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File 145322014681.jpg - (224.42KB , 960x720 , Avalon_Map_3.jpg )
97149 No. 97149 ID: 0eaeaf

The questdis for MKG.
Ask any questions here!
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No. 97150 ID: 665ed8

So about those governments...?
No. 97157 ID: 007e78

How about some backstory.

What were were doing before we had a country and started attracting all kinds of crazy ambassadors?
No. 97158 ID: 47160d

And what is our sealed providence/why was it sealed
No. 97159 ID: eeb21f

Republic of Tulran: A democracy. They are highly religious kingdom, and populated by what remains of the once great elf species after the Great War. Their Lord Elector is in that position until they die or are voted out. Below him/her is the Council, who can veto laws the Lord Elector creates or dispose of him all together.
The 8 Councilman each come from one of the 8 districts of their kingdom. The capital is Ulthwe.

The Zurvian Empire: An empire of tall, dark-skinned people who have an obsession with gold and wealth. They even have a god dedicated to it, Erasmus. Their emperor is Oghenekome the 5th. They have absorbed two smaller kingdoms, the dwarf kingdom of Magne'l and the giant kingdom of Rorn.

Black Waters: A kingdom of necromancers and demon summoners. They are run by a council of Necron Supremes, who oversee their lesser brethren. Each of the 5 Necron Supremes has a castle to themselves, and are mostly autonomous. Their king, the lich Ultor, is currently resting but all know that when he awakens in another 100 years, he will reunite the 5 houses and cause chaos in the land.

Dragon's Blood: Tribes of nomadic half-dragons (or in the case of some, full-blooded) that roam the Southern half of Avalon. They are led by the giant Dragon Blood Warboss Steelcrusha.
No. 97160 ID: 007e78

Where does our Yandre Elf fall in Tulran's hierarchy?
No. 97161 ID: eeb21f

She's the First Daughter, the daughter of the Lord Elector.
No. 97162 ID: 47160d

Do we know why she was sent to a random tiny country as an ambassador?
No. 97163 ID: eeb21f

You want me to answer this from a meta standpoint or a quest standpoint?
No. 97164 ID: 007e78

Because a tiny little country means she can plausibly get away with walking in and executing the ruler if she feels like it without backup. Girl's looking for trouble and she doesn't want to bother with an army.
No. 97165 ID: 47160d

I know the meta or at least I can guess. I wanna know from a quest canon stand point
No. 97166 ID: eeb21f

The only reason the king and his advisers can think of is so they don't have to worry about us later on.
No. 97167 ID: 47160d

But risking the first daughter...?
No. 97168 ID: eeb21f

I never said she's alone in the kingdom...
No. 97169 ID: 007e78

Great, we've got elf-assassins hiding in the wings and the woods, waiting to step in if crazy girl bites off more than she can chew.

...note to self. Have her around the next time someone crazy and hostile shows up, maybe they'll be interpreted as a threat to her safety.
No. 97170 ID: eeb21f
File 145325383105.jpg - (97.96KB , 320x320 , 35034_Banshee_WEB.jpg )

Think bigger.
No. 97171 ID: 47160d

And for that matter do we know if she's suppose to normally be this unstable? I mean if she commonly went straight from trying to kill someone to seemingly being a school girl in love I imagine there would at least be rumors of batshit crazy
No. 97172 ID: eeb21f

No. 97173 ID: 47160d

No. 97174 ID: 47160d

Rumors are in no way meta, hell you could just say no when actually everyone knew and her family just shoved it under the rug
No. 97175 ID: eeb21f

But you figured the end of the arc before it was even close to ending....
Now I have to change the ending...
No. 97176 ID: 47160d

Maybe, my current theory is that she is acting her ass off. *Shrugs* Could definitely be wrong though. As far as the end of the arc... I kinda figured she was gonna try to kill us, regardlesss of whether she actually liked us
No. 97177 ID: 47160d

Cause we are a living incarnation of something she firmly believes is evil and all, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that I'm totally wrong though cause you do seem to like twists
No. 97178 ID: 007e78

Pff, no you don't. Endings don't have to be a surprise. The players plan as best they can, and they they find out what they were right about. (And even if we see something coming, that doesn't mean we'll actually be prepared for it).
No. 97179 ID: 47160d

Also what he said, hell I think there is a section about just that in the wiki thing they have for new quest makers
No. 97180 ID: eeb21f

I'm surprised no one is panicking about the huge bomb I dropped here>>97170.
No. 97181 ID: 47160d

What that the princess brought a mech... not really a bomb... We knew they existed so I kinda figured there was that or a small army camped out somewhere nearby
No. 97183 ID: eeb21f

Look at the shoulder.
No. 97184 ID: 47160d

Cool....? wht is it? I'm not familiar with the Warmachine universe
No. 97185 ID: eeb21f

Basically, magic cannon
No. 97186 ID: 47160d

Okay, well that just means that she can do even more damage. I mean the plan has never been to actually attack her on my side anyway, my goal is peaceable solutions as much as possible right now. We aren't strong enough to survive an actual war with any of the other countries
No. 97191 ID: 47160d

Oh and do dragon blood do live births or eggs?
No. 97207 ID: 665ed8

For that matter what is the difference between full dragons and dragon blood? Because if they can't breed withother species...?
No. 97209 ID: 0eaeaf

Dragon blood have some human DNA mixed into them, thanks to true dragon...mating habits. Those were the first dragon blooded, hence their name.
FULL dragons were some of the first beings on Avalon. They're different from Dragon Blood's mainly due to their gift of fire and their animus, the soul stone that allows a dragon to take any shape the wish.
No. 97210 ID: 0eaeaf

Either. It's an instinctive choice within the female's DNA sequence that if she is in danger while pregnant, she will eject the egg.
No. 97211 ID: 665ed8

How long do true dragons live then? Do they also serve to council the leader of their tribe then?
No. 97212 ID: 665ed8

How long do true dragons live then? Do they also serve to council the leader of their tribe then?
No. 97213 ID: 0eaeaf

If their animus survives, forever. They can recuperate from the most grievous wounds that way.
They are far from rational thought however. Dragons think of 3 things.
No. 97214 ID: 665ed8

How in danger are people of abrupt dragon rape then? And do they generally take into consideration size of the... rapee?
No. 97215 ID: 0eaeaf

>I realize we're seriously talking about dragon rape.
No. 97216 ID: 665ed8

Well I mean if we are going to have tthem in ojr country then if they are going to be a danger of rape we need to take measures for that. And I mean it makes sense for the normal dragon mythology.
No. 97217 ID: 0eaeaf

The dragons would be able to do whatever they want, if not for the Dragon Blood shamans. They serve as trainers for their dragons, and make sure they behave.
No. 97218 ID: caf4c7

...I think we will be needing to have a talk about that..:
No. 97219 ID: 665ed8

Namely if they will need any resources to train their dragons and if anyone may observe. I imagine we have a few scholars who would love to watch
No. 97220 ID: 007e78

Well, our scaly allies have two dragons. So we'll see some eventually.
No. 97221 ID: eeb21f

The shamans, as well as most of the tribe, have not arrived yet.
No. 97222 ID: caf4c7

lol I know, I keep better track of this stuff than I really should. I meant when they do arrive in like a year
No. 97223 ID: eeb21f

4 more actions.
That is to say, around a month.
No. 97224 ID: 007e78

Wow, we burned through that year fast. I thought it had been a few weeks tops!
No. 97225 ID: eeb21f

The WEDDING won't be for another year. It takes a shit load of time to plan a wedding, I should know.
No. 97226 ID: eeb21f

General-The Island of Avalon is entering about the age of exploration, if it was in a steampunk fantasy universe.
Tulranians-Tulranians were the first one to discover steam power, and the first ones to fly with artificial means. Their warbots are centered around mobility and flight, and are powered by gravity magic.

Black Water-First ones to use Daemon Bursts. They discovered Black Sugar because of their willingness to use daemonic elements. They do not yet have steam engines, but they are close.

Zurvian Empire-Uses stone golems powered by earth magic. Not much else is known.

Dragon Blood-They are very much still stone age, and so do not have any notable technologies.
No. 97227 ID: 47160d

And then theres us...
No. 97228 ID: eeb21f

{Your Kingdom}-Received steam engine technology and has reached the stage of making warbots with it, but has not yet managed to incorporate magic into the design except for controlling it.
No. 97230 ID: eeb21f

Just a little clarification on warbots.
Warbots are controlled via a magical "brain" that acts as an extension of your will.
You do NOT need to be a mage in order to use a warbot.
Warbots can be big or small, and in any shape or size, as long as they are powered by a steam/magical engine.
No. 97235 ID: 47160d

Would very much like to know how Nyss' father became the lord elector
No. 97237 ID: 0eaeaf

>Lord Elector
No. 97240 ID: 665ed8

Lol yes that was the confusion. If he is as... colorful as the eldar you mentioned I dont know why anyone would elect him
No. 97241 ID: 0eaeaf

I'm just gonna answer that with this:
"Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely."
No. 97242 ID: 665ed8

I fucking hate that quote. But okay, hmmmm I think that's all my questions right now, see ya whenever you update the quest
No. 97243 ID: 0eaeaf

writing it now. Just have to figure out exactly how to do it.
No. 97244 ID: 665ed8

I look forward to meeting him, here's hoping we manage to survive again!
No. 97246 ID: 665ed8

Money, how much is it worth. We currently have no idea what is alot and what is a little, this should probably be rectified
No. 97250 ID: 0eaeaf

Gold is about the equivalent of 5 dollars.
Silver 1 dollar
Bronze, 50 cents, but it's the cheapest to mint.
No. 97251 ID: 47160d

What is our annual budget? Do we have any notable natural resources/trade partners
No. 97253 ID: 0eaeaf

If you check the thread, we recently learned there is a ley line underneath us that the Tulranians are willing to compensate us for if they mine it. The only money you're making is through taking the roads through your kingdom, to get to the port towns on the Dead Sea.
No. 97254 ID: 47160d

Lol I knew that, I meant other than that.
No. 97255 ID: 0eaeaf

whoops, I thought you were another anon. Your tag dropped. Yeah, pretty much just the taxes. You've been racked with too many attacks recently to really focus on finances.
No. 97257 ID: 47160d

Yeah idk what happened there sorry, and okay. I just figured we should know since we are going to be in negotiations
No. 97270 ID: b5053e

Providence heart, how much are they worth?
No. 97271 ID: 0eaeaf

Probably about 1000 gold pieces.
No. 97272 ID: 665ed8

Are there vendors for suchthings? What sort of providences are common?
No. 97276 ID: 0eaeaf

There are some in Black Water castles. Strength Providences are common, stealth less so, with the rarest being ones that cause magic or defend against magic.
No. 97277 ID: 665ed8

Big question, is necromancy inherently demonic as the Tuls believe?
No. 97278 ID: 0eaeaf

Well, necromancy really took on a bad look on the Tulranians since Black Water is actually allied with the Demonic Plane, and will summon creatures from there in large battles.
No. 97279 ID: 0eaeaf

Well, necromancy really took on a bad look on the Tulranians since Black Water is actually allied with the Demonic Plane, and will summon creatures from there in large battles.
No. 97281 ID: 665ed8

Yes but necromancy itself, is it naturally demonic or does blackwater simply make it worse? Because if it actually is demonic then I have an issue with it, but if it's just magic manipulating dead bodies then I dont care. Also in general how does magic work? Is it learned or closer to being a psychic?
No. 97333 ID: 0eaeaf

>Steam Weaponry
-5 days
-Medium Risk
-Unlocks: Steam Cannons, Steam Fists, and Artillery Reserach

-3 days
-Medium Risk
>Unlocks: Steam Fist Armament

-14 days
-Low Risk
-Unlocks: Artillery armament

>Steam Cannon
-7 days
-Low Risk
-Unlocks: Flight Research, Steam Cannon Armament
No. 97337 ID: 665ed8

No. 97338 ID: e791d9

I like the thought of Steam-Fists...Though a part of me wonders how...Basically, is that pulse-palm trick Armadeaus wields a providence he owns? Or is it more akin to a new technique?
either way, I wonder what'd happen if he did it with the Steam Fist, if possible. (falcon punch?)
But yea, Steam Fist.
No. 97339 ID: 0eaeaf

New technique.
No. 97343 ID: 0eaeaf

Updated list of heroes

Bradford, The Red Paladin
-Providence: Strength of the Faithful
-Providence: Shield of the Loyal
-Weapon: Giant's Mace
-Armor: Chain Armor

Alina, Arrow of the Elements
-Providence: Master of the Elements
Weapon1: Longbow
Weapon2: Crossbow (pistol)
Armor: Hunter Armor

Recticulus, Magus Supreme
-Weapon: Rune Staff
-Armor: Wizard's Robes
-Warbot: The Warden (Ares-pattern)
-Executioner Sword
-Bond: Magic Conduit - Recticulus can project spells through the Warden.

Windvale, the Drifting Shaman
-Weapon: Rune Staff
-Armor: Wizard's Robes
-Item1: Healer's Kit
-Item2: Magic focus

The Graveyard Beast, Guardian of {Your Kingdom}
-Weapon1: Claws and teeth
-Weapon2: Tail
-Weapon3: Powerful roar

Slimtail, the Phantom Hunter
-Providence: Ghost Walk
-Weapon1: Longbow
-Weapon2: Teeth and claws
-Weapon3: Tail
-Armor: Hunter Armor

Nyss, the Laughing Sword
-Item: Laughing Death mask
-Weapon: Oathbreaker (Magic Sword)
-Armor: Elven Magic Armor

Armadeaus, Blade of the Magi
-Technique: Thunder Palms
-Armor: Man-o-War armor
-Armament: Thunder Hammer
-Warbot: Red Storm (Magi Pattern)
-Armament: Twin War Axes
-Bond: Electrical Synchronicity - When Armadeaus is knocked out, Red Storm receives +20 to all rolls and when he's awake, Red Storm can cast and absorb magic.
No. 97344 ID: e791d9

oh ARma's trick is straight-up lighting magic? neaaato...
So just to be sure I've got this straight-
Warbots of the Kingdom (Name suggestion: Zorara Kingdom) Come in...four varieties-
Ares pattern-which I presume to be a basic soldier model, which comes with a sword&Shield.
Hermes-light speedster, wind magic boosts for quick movement and a jousting lance.
Defender-heavily armored, with crossbows.
Magi-pattern-To my knowledge only the Special model Red Storm is this type, which skews things...
But the gist of it seems to be a heavy bot that comes with twin-war axes.
Do I have that right, more or less?
No. 97346 ID: 47160d

Wait why does Nyss count as one of our heroes, from the thing with armadeus it seems that is an official position and she still works for the Tuls right. And yeah basically, we mostly have the defender right now though
No. 97347 ID: 8013df

Since she seems to be staying, I just included her.
No. 97348 ID: 8013df

Magi patterns absorb magic.
No. 97349 ID: 47160d

Okay and do we have the ability to reproduce magi-patterns?
No. 97350 ID: 8013df

Only if you research them. You won't get access to that research for a while though.
No. 97351 ID: 47160d

Damn okay, oh and is there just like a group of Tuls living with us now for the mining?
No. 97352 ID: 8013df

Update on the military.
200 - 26 Foot Soldiers = 174
100 - 12 Archers = 88
50 - 1 + 5 Mounted Calvary = 54
5 + 1 Mages = 6
26 Ares-patterns
2 Defender-patterns
1 Hermes-pattern
1 Magi-pattern
No. 97353 ID: 8013df

Yup. 5 mages and 10 "normal" (All Tulranians can use magic, mages are just better at it.)
No. 97354 ID: 0b66e1

Because if someone tries to kill us all, she might lift a hand to help?

I don't think we can really send her on missions though, unless we're careful about the context and how we arrange it. Gotta play to the crazy.

Seconding artillery research.
No. 97355 ID: 8013df

Artillery research it will be done in 7 actions.
No. 97363 ID: 8013df

6/7 actions left until Artillery
No. 97367 ID: 8013df

2 more Defenders and 1 more Hermes have been converted. 2 more Ares have been built. 20 more foot soldiers have been trained.
No. 97387 ID: 71aff6

Artillery 5/7 actions left.
10 more foot soldiers have been trained.
2 more Ares have been produced.
2 more Defenders and 1 more Hermes have been converted.
No. 97397 ID: 0eaeaf

Artillery 4/7 actions left.
10 more foot soldiers have been trained.
2 more Ares have been produced.
2 more Defenders and 1 more Hermes have been converted.
No. 97402 ID: 47160d

The Tuls are hosting a competition like that... Does that mean they are a cultural center of sorts for the continent?
No. 97404 ID: 0eaeaf

Sort of. They are the largest ones in the continent, as well as the most technologically advanced.
No. 97405 ID: 0eaeaf

Your engineers have discovered a secret lying the steam engine! They found that an unnecessary valve is causing a great drag in the efficiency. They can now power the large chassis of the Titan-class prototype, the Yaeger!
No. 97406 ID: 47160d

What is its size and capabilities?
No. 97407 ID: 0eaeaf

It is many times larger than even the Red Storm, has 4 Steam Cannons and an Artillery prototype as it's standard armaments, and carry up to 4 Ares and Hermes or 2 Defenders into battle.
No. 97408 ID: 47160d

Ooooohhhhhh, how long does it take to make one comparatively to normal?
No. 97409 ID: 0eaeaf

it takes 5 actions normally, but there is a prototype chassis that is already ready. All that's left is to attach the weaponry and the engine.
No. 97411 ID: 0eaeaf
File 145385064256.jpg - (223.82KB , 844x637 , Conquest.jpg )

Here's a better image of the Yaeger.
No. 97412 ID: 0eaeaf

Yes, those are Hermes in the picture. Yes, it is that big.
No. 97435 ID: 71aff6
File 145385834732.jpg - (822.87KB , 1530x1978 , Zaroth Coat of Arms.jpg )

How's this for a coat of arms guys?
No. 97436 ID: e791d9

I...Think I like it. Maybe of the four emblems we take the one with wings unless we're doing that historical thing where our emblem has several smaller pictures within it.
Zarzoth is a name I can get behind.
No. 97440 ID: 71aff6
File 145386617643.jpg - (2.08MB , 2111x1243 , Yaeger_Blueprint.jpg )

Fixed image.
No. 97446 ID: 5b01e8

I just had a rather alarming thought, what is the prize for the tournament?
No. 97447 ID: 71aff6

rolled 5 = 5

It's my roll x 1,000,000.
No. 97448 ID: 665ed8

Awesome okay
No. 97451 ID: 665ed8

How are you going to handle us knowing what is going on in the tourney?
No. 97452 ID: 0eaeaf

Series of letters/flashbacks.
No. 97473 ID: 2ccbb3

You keep switching names, just call yourself Mr. Cades or something.
No. 97477 ID: 665ed8

Yeah, no reason to change your name between quests. You are like the only one doing a text quest right now and your style is pretyy noticeable.
No. 97489 ID: 71aff6

All right, I'll stick with Mr. C. Also, this will now be sharing space with Necropolis.
No. 97490 ID: 47160d

Awesome, wtf happened to that world btw? Also so...steam cannon?that seems to be the only thing left
No. 97491 ID: 71aff6

Yup, but it unlocks flight, which then unlocks a SHIT TON of research.
No. 97498 ID: a9ff28

Hrrrm...So could a Providence be used to develop new magical techniques and abilities or would it be more like "normal gravity mages can crush humans. I have a providence that lets me crush Yaegers! YEAH!"
No. 97501 ID: 71aff6

Some do. Those are very rare and inbetween however. Most providences are battle-geared because that's where they are earned.
No. 97506 ID: 665ed8

Lol wait so are you telling me that a farmer could theoretically get a providence that let him.... I font knoe grow crops irrelevant of a season and local? Alsare there any kingdoms that have a providence they pass down the generations of their rulers?
No. 97507 ID: 3d2d5f

Hey, a super-farmer would certainly be useful to have! Frees up people for other specializations, feeds a country, exports and influence over other nations.

...of course they'd need to be protected. All your eggs in one basket make them vulnerable to rivals.
No. 97510 ID: 665ed8

What would even prompt a farming providence, growing a giant pumpkin?
No. 97512 ID: 0eaeaf

No, more like helping the last of a species of plant or maybe dealing with a kingdom wide weed infestation.
No. 97514 ID: 665ed8

Oh my god yes! "Reginald, grand weeder of Zarzoth!"

Also that name makes me think of Azathoth which makes me nervous
No. 97731 ID: 0eaeaf

And I'm back guys. Sorry for the hiatus, I was playing XCOM 2. It's addictive watching everyone you love die.
No. 97937 ID: 0eaeaf

1000 years ago, there was 3 kingdoms: the Empire of Ulthwe, kingdom of the elves, the Hidden Forests, dwelling place of the druids, and the kingdom of Baal, home of the humans. There was a druid of the name Babalon, who was eternally curious. One day, he ventured too far: into the realm of necromancy. He seeked too extend his already very long life into immortality, and Avalon payed the price. He entered a contract with the demon Mercutio: he would destroy his own people in order to attain power beyond imagination. The Hidden Forests fell to Babalon and his undead army, their forest magic had no effect on this defiled legion. He killed his own mother, matron of the druids, personally, but not before she cursed him, that he would be immortal, but undead as well. With that, Babalon was no more. In his place was Tartarus, the Dread Lord.
No. 97938 ID: 0eaeaf

Tartarus' conquests did not end at the Hidden Forests. Next, he decimated all of the Empire's colonies, with strike raids of demons and undead working together. In retaliation, the Empire sent out one of the largest armies ever to tread Avalon: the Maker's Legion, a combination of elves, humans, and the druids that escaped the Hidden Forests massacre. Several large battles occured: the Battle for Red Hill, the Siege of Mortarius, the Dead Raids. It all culminated ina final battle over the Rosario Supreme, the large crystal that kept elven magic working, hidden deep in Avalon's core. Many died, and although it seemed all was lost as Tartarus' champion, Rengrave, was on the final charge for the Rosario, a hero appeared. He had the wings of an angel, and was wearing golden Maker-blessed armor. He defeated Rengrave with one strike and almost single-handedly beat back the undead forces. This hero had the first providence, and he became known as Magnus, the Golden Avenger. He lead the Maker's Legion all the way back to Dead Falls, location of Tartarus' fortress. In the final duel between the champion of light and darkness, Magnus was lost, but not before he sent Tartarus into a 1,000 year sleep, ending the war. To this day, his armor has been lost and his sword Lightbringer presume destroyed. Some believe however, that when Tartarus reawakens Magnus will return once more in a new form, to beat back Blackwater and it's unending plague of demons and undead.
No. 98055 ID: 0eaeaf

Do you guys think this is too hard? I tried to make a really tanky titan for Blackwater because they already have enough front line troops. You haven't actually seen anything yet, wait until it faces off with living troops.
No. 98056 ID: a9ff28

Ehh, It's a nasty thing but I imagine we're just reeling because we made the mistake of not closing to melee with it fast enough.
No. 98058 ID: 0eaeaf

The Seraphim has relatively few actual offensive weapons. It is meant as a support piece for the easier-to-manufacture Grotesques, making up for the lack of speed with entangling tentacles and their fragility with it's soul shield. It's weaponry includes:
-An artillery like Soul Lance, that can either fire a large AOE attack or a high damage piercing attack
-Tentacles that can ensnare or bind enemies, and harvest energy from living enemies
-A Soul Shield that can push back enemies
-A Necro-Factory that picks up bodies and turns them into Thralls
In case speed is needed far more than defense, the Seraphim can "shed" it's shell to transform into two faster Wraiths, each of whom has the ability to turn invisible and intangible. The Wraiths weaponry includes:
-A Daemon Cannon, a weapon like that on the gun-carriage
-Reaper Claws, claws that can harvest energy from living targets for a large speed boost
No. 98059 ID: a9ff28

Hunh, I guess we kind of played this right, disabling the Grotto so that it couldn't fight effectively...
That makes me wonder about figuring out some fun stuff our warbots can do.
Or maybe our thing is that we've the supplies and engineering to make nice solid warbots that have the advantage in terms of power and reliability (That other golem got disabled, not destroyed-but it otherwise I think had more HP than the Yeager.)
No. 98062 ID: 0eaeaf

Just a quick note, if I accidentally say "say" with Shasla, please correct me and assume I meant "write".
No. 98069 ID: 8013df

Gravity Cannon Base Damage: 2d50
Gravity Cannon Cool-down: 4
Gravity Cannon Effect: Critical Crush - On a crit, the target is forced to stay in one place.
Graviton Beam Base Damage: 0
Graviton Beam Cool-down: 0
Graviton Beam Effect: Pull/Push: Targets are pushed back or pulled towards the Sphinx
Arm Blades Base Damage: 2d20
Arm Blades Effect: Critical Shred - On a crit, target loses 1d5 Armor.
ARMOR: 2d30
DODGE: 1d5
Yaeger STATS
Artillery Base Damage: 2d40
Artillery Cool-down: 1
Artillery Effect: None
Hand Cannon Base Damage: 4d10
Hand Cannon Cool-down: 0
Hand Cannon Beam Effect: None
Fists Base Damage: 2d10
Arm Blades Effect: Bash - Target lose 1d5 Armor on Impact
ARMOR: 2d25
No. 98070 ID: 8013df

You now have the opportunity to go on guerrilla missions with your heroes. Every once in a while, guerrilla strike opportunities will appear. Each one will give you a reward, but only if you do not trigger the fail condition and accomplish the objective. Since it is a strike mission, you are only allowed a certain amount of heroes per mission. The heroes can take any equipment available to them, as long as it makes sense. So no Yaegers.
No. 98074 ID: 8013df

Crossbow (P):
-Base Damage: 1d10
-Cool-down: 1/1
-Effect: Pierce: This weapon ignores 1d5 Armor.

Steam Gun (P):
-Base Damage: 2d5
-Cool-down: 1/6
-Effect: Crit Overcharge: On a crit failure, the weapon overheats and cannot be re-used.

Crossbow Gauntlet (S):
-Base Damage: 1d3
-Cool-down: 0
-Effect: Pierce: This weapon ignores 1d5 Armor.

Steam Pistol (S):
-Base Damage: 2d3
-Cool-down: 0
-Effect: Crit Overcharge: On a crit failure, the weapon overheats and cannot be re-used.

Sword (P)
-Base Damage: 1d10
-Effect: Slash: Weapon gains +2 Damage from Stealth

Dagger (S):
-Base Damage: 1d5
-Effect: Stab: Weapon ignores 1d5 Armor from Stealth

Locus (I)
-Effect: Magic Raise: When equipped, owner has +10 to magic rolls.

Scope (I)
-Effect: Lock-on: When equipped, owner has +10 to shooting rolls

Heavy Armor (I)
-Effect: Thick Shell: When equipped, owner has -10 to stealth and dodge but +1d10 armor, Bracer: Owner does not suffer firing penalties for moving and firing.

Light Armor (I)
-Effect: Lithe: When equipped, owner -1d5 armor but has +10 to stealth and dodge.

Magic Armor (I, Elves only)
-Effect: Magic Boost: Owner has +10 to magic rolls, Magic Protect: Model has +1d10 magic defense.
No. 98082 ID: 8013df

>Damage: 10
Rusty Sword
-Damage: 1d10
-Effect: Poisoned: Targets hit take 1 damage a turn
>Armor: 1d5
>Dodge: 1d5

Blood Brute
>Damage: 25
-Damage: 2d10
-Effect: Critical Bash: On a crit, destroys 1d5 Armor
>Armor: 2d10
>Dodge: 0

Augmented Blood Brute, AKA "Peacemakers"
>Damage: 25
Steam Fists
-Damage: 2d20
-Cool-down: 2
-Effect: Launch: A successful hit will propel the brute forward, causing +4 damage.
>Armor: 2d15
>Dodge: 0

>Damage: 40
Scything Claws
-Damage: 2d20
-Effect: Slice and Dice: Models have -2d10 Armor against attacks from this weapon.
>Armor: 2d25
Dodge: 1d10
No. 98084 ID: 665ed8

Quick request, after this mission could we have a bit of peace? Less to get stuff done more so that we can get to know the characters better, at current they really just seem like walking piles of stats right now and taking a bit to socialize with them would improve that and likely increase reader enjoyment and care about dramatic developments concerning them
No. 98089 ID: a9ff28

This feels more like a discussion question so I'll ask here:
What are Animus/what can they do/why are the Dragon's Blood the only ones who seem to use them?
No. 98091 ID: 0eaeaf

Dragons are, quite literally, at their core animus. New dragons are born one of two ways: by a rare byproduct of a breeding between two dragons, or by the animus of a dragon partially breaking off, forming a new animus shard. The Dragon's Blood have it programmed in their DNA somehow the ability to control animi. There are some who even say that Dragon Blood's are dragons without animi, and that is why they have human shape. Animis are what let a dragon recover from their most grievous wounds. A dragon forms the shell around its animus from the elements around it, before building the flesh around that shell. What Blackwater seeks to do is create twisted versions of dragons, mutated forms around a tiny shard of animus, completely obedient to them.
No. 98106 ID: 8013df

he Angelions are the result of the experiments of Grievous. Each contains a splinter of the animus of a dragon, and therefore can regenerate and use fire. There are 6 main types of Angelion.
>The Trooper. Basic model, uses a sword and goes beserk when injured.
>The Shieldbearer. Heavily armored, the Shieldbearer will often take damage for other Angelions. Best killed with piercing weapons.
>The Bloodseer. The Bloodseer uses blood magic to empower other Angelions, making them extremely resistant to damage and unable to feel pain. However, they themselves are very fragile and are often accompanied by a Shieldbearer.
>The Archer. Armed with a ballistae, the Archer will often fly up out of range of conventional weapons before firing. Recommended to ground them before they take off.
>The Infiltrator. The most sneaky, the Infiltrator is actually a parasite that enters the bloodstream of a humanoid unknowingly. Shortly afterwards, they will reach the brain and take control. When the time is right, they will mutate their host body into their true form.
>The Alpha. Possibly the most deadly, the Alpha can mutate into any of the previously mentioned Angelion forms at will. The Alpha most likely contains the core of the dragon, the original animus the others were split from. Very dangerous, when they bleed new Angelion Troopers are born.
No. 98117 ID: 8013df

Fafnir has the ability to splinter into Angelions. When fractured, Fafnir goes into his Alpha form, and currently can create up to 25 different Angelions. Before a battle, you can choose how many and which Angelions are created. Unfortunately, Fafnir is still experimenting with his ability and can only create troopers. Later on, he will be able to form many different kinds, and you guys can suggest new forms if they make sense.
No. 98195 ID: 8013df

Just so you guys know, a some of the heroes earned providences outside of your view. For example.
-Windvale got Eye of the Druids, which allows her to diagnose a patient with a glance, from the aftermath of the battle where you learned from Blackwater.
-Alina got Maelstrom, which allows her to take shots with her secondary weapon at every enemy in sight range.
No. 98196 ID: 02422f

Oh cool. I'd been thinking we'd kind of been neglecting for Alina, actually. Nice that she got something!

Am I reading her effect right? Does that let her turn a regular weapon attack into an AEO attack?

Windvale too. Healers are harder to grind exp on.
No. 98197 ID: 8013df

More like a pulse, but yes.
No. 98203 ID: 665ed8

Hmmmm we need to go spend time with the ones we dont talk to much
No. 98213 ID: 02422f

Hey, if Belrus keeps coming back even though we killed him, does he still have his providence? When we killed him the first time was it a megaman copy or a theft?
No. 98214 ID: 02422f

Oh, also, I was having trouble keeping track of everyone and all their Providences, so I made a cast list.


Hopefully I didn't miss anything.
No. 98241 ID: e38ced

210 foot soldiers
150 riflemen (archers)
70 mounted cavalry
10 mages
60 ares
30 defenders
15 ares
1 magi-pattern
20 artillery
10 battle wagon
4 yaegers

25 ravans
10 errants
10 dormons
20 fighters
10 cruisers
10 dropships
1 cruiser
1 sphinx

100 servitors
3 overlords
10 breakers
No. 98248 ID: 8013df
File 145740764996.jpg - (157.99KB , 1024x1325 , Servitor.jpg )

In case any of you were wondering what servitors look like...
No. 98284 ID: 8013df

Siege battles work in two phases: the Defense Phase and the Counter Phase

In the Defense Phase, you have to add the collective defense stats of all your troops, which is something like this:
>+10 for each Ares
>+20 for each Defender
>+5 for each Ravan
>+5 for each Errant
>+10 for each Dormon
>+20 for each Breaker
>+40 for each Yaeger/Sphinx
>+50 for wall

You'd then have to subtract the foes attack stats
>+20 for each Boneripper
>+10 for each Angelion Trooper
>+30 for each Angelion Archer
>+50 for each Angelion Alpha
>+70 for each Grotesque

The result will be the number of casualties/wall damage. If the enemy's attack is greater, than then you will take the excess attack to your wall, which has 100 health. If your walls break down, the battle shifts to normal mode.

If your defense exceeds the attack, they take that many casualties, starting from the troopers, then to archers, then to bonerippers, then to Alpha, and then to Grotesques, which each have 40 health. If you kill all enemy forces, you win.

In addition, in the Defense phase you roll for the success of the counte attack chosen in your counter phase.
No. 98285 ID: 8013df

In the counter-phase, you select one of the counter-attacks left up to you. You can also choose to transfer forces from between the military and the walls, although personal allocation cannot be changed.
No. 98794 ID: 8013df

Angelion Pathfinders - +5 each
Thralls - + 2 each
No. 98864 ID: 0eaeaf

You know, you guys have no idea how many times I have had to stop myself from putting in Seraphims. I really wished I had rolled something else on the Guerilla Op table ;_;.
No. 98868 ID: 430103

Killing Grievious was worth it so very much!
...Though I gotta say, at risk of having to FIGHT them, whatever happened to the multi-armed brute guys? Were they another Grievious creation?
No. 98874 ID: 0eaeaf

You guys dun fucked up your elemental weaknesses, thralls aren't affected by Light Flash, only Grotesques.
No. 98876 ID: 0eaeaf

They were.
>I take the opportunity to ask the overseer if he knows anything about the guest. "Only that he's the one behind those damned Peacemakers, and that he will be unveiling about his experiments with the pieces of dragon animus he received from the Zurvs."
No. 98877 ID: 0eaeaf

But it's more like you banished them and when they came back the implants were gone.
No. 98879 ID: 0eaeaf

BTW, I made a mistake. I forgot to compute Defense formation in the final results. You really actually have 39 health left on the wall.
No. 98880 ID: 8013df

Any of you know any good artists on here that would be willing to co-op?
Because my drawing skill SUCKS. Seriously, I have 0 talent with my hand.
No. 98887 ID: 0eaeaf

Told you.
No. 99509 ID: 0eaeaf

Because I'm realizing I never explained how he got transferred from the tin armor to his new one, they transcribed the runes binding him to the armor to the new one and melted down the tin one, temporarily freeing him before he animated the new one.
tl;dr, they took a huge risk trying to transfer him and he could have been trapped in the burning armor for all they knew.
No. 99527 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146195497302.jpg - (2.18MB , 1196x1961 , Hellborn Legionnare.jpg )

Hellborn Legionnaire
The Legionnaire is the basic unit of army. Easily trained and equipped, they are used as shock troopers at the front lines.
No. 99528 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146195579361.jpg - (9.20KB , 197x255 , Hellborn Gunman.jpg )

Hellborn Gunman
Armed with the flayer cannons (the cones from earlier), the Gunmen Brigade help establish both aerial superiority and focus-fire down larger targets.
No. 99530 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146195628556.jpg - (2.02MB , 1249x1529 , Hellborn Officer.jpg )

Hellborn Officer
The officers serve as front-line leaders, relaying orders from the Centurions, Asuras or Praetors. They are given slightly more degree of freedom than their lesser ranks, but only slightly.
No. 99531 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146195649967.jpg - (2.29MB , 1197x2108 , Hellborn Seer.jpg )

Hellborn Seers
Unofficial members of the legion, Seers are those Oculi who have been gifted with arcane talent. Their sight seeing abilities, while limited, are greatly appreciated.
No. 99532 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146195699515.jpg - (4.76MB , 2273x2568 , Hellborn Centurion.jpg )

Hellborn Centurion
The last rank in the legion filled by Oculi. They are trusted by Praetors and Asuras to be able to watch over their lesser brethren. There can only be one Centurion per cohort: when there are two candidates, they will fight to the death over the spot. When a centurion is disgraced, one of their lessers will ritually eat their corpse and don their armor.
No. 99533 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146195747243.jpg - (2.11MB , 1456x1296 , Asura Brute.jpg )

A race of tough-skinned giants towering over even the oculi, the asura are used to the hardship they face in the Legion. When they were given a choice to either be destroyed or be enlisted, the war-like asura tribes readily joined.

Asura Brute
These giants are well named, linebreakers who use their own sheer strength to ruin any enemy formation. Nothing can stand in the way of 2500 pounds of pure, unfettered rage.
No. 99534 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146195819138.jpg - (2.86MB , 2180x1368 , Asura Grenadier.jpg )

Asura Grendadier
These giants go back to plain and simple: the Grenadiers use a highly explosive tar found in the Hellborn Wastes to fire large steel cannonballs into the enemy. Those who survive the initial bombardment are left scattered for the rest of the Legion to clean up.
No. 99535 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146195859226.jpg - (78.77KB , 639x681 , Asura Chieftain.jpg )

Asura Chieftain
These Asuras are special among the cohorts: they have fought their way to the top of their tribes, and have the scars to prove it. The level of testosterone in their bodies is so high, they have grown extra tusks and hair has actually sprout forth from their backs.
No. 99536 ID: 0eaeaf

{End of Portfolio}
No. 99538 ID: 8013df

I decided to put together a play list for all the factions in MKQ. Yay!
Zarzoth: Like A Machine by TFK - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0_qO_g6Zto
Republic of Tulran: Hero by Skillet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9x2CHQClTU
Zur/Blackwater: Sick of it by Skillet - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AHzU-9iozmo
Dragon Blood: Riot by 3 Days Grace - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtjUc5GXY3E
Hellborn Legion: Not an official song but a remix of We are One by Alfabusa, can find it here - https://youtu.be/bzPuK1vib_c
No. 99539 ID: 430103

...Zarzoth...Assuming that's not us and were the money-lover guys...They've a harder&harsher song then I'd expect?
No. 99540 ID: 8013df

You're right, I forgot Zurvian Empire. Their song is Blame it on the Money, not only because it is my favorite song but because it's fitting. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=voAl9vitsAA
No. 99717 ID: 0eaeaf
File 146300626871.jpg - (33.65KB , 184x274 , NQQTitleImage.jpg )

I'm in that mood again....
No. 99724 ID: 8013df

If anyone's watching the front page, yes I have the same name as Kome. No you may not call me that.
No. 99753 ID: b17b81

Is that a real name then or did you two happen to pick the same online name?
No. 99754 ID: 91cfcf

ok kome whatever you say
No. 99933 ID: 0eaeaf

My name is Oghenekome Chinonye XXXXX. Look it up if you like, it's real. Born and raised in Lagos before moving to Australia.
No. 102232 ID: 1aa430

I'm back baby! Revitalized by a trip back home too!
No. 103033 ID: 8013df

Thread 1s done. Thread 2 will be up soon. Also, you'll learn a bit about Nathaniel's past (accompanied by some of my crappy art. God drawing with a mouse take hours!)
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