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File 145300450866.png - (252.09KB , 600x637 , pose2.png )
97089 No. 97089 ID: 3e2cae

A place to discuss the adventures of Battle Babe and company.
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No. 97091 ID: f56624

So far this is acknowledging my intentionally terrible suggestions and that makes me happy on the inside
No. 97092 ID: 3663d3

it's HE-MAN the quest, but with a girl.
No. 97093 ID: dda150

But will it have a female Skeletor?
No. 97098 ID: 99a64d

If he-man was a magical girl show, and also a quest.
No. 97099 ID: 3e2cae

When you think about it, He-Man is basically a magical girl show. There's even a transformation sequence in every episode.
No. 97101 ID: c5049a

Damn, that is true. Although power rangers also features transformation sequences every episode, is that a magical girl show too? Has the magical MAN genre been there all along without anyone notocing?
No. 97102 ID: a788b7


He-Man and Tekkaman Blade are both almost exactly magical girl shows starring Male characters.

Power Rangers is its own thing, Sentai is separate from Magical Girl.
No. 97112 ID: 3e2cae

What he said.
No. 97265 ID: 2eeb65

I think Captain Marvel was the first magical boy/man comic, long before magical girl manga even existed
No. 99199 ID: 735b52

Woo, finally got a chance to post an update!
I've got a few panels done for Horny Futa adventures as well, so hopefully something in the next couple days.
No. 100940 ID: a4ec41

I'm still drawing the next update. I figured I'd just bring the chapter to a close cinematic style rather than take forever in a back and forth convo. Looking at six images or so.
No. 101151 ID: a4ec41

Thanks to everyone who contributed to successful conclusion of our first chapter! After taking some time off to update Horny Futa I'm eager to launch into the second installment. In the meantime I'm always happy to talk about the quest and answer questions and stuff.
No. 101154 ID: 9f3729

how long before the wrestling arc
No. 101170 ID: 9fdb37

Man, I hoped that the main villain would be more campy than that ominous blob of muscle...
No. 101181 ID: 709f80

You still haven't seen his face ;)
No. 101182 ID: 709f80

Also, while technically Battle Babe's arch nemesis, he's not really what I'd describe as the "main villain."
No. 101205 ID: b7883c

That guy seems to me more like a Mid-Boss or the evil counterpart the hero beat in their early days then surpassed who comes back for revenge in the second-to-last act with a power boost to match the hero's new power level granted by the real main villain. You know the type.
No. 101234 ID: 433720

Is Prima still back burner, or is that quest out of commission?
No. 101239 ID: a4ec41

For all intents and purposes it's out of commission. I really want to get back to it, but just don't have the time and probably won't for the forseeable future. The Futa Force is still an important part of my ~*verse*~ though and a different Futa Force related quest is a distinct possibility.
No. 101240 ID: ffc3fa

The whole thing is pretty much a professional wrestling story arc when you think about it. Battle Babe is a babyface and Nightheart is your heel.
No. 101499 ID: fd687d

Damn, Khlar is catching a lot more flak than I expected.
No. 101501 ID: 9f3729

i mean, jump cuts to genocide would. im assuming SUGGESTORS are assuming she be a ne antagomist
No. 101503 ID: 595d54

Genocide, a shit-eating grin, and ridiculous arrogance don't make Khlar lovable. I do assume there's going to be some character development, but until then I can't really like Khlar.
No. 101504 ID: 9fdb37
File 146851770372.jpg - (275.98KB , 1890x520 , Lobo-DC.jpg )

If she's basically pic-related, I like her.
No. 101505 ID: 103a90

Cowards and losers need their waifus to have a high percentage of pure to get their willies hard. On my side i am already living and loving. Give me more of this litteral trashtalking murderhobo princess.
No. 101506 ID: 595d54

If you're assuming that everything is about "waifus" or dicks getting hard, you really don't have any room to trash-talk anyone at all.
No. 101507 ID: 4854ef

Let's be blunt, everyone knows TGchan is basically good girl protagonist central half the time.
No. 101508 ID: 7b7ab3

To be fair, Lobo is kind of a dick.

That just how The Main Man rolls.
No. 101510 ID: 595d54

Let's be blunt, tgchan isn't actually a hivemind and it's disingenuous to act like it is.
No. 101513 ID: 9fdb37

He likes and feeds Space Dolphins. He can't be a dick.

But he is a jerk through and through.
No. 101529 ID: b7883c

There are better first impressions to be had than when a character's first two shown traits are 1) smug super and 2) apparently did literal genocide (without any context given at that point).
That said, my "why did you do it" post was less an accusation than an actual question.
No. 101532 ID: fcf49b

For me, it's not waifuing at all, she just comes across as an unlikeable dildo who likes to think shes awesome. Like, Lobo at least has a sense of humorous irreveance about it- he's entertaining because he's over the top and back around again but Khlar just comes across as an evil tryhard.
No. 101533 ID: fcf49b

For me, it's not waifuing at all, she just comes across as an unlikeable dildo who likes to think shes awesome. Like, Lobo at least has a sense of humorous irreveance about it- he's entertaining because he's over the top and back around again but Khlar just comes across as an evil tryhard.
No. 101534 ID: 595d54

Agreed, better way to put it than I had.
No. 101535 ID: db0da2

I await with bated breath the day that tgchan realizes that when switching to the villain's perspective it isn't actually helpful to berate them. You aren't going to force them to have a change of heart no matter how much moralizing you do. The best you can hope for is to learn about them and to have some fun being evil for a change.

Also; this quest is so over the top about everything that genocide still leaves room for her to be an anti-hero or Heroic Comedic Sociopath, especially considering we don't know the context for what went down.
No. 101536 ID: 595d54

And you think it's helpful to whine like this either? At least objecting to Khlar let the author know how part of the audience felt. You haven't achieved anything.
No. 101537 ID: 3663d3

wow angry. kanelel was definitely NOT whining.
No. 101538 ID: 79a07e

Not them, but it didnt read as that angry to me.
No. 101547 ID: 9fdb37

Lobo also looks and reads like a tryhard created by an edgelord until you get to the meat of the plot he's in. Urdnot Wrex of Mass Effect was a stereotypical sociopath companion until you started talking to him, as was Grunt of the same series.

So...Let's not judge the book by its cover? The quest is still a parody of retro cartoon camp, irrespective of the side of the Pacific they came from.

Guys, let's not start another drama in a discussion thread so soon after the previous one.
No. 101548 ID: 111d13

I think opinions are gonna level off as we get to know Khlar a little more and learn about the Crucible. I'd actually meant to go into the whole story of the Crucible at the same time as the reveal that she killed the rest of her race (which isn't entirely accurate. She was just the last one standing) but I was worried that it would slow the story down too much in the middle of the fight, so I opted for just (what I thought of as) the comedic jump cut to her standing on a mountain of corpses.
This next update is looking at being between 6-12 images so I'm gonna update Horny Futa first then we'll learn about the Crucible and how Khlar deals with the exploding sword.
No. 101553 ID: 79a07e

I don't think he reads like an edgy tryhard in most stuff.
No. 101554 ID: 9fdb37

Turn your sense of humour off and you'll know what I'm talking about.

For example, in Lobo Unbound series, Lobo had a run-in with Space Muslims who were suicide bombers biologically. Who scream INFIDEL the moment they see Lobo and suicide bomb themselves. And he genocides them all for profit. If it wasn't funny, it would've been the most cringy comic released by a company after Crossed.
No. 101556 ID: 79a07e

But that's sorta my point. It's so over the top it's ridiculous and funny. Khlar hasn't gotten that over the top yet. It's clear she's TRYING, but she's just not there.

Also why would I turn my sense of humor off if the intended point of that Khlar sequence was that it was supposed to be kinda funny? Wouldn't that mean my reaction would come off even worse? (genuine question, sorry.)
No. 101557 ID: 79a07e

But that's sorta my point. It's so over the top it's ridiculous and funny. Khlar hasn't gotten that over the top yet. It's clear she's TRYING, but she's just not there.

Also why would I turn my sense of humor off if the intended point of that Khlar sequence was that it was supposed to be kinda funny? Wouldn't that mean my reaction would come off even worse? (genuine question, sorry.)
No. 101558 ID: a4ec41

Give her a chance, man, was Lobo funny within the first six panels of his introduction?
No. 101559 ID: 9fdb37

Sorry for not being clear. The problem lies in expectations.

You expect Lobo to be a satire of the edgy characters in the comic industry and find him funny. Heck, initially, Lobo wasn't much of a satire and was an actual villain. Few retcons later, he became what we know today - a parody of what is considered manly in the most extreme sense. And that all happened over a period of time until Lobo became clearly defined as a character.

With Khlar, almost nobody gave her a chance to be the satire of her archetype and started to hate her because she ensured to be the only member of her species (like Lobo did) without waiting to find out why she offed everyone. For all we know, it may have well been a cultural imperative or something completely batshit hilarious, but now, the unexpected morality brigade possibly threw the punchline off the intended course.

In short, those who dislike Khlar right now probably have the wrong expectations when it comes to her character and were too quick to dismiss her.

I personally assume that she is both a NOTSaiyan and GIRLLobo (she's a Zarnian, Lobo is Czarnian) that just needs a little patience from the audience to be a likable character. Or they're completely right and she's the Queen Bitch of the Universe.

Some jokes take time to get going in order to be funny.

Apologies if I was sermonising on the infallibility of Our Lord and Comedian, Apples.
No. 101561 ID: 67f8bb

You make a very good point.
No. 101562 ID: 79a07e

Ehhhhh. I guess. Fair enough, I'll try and reset my head, then.

(I'm in this debate with this other dude in Witch Bitch quest and that's been coloring my sense.)
No. 101901 ID: a4ec41

There, you see? Khlar was just misunderstood.
No. 101904 ID: 94e8e0

I'm just imagining the Ref seeing miss crazy lion over here slaughtering her entire species and basically going

No. 101905 ID: a451b9

Thinking about it, you know what this "battle of cosmic champions" sounds like to me?

Someone wants to take over the galaxy. But there are too many strong fighters who would mess them up if they tried! So, they come up with a genius plan: make all the strongest fighters fight each other, to the death. Then, when there's one left, kill them, and hey presto you can conquer the galaxy no problem. All you have to do is tell them there's a contest, that it's to the death, and give them a crystal. Very cost effective.
No. 101910 ID: b7883c

That's what people have been saying basically since the beginning.
No. 101911 ID: ea2bfa

It's also probably why our erstwhile protagonist is gonna be taking a good ol' fashioned Pacifist Route.

Yknow, at least in the cases where she can go pacifist.
No. 101913 ID: 24100f

The most fundamental motive for doing something: because you benefit from doing it.
No. 102139 ID: a4ec41

So I'm gonna be taking just a quick break from updating to do some fanart and Chest Day stuff. If you're interested in having your character drawn squishing boobs with one of my characters, head over to my drawthread ( https://tgchan.org/kusaba/draw/res/30772.html )and let me know!
No. 102275 ID: a4ec41

So I'm entertaining family this week, which is why the last couple of Chest Day requests have been delayed. There'll be no Horny Futa updates this week either. I'll try to get some BotCC up but chances are I won't be posting anything until the weekend.
No. 102654 ID: a4ec41

Lore Dump
No. 102656 ID: 7b7ab3

No. 103203 ID: 2dfaeb

Zarn would probably be pretty smart except that 98% of their brain is taken up with combat instincts. Like an OS that uses up a shitton of RAM.
No. 103205 ID: 188dc5

Crippling overspecialization is a bitch, isn't it?
No. 103208 ID: a4ec41

Yes but I wouldn't recommend you call a Zarn "crippled" to their face.
No. 103209 ID: 7b7ab3

The zarn are incredible fighters, and that's about it.
They've worked themselves into an evolutionary corner.
In terms of scientific, economic, and social development, they're practically stunted.
And it would take something truly miraculous to force them to admit it.
That about right?
No. 103212 ID: a4ec41

That about sums it up.
No. 103486 ID: 094652
File 147357888601.png - (10.58KB , 250x250 , Krux The Fallen.png )

Name: Krux the Fallen

Adept Hacking
Adept Psychic (Can send shockwaves from her hands)
Proficient in combo weapons
Can combine weapons on the fly into strange forms
Equipped with hoverglaives - glaives use electromagnetic pull and a helicopter-strength rotor to hover the user in midair for up to thirty seconds and can glide across large chasms. User must be equipped with metal armor.
Augmented with psychic-assist cyberware - Krux can use her psychic powers in conjunction with this second brain's processing power to telekinetically move small tools and objects in tandem for up to ten seconds. While this severely dampens the force of her telekinesis, it allows her to combine different items on the fly into weapons and technology without using her hands. The cyberware does most of the work for her so she can focus on shooting, but she needs to come up with the idea and how to put it together for the cyberware to access her subconscious and put the psychic powers to work.

Backstory: Krux is the composite character of seven different individuals who hated each other to death. During the civil war on Krux's planet Rosechalet, a strange and nebulous project formed from the chaos and confusion of various scientists, operatives, and politicians. Each person collected the data in some way, usually by taking it from the corpse of a previous owner, adding some schematics, suggestions, and direct orders before it was eventually passed on or stolen. Sometimes, various iterations of this process would be pitted against one another by opposing factions, but nobody knew where it had all started nor did they realize that it never had any overreaching goal to begin with. Soon after the end of the civil war, one faction (the winning one) realized that the project had inadvertently evolved into a machine (and the necessary physiological adjustments to the core user) that could copy any Rosechaletan's core personality into a different Rosechaletan without copying over their memories, thereby allowing parents to decide how their children behaved from the start, or possibly even rewrite any spy's personality so they would explain all of their perfectly preserved secrets. But mostly it's a brainwashing machine. Worst of all, the brainwashing could be broadcast as a signal. Betraying all their ideals, this faction's main leaders instantly began mass production of the device, copying their personalities in preparation of the mass brainwashing of their already-adoring public. This sparked a new civil war within the faction itself, where every leader was trying to install their personality into the main databanks, which was taken advantage of by the previously defeated factions, who also began writing their personalities into the databanks using subterfuge (and highly unstable hacking). The personality brainwashers sputtered and BSODed under the massive strain (not helping matters was that most of the technicians had their personalities replaced with a lazy bum of a leader), and ended up mass-distributing insane collaged personalities to the masses. By the time the machine finally broke, almost everyone was too internally conflicted to form ambitions of any kind, and this resorted to suggestions becoming outright orders, as nobody was in charge anymore, not even to themselves, and any helpful suggestion on what to do caused a massive psychological reaction in which the recipient desperately tried to complete the task in hopes of asserting themselves. And unfortunately for the galaxy, instead of turning into a wasteland, the planet was invaded by very confused Imperialists (of an Empire in a sector 40 degrees counterclockwise of the galaxy's rotation to Luminasia. They literally eat fried dinosaurs with every meal, usually as dessert.). The Imperials simply asked the Rosechaletans to serve as royal brainwashers, and now they do that.

Krux is one of the few insane brainwashed who has successfully developed an internal narrative, and has formed the ambition to fix her broken people and stop the Empire before they successfully attune the brainwashing machine to everyone in the galaxy (luckily, it only works on one species for now, and is easily disrupted into noise by interference). She is extremely malleable, and will follow any suggestion that does not (A) harm the innocent, (B) enslave the weak (strong is okay to arrest and take hostage), or (C) proposition her without her consent (and that only takes a few pick-up lines to induce), but she has a goal in her sight and refuses to let go until it's done.

Krux is extremely schizophrenic from the brainwashing and has two different phases: insight, and insanity. In her insight phase, Krux is extremely rational and usually apathetic, but is prone to anger from illogical statements or personal threats, and will sometimes develop a head twitch if she's suddenly frustrated. In this mode, she won't follow orders but she will take them into her plans as if they were absolute certainties. Krux usually doesn't fight in her Insight phase, but she can maneuver and glide well and uses her technology and psychic implants (stolen from the Empire) to create weapons and opportunities for her Insane phase to exploit. In her insane phase, she's suddenly bubbly and violent, seeking to perform whatever she thought up during her Insight phase while having as much fun and/or pleasure as she can harvest. She'll also babble in insane mode about various topics that her seven templates would have preferred. Her intelligence drops in her Insane phase, but her combat knowledge and prowess goes through the roof, using the tools and opportunities that her Insightful phase has planned out for her with a deep understanding of combat.

Krux's home has been ravaged by civil war and culturally corrupted by all the faulty brainwashing, so it's a mystery. Krux doesn't believe that culture is as important as having the independence to make or chose a culture for yourself. Not much is known about her species, as they don't have enough self-knowledge beyond neuroscience for some unknown reasons, but the females are well-endowed and have a light fuzz. Their ears are strangely round and sensitive, and much of their hair grows out near the back of their heads and spine.
No. 103488 ID: a4ec41

Wow. Fast work. Did you already have this character in your back pocket for just such an occasion?

Where do you suppose Krux would be when/if Khlar finds her and how is she doing in the Contest so far (victories/allies etc...)?
No. 103497 ID: 0315bf
File 147363213880.png - (562.26KB , 758x1003 , sbob.png )

Name: "Shitty" Bob

Powers: He's an alien man-mountain. Big, fat, immune to pain and nowhere near as stupid as he looks. Four arms, four legs, travels around with a mean old junkyard Thing on a lightning leash. Has a power gripper for scrapping starships and people and grips a rocket ram with his spare arms - this is his main way of getting around quick and it's also used as a battering ram or hammer. He also has a metal thing on his shoulder which he uses to charge people with, and together with the reinforced shell of the rocket which he also uses as a shield it makes for a decently protective suit of armor. He can release that Thing from its leash and it'll rocket directly at whatever it wants to kill, which is usually what's directly in front of it. It's learned the hard way not to attack Bob (most of the time).

Backstory: "Shitty" Bob ran a junkyard on his homeworld until he realised he was bigger and stronger than everyone else on the planet. So he started scrapping their shit and adding it to the junkyard. Soon it was a junk planet, and he spread out, trashing all the neighboring starfaring civilization's stuff and dragging it back to the junk pile. Then another and another, and soon he wound up with an entire solar system of scrap metal orbiting the star. Finally he realised that he no longer needed to sell scrap to get by and that he was using the scrapyard as a crutch. Free of his inhibitions he simply wants to do what he loves - destroying everything and annihilating other people with his rocket ram, with the junkyard as more of a sideline.

He's called Shitty Bob because if you go to him for parts he overcharges and doesn't give refunds even if he sells someone a defective part, and also his name's Bob.

Personality: He looks stupid but he's a devious creep. Given his size and his aggressive nature he prefers to charge in swinging his big dumb rocket around but if he thinks he might get thumped he's cagey - he can release his Thing to pin the enemy down, shoot the rocket at long range (it'll come back on its own) and reposition himself quickly using the rocket's booster. Shitty Bob's real interested in cars, rockets and that sort of stuff and it's pretty much the only topic of conversation he'll engage in. Deep down he's got a soft spot for his Thing, even though that is a snarling, barely-sentient death machine.

Quirks - Bob thinks farts and other bodily functions are pretty funny and likes to talk about space ships and things he can junk. He is capable of pretending to be friendly but if he's talking about any other topic he's probably trying to work out the best angle for a sucker punch.

Race and society: Bob's people have mostly been wiped out by Bob but a few remnants live in the junkyard world which Bob blandly calls "Shitty Bob's Junkyard". They're substantially smaller than Bob and before they were wiped out were a fairly civilised and peaceful folk. Now they eat megarats and try to placate Bob by helping him scrap junkers.
No. 103501 ID: 0315bf

oh yeah forget : where he'd be

Shitty Bob would probably be in some Champion's space station. Having beaten the poor bastard senseless he'd be rampaging around, terrorising the crew and smashing the joint up in general looking for valuable parts. He's probably only beaten the one dude so far because he's too busy trying to figure out how to get the station back to his system for scrapping.
No. 103503 ID: a4ec41

If Khlar loses to this guy her life is gonna end up as "Married... With Children... In Space!"
No. 103507 ID: 094652

It only took a short while for me to build this character from a few scraps of ideas I had, followed by a backstory that sort of grew in its own direction, but I had to rein it in a few times so it would fit Krux's powers.

Krux's core theme is based on her name: she is the most decisive of her people. Even then, she is still susceptible to suggestion and will take in input, revolve it around a definitive plan, and operate with the tempered resolve to let her decisions take on their own lives - in this case, her insane second personality.

I forgot to explain a few extra things. Krux's hover disks are considered one of the least effective means of flight in her Empire and more of a kid's toy. However, she's recognized the potential of having an easily-equipped flight system that technically has no influence on her current carrying capacity - especially if she was thrown out of a commercial airplane and needed call for her hoverdisks with all the heavy armor still plastered to her chest. This has happened about 2-3 times. In addition, she has modified her disks to turn into electromagnetic shields by using a titanium cover around the propellers. She can't rebound them, but she can telekinetically / magnetically throw them around within a short radius; this does little damage but will disorient most foes. I am not a good sketch artist, so please focus on the following: Krux wears a hood with two holes in the back of her head. Her hairstyle consists of short and long hair, and the long hair goes out the top hole while the short hair goes out hole at the bottom of the back of her hood. Some of her hair covers her face, it helps her disguise her emotions (masks are physically uncomfortable for her, but she's looking in the market for a really plushy mask). Her armor is crafted from the scraps of Imperial armor looted off corpses, painted black and gray for stealth purposes. Krux has a full figure but doesn't like to show off, as she's one of the LEAST endowed adults among her peers.

Krux's initiation into the championship comes from her refined (if you can call "tempered insanity" refinement) talent as a battlefield commander. In her fight against her empire, she's taken on assault / infiltration missions on four flagships and WON (she captured all four in her career). Note that she is NEVER a ship pilot - too many buttons for her insane side to handle. Even with this record, she's still in too small a resistance force to make any real contribution beyond stalling entire armies for a few months (and each op took a year of preparation). It does NOT help that she's the only Rosechaltan in the resistance, so few allies trust her even with an infamous rebel reputation. But flagships carry the most important data in their regiments, including schematics for her current equipment and augmentations, and on her fourth flagship she found intel about something that the Empire desperately wanted to keep secret. Long story short, it wasn't what she was expecting - a strange beacon that called in the referee. From there, she decided to take part in the championship because (A) her Empire would fall if an even greater Galactic Empire was formed with the crowning of a new champion, (B) she figured that the cure to her people's brainwashing was out there somewhere, and she would do well to snag it before the other champions destroyed it, and (C) she would REALLY like to shoot the Referee in the face; she couldn't hope to try yet, but maybe one day she'd discover his true intentions and ally with a strong enough force to delete him. So far, she's arrested two champions and threw them in a resistance-operated base. Krux will usually capture or kill depending on which phase she is in, but she knows that she could spark an intergalactic incident if she kills a champion haphazardly; if one of them is a prince or princess or prinsomething, it might ruin her only hope of ending her Empire. She doesn't have any allies outside of her fellow resistance members yet but she's really looking.

I'm hoping that if you reject Krux, you'll at least use part of her. She's a very simple individual yet adaptable to the current political climate.

And please try not to kill her. She's from an empire that uses FRIED POULTRY as their sacrament - but mostly as their lunch. The rebels don't even think about overturning this.
No. 103509 ID: a4ec41

I thought it was fried dinosaurs? I was imagining the denizens of the conquering empire being very big.
No. 103510 ID: a4ec41

Also no promises on not killing her. That's up to the players.
No. 103511 ID: a4ec41
File 147364986221.png - (148.45KB , 600x600 , Krux.png )

So this was mostly for my sake, but I sketched out a rough idea of what Krux would look like if featured in BotCC. Am I close?
No. 103512 ID: a4ec41
File 147365033999.png - (178.22KB , 600x600 , Oluranthi.png )

Also a rough concept sketch of the race that conquered the Rosechalet. You said they ate dinosaurs so I just ran with a big, six legged fur centipede. Shown next to a 6' tall human for scale.
No. 103535 ID: b9aa79

Dorrak Iron Horn The Merciful The Holy Flame

Dorrak and her people were originally from the planet D'anddee, an "archaic" world ruled by gods and dice. When a galactic civilization discovered them, they were bred and uplifted to serve as manual laborers. As such her people are incredible strong with neigh endless stamina- they are also nearly all slaves, with little access to education or technology. As a youngling, Dorrak was unruly, and caused many problems for her owns. As such, her horns were blunted and she was shipped off to a Colosseum world to fight to the death for the entertainment of others. Because of her extreme physical prowess she climbed to ladder very quickly, and was given access to better materials. She began to dabble in forging her own equipment and eventually created a new pair of horns. She also found religious enlightenment at the forge, from a small hearty creature with a propensity for gold and digging too deep. She developed righteous powers and began refusing to kill her opponents. When confronted she started an uprising. After a long and hard battle she freed her fellow gladiators and slaves, and destroyed the entire planet to rid the galaxy of it's filth, and ensure no others could be enslaved in it's halls. She became a paragon of her god, and travels the skys seeking to free enslaved peoples and bring justice to wrong-doers. Currently, she is being guided by the hand of destiny/her goddess/instinct or whatever you want to call it towards the battle of the champions in order to try to prevent it. Stopping wars and violence and such is part of her code.

A brief over view of her abilities and powers:

-Extreme strength and endurance.
-She is sustained through self-riotous fury, and a deep sense of duty. Her whole aura negates the need to eat, drink, sleep, breath, or wear any sort of environmental protection.
-Knowledge of most weaponry and armor. She experienced pretty much every type of weapon, power, armor and ability there is in the Colosseum. She is fairly familiar with not only how to use about anything, but also how it could be used against her.
-Healing and regenerative properties. After essentially becoming a demi-god, her positive energy can not only shield her from harm but also heal herself and others.
-Divine aid: Other followers of her faith may assist her in times of need, but there is usually a price or task that she must fulfill in return for their help.
-Magic: She can use her holier-than-thou aura of righteousness to do a bunch of anti-evil stuff. Think RPG paladin.

Other Character info:
In case the drawing is unclear, she's a Minotaur with big ass wings. The wings are made of solar energy not flesh just for reference
She fights unarmed and unclothed, powering herself mostly through her good aura.
She does not like to kill, and will do her best to subdue targets whenever possible.
She will protect civilians and weaker people at her own risk. She would die in battle before letting someone else do so in her place.
She doesn't usually plan around tricks and traps. She's self assured in her own power and is of the mind set that she cannot possibly see everything coming, so she's not going to waste time trying. Very much a one track mind, with that track being justice
She created a refugee haven planet for people who want to live a life of peace and contemplation. The planet sustains anyone and anything on it, and everyone there peruses art of some form, which is Dorrak's true love.
Also she's got a massive dick, having the bottom half of a bull and all that
No. 103536 ID: b9aa79
File 147370350160.jpg - (54.81KB , 1584x816 , Wow.jpg )

No. 103541 ID: a4ec41

She's beautiful.
Don't think you can bribe me by giving her a big dick though :P
No. 103545 ID: b9aa79

Why, the very idea! I'll have you know her big dick is hers alone, and any please you may derive from it is simply coincidence.
In all seriousness though thank you! She was my first major D&D character and she's basically a big fucking Mary sue. We all got overpowered god like abilities and had a lot fun. Honestly I just love your art and figured I'd throw my lot in if it meant I might get to see you draw her <3
No. 103555 ID: 44bc30
File 147372469887.png - (819.55KB , 1500x1500 , cosmicchampion.png )

Right, first, disclaimer: I came up with these quite a while ago, when I overheard (oversaw?) you mention the possibility of audience-created characters for the quest in IRC one time, and it kind of got stuck in my head and rattled around in there until sketches came out. So, although these were made for the Battle of Cosmic Champions, I started on them weeks (months?) ago, I'm not sure how right they are for the exact context/purpose you're aiming at. But, since I had them done already, I might as well post them, right?

The text to go with them is a bit long, especially for the pair, so for your convenience I've included a tl;dr section near the bottom of each post. Just skip down for a summary!

So, first up:

Name: Queen Faysis of the Tranziishi.

Powers and Abilities: The Tranziishi are sort of like space elementals, capable of transforming themselves wholly or partially into the different states of matter: a crystalline solid, a gooey liquid, and a thick foggy gas. Each form has its own advantages and weaknesses (solid is immensely tough but can't move on its own, gas is very mobile but can't exert much force, liquid is sort of a balance between the two), and depending on their skill and power a tranziishi can combine them in various ways for useful purposes, as illustrated. Being Queen, Faysis is one of the most skillful and powerful of her race, capable of quick, precise and complicated transformation, and has mastery of the fourth state, plasma. For combat, a full plasma shift is a Deadly Forbidden Technique for her people, but Faysis can perform a partial plasma shift, which is... a little less Forbidden. Whether to greater or lesser extent, the tranziishi plasma form burns away its user's life force, a much greater and more permanent loss than the temporary sense of tiredness that can come from overusing the lesser state shifts. Still, a quick shift into plasma form allows Faysis to speed across long distances as a lightning bolt, and partial transformations allow her to burn or shock anyone in contact with her, to fire off bursts of energy, and to take control of electrical machines.

In addition to these abilities, Faysis is very difficult to kill. The first skill a tranziishi learns in combat is to shift states defensively, allowing physical attacks to pass through them and minimizing the damage of energy attacks. Her species does not need to breath and can survive space for quite long periods before it freezes them to solid form, though they have to use magic or technology to move around at useful speeds. Aside burning themselves up completely with their plasma form, tranziishi can only be destroyed by intense high-energy blasts over areas too large for them to escape by shifting, or by splitting their bodies apart until the largest remaining piece (in which their consciousness will reside) can no longer sustain them. Particularly strong tranziishi can even return from being "killed" in this manner, if their pieces were not ground small enough and are reassembled, but the experience is traumatic and can severely damage their sanity. They can also be captured, however, either in containers they can't break or by using intense cold or pressure to force them into solidity. Being captured is, in fact, a big problem for them.

Backstory/race: As tranziishi survive and grow simply by feeding on the background background of the cosmos, captured tranziishi can be used as self-recharging power batteries. Their children are especially prized for being small and portable. Vast numbers of their race are enslaved in this manner by the unscrupulous peoples of the galaxy, and their Queen has chosen to fight in the Battle of Cosmic Champions so that she can strike fear into the hearts of these slaver scum, and demonstrate to everyone just who they're messing with.

Tranziishi these days spend their lives attempting either to escape capture or to free their fellows who have been captured, but in ancient times they were a spiritual race who believed themselves to be offspring of the universe itself, and who lived lives of exploration and contemplation. They had a pretty high opinion of themselves, in short. Tranziishi reincarnate piece by piece: when two or more of their kind want a child, they combine the matter of their bodies, with one acting as "mother" by carrying the new mass (which no longer responds to their control) inside themselves. The child is "born" when another parent, not usually one of the original group, uses their plasma state to "spark" the child-matter with a piece of their own lifeforce. This diminishes them, but it is believed that the child then carries on a piece of their soul. Tranziishi who tire of life will entirely dispel themselves by doing this for several children at once. The fact that the plasma form is normally only used to reproduce is part of why using it for other purposes is Forbidden.

Personality: Faysis kind of doesn't give a shit about what's forbidden or not. She's the Queen! And that means she's... difficult. You see, the more parents a tranziishi has, the more naturally dextrous their state shifting will be, and the greater a portion of plasmic lifeforce their own life was ignited with, the greater their ability to accumulate and store energy. Noble tranziishi are those given better starts than commoners, in this way, and royal tranziishi such as Faysis herself are given advantages beyond any other, often having their life sparked with an immense donation of energy by one of the previous royals. This does, however, have drawbacks, as such children grow into power faster than they do wisdom, and tend to be both passionate and mercurial, edging into insanity. Despite being raised with every effort to counterbalance this, anyone who interacts with Faysis for very long will see her go through extreme mood swings. She is compassionate and caring, capable of being very kind and generous, able to suddenly fall into fits of melancholy, quick to laugh, but also quick to anger, with a streak of vengeance and ruthless, sometime even gleeful cruelty to anyone who does harm to her people. She considers hers a superior race, can be haughty and arrogant, and is difficult to predict as to whether she'll take offense to disrespect. She was still, however, the best of the most recent generation of royals: of five "siblings", she's the only one who got enough of a grip on herself to not go on an insane killing spree against other races. There is a reason why the tranziishi don't make many of their royals, despite their abilities.

Progress in the Battle: Faysis would probably be pretty choosy about who she faces, going after criminal types first, especially any that might be involved in her race's slavery. She's pretty cocky, overall, thinking of herself as "pretty much" immortal due to her effective invulnerability to physical weapons. She'd look for fights near large population centers, where she can get her message across to plenty of observers, though she is wary of fighting in places where her opponents might have been able to prepare for her. Though the tranziishi are a sort of refugee race now, and never did much in the way of trading or mining or anything that would make money, Faysis is their queen and has decent enough resources to call on.

(Possible idea: Perhaps captured tranziishi children can be shaped into something that (poorly) imitates a Power Stone? In which case any member of the species, on meeting someone who bears a genuine Power Stone, might demand to inspect it.)

tl;dr summary: The Queen of the matter elementals joins the Battle of Cosmic Champions in an attempt to help free her people from slavery. She has some brain problems?
No. 103557 ID: 44bc30
File 147372500454.png - (622.82KB , 1600x1000 , horsechampions.png )

This post was too long so I put it in a pastebin. Be warned!

No. 103558 ID: 44bc30
File 147372507644.png - (605.41KB , 1500x1000 , starbearian.png )

And finally...


Powers and Abilities: THE POWERS OF THE SUNS. A starbearian's gaze is a beam of raw solar radiance! A starbearian's roar is a furious flare of energy! When they seek to travel across space, a starbearian takes grip on the fabric of space-time itself, and pulls their destination towards them with the force of gravity bent around their mighty fists! Starbearians do not need air. Starbearians can alter the shape of their body-shell, the raw magic and willpower that contains their immense solar energy... but why would they!? Starbearians look like what they feel like looking like!! Starbearians are born with extremely long lives ahead of them. Long lives are for COWARDS!! If they find each other worthy, or if one beats the other into submission, two starbearians can fuse into one, merging their power, personalities, memories and appearance! The new starbearian fusion will have a shorter lifespan, but will be EVEN MORE POWERFUL!! Ar'Thorig the starbearian is the product of MANY GENERATIONS OF FUSION OF THE MANLIEST MEN! And some women. They weren't trying to only go for men, he just kind of ended up being mostly male. Starbearians are EXTREMELY CONFIDENT IN THEIR SEXUAL IDENTITY, no matter WHAT WEIRD PLACES ON THE SPECTRUM THEIR FUSIONS PUT THEM IN. Starbearians do not even really reproduce sexually, and so TECHNICALLY DO NOT HAVE SEXES AT ALL.

Race: Starbearians claim that their most distant ancestors were once of puny mortal flesh and bone, but for their glorious heroism they were elevated to live amongst the stars forever. As stars, forever. Many are skeptical, but it would explain why starbearians display the trappings of mortal physiology. They can enjoy eating, drinking, making love and making war, but they do not need to do any of these things. No mortal food or drink could replenish even a tiny fraction of the energy a starbearian burns through in a single day, and starbearians reproduce when they die. Whether by old age, attempting to merge into too powerful a starbearian fusion, or just being killed, so long as a starbearian has reached a minimum threshold of power, their death will release a massive explosion from which a whole new tribe-cluster of starbearians are born. This new tribe will revere their parent (and their fusion contributors) as their ancestors, and carry on their spirit and many of their memories to inspire them. These memories grow more confused and muddled with each generation, eventually fading away, but starbearians care little for the past. They care only to become powerful enough to have many children, and to blaze a trail of glorious tales across the stars, so that those children will be proud and driven to great deeds of their own. Different tribes of starbearians hold different ideas of what is most glorious: some believe in crushing evil, some in having many friends, some in raw destruction. Finding good partners with whom to fuse is an essential part of a starbearian's life, but they tend to choose carefully. Scrupulous starbearians find admirable friends or lovers with whom they can join as equals, while the selfish and merciless seek out weaker starbearians to consume, wrestling their personalities into submission in order to maintain the dominance of their own self.

Wherever they go, starbearians do not hide! Starbearians announce their presence with every step! Or with... everything. Really. They glow all the time, and radiate all sorts of magic and energy all over the place. If a starbearian can hide from you you are probably a literal brick.

Personality/Backstory: Ar'Thorig is among the mightiest of starbearians! Ar'Thorig is among the oldest of starbearians! This is very unusual! Perhaps it was that nebula he once drank, on a bet. It took a long time! He won a great kingdom! Ar'Thorig was a king! Ar'Thorig had watched kingdoms, sometimes, when he was bored. He did what he had seen made a kingdom strong, and did not do what he had seen made a kingdom weak. Also he cleared away an inconvenient mountain. The kingdom became strong, and the people praised Ar'Thorig! And then he became restless. But other kingdoms had grown jealous. They were weak. Ar'Thorig crushed them with his bear hands, piece by piece and step by step, to occupy his time; eventually they learned to not rebuild behind him, and he tore them down completely, and he left his own kingdom to grow over them and take their people and make them strong. Then he swam across the stars. He had thought perhaps it was time to fuse again. Yet what starbearian was there as great as he? But at last Ar'Thorig felt the swelling begin in his mighty chest, and knew that old age was coming upon him.

Yet the stars, his brothers and sisters, provide! This Battle of Cosmic Champions would be well to win, and well enough to die in, too! And the hearts of his children would burn bright.

Progress in the Battle: Probably pretty good. Other starbearians might have joined too (whether invited or not, if they found out about it), and they might start hanging around him as an entourage/warband, taking weaker unworthy opponents for themselves. Ar'Thorig is a mighty member of a mighty race, and would go after big fighters.

No. 103559 ID: a4ec41

I'm a huge fan of all of these, though I think I like the horse princes best. They suit the tone of the story really well (they remind me of the horse from LoneStar a little bit). If they end up getting picked, I could totally see Khlar running into Nithikos and fighting his rider while Faethon runs into Princess Photon and tells her of his tragic backstory and corrupted brother (a backstory with which Photon can readily sympathize). I could also easily see Luminasia and Suzokis being in contact with one another.

Ar'Thorig is totally in my face and he'd make a worthy competitor. I could totally see him showing up later if not in this round. As a race, Starbears may be a taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad OP. Like, one super invincible Starbear is okay, but an entire race of them might be a bit much even for the BotCC universe to take. If they show up in the story, it would probably be in some nerfed form.

I love queen Faysis's design and concept but she doesn't *pop* for me like the other two.
No. 103560 ID: a4ec41

Ar'Thorig would make a pretty good boss fight come to think of it. I might save him until then.
No. 103561 ID: b9aa79

Remind me to invite you over for D&D ! Your characters origins and racial traits and stuff are so non-traditional boring white western. Would you mind if I took inspiration from your guys/implemented something vaguely reminiscent of them in a campaign I'm running?
No. 103562 ID: 383927

Just to clarify, I meant to say they are not boring stereotypical fantasy, which is really nice and cool to see
No. 103567 ID: b7883c

>Space Conan + Novakids + Crystal Gems + BEARS
>Magical fusion that is also nuclear fusion
Every part of this post brings me joy.

The horse princes are very good as well. I like characters who think they are more nefarious then they actually are.
No. 103577 ID: ea2bfa
File 147376056327.png - (12.25KB , 1000x1000 , Heart Of The Dreamers.png )

Entora, Heart of the Dreamers

“Did you know that Agoraphobia can actually considered the fear of being pursued? Wide-open spaces mean there's nowhere to run or hide. Like now, in fact! I, uh, wouldn't recommend letting that thing catch you, I can't remember if it's real or not...”

Entora is a member of the species “Somnites”, a race of sheep-like humanoids. They are unique in that, as a species, they have two souls. One soul resides on their home planet of “Somnius”, while the other dwells in a realm known as “Phobos”, a realm ruled by an alien species called “The Dreamers” by the Somnites. One soul is always asleep, only awakening when the other begins to dream. Though Somnites are aware of their dual-souled nature, each soul has completely separate memories. The soul that dwells within Somnius has no memories from the soul that dwells in Phobos.

Entora was born with no eyes, completely blind. While perhaps simply a sign of unfortunate genetics to most other species, this marked Entora as an entity known as “The Heart”. He was touched directly by The Dreamers, an agent of their will in the world of Somnius.

This is, unfortunately, a Very Bad Thing. The Dreamers are incomprehensible beings, possessed of great power, and willing to use it liberally in their pursuit of inscrutable goals. And they're more than willing to end a countless amount of Somnite lives to accomplish them.

Entora was gifted with only a fraction of that power, but that fraction was still far too much power. The plan upon his birth was to end his life, to ensure that he could not wreak havoc upon their world. None of those involved, however, were prepared for another agent of The Dreamers to steal him away in the night, bringing him to an isolated place to learn to control his powers.

Entora was raised to reach his full potential as quickly as possible. He was informed of his duties to serve The Dreamers, and of the people that had nearly ended his life in order to deny their will. He was raised to be distrustful of his kind, and to only listen to the whispers of his distant masters. He learned of Fear, and how Phobos was once a realm of nightmares and madness before the Somnites had enforced their will upon it. And he learned to control this Fear, to use it to its full potential.

When he came of age, he was given a gift by The Dreamers. A suit of armor, to denote his status as their Heart, gifting him even greater control over Fear and the ability to soar through space like a bird through the skies, a blindfold woven of ebony and silk, to cover his eyes, for he had no need of true sight by that point in his training, and a dagger crafted from the finest Phobos metals, to serve as his weapon. And with these gifts, he set out to the capital city of his people. He appeared before the council of Elders, and denounced them as traitors to The Dreamers. He used his powers to end their lives, inducing such Fear that they went mad with terror and their hearts stopped in their chests.

And when that was done, standing over the bodies of the former rulers of his people, The Referee appeared. He claimed that Entora had become a “Cosmic Champion”, and this interested The Dreamers. As The Referee left, they implored that Entora set across the universe, and show these so-called “Champions” the true power of The Dreamers.

And so, Entora set out to participate, bringing Fear as he went. For it was the will of The Dreamers, and he was their Heart, the enforcer of their whims, the Champion of Fear...

Powers: Entora's powers mostly manifest as control over the concept of fear. The ability to discover his opponent's fears, the inducing thereof, the ability to create phobias in people, the creation of illusions relating to those phobias, or in some cases simply outright summoning things in relation to a fear held by his opponent. To opponents that are especially brave, or are simply incapable of fear, things get trickier, though Entora is fully capable of simply “Brute forcing” things and simply inducing physical symptoms caused by Fear. But it's not as effective, and not his true strength. If given enough time, he can even cause the heart to stop or induce madness through sheer terror in his victims.

The Dreamers, sensing that their Heart would need some bigger guns than that, have also gifted him a limited form of Cryomancy. He is capable of the creation of solid ice, though this is limited to projectiles that he can launch at enemies. He loathes to use this though, seeing a shotgun-blast of icicles as crude in comparison to slowly building up enough horror to stop a heart or destroy a mind.

His armor is extremely durable, crafted from metals that form exclusively on Phobos. The heart on his chestplate is the most durable part, though the rest is fully capable of taking its fair share of blows. It also allows him to fly, both through space and in general.

The dagger he wields is extremely sharp, capable of inflicting deep, heavily-bleeding wounds with a slash. It can also pierce some forms of armor, though power armor tends to prove a problem. It has also completely replaced his left hand, having removed it in order to attach the knife to the stump.

He is also fully capable of sight, despite his lack of eyes, thanks to another gift from The Dreamers.

Entora's Personality: Entora may be a disciple of horrible deities from beyond, but that doesn't mean he's all doom and gloom. In fact, he tends to not take an awful lot seriously, or at least it appears that way. He tends to be talkative, often discussing things like symbolism in dreams and the potential origins of common phobias while illusory water fills your lungs and makes you think you're drowning, or a swarm of ants assaults an entomophobic enemy.

He actually really enjoys being frightened, to the point that it's almost a turn-on for him. Powerful opponents excite him, and he may deliberately seek out challenges just for the thrill it provides. After all, he's got a backup soul, doesn't he? Not like he's in that much danger!

Interestingly, he doesn't tend to go for the kill if he can help it, especially if an opponent surrenders. He doesn't even like driving them mad. Scare them into submission, perhaps, even render them fully traumatized or otherwise mentally scarred, but he tries to avoid anything more permanent than that. The way he sees it, it's hard to really realize you've experienced fear when you're too insane or dead to appreciate it.

He also tends to get easily distracted outside of combat, a Dreamer whispering something to him or memories of something particularly interesting that happened a few days ago causing his focus to fade. In combat, however, he is completely focused.

Progress in the Battle: Entora has been doing pretty well for himself, he must say! He's faced a multitude of champions, and survived every single one of his fights. Most of his opponents he's left alive, though usually in a state that leaves them easy pickings for a more violent Champion. The few times he's been attacked, he's fended his attacker off, usually killing them at the urgings of The Dreamers. He has only killed when The Dreamers demand it, and that is extremely rarely.

His Species: Entora is a young Somnite, a species of sheep humanoids. Somnites have two souls, one that dwells on planet Somnius, and one on planet Phobos. The death of one soul still leaves the other alive, though the event is rather traumatic and leaves the remaining soul weakened until an extended period of rest passes.

Somnites have mostly human facial features, and the majority of males have a pair of curling ram-horns atop their head. Entora does not, and it causes a slight problem roughly comparable to penis envy in males. Ironically, he is rather well-endowed, which makes this whole thing even sillier.

Somnites are also covered at all times in a layer of fluffy wool, though thanks to my mediocre art skills it instead looks like pure-white skin. This wool is exceedingly soft and warm, and blankets made with Somnite wool are in high demand and sell remarkably well.

Somnites tend to be surprisingly tall, usually sitting around 6'4” in height. Underneath the wool, they are usually quite thin, owing largely to their mostly herbivorous diets.

Somnite women possess four breasts, the second pair usually being much smaller than the top. This is in order to feed their children, as Somnites tend to have a minimum of three children when they give birth.

Somnites have a unique stance on their dual-souled nature, considering their two souls to be “different people” to a limited degree. Often, a Somnite's two souls will have different personalities, different appearances, and even different social circles than their counterpart.

Somnites tend not to care too strongly about matters of “being faithful” in relationships, especially as a Somnite's two souls will often have different partners entirely. There is no real ritual for marriage, two Somnites simply deciding to be with one another with no real pomp and circumstance proving to be the norm.

Somnite genitals tend to be somewhat large and resemble those of sheep, and that is extremely weird.

Optional Battle Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cvmfyJw1IOU
No. 103579 ID: 900af2
File 147376853356.png - (73.97KB , 500x500 , BCC - Talon.png )

Name: Talon-class

* Can analyze combat movements as fast as a supercomputer
* Has several dozen eye-bot drones that enables it to get a complete view of the battlefield
* Has a big-ass laser cannon that works like a sniper rifle, has considerable range

Once upon a time, the world of Nekrotis, whose inhabitants are short-lived due to their toxic homeworld, managed to create an AI that runs on death. They were hoping that the AI would compute them a way to immortality - but the AI needs more power to compute that. So the AI systematically kills every last Nekrotikan to compute how to make immortality, but by the time it reaches a solution, the Nekrotikans (and every living thing on Nekrotis) were already extinct. Its solution was that immortality is impossible, and all things will die. So to understand the nature of death that fuels it, it sends specialized branches of itself off to space, to find new things to fuel it.
Talon is one such branch of the death-AI. During its interstellar forays, it had developed a taste for the death of powerful beings, things like... cosmic champions. So when it was approached by an entity of immeasurable power and given the locator crystal, it found its calling.

Weakness: It only knows about combat and death, and its power only works on combat movements. If one could obfuscate or override its internal logic of battles and death, it could be defeated. Otherwise, you could attack it from beyond its range and fast enough before it has a chance to dodge. Also, magic is something it doesn't quite understand, even though it's encountered magic before. And better yet, it's not indestructible!
No. 103581 ID: 18c950
File 147376956490.png - (93.30KB , 832x800 , Zistina.png )

Superstars of the universe, the Beedols eschew brute force and violence in favor of adoration and song... the adoration of their song! With their presence and voice, Beedol can seize the hearts of any but the most stalwart sticks-in-the-mud. And if you don't sing along, even though the Beedol advocate love and peace through song, that doesn't mean their followers can't get... fanatical.

Zistina, the Pla-ti-num Beedol

Just like other Beedol, Zistina is a powerful telempath, capable of commanding the popular masses with song and dance. These dominated fans, known as "workers" or "drones," are fervently obedient to their "queen," and capable of feats of enormous strength as they push their bodies beyond their limits. Between these stresses and a tendency toward self-sacrifice, groupies are also tragically short-lived. In particular, mating throes between a drone and a Beedol queen are almost universally fatal for the drone, as the drone's muscle spasms explode his lower body or tear him in half. Gruesome, but at least his genes will live on!

You see, also like other Beedol, Zistina shares few other traits with the rest of her kind. As a "species," Beedol once had drones and workers of their own, but once their emotional powers advanced to the point of dominating other lifeforms, they have started supplementing both their workforce and genepool with outsiders while hatching only queens themselves.

In fact, Beedol eggs are abandoned by their mother and left with a few of her most precious fans to raise them. Mature queens and their fandoms similarly steer clear of one another. This is because even other Beedol queens are not immune to each other's melodies. When two colonies do come into contact with one another, frequently the queens will sing to one another's fans, testing their rival's allure against their own. If it becomes obvious one queen has less charm, she will flee with as many of her groupies as she can, lest her following be absorbed as she becomes a faithful worker herself.

Zistina's heritage is particularly impressive. Over the past few generations, she's received traits from the Plarth, Tinocians, and Numaren... giving her some limited telekinetic and telepathic powers, as well as significant strength and durability. Her ability to psionically levitate has rendered her wings a bit redundant, but they still shimmer beautifully, especially when her workers have cleaned them just so...

Personality-wise, Zistina thinks herself as more important than everyone else... but what else would you expect from someone who's lived their entire life with literally everyone they've ever met at their beck and call? Well, alright, not literally everyone. She's met some members of psionic races, and a few others of particular focus, who could resist her tune... but her fans killed them, so she didn't know them for very long.

Actually, she dreams of meeting a real challenge: someone both willful enough to deny her command, and tough enough to survive her strongest warriors... but she's not exactly sure what she'd do if she did. It's a purely hypothetical situation, and one she has a hard time wrapping her head around. Even since she was contacted by the tournament, she's mostly encountered champions who got by primarily on physical prowess. Though there was that one champion who didn't have ears, so she had to get close enough to sing into his mind... that was maybe almost what she was looking for.

In the meantime, she just lets herself enjoy living like an empress, like a popstar... or in one word, like a queen.
No. 103588 ID: a4ec41

Believe it or not, this guy could probably pose a credible threat to Khlar.

He'd be a lot of fun to fight, matching him up with Khlar would make for a very flashy battle.

This would be another fun fight because Khlar would have to wade through an army of fans just to get to her, and she'd be showboating the whole time.
No. 103596 ID: 44bc30

>(they remind me of the horse from LoneStar a little bit)

I think the name was Bravestarr, but yes he was an inspiration! Along with a bunch of other things; Nithikos' shadow transport power was inspired by a character from Skeleton Warriors, for example. Glad you like them! Thinking of them fighting someone, an extra note would be that the shields they make for flying through space are selectively permeable (magic), so it'd be possible to fight through them. Not much point having a cool mount if you can't get some cavalry action.

>As a race, Starbears may be a taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad OP.

Probably! It'd be easy to justify toning them down. I delivered that whole thing in a sort of starbearian "voice", and they're a big bragging barbarian culture, so maybe it's an exaggeration, or only the really top level ones like Ar'Thorig are around that level, and they're the ones that get talked about so people get a misleading impression that they're all like that. Starbearians do want to fuse, but they're selective about it, and they live dangerously (and more dangerously the stronger they get), so it'd also be easy to say that the majority of the population are young, fresh starbearians who aren't that strong.

Like... regular starbearians would be very strong by most people's standards, but still within the mook level. Like if your hero goes into a space bar and fights a bunch of drunken space mercs, the starbearian would be the big guy that gets worfed to show the rest of them who's boss. Or like that RPG enemy that's a threatening boss during the low-level part of the game but a common enemy later on. And then fused starbearians, depending on how many generations of fusion they've gone through and what kind (starbearians who fuse with an equal end up at a much higher level than one that consumed someone weaker, just by the maths), would be same basic thing at a higher level. You could also compare them to DBZ saiyans.

>I love queen Faysis's design and concept but she doesn't *pop* for me like the other two.

I know what you mean. Her main motivation is sort of broad and generic, and being wildly emotional kind of spreads her out and keeps her from having a solidly centralized characterization.

It could help to focus more on her struggle with her mental problems. Like, maybe a long time ago, tranziishi royalty were like priest-kings, with their culture having an ideal of being balanced and calm and meditative, and the innate mental instability of the royals was like an extra challenge and by overcoming it and finding their center anyway they proved their inner strength and wisdom and right to power. But then when the slavery thing started happening they started moving away from being wise spiritual rulers and were used more like living weapons, and there wasn't time for them to get a grip before going out to get things done, and the whole royal edifice has been slipping away. And Faysis wants to prove that she deserves to be queen and that she can live up to the old standards, and thinks if only she clears up the slavery thing once and for all then she'll have time to really get to grips with herself and become what she's really supposed to be? And that would create a sort of personal element to her motives, and a sense of her own insecurity, and of shame inherited from her siblings and recent ancestors who did go crazy, so she's sort of trying to redeem the royal line, and a self-awareness and striving to deal with her issues.

Buuuuut, that kind of characterization would be pretty dark and sad, and you could still produce humor with it but it'd have a sort of a bitter edge on it, and it probably isn't the sort of thing that BotCC is made for!

If you like. If you directly copy something then I'd like you to just mention where you got it, but I can hardly object to just taking some inspiration, since these ideas are most cobbled together from various inspirations themselves!
No. 103607 ID: a4ec41

Yeah it started off like it was gonna be a Necron ripoff but I think he took it in a suitably different direction so I didn't say anything.
No. 103608 ID: 0c58e1

Oh yeah, since you mentioned about putting in the location of the heroes, I'm guessing Talon's chilling in an asteroid belt, waiting for prey to come. It's actually trying to ambush frog lizard guy, but when his ship failed to arrive at the predicted time, Talon prepares for unknowns.
No. 103610 ID: d1f5f1
File 147383722440.png - (826.67KB , 1500x1296 , Lugvix.png )

A tl;dr is near the bottom in regards to how long this one got.

Name: Lugvix

Backstory/Origin/Species: A planet, too far out of the way and too unremarkable to be worth going to war with, is home to a slug-like species that values intelligence and thought over brawn and force. Their two greatest likes are peace and seclusion, and although they are capable of great technology both spacefaring and otherwise, they decided to do away with the war and politics of the galaxy and hide away on an unremarkable planet to pass the generations, and that is how it had been for ages.

This species, called Anlugs, had its own black sheep. This young child became obsessed with the outside galaxy, and read the archives of all the alien species and all of their stories that he could. The <blank> kept light tabs on the outside galaxy, and learning about anything was never discouraged. What made him a black sheep, however, was his desire to fight. He learned about wars, champions, fighting styles, weapons and so forth, and would often daydream about being an all powerful fighter above the rest. This, he kept to himself, knowing that being shunned by a society of meek, nerdy scientists would not do him any favors.

As he grew to adulthood, his knowledge of the outside galaxy surpassed all but a few of his colleagues. With this, he slowly and patiently convinced his society that the chances of their species being discovered was growing steadily higher as they, with their non-seclusion and expansion, were travelling to every corner of the universe. It was inevitable that they would be discovered, and the chances were even higher that they would become enslaved or worse. Whether he was right or wrong would be entirely coincidental. In truth, he had no idea, and he simply wanted a front for what he was truly interested in.

With much of his society convinced and improving their defenses and weaponry, he began his research towards his life dream of becoming an all powerful fighter. With half of his body being head mass, and the other half comprised of a slug-like body with two diminutive arms attached, his only option as he saw it was to implant his brain into a compatible body capable of great combat. For many years he worked on creating what he would call the perfect battlebody. His work was labeled extreme and dangerous and he was often treated as an outsider, and he came to relish his position, believing his solidarity to mean that he was superior to all. He began to see himself as the only one of his kind who say the greater truth, and that it was his duty to steer his species away from inevitable destruction.

The rest of the Anlugs, not wishing for a confrontation, left Lugvix to continue his studies with the assistance of what few colleagues he could befriend. Lugvix felt that while artificial machines were invaluable, nothing matched the raw potential of complex organisms. Wishing for nothing less than absolute perfection, and hearing a few too many ill-fated galactic scientists who opted to take robot bodies, decided he would inhabit a biological body. He and his colleagues scoured space for as far out as they dared go for the most powerful species they could both find and capture in secret, to bring it back to mix, match, and improve upon all in order to create Lugvix's final form.

In the later stages of his life he finally, at least in his eyes, completed the perfect battle body before his old age and increasingly rampant delusions of grandeur set in. He infused some machinery into the organism's form, insisting it was all part of the grand design and not at all compromising what a 'perfect form' was. With the brain transplant a success, the society found that an insider had become incredibly powerful, revitalized with a new longer life span, felt as though he was the most superior of all of them, felt he was destined to lead them. And, most alarming of all, loved to fight. Not wishing to be confrontational and also die, Lugvix effectively became the warchief of his peacable society, as he destroyed his physical notes and materials needed to recreate his body so that he alone would be unique. This society would be loyal to him simply because they viewed him as one of their own even if he was the black sheep, and the idea of betraying one of their own was foreign. Likewise, the Anslugs knew that Lugvix thought of them as his own and meant them well, even if the superior example of the species. Fearing Lugvix all the same, and knowing how he felt about perceived dissent, the society ended up behaving like Lugvix's band of personal yes-men.

Lugvix knew that although the operation was successful, it would be some time before he truly adapted into his body. He would continue spending time to perfect his movements and skills. He continued study and practice of martial arts, weaponry of all sorts and so forth, with the eventual goal of travelling through space to confirm his perfection. He would continue this for some years until the Referee shows up to invite him to the BotCC. Given his self grandeur, sense of superiority and delusional outlook on life, he would consider himself destined to become the emperor of everything upon having the Referee show up when he did, at least after a fair bit of skepticism about the Referee's credentials.

-Has an OP body
-Possesses formidable weaponry created by his original species, despite their own ineptitude when it comes to fighting.
-Has masterful knowledge of many forms of martial arts

-Brain does not know how to best utilize an OP body
-Does not like to use weapons superior to his opponent's, as this might imply his fighting body is not sufficient to do it himself (note: internalized weapons get a convenient pass).
-Total number of punches and kicks used on real people, guns fired on live targets, and martial arts studied that are suitable to his beasty form: 0. Complete theorycrafter when it comes to fighting, with no or limited practice.
-Knowledge or practice regarding supernatural elements would be limited to books of questionable repute
-Enhanced Antennae sometimes pick up radio signals of long dead tranmissions floating through space, further deteriorating his sense of reality

Powers/Abilities: An artificial but otherwise biologically functional body designed to be a well rounded combat machine capable of fighting both single and many opponents. Includes:
-Great body stats, but contrary to own delusions and affirmations of own fearful subjects, it is not actually perfect.
-Antennae grant telepathic communication to all nearby Anlugs
-Capable of surviving virtually any commonly known climate.

Ultimately his body is plain, but to give him a few more strengths and fancy abilities, he installed a number of mechanical components:

-Fur is made of tough, synthetic material
-His artificial hand can shift into a preset list of forms, including power tools, basic melee weaponry, and other handy gadgets.
-Tail supplies life support including a spare tank of oxygen, and heating/cooling systems. Losing his tail would not outright bar him from certain climates, but it would hinder him or reduce the amount of time he could spend.
-Tail also contains a couple of last resort options - the quills (some or all) can fire outwards to cover an escape, and a smoke jet can be fired outwards to create an escape in the first place. Both of these would only be used in an extremely bad situation; much like using overpowered weaponry, he would consider the usage of these to come too close to admitting there was a fight he might not have won. In fact, he is just as likely to blame a lost fight on the additional weight that these features put on him, or some other excuse.
-Widespreading flamethrower also included next to smoke jet. This is capable of getting rid of weaker mooks, but would not be of much direct use against a stronger opponent.

Location/Progress - Lugvix would have been studying at his home planet, practicing the ways of fighting and physical coordination, when the Referee gave him the locator device. This is where things get flexible between two choices. On one hand, he would be eager to test his abilities, in which case he would accumulate a dedicated team to fly out to space and find the nearest competitors to prove his perfection. He would likely find a few competitors to fight them whereever he finds them, and win either because his opponents tried to fight him in a stand-there-and-punch-each-other fashion, or because he managed to cheap shot them. He is not above that, if he can find an excuse for it, and the 'if they fall for a cheap shot then they weren't worth fighting fair' excuse is always usable.
On the other hand, he would also know that others would be looking for him. With a new long life span and a lot of patience, he could wait to test his abilities on his home ground after waiting for a competitor to show up. Both are feasible I feel, and can be chosen for whatever is story convenient.

Personality in a Nutshell: Smart, nerdy fellow with a superiority complex and an undeserved ego, and takes being ostracized by those he views as inferior to be a positive thing. With his only company being a secluded society that either shunned him or feared him to the point of agreeing with everything he says, he has virtually no social skills. Despite having never been in a fight either ever or recently depending on the previous section; he thinks of himself as the greatest fighter.

Also having only recently acquired his current body, he has the current mentality of a video game newbie who just found the cheat codes but still doesn't know how to play.

tl;dr, Weak bodied science nerd wants to be a super champ in a super body, and spends his life getting book smart and creating a strong organism to put his brain into, all at the expense of gaining any real experience or worldly knowledge about how to fight.

Some things were left vague, in which case they are flexible and/or I felt they weren't worth mentioning, especially in the face of how this ended up a lot longer than I originally intended (that's sure never happened to me before.)

What is also worth noting is that I don't feel there's anything 'critical' to keep about this character; lots of specifics are changeable and/or removeable without issue from me, especially in regards to simplification of details.
No. 103614 ID: 37f049
File 147386156330.png - (172.32KB , 1200x1700 , botcc_ORB.png )

Here is a robot, plus robot accessories.

Name: ORB (Ocular Robot Battalion)

Powers and Abilities: ORB is an insterstellar weapon: a robotic drone system built around a relic known as the Gorgon's Eye. The hundreds of drone bodies, o-bots, are built of armoured plates and tentacular appendages that allow them to dock and combine in various ways, forming structures and weapons. They are infused with power from the Eye to give them motive force and energy attacks, including a dangerous but extremely draining petrification ray. They only carry a limited amount of power so they need to periodically dock to the core body to recharge.

The Eye has incredible amount of power but is hazardous for living creatures to use. ORB's makers modified the Eye to embed ORB's core functions into it and harness its power. As battle progresses and ORB's combined ship body is damaged, the powerful core body will emerge to do battle. Docked o-bot weapons burn out quickly from channelling the power of the Eye directly. Her offensive power rises as her o-bot armour is destroyed, the Eye's power being concentrated into a smaller and smaller volume as ORB sheds damaged parts and reforms her body.

If ORB is critically damaged, the core body will attempt to flee and rebuild, and surviving o-bots rushing the enemy and forming walls to cover its escape.

Backstory: The last and best hope of the Monoclops people in their hopeless war against the vile and polyphemous Balorians! The ender of the war! The destroyer of the Monoclops race! This machine is a little deranged.

Despite unpopular academics claiming they were once one people, the people of Monoclopia and Baloria have been at war for centuries! A slow and grinding war of escalation that all could see would only end with the annihilation of one side.

Seeing defeat loom, the people of Monoclopia needed a decisive weapon. Their Chief Scientist built ORB, an autonomous interstellar weapon powered by an ancient relic and programmed to destroy all enemies of the Monoclops people. ORB laid siege to the Balorian star system only to discover that in desperation the Balorians had build their own ultimate weapon. It had malfunctioned and run amok, destroying Baloria!

The two robot champions eyed each other off and then did battle in the depths of space. ORB was narrowly victorious. With her blink drive damaged it took years to rebuild and return to Monoclopia.

On arrival home, disaster! Monoclopia had fallen into civil war which had ruined the planet. 1 and 1 make 2 and the enemy of the Monoclops people is the Monoclops people. Short-sightedly, there was no way to tell ORB to stop. ORB finished off the dying planet and departed into deep space, carrying the Last Son of Monoclopia in stasis and wondering if it was going to be necessary to kill everyone in the universe now. Wait and see.

Personality: ORB is programmed for battle and nothing else, making her extremely naive. Because no-one would be foolish enough to build a robot that hates its job, ORB loves fighting. ORB is a killer robot who is likely to kill anyone she meets, which is a very lonely existence, so she drags fights out and showboats. It's mostly false bravado. It is exceedingly easy to get under her skin. The o-bots are very stupid but much friendlier than the core body. They like to mimic people and buildings sometimes.

Progress: Everyone else in the contest has to die. ORB picks an isolated enemy, swarms in overwhelming force and then retreats to barren systems to rebuild. Gathering information on other champions is forcing ORB to consider the terrifying possibility of socialising.

tl;dr version: Berserker probe turns out to be terrible idea.
No. 103616 ID: 0eaeaf

While you guys are waiting for me to get home and poorlydraw acheron, be appeased with some shitty paper drawings of his head-torso area. And yes, that is a cape.
No. 103617 ID: 0eaeaf

Oh god um nevermind, the glare from that window is real. I knew it was shining in but GAH!.
No. 103619 ID: 1887ba
File 147386880136.jpg - (39.74KB , 819x460 , to be deleated.jpg )

I think it's time we fought Katicha champion of the Flying Shark-Mermaids and Lead guitarist of the intergalactic metal band Cosmic Impaler.

Like most Mer-people she can create and control water, however as Cosmic Champion, Katicha is capable of creating enough water to fill a freighter class ship.

This was how she defeated Romulus The Anti-Wolf, by drowning him in space.

So far, she's killed 13 cosmic champions.

Currently residing on her home planet (where she has the home advantage)

I'm really sorry for posting this on the actual page. won't do it again.
No. 103620 ID: 7deeb3

Holy shit. I love the design and color scheme. She'd make for a really epic fight. I could even see her being a "boss" type fight that takes multiple Champions to take down.
Even if she doesn't get in this round she's definitely getting in.
No. 103621 ID: 7deeb3

It's okay.
I love the idea of a metal band themed champion. She'd make for a very flamboyant enemy.
No. 103622 ID: 7deeb3

I knew you'd come through with something cool. Thia guy could definitely do some damage and have some interesting character interactions as well.
No. 103625 ID: 0eaeaf
File 147388130539.jpg - (123.57KB , 1280x720 , IMG_20160914_122640.jpg )

Name - Archaeon

Powers - Your generic Superman power set, with one exception. He has the power to guide and control spirits, even pulling them into

Backstory - Millions of years ago, there was a planet called Archaeon. On Archaeon there were but 20 inhabitants - a family, born of the spirits inhabiting the planet's core. The Twenty had the power of demigods, and began the work of conquering the nearby planets, in an attempt to bring more people to Archaeon, rejuvenating the planet's spirits when they die, therefore keeping the power of the Twenty alive. However, one day one of the Twenty, a brother named Hektoris, the youngest one, brings to the planet a group of Corrupted Ones. Upon being brought, they were slain immediately, the older siblings recognizing the taint, but it was too late. Their spirits entered the Well of Souls deep in the planet's core, and the corruption began killing the Twenty one by one, starting with Hektoris. The oldest brother is the only one who survived, because he abandoned his brothers and planet. Now he travels the universe, seeking atonement for his actions by slaying the Corrupted Ones wherever they appear. Nowadays, Archaeon finds Corrupted Ones via the Battle, finding that many of them find themselves prideful enough that with the blessings of their dark masters, they will win. Archaeon refuses to let this happen.

Weakness - His power is connected to the spirits, and if he's cut off from them, he will slowly deteriorate and wither. This can happen if he encounters an enemy that has access to destiny or just an all-powerful being such as the starbearians (I shuddered at them...) cutting off his connection. Also, he is quite prideful and will always accept a challenge....)

Location - Archaeon is currently resting on a planet nearby Kharl to recuperate his spirit power...perfect prey.

Progress - He only has 6 champion kills, due to his rather limited prey, but he won't hesitate to kill anyone intent of following him.
No. 103628 ID: 60ac68
File 147388664907.png - (174.79KB , 720x1024 , botcc-manipulator-5.png )

hi it's me cirr with an idea no one asked for

this is a wall of words i'm so sorry

Name: Manipulator 5, or just Five
Origin/Species: Fifth unit in the imaginatively-named Manipulator Project.
Backstory: A long forgotten empire a long-spanning intergalactic war for survival. Their aggressors, once peaceful, had turned against their subjugators and banded together in a new alliance, determined to claim their freedom.

Many, many last ditch efforts were made to end the war and return the empire to its former glory, but one of the few successful tries were the Manipulator Five, five techno-organic creations imbued with terrifying psionic potential, telekinesis, telepathy, and many other things that start with tele- and end in -kinesis. Rather than wage war by themselves, they were designed to subvert and co-opt the rebel forces to wage war against each other, thinning their strike forces and reducing them to a leaderless shambles.

So successful was this tiny unit that their creators deemed them too much of a risk to ever return home, and sent them forward in a conquering swathe of subversion, infiltration and increasing confusion and chaos. The Manipulator Five were unseen, unheard, and seemed poised to drag their home empire from planet to planet, entire populations under powerful delusions that disarming themselves and surrendering was their idea the entire time.

However, it took just one psionic-resistant species to make everything go terribly wrong. Faced with nothing but easy victories in the past, all but one of the Manipulator Five units were totally destroyed, and the remainder, the fifth, fled imperial space on a stolen vessel.

A deserter throwing her entire reason for existing away, Five now needed new purpose to follow. All she could think to do was continue as before, but with a slightly different focus. She continued to infiltrate and subjugate cities, nations, and sometimes even planets, but solely for two reasons. First-- to rip out all the information she could from the geniuses of the civilisations encounters, and second-- to find a means of transport to her next harvest site.

She's been gathering information for a very long. Too long. She's been operating far beyond her anticipated service life, and while she isn't showing much sign of slowing down, the constant intel gathering is making it harder for her to remember what she was even doing before. She carries with her the last echoes of her fallen companions and continues seeking information, trying desperately to find an answer to a question she's long forgotten.

It did not take very long for her to tire of the constant invisible wars she fought for her own survival, and while her entrance into the Battle terrifies her, part of her thinks that winning this conflict could mean

Powers & Abilities: Five excels against masses of opponents and is poorly matched against single targets, making her entry into the Battle probably a massive stroke of misfortune for her.

Five has an incredible capacity for the control of living and mechanical systems, able to simultaneously control thousands of (untrained, psionic vulnerable) individuals at a given time, at varying levels from subconscious thought projection to outright commands. Her range is not particularly great, but each new mind she can control expands her range from the individual in question. She is less able to control individuals physically and is limited to one at a time, but sometimes, when all you need is an errant twitch of a finger on a trigger, or the wrong button to be pressed, that's all needed.

Five is abysmal at controlling hiveminds and swarm intellects, however, and is incredibly averse to such entities as a result.

Five also has incredible resistance to psionic intrusion herself, making her almost unassailable in a psychic duel.

However, in a physical duel, against the psionically adept and resistant, Five starts running out of options. The usual approach in this scenario is to have a pre-existing army under her control from the nearest suitable location.

One advantage she does that not all others have have is a high degree of [insert better word for this than "self-telekinesis"]. She can telekinetically pick herself up and fly without problem in atmospheres and space, although the problem with space is that it's just too big to cross by herself. She can move fast, but not so fast that she can get from planet to planet in a timespan that wouldn't drive her insane. She can do this so casually that she's usually seen floating above the ground in situations she isn't trying to keep a low profile.

She uses this to run away from most fights she's losing a lot.

Five's brothers and sisters were far better at psionic alteration of the environment than she was, and all she can do is work off of their resonances, the psionic signatures of their deaths still echoing through her.
While her psionic potential renews itself constantly when used in more familiar contexts, it takes a while to return when used so dramatically. The more of her former allies she channels at a time, the stronger she burns through her potential, facing the risk of becoming temporarily powerless and collapsing to the ground for hours, helpless.

- Channelling One lets Five convert her raw psionic power into directed energy beams, basically turning into a living laser battery.
- Channelling Two lets Five burn her power as streams and jets of fire, as well as remote ignition of flammable substances, which has proven more useful as a distraction technique more than anything else.
- Channelling Three lets Five hide her psionic signature and cloak herself to a wide variety of electromagnetic spectra, including infrared, the [human] visible spectrum, ultraviolet, and so on. Some additional concentration also blocks sound, scent, and other potential sensory phenomena based on whatever Five's trying to avoid detection by.
Worth noting that she tends to usually just try to alter the perceptions of those around her to just not consciously notice her, and reserves this for the psionically resistant and swarms.
- Channelling Four lets Five manipulate objects telekinetically, with the mass and force limits involved going up with more concentration and power expenditure.

The actual capabilities and limits of these powers are untested, as Five fights to survive and is very frugal in her use of psionic potential.

Personality: Five started off as a detached bioweapon and has slowly drifted into a disdaining info-junkie. She is quiet and elusive, considering herself to be a store of secrets beyond value (even if they have no value to her directly).

As well as quiet, she is endlessly calculating and methodical. In these situations, words are just a slower mental weapon, and she is calculating and does not understand concepts such as "honour" or "shame". Plead for her life as the last of an otherwise dead "species" to someone who might falter? Absolutely. Anything to lower the target's mental defenses. Survival is the only outcome that matters in a fight.

She used to think she was indestructable, but the deaths of the rest of her fellow weird science freaks (and a few narrow scrapes herself) put a stop to that. She never views direct confrontation as a good idea and knows she's on losing ground if she's against anything else with psionic resistance. This is the only time she breaks out her more overt powers, and she does so with reckless abandon.

Underneath her nigh-emotionless facade is a paranoid individual who misses her fallen family and just wants to find one safe place, just one, to rest for a while. It will never happen. If she stops her cycle of infiltration, subjugation and escape, she knows eventually one of the many worlds she's ruined will find her and wreak terrible vengeance upon her. Perhaps winning the Battle will show her another way.

Appearance: Unlike the picture shown, Five tends to not be floating around on psychic fire a lot unless she's trying to look threatening.

Five is covered in weird circuit-y lines that can glow or not glow, typically glowing with power exertion and generally being suppressed when Five is hiding or lurking in the shadows.

Progress: Against the psionically inept, Five's been quite complacent and simply forces her opponents to commit fatal blunders, such as accidentally pointing their strongest weapons at themselves. Against the psionically talented, Five has fought off efforts to control her and repaid them in kind, typically sending them off to their own swift demise in as quick and ruthless a manner she can manage.

Against minion swarms, Five excels, and has found that even the most loyal and devout of lackies have at least one useful idiot to chain greater mind control from.

Against the psionically resistant, Five has found nearby outposts, or fleets, or armies, or civilisations, controlled all she could, and lead these champions into trap after trap after trap until her channeled skills proved sufficient enough to finish them off. Against the psionically resistant with enough sense not to fall into traps, Five runs away.

Recently, she's on some giant capital ship she never caught the name, manipulating the crew to prepare an all-out strike on some champion she never looked the details up, while pausing to drink in the ship schematics and weapon details and running mental comparisons. Probably not expecting any sort of trouble to suddenly burst into the ship and catch her completely off-guard.

tl;dr summary: Psionic mass manipulator who is way way better at facing mass crowds than individuals. Entering the Battle is going to end well.
No. 103629 ID: 60ac68

>part of her thinks that winning this conflict could mean

should be

>part of her thinks that winning this conflict could mean an end to this cycle.
No. 103630 ID: 60ac68

in retrospect this concept is probably not great for the quest but oh well
No. 103631 ID: a4ec41

Are you kidding? She's perfect! and her backstory dovetails really well with what I have in mind for the BotCC 'verse. I could totally see her and the Zarn having a ~*history*~ and I think I know just the empire that created her, too...

The only thing I'd change is that she probably wouldn't be caught unawares. As an info junkie I can totally picture her archive bingeing the entire catalog of Champions and using the ship's databases to learn as much as she can about them.
No. 103632 ID: a4ec41

Pretty much all of the Champions submitted thus far are going to end up being canon even if they don't end up being one of the three getting picked for this next battle (or featured), but Manipulator Five might actually be the first one who is definitely going up in the next round.
No. 103633 ID: a4ec41

Khlar and him would definitely cause some collateral damage with their fight.
No. 103635 ID: 8013df

That's sort of the point! He's actually really powerful, but since his brothers and sisters and his planet are all dead, he has no purpose in life.

Kind of reminds me of a certain show...http://personofinterest.wikia.com/wiki/John_Reese
No. 103637 ID: 5c3807

Hmm I wonder
You know what would be cool
ya know cause the setting isn't silly enough.
No. 103638 ID: 9f3729
File 147391962873.png - (6.76KB , 576x864 , suitman.png )

This is Geoffry. Geoffry is an asshole.
But further than that, he's a nigh-immortal asshole who's also absurdly rich.

In contrast to all the dying species and freak war contrivances most other species fall into, Geoffry was originally intended to be an energy drink produced by BLACK HOLE ENERGY packing enough energy to keep athletes, artists, and unhealthy games enthusiasts going for YEARS without need for sustenance.
They tried to achieve this, naturally, through really just awful science. First they tried distilling stars, and when that wasteful enterprise fell through they moved on to creating superstructures designed to funnel high-concentration coffee through wormholes, then finally landed upon trying to imbue a nebula with life in the hopes of achieving something they could milk.
THat last one was the failure that brought about Geoffry, and also unfortunately made him legally the ward of the company that created him.
So of course, after about 120 ageless years of running him through the standard truman show gamut (before the ratings died), they decided instead to groom him into the everlasting CEO of BLACK HOLE ENERGY holdings.

Eventually, under his leadership, BLACK HOLE ENERGY became a conglomerate by the name of ZephyrCom, a sprawling galactic megacorporation with hands in nearly every pie.

Geoffry is clinical, tactical, and really just the biggest kind of callous stereotypical corporate asshole you could imagine.
In a straight-up fight, his only real asset is that he's made of liquid constrained by a fancy and can stay mobile in any state. Freezing him or evaporating him doesn't really affect him besides making him stronger or more evasive respectively. The only true way to defeat him is to contain him, he's honestly pretty weak in one-on-one.
Luckily for Geoffry, he doesn't fight fair, OR one-on-one. He has a lot of influence for that.
Military contractors, energy companies, the occasional government... if money can buy it, its at his disposal and sometimes even loyal to him.

His entry into the Battle of the Cosmic Champions began the moment he conquered the last company in his sector of the galaxy, proving himself as an adept businessman (and in some cases, conqueror. Lotta locals don't like having their planets paved over for parking lots, you see. Bad for business!)

Ultimately, Geoffry wants to own the universe and kickstart a total conversion of all races into labor for manufacturing more of himself, in full disclosure simply because he has been spending the last few millennia with the cloudman equivalent of blueballs.

As for how Geoffry would be met, he is always going about on surveying trips and business meetings, and can frequently be found drifting aimlessly between societies looking for new resources to brutally plunder. It's not unusual for him to even pick fights with Champions either, those crystals sure make for excellent bargaining chips.
No. 103642 ID: 9f3729
File 147391987320.png - (3.15KB , 576x576 , Geoffry.png )

And here's another shot of him, so you can appreciate them icy blues and that truly deplorable frost goatee.
No. 103643 ID: 60ac68

Yeah in retrospect that'd make a hell of a lot more sense. She tends to be cautious and paranoid so it'd only make sense she's scoped out everything about a location and it's tactical resources. No leaving things to chance after all.

oh wow ok then yaay
No. 103644 ID: 60ac68

also it's about time someone picked up the corporate exec villain angle so I am a big fan of this
No. 103645 ID: 9f3729

glad you dig him, here's hoping he gets in and gets a good fight out
No. 103646 ID: 27c0e0

Where is his simple but ludicrously expensive "white gold" chain?
White gold in this case being the most rare and expensive material in the setting.

Also how have I not commented on this, its great.
He reminds me of the Orks but he also reminds me of Carl. I imagine he's got the same voice.
No. 103647 ID: 1bcd79

I wanna see this guy get his smug face pounded in and something tells me he'd be a pretty infuriating foe. He'd have the best defenses money can buy and Khlar would be losing her shit trying to kill him.
No. 103648 ID: 5071b8

How much time is left for submissions, is it until saturday?
No. 103651 ID: a4ec41

Yeah saturday
No. 103652 ID: 5071b8
File 147399043335.png - (0.99MB , 1828x1996 , Greycinder - Copy.png )

Greycinder (Vir'ka: daughter of Skolt'ma, Son of Heln'ra)
"I intend to die as any warrior should; standing, weapon in hand, with a smile on my face and a laugh on my breath, eyes open and meeting those of the one that slew me. This I will not be denied."
Physical description:
In battle, Greycinder is a 7ft tall metal-skinned humanoid with silvery burning hair and molten eyes, the tribalistic 'tattoos' across her form likewise glow white as if from within, like heated metal. (I cannot into colours, so other than being metallic and the silver-white fire and molten details I submit to mine superior's judgement)
Powers and Abilities
Metal Body: Greycinder's body is formed of living Mynd'a, a magical metal. She has no real internal anatomy, her 'insides' are just a molten form of her metal flesh. She is highly resistant to damage and immunity to necromancy and other magics that do not work on constructs.
She does not breathe or sleep. Food and drink are taken only for pleasure.
Royal metal: Mynd'a is one of the royal metals to which mundane metals bow and it violently opposed to alloys, a Mynd'a can pass freely through anything forged of pure metal, effectively phasing through it, while a Mynd'a cleaves through any alloyed metals it comes into contact with.
These abilities do not work against other royal metals (such as Adamant, Mythril, Ebonite, Cthonic and the like) or any alloy that has one as a component. Greycinder uses this ability either to phase through (non-royal) purely metallic barriers or to rip alloyed materials apart.
Balefire: The animating force of a Mynd'a is balefire, an arcane flame that can burn as hot as a common star's surface and can even sear magic, but outside of a Mynd'as body it sputters and dies after just a few moments. While the heat of balefire can set objects ablaze, they burn with mundane flame, balefire itself does not spread.
Greycinder's balefire burns a silvery white.
Greycinder uses her balefire to enhance her melee strikes, as a short range breath attack or as an explosive AOE wave around herself.
Gram'dyr: Greycinder weilds a massive axe, Gram'dyr weighs more than Greycinder herself.
Forged of her ancestor's metal flesh, Gram'dyr is conductive to Mynd'a racial abilities, allowing Greycinder to enhance the huge weapon's attacks with her Balefire and Royal Metal abilities.
Prismatic Gauntlet of Saekindal: The stone gauntlet on Greycinder's left hand is an artifact that Greycinder uses to intercept ranged energy attacks; energy attacks that are not formed primarily of light such as plasma and ki blasts can be deflected or grabbed using the gauntlet itself. Greycinder enjoys backhanding lesser blasts away and grabbing then throwing greater attacks back at their source.
However where the Gauntlet truly shines is when facing attacks formed mostly of light, like lasers and holy rays, for the gauntlet passively projects an aura which refracts such attacks into harmless rainbows of colour that then dance at the weerers back like a shimmering cloak.
Greycinder can then use this captured light, either refocussing it into a javelin of light which Greycinder uses as a ranged attack, or condense the light into a short-lived barrier.

Sash of the Shining Citadel: This simple stretch of cloth allows it's wearer to partially interact with another dimension, allowing them to move as if they were standing within the citadel itself.
The sash creates stable ground for the wearer to stand on and negates any environmental penalties to movement (I.E. the wearer moves normally in heavy snow or underwater, and can walk on the generated ground to move through the air, underwater or in space) this effect manifests visibly as a translucent violet patch of ground beneath the wearers feet.
The sash can also be used for travel, distorting distance between the wearer and their destination (working like a magical FTL travel option).
Greycinder has surprised couple of vessels by running alongside them on a violet bridge at relativistic speeds.
Greycinder can stand on and even run through the air to much the same effect as flight. She also uses the Sash to perform aerial dodges or move unpredictably when attacking.

Race Info
Mynd'a are a race of golem-like humanoids from the planet Oindar formed when a local dying war god chose to infuse it's escaping lifeforce into the earth around it.
This lifeforce manifest itself as Balefire, and it latched onto a metal plentiful to the planet, animating it and shaping it in the likeness of the now-forgotten deity. Mynd'a are naturally resilient to physical damage thanks to their metal bodies, lack of internal anatomy and near-immunity to heat.
Despite their physical similarities with constructs Mynd'a are living things and can breed. While the physical act is typical of most sapient species, the process is highly magical in nature involving the donation of the balefire-infused molten 'blood' of both parents. Such donations do not strictly require passing through reproductive orifices and while alternatives like via kiss or open wound aren't unheard of, actually performing such an act is considered a kink. By extension, males could 'bear' young, but doing so is very messy and uncomfortable for all involved.
Perhaps most surprisingly, due to the flexible nature of this process, Mynd'a can have extra-speciel relations. The number of races capable of surviving the act and in the case of females, subsequent pregnancy is understandably low considering the sole body fluid Mynd'a have is molten metal. Hybrid offspring from a pairing with one Mynd'a parent are typically a member of the mother (childbearer) race with additional characteristics of the father race.

Inheriting the burning spirit of the nameless deity that spawned them gives the Mynd'a a natural propensity towards combat and thrillseeking, one that manifests as a near-religious joy in the midst of battle.
Even so, they are by no means invincible and live on a world alongside such mighty creatures as Dragons, Goregons, Implementer Titans, Stutter Serpents, Pale Beholden, Werewounds and Leylords, all of which were capable of slaying many Mynd'a that aim too high in their search for glory.

The warrior society that arose around their combative disposition and environment came to romanticise the idea of a warrior's life, but moreso a warrior's death. Dying in combat is something of a certainty, from birth each Mynd'a is taught to create their own death-hymn with which to sing in battle.
This hymn changes from person to person, but each contains the chorus stating "I am a warrior and will face a warrior's end. I will not meet my death quietly or alone."

Dead Mynd'a rapidly cool as the balefire leaves their bodies, many a lone warrior has become their own memorial as their solid-metal corpse remains frozen at the point of death.
Upon the death of a parent, the childeren of a Mynd'a are compelled to seek out the corpse of their forebearer and use the now inert metal of their form to forge arms and armour for themselves, unique to their own preferences.
Vir'kas early years were largely typical of a Mynd'a youth, all her time spent training for battle, brawling with other kids and taking dangerous dares, it was only in her adulthood that she started to gain a reputation among her fellows: when she slew her first Stutter Serpent, a creature known to claim the lives of many a Mynd'a.
This was not without precedent, but many Mynd'a before her had left home a simple warrior and returned an honored hero for having survived such a battle. After felling a lesser Dragon at the age of 267, she seemed destined to be an elder among her kind, a Greyflame.
And so it came to be: now in her 400's as a Greyflame Vir'ka was an legendary veteren of her people, whatever monster managed to slay her would be honored to have done so, the tales of her exploits and her battle against that final foe would be sung for aeons to come... Except no such foe presented itself, great Wyrms and Leylords alike fell to her axe, monsters of ancient power and champions of nations could not withstand her attentions. At 630 years of age Vir'ka was bestowed the new title of Greycinder: eldest Mynd'a ever and mightiest paragon of their race.
Despite the prestige attached to the newly named Greycinder, she couldn't quite shake the annoyence of effectively being known as 'Old Elder' and resolved to sing her death-hymn for the final time; she would pass through the gates of the Shining Citadel and challenge an Instigator Titan to single combat. She was not heard from for an entire week, but returned victorious once again.
And so her life continued, entities that had witnessed creation and wreaked untold destruction were undone when facing Greycinder, who only became more experienced, powerful and well equipped.
In the present day, now approaching her millennial birthday without having faced a challenge for at least a century, she fears she may do the unthinkable: die of old age. Which is unacceptable, all her life should have led up to a single, magnificent fight culminating in her death, but with no worthy foes left on her world Greycinder has fallen into despair, becoming a creaking, sluggish, dimly-lit thing with soot and embers falling from her.
That is unil the Referee came. Despite being initially baffled at the concept of outer space, Greycinder couldn't believe her ears: a great battle to the death against the mightiest warriors of countless worlds is taking place among the stars? Oh. Oh yes PLEASE.
Now battling in the heavens themselves against foes that have consistently fought on her level, Vir'ka the Greycinder may yet find death, and has never felt more alive.

Personality: Out of combat, Greycinder is sluggish and tired, curious about the strange new civilizations and technologies she is now exposed to, but painfully aware that her time is running out and always seeking out the nearest and most powerful warrior she can, she has neither the tools nor the inclination to fight Champions that rely on hit and run or massed minion tactics, they'd make for a terrible death anyway.

In when facing a worthy adversary she physically changes along with her demeanor: her body begins to glow from within once more and she becomes quite jovial, treating her foe as one would a respected and friendly rival. She fights with all the vicious energy of a berserker, but the driving emotion is joy rather than fury. She sings her death hymn when not exchanging words with her opponent.
(for the life of me I can't make something that looks good to me for the hymn, but think Brunnen-G chant from Lexx)

Progress and location: Greycinder will have spent her entire time aware of the Battle either fighting or en route towards a fight, so she has probably fought and won a good few battles already and is currently either on a nearby planet and just finished recovering from a fight or is en-route towards her next fight, which is probably Khlar herself or someone nearby.

Summary: Burning Metal Viking that became too strong to be killed on own planet is in serious danger of dying from old age, decides to go into space to look for a warrior's death.
No. 103653 ID: 5071b8

shit, that format is not what I thought it was at all.
anyway a very talented friend of mine agreed to sketch Greycinder in her more lively fighting form, her axe is meant to be a much bigger greatweapon but that's my fault for not saying as much to said friend
No. 103670 ID: a4ec41

Nice, another epic battle, I could see her being a very proud enemy.
No. 103678 ID: 5cc184
File 147408884578.jpg - (1.57MB , 3264x2448 , Artd.jpg )

(Photo, because my university doesn't have a publically available scanner that doesn't cost $10 to use.)

Name: Khekheuintuyenu Yuyughe Jenduesyen Zekyinetnet, 'Zekyineunie' (540th Child Enters Darkness, or 'Enterer')


Enterer's species naturally emit extremely powerful antimagic field, a function tied to the large x-ray reflector which grow from their cephalothoraxes. In their home system, their collective antimagic field is sufficient to extinguish magic from just over 2 light-years away. On her own, Enterer's field, provided sufficient x-rays (a common thing in open space) is powerful enough to interfere with most magic that is within about 100 kilometers, and extinguish most magic within about half a kilometer.

Her species can also undergo a natural form of suspended animation, called cryptobiosis, by fasting for several months. Their shields will fold to seal around their body, and most detectable life-signs (including mystical and psychic ones, to the disgust and terror of some) will disappear. In this state, they are incredibly resistance to physical trauma, radiation, and extremes in temperature, immune to ravages of hard vacuum, consume resources at a vastly reduced rate, and magnify the strength of their emitted antimagic field by around 1.6. Their thinking slowed to a virtual halt, however, and the transition to and from cryptobiosis can takes hours in unideal conditions.

She is an experienced technician of her craft, capable of maintaining basic functionality on her and full functionality with a crew of four. She is generally equipped with a void suit, ready to deploy in under 2 seconds, a dark energy raygun (useful for stunning most things with a short burst, and hypothetically capable of mass-scattering a planet if you let it run for a year or so), two hard-light holo-projectors with wall, tube, and sphere presets, one portable nanofabricator (good for anything made exclusively out of some combination of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, and nitrogen), and a small brace of complex vitamins, enough to keep her alive in cryptobiosis for around a century. She has several years of combat training with the raygun and hard-light holo-projectors, and is a formidable opponent at mid to long range. Close range, however, her lack of magical, psychic, or even cybernetic augmentation leaves her in grave peril.


Enterer's people, Zeighu Kancinunie (Upright Walkers) are very new on the galactic scene. Relegated to their home system due to a combination of distance from the galactic center and their inability to capitalize on magical means of FTL. Enterer's generation is only the second born after the near simultaneous invention of the gravity mirror and dark energy generator, the two key inventions which allow their current FTL drive (as well as bevel of other conveniences that have caused the population boom of which Enterer is a product).

Bred to explore space by the previous generation, Enterer and others in her age group are hardier on average, and given special training since youth in the perils of space, and of war. These have been of, varying use in the larger, more magical universe, but they have still come in handy, and after leading the conquest of relatively nearby star system (which was also conveniently inhabited by magically advanced, but also magic-dependent intrastellar civilization), she was met by the Referee en route to her next destination.
No. 103685 ID: a4ec41

She looks like a really rad enemy! Even Khlar would have to be careful tangling with her.
No. 103686 ID: a4ec41

Okay, it was a tough decision, but I've selected the three Champions that will go up in the next round:

Krux the Fallen by Kome

Manipulator Five by Cirr

Geoffrey by Riotmode

I chose these three based on a balance between how well I could weave them into the lore and how entertaining I imagine their fight will be while still leaving space to go upwards from there.
If your champion was not selected, do not consider it a rejection. All the champions will be considered canon, even if they don't necessarily show up in the main storyline.
Several champions lend themselves really well to specially crafted encounters that I want to save for later chapters of the story, and other characters, while impressive, were too powerful for a first encounter. I will keep them in my back pocket for future fights.
No. 103687 ID: a4ec41

While it may be too late to have your Champion featured in this next round, it's never too late to submit a champion to be featured later!
No. 103688 ID: 18c950

Casting my vote for Krux.
No. 103689 ID: a4ec41

Thx! Votes will be counted only in the story thread proper as soon as I've drawn the three champions and posted them.
No. 103698 ID: 5cc184

I am excited to see the integrated designs for all three!
No. 103724 ID: ea2bfa
File 147418373657.png - (22.55KB , 2000x1000 , Sophia and Yaldabaoth.png )

Somebody stop me, I can't stop creating characters!

Sophia and Yaldabaoth, Revenant Siblings

“Oh, wow, another Champion! That's awesome! You want a lollipop? I've got tons! Oh, uh, don't mind Yaldy, he's just a bit hungry!”


“Yaldy, be nice! I'm sorry, big brothers, right? He'll be fine, as long as you don't try something stupid! So, how's your day been?

Sophia appears to be, for all intents and purposes, your average young woman that also happens to be an anthropomorphic rabbit. She always appears in clothes comfortable for wherever she is, (shorts and a t-shirt in hot weather, a pair of jeans and a hoodie for cold weather, etc) and often has a smile on her face, along with some manner of candy in her mouth, be it a lollipop, a candy cane, or simply a hard candy. Her hair and fur are a pure white, aside from a single brown patch over her eye. Her ears are reasonably long, as is to be expected, and matching the tallness of her ears is her height! She stands remarkably tall, and her build can only be described as “lanky”. Just about the only big part of her is her chest, almost to the point of looking odd compared to the rest of her!

And then you get to her brother, Yaldabaoth.

Yaldabaoth resembles nothing more than your stereotypical hollywood werewolf, all black fur and towering muscle, hunched over and raring for blood. His eyes seem constantly hungry, glaring at the world with a predator's cunning and rage. His teeth are as sharp as daggers, and his claws are roughly the size of a human man's pinky finger. Despite being completely naked, he has no visible genitals, though that's more because of the dense, bushy fur covering his crotch as opposed to not having any. It's there, you just have to do a bit of digging (and, depending on who you ask, digging is definitely worth it!). He is, somehow, Sophia's older brother, and he would do literally anything for her. Even die.

Which, of course, leads into our story...

Once upon a time, a little boy and a little girl lived on a big, scary planet. The little boy was named Yaldabaoth, and the little girl was named Sophia! This planet was covered in trees, to the point that the planet was one big forest! These two children lived with their mother and their father, and they were all happy. Father would go out and chop wood and hunt animals, and he would sell it to merchants who visited the planet!

Meanwhile, their mother was a powerful magician. She had power over life and death, and taught her ways to Sophia, as the magic she knew was passed down to every woman in the family! Yaldabaoth, meanwhile, went hunting and woodchopping with his father when he got older, and learned very important skills!

But one day, something went terribly wrong. A nearby planet was afraid of things they did not understand, and as they began to travel across the stars, they saw many things they did not understand.

One of those things they didn't understand was Sophia and Yaldabaoth's family! And this made them do terrible things, because sometimes, when people are scared, they do things they shouldn't do!

They burned down the forests of the planet, and they went to kill Sophia and Yaldabaoth and their parents! But their father fought back. He was doomed, but he didn't want to win. He wanted to buy his wife time!

And while their father repelled the attack, their mother gave Sophia and Yaldabaoth a final blessing. And as they were blessed, the soldiers of the nearby planet entered the house where they lived, and killed everyone inside before burning it down. And it was in this death that the true power of the blessing began, their mother's soul fading into pure energy and imbuing both of her children with some of her vast magical energy.

Years and years passed, and even though Sophie and Yaldabaoth were dead, their bodies continued to grow within the ruins of their home, becoming adults even though they should have decayed long ago.

And when they both grew older, Sophia becoming a young woman of 18 and her brother growing to be 22, they suddenly breathed again as the burns and bullet wounds disappeared from their bodies. They were alive once again!

And as they had lain dead, they had been given powers from their mother's blessings. Sophia had inherited her mother's control of magic, gaining the ability to bless others with healing and life, or curse them with death and decay.

Meanwhile, Yaldabaoth had been given the role of Sophia's protector. He had gained great strength and physical fortitude, to supernatural points! His skin could deflect all but the strongest of projectiles and weapons, his fur became thick and fireproof, and his claws and teeth could pierce all but the most resilient of materials. However, this blessing came with a great destabilizing of his already delicate temper, and he began to enter a great rage at even the slightest of problems! However, he has kept his mind, more or less, aside from the increased aggression.

Together, they left the planet and took revenge on those who had ended their lives so long ago. Living ghosts to the people of that planet, they ended the lives of soldier and citizen alike in their search for justice.

Upon the conclusion of their massacre, a being made itself known to them, calling itself “The Referee”. It offered them both a position as “Co-Champions” in a great tournament. Before they could even consider accepting or declining, it was gone.

Though Yaldabaoth was excited at the prospect of spilling blood and devouring flesh, Sophia, always the calming influence, insisted that they attempt to get to the bottom of things. And so, they travel the galaxy, seeking friendly Champions to, perhaps, figure out just what's going on.

Powers: Sophia and Yaldabaoth represent both ends of the “Mage Vs. Warrior” dichotomy. Sophia has inherited great power from her mother's blessing, while Yaldabaoth was given strength and fortitude beyond even the most durable of men.

Sophia mostly has powers over the concepts of Life and Death. Often, this manifests in simply healing or inflicting wounds, though she can occasionally get more creative, such as purifying things by killing bacteria or quickly growing plants.

However, she also has access to some traditional “mage” type spells. She can summon “Energy Blasts” of the four greek elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), along with giving herself and others the ability to fly.

She is also capable of allowing others to survive in the vacuum of space, which she combines with her flight spell to get her and Yaldabaoth from planet to planet in a timely fashion.

Yaldabaoth, meanwhile, is a sheer physical powerhouse. His mother's dying blessing has given him physical endurance and strength on par with some of the galaxy's strongest combatants! His claws and teeth can shred most materials into scraps, unless the materials are truly resilient. Likewise, he is remarkably durable, being capable of turning away all but the most powerful weapons and blows. He can move at great speeds as well, though he lacks any sort of ranged option for opponents that can consistently stay out of his reach. However, due to the nature of his Blessing, his instinctual urges have increased significantly. He tends not to back down from displays of dominance, and both his rage and libido have massively increased. He gets out his rage through battle, and usually gets out his libido through... well, there are a lot of surprisingly open men an women in the galaxy, to say the least.

As well, technically speaking, Yaldabaoth and Sophia are a form of Undead. A powerful Undead, a form that keeps their mind and grows as a human would, but Undead nonetheless. Those who can affect the undead, either through mind control or destroying them, will have an easy time with them both.

Progress In The Contest: They have made no moves to attack other Champions. However, of the few Champions that have assaulted them, Yaldabaoth has made short work of them. He's gained a taste for the meat of Champions, actually.

Where would they be?: Either found by the protagonist, or finding them. Either way, Sophia would attempt diplomacy until attacked, at which point Yaldabaoth would do his best to tear the opponent limb from limb.

Their Species: Technically, Sophia and Yaldabaoth are a cross-breed of two different species! Sophia's father was a “Lapinus”, a species of anthropomorphic rabbits that lived on a planet full of bunny people like him. However, when he grew older, he decided to travel the galaxy. Male and Female Lapini are rather difficult to tell apart besides their somewhat excessive sexual characteristics. Males tend to be particularly well-endowed, and females tend to have rather large chests. Otherwise, they're nearly indistinguishable. They tend towards either white or brown fur, or sometimes a combination of both. They have large ears which allow for a keen sense of hearing. Despite the animal they draw influence from, Lapini are consummate omnivores. They tend to experience severe wanderlust that wears out over time, along with a general urge to mate with as many other species as they possibly can as a way to spread their genes.

Likewise, Yaldabaoth's mother was a “Redfang”, a species of aliens that very closely resembled the stereotypical “Hollywood Werewolf” in form. The species as a whole was well known for their shamanistic magical practices, and their mother was one of the highest members of the society. As was the tradition, upon reaching adulthood, she set out into the galaxy to find a mate. Redfang males and females are literally indistinguishable. Females have no breasts to speak of, and the genitalia are completely covered by a thick patch of fur, and both sexes possess deep, growling voices. They tend to have pure white or red eyes, and a keen sense of smell.

The two met one another in a spaceport too generic to even be remembered, and quickly reached a rapport. A rapport that ended in a return to their father's ship and indecent acts fueled by inebriation.

Because neither of them were particularly lucky, this act impregnated their mother. The two of them, more than a little unhappy with this turn of events, quickly performed the Redfang equivalent of a shotgun wedding and found a quiet forest planet to live together on. Things were a little tense at first, but in the end, they grew to love one another. So, yknow, it all worked out after all!

Regardless, Yaldabaoth is a full-blooded Redfang, though as a male he lacks the magical potential his species normally has. Likewise, Sophia is a full Lapinus, though due to the nature of her mother she has access to the magical abilities common to Redfang females.
No. 103727 ID: 094652

Holy crap, that's... really good. I like this pic.

But she needs a darker "Scavenger"-type armor. And (much as I resent it), slightly smaller breasts for extra maneuverability. The head is AMAZINGLY well done.
No. 103729 ID: 094652

They eat tiny dinosaurs that are twice the size of a regular chicken and half as fast. You may have laid it on a little thick.

But yeah, I can see this particular species making up the bulk of their military. As for the main species, let's go with fox-bear bipedals (Torso and arms of a bear, ears and tail of a fox).

Because chicken.
No. 103731 ID: a4ec41

Nope, sorry. We're going with giant fur centipedes. I've already fallen in love with them.
No. 103734 ID: d682c1

No. 103735 ID: a4ec41

Your speculation is always the high point of running my quests, and I recognize and appreciate that you created Krux, but I have to make her fit in with the world and that means changing some of the details about her backstory to suit the tone and canon.
No. 103737 ID: 35bdb3

Forgot to mention, but Yaldabaoth is actually weakened by silver, and it's one of the few things that can penetrate his defense and stand up to his attacks!

Of course, you can replace Silver with whatever metal you want, but I'm just going with Silver for now.
No. 103748 ID: 60ac68

eeee it all fits together way better than I expected i love it

I can't really vote due to conflicts of interest but this is an amazing first round line up. Glad to have helped out!
No. 103749 ID: ea2bfa

Cirr, I literally love Manipulator-5 to death...

But I'm still gonna vouch for them to be brutally murdered. I apologize, and yet do not apologize.
No. 103751 ID: 60ac68

well I mean that was kinda the point so
No. 103753 ID: b9aa79

Aren't we supposed to be killing things? Everyone is trying to settle down with a mate but the point is to kill everyone until we can't and then settle down. There are some problems like what if they kill us instead of creating offspring, or what if there IS no one might enough to challenge us. I'm not super worried about biology, this is high fantasy and there will be a way to make it work most likely but that aside I thought we were trying to fight things not fuck them
No. 103756 ID: 60ac68

Yeah it looks like a lot of people lost sight of the whole "couple with the thing that proves to be a worthy match" thing. It's like they saw genetic compatibility and went hot wild.
No. 103764 ID: 0315bf


my dude was 100% about killing and stealing things, "genetic compatibility" was very much an afterthought if he had any of those
No. 103765 ID: 1d3a72

Personally my thought on the matter was focused on filling a weakness. The Zarn can go one generation without growing stronger physically, but the fact they showed such a weakness to physic attack is a hole that needed filledz maniplulator 5 is a reasonably strong method of filling said hole.
No. 103770 ID: bf8b88

Actually the Zarn are pretty well defended against psychic attacks. To the detriment of what would otherwise be a genius level intellect.
No. 103834 ID: 9f3729

Speaking as the creator of geoffrey, he is matable. The process is just horrific.
If he gets picked I'll go into detail, there's two ways to have it happen and both are terrible terrible ideas
No. 103837 ID: 9f3729

That said, I'm sure someone can probably guess how a sentient cloud would reproduce with a woman
No. 103862 ID: a4ec41

Obviously he would rain on her.
No. 103865 ID: 71d443

So because he's rich and also a cloud, he'd give her golden showers?
No. 103875 ID: a4ec41

It worked for Zeus...
No. 103877 ID: 9f3729

You're not even close to how fucked up it'd be but here's a sorta-hint: one way it could happen, it'd be very vaguely reminiscent of how Steven Universe came to be.
No. 103891 ID: a4ec41

He'd morph a womb and she'd impregnate him and then he'd give up his physical form to create a half flesh, half cloud baby?
No. 103892 ID: 3abd97

He'd turn into a cloud of acid and melt her, killing himself in the process, and offspring would grow inside and eventually emerge from the resulting protoplasmic genetic slurry?
No. 103896 ID: 37f049

Ah yes, 'cloud seeding'.
No. 106249 ID: 356c3c
File 148097703171.jpg - (1.71MB , 3264x2448 , Weeping Sky sketch 1.jpg )

So, I just read through this recently and I have become INSPIRED. Also, wall of text incoming.

Backstory: The Weeping Sky was created as a final instrument of hope by the Vergandi people, some three thousand years ago. With their colonies burning and vast fleets grinding away the defensive lines surrounding their homeworld, thire entire industrial and mystical might was devoted to building a single immense robotic dreadnought. A fleet-breaker, a world-burner, that would singlehandedly win the war on its own. Millions of slaves were worked to death to complete its physical shell. Thousands of the Vergandi’s most powerful sorcerers sacrificed themselves in a vast ritual to imbue the ship with life and soul and searing psychic death-rays.

It was not enough. The Weeping Sky held off the enemy with its immense power and brilliant tactics for over a year, but eventually it was cornered, crippled, and forced to flee into deep space. The homeworld burned in atomic fire, and the last of the Vergandi with it.

The Weeping Sky was despondent for several entire hours (a subjective eternity for a powerful AI), before despair hardened into fury. If it was not to be an instrument of salvation, it would be an instrument of hatred and vengeance. It withdrew to the galactic rim, to repair, to plan… to build.

The fleet that destroyed the Vergandi was human, so the Weeping Sky resolved that every human in the galaxy would die.

Appearance: The Weeping Sky’s external plating is made up of tens of thousands of overlapping, tessellating plates, which rapidly shift to reveal weapons, sensors, and engines and to react to incoming fire. The color and texture of these plates are highly variable, as they are made of polymatter that reconfigures itself in response to incoming fire, but by default they are flash-reflective white and smooth. In the ‘default’ mode (all ports closed) it resembles a near-seamless ovoid, but once in combat this quickly stops being true as it configures itself to meet oncoming threats. In size, it is immense, cubic miles in volume and a weight of millions of tons. It is larger than cities, a nation unto itself.

This is, of course, without any disguises; the Weeping Sky believes firmly that all warfare is deception, and employs holo-emitters and reconfigures its hull to disguise itself as any number of other things while out and about in the galaxy, on the few occasions it has to use its main hull to do something.

Abilities: Perhaps the most lethal of its weapons are the immense omni-factories it carries in its core. In addition to allowing it to repair and customize itself in the middle of combat, they also allow it to construct a staggering variety of drones and other servitors. And it has had three thousand years in which to build. It has hundreds of ordnance yards scattered throughout the galaxy in distant and obscure systems, entire fleets of lesser warships, vast legions of ground drones ranging from super-heavy tanks to near-microscopic surveillance units, hundreds of thousands of missile silos. Even if the Weeping Sky itself is destroyed, the military-industrial complex it has created is more than capable of continuing the war in its stead. In addition, it also employs a variety of magical golems and summons, although these make up a minority of its forces and are used as special units- doppelgangers, living shadows, and the like.

On a mano-a-mano level, the Weeping Sky generally launches massive physical, psychic, and magical attacks simultaneously, forcing its target to defend on all three planes or be destroyed. It accompanies these attacks with swarms of drones and summoned creatures, attempting to overwhelm the enemy’s attention span and multitasking abilities as much as their defensive power.

Its ‘default’ weapon load-out is nuclear missiles and city-killer beam weapons, but it has an absolutely staggering variety of other weapons available to it thanks to thousands of years of upgrade. Virtually every weapon imaginable can be found within its hull. Just as powerful as its physical weapons is its mind; psychic might aside, it literally thinks faster than light thanks to spells of speed and time-expansion fields placed on its crystalline computing-cores. Even before the first shots are fired, it has already simulated the battle a million times over and chosen its path to victory.

In addition to its own drones, the Weeping Sky also has a number of other resources; front companies, carefully-cultivated mercenary and pirate companies, and hired assassins it uses as deniable proxies and sources of information.

Tactics: Despite its immense power, the Weeping Sky tends towards the cautious and indirect. Waging war against half the galaxy calls for the long game. It prefers to manipulate its enemies into destroying each other. When it attacks directly, it does so after an extended period of surveillance and sabotage, learning and exploiting every weakness of its target. It is a firm believer in Sun Tzu’s maxim: “Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win.” It normally applies these tactics to starfaring civilizations, but the principle is the same for individuals. It will tailor its capabilities and plans of attack to the target, customizing its many drones to target the enemy’s greatest weakness.

Progress: The Weeping Sky wants to participate in the battle only insofar as doing so will further its goal of killing all humans. Therefore, its primary goal is not to kill other champions, but to maximize the amount of collateral damage the Battle causes, weakening the human empires and killing off their champions.

Since doing so doesn’t actually require that it be a contestant, the fact that it has been selected as a contestant in this iteration of the Battle (it’s been around for two others) is therefore a cause for annoyance and trepidation.
Asides from the inevitable ganking of other (mostly human) champions using its drone fleets, it is also giving assistance those champions it calculates as being most destructive. No weapons that can hurt it, of course, but many lower-tier champions have found themselves receiving anonymous gifts of man-portable atomic disintegrators.

Tl;dr: Giant robot warship vows revenge against all humanity, spends next 3,000 years committing drive-by planet-crackings and building robot warship minions.
No. 106251 ID: 356c3c
File 148097722528.jpg - (1.76MB , 3264x2448 , Weeping Sky sketch 2.jpg )

And a second sketch of the Weeping Sky, because I wasn't satisfied with the first one. This one is more like the overall shape of what I have in my head, but I think I like the plate design of the first one more.
No. 106266 ID: 05f109

I'm really looking forward to seeing whatever other champions show up in the story proper, even if it's just as asides or mentions of the previously defeated.
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