125342597520.png - (105.37KB , 500x500 , AQ219.png )



No. 47717 ID: 950eaa

No. 47718 ID: 476456

you had that coming you smug,overconfident doof.
No. 47719 ID: b94893

Shout "FUCK! Hey! I just wanted to talk! Augh!" as you try to keep the salt out of your eyes.
No. 47720 ID: f78140

and now you know why so many voices said you shouldn't do anything about it. enjoy your salt.
No. 47721 ID: 4553b2

No. 47722 ID: f4963f

... you deserved that.

Now get out of the bath and get the salt out of your eyes, you dope.
No. 47723 ID: 9e9b47

Wash out eyes, grumble to self.
No. 47724 ID: 33bb8b

Whu? but a quick dunk in the bath is the easiest WAY to remove the salt.
No. 47725 ID: 7eda8b

((I forgot to erase the salt jar in the third panel. This is an art error on my part and not evidence of magical salt-container respawning powers.))
No. 47726 ID: 15f6d6

No. 47727 ID: b94893
File 125342638375.png - (33.90KB , 690x656 , RAGE INTO SCREEN.png )

No. 47728 ID: 950eaa

use the pump
No. 47729 ID: 950eaa

It was totally worth it, we got to see her tits
No. 47731 ID: 7d87d9

Wow look what the perverts did now. If he dies its YOUR fault.
No. 47732 ID: b94893

Shout "SHADRAN! Goddamn! Can't we talk!?" while using the pump to wash out your eyes.
No. 47733 ID: 7d87d9

And if she recognizes Goshen's voice he won't see her before she rips his throat out
No. 47738 ID: 7eda8b
File 125342754132.png - (99.80KB , 500x500 , AQ220.png )

"Shadran!" Goshen says, fumbling blindly for the pump. "I just want to talk!"

Fresh, lukewarm water splashes onto his stinging eyes.

For agonizing seconds, there is silence. Goshen's heart pounds.

He hears a voice like frost.

"Then talk," says Shadran.
No. 47739 ID: 4553b2

"Oh wow, she really can talk..."
No. 47741 ID: f4963f

Hrm. She probably recognizes us, but that's not guaranteed ... nah, she probably recognizes us. If not from looks, then from voice.

Ask her why she attacked us in the desert.
No. 47742 ID: cd08c0

Ask her why she killed people before.
Not that we might blame her. We're warriors. We've killed people. Hell, we've eaten people. And her plan was pretty cunning, actually.
I'd just like to know her motivation.
No. 47743 ID: 476456

"Are you still following us or is this just a coincidence"
No. 47745 ID: 904da4

When did she hear our voice, again?
No. 47748 ID: 7eda8b
File 125342850586.png - (96.38KB , 500x500 , AQ221.png )

"Why?" pants Goshen. "Why did you attack me? Why are you killing sergals?"

"Mercenary," says Shadran.

"You, though..." she hisses. "Burned my food. Spilled my water. Took my sword."
No. 47749 ID: e8d8be



"Now what the FUCK is your problem."
No. 47750 ID: efa41b

That right there, that is the most important question. Everything else depends on that.
No. 47752 ID: efa41b

"It was all fair spoils. And none of it was yours to start with."

Also, if she's a mercenary, who's she working for? I'm guessing it's the humans.
No. 47754 ID: b94893

"But the humans! They were planning something, something big! If you want your sword back you can have it, but the food and water were being used for something else entirely!"
No. 47755 ID: 476456

well..i can give you your sword backk.
No. 47757 ID: f4963f

... let's not argue details with the crazy assassin chick who already has a grudge against us, plz?

Ask if she's following us. Everything else probably follows from there.
No. 47766 ID: cd08c0

Well, christ, lady, we can give you your sword back if you're going to be such a whiner.
Really, we'd rather not be mortal enemies with some crazy chick who can almost kick our ass.
Maybe we can be... well, actually, you're a little homicidal for a prospective party member, but casual acquaintances would be nice. Y'know, people who aren't trying to kill each other.
So, she's a mercenary? Who's paying her to kill sergals?
No. 47772 ID: 9e9b47

Toss her sword back over. "Just leave me alone. There's more bathing to be done."
No. 47776 ID: 904da4


No. 47777 ID: 7eda8b
File 125343073782.png - (95.81KB , 500x500 , AQ222.png )

"They weren't your supplies either!" Goshen protests.

"They were for me," Shadran says softly. Goshen waits for her to add more, but she doesn't.

"I... can get your sword back," says Goshen. "Who's paying you?"

"Many pay," says Shadran. "Humans, gnolls, elves."

"Dangerous," she adds. "Need lighter work."

((Last update for the night))
No. 47779 ID: f4963f

The... sword we left at the door, Green? :X

But this is an interesting twist. Hey Goshen! Got any enemies you'd like to see on the wrong side of Shadran's blade?
No. 47781 ID: efa41b

Well, if subsistence is good enough, hanging with us would be less dangerous.
No. 47792 ID: b94893

"Well... How would you like to chill out for a while and help me train a Southern how to fend for himself? His name's Aphek, he's the one you used as bait for me that one time. I don't know if we can pay exactly well, but if you want a break from harder fare I think the journey could be quite nice."
No. 47794 ID: 9e9b47

Sure are some nitpickers here.


"Well I'll pay you to kill someone else if it gets you outta my hair."
No. 47802 ID: efa41b

She's a mercenary, not an assassin.

Also, recycling strategies that worked in MudyQuest, and trying them in more serious quests is probably not the best of ideas.
Also, she's not necessarily in our hair, so to speak.
Also, not paying money > paying money.
No. 47811 ID: 9e9b47


Dude, hold off on the jerk a little bit. This was even suggested before me, don't know why you gotta be hatin'.

I don't think it's a terrible idea at all to offer the mercenary money to go off and fight someone who's not us. Sorry if "offer the mercenary money" option seems cliche, but if she's looking for less dangerous work anyway I don't see any problem with throwing some cash at her if it'll make her go away. Paying money > crazy bitch on our tail.
No. 47812 ID: b94893

We would probably have to sell Aphek in order to get enough money to pay off Shadran.

In other words, it ain't happenin'.
No. 47832 ID: efa41b

Sorry, not trying to give you a hard time. Just pointing out flaws in your idea. I guess that could have come off as insulting; it wasn't intended that way.

My biggest issue with it is that she's not really seeming like she particularly wants to kill us, besides being pissed about us essentially ruining her livelyhood by taking her sword, and also ruining her profit by destroying the food and water which, it would seem, was intended to be a big part of her payment.

Considering that, she's being fairly reasonable. Even the tailing (if she really was doing that) could just be an attempt to get her sword back. It's worth a lot, and more importantly, it's her fucking sword.
No. 47841 ID: 9e9b47


I'm sure she'll jump at the prospect of helping to train a former slave for nearly no money then.


Also, to be fair, how is traveling with us less dangerous? If her former employees see her with us, they're likely to put a hit out on her too.


That's a good point. Well, giving her sword back is something we're all agreed on. I say just try to work out a deal with her in the general area of "you don't try to kill us anymore and we do the same to you."
No. 47852 ID: efa41b

>If her former employees see her with us, they're likely to put a hit out on her too.
From the way she was talking about employers(" "Many pay," says Shadran. "Humans, gnolls, elves." ") it sounds like she's pretty non-exclusive, and mostly just goes by individual jobs. We are (so far as we know) not of any particular interest to any to her previous employers.
That's not to say hanging with us won't be dangerous for other reasons, as we may well be brought into conflict with the humans, but at least she won't be alone in combat. She'll have a big strong guy to back her up.~

That said, I agree that she'd likely want money to train Aphek, and even if she didn't, we're possibly as good a trainer as she would be.

A non-aggression agreement is definitely something we'd like, and it's probably something we could get free.
No. 47862 ID: a3b36a

If we're gonna try some sort of truce or non-aggression pact, we'd need something more than what she doesn't already see as hers.

There's always the option of 'we'll owe ya one', but favor debts don't put food in one's belly. Perhaps check if she's got another enemy she needs bumped off? That might be worth something, and it'd help us get more stuff. What were we gonna do once we hit Fort Ji, anyways? Diddle on back home with our tail between our legs? Send word to families that we're alive, but a failure at raiding? Perhaps we could stay out a while. If we have a good haul when we come home, that'd be better.

At least we seem to be back in control now. If we can either get Shadran off our bad side or even onto our good side, we might be able to go out again.

On a trolling note...
Doesn't she remind you of the nice, wholesome girls back home, Goshen? Maybe she reminds of good ol' mom? Compliment her on her assets, ifyaknowwhatImean.
No. 47870 ID: 950eaa

But she set a trap for us, we didn't set fire to her shit at all? What the hell, does she have a bad memory or something?
No. 47889 ID: 8ba93c

"What's the pay like? Anyway, we're both here to relax, we're unarmed, so how about we call it a truce. We can carve bits off each other later. Sound good?"
No. 47924 ID: 54af1f

Do you really think handing a sword back to a crazy silent mercenary who seems to like killing Sergals (that's all we've observed her killing so far) who we can't pay is a good idea?
No. 48017 ID: de913c

Asking the spiritually lucky Talyxian:

"I suppose their paying you to disrupt trade routes? Or just to kill any raiders in the area?"

"Guess that means they've allied, eh? And here I thought the gnolls liked doing business with our kind better."

And finally, "I can't pay you a whole lot. I'm poor as hell, and I'm just trying to figure out who jumped the group who was with me. If you want, you're more than welcome to use Aphek for just about anything. I need him alive, but he'd be more than willing to give you a good backrub or something."


Ways to save this: Interrigate with the questions above. Sound as nonchalant as possible. Furthermore, inquire her if she knows anything about your group. Oh, and don't forget to ask anything about the alliance and what it might entail.

Furthermore, you're going to have to give back the sword as an act of trust and truce. So long as she doesn't gut you with it (Or the daggers or other blades she's collected) she's welcome to have it back. Perhaps hiring her, while dangerous, might offer more than just protection. You might be able to buy some information. (You could haggle the sword back for some of that good stuff, hard to come by as it is.)

For now, questions as stated above, and try to keep her talking with whatever you can. Camaraderie may lead to her being a bit more vocal about certain things.


And a compliment or two might not hurt. Just be quick with what you say. Lest you get another eyeful of salt.

No. 48026 ID: de913c


*They're. I fail at grammar.
No. 49489 ID: 62b3d7

I wonder what kind of 'lighter work' she has in mind? I'm thinking escort duty, guide-work, maybe mantracking. Her answer could give us an idea of her future plans.

Not that we can afford it, anyway.

Goshen seems direct enough that he'd ask if they're going to come to blows again. I don't think it's the smartest thing to say at first, as it could very easily kill what little conversation we can have here. Goshen might as well get some information about what's been going on and why.
No. 49497 ID: 812399

The way I'd see it is that, yes, he would ask that, and the answer would probably be something along the lines of yes. But at the same time, she probably has some sort of personal motivation beyond money. Goshen doesn't have the resources to pay her, but at the same time there's something to be said for strength in numbers.

It might scare the beejesus out of Alphek, but there's no reason why Goshen might not consider asking if she wants to travel with them until they get to their destination. They're both heading the same place after all, and the military fort would probably be a great place to look for job opportunities.

Besides. I don't think Goshen and Alphek can just keep wandering around and killing folks to loot them- they're going to need to get some sort of job that they can do while they travel- even if it's as mundane as trade.

I gather- and Goshen has no doubt picked up on it- that Shadran has been operating alone for quite a length of time. He could almost certainly take advantage of that- though it would no doubt be rough at first.

I see him making a comment about her joining them or something- her rebuking him, and then it happening later on anyways.

But I can't really see the future, so we'll just have to wait and see.
No. 49530 ID: 64d98f

> I wonder what kind of 'lighter work' she has in mind?

wink wink nudge nudge
No. 49686 ID: 7eda8b
File 125369602511.png - (106.25KB , 500x500 , AQ223.png )

"Could we maybe call a truce?" asks Goshen.

Shadran says nothing.

"...Maybe just for while we're here?" Goshen adds hopefully.

"You're still alive," Shadran points out.

"So they've been paying you to... disrupt trade routes? Or to kill soldiers?" Goshen asks, changing the subject, but only slightly.

"Yes," says the talyxian.

>giving her sword back
"I, uh, can get your sword back," Goshen says, then remembers he already said that.

"For what?" Shadran asks.

Goshen thinks. He hasn't had a problem with stumbling over words before, but he's never talked to anyone like this before. He hoped not having to see her eyes would make it easier, but somehow, not being able to see her just makes it more unnerving.
No. 49687 ID: 7eda8b

((Not to be a dick, but I'd appreciate if pure discussion-type posts were placed in the discussion thread. It's getting a little confusing picking the actual suggestions out. You guys could hammer out long-range plans there as well.))
No. 49692 ID: 5696d4

Time to apply some advanced psychology tricks.

Tell her that you respect her job as a mercenary, and thus you will not allow cheap tricks to ruin your confrontation (yes, even times like that when both are in a bathhouse). Warn her however about your capabilities as a good fighter, and that you will not let her have an easy time.

Hehe, hopefully that'll at least do something.
No. 49710 ID: de913c


Goshen doesn't seem that smart.

Goshen, you should probably focus on getting her as an ally. Offer the sword as a token of goodwill, or try and barter for her protection on the way to Fort Ji. Explain that you're more concerned about your country's security, and anyone seen helping a messenger might be forgiven of their previous malign's against it.

If all else fails, offer a florin now, plus three later for safe passage. We might get some money from the fort for our delivery.
No. 49714 ID: 1d66a7

It's not being smart; it's being polite and respectful. I believe Goshen has both traits.
No. 49716 ID: 7d87d9

She's a MERC. We'd have to buy her out and guess what... We ain't that rich and who says she wouldn't sell us out at the first chance.

Although we could sell her Aphek...
No. 49724 ID: bffa2a


Well, first of all stop being a bitch about it. Secondly you want lighter work and we know who can offer it. You've been had. Those supplies were never meant for you if what we suspect is correct. They're using bandits and mercenaries to set up supply points in the desert for an army. Likely meant to dispose of you when you found out. You probably know very little but information is valuable and you probaly know how to find out if others of your kind are being used like you. Come with us to Fort Ji and you can negotiate for a cushier job.
No. 49727 ID: 2cbe3e


That's not a bad idea. Offer Shadran a florin and her sword now, and Aphek when the job's done.
No. 49739 ID: efa41b

>I believe Goshen has both traits.

She's a merc who wants a safer job. We don't necessarily have to pay her out of pocket. A cut of the spoils, and her sword back, could be enough.

>Actual Suggestion
"Well, I wouldn't mind if you were to travel with us for the time being. Seeing as you're apparently between jobs anyway."
No. 49771 ID: 814244


Expansion suggestion on this:

Offer the sword as an incentive for joining you for a while. Her pay could be the sword itself in exchange for taking you to Fort Ji and perhaps traveling a bit further with you.

Likewise, don't forget about Aphek. It'd be wise to keep him as a pack mule and possible distraction, so don't offer him up to Shadran yet.

This appears to be a legitimate response for Goshen, even if it's a bit callous and makes you out as an asshole. I vote for this speech.
No. 49774 ID: f4963f

>Selling Aphek to a crazy bitch he obviously doesn't like.

No. 49782 ID: 7eda8b
File 125373590835.png - (105.62KB , 500x500 , AQ224.png )

Goshen pauses to get his thoughts together.

>Tell her that you respect her job as a mercenary, and thus you will not allow cheap tricks to ruin your confrontation (yes, even times like that when both are in a bathhouse). Warn her however about your capabilities as a good fighter, and that you will not let her have an easy time.
...What is the purpose of saying this? Is Goshen trying to make her attack him?
>It's not being smart; it's being polite and respectful.
>payment talk
Goshen's done mercenary work before. To put things in perspective, in a high-intensity job, an elite fighter like Goshen could command a florin per day.
No. 49785 ID: 43d730

Offer the sword back in exchange for being left alone.
No. 49787 ID: bffa2a


How about >>49724
Take the sword and go away you crazy bitch.
No. 49789 ID: de913c


Re asserting earlier work here: >>49724

This seems like a good overall option. You can try and make it polite by asking her not to kill you instead of 'acting like a crazy bitch' instead, if you feel that'd keep your balls on you.

Also, can we get a sitrep on Aphek? Bastard seems to have been left in a temporary limbo.
No. 49792 ID: 950eaa

This, worded a bit more diplomatically, or not. I think it's the best option.
No. 49805 ID: 4e49f2

It amazes me that people still have not realized that Charisma is Goshen's dump stat.

We should be trying to kill her, not make friends with her.
No. 49808 ID: de913c


We're attempting to be cunning here. It's a little bit of low cunning, but keeping her off our back means we might get an attack of opportunity later.
No. 49814 ID: 2cbe3e

Look, if we do want to hire her, we just need to offer the sword, and some pay. Not a florin a day, say half a florin. The other half will go towards her sword. She did lose it to us in a fair fight after all. Well, unfair.
No. 49815 ID: 8e18cd

Stop with the romance suggestions and save them for quests that actually have romance.


"For you to stop chasing me around? It's getting annoying."
No. 49816 ID: 18212a

Tell her that you understand the bond between a warrior and her weapon. Ask for nothing in return (and hopefully gain her respect).
No. 49819 ID: de913c


This may be a good suggestion. If you don't take the one route of bitching her out, this might be a bit more of a laid-back response.

I'd still personally try and weasel something out of her. Escort to Fort Ji, at the very least.
No. 49823 ID: 476456

I think if she believed in that she'd be more insistent on getting her sword back.

try saying "Well you seemed angry about losing it."
No. 49825 ID: 7d87d9

Oh yes lets give her the weapon she almost killed us with.... at the range where she is most lethal... Real smart.

She'll probably thank us by killing Goshen and taking Aphek.
No. 49851 ID: 7d87d9

This ain't an anime people. She's a KILLER. She's been stalking us. She's SMART. She'll lie and do things to lure us into a false sense of security and then slit our throat with her CLAWS.
No. 49855 ID: bffa2a

Quest disucussion is here >>/questdis/313043
No. 49856 ID: 931ee5

Do not give her her sword back willingly, ever. Or any weapon for that matter. GTFO with Aphek as fast as possible while covering your tracks behind you.
No. 49868 ID: 62ec90

Quit hiding like a pussy. You're sending the wrong message.

Ask her how much she's getting paid, Who paid her for the job back at the wagon, and why it's your fault she fucked up her own job.

She's playing coy and running circles around you. Quit being timid. You could easily drown her right here and now if you went about it right.
No. 49873 ID: 276781

>"For what?"
"I'll be blunt. If I give you your sword back, will you keep trying to kill me?"
And then sense motive/detect lie her response.
No. 49884 ID: b94893

Give her the sword back and call it a truce. You don't know what it was that made her like this, but there's no way she would join the military at Fort Ji and thus no reason to accompany you on your journey.

Ask her where she's headed now.
No. 49909 ID: 632862

There's no reason to make this personal. Indicate that you don't want her to hunt you down specifically. Returning the sword would at least partially make up for destroying her supplies.
No. 50110 ID: 476456

Finish your bath goshen.
No. 50111 ID: f78140

there is too much life and death shit between the two of you. i'd suggest giving the sword back except she's already made it clear that it's different from just killing folks for money with you. accordingly, handing her another weapon is a bad idea, since there will still be bad shit between you.

don't give her the sword.
No. 50112 ID: efa41b

She's made it clear that she doesn't appreciate Goshen being a dick. Ceasing to be a dick would go a long way to alleviate that.
No. 50113 ID: 7eda8b
File 125378394137.png - (110.12KB , 500x500 , AQ225.png )

Goshen decides to give Shadran her weapon back to get on her good side.

...Still, he has some doubt.

"If I give your sword back, will you just use it to kill me?" Goshen asks.

"If I must," says the talyxian.

Her voice is icy. Calm. Catlike. Detached. Calculating. Goshen cannot determine if her words are truthful or not. He can't read her at all.

He now understands why Aphek called her a monster.

>I'd still personally try and weasel something out of her. Escort to Fort Ji, at the very least.
"Could you accompany me? I was thinking of raiding places," Goshen says, not specifying a direction, to be on the safe side. (His original plan was to raid gnolls to the south)

Shadran says nothing.

"That'd be lighter work," Goshen points out. "Probably some treasure..."

"If we walk together, we'll need to detour. I have business to attend. Add a day's time til your fort."

From what he's heard, Goshen could make it to Fort Ji in one or two days. This could turn that into three.
No. 50119 ID: 15f6d6

Ask her if she's currently being paid to kill you. If not, then take her with you.

Unless she just immediately attacks when you are outside of the bath house, it would be better to have her with you than to not know where she is.

You are really in no more danger of her killing you in your sleep than you would be if she was silently stalking you.
No. 50123 ID: 43d730

Seconding >>50119
Bribe with sword after checking to see if the bribe will work, then leave her and move on.
No. 50124 ID: de913c


What's the saying? Keep your friend's close, and your enemies closer.

I agree with this.
No. 50128 ID: de913c

Adding to that: See if we can't inquire her employers again. An earlier suggestion I made was thus:

"So the humans and gnolls are banding together, huh? I heard talk from two humans they were starting some kind of alliance."

If she asks about the human heads and the bladed altar for the General, admit you killed them as nonchalantly as possible. It's a tough sell, but maybe you can make her a bit more cautious of you.
No. 50129 ID: 7d87d9

At your first opportunity KILL HER IN HER SLEEP
No. 50140 ID: b94893

Sounds good. Let's go with that.
No. 50161 ID: 9e9b47

"Fine. An extra day more or less doesn't matter to me."

Just enjoy the rest of your bath in silence. Seems we're done talking for now.
No. 50320 ID: efa41b

Seems worth it, she probably knows shit.

Though like>>50119
said, Make sure she'll be unlikely to feel that she must kill you.

I agree with this line of questioning in general, but that line would be a horrible way to start it. Also, we have no reason to believe that humans and gnolls are working together.
No. 50726 ID: 7eda8b
File 125386323239.png - (110.11KB , 500x500 , AQ226.png )

"... fine," Goshen says.

>See if we can't inquire her employers again.
After a few moments longer, the sergal tries another angle.

"Surely you can say SOMEthing about your employers..." he says.

The talyxian says nothing.

>Ask her if she's currently being paid to kill you.
"Are you currently being paid to kill me?" Goshen asks.

The talyxian says nothing.

...in hindsight, she already said her job was something else. If she was lying then, she would surely lie again.

>humans and gnolls are banding together, huh?
"...So. Some kind of alliance brewing. I guess?" Goshen asks.

The talyxian says nothing.
No. 50727 ID: 1e512e

A woman who keeps her mouth shut? Marry her.
No. 50728 ID: f4963f

... yeah, that's good. Leave her be for now.
No. 50729 ID: 2dd482

Look over the divide to make sure she's still there. If she's not, go warn Aphek.
No. 50730 ID: 2dd482

Hell, go warn Aphek about her being in the bathhouse regardless.
No. 50731 ID: 7eda8b
File 125386570318.png - (143.86KB , 500x500 , AQ227.png )

>Look over the divide to make sure she's still there
No. 50732 ID: 2dd482

Bump noses. She'll NEVER see it coming.
No. 50733 ID: 476456

Oh jesus..hand her back her salt innocently.
No. 50734 ID: c80cec

"Fancy meeting you here. Do you come here often?"
No. 50735 ID: 9e9b47


Grin widely, then leave.
No. 50736 ID: 476456

alternatively, return the salt in much the same manner she gave it to you.
No. 50737 ID: 7eda8b
File 125386671248.png - (142.84KB , 500x500 , AQ228.png )

>Bump noses
Goshen cancels affectionate noserub: interrupted by self preservation instincts.
>hand her back her salt innocently.
Goshen didn't see where the salt jar landed. Knowing her, she caught it.
No. 50738 ID: a3b36a

A few suggestions, some more joking then others.

"Oh. So you are still there. Okay then."

"I totally wasn't about to try and check out the goods again. That's professionalism."

Never retreat! Stay there!

Are you stupid? Get back in the water.

Steal a kiss, then run for your life!

"Any particular reason you don't talk much?"


"So... wanna go rape, pillage, and burn a town sometime?"
No. 50739 ID: 6e9f12

>"I totally wasn't about to try and check out the goods again. That's professionalism."
Not that. That is a horrible thing to say. Do not say it.

The rest are fine, though.
No. 50740 ID: 7eda8b
File 125386807233.png - (142.95KB , 500x500 , AQ229.png )

>Grin widely
It doesn't quite work. Goshen could alternately fall back to his training and make a war-face, but that might not be a great plan right now.

"Any reason you don't talk much?" Goshen asks.

"You should go," Shadran says.
No. 50741 ID: 5eea01

Realize that Shadran's breasts are less than a foot away, behind the screen.
No. 50742 ID: 276781

"Fine. But before I go, if you decide you don't want to kill me after we've finished our stays here, meet me <somewhere of your choosing> and I'll give you back your sword."

And, obviously, be ready for her to be there and try to kill you after getting her sword back anyway.
No. 50743 ID: a3b36a

Hope you were done with your bath. At least you probably don't stink as much now. Except of fear.

Might as well go warn Aphek.
No. 50744 ID: 7eda8b
File 125386893548.png - (147.04KB , 500x500 , AQ230.png )

>'...meet me <somewhere of your choosing>'
Goshen suspects Shadran will find him unless he takes steps to avoid being found.

The bath is getting cold anyway. Goshen decides to leave.

Yisi is in the hallway.

"Is there anything the matter, sir?" he asks. "I'd hate for there to be any trouble. Your friend Aphek was just heading to the freshwater spring. You'll be joining him?"
No. 50745 ID: 2dd482

Well, go back to your bath then. You paid for one, so you might as well get it.

Alternatively, go tell Aphek about this development.

Don't bother to knock or anything, just barge in.
No. 50746 ID: c80cec

"Yeah, I'd like to join my friend. Which way is it?"
No. 50747 ID: 2dd482

As an passing note, apologize for the possibility of Aphek doing anything 'untoward' due to us not telling him the deal Nivrean gender dimorphism.
No. 50758 ID: 7d87d9

So we should leave NOW!

We get outside the place and when the Weasel comes out we jump her and then rip her limb from limb.

Its a perfectly legitimate strategy
No. 50765 ID: 950eaa

Not without our goddamn brushing we won't!
No. 50767 ID: 9d41ab

We need our fucking brushing. Hells yes.
No. 50771 ID: b94893

Tell him to get our nevrean girl, we're getting our goddamn brushing.
No. 50805 ID: 781289


He looks smugly satisfied...

Poor Aphek.

Request brushing, then get a quick wash. We'll probably need to watch for anything that might be Shadran's trickery, and keep an eye on anything we eat.

Alternatively, if and when we do get a meal, don't eat your fill. Make sure to take your time, and take a motive check on the server, and a poison check on the food.

One more thing we need to consider when we meet Aphek - Berate him on being a moron, and for thinking Yisi was a girl. Torture him a bit for it, he deserves it for his idiocy.

Hmm. On top of everything, we need to start considering how we're going to watch Shadran on the trail. Should she accompany us, we may have to be ready to defend ourselves, not only against her, but anyone that might be pleased/displeased with her progress.

That's all I've got now. Continue on when you can, Test.
No. 50810 ID: 632862

Hm. I suspect the brushing is supposed to be after the second bath.
No. 50835 ID: 950eaa

But seriously we should actually kill her first then get our brushing.
No. 50984 ID: 7d87d9

It'll help to get the blood and gore out of our fur.
No. 51048 ID: 9e9b47


Just go join Aphek. As long as we're paying for this. We can tell him about the whole situation there.
No. 51515 ID: 15f6d6

Seriously guys we don't need to worry too much about Shadran. She's probably either going to attack outright when we're outside, which would mean she doesn't have the element of surprise and we are in perfect health, or she's going to try to do something on the trail.

If she tries to do something on the trail like kill us in our sleep, she would/could have done it anyway, even if she wasn't in our party, so there is no real reason to attack her or be super suspicious, not that we shouldn't be on our guard.

There is a chance now that she isn't going to attack us or try anything. If we are aggressive, that chance goes to zero. She's not a serial killer, she's a mercenary.
No. 52088 ID: 62b3d7

Shadran's not going to be a problem for a while; might as well go to the spring.

Though you'll definitely want to tell Aphek about it first thing; break it to him casually as a 'by the way' for extra points. Making the little southerner flinch is the national pastime.
No. 52909 ID: 7eda8b
File 125411967530.png - (144.66KB , 500x500 , AQ231.png )

Goshen is led down the stairs to a room with an artificial hot spring. Yisi vanishes professionally away, staying out of Aphek's sight.

"Hey," the southern says. He looks glum.

"What's wrong?" asks Goshen.

"I don't want to talk about it," says Aphek.

"You knew about the feather color thing, right?"

"I don't want to talk about it."
No. 52910 ID: f4963f

... let's not bother him about that.

We should probably warn him about Shadran, but hastily add that she doesn't... seem to be in creepy murder bitch mode today. Just as an FYI.
No. 52911 ID: 276781

Except for the salt in Goshen's eyes. But then again, he was peeping, so he sort of had it coming.
No. 52912 ID: 9e9b47


"Well good. Shadran is coming with us, by the way. I don't want to talk about that either."
No. 52915 ID: 782100

Is that a... Is that a feather hanging from his lips?
No. 52918 ID: 632862

...Hey, I see a familiar shape in the decoration up there.
No, that is a FROWN.
No. 52921 ID: 7eda8b
File 125412197934.png - (83.12KB , 500x500 , AQ232.png )

Aphek is mostly silent.

"You sure?" Goshen asks.

"Yeah," Aphek says.

"Right. Uh... So, Shadran's going to be traveling with us."
No. 52922 ID: 613875

Aphek: ggk!! D:
No. 52923 ID: 7eda8b
File 125412215787.png - (87.87KB , 500x500 , AQ233.png )


"Uh, Shadran," Goshen says. "I talked to her and-"


"I talked to her and-"

"What?" Aphek repeats.

"-she said she'd travel with us-"

"You talked to Shadran."

"Yeah, uh. In exchange for her sword."

"You're giving her my sword," Aphek says without inflection.
No. 52925 ID: 476456

"Oh mellow out, you just got laid"
No. 52926 ID: 476456

"Oh mellow out, you just got laid"
No. 52927 ID: 9e9b47


"Quit complaining, it's not like you can use it that good. We'll get you a new one."
No. 52928 ID: f4963f

I sense some opposition to this plan. How long did you actually know Shadran, Aphek? What can you tell us about her?
No. 52929 ID: 2dd482

"For some one who just got his dick wet you're pretty high strung.."
No. 52931 ID: b94893

No. 52932 ID: 904da4

Well, it was either return her weapon and cut a deal, or enjoy the fact that she seems to be capable of stalking us OUT of a desert, INTO a forest, THROUGH a town, and right to the bathhouse we decide to stop in at. Besides, I can get you a new sword easy enough.
No. 52933 ID: 7eda8b
File 125412328134.png - (85.72KB , 500x500 , AQ234.png )

"Quit complaining," Goshen says. "It's not like you can use it half as well."

"That's kind of the whole problem," Aphek says.

"Well, it's better to keep her where we can see her, right?"

"I don't... I don't really think so," Aphek says. "We outran her before, didn't we?"

What should Goshen say to convince him?
No. 52934 ID: 904da4


Besides, as a soon-to-be mercenary yourself, you'll find that cutting deals is preferable to potentially losing your life over a tool. Also, it seems those supplies we torched back in the Sailzane were hers, so it might be good to try to mollify her.
No. 52935 ID: b94893

Sit down next to Goshen and wrap an arm around him all manly-like.

Sigh and say "Look, Shadran's beyond you, me, pretty much anyone out there. I'd rather be on her good side than have her come after us again. If she wanted to kill us in our sleep, I think she would have done so already. We'll see how it goes, and if worst comes to worst, at least we'll always know where she is rather than being paranoid over her popping out from every corner. I mean... You remember what we did to that inn's bedroom... I don't want to have to do that every night. At least until we get to Fort Ji, let's... keep her within sight.
No. 52936 ID: f4963f

"She's looking for lighter work now, Aphek. She's not interested in Sergal bounties."
No. 52937 ID: 9e9b47


"There's a good chance for danger around here. I'd like to have someone else around that can use a sword correctly. Plus, we never outran her. She walked away and we didn't see her until now."
No. 52939 ID: 7eda8b
File 125412508495.png - (100.79KB , 500x500 , AQ235.png )

"She chased us and tracked us through the desert, OUT of the desert, through a forest, through a town, and all the way here," Goshen says.

"Wow..." Aphek replies. "How'd you survive her ambush this time?"

"Uh. Actually, I caught her bathing," Goshen says.

"Oh. Are you... Are you sure she tracked us here?" Aphek asks. "And she wasn't just here for a bath?"
No. 52940 ID: 476456

"um....well that does mean she's not trying to kill us"
No. 52942 ID: e4190e

Oh Aphek, how come you're so reasonable about stuff that isn't blowjobs from birds?
No. 52944 ID: 276781

That's a hell of a coincidence, and from our conversation, she was pretty pissed about "her" supplies getting burned and losing her sword.
No. 52945 ID: 9e9b47


"No. I'm not. The fact of the matter is she takes the loss of her sword personally. I figure we can give it to her now, have her accompany us a while until we can get you a sword, and then play it by ear from there. If it makes you feel better we'll take shifts to watch her and make sure she doesn't try anything while we sleep."
No. 52946 ID: f4963f

"... actually, that might be the case. Either way, I don't want her bearing a grudge, so I'm trying to make ammends now."

"We're both headed in the same direction, so she will be accompanying us for the leg to Fort Ji. We'll be delayed by about a day; she has a hit that's slightly off the trail. I mentioned she's a mercenary, right?"
No. 52947 ID: 904da4

How much are you willing to lay on mere coincidence? Granted, I don't think she intended to get caught bathing, but perhaps she simply thought we had moved on? I'd rather give someone the benefit of the doubt than underestimate them and pay for it later.
No. 52949 ID: 7eda8b
File 125412684918.png - (81.40KB , 500x500 , AQ236.png )

"Okay, maybe you're right. All the more reason to try to make amends, right?" Goshen says.

Aphek exhales, blowing bubbles. Goshen repeats what Shadran told him about being a mercenary, not wanting to fight sergals anymore, and laying claim to the supplies.
No. 52950 ID: 7eda8b
File 125412703685.png - (90.06KB , 500x500 , AQ237.png )

"She might've actually had a tough time getting out of the desert, if that was her water," Aphek points out. "She must be angry."

"I think she's always angry," Goshen says.

"Me too," Aphek says.
No. 52951 ID: 904da4

So would you rather try to mollify her a little bit, or let her anger fester?
No. 52953 ID: 7eda8b
File 125412857425.png - (80.14KB , 500x500 , AQ238.png )

"There's a creature, I've been told, from far away, called a weasel," Aphek says, after awhile. "Very fast, and long in body."


"I'm told that if it's spotted by its prey while hunting, it'll dance. It'll come out of hiding and dance and dance, until the prey isn't scared of it any longer. It'll dance closer and closer. And then, before the prey realizes what's going on, it pounces."

"And that works?" Goshen asks.

"I guess not every time, or else it wouldn't bother being sneaky in the first place," Aphek says. "That's not the point."

"So you think Shadran's, uh, dancing?" Goshen asks.

"I don't know!" Aphek says. "I'm going to trust your judgment, because you saved me from her in the first place. I just want to be sure you've thought this over."
No. 52954 ID: 2dd482

Aphek: Get your mind off this Shandra business. Try and think of some happier thoughts, like that lovely, fine feathered bath attendant~
No. 52955 ID: 904da4

He has a very good point. Up to this point, we've simply taken what she's said at face value, which in my honest opinion is not the wisest course of action.

On the other hand, letting her out of sight is also not a good idea. "Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer" and all that.
No. 52957 ID: 476456

Give him a nice reassuring hug!
No. 52963 ID: b1e366

Can you imagine Shadran hopping up and down and flailing her body around until she falls over, making funny squeeking noises?
No. 52964 ID: 43d730

I can now...
No. 52969 ID: 7d87d9

We should dance back... Then slit her throat... Aphek should be the one to do the honors with her own blade.
No. 52970 ID: 950eaa

We should kill her when she's sleeping. Nobody said we had to be honorable about anything.
No. 53062 ID: 9e9b47

The fact is that Shadran is still another person good in a fight. We cannot rely on Aphek to provide any serious support in a fight. While Shadran is a bit of a wildcard and loose cannon, she's also a good fighter who's agreed to accompany us. We might just want to leave Aphek with the sword until we can get him another one, and just keep a very stern eye on Shadran. There's no need to just kill her in her sleep if she could be a very useful ally.
No. 53078 ID: f4963f

There's no real indication that she's going to slit our throats at night. We should keep our guard up, of course, but this isn't a match of Paranoia.
No. 53511 ID: 62b3d7

"Think of it this way: if she IS chasing us, we can keep an eye on her better if she's with us rather than if she's out of sight. And it's not like we have to let our guard down."

That sounds about reasonable to me. Goshen and Aphek having her with them, while risky, is only a problem if she wants to kill them. And then, given her stealth and skill, she's more dangerous when they don't know where she is with any accuracy.

Also, you might want to consider buying that sword from before, if you're giving Shadran her blade back. That way everyone has a decent weapon.
No. 54768 ID: 812399

"Look, she's scary. But I'd much rather have her where if she attacks she has to do so from head on, where I can see it coming. At least it'd give us a chance to fight- knife in the dark and we're both dead."
No. 57004 ID: 7eda8b
File 12546867991.png - (105.33KB , 500x500 , AQ239.png )

"Well, at least we can keep an eye on her. Better that than her sneaking up in the shadows," Goshen says. "Like you said. If the dancing thing was their best bet, they wouldn't bother with the sneaking."

"I guess you're right," Aphek replies. "So, does this mean we're not barricading the room tonight?"
No. 57006 ID: c923e9

Blow some bubbles underwater in response. It's obvious we're going to barricade the room, Shadran or not.
No. 57007 ID: 43d730

There are three categories of trust.
Untrusted, somewhat trusted, and trusted.
Promotion to the third is posthumous.
No. 57010 ID: 15f6d6

"I didn't say we had to be stupid."

We probably should barricade the door. Nobody who wants in the room with us while we're sleeping would be up to any good.
No. 57018 ID: 7eda8b
File 125468748019.png - (110.35KB , 500x500 , AQ240.png )

>Blow some bubbles

Like this?
No. 57021 ID: c923e9

Harder! More feeling! Like you're angry at the water!
No. 57032 ID: 43d730

Aphek: Initiate splashfight.
No. 57041 ID: 15f6d6

Those bubbles are not very extreme, Goshen. I am disappoint.
No. 57043 ID: 7eda8b
File 125468866921.png - (72.07KB , 500x500 , AQ241.png )


Aphek has no response. Goshen's argument appears to be persuasive.

Anything else before dinner?
No. 57054 ID: 15f6d6

Pat Aphek on the head.
Tiem to eat.
No. 57062 ID: 2dd482

One more time: "Are you SURE you don't want to talk about Yisi?"
No. 57073 ID: 950eaa

Our brushing. Let's not forget our brushing.
No. 57080 ID: 2dd482


"if you excuse me, I've got a brushing with a Nevrean.

Maybe Yisi can give you one?"
No. 57083 ID: de913c


"Hey, don't be upset. We'll be fine so long as we keep our word. Just don't go crazy at her: That might make the dance stop."

Pat him on the head, then I suppose we should inquire about massage/brushing.
No. 57137 ID: 7eda8b
File 125469357960.png - (159.01KB , 500x500 , AQ242.png )

>Tiem to eat
Indeed. Goshen feels refreshed and hungry.

The sergals go to the house's dining room. The food is good and plentiful. Whatever it is.

No. 57148 ID: 7eda8b
File 125469380914.png - (98.38KB , 500x500 , AQ243.png )

Other than Goshen and Aphek, the only people dining are a party of agudner and a lone nevrean.

Shadran's nowhere to be seen. There is, however, a large statue of a hawk in flight. Its penetrating gaze helps fill the void of penetrating gazes left by Shadran's absence.
No. 57161 ID: f4963f

Well, keep an eye out for her. Is that actual meat they gave you? I thought it might be more vegetable garbage.
No. 57164 ID: fc854e

What is that food you're eating?

You can safely ignore the other guests.
No. 57196 ID: 7eda8b
File 125469521151.png - (135.59KB , 500x500 , AQ244.png )

Tastes kind of like bison, but more fatty.

"Hey, what is this?" Goshen asks.

Yisi gives a staccato string of bird noises. This is why Goshen didn't understand anything on the menu.

"What's it made out of, I mean?"

"Feyalatl," Yisi replies. "It's a kind of feathered lizard."

Growing immediately bored with the conversation, Goshen ponders a few fleeting thoughts he had earlier, to try and kill Shadran in the middle of the night. It seems hugely risky, and would of course get him kicked out of inns for many miles around, but if he can pull it off, he wouldn't have to worry if the talyxian is trustworthy or not.
No. 57205 ID: 025291

I like that idea, but Shadran isn't stupid. She probably took precautionary measures and Goshen is no assassin.
It'll be a waiting game for a good opportunity to attack her somewhere on the road.
No. 57206 ID: f4963f

Let's not; we should just keep a close eye on her.
No. 57222 ID: 950eaa

hurry up and eat so we can get to the best part.. the brushing.
No. 57270 ID: 7eda8b
File 125469784510.png - (137.37KB , 500x500 , AQ245.png )

>hurry up and eat so we can get to the best part.. the brushing.

Man this is THE LIFE.
No. 57271 ID: 025291

Start purring, or whatever the Sergal equivalent to purring is.
No. 57273 ID: f4963f

A soothing purr. Do eet~
No. 57275 ID: 2dd482

Is that Isso?

What about Aphek, is he getting a brushing from Yisi?
No. 57278 ID: c923e9

... If you know what I mean.
No. 57292 ID: 7eda8b
File 125469856978.png - (138.02KB , 500x500 , AQ246.png )

>Start purring
Naw. Okay, maybe a little.

>Is that Isso?

>What about Aphek?
Who cares?
No. 57295 ID: 2dd482

>switch CONTROL to APHEK
No. 57297 ID: bffa2a


Can we get out of here already?
No. 57302 ID: 950eaa

No! More brushes! >>57297
No. 57304 ID: 15f6d6

NO. Our brushing must be epic. Our fur must be murrfect.
No. 57318 ID: 632862

Huh. She seems worried. Misinterpreting the purring perhaps?
No. 57321 ID: f4963f


Nice, loong brushing. Lucious fur~
No. 57325 ID: 025291

Suddenly realize that your Raider buddies are still out there suffering an unknown fate.
Also remember the important informations you have to relay to Fort Ji.
No. 57326 ID: 1afd58

Stop purring and start murring.
No. 57351 ID: b94893

Compliment her on her excellent brushing.

You know, to encourage her to do more.
No. 57362 ID: 7eda8b
File 125470083431.png - (140.79KB , 500x500 , AQ247.png )

Goshen makes small talk until it's time for bed.

There's only one entrance, so moving one bookcase is enough to barricade. This place doesn't have any windows, to help insulate. The room doesn't appear to have any secret entrances.

"Well, that wasn't so bad," Goshen says. "Other than you-know who."


"Ah well. Maybe tomorrow will be more exciting."

No. 57365 ID: 632862

I recognize all those paintings!
No. 57372 ID: c923e9

Ask him about his date. Did it go well? Did he use protection?
No. 57386 ID: f4963f

Wiggle your toes. :D
No. 57394 ID: 15f6d6

Tell Aphek that no matter how much he practices his staring, Shadran will never love him.
No. 57404 ID: 7eda8b
File 125470208667.png - (112.94KB , 500x500 , AQ248.png )

"So how'd your date go?" Goshen teases.

"How can you even talk about that when we're under the same roof as that... that..."

"Was just asking. Forget it."
No. 57406 ID: 025291

Aphek: Dream about waking up with Goshens severed head in your bed and Shadran standing in front of you, staring and holding a bloody sword.
No. 57410 ID: 7eda8b
File 125470221016.png - (0.99KB , 500x500 , AQ249.png )

>Aphek: Dream about waking up with Goshens severed head in your bed and Shadran standing in front of you, staring and holding a bloody sword.

He does.
No. 57414 ID: 7eda8b
File 125470227960.png - (18.57KB , 500x500 , AQ250.png )

No. 57431 ID: de913c


Sleep well. Pleasant dreams.

Hope you don't mind the BLOOD THIRSTY KILLER outside your door.

So yeah, just uh... Try to get some sleep.
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