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File 146076351341.png - (59.11KB , 800x600 , Discuss.png )
99165 No. 99165 ID: 329fef

We've reached over 50 Pictures on my part, so I'd figure I'd make one of these.

A few points since some of you seem confused...

[Object] Is A Nonliving Object, Which can become more complex the smaller it is. An Anchor, for example, is an Object. A Canoe is an Object, but a Freighter is not.

[Organism] Fairly self explanatory. It can range from 'vague' to 'exceedingly complex' So long as it's a real animal. Fake animals such as 'dragons' and 'owlbears' Won't work if things get too specific (Blue eyes white dragon is a no, sadly.)

[Concepts] are things that can be fairly complex, as long as it's incorporeal. Death Punch is a concept. House and Freighter are actually /not/ concepts, but thus far it's made out like they are.

[Structures] Are an exceedingly rare division that includes complex builds, like apartment buildings, houses, art museums, so on. This hasn't been programmed into the game by any of the characters yet, so you won't be using it.

There are a few commands, as well.

> Change Shape [Object]
> Gain Item [Object]
> Change World [Object],[Organism]/[Object]
> Gain Skill [Concept]
> Switch Prisoner [1,2,3]
> Speak with Prisoner [1,2,3]
> Place [Organism]

Are the ones currently unlocked. There's a few that have yet to be unlocked that I'll list here, But you can't use yet.

> Destroy [Placed Object]
> Use [Placed Object]
> Summon ---

Summon is a unique command that requires you to draw specifically /what/ you're summoning. It only lasts 1 Panel or Panel set, And usually will attempt to do something in it's short life span. Feel free to ask questions here.
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No. 99171 ID: 5ad4a7

Successively summoning rain was a task that I enjoyed the eventual completion of. Quirky little system, this.
No. 99174 ID: 329fef

Oh, that can happen, too. WARDEN will show up periodically, and when he does, he usually tampers with something. When he does show up, check with all your prisoners to see which one he's fucked with. Quick reaction time could prevent the deaths of those under your care.

Of course you wouldn't have KNOWN this, which is why I'm telling you After, so you aren't wondering what the fuck happened.
No. 99176 ID: f02a77

But yeah, we should be giving these guys nicknames. It's kind of rude to just talk about them by their numbers alone.
No. 99177 ID: 329fef

Oh, by the way.

> Change Shape [Object] Works multiple times for same person, unless they've spent too long in the same shape. For example, PRISONER 1 AND 2 are both SET, but PRISONER 3 can still shift. This lasts until you decide to switch to a different prisoner, whereupon their form is SET.

If you don't like the current design, Choose a different object, and see how it goes.
No. 99187 ID: f02a77

I assume that we can't give Compass-Guy "Courage", since that'd be a concept?
No. 99189 ID: 329fef


You /can/ give compass guy 'Skill' Courage, but that means they're only courageous while the skill is active, and there are no passive skills. If there were passive skills, they wouldn't be skills, now, would they? For example [Weapon mastery; Guns] is only active while the person is holding a gun.
No. 99201 ID: 329fef
File 146087090674.png - (123.37KB , 800x600 , Battle Screen.png )

Combat is usually accompanied by the Battle Screen, and at least 1 enemy. Up until now you've solved fights out of combat, essentially dealing 'damage' in the overworld.

IN combat, however, there's 4 selections.

Fighting against your aggressor either with your equipped weapon or your bare hands.

Use one of the skills given to the prisoner in combat. Be wary, not all skills can be used in combat in the first place.

Utilize an item given to the prisoner in combat. this usually applies to one use items or items that usually wouldn't be listed as equippable. Anything used by [Item] is a one time use, even if it wouldn't be otherwise.

Equip a weapon to use as your main attack method. Equip can only be used if you already have the item, so spawning in [Greatsword] would take multiple rounds to equip vs the instant, one time use of [Item].

You can give skills and items during combat, but be wary. The only instant use selection is [Item] and they only last 1 turn.

> Statuses

Statuses are fairly straightforward.
PARALYZED, FROZEN, STUNNED, and IMMOBLE prevent the character from moving.
BLINDED, CLUMSY, CONFUSED, ENRAGED, and TIMID make the character only hit half the time (I flip a coin for that).
BLEEDING, BURNING, POISONED, and IRRADIATED deal damage per turn (ordered from most to least here.)

Different weapons do Different damage and may inflict statuses. Swords and Knives inflict damage and may cause bleeding. Knives require you to be closer, but are harder to miss with (increased hit rate all around). Blunt melee weapons deal high damage and are hard to miss with, but require you to be closer. Bows can have their ammo inflicted with statuses. Guns are high damage without putting yourself in harms way.

Happy Hunting!
No. 99227 ID: 329fef

I am going to warn you now.

Using the UNSETTLING BOOK right now will most likely result in PRISONER DEATH. most likely.
No. 99229 ID: 15a025

>Let's Boogie
This makes me feel like we should have some kind of groovy battle theme to with the fights now.
No. 99231 ID: 35151f

No. 99236 ID: 5ad4a7

To clarify: I think that was a really harsh way of announcing that NautQuest isn't continuing.
No. 99237 ID: 35151f

I sure would really hope naut
it was a good quest
No. 99238 ID: 329fef


TBH a lot of life shit got in the way, and I started doing TGchan again recently, and couldn't remember where I was gonna go with Nautquest.

But I wanted to pay homage to it without just straight up posting in the discuss thread 'No it's not happening'.

Sorry about the brutality, That was just a way to reaffirm that WARDEN isn't as nice as he makes himself out to be.
No. 99239 ID: 5ad4a7

Oh well, thanks for the explanation.
No. 99240 ID: 5ad4a7

and take notes next time you do a plot quest GOSH
No. 99242 ID: 5ad4a7

I wonder if there's a limit to how powerful the skills/equipment can be.
No. 99247 ID: 329fef


No Limit. But keep in mind that certain enemies like TONATIUH are immune to instant death effects, meaning that if an attack would usually bring them from 100% to 0%, it will do 0 damage. They also have ways to null defenses if they get over a certain point, and can do Skill BREAK, a variation of skill lock that just removes a skill entirely.

So in other words

the more souped up you make a prisoner

the more fucked up the things I'll put them against
No. 99252 ID: 35151f

Question: would inflicting maluses, maladies, and unfavorable achilles heel skills and gifts on them counteract this?
No. 99254 ID: 329fef


Mildly. There are 4 types of Monsters:

GRUNTWORK; Grey, semi-formless beings that are intimidating but easy to damage and don't do much themselves. Usually used to inspire fear, The only one you've seen thus far was the one PRISONER 1 killed with their death punch skill. the PRISONERS have actually fought more of these than you know.

TAMPERED SPAWN; when WARDEN tampers with a spawned item. Examples of this are the AXEKIN that killed the original PRISONER 3 and the KAIJUKIN that was Gravity Crushed. Also relatively weak, they are one of the two Non-view enemy variations. Non-view enemies become exponentially stronger when the Camera isn't on that prisoner.

BODYFORMs; The other type of Non-View enemy, they're considerably harder. Their shape is based on the current item one of the 3 Prisoners is set as. These enemies alone can be affected by maladies set on the PRISONERS, but also benefit from boons. Keep in mind they aren't affected by gear, since those would be TAMPERED SPAWN.

WORLD GODS; The final type of enemy. They're so strong they don't need the Non-view effect, but there's only 1 per world. Their strength is always immense, but what abilities and their attack style is based on the items the world consists of. for example, a world of [Pillows], [Tissues] Wouldn't deal much damage. But they could really absorb blows, and would most likely win via a battle of attrition.
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