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File 125000462851.jpg - (34.52KB , 541x235 , next sunday.jpg )
968 No. 968 ID: 06a38b

Wasn't there suppose to be a crossover quest this Sunday?
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No. 969 ID: fdc826


Yes. You'll find that I have angrily bumped the thread.
No. 970 ID: bde1b8
File 125000541396.png - (95.69KB , 600x400 , 10.png )

Gnome interrupted Crossover: Struck by inspiration!

I'll continue Crossover 3 after Part 2 of Apocalyption is done with. I am having more fun with Apocalyption, you see. Apologies for breaking my word.
No. 971 ID: fdc826

>Apologies for breaking my word.

That's not fucking good enough.

Does anybody here know how to shove a pineapple through the internet, or am I going to have to FedEx this shit?
No. 972 ID: 4b96a7


Where would you insert said piece of delicious fruit? I'm sure it isn't a gift.
No. 973 ID: bde1b8

>That's not fucking good enough.
Wow, wutta dick.

Just for you, Crossover is delayed until Apocalyption 3 is done.
No. 974 ID: 45afb1

YAY! More Apocalyption!
No. 975 ID: fdc826
File 125000810767.gif - (4.64KB , 457x499 , sad.gif )


I tell a man I'm going to send him delicious fruit, and this is what I get!?

...I guess I'll go ahead and check Apocalyption out, then. If it's nearing part 3, it probably doesn't suck.
No. 977 ID: bde1b8

Its cool, I was trolling anyway. Crossover will be after part 2, as I said before. I have delayed it far too long.
No. 978 ID: fdc826


Indeed, broseph.

Oh yeah, and screw you for making Apocalyption so damn good. That just gives me another page to obsessively hit F5 on.

/quest/ is slowly sucking the life out of me.
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