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File 146170466917.png - (1.72MB , 1600x1600 , disthread.png )
99457 No. 99457 ID: c6e626

Disthread for Dead On Arrival, AKA Anxietyquest, AKA Doki Doki Murder Mayhem. That last one will make sense eventually, I swear.

Quest here: http://tgchan.org/kusaba/quest/res/719196.html
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No. 99458 ID: c6e626

So. Stats in this quest are more there as a visual shorthand than something the readers have to obsessively keep track of. In fact, stat-refilling stuff like eating might happen offscreen sometimes. That said, have some random stats stuff that's too nitty-gritty to put in the story:

FOOD depletes gradually over the course of the day, and depletes faster if Minerva has been doing a lot of physical exercise. It is restored whenever she eats.

SLEEP depletes gradually like FOOD does, and also depletes faster if Minerva has been exercising. It is restored when she sleeps, with the amount depending on how much sleep she got, and to a lesser degree when she drinks caffeine. (Substituting sleep with caffeine isn't good, though. Don't do that, kids.)

SPOONS deplete whenever Minerva has to do something mentally taxing, or whenever something happens to put her in emotional distress. They are restored at the beginning of every day. Minerva can start the day with fewer spoons if her other stats are low, if she bottomed out the meter or had a panic attack the day before, or if there are circumstances that make her more stressed than usual. Minerva can also replenish SPOONS by stimming, being around people she is very comfortable with, or by engaging in activities she enjoys.

She has one more stat, but it's not relevant unless she's injured, which she isn't right now.
No. 99459 ID: b1ab1f

0/10 quest i cant date elliot
No. 99461 ID: c6e626

No, you cannot. Elliot is dead.
No. 99491 ID: b91819

No. 99573 ID: c6e626
File 146214496308.png - (471.09KB , 1600x1600 , bev.png )

On the topic of dating though, now is probably a good time to mention that Dead On Arrival is going to have a dating sim mechanic, where the actions of the readers will determine which of three bachelorettes becomes the Official Love Interest!

Here's Bachelorette number one, Detective Beverly Wilde. She's Minerva's longtime partner, and is basically one hundred percent of her executive function. Beverly helps Minerva un-tunnel-vision herself, and knows her better than nearly anyone (excluding her own family.) But would dating your partner create difficulties at work??????

(I'll post the other two bachelorettes as they are introduced.)
No. 99574 ID: a075ba

Fraternizing with your partner, gasp, how terribly unprofessional.
No. 99609 ID: a075ba

>it's also okay to ask Minerva questions about the world she lives in, and to ask Beverly for advice
I totally read that as "ask Beverly for a date" at first. Followed by my mind wondering how the tunnel vision workaholic could possibly be the one to initiate anything before my eyes caught up with reality.
No. 99677 ID: c6e626

>ask Beverly for a date

Well, it's not like you CAN'T...........
No. 99746 ID: c6e626

Hey guys! I know this quest has been much less active than it was when it began, but I come armed with excuses! For the past month or so, I've been in rehearsals for a pretty demanding Shakespeare play. This week has been tech week (aka hell week) and I haven't had time to breathe, much less draw. The show closes Sunday, so maybe expect an update Monday afternoon.
No. 99790 ID: c6e626
File 146342809531.png - (460.19KB , 1600x1600 , Amy.png )

And we're back! Along with the introduction of Bachelorette number two. Amelia Ito is Minerva's next door neighbor. She's a little bit scatterbrained, but she nearly always means well. She likes cute things and is super polite, and basically never swears.

Apart from that, though, Minerva doesn't really know much about her. Amelia keeps her cards pretty close to her chest, looks like...
No. 100539 ID: e83a9a

No. 100646 ID: c6e626

Hey, here's a heads-up. I've updated DOA's wiki page to include a list of characters, as well as their pronouns. I figure that might make the investigation aspect of this quest a little easier to keep track of. You guys may also want to use the page to keep track of evidence. I may end up adding it myself, if I end up with some time on my hands.
No. 102358 ID: 36bf30

Hey guys, sorry both of my quests have been a little dead (hehe) for a while. I've been struggling with motivation, and now at the moment I'm at camp without my tablet. I might be able to get out an update when i get back at the end of the week.
No. 103675 ID: e3074b
File 147407968942.jpg - (31.82KB , 1280x720 , 147339116788.jpg )

Now that it hasn't been a thousand years since the last update, here's some stuff I did. If you follow AI Box Quest, you may know I made a Pinterest board for VIRA. Now I have some for a few of the characters in Dead On Arrival! Some of these characters are also in my web serial Hexapoda, so (especially in Amelia's case) there may be things on their boards that don't seem to fit.

Minerva (contains blood, knives, and guns)- https://www.pinterest.com/quietCrisis/oc-its-only-that-the-good-wont-make-it-doahexapoda/
Amelia (contains knives and some open water)- https://www.pinterest.com/quietCrisis/oc-shes-holding-on-my-heart-like-a-hand-grenade-do/
Elliot (contains blood, smoking, guns)- https://www.pinterest.com/quietCrisis/oc-im-terrible-but-oh-dont-you-love-me-for-it-doah/
The city- https://www.pinterest.com/quietCrisis/setting-city-on-the-brink-doa-abq/
Penny Dreadful (contains weapons)- https://www.pinterest.com/quietCrisis/oc-you-dont-really-wanna-mess-with-me-tonight-vprp/
No. 105629 ID: f0a8c0
File 147932712854.png - (830.93KB , 1600x1600 , selfie.png )

Heeey guys, it's been about two months between the last update and this one, which means its time to offer some Excuses, and also talk about the future of DOA as a quest!

This fall, I started my first year of college, which means things have been crazy and exhausting for the past several months, and I've had very little energy for anything. Now I'm finally getting into the swing of things, I'll be trying to devote more time to both this quest and AI Box Quest.

Since I've had all this time to think, though, I am making a few changes to make the quest less bogged down. I'm scrapping the dating sim mechanic because it was silly and superfluous. Minerva may end up with a romantic partner by the end of the story, but that will have to come from the story itself and not a weird extra mechanic. I'll also be significantly downplaying the stats (food, sleep, and spoons), reserving them only for use as a visual shorthand.

The quest will be getting into the investigation proper in a few updates, so I'm hoping things will pick up from there. Thank you so much to everyone who's been following DOA, it really means a lot to me.
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