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File 145750261739.jpg - (297.16KB , 1142x988 , Discussion Thread Title card.jpg )
98268 No. 98268 ID: 87df89

Discussion Thread for Empires of War Quest. Want to talk about the quest? Ask questions of the author or the Four Magistrati? Post Fan-art? All of that goes here!
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No. 98270 ID: 87df89
File 145751095802.jpg - (269.93KB , 1142x988 , eowq page 76.jpg )

It has just occurred to me that this page looks like the image for some sort of meme
No. 98271 ID: 87df89
File 145751123682.jpg - (324.38KB , 1142x988 , eowq goof 1.jpg )

No. 98274 ID: 5c3ff1

I quite like this quest, I'm a bif fan of the modern human in an uncivilized world genre. But you need to give better prompts. I like how sandboxy this quest is, but every other update I can't suggest anything, because there's nothing to suggest about. You should give the quest advice thread a read. You need to start numbering your multi-part updates in the subject field so that we can know when to suggest.
No. 98290 ID: b17b81

Ah, sorry to put you on the spot for the sword style stuff. In fact he just said "sword classes" instead of fencing. I guess I'm just too used to fencing being a common thing.
As is, strip(or line) fencing is the white outfit, spring back and forth, one hand only fencing and tends to only be done with light weapons(epees and foils). Focus is on speed and precision, but no offhand use.

Combat fencing lets you use something in your offhand and uses heavier rapiers.(sabres and the like) They also allow draw-cuts. (Slice cuts of 6 continuous inches count as a hit on that body part)

Fighting case is duel-wielding. (since you have a set of them) Powerful combo, but harder to learn and (if using swords of the same/similar length) is pretty much worthless if the opponent gets inside your guard.

Fighting gauntlet is using your open offhand to bat/grab blades under the assumption that you have a steel gauntlet covering you hand. Essentially you redirect the force with your hand or grab the blade before it can build up momentum. Could also be used for brawling(punching, disarming, shoving) if we go real life with it.

Fighting cloak is fighting with a weighted cloth (couple pounds) that you use to affect the movement of the opponents blade. I have never seen anyone successfully fight this way in real life.

Staff (aka rigid-parrying device) should be pretty obvious. Never fought with it/learned how to use it so I couldn't tell you pros/cons other than multitasking two long weapons is hard.

Dagger is a great combo; a longer sword to keep/kill them at a decent distance, a shorter blade that gets you a kill if you get in close. You can also gain control of your enemies blade pretty well. You use your dagger to redirect a chunk of the force coming from the opponents blade (becuase you have a more rigid, less extended weapon you have more torque I guess is the word? You can exert a much greater force multiplier in a specific area then the opponents sword, so you require much less force to bend/defeat your opponents blade) or if you hold the dagger on the opponents weapon before they build up too much momentum, you can keep them from swinging it with any force at all.(really, really easy force/strength wise)
Difficulty overall for learning is Gauntlet<shield/buckler<dagger<staff=case

Overall I enjoy accurate depictions of fighting and being able to use the knowledge of fighting that I've acquired over the years. Feel free to tell me to tone it down a bit though.
No. 98293 ID: 784afa

Note: As I learned visiting the arena in Nimes (Nemaus), fights to the death were few and far between (if only because gladiators are very expensive to train), but were announced long in advance in order to bring in huge crowds.

Which means Aurelius attended a rare spectacle! Lucky him.

(note2: BTW, arena executions were carried out at noon, when all but the more bloodthirsty spectators would have left the arena for lunch. Oh, and some rich people would order a slave to stay too, to keep watch of their seat.)
No. 98295 ID: 784afa

On the strategic level:

A problem to consider is that the Roman empire fell in part because it got too big, and our objective involves making it many times bigger.

The way to avoid this grim fate, I'm convinced, will be efficient communication (which will essentially "shrink" the empire to manageable levels). And at the current tech level, the best solution is likely an optical telegraph. Semaphore towers! They allow messages to be transmitted far faster than horses, and cannot be blocked as long as the towers are safe.

They can be more easily eavesdropped on though, so some period-appropriate encryption will be necessary for sensitive messages (something like a Vigénère cypher, which is human-usable and non-trivial to break). Fortunately some messages are not sensitive: A frontier city sending "WE ARE UNDER ATTACK" to Rome has no need to encrypt it since the enemy already know they're attacking.
No. 98311 ID: 1bb7e0

Thank you for your advice. I will work to implement them as we speak, keep in mind though that when I update is usually without any clear idea as to whether or not I am simply uploading one panel or uploading several. I may however decide to label where my updates begin and end instead of numbering them. I will also work on making sure that the updates allow for an actual choice to take place.

Honestly I actually appreciate that you could point out your better understanding on the subject in detail. I will admit that I was a bit put off by being suddenly flooded with such information right off the bat, but I would like for you to feel free to speak up when you get a chance to apply such knowledge. Just make sure that you clarify what you're talking about as I am clearly not as well versed on the subject as you are.

Also, on a side note to anyone who happens to be reading this, a free chance to get your OC in the background of this quest at any point. Simply identify the inspiration for the art style of this quest.

Hint: it can be found on YouTube.
No. 98321 ID: 430103

so I reconize the art-style, but I've no actual interest in the prize. Maybe the next poster who comments in this thread (assuming they aren't the Quest Author) can have it.
It's Extra Credits. Arguably that of the first artist Allison (seeing as other artists then kind of had to follow that style for consistency's sake.)
No. 98323 ID: 784afa

Aurelius also reminds me a lot of Thrice-Radiant Misho from Keychain of Creation...
No. 98348 ID: d81dbf

I also have some semi-good news for the idea of semaphore towers: Although telescopes don't exist yet and won't for centuries unless we change that, the first Greek treatise on optics (by Euclid) does. Ptolemy's treatise likely doesn't yet, unfortunately: Ptolemy lived from 100 to 170 and Hadrien ruled from 115 to 138.
No. 98351 ID: ec4c06

Ding-Ding! we have a winner! But since you don't want the prize I have decided a new way to decide who gets the prize.

In the series 'extra history' on the 'extra credit' YouTube channel, what is the name of the character that can be seen in a number of their videos after his debut?

Answer correctly and you will have your OC fill a similar role in this quest.

(NOTE: If you know the answer but are not interested in the prize, then please refrain from answering.)
No. 98601 ID: db4c30

I am currently considering how to progress with the quest in a way that wouldn't encourage an "everybody gets a happy ending" ending. To that end, I am seriously considering a suggestion made early on in the quest to have the champions of the other Empires being guided by third parties, through say either new threads on tgchan or through opening threads for this quest on other sites that follow a similar format. This is just an idea at the moment though and I would like your opinions on this.
No. 98603 ID: d81dbf

The funnest would be doing it on a completely different forum without informing anyone.
No. 98604 ID: 99a64d

That would be amazing. I've always thought about doing something like that. Although now that you've mentioned it, it might be a less appealing option.
No. 98606 ID: df854d

Ultimately it comes down to whatever you think is best for the story you're trying to make.
Though personally I think it would kind of disappointing for the threads who ended up losing. As if all their work had been for nothing.
No. 98617 ID: db4c30

To that I say, "The journey is the Reward." More people go into a story to see how it progresses, then they do to see how it ends. And the risk of loosing keeps people motivated, and keeps those involved making it all the more interesting to be a part of. Plus, Even if the champions fail on the other threads or on this one, it doesn't mean the whole story is over.
No. 98881 ID: c8e27c

I've decided that I will be going through with the idea of opening the other routs for the quest on other sites, but it only now occurs to me that I don't know of any sites that this idea could work with. Any suggestions?
No. 98884 ID: 99a64d

I believe sufficient velocity is open to quests. You could also try 4chan's /tg/, but you'd have to be willing to switch to updating in sessions, considering how fast threads die on there.
No. 98885 ID: 595d54

It's also worth mentioning that a large portion of /tg/ feels that quests don't belong on the board, and resents their presence and quantity.
No. 98924 ID: c8e27c

Yeah, 4chan's reputation precedes itself so I had no plans on trying that one. Any other suggestions?
No. 98926 ID: 99a64d

/tg/ isn't that bad, it spawned this website after all. The worst thing on /tg/ is people arguing about stupid pointless bullshit, and after a while that kinda just becomes white noise.
No. 98927 ID: c8e27c

That is what I mean. The Website isn't bad. its the people on it that give it the bad reputation. People I'd prefer to not clog up the quest thread.
No. 98937 ID: 99a64d

Most /tg/ quests use a more limited set of options like...

>[] Do thing A
>[] Do thing B
>[] Do thing C
>[] Write-in ____

This keeps needless arguments to a minimum, but comes at the cost of some sandboxiness.

This quest is right up /tg/'s alleyway, they love historical junk. There are some upsides if you choose to run a quest on /tg/, it's a more active board than /quest/ so you'll get more suggestions, and they don't have tgchan's bias against text quest, so if you decided to skip the visuals you could get away with it without any hassle.

It's ultimately up to you, but you have more options than you might have assumed.

You could try running it on the MSPA forums, but you'd have to take the time to get used to the board culture, they do things differently over there.

I'll try to think of more websites. Don't lose heart, I quite like the idea behind this quest and I hope it works out.
No. 98939 ID: c8e27c

Alright, I'll look into both of them. Anyone have any other suggested sites?
No. 99496 ID: 97fde2


OK, I have looked into both sufficient velocity and MSPA forums. They both seem promising as sites to put the other routs of the quest on, but they have a form of image insertion in their thread posts that I am less familiar with than the straight forward [Choose File] button here on tg chan. You think you can help me out here?
No. 99501 ID: 99a64d

<img src="http://i.imgur.com/xOKRYuE.png"> should work for both, just replace the imgur link with a host of the image you want. I don't actually use either website though, so you may want to try screwing around with it on your own.
No. 99505 ID: 9c7896

Imgur and the like are liable to drop images after some time, though. That's the bane of a forum-based quest. Sometimes you're better off simply subscribing to some actual hosting service (just a cheap, low-end subscription can be enough for static content that has no need for HTTPS).

Hell, your ISP may even already provide some.
No. 99516 ID: 97fde2


thanks! that helps a lot.
No. 99517 ID: 97fde2

The Champion for the Three Kingdoms is starting down their path!

I will not disclose which cite they are on, and if you happen to find the new route while you surf the web, please refrain from mentioning it here if possible.
No. 101898 ID: 8ff620

>Back in the Tablinum a few minuets later
Did you guys dance all the way there? ;-)
No. 101900 ID: db0da2

I believe the protagonist of this: https://www.fictionpress.com/s/3238329/1/A-Hero-s-War story would make a good role-model for our hero. Teaching others the scientific method and how to build all the basic things they'll need is probably the way to go when it comes to kickstarting our own industrial revolution.
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