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File 145025086801.png - (271.84KB , 2000x2000 , Titular characters are for posers.png )
96516 No. 96516 ID: 3155f9

Discussion thread for that quest with the heroes, powers, monsters and knuckleheads.

Criticism, meta questions, non-meta questions, complaints, comments and whatever you feel like saying that isn't directly quest-related goes here. Or at least it should. I'm not gonna tell you how to live your life.
No. 96517 ID: 3155f9

About powers, the mind and the bat.
All the potential thoughts someone can have are interconnected. Thinking about one set of things leads you to thinking about something else. The thought processes that correspond to powers aren't naturally connected to anything a normal human being can think of; the bat forcefully bridges the gap.
Agnes can turn it off and use it as a (very sturdy) bat to cave heads in with when she's not giving out powers or exploding heads.
No. 96518 ID: d9d287

Here's a power suggestion for someone that should be running around in the background as a comic relief character that gradually becomes absurdly powerful: A guy who developed the superpower of RPG level grinding.
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