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File 145173199051.jpg - (75.97KB , 800x600 , GnukShortQuests.jpg )
96793 No. 96793 ID: 10c511

So, i kinda realized that since i'm probably going to make more and more short quests, i should have a discussion thread instead of loitering questdis with a dozen discussion threads.

So, here a questdis to discuss rules or ideas for the shortquests (similarly to what happened with Wild Wizard Tournament)

And of course, i wanted to use this questdis to talk about ideas for future shortquests or on things you might want me to run as quests.
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No. 97095 ID: 8f93bb
File 145304424332.png - (120.10KB , 1200x700 , TW SHOP.png )

>If we'd had more of an mp margin, I would have suggested scanning the shopkeep. Shopkeepers usually have overpowered stats to discourage trying to murder them for their goodies.

Who would hit the poor Skeleton Salesman Steve? He works himself to the bone for his family!
No. 97096 ID: 8f93bb
File 145304429661.png - (179.68KB , 830x606 , Tiniest wizard sheet new.png )

Tweaked Tiniest Wizard Sprites a bit, to fit better with the perspective of the dungeons
No. 97106 ID: 5ea852

Skeletons are hard to trust. Especially because they hide inside of you. Honourless cowards.
No. 97118 ID: cf3ebc
File 145312822171.png - (99.94KB , 800x600 , TA Preoder SKINS.png )

Have i told you about the special pre-order skin pack though?
No. 97119 ID: 5ad4a7

No. 97122 ID: cf3ebc
File 145314411138.png - (145.58KB , 830x600 , pintsized Paladin Sheet.png )

Working on this short-game-quest-thing is helping me spend time while my art block is still on.

Question: what kind of monsters would you like to see appearing? Or what do you think would fit in nicely?
No. 97123 ID: 91ee5f

Let's see, from left to right are:
Flycatcher (FrogQuest)
Masha Earthcaller (Weirdling Saga)
Granny (Granny's Revenge aka GR)

Huh, I only know half of them, which are all just shameless self inserts from Gunk's other quests. Does anyone know who those other guys are?
No. 97124 ID: 15720c

The second wizard is Alex from that nanite dust quest thing that I forget the name of.
The second rogue is that guy from static on the wire who's name I forgot.
I don't know that first paladin though.
No. 97125 ID: cf3ebc


PP skin: Sir Solis from http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/649590.html Monster Crusades Chapter 2

TW skin: Alex from http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/615246.html Red Giant

R.s.R.: 73-6 from http://tgchan.org/kusaba/questarch/res/516189.html Static on the Wire.
No. 97128 ID: 5ad4a7

Everything from Dungeon Meshi.
No. 97134 ID: 007e78

Haha, adorbs.

>what kind of monsters would you like to see appearing? Or what do you think would fit in nicely?

Gelatinous cubes. (The sprite sheet is a lot smaller since everything is a reflection).

Kobolds? Or maybe dorfs, annoyed you disturbed their tunnels.

Giant gekos. So they walk on the ceiling and in the isometric view, they look like they're upside down and floating.
No. 97145 ID: cf91e4

I just love the idea of coin bugs in general.
No. 97148 ID: edf87a


Well, they probably wouldn't fit a long abandoned dungeon. Or most dungeons really.

Killer plants like assassin vines, giant pitchers, vampiric roses and those musk creepers what eat your brain and plant a seed in it to make zombies. I've always had a soft spot for dungeons with ecologies.
No. 97153 ID: 91ee5f


Well, there obviously has to be a dragon at some point! But not right away! We need our three heroes to be together and leveled up like crazy before we can even think about taking on a dragon!
No. 97155 ID: b88d6e
File 145323540504.png - (61.38KB , 900x700 , TW More monsters.png )

tried drawing a couple of monsters.

I don't know about kobolds. what about mixing them up with the Gecko idea and making Geckobolds?
No. 97156 ID: 5ad4a7

Might as well.
No. 97256 ID: 91ee5f

Make it like Legend of Zelda! Let's have a dark version of our heroes!
No. 97389 ID: ad0c2a
File 145382160678.png - (92.16KB , 600x600 , GibColourRef.png )

Gib Colour Reference.
All hail Goblin Week
No. 97393 ID: 5ea852

God, green skin and yellow hair really don't go together.
No. 97581 ID: 91ee5f

You asked for it, so here's your reminder: Valentine's Day is almost here. Are we going to get that Monster Humper sequel you said you might do?
No. 97641 ID: 6a4605

You mean aside Goblin Week Quest?

I can try. Can't really promise much.
No. 97649 ID: ce9fab

This is the best possible sequel!
No. 97721 ID: 5ea852
File 145494154095.png - (419.54KB , 854x470 , 1399465376913.png )

Konda is just too attractive and adorable.

I blame XCOM 2 for this.
No. 97754 ID: 15720c

During the actual gameplay, Vipers just look like enemies, but looking at screenshots, they definitely do look cute. It's weird how my mind does that.
No. 97755 ID: 4854ef

It's because screenshots don't tend to yank you out of cover and then squeeze you in the same turn, or if they fail that spit 100% accurate poison.

Quest is fun so far, and adorable.
No. 97764 ID: 2c4c23
File 145508441656.png - (196.34KB , 500x800 , MHQGolemDisguise.png )

Alternate disguise: inexplicably handsome metal golem.
No. 97769 ID: f56624

No. 97773 ID: 5ea852

It is possible that you didn't put enough ranks in your Fetish stat.
No. 97798 ID: 41ada0


I know i said that this was supposed to be a Valentine Day Quest, but i realized it might take me more days and updates for the quest. So i hope you won't mind if this quest won't end abruptly like goblin week quest and instead will take a slower pace (i also have ideas for more characters that will appear), and since it's more similar to an actual "dating sim" than the original Monster Humper i think i'll keep going till i feel i can wrap things up better.

Sounds good?
No. 97799 ID: cd886c

Sure, you always make great stuff. The more the better.
No. 97801 ID: 092cc7

I know I don't mind.
No. 97802 ID: 02422f

It happened vaguely around valentines. That's close enough for the purpose of being a valentine's quest. It's not like we have exact time-slots. (And the last 2 Christmas quests I can remember reaching completion ended up running for months).
No. 97803 ID: 41ada0
File 145522816142.jpg - (58.81KB , 800x550 , AMHQPINUP.jpg )

Alright. Good enough for me. At least i won't have to rush this, since i'm enjoying drawing quick cartoony updates.

have a Pin-Up!
No. 97813 ID: 5ea852
File 145531698930.jpg - (219.31KB , 640x2560 , 1408376929831.jpg )

For the guy who doesn't know crap about undead.
No. 97888 ID: 52977c
File 145571632651.png - (98.35KB , 600x770 , KONDA DEFINITIVE.png )

Konda colour reference.
No. 97889 ID: 52977c
File 145571643006.png - (86.00KB , 750x600 , KONDA nsfw.png )

Colored Konda Pin-up
No. 97890 ID: 52977c

Also, i kinda want to draw more pin-ups for the quest.

http://strawpoll.me/6842502 You can vote here to let me know who you want to be next (if you want pin-ups of course)
No. 97898 ID: 3af16b

>green and purple
No. 97914 ID: b17b81

I swear to god Gnuk if you find us a way to have the book actually lead us to the brother I will laugh so hard.
No. 97915 ID: 665ed8

All of the votes to the kobold empress!
No. 97920 ID: 2a7417

Well, do we know who actually wrote it yet?
No. 97983 ID: 849cc0
File 145605226742.png - (104.73KB , 600x630 , AMHQKOBOLDEMPRESSPINUP.png )

Kobold Empress Pin-up.

Judging from the list, Gnoll Librarian should be next.


Not yet, no one suggested to investigate about it, all you know is that it's an old book that is part of the Kobold Empress' library.
No. 98090 ID: 5ea852
File 145643845635.jpg - (47.17KB , 660x517 , 1451610263434.jpg )

Wasted opportunity, Gnuk. Wasted opportunity.
No. 98094 ID: c1b032

After having DM'ed a party of 7 people that was composed by 6/7 characters of different types of elves, i swore to use as little elves as i ever can in anything i do.
No. 98095 ID: 502e6f

How many flavors of elf was that in total?
No. 98096 ID: 5ea852

That last person was playing a human, I'm guessing?
No. 98098 ID: c1b032

Drow sorcerer, wild elf ranger, wood elf druid, high elf paladin, fire elf rogue, grey elf mage and the last one played a gnome bard. It was dreadful.
No. 98100 ID: 5ea852

>gnome bard
I cannot express the sorrow I feel for you.
No. 98111 ID: 502e6f

That's rough. How long did the group last?
No. 98112 ID: 1ed605
File 145647538377.gif - (483.14KB , 500x375 , md8E9is.gif )

Do not cry for me, for i am already dead

Aside for the fire elf player dropping because he wanted to avoid another player due to problems outside the campaign, the group lasted over 2 years of game. for the entirety of the campaign (level 1 to level 15)
No. 98212 ID: b18882
File 145721572926.jpg - (84.53KB , 1300x450 , Toaoams.jpg )

Tales of an original alien matchmaking system main cast.

just in case anyone was wondering.
No. 98219 ID: 139629

>far right

Why does this guy always get the best roles?!
No. 98221 ID: b17b81

The Bika sock puppet.
No. 98238 ID: 775b9d
File 145736250613.png - (61.28KB , 500x500 , Patric Rob Tagonist Answers.png )


"Well, the answer is simple. Years and years of theatre and acting school, a lot of experience in movies and the fact that people tend to say that i am extremely expressive for an actor."

"Also the fact that i am incredibly easy to draw. But i am sure that's not the most important reason..."
No. 98240 ID: b17b81

Not to rush you or anything man but
>Judging from the list, Gnoll Librarian should be next
Lewds when?
No. 98245 ID: 15720c

Speaking of sock puppets, why couldn't they just get a dwarf or midget? I imagine that would be cheaper than hiring a puppeteer, but maybe the producer/director was friends with one.
No. 98253 ID: 6b020d
File 145746124291.png - (175.24KB , 550x775 , AMHQLIMMERIAPINUP.png )


Here she is. In all her non-blue-hands glory.
No. 98255 ID: e18d6f

Shy gnoll is cute gnoll
No. 98759 ID: 7ba9eb
File 145945889477.png - (237.31KB , 1200x700 , DDD PROVA.png )

I've been feeling kinda sick to draw lately so i worked a bit on sprites i had on my hand for Tiniest Wizard (Now renamed "Diminutive Dungeon Delvers") How's this layout?
No. 99430 ID: 726a91

Konda's Kondafaces are way too adorable.
No. 99625 ID: 5c1b3b

Liking the lewdness of AMHQ
keep it up
No. 99857 ID: 633a3e
File 146374806477.png - (124.01KB , 600x750 , AMHQMINOTAURSERVANTPINUP.png )

Minotaur Servant Pin-Up (long overdue) from A Most Holy Quest.
No. 100324 ID: bcb143
File 146580413633.jpg - (52.70KB , 500x403 , Schoolkid Goblin Queen.jpg )

From an art meme on tumblr.
Goblin Queen as a kid, wearing a school uniform.
No. 100325 ID: bcb143
File 146580416037.jpg - (78.53KB , 500x567 , Kid Skullkini.jpg )

and Skullkini as a kid.
No. 100386 ID: fd9561

When ya gonna update
No. 100390 ID: e30574

No. 100393 ID: 906f9c

As soon as i get over my block.
I am currently experiencing a lot of stress due to university which in turn makes it hard for me to find the right mood to draw. I'm trying to get over it with smaller other projects and hopefully i'll get back on track soon.
No. 100495 ID: 7d479c

Okie baby <3
Just domt be a cock tease and leave us Q.Q
No. 100496 ID: 7d479c

Okie baby <3
Just domt be a cock tease and leave us Q.Q
No. 111793 ID: 96f264
File 149539240646.png - (70.01KB , 500x750 , MINOTAURMAID.png )

A request from Discord.

more Minotaur Servant.
No. 111795 ID: 3740b1

Dat booty, dem hips

Any chance of seeing her turned around with her butt and tail up and on display?
No. 113336 ID: b25200

if you play your cards right in the quest, for sure ;D
No. 113337 ID: b25200
File 149952350487.png - (119.51KB , 650x850 , AMHQ Yeti.png )

Reference for the new girl in the quest
No. 113338 ID: b92c0b

She's awesome. Requesting lewds and noods, stat. Let's see that rear end.
No. 113355 ID: 7b7ab3

She needs a sweater that says "HUGBEAR".
No. 113383 ID: 7b7ab3

Correction: "TEDDY YETI"
No. 113393 ID: 91ee5f

Correction: Correction: "TITTY YETI"
No. 117244 ID: 174c7e
File 150920761646.png - (71.09KB , 600x700 , AMHQHUGGAPINUP.png )

No. 117453 ID: cf7371
File 150956550494.png - (113.69KB , 700x800 , richalienladyhousewife.png )

a better view of Mrs Klig'an
No. 119734 ID: 785964
File 151638982420.jpg - (114.06KB , 750x800 , AMHQKondaLaytonOffspringPatrick.jpg )

Someone on Discord asked me what would the child of mc manhammer and konda be like so here he is.

His name is Patrick.

Whoever manages to guess why he's called like that wins a prize.
No. 119735 ID: 33cbe7

Would it have something to do with St. Patrick and the way he had with snakes?
No. 119736 ID: 785964

No. 119737 ID: 2474dd

Pity, that woulda been a good one.
No. 119738 ID: 2efe4b


Is this the Krusty Krab?
No. 119739 ID: cc34a3

Please don't let it have anything to do with spungebob.
Does he sound like Patrick Stewart?
And are we supposed to guess why he's called Patrick in universe or why you named him Patrick?
No. 119741 ID: 785964


No on Patrick nor Spongebob. It is indeed an in-universe reason why he'd be called Patrick.
No. 119742 ID: 3abd97

It was the name of Konda's or Manhammer's father or grandfather? A character from one of Konda's crystal orb animes? A legendary hero?

He's green?

He's a noble?
No. 119744 ID: 2efe4b

Could it be the name meaning? "Patrick" comes from a word meaning "nobleman". Intended as a reminder of how he should behave himself? His dad seems the type who would do something like that.

I doubt it's related to the answer, but in japan, one of the characters that would be used to write the surname "konda" means "rice paddy". Paddy <= Padraig <= Patrick. Coincidence, surely, but amusing.

Also dubious: "Patrick" can be shortened to "Pat", making "Pat McManhammer", which could feasibly be misheard "pat my man hammer", making him sound like a pervert whenever he introduces himself casually.
No. 119771 ID: 9a4923


One of those is close to the actual answer!
No. 119778 ID: 6cc25a

Since "rick" means "a stack", Patrick could mean "pat a stack", or more blatantly, "tap dat ass".

Or perhaps it simply refers to Layton laying in the hay with Konda.
No. 119779 ID: 9a4923

No. The name was chosen from Konda's side rather than Layton's.
No. 127363 ID: 4d3d0c
File 154810142889.png - (253.78KB , 850x850 , 2019 GOBLIN WEEK MH GOBLIN QUEEN.png )

In honor of Goblin Week, have a blast from the past!
No. 127364 ID: 5fc4af

Long live the queen!
No. 130746 ID: 8dc1f3
File 156620241131.jpg - (202.80KB , 1150x900 , AMHQ characters.jpg )

Apparently i haven never shown these sketches before.
No. 130913 ID: b00eb3
File 156796992188.png - (218.87KB , 1050x600 , AMHQ JO KONDA.png )

Some "A Most Holy Quest" old sketches i coloured.
No. 131293 ID: 2202de
File 157211757098.png - (432.46KB , 1100x800 , SCRUBBERBOLD.png )

A most Holy Commission.

Featuring Scrubber Kobold
No. 131294 ID: 2202de
File 157211761079.png - (263.82KB , 800x980 , PEPPYSCRUBBERBOLDS.png )

A most Holy Commission (again!).

Featuring Scrubber Kobold and Peppy Kobold
No. 131541 ID: 928abd
File 157571944154.png - (460.44KB , 800x850 , KNOLDEN KOBOLD SPA PEPPYBOLD FILLED.png )

Another most Holy Commission

Peppy Kobold Special Sauna Spa Treatment!
No. 131669 ID: 2c3d72

Pls I just want for the quest to continue, this is teasing
No. 131703 ID: 0f9e04
File 157708280470.png - (264.56KB , 950x800 , Knolden Kobold Spa Finale.png )

Another most Holy Commission

Peppy Kobold Special Sauna Spa Special Finale
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