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File 126492025123.png - (140.13KB , 1024x768 , 12648985861.png )
9985 No. 9985 ID: 4f5297

Ever since Rynh was outed as a girl, I've kinda felt sorry for her. She tried so hard to keep up her disguise, and now that her cover is blown we're just treating her like the bunch of hormonal neckbeards we are. She almost feels like a little sister at this point - young and naive, and I want to protect her.

Dammit, how dare you do a good job at characterization and make me care about one of your characters!

Anyway, discuss.
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No. 9986 ID: c0f3bf

She didn't have any objections, we're just trying to make her feel nice~

Besides, if she was a guy nothing would be changed.
No. 9987 ID: 3416ec

That's a girl?
No. 9988 ID: 9ed20c

She seems to be enjoying herself well enough, and we'll get back to productive activities after breakfast.
No. 9990 ID: 6c28cf

We haven't actually done anything but razz her a bit. She's a mercenary, I'm sure she's used to it. Also, we convinced her to shlick, but seeing as she enjoyed it, I can hardly see that as a bad thing.
>Besides, if she was a guy nothing would be changed.
This is very much true. Rynh is fucking adorable. Gender is irrelevant to this. Rynh is fun to play with. Gender is irrelevant to this as well.
No. 9991 ID: 4f5297

She's still fairly green as a mercenary though, that's part of what makes her adorable.
No. 9992 ID: 84889c

I found the androgyny to be wonderfully charming, not to mention adding a somewhat mysterious element as well as providing for some friendly bickering between people insisting one way or another. And while I'm thusly sad to see it go, I'm sure it'll be easier now that we can use pronouns. And yes, still a wonderful character.
No. 9993 ID: 2dd482

aka Gnoll don't you dare rage/boredquit >:(
No. 9996 ID: 632862

I do hope that the quest doesn't devolve much further into sexual stuff. It helps that Rynh has expressly said she's not gonna go hooking up with just anyone. What we got so far is (I hope) just an early jump at shenanigans and we can do some adventurin' without getting distracted as much now.

Though I admit that was pretty hot.
No. 10015 ID: aea32c

It's not like Gnoll had ever done anything besides softcore porn.
So it was pretty much inevitable.
Everyone just enjoy the furry smut until he gets bored again an a NORTHERN SERGAL! shows up to end this mess.
No. 10018 ID: bb1955

That's an inevitability.
No. 10021 ID: 67c611

Rynh will always be a guy to me.
No. 10150 ID: be6e7a

>She almost feels like a little sister at this point - young and naive, and I want to protect her.
>professional killer
>young and naive
>professional killer
>professional killer

Wait a second.
No. 10153 ID: c6b5ea

She is cute, that is why she is called Rynh Chan.
No. 10159 ID: ce7e37

She's a JRPG protagonist?
No. 10160 ID: 8ecfd4

But then she would be a boy. Maybe she is keeping other things from our collective knowledge.
No. 10168 ID: 197650

mercs arent just hired to kill though, besides, do we even know how long shes been a merc?
No. 10170 ID: 5a2e05

I thought she said she was rather new at this.
No. 10202 ID: 53ecaa


She's new to being a merc, she said so herself. Yeah, she killed people, but she also felt regret over it - she hasn't become very jaded yet.
No. 10268 ID: 3416ec

We must avenge the bacon. No matter the cost.

Or... find a Denny's and order ourselves up a Grand Slam Breakfast.
No. 10275 ID: 84889c

And thus began the derailment into Bacon Quest
No. 10481 ID: 130b1d
File 126577128197.jpg - (214.55KB , 700x815 , C059.jpg )

I just realized who Rynh reminds me of.

Delicious flat police girl.
No. 10482 ID: 3f478b

Seras isn't flat...
No. 10484 ID: fe0817

So... Let's have a compromise. There are half of us screaming for kidnapping the cutebold, and the other half fighting to continue the storyline. How about we take the cutebold as a party member and continue the story?
No. 10487 ID: 8ecfd4

Sounds ok.
No. 10489 ID: 62489a

Only if Dag can come along too.
No. 10496 ID: 135d9a

I guess I am cool with this.
No. 10497 ID: c05c83

Nako too, to fill the tit-quota.
No. 10498 ID: 8ecfd4

Well I assumed we would eventually drag them all along. But first we have to find out where we have to drag them and what to do once we get there.
No. 14613 ID: f0ceda
File 127202595522.png - (134.81KB , 1898x852 , doobanicus invades FC.png )

I posted these in the thread but then deleted them for fear of it completely derailing the thread and ruining everything.

So I'm posting these here.
No. 14615 ID: 1ac39d

let me reiterate.
that interlude filled my brain with fuck.
No. 14616 ID: fe0817


But we know most of the information already... like cutebold have smaller penis compared to full grown gnolls.
No. 14617 ID: 1ac39d

true. but i'm sure rynh is looking for more in a lover then a big dick.
No. 14618 ID: 1ac39d

also, for all we know Jehral could be rather well endowed for his size due to his half-breed nature.
No. 14619 ID: a7a85a

I don't think it was ever established that Jehral was a half elf. I think it was just supposed.
He could be a half dragon like Ryhn. Perhaps he's smaller than Rynh because his Dragon half is mostly in his pants.

Wait...no...then this would be a quest by Reaver.
No. 14632 ID: f3de2f

>like cutebold have smaller penis compared to full grown gnolls.

There's a reason Cutebolds have such big and Sensitive noses you know.
No. 14634 ID: 016fb7


So... that is the ejaculatory pathway for the male cutebold spermatozoa?
No. 14636 ID: f3de2f

Well that will explain why Cheren Kaizekk of Cutebold Slaughter Fest calls them "nose fuckers"
No. 14642 ID: a97f3b
File 127205402865.jpg - (60.51KB , 600x660 , cutebold.jpg )

No. 14644 ID: 40e75d

Are you suggesting all male bolds walk around displaying their genitals for all to see?
No. 14646 ID: a56bd0

The only thing I can do here is point to the archives of certain other bold fellow was quite able to satisfy his larger partner.
No. 14665 ID: fe0817


Raital won't mind a smaller penis as long as it is Mudy. Oh, wait... Mudy got a sword larger than his body for penis. Nevermind. Your point stands.
No. 14666 ID: f3de2f

You sure He wasn't talking about George and his seven foot tall Valkyrie wife?
No. 14667 ID: 371e4a

Do we know if that was ever consumated though? I assumed Kara just passed out dead drunk before they could get to that point.
No. 14679 ID: 1ac39d

in kara quest, yes. but what about all the years from the end of that to the start of Cora quest?
No. 14978 ID: f0ceda
File 12725209725.png - (63.41KB , 960x540 , are you suuuuure.png )

Are you suuuuure you don't wanna borrow my amulet for a while, Rynh?
No. 14982 ID: ecf25b

>implying that shitty Little trinket actually does anything
No. 14984 ID: 34470e

Hey. You. Quit that right now or taste the wrath of my large trout.
No. 14999 ID: a85626


No. 15016 ID: 9ded94

Guys, barnacles are kinda small and have huge dicks. Meanwhile, gorillas are huge and have only two inches.

Also, it's been established that kobolds have four inches. I'm pretty sure cutebolds are equally well endowed.
No. 15126 ID: 24aa45

an average of 4 inches on a Kobold... that's like.... maybe 6-7 inches on a human...

And the human average is 5...
So.... yeah...

heh, we have larger penises than gorillas...
No. 15164 ID: 1963d1

>it's been established that kobolds have four inches
Courtesy of FATAL.
No. 15174 ID: 1177ca

No. 4chan.

I'm as glad as anyone that we broke off of 'em, but somethimes they do provide some interesting and important pieces of information.
No. 15255 ID: f95872

>I'm as glad as anyone that we broke off of 'em
The way you say that seems to imply some dislike... What's up, bro?
No. 15268 ID: 701a19

The problem with 4chan is that /b/ bleeds into every other board, so quests on that /tg/ board wind up being full of fuckery.
No. 16522 ID: 8bdb6a

It would be best if Rynh could just learn how to use the magic macguffin herself.

But not very likely.
No. 16523 ID: ca82d1

>implying FATAL wasnt made by a /b/-tard
No. 16552 ID: e9ab30

>implying that this was implied anywhere in this thread

No. 16568 ID: d235db


oddly enough, it does involve /b/... therefore, it is relevant to the disscussion... or something
continue gentlemen.
No. 16808 ID: 835351


What are you talking about? Getting Rynh laid is our quest!
No. 16815 ID: 8bdb6a

While you're probably right, it will probably work better if the two sides of the debate compromise on 'fuckbuddies but not lame romance taking up time.'

Which is probably also a pipe dream.
No. 17296 ID: 8bdb6a

>GET BACK ON TRACK. Especially in Fortune's Call, dammit.
What track should that be? Our track was finding this dragon and hoping it can help us or knew something or... could give us a quest to do in exchange for a reward or something. Instead it just wants us to go away. I don't know what we can do next.
No. 17297 ID: d6cb21

Guys, its a RED dragon. Which (if you go by DnD's example) means in almost all cases its going to be Chaotic Evil. If we want anything from her, we need to apeal to her lust for power/treasure.
No. 17298 ID: 8bdb6a

We're practically waving the MacGuffin in her face, to no avail. If that doesn't work, I can't see how anything could.
No. 17354 ID: 620bfb

Collect every item we can, then go back and rub every item against every piece of landscape until a message pops up saying something happened. And if that fails, we combine items and do it again.
No. 17424 ID: 67c611
File 127630838121.png - (793B , 16x16 , Fortunes_Call_Favicon.png )

Needs a favicon. Tired of flipping through tabs to find the right one.

cut/paste/crop & scale from some image.
No. 17426 ID: 0b2a05

It HAS a favicon

Don't you see the goblin boobs?
No. 17434 ID: 67c611

current quest thread does not have an icon.
No. 17513 ID: 63ab82

Mom suddenly became the center of the ball's attention.

Now... if we can recruit her...

Or be perma morph to resemble her...
No. 17589 ID: 8bdb6a

It's not the tits. She's our only current hope for getting some kind of plot hook.

Getting magicked into having to do missions for her, BiteQuest-style, would certainly add some focus to the quest (in addition to making mind control fetishists happy) but is exceedingly unlikely.
No. 17684 ID: 8c0848
File 127655246472.png - (13.75KB , 645x596 , Hmm.png )

Alright kiddies, hold on.
As hard as this is to believe, I may have written myself into a corner... or rather, not written anything and now I'm not sure what to do. I'm not quitting, I'm just a little stressed out and can't concentrate, not that I concentrate very well at the best of times.

I will consult with some people and try to do an actual good story arc, maybe with some more titties.
No. 17686 ID: 6a5a08

Turn Rynh to the Dark Side. We gotta help poor Vadris.
No. 17689 ID: 40cb26

Like when we learned magic, make a time lapse training montage. Then we get some dragon missions. Or just a long one way thing that takes us to the next whatever.
No. 17690 ID: c4c313


Pff didn't actually think we'd give the pendant to the dragon huh.

Truthfully I was surprised myself.
No. 17695 ID: d11fec

Hey Gnoll, work with someone who can story. Everything else you got.
No. 17696 ID: 8bdb6a

Well, the macguffin wasn't really useful to us. Giving it to the first person who seems capable of protecting it and unwilling to use it was a solid plan.
No. 17697 ID: 8b7db1

No offense, but that is your problem as a quest author. For every single quest you have done. It's, like, you REFUSAL to have anything like a plot is your downfall. It the exact opposite of railroading, but just as bad. D:

Which is a pity, because I think you CAN do some very neat stuff.
No. 17730 ID: 7b5606

As big a bitch as Mom is, I'm sure there will be dragonslayers to swing by. Plus, didn't we say that we were half dragon to those guys? They might decide to visit just in case. And even if not those, Mom might try to take Puppyears Noseface from us. She does kinda seem like the type.
No. 17731 ID: 1099d3


Just because we gave the evil amulet away, doesn't mean we can't find out more about it and whoever is after it.
No. 17737 ID: 8bdb6a

>okay rynh can polymorph now

oh no gnoll what have you done
No. 17743 ID: a594b9

If we didn't have to come up with all the options on our own- like if Rynh actually supplied a few plot-relevant options every now and then- then you'd be able to easily have a main plotline without any railroading at all.

I am disappointed that /quest/ decided to just run away from the guy that ambushed us after we got combat advantage. I mean, he was right there in front of us and we could've lightly roasted him in preparation for getting answers, but instead we just ran. Then the trail disappeared.
No. 17746 ID: 2a421d

Imma have to agree here, when handing out powers to quest characters transformation is one of the things that goes on the 'very fucking limited' list. Then again it is pretty established that dragons can have a nomal-ish looking 'humanoid form' for mingling with mortals so... we'll see how this plays out.

As for plot making gnoll... you do seem to hamstring yourself a lot. Kinda accidentally solving your own plots.
No. 18978 ID: 8bdb6a
File 127814246644.jpg - (21.54KB , 571x152 , 1275112135798.jpg )

No. 18982 ID: c4c313

No. 18983 ID: 1a99f0

uhuh...got a point to make there?
No. 18984 ID: c2c011

Possibly that the april first thing might actually happen. Poor Jehral should probably lube up and bite the pillow.
No. 18988 ID: be9838

You mean nose the pillow.
No. 18990 ID: 2a421d

She can't genderswap. She can only turn into a version of her as a similarly sized creature.
No. 18992 ID: 8bdb6a

She can make upteen pounds of tail disappear, but can't augment her equipment?
No. 18993 ID: c2c011

Well then she could give herself a tail in a different place and with a few more nervclusters. That should also work out.
No. 18994 ID: 2a421d

Magic is never supposed to 'make sense.' Otherwise it isn't magic. You are treating this like some kind of science or 'wave your hands and think happy thoughts' surgery.
No. 18997 ID: 8bdb6a

Maybe she could turn into a sergal.
No. 18998 ID: e31d52

A lot of people confuse 'Realism' with 'Internal consistency'. One should always try for the latter, if the former is impossible. This is a fundamental law of fiction which rarely should be ignored. Strive for consistency and many good things will follow!
No. 19004 ID: 1a99f0

Why couldn't she just turn herself into a version of herself that is male. She is rather familiar with males, I'm assuming, so it shouldn't be too hard. Maybe she couldn't turn into a male dragonbold since I doubt she's seen one, but she's still got most of the other species to work with.
No. 19162 ID: 7e2f1b

Have to wonder what her early life was like, to be so naive and not know anything about sex and to think toying with Jehral like she does is good healthy fun.
No. 19165 ID: 506441

>and to think toying with Jehral like she does is good healthy fun.

Well her mother IS a dragon and dragons are cruel monsters of pure greed and malevolence.
No. 19166 ID: f41d46

and bolds have
'torture for fun: Y' tag in Dwarf fortress.
No. 19214 ID: 1a99f0

anyone else wondering how Rynh's boots stopped having claw holes?
No. 19221 ID: ed3816
File 127839453157.jpg - (54.01KB , 300x355 , 1199320204040.jpg )

It's magic - shit don't got to make sense!
No. 19276 ID: f58d30
File 127847185781.jpg - (15.71KB , 320x240 , xeekingxena_06.jpg )

"A wizard did it!"
No. 19281 ID: 8c0848

This is the official canon explanation.
No. 19283 ID: e2d0a6
File 127847583526.jpg - (46.88KB , 581x357 , Oculus_Reparo_PS.jpg )

new spell acquired: Reparo

Repairs stuff. glasses shattered? Reparo
Boots torn? Reparo
bodily tissues torn? Reparo
No. 19286 ID: 2eac65

Hymen torn?
No. 19287 ID: e31d52

No. 19404 ID: 67c611
File 127859030612.png - (0.98KB , 16x16 , Fortunes_Call_Favicon_2.png )

More relevant favicon now that we don't have the crystal.
No. 19410 ID: f58d30

I like boobies better.
No. 19412 ID: 6faf8a

But Rynh is made of delicious hips.
No. 19443 ID: f58d30

I have to agree with you on that
No. 21499 ID: 67c611

I like to think of it as well thought out with a high probability of success. It's a textbook example of an ambush.

We don't have to pay squat. It's volunteer only. Suggest if they want to get any potshots off on the fucker that they do it right here and not at some other time. If they complain about collateral damage, tell them he would have damaged the town anyway if you hadn't shown up to stop it.

[this is how you use /dis/ instead of /quest/ for reasoning/counterpoints]
No. 21501 ID: 3a289a

Hey, why haven't we been having to deal with food expenses and stuff? I feel like we should, what with being fairly poor. It would rub in the working class mercenary feel. Although it's maybe getting to be too late now, and I only recently thought of it, because it's only recently fit the tone, with us back and working now.
No. 21651 ID: 8c0848

I haven't even been updating lately because of work and heat exhaustion, but I have been trying to keep track of things more lately.

Food isn't a big concern, since they're well off enough to eat on a regular basis with no real effect to the money supply. So I haven't wasted time mentioning it.
No. 21653 ID: d560d6

While we're waiting for Gnoll, then:
To assist fellow players in the correct way to deal with manticores, I suggest that you consult this interactive training simulator:


Leave through the fence and join the circus to begin your learning experience.
No. 22376 ID: 3e83e6

Fifth party member revealed.
No. 23427 ID: 4cdabb
File 128503500132.jpg - (12.21KB , 400x229 , crab_battle.jpg )

Crab Battle
No. 23437 ID: 82d1d6

No. 23449 ID: a41aaf

I'm already grinning hugely. If after ascending a magical elevator a magical Hind D is sitting there, the edges of my mouth will probably hit each other at the back of my head.
No. 23497 ID: 8c1706

I can't wait for the psycho mantis battle. The only way to hit him would be to post to attack him on another website.
No. 23501 ID: d2102f
File 12852680937.jpg - (108.47KB , 827x587 , MGear_mecha_history.jpg )

I wouldn't be surprised at ALL if the golem turns out to be a Metal Gear TX-55, or a REX.
No. 23503 ID: 8ab97f

It totally WON'T be now you know.
No. 23608 ID: a41aaf

Dang, I just realised: no wetsuit means no Sexy Elevator Disrobing Sequence.
No. 23614 ID: 56dc25

But perhaps wet fur means a Sexy Elevator Flame-Drying Sequence. I'm optimistic.
No. 23618 ID: a41aaf

While Incredibly Fluffy Blow-Dried Rynh would be adorable, it's just not the same...
No. 23619 ID: e31d52

No, you see in order to dry herself she needs to first make sure she does not set her clothing on fire, see?
No. 23623 ID: a41aaf

>soliton radar
No. 23754 ID: 644ca1

Wouldn't that be sister, anyway any one who thinks this will be complete with a Liquid Drake?
No. 23755 ID: 620bfb

I hope so, Gnoll already implied that there are a bunch of halfbreed dragonmutts out in the world.
No. 23759 ID: 2563d4

Liquid Drake = half-dragon, half-slime?
No. 23760 ID: b1ce4e

we met one brother already. a second in this place wouldn't be surprising.
No. 30612 ID: 39e0f7

LIIIIIVE because the quest thread is totally getting drowned.

Ok, guys. We should totally guide Rynh towards becoming a Jedi. Have her learn telekinesis and physical enhancement magic, and get her a magic lightsaber.

It'd be totally sweet.
No. 30613 ID: f95b2c
File 129660763997.jpg - (27.80KB , 363x310 , oh wait you serious.jpg )

but seriously it's a bad idea
No. 30614 ID: 39e0f7

Yes yes, of course.

But to be serious (attempting the rare and deadly X2 SERIOUS BUSINESS COMBO), Rynh is a combination mage/fighter, but so far her magic is based mostly on a) shapeshifting and b) shooting stuff at stuff.

Magic that provides boosts to her agility, senses or strength, or which can heal her injuries, would complement her more fightery abilities very well. Or perhaps stealth magic, invisibility and such, if we ever want more of the sneaky solid snake shenanigans she so surely shall need again in the future.
No. 30617 ID: 4236c9

quite frankly i was thinking you guys were pushing for a swordsage approach. im rather worried about getting a weapon when Rynh has no specific weapon style.

we should consider pawning the eye jewel. it may attract old enemies to rebuild the golem.
No. 30634 ID: c71597

Could be a good thing she has no specific style. Means she can use pretty much anything she comes across.

Which makes me think that maybe we're approaching this from the wrong direction. Any enhancement enchantments should go on jewels or gear on her, because she might loose the weapon in a fight or find that she needs something else. Then we can see if it's possible to get say, a dagger, that works sort of like an aura weapon or something. It changes depending on what she needs, an be a spear, can be a sword, can even be a warhammer. That way she won't come into a place where she's got a not very useful weapon or the enemy takes it and uses it against her.
No. 30648 ID: a7a85a


Well, she already wants to train. Once she finds her weapon she can hire a kick-ass teacher.


While I like the swiss army knife approach to adventuring you're going for, I'm not sure how good of an idea it is because of her lack of training with much more than swords. The thing is she can't use pretty much anything she comes across. She's not an archer, a staff user, axe user, and so forth. She was only trained by Dagnyr, who hacked her up as often as he taught her anything. And that was with swords.


You'd have to ask Rynh how much training she has with spears. She didn't mention any training before using one.

TL;DR, Seems like a bad idea to enter an electric guitar contest when all you know is drums.
No. 30654 ID: c71597

Thought she said she did know more stuff than just swords.

But just having it be able to change from different swords would be pretty nice. Get the best sword for the job and all that. Plus, if we can key it to only work with her magic then it will be nothing but a dagger for anyone else that takes it from her. Makes sure that we're not suddenly faced with a much harder opponent simply because they managed a disarm.
No. 30658 ID: a7a85a


Hmm. Looking back she only said that axes and maces or good. I don't know if that means she's trained in them but she acts like she is.

I do like the idea of a shifting, attuning weapon, even if it only does sword variations. And the security device is nice to boot. It could even change into a simple palm sized cylinder when she's not holding it. Easy to store, useless for enemies.
No. 30659 ID: 1ad347

What we particularly need is a weapon that can adapt to shapeshifting.
No. 30697 ID: 693d88

>Once she finds her weapon she can hire a kick-ass teacher.
Or, she train with her friends, which is free and will work just about as well.

>She was only trained by Dagnyr, who hacked her up as often as he taught her anything.
It's a good way to learn.

>she's trained in them
Being "trained in" something is an essentially meaningless statement. With weapons, there's the basic fundaments (hold this bit, swing it to hit the other guy with this bit) and everything beyond that is skill; it mostly just takes practice. She's worked as a mercenary, and lived among mercenaries for a significant amount of time. Therefore, we can assume she understands the fundaments of all common weapons. Honestly, that shit's pretty damn easy to pick up. Physical adroitness is not related to choice of weapon. That means she can fight effectively with just about any weapon she picks up. She may be better with some things than others, but the difference won't be too huge, and versatility is not unlikely to provide a greater advantage in many instances.

That said, a plain old sword is a great weapon for any small-scale engagement anyway. Sure, a pike might be better if we were in military formation, but that's not too likely to happen much. And it would be nice to have a Dane axe if we need to break a shield wall, but that's not too likely to happen either. And a lance and saber would both be nice to have if we were mounted, but a horse is not really a wise thing to go for, at this point. The only thing that might truly be useful is something for fighting a person in full armor; a bec de corbin or warhammer would be ideal for that. But that's not something it's worth getting a full shapeshift enchantment for, especially since people don't tend to be fully armored in all of the universe this quest takes place in, and we can shoot lightning.

Not really. A belt that can adapt to shapeshifting would be sufficient. Such as one that can be loosened or tightened, for example. No point in using magic when a mundane solution will do. If we remain in humanoid form, we can use the weapon unchanged. If we abandon humanoid form, we wouldn't be able to use a weapon anyway.
No. 30703 ID: 99433a

I don't know about you, but I don't particularly want to read Training: The quest. I doubt he wants to write that either.
No. 30707 ID: a7a85a


Oh, I'm with you. I think she should stick with a sword and some other enchantment. I was just discussing the shapeshifting sword idea for the sake of discussing it.
No. 30716 ID: cf6435

How about a magic sword with a fire or ice enchantment, which she can focus her magic into to make ice or heat beams that shoot out of the sword?
No. 30721 ID: a41aaf

Choosing an element will eventually end up shooting yourself in the foot, and trying to add multiple elements will end up with a half-assed sword. More practical enchantment is the order of the day: a sword of not-breaking-even-when-you-hit-it-really-hard-or-use-it-to-pry-up-large-stone-slabs, imbibed with the power of staying-really-sharp-for-quite-a-while-without-needing-to-drag-around-a-whetstone.
No. 30728 ID: 693d88

Rynh's innate elemental ability makes this sort of thing redundant.
My boyscout issue whetstone weighs all of like, four ounces. It's not that hard to carry around. The circular spinning whetstones are a lot easier to sharpen with; you get more done more quickly, and it's easier to sharpen it to a uniform degree all around. But it's not really necessary. An enchantment of resilience and/or sharpness would not be unwarranted, but to be useful, it would need to be significantly beyond the level of "don't need a whetstone".
No. 30772 ID: 43d730

Actually, that is a fairly significant assumption.
If it never needs sharpening, then the blade never wears down.
If the blade never wears down, there's nothing to stop you from trying to tunnel through solid rock except your own endurance and food stores.
Plus there's all sorts of other things that it implies but does not implicitly state, like rustproofness, or even not chipping or nicking.
No. 30801 ID: 693d88

>If the blade never wears down, there's nothing to stop you from trying to tunnel through solid rock except your own endurance and food stores.
Sadly, endurance alone makes that infeasible.

>Plus there's all sorts of other things that it implies but does not implicitly state, like rustproofness, or even not chipping or nicking.
perhaps you mean "does not explicitly state"?

Anyway, protection against rust and chipping would be convenient. Assuming that's affordable and could stack with something more directly useful.
No. 30872 ID: d5c481
File 129688265465.png - (74.52KB , 468x432 , Rynh.png )

If I remember, this pic is older than the quest itself.
No. 30891 ID: 0ef56a

I'd hit that
if it was a boy
No. 30944 ID: 2dd482

well you're in luck! back when that was drawn Gnoll still hadn't decided if Rynh was was a guy or girl, so it can be either one in your fap fantasies.
No. 30953 ID: 79f2db

And now that Rynh can shapeshift there's even more choice!
No. 30991 ID: 8555c2

rule 63 Rynh x Jehral. Fun times. Rynh could still try to pull the excuse "It wasn't really us" to justify having sex with him.
No. 31008 ID: 0ef56a
File 129711349715.gif - (50.99KB , 450x300 , make-it-so.gif )


also jehral is not polymorphed
No. 31011 ID: fb06fb
File 129712178574.png - (2.39MB , 1599x1124 , GlueDidThisAgesAgo.png )

It's been done, months ago actually. Since I can't find where I posted it before, here you go. :V
No. 31014 ID: 3416ec
File 129713527963.png - (426.49KB , 744x472 , MAKEOVER!.png )

No. 31019 ID: 8d8786

I'm going to be honest and say that I thought the whole 'dressing up Jehral like a girl' felt to me like Gnoll pandering to the audience. Maybe that's what quests are about, but I didn't feel it to be in Rynh's character at all and am ultimately disappointed with the way the quest has turned.
No. 31020 ID: 70d9eb

You didn't even suggest anything different. And fucking with Jehral is pretty much Rynh's favorite past-time.
No. 31021 ID: 15b51b

>Maybe that's what quests are about
When it comes to the main character making decisions and taking actions... yeah, that's more or less the idea, pretty much.
No. 31026 ID: 8e5432

It felt totally in-character to me. Fucking with Jehral is how Rynh expresses her repressed lust for him.

Also, this quest is indeed very pander-oriented. Has been the whole time, and its predecessors were too. Panders to the audience, panders to the author.
No. 31028 ID: 383006

You should probably blame the fifty billion people clamoring for it instead of Gnoll.
No. 31029 ID: cb45f0

What is wrong with you fuckers,
No. 31034 ID: a41aaf

I wasn't for it, but I can't deny the results are humorous.
No. 31035 ID: 3416ec

Jehral wearing a dress is comedy gold, people. I don't see what your problem is.
No. 33397 ID: f23097

I noticed the Fortune's Call readers seem split into three groups;
the ones who want Ryhn and Jehral together,
the ones who want Ryhn and Thodren to fuck
and the ones who just want the story to get a plot.
No. 33398 ID: 3416ec


That is very accurate.
No. 33400 ID: 2563d4

There's some overlap in that when there's no dungeon crawlan happening the only things Rynh DOES are a) mope at being confused and lonely b) act vaguely flirtaciously yet noncommittally at whoever's in range.

Outside of those grinding a particular pairing, a reason for suggesting she jump whoever's bones are in range is as much a "ok will THIS one do to get you over with it and move on?" as anything else.

Also Jehral is an obnoxious little twerp. :V
No. 33406 ID: 3d7a30


could we possibly have option 2 and option 3
No. 33493 ID: c71597

Depends, will option 2 try to shoehorn Thodren into everything all the time and constantly tell Rynh to jump his minotaur dong right now?
No. 33498 ID: 3d7a30


well I hope not. If there was some plot going on the dong jumping might have to take a back seat. Occasionally.
No. 33596 ID: e83bae

I kind of doubt that Rynh having Thodren's dong in her back seat would be conducive to advancement of the plot.
No. 34941 ID: a7db20

Thought: It would be a bad idea for her to get pregnant because
1) Mom says she's not mature for another century
2) We don't know if she lays eggs, carries baby or what
3) Being a mommy would stop her from being a mercenary because the only family she could ask for help raising kids would be creepy brother and scary, evil mom.

So she must remain a technical virgin, because we don't know if and how contraceptives work here and we can't afford to risk abortions or Rynh becoming a mom. So her options are more handsex, mouthsex, titsex and buttsex.
No. 34943 ID: 1b3a2d


The chances of there being some sort of contraceptive magic in this setting is, I would think, very, very high.

Really, what wizard ain't gonna get themselves onto solving that problem?
No. 34945 ID: a377ef
File 130237875630.gif - (25.50KB , 600x263 , 20081015.gif )

People always overestimate a wizard.
No. 34947 ID: 07416a

I vote for Ryhn losing her buttginity.
No. 34948 ID: 8c73c8

not with thodren, being able to walk at faster then a hobble is also important for fighting.

also, as
says, she isn't fully mature, she probably doesn't have hormones making her want any yet, which is why she doesn't really care for it. but her human education means she knows all about it.
No. 34949 ID: cf244d

Sounds like a good plan to me.
No. 34952 ID: 8c73c8

yeah, rynh is REALLY magic, dragons are kinda famous for being able to breed with anything.
No. 34953 ID: 1b3a2d


They can breed with anything when they've transformed to match them, as Rynh's mother did with her father. That's deliberate magic use, not some passive super-fertility effect. Add on to that that Rynh's half-kobold, and that as a hybrid she's more likely to be infertile, on top of being immature, and I'd say she's quite safe with Thodren. She wouldn't be with Jehral, but the bull'd be fine.

Uh, not that I care or anything.
No. 34954 ID: 8c0848

I'm not confirming anything ever, because if I say the wrong thing, it's just going to encourage you people.
No. 34955 ID: e3f578

I feel like this is a weird conversation amidst the fact Rynh could die right now at the hands of a dead... thing or many other weird things in this dungeon.

Plus your voting for this thing. Wat
No. 34956 ID: 3416ec

No. 34957 ID: 8c73c8

i am auto-down-voting any suggestions for her to bone anything until she is full grown for her weird hybrid species.
No. 34958 ID: b6c6fc

yes this is a decition I support
No. 34960 ID: cf244d

How the hell do you even know what that would be? Assuming she develops in direct parallel to humans would be erroneous.
Even were that the case, her behavior suggests that her developmental age is equivalent to a human in her early teens. She's quite clearly not young enough that sexual activity is beyond her inclinations.
No. 34961 ID: 98a59d

And when it becomes her inclinations, then we will know now won't we, but for now she seems more interested in just adventuring.
No. 34963 ID: c71597

She has said herself that it takes about a centuary for a hybrid to reach adulthood. And she is 30ish I think. So another 70 or so years.

The way she has acted has probably been influenced quite a bit by her enviorment. She wants to be an adult and so she acts like she thinks an adult should act. Flirtation included, she's just a bit bad at it.
No. 34964 ID: 43d730

That actually raises some really interesting problems with creatures that have spell like abilities. A gold wyrmling could theoretically change into an adult humanoid and end up embroiled in adult matters, for example...
No. 34984 ID: a7db20

Oh right, forgot to add, "No sex at all," as last possibility. If you're all going to be voting for shit it should be a named item on the list to vote for.
No. 34991 ID: 1854db

This brings up a worrying question. Is she emotionally and mentally mature even though she's not physically mature?
No. 35013 ID: a7db20

Of course not, but she's mature enough mom thinks she'd be a stupid and scrawny weakling if regular mortals managed to seriously harm her.
No. 35036 ID: 4eea13

One of those kobolds is Rynh's father.

Calling it now.
No. 35043 ID: df5fff

Naw. If Rynh's daddy is still alive ( not sure how long 'bolds live ) he'll probably look a bit on the weathered side. It was mentioned that he received several thrashings before he won the 'heart' of Rynh's momma.

Plus he's probably 'bold' as brass since he has, repeatedly, defied the will of a Dragon. If those two are related to Rynh at all they're half-brother/sisters.

Hey.. if the place's shit isn't completely wrecked by the end maybe Rynh could make this castle hers.. or in the far future, when she's got enough shiny to actually roll around in.
No. 35127 ID: 8e2e95

Rynh: warrior-mage poetic rogue shapeshifter queen overlord!

we got a ways to go
No. 36315 ID: 8c0848
File 130477494206.png - (328.46KB , 1024x768 , Rapething.png )

Everyone thinks Jehral went off to sleep with Nako. There was no sleeping that night.
No. 36316 ID: 8c73c8

if that's he case then his cherry is still for ryhn's taking.
No. 36317 ID: f7ae22

That was very mean of Nako to tell such scary ghost stories to Jehral so he wouldn't be able to sleep.
No. 36378 ID: 5cf8d6

Weaver, can I say how much I love you are doing animated pics for the really scary bits of this? I find them so much more terrifying and interesting. The elevator-doors-closing slash rotation-around-Nan shot was particularly cool.
No. 36380 ID: c71597

He said he had gotten around before, in some ITQ thing. Probably did the sensible thing for a merc and got a prostitute or two.
No. 36794 ID: 7dda9a

it appears this is dead
may it rest in peace
No. 36795 ID: 8c0848

It's not dead. I'm just not in a position to concentrate on something with a supposed plot that I should try to have that I can't think about because THEY'RE STEALING ALL MY MONEY AND TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ME, GOD DAMN IT WHERE IS MY MONEY, YOU WORTHLESS BASTARD?!
No. 37408 ID: 8c0848
File 130706947084.png - (188.74KB , 684x479 , Teethbecause.png )

I've been horribly neglecting my quests, so I'll just post random trivia. Like what's inside Rynh's little colon-V mouth.

Pointed incisors, thick, curved fangs and heavy molars that can crush bone. This isn't even from her dragon heritage. Kobolds just have vicious teeth.

If I can think of anything else interesting about anyone, I'll post some more "Rynh-formation"
No. 37409 ID: e3f578

cute, it's like a Puppy's pointy mouth.
makes me wonder how bad Rynh's teething phase was.
No. 37411 ID: 7dda9a

that's one long tongue
No. 37412 ID: fb10df

She's always had a long tongue. If anything, it's less prominent in that picture than it's been in others.
No. 37417 ID: 3416ec

So what's her area of magic expertise?
No. 37418 ID: 5e755a

No. 37419 ID: 3d7a30


I am deeply happy that this quest is still technically ongoing
No. 37420 ID: 2563d4

With teeth like that?

Good luck to you.
No. 37431 ID: 0d7a83
File 130711535301.png - (80.49KB , 832x523 , 1305501261576.png )

Rynh quests not dead?
No. 37437 ID: 441b13

Fire, apparently.
Truth told her magic isn't really a specialization at all, mostly whipping up ( element ) and hurling it somewhere. Though earlier on she did manage to make a crappy ice bridge that nearly got her drowned.
Her ice is the worst, however.
No. 37442 ID: 40cb26

She doesn't even need to use any of the rest of her mouth with that tongue.

Also tongue-jobs should have their own classy term, if they don't already.
No. 37673 ID: 8c0848
File 130766984963.png - (111.96KB , 606x641 , Hateyoubald.png )

Someone asked where Rynh gets her hair, since I guess dragons and kobolds aren't known for pretty hairstyles.

Rynh's mom does have a mane that goes all the way down her back in a brilliant bit of retroactive genetics that explains everything perfectly.

It's mostly because she would look silly without it though.
No. 37674 ID: 3416ec


>Bald, pig-like, etc.
No. 37675 ID: eba49f

You force me to make the obvious pun. KOBALD!
No. 37677 ID: 2563d4

Now she looks even more like a doglizard.
No. 37678 ID: 3b202e

so what will she look like if her hair was as long as her mothers?
No. 37681 ID: dad664

Funny, she looks more like Nosferatu to me.
No. 37687 ID: eba49f

I also am curious on what she would look like with a mane.
No. 37690 ID: 7a3b1d

Could we see (entirely for curiosity purposes) a half-dragon minotaur?
And is dragonyness a dominant trait?
No. 38058 ID: 8c0848

Yes. They are completely visible to the naked eye.
No. 38061 ID: 0d7a83
File 130826553502.jpg - (6.37KB , 251x251 , 1303727733063.jpg )

har hardy har.
No. 44315 ID: 2d6d07

...did Rynh end up getting her sword enchanted before she left? Is that what was meant by "completed"?

If so it might be the magic quality of the weapon instead of the iron content.
No. 44320 ID: 8c0848

Yes. She spent a whole "chapter" dicking around commissioning a magic sword.

She's semi well off in the financial department, biatch!
No. 50199 ID: 85bd72


Its magic, it works anyway it wants. No need to be a cunt.
No. 50202 ID: fa9f7e

Depends on how much it would cost to create a crapload of scales - and how quickly we can do that. We should find out before we commit too much.

It's magic, for fuck's sake, you prick. Go jack off with a straight razor.
No. 50204 ID: 049dfa


So why doesn't Rynh just decide arrows can't hurt her and just non-magically become invincible? 'magic' doesn't fucking exist -- and without knowing the rules behind it you're just making up a bunch of wanky bullshit. You can say 'but hurr durr it's magic so it can do things physical fitness or determinism can't do,' but that makes you a goddamn idiot because for all you know it can't do anything more than exactly what it has already been seen to do.

Sure, magic can do anything that the author decides to let it do. But the author can just let a normal person nonmagically leap thirty feet into the air, too. It is painfully obvious that Rynh can't do any of this shit with her magic, and it is asinine to keep layering LOLMAGIC on top of LOLMAGIC until people who look into the quest don't even have any idea how the fuck anything works.
No. 50205 ID: bccf7b

Requesting a Mod please clean this thread...
No. 50206 ID: fa9f7e

Hahahahaha, wow. Someone's butthurt. "a bunch of wanky bullshit"? MAGIC of all things is what you object to in this quest? We had Rynh jack off some guy because we felt like it. What you call "wanky bullshit" is the point of quests. Seriously, if you don't like it, gtfo.
No. 50207 ID: bccf7b


Please take it to the discussion board, guys. This is getting entirely out of hand.
No. 50208 ID: fa9f7e

In short: l2willingsuspensionofdisbelief.
No. 50209 ID: 049dfa


>It's magic, for fuck's sake, you prick. Go jack off with a straight razor.


No, what I take issue with isn't Magic. What I take issue with is ignorant faggots who jump into the thread without a fucking clue how the magic system works, dreaming up all manner of asinine bullshit, being told by someone who HAS actually paid attention to the thread that magic doesn't actually work that way in the setting, and then telling them:

'It's magic, for fuck's sake, you prick. Go jack off with a straight razor.'

>What you call "wanky bullshit" is the point of quests.

Keep your shit in guns for hire, fuckwit.


Willing Suspension of Disbelief stops working when you just start breaking established conventions and tone to thrust in a bunch of asinine bullshit.

Perhaps you should actually learn something about suspension of disbelief?
No. 50212 ID: d6ae01

You guys could have this argument, or you could ask Gnoll what the 'magic' rules are, or try to infer the rules from the information given in the quest.

If you're unsure what is and isn't allowed, feel free to ask about it here in this very thread.

Unless you're Gnoll, you can't say what is and isn't allowed by magic in this quest. Magic works by the guidelines and rules set by Gnoll, unless he states that there are no rules and guidelines.

Don't assume it's one way or another and attack people who disagree. It's not impossible to Sip Tea And Discuss This Issue Like Gentlemen!
No. 50215 ID: 14a1d0

I don't even know where to start with you people.
No. 50218 ID: 1854db

Start with "Magic works like this: (long-winded explanation)".
No. 50222 ID: 85bd72

> "your ideas arn't my ideas, you guys suck".

Stop it. Quests are supposed to be fun.
No. 50226 ID: 049dfa


>too stupid to get the point

Stop it. Posting a bunch of retarded bullshit in a quest thread that clearly doesn't fit with the established systems and tone is just shitting on someone else's parade.
No. 50229 ID: 85bd72


Have you every tried, you know, not being a complete asshole, or is that all you're capable of?
No. 50232 ID: 049dfa


Given what you people were doing in the quest?

Thought never even sort of crossed my mind. I know better than to think you can be reasoned with. You think that the reason quests exist is to spam huge discussions about bullshit power uses that the characters have already said are impossible. You throw a fit and start insulting people for pointing out that it is inappropriate for the quest in question. And then cry about people saying 'your ideas aren't my ideas, you guys suck' for doing so.

So no, fuck you. You are not a reasonable person and it is not worth my time to reason with you.
No. 50233 ID: 85bd72
File 133179273642.jpg - (117.85KB , 680x511 , BRTky.jpg )

The only one throwing a fit here and being unreasonable is you.

If you were paying attention at all, the post that set you off in the first place was suggesting she train her speed. That's physical training.

You jumped in from the start being rude because people were basically thinking different then you do.

Keep up that internet badass thing though, its really working for you.
No. 50234 ID: 049dfa


>If you were paying attention at all, the post that set you off in the first place was suggesting she train her speed.

If YOU were paying any attention at all, the post(s) that set me off in the first place were




I guess this goes back to the 'too stupid to get the point' thing, though.

>You jumped in from the start being rude because people were basically thinking different then you do.

No, I jumped in because people were saying IT'S MAGIC IT AIN'T GOTTA MAKE SENSE (while, naturally, maintaining an aggressive stance of ignorance toward the pre-established workings of magic in the setting) and being hostile to people who didn't agree with that. But hey, revisionist history is always easier for morons to understand.

So keep your persecution complex and trying to claim that other people are just being super-intolerant of your ideas and you're super innocent. And keep posting your image macros, they definitely make you look like a winner.
No. 50236 ID: 85bd72

Look, I get that you're a big drama queen and all, but the simple fact is that you're super aggressive and rude when you don't need to be.

If something can't be done in a quest, the author almost always points it out through the characters in question so basically all of this is pointless dick-waving.

Unless you have money riding on how the quest turns out, you need to just relax and stop being a dick.
No. 50237 ID: 049dfa


>If something can't be done in a quest, the author almost always points it out through the characters in question

Like they already had.

>you need to just relax and stop being a dick.

So where are your chastisements at the fags calling people cunts for saying that magic doesn't actually work the way they were suggesting using it in the setting? Or telling people to jack off with a straight razor for DARING to point out that magic isn't a DO ANYTHING FOREVER license in the quest?

Or are you just trying to make this about me because I'm not on the same side as you are? What a disingenuous faggot you turned out to be after all!
No. 50238 ID: 07eaf7

Why don't we fucking ask the character in the quest who's an actual expert on these things, as opposed to a rank amatuer who has barely done any study in an incredibly complicated field?

Rynh is not an expert. We cannot assume she knows everything about magic. That's why we should ask an expert on these things - hell, it's why she should do it when faced with suggestions that are out of her scope.



We should actually, you know, FIND OUT THE LIMITS OF MAGIC in the setting. NOT ASSUME THEM.
No. 50239 ID: 1854db

I think we have actually attempted such things before and Rynh has dodged the question after asking off-camera.

It's like Gnoll doesn't want to tell us at all.
No. 50241 ID: 34c044


He doesn't want to tell us in a DIRECT fashion perhaps?

But numerous times Ryhn has commented on how STUPID some ideas are to give as an insight to the limits of magic.

This is not fucking GolemQuest.
No. 50245 ID: 1854db

It'd be nice if we had some BASIC GUIDELINES though.

I mean, I've been paying pretty close attention and Rynh's dragon magic is apparently "I want to do x, so I will it to happen and so it happens." Yet she can't heal herself or enhance herself with magic??? She hasn't even addressed that. I mean, it's been brought up and I think she ignored it entirely.

What we know she CAN do:
Elemental control. She can summon various elements (rock, fire, lightning) out of nowhere and move them around and create structures out of the solid types. This could be used to 'enchant' a sword but it's more like she's just shoving magic at it, so it would need to endure the element involved.
Optimized fire breath. No longer burns her throat.

...and that's it.
No. 50248 ID: 049dfa


>I've been paying pretty close attention and Rynh's dragon magic is apparently "I want to do x, so I will it to happen and so it happens."

She had a little magic book that she read to learn spells.
No. 50256 ID: 07eaf7

Actually, when we brought up healing or enhancement, she mentioned she was scared of fucking up her body. :V
No. 57558 ID: b85f8c

I thought Rynh didn't know who her parents were?

Is this a complete reboot of Fortune's Call?!
No. 57559 ID: a3b384

Seems so.
No. 57573 ID: 1f8505


No. 57577 ID: 6a13b9

This is awesome and Gnoll should feel awesome.
No. 57583 ID: c7dc56

Unless he lets this also reach the graveyard. Then he should feel baaaaaaaaaaaaaaadd.
No. 57584 ID: 99090a

...so the last few threads are just being thrown out the window?

I really hope that isn't the case.
No. 57585 ID: e3f578

No one suggest banging her dad, please.
It's too obvious that someone is going to, lets draw a line like there.
See the line?
It's drawn motherfucker. right there.
So drawn.
No. 57611 ID: 58396a


... This is now Rynhy Quest.
It's going to be about incest.
With her tiny little brother (or big one, who knows).
No. 57619 ID: a3b384

>little brother
Well I doubt he sired another half-dragon, and he certainly has exotic tastes so... maybe an elf? I'm saying if she has a little brother this time around, it could be Jehral.
No. 57620 ID: 6a13b9

>Incest quest.

Silly anon. Gnoll isn't how you spell Reaver.
No. 57621 ID: e3f578

Reaver hasn't even joked about Dad-daughter right? So what if tgchan said that part was up for grabs? There was a joke or two with moms all oedipus style occasionally, but no reverse oedipus, which is why I gotta point out that no
there's gotta be a line
There'd no doubt would be temptation, look at how adorable BESTDAD is! He's a kobold too, you know how tgchan is with kobolds!
Don't even touch that with an 11-foot pole tgchan.
No. 57622 ID: 8d0824
File 134312644175.jpg - (26.60KB , 325x214 , The_More_You_Know.jpg )


The distaff counterpart of an oedipus complex is an electra complex. However, if you want to be technical, both parents need to be involved for either, so the son can kill his dad or the daughter compete with her mother.
No. 57623 ID: 6a13b9

True. And while I agree with drawing a line, I think at this point somebody is going to suggest it anyway, if only because you don't want them to.

It's how the internet works.
No. 57624 ID: 58a693

And somebody's probably going to draw it anyway. The line will be one comprising her dad's penis as it's inserted into her asshole.
No. 57626 ID: 14a1d0

Nobody even mentioned it before you came along and told people not to mention it. Your attempt at reverse psychology is laughable, you pervert.
No. 57628 ID: a7a256

What about lesbian/gay/bi Oedipus/Electra complex?

Mom/Daughter is cool, though. No double standard.
No. 57629 ID: e7e90d

>What about lesbian/gay/bi Oedipus/Electra complex?

The Classics:
Son w/ mother vs father: Oedipus Complex
Daughter w/ father vs mother: Electra Complex

We can assign each of the three syllables to a trait:
Son: Oe, Daughter: El
With mother: di, with father: ec
Vs father: pus, Vs mother: tra

So then the variants would be:
Son w/ mother vs other mommy: Oeditra Complex
Son w/ father vs other daddy: Oeecpus Complex
Son w/ father vs mother: Oeectra Complex

Daughter w/ father vs other daddy: Elecpus Complex
Daugher w/ mother vs other mommy: Elditra Complex
Daughter w/ mother vs father: Eldipus Complex

If any individual in the process gets gender swapped after the child comes into the picture, but before the incest starts, we'll mark the relevant syllable with an accent. (So Oé means son who was a daughter).

In the case of single parent families or polygamy we'll omit or double up on syllables as necessary.

No. 57630 ID: ad164c

What the hell are you even on about.
No. 57631 ID: e3f578

With tgchan it's always necessary to be preventive! Point it out and discuss it.
Plus its gotten some discussion here has actually been educational.

I mean, come on, you know someone was going to tell her to nose rub him and then all chaos would break loose. This shit right here is preventative.

And by demonizing me as one trying to use reverse-psychology, I have truly prevented it. I'm the heroic pervert gothamtgchan deserves. Of course! It's so simple!
No. 57633 ID: 120d63

Your posts are bad and you should feel bad.
No. 57634 ID: 58a693

Well, you know I'm just going to end up drawing it during a request stream now, though, right?
No. 57638 ID: 997ce7

I had no urge to encourage incest until I read your post. I'm going to do it now.
No. 57639 ID: e7e90d

I feel no shame in taking an idea to or past its logical conclusion, or for expanding our vocabulary in idiotic ways. :V
No. 57640 ID: e3f578

Okay I feel bad now.
I'm sorry everybody.
Don't touch my posts with 11 foot poles.
No. 57642 ID: e3f578

But before I stop posting
I would like to point out that if I'm really using reverse-psychology here to get people to request that, that's encouraging reverse-psychology posts for people getting what they want.
And if people don't request or draw any of that to spite the reverse-psychology I'm theoretically using, that might mean that reverse-reverse-psychology was effective and that encourages safe consensual sex between two unrelated adults for the purpose of bearing children.

It's lose-lose for everyone! How many reverses does this psychology even have?
No. 57646 ID: fa9f7e

After a few reverses, people stop paying attention and start being as assholey as they can.

And if you try to imply or state that this was or can be your plan, I will use my Internet Tough Guy powers to punch you through our computer screens.
No. 57650 ID: e3f578

After all this time I've forgotten what I actually wanted in the first place.
Now I just want my dignity back.
What has this place done to me, or what have I done to me?
I used to be the practical one.
No. 57665 ID: 6a13b9

I read this post as a pop song.
No. 57687 ID: 1d5849

What the fuck is everybody talking about?

I went through like five pages of /quest/ and saw absolutely nothing of anything Fortune's Call related.
No. 57691 ID: e3f578

The new thread has no former title, in either the subject line or the picture itself.

It's a nondescript image of mountains, no color or much detail, but you can get a sense that Gnoll drew it from just the simple lines.
No. 57693 ID: 997ce7

Third picture does have Fortune's Call, though.
No. 58536 ID: 14a1d0
File 134479575387.png - (113.64KB , 479x570 , squeek squeek.png )

Babby Rynh playing with babby Jehral.
More like babby Rynh teething on babby Jehral, but that's like playing. Jehral is having the most fun.
No. 58537 ID: 6a8f04

No. 58554 ID: 58396a


You must be using the new sourcebooks. We've only got 10-footers, here.

Daughter x Father incest, eh? Maybe not with BESTDAD, but perhaps another quest altogether...
No. 58559 ID: 733ae0

>Reaver hasn't even joked about Dad-daughter right?
Reaver only does brother/sister.
No. 58587 ID: 14a1d0

Oh good. The site has started to draw in the really creepy fuckers.
I weep for the future.
No. 58588 ID: dd287a

As do we all.
No. 58589 ID: e3f578

Dude, that entire line of posts was a joke at tgchan's tendencies with kobolds that I accidentally went too far with and now I'm going to be THAT one guy forever. Leave it.

Now then I'd just like to say that >>58536 is goddamn adorable and I want to see where this goes. Either punishment or utter bewilderment from the parents.
Also Gnoll, totally sorry for that line of posts again. Just wanted to say sorry for suddenly attracting creeps.
No. 58594 ID: 14a1d0

You're not the one attracting them. It's just that the creeps other people have attracted will latch onto anything that caters to their sick, specific fetishes. Be more careful in the future.
No. 58595 ID: fa9f7e

If it makes you feel better, I don't think you're That Guy, and even if you're currently viewed as such, it'll be for a week or two tops before someone else fucks up.

If you want, I could... hm. Start suggesting that Boaga rape Grentoniss eggs, either before or after they hatch? I'm pretty sure that would get whatever spotlight remains off of you.
No. 58604 ID: 14a1d0

>implying you weren't going to suggest that anyway.
No. 58606 ID: fa9f7e

I honestly wasn't going to, since I mostly just lurk in that quest.
No. 58607 ID: e3f578

Egg yoke on dick
better than shitdick
No. 64893 ID: 3734f6

where does
fit into the continuity? Its not listed in the wiki
No. 64899 ID: bdb3f8

It fits quite logically after http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/397671.html which is not in the wiki either because it appears to be a different timeline entirely.
No. 64906 ID: 3734f6

thank you.
Is it a reboot of the series?
No. 64909 ID: beeca1

Same main characters, new backstories, different plot, new side characters? A reboot? Of course not, don't be ridiculous.
No. 64912 ID: 3734f6

Well, I was on a much earlier chapter when I asked..

But now that I have read through them all in order I can clearly see its a reboot.
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