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File 146354066348.png - (97.77KB , 600x600 , discussion.png )
99821 No. 99821 ID: d11a67

a discussion thread for a quest thread about an adventurer who is a criminal who is little t
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No. 99849 ID: b66b01

Little t is silly and I like them. =3
No. 99850 ID: 35151f

No. 99855 ID: db15cb

But where is BIG T?
No. 99859 ID: d11a67
File 146380401189.png - (595.11KB , 1280x1676 , t comic.png )

I'm glad you do! I was nervous that this was gonna be a project that nobody cared about. I'm amazed people like it!

little t started as the protagonist of barely-autobiographical comics which had less to do with what was going on and more my general mental state while drawing. However, these became more and more detached from any part of real life and ended up just me drawing a little gremlin of a person with my hairstyle and first initial.


I go by t on here because it's my first initial, so I guess I'm BIG T?? I don't like to think of myself as that. I'm just Medium T.

Currently, I think the closest thing the comic's gonna bet to BIG T is the sensible haircut panel. BIG T is honestly just little t drawn in a less scratchy/more realistic (?????) style. Who knows, though! BIG T might make an appearance as something or someone wholly different.
No. 99864 ID: b66b01

Haha, this comic page is pretty amusing!

But yeah, it can be pretty tough to know really how people will like or dislike a thing before it's out there. It's why it's better just to do the thing and find out that way, heheh. =3
No. 99888 ID: fafe46

i love this comic
No. 100042 ID: 93244f

this makes a great reaction image
No. 100134 ID: d11a67
File 146510365731.jpg - (195.47KB , 768x1024 , guinigi tower.jpg )

I tried to incorporate everyone's suggestions regarding the queen's tower into its design, and it's so much more creative and wonderful than the idea I originally planned, which was to just crib from a cathedral or city hall.

I was originally gonna draw it as intricate and realistic as possible until I realized I'd never be satisfied with the results, and that it was a funnier idea if little t's sand doodle was actually an in-world flawless recreation of how it.

Partially related, but I've been taking a lot of inspiration from Tuscan architecture for the streets of Dog Planet. Although the queen's court is called Yggdrasil in the update, I took some inspiration from Lucca's Guinigi Tower and gave it some trees at the very top! A fun little Italian touch.

This does confirm that the dogs gesture a lot with their paws while talking, by the way.
No. 100136 ID: 18b95e

synchronize viewpoint.
No. 100160 ID: 838dd6

nice. Does that also mean that the town gets suddenly closed for 3-4 days every year for the giant dog-comic/games convention?
No. 100193 ID: d11a67
File 146533518007.png - (153.20KB , 680x680 , comics pup.png )

The Queen's Festival of Arts and Entertainment is a tradition older than the monarchy itself. It takes place in the late fall, and many historians believe it started as a festival for farmers to celebrate the harvest. Others say it was a way to mark the end of the year, as some artifacts indicate farmers started the year at the beginning of winter, as opposed to the contemporary view of the year starting at the beginning of spring.

As society modernized and fewer farmers tended the lands, the Festival moved away from its agricultural roots and became a celebration of the creative spirit. Comics and sequential art dominate the Festival's landscape to the point where artists in other fields (sculpting, painting, board game creation) make comics to promote their main works. The Festival remains the premier place to purchase works directly from the artists themselves.

Most attendees are novices or hobbyists, but they regularly bring hand-made copies of their own works to trade among themselves.
No. 100685 ID: d11a67
File 146674675292.png - (253.48KB , 923x713 , this is the reference.png )

Over one hundred panels drawn! I could have never done it without you!

The ruckus has officially been brought!
No. 103893 ID: 373336

Oliver is leaving the planet with more friends than he had before, and I am sad but also happy
No. 103895 ID: 12764a

You just HAD to end on a Jojo meme, didn't you?

Nah, it's cool.
This is really cute and I can't wait for here to be more.
No. 103897 ID: 15a025

I'm excited to see what new adventures await Little t and Oliver on the new strange planet they're going off to.
No. 104100 ID: d11a67
File 147570961114.png - (469.81KB , 2400x2400 , ver01.png )

thread two is go! https://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/751498.html

id be lying if i said there wasn't an option i was favoring, but i don't wanna skew the votes. adventure on!
No. 105630 ID: d11a67
File 147933625582.png - (27.19KB , 281x281 , please support me in this economy.png )

little t is now on patreon! become a monthly backer for cool behind-the-scenes stuff, or monthly comic commissions!

No. 106261 ID: d11a67
File 148106193683.png - (277.80KB , 738x2121 , the creative process.png )

my computer has this really, really cool trick it does where it randomly crashes to a single color, and it only goes away if either nvidia comes in wildly clutch (1% of the time) or if i physically restart the entire machine (99% of the time)

id be lying if i said this didnt affect the rate of updates because it can and has done this multiple times a day and it really loves to do this wet n wild stunt whenever ive spent 40 minutes on a panel without saving

anyway thanks a million percent for sticking with little t adventure while i train to kick my computers ass at summerslam

oh and as i update. those panels really do take a while, believe it or not
No. 106262 ID: ca0e20

I've been dealing with computer randomly crashing too. But after a year of using it, I pretty much try to make my computer crash every morning by opening a lot of pages and programs cause if it crashes once and I make a manual restart, it usually stays ok for the rest of the day. Still trying to build a new PC though, since it would be great if I don't have to do that. Also this computer is really cheap anyway and is terrible for 2016/2017. And I bought it last year.

Anyway, just wanted to say that very much feel you on computer problems. They suck and are tough to deal with sometimes.

Good luck on the timing of your saves! (I didn't know what to say to send positivity towards your predicament)
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