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File 146102487137.png - (313.54KB , 600x429 , CIEJ1V5WwAAPYBv.png )
99255 No. 99255 ID: 15a025

For anyone who feels like talking about the adventures of a brave soda mascot who fights for the justice of his people.
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No. 99261 ID: 163674

tbf pepsi a shit
No. 99269 ID: 329fef
File 146104673656.gif - (741.92KB , 350x272 , pepis.gif )


u fokin wot m8
No. 99273 ID: 3641d4

Get the fok out of here you Coca-Cola commie! Pepsi is the one true soda!
No. 99274 ID: 8013df

Someone get my pepsi-spray: we're going coke hunting.
No. 99275 ID: 650d9c

Coke and Pepsi are the same thing lmao
No. 99279 ID: cd90cb

What are these slanderous lies!
No. 99764 ID: 0461fb

Why is Doritos, a pepsi-product, a vilian in the story?
No. 99765 ID: 350a50

Doritos were a Coca Cola double agent all along.
No. 99777 ID: 39c8c2

What about Mountain Dew? That's also a Pepsi product. Why is Mountain Dew fighting against Pepsi-Man.
No. 99783 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146341665069.gif - (3.37MB , 448x252 , 1461981938862.gif )

I'd like you to have this gif.
No. 99786 ID: cd90cb

But Mountain Dew Man hasn't fought Pepsi Man yet.
No. 99791 ID: 15a025

But everything is cannon.
No. 99808 ID: 632142

Think of it like this: Pepsi-man is Superman and MTNDEW-man and Doritos boy are Batman and Robin. They were heroes but they were corrupted buy Coke.

I'm still waiting for the shitty incredible plot twist where we discover that The Coca-Cola Company was working for a far more evil company all along, DISNEY.
No. 99819 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146351432861.jpg - (3.63KB , 118x118 , download.jpg )

The true enemy
No. 99824 ID: cd90cb

We must kill him before he kills us.
No. 100630 ID: 15a025

Let's settle this fight infinitely and for never.
No. 100631 ID: a075ba

If wrong drink wins, the quest is gonna bad end, isn't it.
No. 100645 ID: 585e38

Why is there 7-up in there? Shouldn't it be a type of cola, maybe Tab.
and if not where the fuck is Mountain Dew?
No. 100673 ID: 13e5d4

lol Pepsi is getting cuked by 7-up. 7-up master race!!!
No. 100680 ID: 595d54

How do you cucumber something?
No. 100700 ID: 3ef6c8

Which one of you monsters voted for Coca Cola?
No. 100775 ID: bd6558

There is a traitor among us!

Allah Acola!
No. 101090 ID: 15a025

Polls over, 7-up wins!
No. 102262 ID: 650554

I came to see if Buckwheat did anything besides suggest on my quest and I find this gem; what is life even
No. 102864 ID: 15a025

Just a Pepsi PSA, Stores are selling Crystal Pepsi!
No. 103655 ID: 15a025

Just thought I should share this pepsi related gem with all you pepsi loving folk here. link incase I fail at embedding things

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